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The Grenada newsletter
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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Page 8 Saturday 29th June 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter




IHE BARBADOS BASED "In recent as, with prices being very
Caribbe-an Develop!nent Ba: attractive, f 'amers have brought marginal
D) ..;: in its now puiblisihe'J. lands into pr,:duction with the resultant
1990 Rep.:-rt that re.gioii producers of dr.p, in .retr, e farm yields," the CDB
b.-mn must grapple vith two~: major Report says, "at the same time, introduction
c'.:.ncer.:t as they negotiate for ce.:ntinuation of field packing, contrary to expectations,
of preferential -c*css to tU,_ Uni ed King- las encouraged increased export of sub-
d.o rm i i.-, ket s standard fruit."

ITJ se concerns are imapraovemeit Jn Taking the region as a hole, output
frt qualihtya dnacresa a product- performance in the majjor banana producing
i sW ya 'deIiweMy. Please See BANANAS Page 9
....... ........ ,... ..... . .. . .. .._, ,,,,,, ,, , ,_ , ,, ,,_ ..7_ ... "

CDB From Page 7
jd.ertakern of the potential for developing
htiJ:, es bet:eer, the cruiseship .and
stopover visit r markets, An-d suig.;esf that.
S.u pcaE which allo visit.. to enji",1.
i both, r ui.Ue and hot'-l facilities mr- prove to
be alt.ractive a.-d help to b':.,t hotel
!': :':upmcylevel-'.

IA addr o, tJhe CD Report says,
createdd stntandon s&hoil/d he pad to
ipro wdy facii~ and ser'cwes
vhch vill e.ncxura~e visitors,
partcullary crisesRu p., a e ers to A
increase spending levels and to
becamee repeat vwsitonr

Data .-..'~ilaube to CDB indicate there :.,a
..:e't -r.:. vth in "'.i.ors to fh e Cai itbb:m
during i jI'.. There was, h.,we.~er, a
i Ym'ed lift. in the :,morsition of the
mj i.'.et ",'ith a number of 'et'in:tit:ins
rp:rting a hamrp Tdrp in topover w-rivals
being oftft by a step rise in cruiselhip

VWiMt the :-ept.ion of Angi.ui!la, DoniLr:Tca,
_Gre.:4.,_, and St. Vincent,it where
grc ,th of To.u'i:sr- was strong, all destina-

tions rep:'rted fairly modest. growth in total

In the ,opinion of the CDB, this performance
of ,-ne of the region's major foreign
e-change e.arners signals not only the
declining ei:,:,n,:,mic conditions in major
mct'ket like the United States, but also a
decline in co:mrpetit.iwvne. ss v. >-.:; other
destinations in Latin America.

'7ese two factrs are borne out by
the no Zceabe sh&ft ir prefeerce by
wIiytors for crasesM pa5 k~aes,
somosi of vhu'h are lover cost thaW
ol&r ptc~kages offereafd to pote n
vyers. '

The CDB Report says the e:pansion of the
crui-.ue;aip nrl-u'.Pr w-s also facilitated by
heavy inveminint byseveral countries in
ul':r:.11ding br uhing and other cruiseship
corn'pnieiceS as pirt of a plan to encourage
a larger i.unrtier of visitors to the
--n- a-1 ........ j..
y^^ ^.-^.^~lfyff.-.- -^g^^ jj~jiuni~mimmm m

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 29th, June 1991 Page 9

[g]IA B I


C414 expect a : il1ty and effective
exp-.:... teir islad has ness ofr -rnt measures
beenen in.- inpr.':e riciny

SThis --,';.ion I.:- been
n ... by_ tIhe r.b: -'r", d 3 7
Caribb- : Development. .
I Bank (CDB) in rz nol 7
{p- ilishe. CDB 1990 report "
which says the prinorty concern O
fo61r 1991 ill be ...n, if

S2Z. Central Goverrnment opera-
- tions ill be c:ifical to any
-; rdiull term stratLy tc.
Sstreng h- private et..-t:.r
, .n: to e:.opand. in-
- vestment in ti-:. productive
sector in Grenrada," the Report

oi& tI,0a .".:O ..-::,- o0I '1.i:- the 'The ReorIt 7s &/so ta na 19901
Report -- n:-'"^ s "f i "al "i: lib- Gos Dlei r uct (GDPI
bAHNANAS From Page 8 "rev, i Vrea&IM, y5..? a dryp
countries ". 2 mnied in 1"'":"! CDB"- f t? &%. tr ,. ,b te I sr bfiwtfhigure
.of 5.5._
Ui*. :.- :: LI and- St Vi: .
output ....:.. t e . tr.: to : i ':"t.h, R p: r say, as
"co -le iv- :-" ....itation pv ,:a.m e,:,i; a ?ned .:* dst , signs of I
f:,llovi:-& ;- de:.-i.: a o:f hi :; in n-genrally f lir,- aricituiral production, of
S-* rand 1989. Other factors in Please See ECONOMY Page 10
-:: .ti:. :. vere e ::, :, in ."-- ,e p, :-,.- preferential trading- :r.i ':ertii for thi
.ed, i.'. .... of ..-: p ii.: id. ,_: B- .'!, In i'r t.!"'
.and incre T e 4 use of i-. : -'...

sp-r p-FrAFrj&fl.m a Grjs 'v..a P
i a.oLad ,i-. poor fj-ii qi.:.Jgf y

"ji tbread offplaust dr.f-de.

Go- .: CDB .-. regional .-,.-:,s of
~ima~ ... by 13.% to ab. -i 365
antoe.,, anfi this fctor, to..ther ith
| .ura: ble ......... i e:_: a. L :. -rate
" "' "r-Ly, contributed to an o'-,'.-!
i-crease in export e..r-.,gs.
. CDB T'. .p,:-rt pint t ti., liko the
SSugar ind e i rable
S-'.c- i._ -.1'i. r_ a inL7g t.e -..5 of

With a 7[.nd :,.u,.:e.: market scheduled
for 19.2, C.ibfa1,. pro:.J:rz h-:ave pro-
posed it.: the Et-'-'. i E:...n..uc Cornm-
r;:.u i :h,-, *.'-" ;l"h a quota .t I
i-in system for all bcanna imports
fr :rm the , orld.

"T~"r &pproac- vs oui t'ci htat
conanusa io of &h psrefereatial
access vAsrtch Cearlbe producers
ave Ao M&e ite~ Agform m-arkep
CZD vsry. F- sfa'w /ses vIlv be

-'-fZa--d para lar. ,a.nacs vere -
Da&anai carfeQFfy IIg7( fi>? &
much a-_ 55 toYfaexAprt earam "
Please See BANANAS On Page 10 1


Page 10 Saturday 29th June 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter
EI ECONOMY From Page_ 9
d:. pressure on -.-e-_port prices, of A,.-ri Sector, the Report says the
strains on bank :iq.uid.ity an-d Lrw.:'dlirg out former displayed co.i.ier.ble dyi.i'rn-in
of the private sector, arid of a perziste.tly 1990 which, according to ,he Pep'ot, was
S.-:.- fis-. rperfor.u-,ic-. L sp-iurvd by, among other r:t.:.r, the
I-tro:,.'u.:n in June 1990 of Americn
And the it.ui- ,--as :d-. worse, CDB Ali- y dilp fli.-1-t- betw'eenr Grenada and
says, by increases in world oil prices which Puerto Rico.
fllo4ed devek.p1n-. of the Persian Gulf i1 .
risis in Aust "Total wi -tor arri',l' re by 46% to
Hampered By A Decline 281 00r0 ;.:it. i cru,:L".-; ip p sepV r:
In the ..r ulturai -.. :r. the Report says, a:, ,tirii for 82% of the einparin'." the
I exportperf,-r"mr". of the NInM 'Industry Report says. "Some 218 cruiseships
v'.. L-;-ipered by a decline m ouput, :.:.. r ...., 194,000 i- '.'i-,rs to Gr(t'rrt-. in
...i... -m h -.:o nof a Marketing 1990. co::.pred ith 121,000- in !,,9. In
|A.~ eens..- between the Grenada Co-,:...rt.-T.pover arrivals r:-e by
-iope c i Association ". E aina 20%+ to 69,000."

i Ov CDB rp.-r, .h in

ri'- ?y-, -e"le mace, the lacy film .there "asaslo- a drop of2% from the ICO ^ *:.vth im Grenada's con-
u-- re-.' struction :c--t.:.r. As : p ed -ith 19 ,
b ilii. ... ..p -@ : i r..i rF fr.:-.m 461 to
|s a .resuf' export earnsggs of te 392 ^\-- rEduc'ion nmj have been caused
,V27^ ffadary I/ to UJf.7 __ Piease See ECONOMY Page 11
,-2 ._.'a-,.AA ... -'-- ..... :.- y: U Froma Page 9 :
it .1 f ./..// The CDBFp.r-. r to i......pute.. .hich
broke out earlv in 1990 between b' ~-.-ii\:
unlike otr r-rd I:.hec -fim a th ,.u:.s in the D .i... R ..epublic
:er -ra1 improve : : m wp :e- .n. d (DR) other bc'. rvducers in the
Scul -tivation, Gr?:d s pn o .:.u,:?*on

ii e jl to 7979 ^* i^- ile poor fruit 1In re'>.:r:1 for the '.ynor- embbern

4; .f-, the DB rpor;says. F: -o, t h DRi's rd. into the African. I
F-r T he First Ti tru.ctiben I:nE. ifir : 'APC) G,:, and1.
S_ oer : DB says, :.... tsaeuetotheL..EC: u
| prductin e:T f for te first time in the DR prmni:. not to r .mpetp jith
I ., -t:m..H_ primarily by CAR.'.i b:.:.n ,e.::r, to fte Erop-
n.-- -i. t Pi .s 7ee EOOMY P-e I

11,,T- I ACC -'S F.--. producer s-.: t thege
STre ,-', :.' Rreport J, an 18.3% jR oflbr-aJ:inh tthis apr i d : The dispute
-' m ,:?- output to 1,724 toninss jw t e. in 1990 f:!!.n i
:!, :: *.p! ,d -ith a i: .f.t. improvement aj r,-_. ra e _int t he D.R ioul_ sell Republi
n 1 .rl maret prices, o .ntibuted to Tle to Europe in -.mpition with Central
Sof '-..ann' --.. -: m this sector to Amerincan pro~.tter -.1-r of DR banari
f:$S.i rnion, a rise of 0.6 ntlni:, or to the UD-- I's-.-dom would be subject.

ontrastirng the T:,.uri:m ~Ct: '-ith the

i-" 4.jJJjr I

ALNewtter ___ -y 2__9th J page 11


.. '-.., d itto the areaF of soft .fi- s. -.- a-re vr
W I.rtcn.dC by MT esposg '....." ..:N

:,,{..c ..:,:.'in ," "*c .r 'and cth:r-
-. of the Bc .1 of Directors
:- ho)f FG: :-ad E -_, series Ltd,
be boltiel of "mb:t beer and "Guinness",
Sai res coifer:,,- on m-U 24th t,.:

j E- E:M = rar.!t a:' aqu 'r r of a

"... t nt the area of
Koft -t:ned by the

Syn; ty condition '^.*Wt-

, '

1j -: c'.Ief t es i P

\ i

119* -. *-, i Il r~ -v 'rtr

7.' S L- (o -

S- .- : "* ., - I,
4 4 "
.. ... .. to H m ine the
..T r i. rtorman.'e.

; i-r-on- n - ,-,.ionsr : -.
s fr aunb r of 1. eas-
1,11.m or im-.:.ii:-n beinr mtro-
... a. j~-.. 3 1 q:: .. .. .
-a r d.,
I -

cor -o C those *:XrT..'s in 1^0
.td _' ai.r t*.d US$20.4 million.
. . .. :
a. + _'. .... : .... : .t r: = -z Ug2 t r -i5ig r __

Mr T:roppin's a me as hi 1:uinchied
the Greinada -. 'ro.spectus cover-
ing i.ii-,0O 10% :ece shares at
$10.00 each. The .-ription List will
open on Ist 1991 he aid, d will
C s"ss on 15th A ,s 1,91.

In -dition to I :.- n Grr iada, he said,
" iugh the c-. ration of the
3o.-':. .. ,. f ., and for the
co er.:e : -:'..m and other
-.tere.sted pe rzi c :'-, the Prospectus
:ill be v.:._.. aiL C .a Embassies

*. ....... Brevyeries Ltd
*a esKb'!ished m 1960
5 a Trinidad-based
S ":. ..:my and tbeg.:i
S Aduction the
.. year. For
A.: i" four years,
e '.+r the Cornm-
recorded sub-
S- losses and it
.t. f until 1i9t
G,- ,o mernment imr-
....- . *L- ,.
.. 'u 'ative restrict-
:' n i.p,',rts that its
;: FRED TL: i

SjIa9 &fv- ::n s aed
-ffi s f/cts a'* f the
r- re rjnacozrm d-
es',aer,& ,.. Rowsver ir
y of 7 qa._ht out t&
.22 -{Itig -. ~,-., rs sad L& i
)sa as -:- -. _4

T -" -- -"---. f:.rt.lun s of the
C:p in-;-' the -_ear 1974
marked a tur' From that yewa
:-" Gri .-- :- has recorded
an- ial p-,fs +. a rm .ord pra-
ta,;, :.+ fi, Tof EC 31 72G..... ...

Mr Toppin sai a- vr the past three
yaroI, ronad.e. Eron -e' o_ a oimbarkod on
Pe _- :.: -0 _-'HI-TIES Page 12




Saturday 29th June 1991.

The Grenada Newsletter


New U.S.Charge d'Affaires

A release fr-:m the United Staie3s Infor-
mation Service in Grenada .anriuces: t ihati
late in July i991, Ms. Annettte L Veler vill
.assume the d'.ti: of Char .- d'Aff.Ures of
the United States Emb-=-y in Grenad.a.

-Since the reassiimnent. in November 1990,
of Charge d'Affaires Mr Jan-rs Ford
C-...-,iper, Mrs Ednee H Pastore ias headed
the Embassy as Chir- d'Affrires ad

EEC Delegate Presents

Mr Emilio Per:z- Porras. Dele.'.it to Gre-

nada of the European Corrrmission,
presented his credentials to Prime Minister
Nichol:v Brathvaite on2 Sth May 1991.

U.S. ASAP Grant.

A release from the Government Inform-
ati,,n Service sav, nine projects will receive
assistance from a grant of EC$22,750 made
to Grenada under the United States Aid
Special Activity Proran-a-e (ASAP).

The gr. ., was handed over on June 26th by
U.S. Ch..:ire d'Affaires a.i., Mrs Edmee
PTst':-re, to Ac.ting L"l coir and Social
Sec-u-it7 Minister, Senatc r Norton Noel and
co',V'ers the period 1991-1992.

BREWERY From Page 11

San expansion pro:rc-urme In 1988, he .aid,
a nev b.:.tthing ine e.- opened and, since
thi-n, the facilitii-7 i'.:.- conitirinue to be

SAmno~ er nev bottliangie vwa ofpeed
| recently> to acco.. odste entry tr11/o
the- sutft drink market, he sa&id vith
S"Pep 's and '7-4/p'? beilg prJsfo ced
from Masy 24"t and t&ere vi// be
fwBk&,r espTwncin on A zrgszt Ist vith
Sproducton of 'Vita-Maft -

Oi1 Aoro vm! r 154, MA-r Topp* said,
Shin to c W itJJ/^hh v'd iufenrns ivr-.-


seas LM, Greds BirFversr v/i
start producuan.y a sSc-ond ga~er
itenbarau Botm "Sateb6raiu
and r iyta-Ma t vWif be a.irzmed pri-
miari&yart 4te exp'ortf arketi

='Da,.ue of trade mark rtriti.:.ns .:n
'Carib" and ^Ya\"\ th- Coirip.:mn i.-i-,
ap to ri,:.', not bt-n able to peinetae-. the
e::' prt r u-ket, :h-f C'hr -. s:-id but, vith
" inlr,_uctionof "Satenbrtau" and "Vita-

Malt" the market will expand, not only to
the Orcyi.iisation of East Caribbean States,
but to the French Islands of Martinique and

The "Vita-Malt" franchise does not cover
exports to Trinidad & Tobago and to
Barbados, Mr Toppin said, but Grenada
Brerveries will be able to export
"Sat.inbrau" to those two markets.

The Chi-rman was c-,nf.i1re-it that the share
offering will be fully tLAen up and that
produicrts of the Brewery will continue to
compete s'ce'.sfully with other brands on
the market.

A1W.e, to comment on the percentage of the
rn.r.l:et he, to capture, Mr Toppin vas

"WV-e are net ..rey", he said, "we just want
our fair -.-hre"

A FH fiiughes
29Xh June 1991
Printed & P iished By The Proprietor
AdLstet Hughes, Journalist,
Of Scatt Street, St Georges,Grenada, Westiandis'S
(P.O.Box 69: Phonua [8091 440 25389: Oatbloe HUO0, a nMebt&)


Page 12

~--- -- ~7-.. --

I .--1--`


Te enadaU__


Volume i9 Saturday 29th June 1991 Number 11

nearw mg-ersr -st so bu -it tair &e iri pkws rio kitc-r tbare /st

S| -: countries ..f the C .:;._ .. t i-.. of
.. ,, C ribbe 4 St:af (OECS)
Tillno !: Br be r-qtui-le to

IT : I.W-
n. ,

i i --
'. .....ran .. Th ..... u

,'.: .. U .: at pr-- : re e on
i. 'stat the . thei -eeir..of

i.- Authoriity which was held in Grernada.

"It is e:pe,. y 14. Member States will t..-i
. i:n on t.his -_ arrange1-ntrso tlit it can
be in lphe no later nhar. 1et December
1991" he -d

For "rv -.I --j the OECS, Mr ;:r P iwait' e
Please See TRAVEL Page 2

SECS Authority Liberalises
OECS Single Market
RecomM-aiided...--.. .......- .... 3
OECS Director-General
Reports .. .................... .... 4
SM: P.M.Charies Callis On OECS I
States To Pay Up ...-.-...- --.- 61
: Develpo Li Betwveen
Cruiseship &. Stopover
Visitor Markets .............---- 7
J CARlCOM Banana Exporters
!Have Major Concerns--..-- 8
g Grenada's Economic Expansion
Slowing Down..........------.........---- 9
C Grenada Breveries Offers
Shares- ---........... ..-...--------- 11
| News Shorts....................... 12

CDn"AA IIflrArhW

Page 2 Saturday 29th June 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

TRAVEL From Page 1
said, citizens of OE.S co'.uitries will have to
-e ,'.," to thef in.ij'r ti :r. authorities ,ora
"an Ip'r-'- pr-' iY.ib r i ir, i on" other th-n a
-p: .-:?t, and he'" are other innov-ti.ons
-.i _- vilii make tra"-1 in the OECS easier.

A ci r,, of an OQE coftLry vill
kt have A, f~1 out sw ismngraztion
card Vjhel eavigf orF resrzrirg to is
cck-. Afo Lsrtesdof thastmanardf
imigr tiaon Afrm, a cit&hien of one
OEC-7 trspllj Iin to &Dot&hr
OECL'comuntry Vflasha vs a abrevialt-
edfor-m ,to !:' out

Ir:e Prime Minister *m The

" :i f.n)i n of =i,'I Ec -: *--n 7, Arf.iir: -
-'nr l!-. (EAC)- that : '-re -...did be a
OECS ril-cF'. .-i E f : ; n"-:^pilt of
c .-tal, -:. -, ^.- labor iur.

The A.i:riry believes a ?-r:nl w -mrket
shU.i& be -t.-;:>A:d, Mr Bratlwvi said,
but th- EAC must do a rgr,. deal re:- reO
r t.," al ii0 study before any- d;.ili can.
""I i r 3ra -wi..r ,

Prime Mirster Brath" Oe said The Auth-
ii:ty -.penl ?:- m? di're rein th ms. .s'''
of j:imt dipkl.:,:, reore'er.i.-n in
7r:.-:- .-" -T .a-i d W, a:lj: n

it .~agre he s..- tLL the OA EC'
., a_'_ so.isodd es bit-& fioait

A.fY#r. f=. qdtd be ziowf i coBe A -a

'-r.,si n La.s lis ion in L :.'d ..-"
" rub' said i...nd. to c--:l :reed to
S on-n a -.-nt of the joint OECS-.; ',. . r'e...dy eissts mn that city TI.-,,
S:to be :irplei:Ented by ist
: ; Dor in "ic. also is .v3
.Mion to be':.-ing a part of the
.-.odon joint r. -i ';ni

M!1 the case of WIYy.n :.,n. he -.l "it i
iat so much a que-stiJ:. of O*int.r
"-; :'eeii.i.,: but one of "'-I ed fT ilities.

ECS countries Vill c:.-ninue to h-::.-

individual amb ad-,rs in Washington, Mr
Errath .udte sa d but, for *som. time, the
OECS countries have been o,:iidertng the
pr:.poslti:n that there be one building. to
'.:.usp the t.:-d of the ',a:.,Aus ,ouitries. It
has not been possible to fin.rV ise arrange-
mrients for thle p2.w.- of a building, he
:id, -~1 n The A uth'rit is no exploring
the possibility of :.nstru.ting one.

According to Mr E.r-ritQ:.-iPe, <.t.lier matters
dealt with at 4he rneti '- of The Authority
include Disaster Prp'reJiness, Civil Avi-
ation, reltiIons -..,it tie French Ilandis
ianrLd vith Puert'- Rico, and a
S'Fe:View of the performance
of the OECS

j that 10
8 -IS *years

Ie passed since its :tabtisilnernt

A o'.-~mj~i h.-' been 1st up to do this
review he ::_:, and a rep',ort ,ill be
submitted to The A i.-:-rity at its meetingin
.fay 1992.

"CerJt.i matters !re/aithg to Ze
re vie v of the QOE(y Treaty &/so
received ithe a~ttnioW of the
Authority4 Mr Brta&aitesad, "and
decJIlaG- were itken vith respect to
Ameidamits- A, tas Treaty '

The Friime i _iri-ster s.i' a co:anii.ttr:e vas
e'li...!.d '.0 look at he secRifiL: areas of
the Treaty i;p'-'r.tifiid b The Authority and.
that co"-:,.i'e :h.:uld report before tij
next r 'rof The Ath.7rity.

On e- ..r e 4th 1I904, St Lucia vas de-
l..i1'?- to be b._'frct I,,.4 yellow f'.'er ui,.i
-:er, the Gc--:r_,.r off the Wi'u-7rJd-
f:l.min Sir Robert Lieeyn, was p..-vinr' ;an
off -: -i. to that iid

Ret"'.'i:-to .?reiadaor.lZ:-cermbor 'th, Sir
P.,-.rL (together with the t ,ip's crew :id
other p',. e.,.:.') "-- c.:rifined to the
Qu:-:atie ._...r:- for ei oht da'y:' before
being allowed to r'et.ui to


SThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 29th June 1991 Page 3

0IO 'v L



1_ -1 a=ED
s .J HLCul )agoI

.Pfay!@ m!w r mma
0anzv gqpz @!8,? ao 4V1 smagky" May wt
GStJp//Spane ff^offS &bSS SS)4 M

-.... C^ arl.-bb.- States (OECS)
FUI:CH l.-irirF net~i; l in Gre-
:,JIa on IJa l'.'h. :i? the OECS Ecoi.nmiic
Aff:.rr-nit. (EAC), took the
d ,ci-i,. h.:- th CIS V,111 :ve tcv.--'
,cr-alF :,.i of a sirngie "mOECS r.-i... in which
,;'^ 'e "-'- i be fr s- r;.:' r"^ "; of.c: it...
-..ds ad labour.

1This 1 i.iI..Yin v'.-z given at a r:

E:'i:a ; re 1.1.'s ....1-itu ,r F, iii. 1 anrid
:.:,t. 'urr.--:. of the EAC. The OECS
Heads of x '.' r'^.'it. (cPollee ely b;:o"n
S"T_'- OECS Ateth: e th
......'--, -.. r in G :i_ ard .M r
|:, B .ii ;.1,; EAC ,._ci03i rin vould be re-
ikai d to thF L.0 for i'. f..ion,
Address The Issue
S"The creation of a single -..ik:e, is
;irmp''r iti. m order to addresss the i.sue of
.cli pl:.yment the region," Mr

E;i.:n ;--, ".-idj the increase of viable
in: 'ri" -."

Mr Pri2:" taid frijaiis.Atj..nof this issue vill
reqture very e:.'auStive disc--USi: and, at
' meeting on -June time did not
permit. the EAC to get into the details of
,:rp.-i,:nof the ingle OECS nirket. What
has been de':i-, he said, is that, in
..-,-., :-As on July 14th, there will be an
extraordinary EAC ,.eetin:. txo deal with the
matter a~d i-il. meeti: vill arrive at

Enjoy Full Employment
Dr Cart Ie-itcr.-!l Di-recr of the OECS
Ec,:->:,r.iic Arfui's Corrdi.'e, was at t4he
press conference and he said the '-'EC'S
uei Iate of Ai, St Kitts and
,,-.rnti-rrat ni."' en y f-ll -mpip.A'i- t
Please See MARKET Page 4

The Crenada__
Founded 17th August 1973
438th Issue
Subscription Rates
Payable In Advance
Postage Pad By Second Class Air Mail
(Inla" Post Int Grewaada)


10 Issues
20 Issues
40 Issues.
About 20


$ 43.00
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$390-00 $146.00
Issues Publishled Annually



MR !E -E l Il'A

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Page 4 Saturday 29th June 1991 The Grenada Nevsetter

'E16 so

certGUi infJrp-structuralf
cipubifLttes in th
competi tioyn between them
i Ind twir Larger CAkULCOn
Caib-bpan Cormmon IM...trke
(CARICC:'IT) d'.u':g !he i980ss
Tfor,':E The Org:n:i ati':.n of E.-t
Car ibb St-te (0ECS) to turn to ..-7ari
itself :ih re iuion that the East C'.:-ib-
t' e:L" Co:1r?_n,:,j M.4.-'tket (ECCM) ,: :.ui, con-
stitute a m:re -ub,2t-.ii nriiket th an rdiht
have been thought.

t.t pr _i:,.L;rr:'eT7 ., n ide in Geiren..-A!
1on Jimelth by Dr Vaughn Le'is, OECS as he sp-:4t. at the


-~Ii- of ''iE l'

opening c,:ee.... ;y of ;. 1'"h"
OECS Heads of Gov.r.ment,
k-r:,,'n as The Authi,.1.7e" .

Meeting of

"As markets tightened in the More
Developed Countries (MDC) of CARI-
COM", he said, "the OECS became,
towards the end of the 1980s, the
largest market for trade in CARI-
COM produced goods."
Please See LEWIS Page 5

MARKET From Page 3
'bhle *.Lemi r;r'-. nt. levels
Vincent, St LIci.: arind
J. _-lyhigh.-

in Gren ;da St
Dom inica are

Creation ofa asgte market rwi/ free
.mowmeint of people will s&tow a
sarro* b vf cOfri T!br.&a flaaely.Yy-
|net 1erals belven the SZa.ea- he
ssw- Ad vh,/l it At not &spe7.-d M&at
\ a) nvvemef P/t hie subsA-taws, it
viidi pe oe to m~k~ te. c .ices n
ne -^Bf hyment vherp Mhey c.w
A Favorable Area
,Mr Prir i i--~ ?ip EMC =i.t 'ed the
..bject "of im(" .:rt u:, tu-f io' t h
riv that favo -; i- ;'ea for t.ier ti.,,n is

iE.p.: I.:EC$120 ~1 io

it was r- ,:--e fLth: it would be mriire
d.ri'.1. to d .' ,.p i;,nr.a.. iifnpI.: .

ub-iti.t.: ;- of dairy pr-O'ucts, of which flte
OECS .au._,y imports sc're- EC$60 mill-
in.: he said, but this can be achieved as a
!.. :.term project.

_li r, areas f.r impl,:rt lsititution are fish,
-i,:, OEC-S irp,:,rts EC$21 million,
- .-;.:'-_, rid fr'uis at EC$i rmilii.r
footwear at. EC$27 million '. sd .1xiiles at
EC.O : idli.)lln.
High In His Praise
These fi .u-e:, Mr Bri.m- id,' ;:re qu;ted in
a paper pret.' by the Economic Affairs
r:?-:T.,i-A for the -EAC, he vas ioh in
his p;"i.e for the re1._'-i": d:ne by the

That paper pr :.'i--ne clear c treticn was to the
f,.,r"-m':., he a_., and the AC has "put
it dc-wi as cor ul)-ris..ry rpi..diing for some
ti i'n te come."
^^ -- -^l^*'?^a-cC T''^

-g lr -------- ~ -- I ----

X "

-- - -- -


IIllmMI -]^M II IW~_ W--gHM-- fWIMM A VJA L O-
r"".?!h'gh^e TtIh l* I / -


The Grenada Ns4vletter Saturday 29th June 1991 Page 5
LEWI1 Frcm Page 4
S... ,.on de.. :pment since OECS was OECS countries.
esT:hb-ied by the Tr e.-ty of E.,e.-rre 10
I -a-rs the Di:,ctor-Gener.d said the Turning to the areas of Natural Pesources
COECS Econoric Affirs Conumittee (EAC) Development .d Matfagernent, the
.:.u talen a rf. .r of steps to liberAlise Director-General lr_..-:rt.d on the work of
-tr CCM and EAC the Agricultural i: .;rs,...n Coordinat-
Ministrs :-. hae t-e. e a father in Urce M -
p,:' :i:- .. alng that ine ment P iect the OECS Fi-hPrie Uuit.
FullyOpen Market Has Facilitated Operation
Th at p..'.:.. -a, he :.d, is i -it. there be a The Fiterie, Unit rpire~_e!r the pioneer
fully ,:.:, market .,-Q:. :le OECS hi-iiic.nis.d atpr.:..,a.: to resource rran:ge--
Suntrie: a ..-'-d at, mpt in the OECS, he id and teChniail
| ._. ::.-::, in eff.- the rn v-:rt of all ad fi::nciil I:-,:rt from the Food &
:.c...,f c r c o., goods _nd .uc i .. .,a:. (FAO) and Can-
S, -: has facilit.e, ,pe: Tion of training
o _8 a e ,,Ar ,,-nfes and eSsta hish-
i..-. of :,e; C ECS Fisheries
r- i. "i aAcze. and Surveill-
rj i ,e -ce Z I,-ri.

Dir_-: : t ., u e1p In the
EC"Ch coxiuntrie la. .d cer"t. r:
a :-~t'es ind their ..C-- 77 ti
-,- titi-n L and their .-,- e of Socil Services, Dr Levis said the
-" -E hii ca, ,,2 E~. - ,-.-hast active in the fields of
.r'aandd G o i Guya ro-ts d +1 ,,

To take ---: of this efirnc:. he -i the
SEastern Cari-ct .=-: r'.a. Promotion
T; J as e i .... W "fr m.-r.-
L.. ... .,--i romr the Unite'j States

j.(USA D ), ..,, m -.... ., m .
,....._:.P -. Ec ..:.-: C ror-.. ty (E.,C ).
xthe r eC. !pmen

":., sad funding frc :n. the EEC,
.. n a in D: ,
Il : fi din:. _,tion i1i 1 ofi' East
-aibbean Tourrism r_... c..^n, it vas r.--
.e v t reach, ivt-:'- ?ctive efforts in Tour-
m prvmotionas ,dma:-,, -u.
Nos v -fi-7 E g C
The I .o. -A a rs u i ,l"

:: o n I of IT4E asd

b:-" I..~ i, ,quae cn .red education Dr Lth

...L- .- e..... Go-::-:e French i nla d a
ii-on Co :"ation-"l t -a",b-
j ,..-....... d _p e.i tit ji D r .

! r;":'.L".1-I L.- hv'b co-ere," education iealti

' -.Vrt and i -raditio al c'!'L..iiii. Of"
;p Lie'-' ewe lae Tr-enc-h islands -and

.. L4- L J mAl n lh'
.i.srial .Council of Ed;:.-cation meets
I.a.iy to review a wide variety of subject.
areas p:im'. to edY u ion and now to

"NThir cI//ecj w rJsmeiw e t N 1
he sa-d "Jed A- 5A &ernt dea.opment
of a pro; dir-eced towards
cresAot sad !f.-~er devfelopntant of
Off-. frteary Mduc.ation Yinttut-

Has Been Successful
In !iLe field of H-e..h, the East Caribbetn
Drg Sr-.-ic-, pvhich b-ulk tuy. pharmra-
:. ais at reduced cost for the public
.-_.. s?!> of OECS .- es, has been
successful and OECS now have a
further proposal ore them.

In1h.: p!'p--;..i a .pr.:ramnme vill coordin-
-ad ip ofpeia ."-.dical person-
nel so *'h.- ?,."', 1 a pr ,:e- of rY.tat.ion,
h...e p:.r-tl can w.: i .iable to
irnember :_t.xt.t- .._hi" ,'...-- :'t ;aff -,rd to
n-iinftain th, ..'r':.ri t ,-l
-- p -:.,rp. a...,-, --... ;-- *A ,-r ti -if ......r
Q-[ieral reported, on 'Peve 'tpment3 in te
fiels of Avi .....::. Se.''ices, 'n' E'ternal
FRelations. in r.-,rr.'io.n ?*i.h the
Please See LEWIS Page 6

Page 6 Saturday 29th June 1991 The Grenada Nevslette


U-is pen mt -ise ad pounds foolish to comifssme bafidia up
A"e-t to our own Sevruetriao
RIME MINIS TER MARY all the .-:rk must be done in detai ha
1 : Eu --j. i .es of DIi.rric- :ill be e, -ry in st.tif and funds. Th
='.. l '', p in G. -.- has .i-.d funds :n- be - .urWed before th-e r unit i
on co of the ,Or.:.:azion rIquedfe?, i.e I Chlve r 2: and, above all
.of astC.... ..i --.St :E -:. ') ,to p, up there niLut be .m:.z r th.at_ tat te 7.e, u
-.t .1 yoe to the OECS .e:-i.. will d to the -mrf ,rt aind happi:-z_. ofth-

It is pemy i- :and. p:.:.aj olih to Discuss At Length
:,.r:m, b.Iu, up ..... to our own Referr-irnL to the Luific.:tic.n movement,. ii
-.:.'. :,-said. --'" interest on the the Winldward Islandt the Prir MinisteP
-- s 'rr.t is t by us -and entreated the people or H : t t
uch payments are Ea -th-o of depriving : mi- the *.:-rrrmitLr to -.meidr foc
people of m.-:re :en-eficia ays -of themselves, disc.-:. at length, debate al
c._- : --- i r ..:-. y In .-:. 1- '- -, the i .. and formulate their own ide;s
: :L so i e-. -. -. bLe Doi by tie
"*-'7, ho::: arecks -r i6lss -v. & &
X& a Fc-'o 0f undat on VARgh to bilf I

I1i'v h.i o1J (if The A, 4.h-:.rikt
SPrime Minister ic.L.. Br athwaite of
2*Cn.. 7. p'..... .L .. paid
Please See CHARLEg Pagg__
S''LEWIS From Page 5
Sf-rmrner, Dr wL i.d 7 i', -t~ p *i-ig
', ,. ., collective .:i, centraised :.n'iiol and
mod. eri d nof.. th1 nbe;en z'. :;--' rd
A. ,,... fVucilities of OECS airports,
OECS Aeradr .... ..e..el. been e-t.-b-
t lis ed ~ith headqu.t -: n Anti .a.
SHa Not Y Found -
N M. MusTE Coin :.e E, emal Relations the
V M ARY Ev t CARES | Dir,_ General ite ed -'-el are.r
..,, er,;-d opportunities for co-
.| "-a ies'"" -". -. .... .. .. o:- I~ ':in by OECS fenrer St-t-- but
-j as E the tph;u.- n. .. the OECS hy .*:-,. vet i.-t.u an
-. of the 1 .fi of ()OECS H -.ppr.priate formula for ftn.:i,;, joint
:; --er, niv. known n collectively as "The vdipl.; !,c .t i'.i.t:. M.r has there
i S hl.,rity"). Ae r, on _inued, a _.: -.-ful integrat-
ion of tr .d tional di-pl" c-7 Th m-. ern
-,e. nit L:te: ".. le. is the o ".in e :-- mic .:..,l.n.. \
- f -tTh A.e. : --ity a a -f .h .... sh -A
- v OE. of GO',,-":-,, to I Before t:. Authority a proposal for
"rrain f-romcr-i:g-r e. ...:.s.,, .unt, j, Iobs OE.-S joint represen::inBruzse1:. he
id.. : for .e "lr,-ai y ' ,rk." .-Uid, and r'd':- opens the way for
- CS ,_ eretariat. recoiderai .m of the "e-,v--t i.-u.-

~e1 B",

.ore .-. new unit is proi -s. she :' j







~-I-- -- __.~~..~.~

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 29th June 199 1 Page 7

0 P 12MI


-~, .,..l

T Y BR o^

T TI Mim gTr
wea1maIn |poX9 e a

he Eanugsa

Cr ibtb.n Devek.LpT..n, E..?u:
S(C. DB)j .- ::pr -.;- t ,h e O..
.., ., because of he i :p-..rtarnce
of fh? To:'it h.. as a u .:.or foreign
:: the Carib-
bean d e p i-:. strategy over the me, ium
i.--rrm '-..v1d be directed at re-enti:,n, at
least, of the testing .l ri.iv T i

Tis opi::n is J:: d in the CDB iL .
-F .-.:rt;5hich r fIs t: t .W'T'shoild be, as
Sfar as p IT, ': t.the Caribbe.-. as a
destination "*.h l:1 caters str .*'-1 to special-
;.-d Tourism. The str:4-. .i.dd
tribute to her fo-r "c.-m ei-, ', ,--i.-j and.
I ,irtpired nl.[i j_-v r th1 '? Year."
j Mr Ei 'r'h'. - t', a a past-pupil St
". ph s Cc -- :" in G;e:i.?-... Prime
Minister .-:I~ : is ':..ed as "a Grenad-
|an in spirit", and th rl,'-seie of the ties
Ias manifested in Grenada's "darkest d d-;:'"

Fm. _ttMi-iister l..iT .r"te's rf'er1ene is to
the e-":',. of IU9S 7..hen Gra vwas in
. *:Ziri_ over the :.ri _..i of Pr ;., :M ihster
. i:' Birh.'.p a.d_ others, "-d 'hen
Prime 1"..i.r- Ch.arl then Charmran off
L:.l Auu..riy, v.-s jlaigly tinst i.une'.-: in
:"1.-uenin'i' i' ne mliilr'y "re.':e'.'? rmssion" "
iuAder.:-. by United Stat- and- Ccr`ibbean

I x- *.tion to "" Brathvaite and Miss

also include c'-: ic.n of a high and
intentistent qu.:4y of service at competitive
*JT4 cr CreI focus on o rsesa
markefttrz 3gs-urs veJl for ite future
of he Z& duir- the Report ssys,
'and sne ef.rtf should he directly
st ideiiftywgg nev and mazwr touia t
marl.,F ans dervelopm0lait of as
aYfective strage.y for tapp 4r suck

CDB thinks some,-,n t.0,ld be
Please See CDB Page 8

vere Prime tI i' John C:.mpt.-n of St
Lui:;, Prime ,vi:lster K ienne,'y Simmonds
of St S ts ,i- Chief Minister John Osbrne
of .,.:.i-. :errat..

iM-.r ..ul,.~mt. Peters, I..-nisr. in the office
of St Vincent's 'Frimp ~ er, represented
Prime Min te" i ",mes "on" Mitchell who
wvas out. of the region, and Dr Rodney
Williams, Minister of Trade in the Antigua
Govr:u-nenon represented Fimrne Miristier
Verge Bird.

Al fer'ndng as csr:ers were (l'vernor Farrilvy of the United States
Virgin Iqdsn,' an '.*r L'-vit St-i.iu., Cluef
Minister of lhe I -'-.ih Vir,. : Islands.

The -eeir of thTe OECS Au.thority came
to .an end on JuZ' 2 st.
-3 -- -________________._ ._

h trl. iOECS. reade. of ToehrnmeIt
91an1-div-, r, Sn f ii, of The Authority


i ----


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