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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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Page 3 Saturday 15th June 1991 The Grenada Newsletter
TAIWAN From Page 7

zea.u of this, the Am:ibssor said, the
:i.ierns of wil! feel more free to
conduct their business ;:mi odiher relation-
vKips with individ'u.lh on the _r_,inl.and

There is, h.,.:.ver, a bt,:!: to closer

i PRANCE From Page 7
Th- pr.'jez~ are bein' implem-Tirl.E",.
he said, "but the next Joint CO.-In-U.tee
ineeftmg .'yil iicre_:.e the fi-ld of .ur"
joYint c:.:,'per:ti n in m areas already
mentioned mand i new se'::..r C".i:h as
J! tier, elect;ity m,*- report t develop-
ment." )
Wishes To Be Present
The Clief of Mi.:.. France's new
I .IinJitr of Co-operati:n .A aIJ Deelo.:p-
mrient, Ms. Edwig Avice, 'izhe- to be
present in Gren.da for the next sitting of
the .J.k.n Commiritee and, :it that time, vill
officially A ohpe" the St David's Maternity
Unit and the Ali: ic.- Fr a.:n ii.e building.

| E:-pr sing his Appreciation of French
aid, Prime Minister NichlIaif B.rathwaib,
i:-ning the A-rejmernI. on behalf of the
SGi'n-:.a Govenm-et, said French co-
operation with thU Grenada Governirnnte
started in 1986 ;!hen the v.:
cn de..elopm-n of small ruminants (cud
:he?'ing animals).

"You Vill recall," the Prime
Minister said, "that it vas through
your programme that the Black-
bellied sheep vwas introduced to

When th. i- first pr-::' marinee was ab :.u.t to
come to an end, Mr Erat hwvT said, the
.f odel F....-v Pro'ject was established a-ii
Sthe Fr:'eic Co-op:* i :.n saw hi as anot-
|her .pp'Fr.J.iii';- t ..x i-t-7in
. ve ipl: ipmrent of the ,ZL 'im r,:,ri:_-t secor:.r
in Ci .r z 's eco h,..ii -
Comeais To Grenada
rench t.- to red., the
j i,- MirNster .ii, not ,: riy thr,:.ugh he
E Econ ic ,. Cmir i7 tybut on a
| -I': teral bi., ..r4 he .-k~ Mr Or:r-mid
i: m:... vey to his Go-verruine_-i the :opre-
Yi:.r of G;ta.-.: s Go0rnert..1 n.
'-.p. 7

relationships between Tmaian and the
mnainiiAnd, he said. W' ie the ROC
Gverrmient. ^*.;*..dd like to hold discussions
with t.h- Government of the Chiinesi-
Communists on the mi--uLaiad, on an equal
ri.i arid -it .ti a,'ppr.:pria.te time, with a viez
to r.EuLrahir tion, the Communists are not in
favour of this. What they would like is a
nf-eting o c f li .*:.v.erning political p-rty on
Tawan -..'if.h the Communist Party on the
Has No Authority
Amb--a.:sdr Liu -aid he has no authority to
speak on behalf of the governing political
party in Tc. :-.n, but from all iinf:'rrmati-ii
re.cihii.g him, t, party is .:,pp sLed to
h':.ld_.; .'ty-t.:-..y disc i..,., v i!.h tih?
C"...m:--.,t Fartyonthe m,:tirdland

The Ambr:.::u.or said that, because of the
at.titjj of the Chinese Co..imunists, there is
no way in -:hich the ROC Gov.emriient. can
apprt.ah them. However, the RC'C has
m.ide a si -nific.:mi step forward by ippoinf.-
ing a Fo.uijati.:,n .ldih vill deal with all
matters relative to the relations between the
p.-:. ple of Taiwan and the people of the

There is incr-.:sinig p:.pular traffic both
"*.... tL', -"mn the mainland and Taiw.m, he
sai:, and tihe Fomundation will deal with
rditiiio of d(-c.:-c.ients-. trade disputes
arid .hi.other leg-l nmatters as may arise.
Will Permit Elections
A;ib,,-..:i.:.r Liu said changes in the ROC
C<.n.,itI.i:.n will perr'it elections to be
held, pr.-bably by the end of this year,
undI&E;- new i:i nngemets. Thle ChiAnese
Cnn_"-i. .imii c verrarn the rminland in 1949,
he .aiU, *'i,, since then, a-hile there have
bee-: periodic e-lection- o Deputies repre-
entirg_ pror'c"i',:.e: on 'TaiWan, theler h--v
been no elctis in ,i-e Pr ovmiee on the
rr:ainl anid

NlI.eer t:hVl', the Deptties'vho represented
th-se min.dla-id PrI:virvie.e at the time of the

~1 --- -

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 15th June 1991 Page 9

This is not sufjiienIt und there
of questions wiich we have to
the immn iate future:
p OR THE FIRST TIME IN This was .i.:!-..:
six ye:-rs, ;h. G'e.-,.. Cocoa Ass- ,.ard, Mr F::yr'
ociation las r'c.:.rded a i,'gra ficant he -addressed the
i "re' -i--n araiuai prodiu.i i-:.: d, org ,ai ,'d by the
the Cocoa 1Eo-rd of Man.gement is c. nfid- celebrati-n of"
ant .h;., in the t.'.'reit year, there will be a
further ,.ncr.:x- 'ofai t f 12.5%. "However" he-
'e: .. ..'.. ,-, o e e h -

TAJWA : From Page 8
Cor1 .uI '-tist take *.ver h.-.,v until n': ,
held their seats inthe ROC n,

The ,t'_hLeU' in the C'..ti. utionvl!. re,_,g-
1p that the ROC has no controll over
.se 7r'.:. ',,iM1ce and the Dep-
uie-,. Will be retired Following this, he
said, eleci -n will be held in Thai -van and
The. ,:f-.i:,re i._.-ii. over whichh the b OCI
nas j.u'i; -'.ion.

j er._!.:. on T hi--T ,u bi .-..!ty of
vio.i: tir,. of h i ...m rights, d- A;-:i,.-I
ador i t must be !~ii-Tt-bred that, in
the Chinese :-r.u'..i.;^, "- ROC has ani
ad. 7:e ..: : if not. al ,e n 7.:.
Con-ary T T The C(,Dtitjution
jTgere ..._oups in TW... ..,1
have t '-:-. ,i.ed. 'J tO jHs Cor iili.IWiU Ok
the r-iur-:' and there h n others
b,-., contrary to ,- c ,.it.i.-:, of the |
ROC" a-d :'/'".- Xal-.>.'lizlll. of Tai-n'--
as a ?.p.~rate r:p.i.:, d, ,U-:t from the

i' :-rn of these :e, le went too far, adwvo-
.-tin *'i '-:-. and pl^ t!:i:d to. over-
S!-:.v the Government by force, he said,
Sn i so .'ley were .:-rre ed aind r'-i in
SopeUr cot a.c ,-- to law.
E 4. n;;..,- ; ... -. ... ,. .....

uidriss in
-.d by Clh airman of the
:-nd Rush, as, on June 13th,
.i rst A:m ~m Cocoa Dinner
Association as part of the
. C:. .t s s not stee i

?Id "this is not sufficient.

.U,' .iher. -are a .r:e'-r of questions which
we 1-v.-e to addreVs in _, ininediat_

Among those qv.'.:>ns, he said, is how to
incr-:ce. pr.:d.d:..: i..n by ar.:.:.her 100% and
how to bring 1,-345 acre of neglected coc:'a

Foreign and local donors are now
closing their eyes to requests for
funding, Mr Rush said, and the Ass-
ociation must organise itself so that it
becomes independent and no longer
has to beg for its "daily bread'"
Please See COCOA Pare 10


rPage 10 Saturday 1 Sth June 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

a, E ( H .S

ROC Traiing For

Brizan Compares Licence

Receipts With Road Costs

The FPepuibic of Cm-! (RCC) on Taiwn
-_.mntinues to offer a programme with a wide
r'n oftrrainun oppotudie41?p for Grenad-
lians. this pr.:.-;r_-ra'-u-. the Deputy Comp-
Strller of C-'.::-.:ts, Mr Eric Frn-l:hn
Stewart, left f.: T." !',"y in June to
.tlten: a hree-:mnth se'?iir.r on Inter-
national T :'iiff:.

In another fildj. Mr Anthony EBa ifhk, Man-
::Aing Direc.t:.r of 1:_`-r-, A :B Enterprises
Ltd and. Mr Mr':iter i.i:hael Willi:miu,
Chief e.,ider of I,--- .es T':nmical Metal
Works are nov c-:th in, :ttendi-g
industrial sen-r[.. funded by the ROC.

On ,mwe 3rd, Mr -"I:1irn-r btiEm a five.
m.:.nt:h seiiir_ in the field of gelding
e',hniques whie Mr Bati:il is part of a tvo-
reek *-emin:-r on Te::ile: & Technical
i Tr :isf'rmat.i,:.

In the field of A c: u:..u, five Greradiai
Sretu-rn -L to Gre.:.Jia on May 28th after com-
pleting a seven ",'eel seminar on Rural
I Deve,.pnt & Agr'v. i, Ref:rmr

Of the five, three are from the Public S,:,:'..r
mi. two from, the E ri'-.:ae Sec.tor..
COCOA From Page 9
Thi.: is i.'t a iob which one person or
or,.nsi.'n...n :-. do. on its own, the
Cliirrrn.m said, and ::i'. is needed is for
iclier org:ti?. i.,ns to enter jv.irt ventures
i th the A c:-:i on t.o pr': ,ce GrenadianJ
chocolate arnd cocoa p..:'vder. Mr R i.,.h
s.d that from -- by-pr:..iurts of these
-i citiess can come nima feed vi)i _ir

SPay More Attention
The es.tuir d .r_,': ,.-'.: .on f*,.,m the
Surreri crop -ir is .6 million pr-ind.
Mr Rush F.-i mud he ere,?e, the
Opinion that, if farmers -..:.,.'. p'-7 mr.,
attention to tr-ir fi- s, tis- figure cotild
be ir,'re-sed to 5 million .,:unds in ti.
1 993 crop year.
.; r .; ; ,,,s .. .. .. : .. ... .... ... ..... ..

Spe.a inin the uI-I :se of Representatives on
June 5th, Minister of Finance Mr George
Brizan said. the estimated total revenue col-
lected for Drivers' Lice nce in 1 .I is
.1ppr._rr-ily EC$1 million.

. inga comparative aytiysi- based onfig-
ures of the Ca.ri-bean Deeelopment Bank,
the Minister said this revenue from Drivers
LicerneTs could build only one mile of road.

Bring Back Land Develop-
ment & Utilisation Act:
Cocoa Board.

In a rHrcnt interview vith the Government
Irf,.rnLati,-,n Servce, Chairman of the
Cocoa Board, Mr Raymond Rush, said his supports re-introduction of the 1981
Larnd Development & U.ilisatiion Act.

Tlit. Act, repealed in ,3'4, 'vas passed by
the Pp'.,ples Revolutionary Goverraime.nt and
permitted the Minister of Agricuilture to
dei:l.~re urit.d land. to be "idle" and
avail.:be for productive use by persons
,.,ther fh.n'i th -}-:__ -, 'er.

Mr Rush said some 1,345 acre of cc.c,:a are
siri-ab.-cidJ:.ntd This rgle.:t is the rain
,i:se of the fall in ,.:.c'. pru-jix n, he
said, and it is timuie thfe r-f.hritie- took
rtcion to get id le lands back into use

Tre*. Chairman said the Board also supports
le:il :ii.:n pr.,hibiting t4L sle' of -rici.ult-
ural land for housing purpose:,

Island Scholar Comnletes


Mr Ralph Anthonr Duncan, Grerada's 1984
I.'i,. Sch,:1lar, has succoLes f:ly completed a
degree of Master of Appiied Science In
Electrical ErniYering at the Univsriitv of
Toronto, Canada.

--- -----~----

- -`--

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 15th June 1991 Page 11
NEWS SHORTS _om Page 10

Spice Island Inn Expands

Chairman and M.-iagin- D:ire,:t':r of Spice
Island InTn Mr R:':,rton Hopkin, has said the
hotel's third expansion phase vill begin on
.June '0Th 1991.

A release from the hItel says t.hi- phase vill
cost. EC$1.2 rrAf1i:.n and will include
coomntruction of a c'::c.ference centre with a
seating capacity of 100 persons

Additionally, a de-s JiinAtion plant will be
installed to supplement. .:Tiy water Sho:rta.,ieS.
and a fit1esS, centre will be built.

Gerfatric N rising Project

A three-month Youth Skills Truiiniar Pro-
ject in geri..eric r, sp>... red by the
Organisation of E..t Caribbeaim Sta.te: and
the Goverrinent of Greinad.-t, to an
end on May 31st.

The Project was implemented at the
i Richmond Hone for the Aged, and some 32
Serscarons, including nursing -assitants at the
. e, took part.

Heart Foundation Aids Two


Two mnrore Grenad-riari children have been
sent by the Grenada Heart F,.,undati:n to the
Deborah Heart & Lung Centre in New.
Jersey, U.S.A., f::r corrective cardiac w ug-

Accompanied by their rn..lthers:, the children
left Grenada on June 11th, American
Airlines providing trar.p,:,rtat.ion free of

All costs relative to 'heir stay in the United
'States, and the c-..:t of the open-heart.
-.u-gery, will be at no :i per ei to 'ni rf rl'-.
ies involved

'7he Grenada Hc-'r. Fi .uidatic.n ..v
izmched in Fl'-:4, ind these two children
-re the 60th ;md 61st beneficiaries of the
:Fundation's activities

Funds Approved For

The Government of Canada has approved,
in principle, a grant of some Can$50, 000 to
the Artisanal Fisheries Unit for the pur-
chase of 9 insulation boxes, about 800 vax tc:ns and a computer.

Acquisi'!ion of the insulation boxes and wax
c.-:rtotri is part of the drive of the Unit to
e::p:id export sales of fish.

A release from the Government Inform-
ation Service says the requested equipment
is scheduled to leave Canada for Grenada on
July 9th.

Cholera Prevention Workshop

Minister of Health, Mr Michael Andrew,
,'pened-, on June 1 Ith, a one-day workshop
on Cholera Prevention & Control which
7was attended by some 40 Community Health
Nurses and Environmental Health Officers.

Objectives of the Workshop were to review
the epidemiology, diagnosis' and manage-
ment of Cholera, to discuss ways and means
of preventing it and to define the role of
Health Care Workers in response to an out-
break of the disease.

Res:Lurce persons at the Workshop were Dr
Do:reen Mturray, Medical Officer of Health
and Mr Alister Antoine, Epidemiologist
with the Ministry of Health

U.K. Funding For Water


Through the Barbados-based British Devel-
o..prr lnt Division in the Caribbean of the
Ov.r'seas Deveklopment Administration in
London, thie United Kingdom is to provide
457,000 (approximately EC2.3 million) to
improvIe and develop the water supply
system to the Grand Roy area, ten miles
n:.rth of St Georges on the vast coast of the
Please See NEWS SHORTS Page 12

-- ~I ~---~--~ --


I Page 12 Saturday 15th June 1991 The Grenada No4sletter

SThe project .:c.r-: co.rstr.:,ion of a d.-n
ad ii .:-d: :..:t._, on the' lack Bey river, of a --: ,,_-'," g.l!-:r.: I. ..,,I and
!r-ratrcenft. plant a 350,000 galo n service
reservoir .-id tre. ime it. plant.
Iaev -,j4te,

C.J.Bristol To Stay On

Chief Justice C r .l Bristol, hose .ipp: in
m-ent e:.:pired on 31st May last, has been
rked by the iIren--'rd Goverrament to
continue im off:- until Gri e. t..i r-nes.-
.n:embership of 4'- GrD nationon of East
Caribb. rState (- ECS),.,I Court.

r i .st.l, a p:':-.,;',-- b;r, iter at the
tuild.1& Bars, st a-a:- -..r app:.-iintd Chief
"5.i.:e= on the re'-i'n-t of Sir S'r-:m-l

Grenada ori. i:-!'iy tel..: :: to the OECS
'-.ipreme Court but -"e taken out of that.
w.urisdiction by the Pe.ple,_ RevoIlution.:iry
Go.:eirrnnient of the la.t Prime 1-firAipr
*i-.turice Bish:p.

Application has been :: for G to
resume me.n-ber':-tL:, of the OECS Supreme
SCourt :mnd thfrt v:ppic:t i-:.nus to be consider-
ad after the M'.vrice h:-p 'un-der Appeal
has teen firnl-di.e.

Sir Paul Visits Taiwan

'T..vernr Ge:e.r.-l Sir PaW O.:,n and Lady
Soon ret.uirei to, G'er ,a o -f 1 .:.,th after
-co,,eti,,- an o:r;?i:.. visit to the Republic
,o.f Ch... (ROC) on Taivanwi vN-t com-
*;':i-e on April 27th.

in a ptre'' rele::e fr :.*r Go='i:u'.'ie nt. House,
ir Pa,- i quoted as --".,,..: t he and Lady
Scoon were 'e:y inprey,:.. by the deep

sense of patritim-.r and discipline of the
Chinese people

Sir Paul z s~ also that development of
human reso'.u ces vas evident everyvhere in
the ROC, particularly in te areas of formal
an.d t:)n-formal education.

Counter-Narcotics Traffick-
ing Traimng Course

An piht-d1.:, c- -i.muier-.::'.rcticz trafficking
trairn.i. ,r:'-.use, sp,,r.-.:'ed by Bureau of
Inter ~ti..nal Matiers of the
Unite, Sttes. Dep:i'tinr"t. of State aud the
Ur.ted Stte CustonA Service opened at
Point Sine Internati znalz Airport on June

P.:.tiicip;nit's in the course are 10 members
each from the (rerjnaa Cust. ms Service and
the Royal Grenada Police Force including
one officer from the Coast Guard Unit

Topics to be covered include examination
proceed, .u'e: and. c. tct'.-d irrt techniq'.es for
air baggage and cu .go, identification of
drugs and profiling traveler;

Delegation To ILO Session

Labour Miirdteir Mr E.jzel Th'.-mas, heads
the Grenada delegation .which left for Gen-
eva, S'...ritz md on J.une 9th to attend the
78th Se.-:.n of the InteriatiorL l Labour'ation (ILO).

Cther ; of the delegationn are Mrs
Aiigla SIfli of the Grenada Eniplyers'
Federation, Mr Arslem De Bourg of the
Trcte TjUi.:.- Council and Labour Cvc-isult-
, .:.r Robert Ro-bins .:

-r Hughes
15th May 1991
Prinld & Piblihed By The Proprietor,
Alister Haghes, Journalist,
Of 3co;- Street, St George3,Grenada, Westindies
(P.O.Box 65: Phone [8091 440 2538: Cables HUSON, Grenada)

--')T 7' "
TF: -* :.-'F'Y
i \^ t \ i. <^[f


The 6renada


Volume 19 Saturday i5th June 1991 Number 10
If !rricu-tt .rc-pf.sls a passive- roI- a.nd ma-rkt

forc-us -r.s -aioir..f-, to dictaite, pattein-s of r.sourcie
oti-.emnrits and-fo nations of u9rcric turA-ul. ctiviltt,
there- will be[ profoi.d-nef _cs" Am:f'wgtor
___D_ I


irnzk tUIrD L-1uCi

ton, C man of the Tri .- &k
STob": Co::.' Industry Board.
and. Head of Depar tment of
Agrk :". ? E.::.4 : : r:; & F^': .i-
S-. at the Uni 'r-' of 1h West Indies
S'. i at St A.i. .'-- Tri: :d, ,ji, m a
,: uni<.=: ofthe Wir'v"._ -T Islanis *r-r:.vA,-
Sotb I L ... .. A

.e.. ..m te 'uter of 6 .l -,/
'' J. i
i Wofty 1B i L5e 4sfdfve-dv se
Part Of The CeOebr.tions
-.or P :rtn s rz-. were n as he .
el-ivered thte "- "i at the first
7r of the G:- Cocoa
: : .. -. ..-th s :A.c.i. -hon as

:7. -,,._ of the : er : e "The iiy.i.

n m, a Dr FL';.?r:,:
; de Ic .. i .: bef.' r i.: .i
the 2

Th.-_:e presuL: f :?re th.t in Te TI.:. n,

there will be rt- dmr of m vemn -t. of
people .: capi -, itere will be a single
unrestricted market for all c..-m:odities and
'he will bg' c 7 :. govr-:."-ent to. *i.min-
r.soime, ac ... of._ v:- of the par-
ti ip t min the ,.'i'n.
Expro siig A Viev
Before :,_presf:" a vie,' on the impact, on
agi"'.e of a union, Dr Pemiberton
revi-e e:, the :c.-,r J state of 9 ri t-.tiure in

"W I .i." the in rifl .ect:,r of
Please Re! AG-RICULTURE Page 2


SWind v ard Islaends Union Can
Damage Agriculture.. ....----.. 1
e Leading Bar bados Businessman
Says Siructaral Read adjustment
Necessa ^.......................... 3
FoVreign :-esmeznt Essential-
Chamber President-.----...---- 5
@More FrpnTh Aid For
-Grenad .---. --. .. ..... ........ 6
Fu-iania:mJ. Changes In
Tai an- ...- ...... ........... 7
SCocoa PrdU--ction SLovs
|ncrea e ........................ .. 9
IA N v SFS rts-- --.... ....... .....


Page 2 Saturday 15th June 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

: Wi xr'd,.'._-," he said, "I see a fairly
di.,ersfied p.i.?t-r:, of pr,,du-_t.i:i.-n in so-me
A Fairly Varied Pattern
A _lthotir. 'h Banana Ind .ry is pr.:minnt,
he id, St Vincer .: :,i e::-* : r'. trade ,ith
Triridj-_id & Tobago, minly m r, -f. -r.--,-
anid fruits, -.:e, in 1988, at about EC$30
inhllion. :nIa-d too, shows a fairly
.i.\ p:-nof production he" t.i WithC
its main export crops of cocoa
rnarke,., hin :. a "ad o about E$Tri:id
market, in 19$, a 4"^? of about EC$2
miulli **n in fruit and I"- ai :1-2

Dr PemberAtn waned, hoverr,
tha vith freedom of movement of
peye, sb thre vil e a eandecy far
prfdurr ton i bt me lpaJissed if
partfrcular areas. Lre scale
prodacrit cf Arers for eZample,
.he sssd vou.d nf -.: .- &e concenirait-
ed amaund larger Zrban areas vhAch
have t.he most rhrble iafrasrcwtare.
In ai es4k-..stn. c-: voUI d f&vour
St L and d C.adsa isn Le care of
iaifssve fIe.ipl cIlrrfrlPCttIra

If market conditi" for br nr deiri.rate

---- -- -=

Ar..ii the WI1. ,- St Lucia, at a after 1992 (--rn : -opea A.mnri
gure EC$192 million in !988, led the Market :,c~ into effect arfA the
Say in, -r'lturai xprv tep -: xc' the end Wij ds- d many lose 'heir preferential
of the 180s, Dr aP ir.n :i, but 96% entry into the Uni r e Kind.omn, production
.,of this figure : i. to bananas. In the of b ~vrjx. for ex.ort .ill become localised
same year Donmimcas !.:ric.b.tad exports rapidly, he said. Ifmarketforc-s dctat.
Cf !f" '- , I : Tt
:ta led EC$92 million, of *vdl^c b.rc^. hel. .....i : --Id re il be rapid elimin-
-UO.., -,auoui 0 .-. actionn ofb.i. ,: .!.- da tion for&: .:' from
th.e ore . mo c.. y1 : -; : -I p0 r:. ct-t >
St fVcenfit ~ grcuftlluraI a7pJorl- -i -re.:r
198 wenr~ of ~6e order of Cf/5d Would Expect To See
Ai'-., Ah sY/2 _-uasda -' *ere Dr Pemberton said he would e:-.e-c to see a
i(-/I na.-i, 9A.i I Sard rKnce -, of : ople .-. ,..ital from the
'v. a riciiurai expor. saout [,-:.r* uaer.- ,-.1.-f ped ar.cVo to e more
f-'Iff2 4 -a 4fre FQJC& ss p .i o' :of hI u*:2n.
?more tan three the -gridOt-
r g.rLfeor C$L(tTfi zIlior)/ lmr "I can see, the- :r:-, a m".:..rnen of e,:nple
T. d,.-d& Tb.g.- in 198 -~d. re:-.irs .~, ir t.ow yards w St L la ard

.-- re Lai-
e W md ..vo d. . f..: is also ,rm:: D:.,." -. he said,
th; -'-. ... o,: i' - tle 19re ;: : ': ,e.i'ating the current mro;ve-n from
~...n.: . ^ ....-....rts. Don- 1 :h is v .1 ,'-,u,, ..
Clearly A Majogr Sctor Anti-.:: "
Dr AF ... r. : -: --- : acbutin .,:.r-

s- Ie G.:-;.; DO:3wh! Product m-

Ur .. .:...y of t,'e W il .- ]- his
-" .... .: is t .at union of the i-?v,-!
b g expanded ji.- -.. -.. pr.-duct-

he largyr- p-puldatio FVII makes
.oi ijndLiSaIjPr more fepstbie, be
-:s and he reterrfed to fives-.-t
,prouctjvo, ypeciany of -o.W:-Ir
gj dje1rflkt -rchf '

if iefi '2 M f4ittfr Drj Pembertot,
ta b ~ese so vem. cix n Iea.d Ato tbe
ito l iss ,(o c-:.-artre .i& D aBca
and 6reada._ In Dwu.isc. tcaus-e
offa l/rge sc..__ .:? ^i.ent of people
and Mw-?y*- --sy- froP m he ;lfaifd
dld /s .-- Mdcause of rapid
At eze( B oh-r- area orf!
econ,,rc ,t ,i'

Dr Pembert ~.'- .-: ~, must remain
Pleas-e _ee AGkiqULTTURE Page_3

SThe GrAnada Newsletter Satir y 15th Su.e 1 Page 3
I -- --nm -iiniiniinmllii n ___________________ f- - h A* K lC t

The. rest of -the orI- wilt no [ovt
ttime for thz C[aIibb4.aft to Lc"t ic.

SDii :,in General M..i. -:r ,of
Godda.d E.r. .ri, o' Bar-

o 8th, feature a"idress at the 6t- Anul
iqu..t of the Grernad Ch- ':eyr of indus-
try ~Ci (.orirjrerce, otid, the pe.:-f.! of the
Cari : continue --r -: .:...m. de op-
ment pogr.-.a : .:d,-h for rei..,-1.

"We like it so," he said, "change
bothers us, anid he more rapid the
chanr-% the higher the .ve- of
- bother."

jMr @.-rd..j it tis cdear :-I the r--Z of

Ic'- wait for the Ca.ribbean cmt it is
tr- its eco .--:ics through .rEgional

e world wIill :- l.r, .:it. for the
C.i-',be i and it i. time for the Caribbean
to r .. .. .. -t" ...:......;t ^... ..u h rei :i:,n-
al co-op-- .... The f:.:us must be, he
6, on the things the Caribbean does bet
au Lrn .- -'-. _- r -es into vwol- class

The speaker expressed his belief that
the Caribba: wil have to embark
Wipnr r a ructvi-.i readjustment pro-
granme vwhi. will forever alter the
vay in hih t nss is nov done in
the region and -vich vill dismantle
za ucb of the structure vhich has been
freAted Since 'orld War IL
P e see GODDARD Pge 4

AIoC aLR tFho !c N 1TTER
2 of h- n uCio. ;h.o be oand August 1973
.. .i,. ,e in a t,'>v Article Issus

I j I t O^ Ci.BOC AVARB 1:84
of t .[....:..- ---" il b a- Ad?.ance
,, to an.u's th th" r-1 ae P :--ce;n Class Air Ma-
... by ,-' B-r | ",bL :i A.t In G R a a d.
S.t 't "ested, : -. I t- g
T r *' v:':=-;' t r-,,.-- -.,.*,-,i, ".- in $ate s

,..pi; :/ 1"ne }... 0--$ : ^;i s-,.146.00
i ti ,. P A llut 20 Issues Pl-shed A nsi Ma

P1.2ae see AORICUL'RE Paze 4 About ZO isses 2Pblifhed Annually
_____--- --____ -_____...._____________

Page 4 Saturday 15th June 1991 The Grenada Newsletter
GODDARD From Page 3

1 The E erprie for A-.,ricr a L.- Inir tiat
,::ni.m ,. by P ..rei G.e':-rge Bush is a
Spro; :u e '; ich reco- ,'.-Sr b.':.h the nrei
for structural; .'.'"- for the1 nati.: ,
': jS '" Ca -ribe1-- Basin coi.u-triz.
I v' the .-c- al problems and t..-ci. -tr. -:
T ^ very I:'ess: cy r -.-justment T:ll create
-. '7. ,.1;"."-'

President Buzh .. a..:
o2 t hene all
-i i ', i .'_' . *
itr s:, n ; c '....Ur t o F t
r''" to bui " '"' :"
tr.n -.r trade zai ,;S e C't Of w
M r .- ;....... . .
i n;'1 7P...

To a targe exentA, v:'. eco"
;a1l is M ? ,,
court of the p -"i-. sector ..h 1 .
Se'4e- p the ;f '.-.f- of t gro, h for the
S': :,!. AvQ "
ChMMpions Of Lib"ral satin
he Pr- 4 ::ord
i.u deed to be Te ;i : .ions of -lij,- .;' -
i sation and the 'r tval of Fr-.:..c ,t<.is,;

mo:menri of -.:F1 i he I -d, arnd must
|.-.. r di'.,i that ;"- ain,- "' of
j.:n-.mie -_ t- is to hr2 -a n.f.f-j t

-. o t of th r'.: otum e

-'.. 41' a t.j""f role r..l e i
S arket o rce ar a .---. to..-.-

Sthere ll e

iDr ha .... th...: .'e,^ a aJ:Jt
A d...I.. 1-Hl" -, T-d Irae -di"el y t -- -. A fl- ai

4.,--^ ia . h, i

.2th e "e re "m

-. .-" .v ,. : .. --b e i





and productive ::,;- '_m ermplomiient. for
-ie cit.ize;! of t he region

Ft7iure to frce this r.pc.n:bilty, the
pr-..:r-:e said, will be the easy way out and
viii : .e. i_,r. :iead il d ', ~"ioratix~, co mpet-
itive C, :,;itioln lr D a decli'in,? ':_ -, ...
Bite The Bullet
w .' Alessi' the
.e x.te n.t corporate x-

; ... .. ..: :..- ", C ; Pr.'ae ?-..?t: r, M r
ep y at c ':ard said that
S: xeti : 'e must be
'I Ch M uI S I ..lli.n to Itite the
.~ i" -- ... leiFe,. and .hang_.
V .'. t !p times.
Ot Ai e': ', ly, that
.1.* p r ct will
m y.. : ... .*::... ., '... to.. . . .
- .r ia- .9r'sr. '=' = on


r" --i-.' sc
L '=r _, ? ,. = ? r ,.

"Increasingly you vili come to
recognise tha, in the new economy,
it will be the skills and capacities of
our people that will become our
primary assets."

w.- .--..' : -. the r ic.-.nal t -:.; t1al;it
A.. .: s o e ''. ... co-ooee !"i':'" '1i'li.
can bring i:---eiat;e efis by
the ,,- ,:.n as a nfruit:- -.tin:ti.. n -ida
!,.-':,,n. e corporx ate vorld" should
be ::t, .P: to this *:-ca of
;.-. '-:"'-" t see -. the retl..-: can
Je :;c:, if-Lh:Z:;., ite i-:-
Nev F-->und Soverei nty
- .-;-., his :v-_.:fr....- M r --.said

'lof t- ne foiud s' "e-tI:y but
-ty of V^r ing :,ial -:nty
Sthe 21st century is 'h- the rl .;f the
': .;state ":, radically altered .

The :..s n-atons are c: .sci-g into even
di- :r trading r.up, he said, and it
*. the C-aribbean Cornsiunit.z r

ar- wti rc :-,-n turn .i, with : :.the Nrth
Air re T1rad- .:'. iati.
Pease See GODDARD PUage S


The Grenada New -etter Saturday 1tth .Ju~e 191 Page 5




-j of I,1d1stXV & ~,om-

rc (GCIC), -.d- in a

An iM^^:-~ory of i: .v2:iniP in ho.t-
e::p. n.- oT, er the ife ye ar vill re -
p r.

that the local F Sectr 'has p'. its
7part, the F"d-: sid, but, p li.-ii ios -of
-. and -. inhibit the of

--ent-pr :,.i r te. e -.:.r must be1"
.a.... activelyy :: .-.. i

jsmipthn; of fkrectir i veste~ the
sa- "It o- .,.d e v tie t .a., s-c
ddoubt fe put Ao rest one ndft r .f f'

re . f .r4 i canI
cru only to t. Le efit of ._11
Body Was Estabiishgad
i ,r .:: ren ..e ..deat h GCIC

as. .2. 4 -
T .. :...... : .Pr..:. t

U .iir be u of \.t-: ': .t fo

-.... I- r

S.t.h ..-,,

-, ; 'fJ "" -" "
j .'.= i2- -.a . .h ti o;^; .._..


t4e Private S. d Grda in general.

W ~k i/is not a osT-ola~ran i iueIf
Ae cosnfsn it nl mpovrtt to recog-
Aab-&e tt prent is not
neiq- to reawidk buad hr vith Awv
exceft-m. i pAie jd are1strsugg-
g to y7 V&ithie ssmFe recessOnBary

The pr'-ble- he is a "bil ,ne ;md it
is imp.r --,?.-, h. -..h t-hree major players in
::t_:.m.ic ac..- ,- Labour, G.verrnent.
a the Priv..--ie Sector treat dialogue ..mi,
consuli .: :k as ~a;a, .--r of r 1i:.riiy.
Under The Umbrella
Mr Minors 1:id 1 last f.-- e-~r: have been
....:,,.t for the island's Manfah.uri;
tor oveverr all iLda.i". f Icturer-
p_,-.-c, .- represented by GCIC and ithe
.-renad 'a 1. ...-.turers .ci...-i, O are
:" ue t.e "-.,brelh of the GCIC
^:ca.m. Co il "Lrd the Pr-sidi-nt.
thir-s this : ..... augr e for the future.

-d he -".? -Ji & a/a
cre!istz a fite PrMect Officlr
co meiz j.c .fy C tg e Mramin dat-

Nc U -...i: thlis i"p'.o position,
.m 'er, te -.iJ. a word of.
Please See MIHORg Page 6

Page. 6 Saturday 15th June 1991 The Grenada Nevwsetter

"0e urt Jom 0 t C tomtmi ttee meeting will inr;"asc tfw jfidel
of our jo3 t4 co- pcr-tiiom in t. ca ci-`s altrea~dt mentioned a id.


i Sigin.7 on bh. of the G'.'rnmnpnt. of
rance, Mr R: .-rt 0_-!.--i2J Chief of
, A.i.:. of the Fr--n,:h Co-:e;."p ion of the

Si, it is ap prqu -- that niut be
I-jf.T7 mi serous plhrL- : i:-, '7: :
vi eL par.:i p.i.iT-:.'byal! r~ ,-t -..urer, ih-
.i n.t!e...C..i

T inors -

urers to prn ,te and e th~.: t.' n:.r
Pocsd A Threiat
The Conm i..i 7:: "".; -if rET-
p iromoted by &arii- C m
i.I...... t_..oy er "x.., t f.--
'ARIC^-. prAducts vI A; O f
nada on Mao C -
| rpefe c. f. l in *? i -,n Af
Sr;hant rven;'r.: co':- .:i the Pr t
d, but forded an oppore t to the
-anufactur n o.d (to a ;.- -r ent) t
i ie. i r. 0 ^ rs. keO -

" I.. is .... l. ," - -- -., ,
';:. ves o:-e the ,-rir CARICO
.market beco:rC available to us: M r
j I'Tr:.?; ,n "Conversely, iff, vo.

rarm Corporation. Secormly, there will
be development of three Government own-
ed et: with construction of feeder roads
Please See FRANCE Pag._7

d .../n the line, our epor,,z tto o:,ur regional
trading partners hlwve not grown si -rdficant-
ly, the q.iei.-n could vell be asked, 'Was it
morth the ..:i:riicN '"

Fr-r irnil ;,onc persp ctiv? the
Presi-ent referred, to r-'iiir, and. technical pr': -r.nrri~e o-:-..nised by the
Chamber inci.din, such :.r:,-. as C...fs.ingi
f,: fr .faict1.ur.r Timeand Stress -.. -
"Ai' Cu"-b"; .'s Procedu'"'rp" for
turers ,-,j d the Jtaidi:r A.:- ve.;n.. t Pro-

Will Be Reta~ned
The Jiuior Ac- limente Prro~ranie. no,
m iv s,;,h p:.x.- w:. a total of 463
rad,.ute., is ,:,e of whi:hu the Ch.amer can
, jt'.stly proud, '.ir Minors said It is the
.h..bers hope, he continued, that the
I-iet-epU.-..,- "p!rir .hih the pro-
A-m e eI::.urae, i1 be retin. by a
.sigfi,:-mt i.uner of gra.du.tes and he
Vci.ed o0n me bers of the CiW.e.r to
i:p.-:rt the 0'1: ara:, ri a as. cou-ellin
lr, or ,. fin&i ai dn n'r

1, F.


in 7w, sec7to-rs such as water, de.ctri. cit and lairpo rt
rc Cf opTl-ctt": L fS i fg0

HE GOVER-NMENT OF L::ar Arl, stati-.n St Lucia, told
si..e.. on -: .I2thl, a the pres the proet is *:..mprised of three
Fr,:..i:-_. Agreement -with the maincompoinent.
e":->'ntiet of Grn.'. der
.i1 make C~i n.. a nrc.f of First, he said, i'.hniaa., p ,.vided
me -, -.r .or purpo:es of through 'hre French a:-romiV. ill be
v. en t the ,.renru-'Jt Go'rrirnipnt's Model

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 15th June 1991 Page 7




i':~ Jp rada EtA,..1s]y of the Republic
F k(ROC) on Ti indicates

ship ei tne ROC on T ,a-.n and
Chir, '- Peoples Repui,- of Ch-:-
iFRANCE From Page 6
and iti.t-allAti- of irrig'ationequi.mips t
"Third fin:dly" e 7., -orgi.ation
i t': r,1 i 1P.:f' he l h i..tion
of regional semir'n: on l.nd ref-.rm pro-
jects in the Caribbean."
Mr Ormand said the signing of this
Financial Agreement reinforces
French co-operation vith Grenada,
which co-operation is already evident
in the areas of health and culture.
C._.ncernin.. heah. he -:a-,. Frj-.._' is involv-
ed in v"lopmet. of t- i Epi...^n ..y
Unit to "v-d.ih .:.;.-ir French doctor is ce .-.d-
That doctor will soon comn .ip his tour of
-. tyad. .- i le.-rt-, he -..I:ai, but t ,,v more
French do-: t,-;rs will be ar'i : in Grenada
.i .,rtly anid ill be at.Iach to Uni
The Fre,-i Co- ..praio- is also invoiCd- in
he rn '..ilittation of '1"e ;.:1e net- "',:'":
of the '-ner-: He r;i'.11 inSt .'^ -rgw 7i'h ai
grantof EC$$70,000, Mr ,rno. said, and
h_ al, _,i.ace. cor,- r.uction of tte ..rn-




GRE- __

a? I fepug vft6 thie promise adfe in
President! Lee. Felg--hai A p.powsed
(Mei te 7"Persd of iM hdfe airon for
thse SpressAn of t&e Caamss t
Refe/lio' e h bought to a cJlose and
ia an m4arvier wizt NEWSLETTER
off May 29w, ROC Ambafsssador to
Grenada, LiU Po-lw, sasd tts
prese a vsry diffawrea aVhitdAe by
Me RXC' tova7s (&e k5jaa

"Pre.,ic-l'.,- ve saw them :- a rebellious
groupp, he said, "but now 7we recognize that
there is an authority on mard.ard. China and,
tacitly, this s*v --e do not exert control
over the rnairiu.' at the preet time."
Please See TAIWAN Page 8

ity Unit in St. Dwd s.
In the cu.l...' tAor, Mr O.-rnand said, aid
has b,-r ," .n through the Alli-an.e
Pr.uiie of C-r_'e.::, in the form of firnnce
for the b.uiiding which nill house the
Alli. '_:- Fr..,;:u-_ie. Th. French Co-
: rfi;'.i n .:l- fia c ,:ed al.- the q i.irpnm nt
for th-.t. h i.iidr., and has biee instruruiental
in French Liri-"tic Attachis
:.:vsi'- ed to tie Allia ce.
Please See FRA-NE Page 8

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