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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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Began in 1973.
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The Grenada Nevsletter

Page 10 Saturday 11th May 1991





given to Grenada by the
Government of the Republic of
ChiUr1- (F'OC) on Taiwan is sym-
bolic of the ROC's c.rnidence that Grenada
vill move ihe:d to a bright ft.ure.
This c,:.a-nrn, wvas. :na':,e on May 9th by
ROC Anitb: s.a-or to Gi-i~ I, Mr Liu Po-
lun, as he ln..d over, to Prie ,, Minister
Nichol..a E.rath-.'-e, three c!,mparctor garb-
age truci.s to be used by the Ministry of

Pointirngto the the ROC has given
Gr--nah.e in the c.:-.nvictin that the isld is
on the way to p':-sperity, the Amb.-Y.,ador

S.:-d tlhat, ab,:,ut a year ago, his Govprr rer._ n.
h to ha -t G'e a-

hd giv:-n the Grenda Goverraneit .:-,:n -
ary grant.
Additionally, he is-id the ROC has offgivered
SGrenada a cn,;e;zsi :n&ry loan vhich cxiild'.
be -apli.e. to -reas.- ub:h as r,'aid rehabil-
t.;':.i_, parks, f:.:-~stry, hou:~rig and sch-:ol
progr.u ans.eS
Shown Its Confidence
Ani:.',:,r Liu said hi- G,:rrunent has
also .ho;-. its c'rnfcidere in Grenda by
:lr-ifng the ex::perierces of the ROC in the
devk:.pment. of its economy, especially in
the fi,_ld of agriculture.
"Ju.i at this time ve are prepare irE for the
arrival of our Agr-ic.ult.ur.i Mission to be

stationed in Creznada," hea aid, "and now we
are also training, in Taipei, Grenadian
specialists:s, iigr.:-techmicians."
Some Are Farmers
Srnu of these trainees, he said, have been
drawn fr..-rm the Business Circle, some are
farmers and. o'th'er are from the Mrnistry of


With refe'ren:e to the three compactor
gb'i:H:- trucks hy,-tded over, the Ambass-
ador said it. was .-out a year and a half ago
that he had had di.c'is.C.ris 'ith Mr
E.r.2]th,:,ite concering vehicles for the
hladling of solid vaste Sqr.e time has
pc-s.ei, before these' trucks arrived at
Greaiida, he said, but he -is pleased that they
are of a better mcdel than w.v first

The presentation of these trucks, the
Ambassador .aid, not oruy shows the ROC's
confidence in Grenada's future, but pro-
vides a reans-^ to -assirt in protecting the
Please See ROC Page 11.


The Crenada Newsletter Saturday 1 Ith May 1991 Page 11



ThLs insulaunce schetwe has been planned, excited,
mtuatqeA, operatedL and fuLndre by the ranwma growuers of the
Windward Isliands.

Annual General Meetiin of
|Windward I:T74 Cr'..p
I T,.zwa.:4 (i 1::) Li, ,tnd
..CROP), hel in Grerd.a on April
:th, Mr LT.,m.Iirt; V LT"',: of
ie B ..-d, :r`te T :e Il.uInjed. by the banana
:; :,ets of h W.i-/rni Il s 1i .s
1 -e- a U^ waaf Mja I s apprim&e.
'he gort iDoy ye have dizt, b he
d "asmf WINCROP Ahr bees
doubled Vith S lot o f crircm- -sis evew
.trim ift ovn s&are'Iders. "

5ut, WINCROP has been the envy of
r;<: Gr..- ,'.:,u,!:h, t hl orld, ae -i..:i. and
", both de- :1 .ped :.,i. Luider--. 'v :. 4ed
countrieses, the BC..i: has r-,4ived inquiry e
_- l. ti'. to operations of the institution.

The point is, he p- ,int-.-. that. it is an
Cenviahb!e .ichevenient. vhen 25,000 banana
farmers in four i.depen~_n _)runtries can
come to create an entity to provide
'W'. p'AuL? for .

WINCROP had its origir. in August 1987
4whet the F'.-ai--i Association-s of Grenada
Sxi Dominica got tc:.-ether i an effort to
pr) .vide crop i:~ u ,T:e for their members.
The E.rc.i:; A :.oci.,Lon of St Lucia joined
the scheme in O'.ober of the Usame '.ar.
Held As Reserves
WINCROP incorporated in Dominica
on 22nd August 1988, -' he., from their
,. 'n resour:,_e, the h, -un, A:azociatiorns of
Grenada, St Lucia and Dominica put up
EC$3.5 rmil.-io of vhich EC$1 went in
in:.p".r.. 1.:,-. : c-: t a., ECI -._ 5 vas held
:as I's.# er. ,.2
Plese See WINCBOP Paie 12

R'_OC Fliom Page I_
suvir .int. u ... "ra i' t-he beauty of
the "Isle of Sp.:-i._"-.
SThis beauty, he said, vill be enjoyed not
.only by G-"'-!...:- but by tourists visiting
he and i ill be a contribui:..n
d the ...i. Iiu:'- and the T
,. in'.:. m of a higher st-rd i.- of i .'in:'-.

Accepting the trucks on b-eh:4lf of the Gov-
M.rnment. anld pe :,pl of Grenada, the Pi,-e
'I'er described Mr Lia L as "an c.mbas-
dor p : e ;:ellen,:e".
An Extraordinary Ambassador
uis ri- a.nurrl .--ii se:uor reprCesent.-
. .h.:'-;.: of .^ Diplomatic Co,- ps of various
lmtries, Mr Er t: i.w te said., he had found
r i-.,,.. to ._ an e`traordin ambassad::or
h. E quality of represe!it..i,:n which Mr
u u gives to hi country.

A" e -- r t p "erh.p T" the Prime
-:-.. : nr:,r 3.: 2er ..p ,

,.f.iu:iiEr told A:"us.jc.r Li, "is the fact
that. n representing your c,.ouItry you
always : into co!:)n the needs of
the country in -hich ".u sere."
Helping Each Other
In the past, he said, it has been i.sual.rJ for
industriali-,ed c..:..-ris. of the north to sist.
less-developed countries in the south but, in
more ,:.ent times, it has become. more and
m.:r: "a s:.u;ir-south ar.:gernent." with
e_"-de"e'loped ': .,uriies h:-lpig-,-ach other.

"The ROC on Taiwan has been a mod.,el
e:::Inple of the ways. in whichh the less-
.de'-,-i.:.ped c..:.'.u:.ties, the les industrialized
conmtr:e, :.m ; i.:;t. one another in their
devel parent Mr Brathvaite said

The Prime Minister asked Ambassador Liu
to convey to the ROC the appreciation of the
,vermient andM people of Grenada.
tl. : -- ....;,: :, . S 5

Page 12 Saturday 11th May 1991 The Grenada Newsletter


Governor General Visits

Governor General Sir Paul S.:oon and LadI y
'cu_,on filev out of the St.i on the weekend
of ? April on an .ffici ll eight-day -'it
Sto "he .ep.ubli ofCh iaon T .u n.

Prospecting Comp ny Finds
1 etals

The G3-,.nLmt-I'. It :-nii ..i ::n S.ri .: .
( ,IS) rtp.:- ri It tr 2-" of ,"r," lead,
'_'": and 4.. h- ve been s:-*.; *:,er. in
privately c":. larids in the '-._-::.- :i
pm i17h of St 1.

i discovery is closedd in a prli-ry
'ep,.rt prp-.-:i', by tte a. :. .." n
pr-:.:'pt.i..f gr '-p, A "tfls Resources Ltd,
wtjch, Icfe last year L '. Ti a' year-lonig
licence to p-'---

I. A- 4P _7 to s 1 t; d -U r" he

rne before rr-dinc.


"?ith otrer. f.:-n.: May IjAa Grvna has
introduced th. C.:-;m;n En rnail Customs
TEr f (CET) wich is to be used by all.
Cai"ttr. Co:" _:.iun (CARICOet.If) c "imt-
ries r is dotio' to prL:-'.* a, pr..t'eIi'Y-
Tiff -*di f._r ICOM pe-- ; t3.

In a r.A'?z.- p.t.2i;- on April 2. L .@

t he rnmort Jc' sector bTrf
we'; '^.r^. is no gu^*t-me thIat imp:rt
-,.,ion within the rl-e, in vill r --ju,
--c st-of-l vi4.

rtmE int of imported i,40ods .'1lich are '.
..h in the CAF I'COM. area, the CI' i
her L ., the s' -of-liv'i- will rise y y

, f, .q <. . . .:x .-..

.Ut 1 .: .

The Ch.miber eirdre the reconraridation
of the Ec.:.r:.n.,:. Affairs Sc-retaria' of the
Orgi..ion of East States that
fiscal .a'u,.tment- be c-rmsidered to mitigate
the impact on -*f-livrn.

The Mirs:try of Firance has not recom-
mended any such adju-Utir.nt, the Chamber
says, and. the release refers to the continued
e:.t.pry:e of the 10% import duty surcharge
on non-CARICOM go.-: ':.

Please See NEWS SHORTS Page 13

WINCROP From Page 11
SThe St Vi-nce.r. Banana Crovers Ass-
ociation ... a participating member
Iof the Windward Isl._:-..s Crop insura-nce
cher, son 1st May 1990.

'To provide cover for 2 8?2
t~ousanmd Atow of Ama i four
Ac/ae 4 I? & eteint of AC$f61
1m iss m viah sra/stsfl sharW capils/
of onl vFC1$2 5- atsLo is .w easy
fe, MrF Levis said

iThis "" is U ise more remark-
able, he said, c-:.nsider-i.g tbha there are
varablpe_ in susceptibility to vind storms, risks ":al even politics", but like
any so~id co:,nmier'ci. enterprise there
have been es'teatj: review. of the-

Beca,.aLe of tle-, he said, after WIN-
CROP's re...'"-. e.''-ptia. with the re-
ir. -:'ers c.u b: .krs, the organis;atin can
S,..-'.'i- crop .mir ur:-E co,'rage to the
Seztent of E'; 75 $ millio.-

:-.''.in- to the Direc. .rs' Report to the
shlar'eh.: ,"-rs,'_ at the .deT',
t C .'s .moraidum of
A. :,:.i.:,:Ln ws mPer.ded last ,-r to

I --
ii:; ':ele the Sh.:'e Ca'i i-.- io,. from
S"-'$:,,000 to EC$4,050,000.

Both Prim::e .lfister Ni.-hr.las BraEh; aite
and ..!ie..r of Ari'a:-l-. Prind, y St
Louis iaddrfsr d the ri.--';ig

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11th May 1991 Page 13
NEWS SHORTS From Page 12

The Chamb er says, this urch-lrge dJ uplicate.:
'he intent of the CET and Government is
, called upon to repe Il it.

Sod-Turning Of GCNA
Distillation Plant

Mr P-inA.leySt Louis, Miirister for AgricuI-
':'e, on MAi 2nrd, performed the sod-
turning ceremr'y in Griville for the
E' $ :.- millio,:n nutmeg oil distillation plant
of the Grenadia C.'-Oper :-t.ive Nutmeg Ass-
.ci.:rtic.n (GCA) .

The Mir,'t:r referej.d to the GCNA pilot
i.tillation plant in fr:m which the
As.nciati,-n secured ain -atsured mni-k:t for
ei.-hi. tons of nut:neg oil .iiu..L1dly, and said
the Grenada plant, will pr1.ce s- .e 5,000
i.:-1 of J.f-ctive annually.

This, he said, will provide employment for
10 ito 15 Grein-.iarn and produce more than
.50 t ;rz of nutmeg oil .:iin.-iy.

It. is tin-Ad that ahe earit ill become
operai.r.trd in about a year.

ECDS Policy Board Approves

At its fifth meeting. held in Rose-u, D::min-
ic;a reenrii~y, the Policy Board of the East-
ern Caribe'an Drug Ser-ice (ECDS)
ippr ove.- a c:apit:d bud:gtl of EC$112.,000
-3- an'p' rI getof EC.-,'.'5,00 0o r

E;:'.D1 is charged '1ih the bulk bi'in". of
.drugs for the countries of the Orgnisation
o, East CaribIha." SL-s (OECS) and,
--.i.,-.. toa rele.c.e from the Go rir-iit
-" -4
Zm t.i-:nI I ?r-';. (Gk ECDS, from
.'> 1st 1e:, is to extend it. ..p r ..:. to
P ver buk bui ngof r:e, ie: ppl-:

Forty-fli-- items such as {- "'5whneedles,
. gc-s ;-aiiid --'O Vei' :.-P. '.-"'_ be.-rn decridi .""|-,
and a pre rlimin:ry n.. ys idicat?, that
bulk prr r emer' ill eff.i ::-in.'s or
over 33%.

A report. reviewed by the Policy Board
sh:.ov that, at March 31st 1991, ECDS
reserves stood at EC$1, 132,480 vhich is
invested in Government Treasury Bills in
Grenada, Domini-.a and St Kittc.

Grenada To Be Represented
At WHO Meeting

l..firniiter of He-alth Mr Michael Anirev,
will represent Grenada at the 44th meeting
of the World Health Orgarniation Assembly
Which takes places in Geneva, Svitzerland,
from 3rd to 17th May.

Mr Andrev vill be accompanied by Mr
Ethelstan Friday, Chief Medical Officer.

British Aid For West Indian

A release frn.mrn the British High Corrminss-
ion in Barba.JoT states that Britain is giving
the West Indian Commission 100,000
approximatelyy EC$'62,000) to assist the
Commrius'i n.s 'p'eraours.

The C.rmi ',ri, headed by Sir Shridath, was .appointed by the countries of
the Cr-ibbeanr Ccmrnunitty (CARICOM) in
September 1990 to tour the region and c;a.-
vass .-piiii.:n on th~ political future of CARI-

The release says Britain. is providing
financial i:ui other assistance to the
Cormnission .th'::ugh the Comrnonvealth
Fund for TTclhrical Co-operation, the Unit-
ed 1i-RItl,-ir De'.:lopnment Programme and
the Caribbean Development Bank.

Israel Aids The OECS

According to a release from the Jamaica-
i.d1 of I-rael, three consultants
from that country !ave been seconded to
taike p.ut in the Orgarisation of East
Caribbean S$ajes agricultural diversif-
ication progr:nramie funded by the United

Please see NEWS SHORTS Page 14


Page 14 Saturday 11th May 1991 The Grenada Newsletter
NEWS SHORTS from Page 13

States Agenrcy for Interna-irnal Dev6op-

The Israeli corsultints are :tatio:ned in St
Lucia, Antigua u.ind St Vincent.

Taiwan Give Training In
Vegetable Production

Mr Vauhin Small, Agricultural Assistant
attlaclt.d to the Ministry of Agriculture, left
Grenada on April 25th for the Repubiic of
C.hiln. on Taiwan to attend a three-week
tr--artiing serAis" on'...gfetable pr.-.ducticn

AcL oring to a release frim the Embassy of
:he Republic of Clhina, Mr Cecil Wins-
.r.'.ugh of the : i.r-t-ry of Agririilture
retiurn:ed, rec:enf 1; frmcn Tail' m..lfter p.artici-
S-I"ting in a three-veek training programme
Son fruit trees.

Draft Economic Plan For
National Consultation

A "NaoLT iOl : C :J.ti.,',nr" will take plk:e on
jMay 23rd at the R-i-rna Reri-ssarie Hotel
to consider the Draft. Economic Develop-
ment Plan for Grenada.

A rele-ase from the Gov-Lrn-ri-ent Inform-
| ation Service .(. IS. Iy. i.i. of t.his has
.been sent to :il Village. PFL-in-, Cm-.-
|mittees. The Mcr,: P!-mm-in' Unit, the
!rew-.e says, is nal:in arrangements to
1,-liver the Draft Plan to Vil':e (Co-
Sordii-trs for : tiy by the- Village Com-
j1tess wesll ind :EW:^e of the Coii.Ltcta.-.n.

I1According to GIS, other p.-tp in the

Consultation vill come from the Farmers
Union, the Tourist industries, Chamber of
Industry & Commerce, the Trade Unions,
Youth and Women's Organisations, the
B.-mildng and Business Community, the
Churches and the Fishermen and Vendors

British Books For Project

Mr Alan Drury, Resident Representative of
the British High Commission, on 29th
April, presented to the Tufton-Hall Advent-
ure Projectat Victoria, St Marks, on behalf
of his G-.riunent, a gift of books worth
some EC$2,500.

One of the aims of the Project is to provide
-pe?:ialdied educational and recreational pro-
grarrines for target groups in the com-

The Project also provides a residential
facility for traumatised and disturbed young
people up to the age of 16.

CHORES Visits Grenada

During April, the .rn-profit, Jacksonville,
Fl1.,rida. based Childrens' Health Organ-
is.if:Aio Relief & Educational Service
(C'HORES) paid its fourth visit. to Grenada
sili':e 1.=.7.

CHORES 'offerF free medical services and
the I ?-tr., thIis time, included a cardiclogist,
e.ucitor, phy.ic therapist, urologist, anen-
ine er and twe lve pediatricians.

ster Hughes
Ilth May 1991
Printed & Published By The Proprietor
Alister Hughes, Journalist,
Of Scott Street, St Georges,Grenada, WestinuAds
(P.O.Box 65: Phone [809] 440 2538: Cables HURON, GrendIa)

E0^1A I MMAM i


.W CENT R E 11 H R Akt
CHQOL OF CON'I'V, k1\G ,- ;;ID! r

The Uereiads

1 Volume 19 Saturday 11th May 1991 Number 8



n" have taken a d cisiott, to
resign, Ji oim IJOU
n-d 9our
Gtrenada Ut-itcdr Labour Parti
witfj iioz mcdt1,te efJfOEct."

Sir Eric l.':, distributed c,:,pies of his reply
to Mr Frederick, dated MaX.6th, which says
Mr Fr_.1erlicl's letter of resignation vas
"receive .h ih _uch pie.:.u e and. coincides
with our Pa-rty's de':iion ta-ken a weekz ago
to expel you frr T the party which, as you
are fully :.-":trr, r:Ji:tir,. v'ry high princi-

1 I-k, who won a seat in t.h-
House of Represenia:it.i.e at
M1:amer of Sir Eric C..ry's Grerjnda
thid Labour Party (GULPI, is re l.:,nr
a mier of GULP.
:-re is, ho.;-evr.- some dispute a. to
-.t.h. hbe has resigned or was fired fr-om
'. Party.
. a press conference on h1.f: 7th Sir Eric
ritLitc -.L pie--. of Mr Frederick's
._ti : dLted ....y 6th :-d add ressed to
.. That rei-t .ion .., I have
:n a deisi:n to resign from YOU (sic)
d y.0u Grenada United L.ib,:ur P.iru-x
:;ith irrcediate effect."


iIi .

Please Se eAIRY Page 2



0 Gairy Los&; Another Seat...... I
0 RCA Findz A Federal Form
Prefer tle ...................... 3
0 Major Uptirn In Tourism .... 5
0 Liberty Cliub Launched........ 6
* Press Has An Obligation....----... 8
0 Census Operations Well
In Hand ........----------...........------ 8
0 The ROC Ma Confidence
In Grenada's Future--........ 10
Grenada---...-.....----............... -------11
SNevsshorts....--------------.................. 12


Page 2 Saturday I Ith May 1991 _The Grenada Nevslatter

GAIRY From Page A
"Bold-faced dishonesty", Sir Eric's letter
says, "is never encouraged nc.r accepted
within the bounds of our Party."

In his letter of resignation, Mr Frederick
said he was leaving the Party because of an
article published on May 2nd in the
ine.vpaper, "Grenada Today".
Dishonest Schoolboy
That article reported Sir Eric as saying, at a
public meeting, that "Wii.irt/n Frederick is
behaving like a delinquent .aid. very
ljisholnest schoolboy."

Informed sources
told "Grenada Today" Sir Eric and Mr
Frederick vere at loggerheads over Mr
Frederick's failure to fulfil a conmuitment
to pay GULP EC$400 every month. A
GULP official told the newspaper Mr
,Frederick had not paid any money for
severall months and is believed to ove
GULP approximately EC$3,600.

SSir Eric is quoted as saying at the
public meeting, We are not allowing
anyone to use GULP as a stepping
stone. Tell Vnston Frederick don't
play tricks vith us. If he is going
out of the party, get out of the party,
please. I have no love for him, no
appreciation for him. GULP can also
do without him."

At the press cko.nferen1ce on May 7th, Sir
Eric recounted in detail a litany of alleged
d ish.'.nersies practised by l.4r Frederic:k over
the past. 14 .no.nths. These irjch.le the -
'p.Osing of many bad cheques, Sir Eric said,
..ind failure to pay an array of debts to
Several people.
Public Criticism
,ue.i,,ned as to why, in the face of the high
,-rirciples held by GULP, action had not
,aie.n tken .against Mr Frederick before, Sir
Eric sid one of the reasons he had tolerated
Mfr Frederick's behaviour wTas bec-ause of
public critiismri

"You people critici..e me so rnuch when we
t-hro out our ow. people who sh'tuldj not
be inside", he said

Sir Eric said he had had long, private talks
with Mr Frederick relative to Frederick's
behavkiiur but, in spite of Mr Frederick's
promnise-, things did not improve.

When the press coferernce started, Sir Eric
.did not allow Grenada TV to attend and be
Was asked the reason for this.

"When I appear before the TV I look posh",
he said "I am dressed properly. I like to
look as though I still maintain the standard I
have established in

....this country. I am not
so dressed this m-:,rning"
I Rather Be Relaxed
Perninded. that. he could have prepared for
the TV appearance, Sir Eric said, "I rather
be relaeld ..."

Mr Frederick's resignation reduces the
GULP representation in the House to one
from a high of four immediately after the
General Elections of 13th March 1990.

First to leave GULP was Mr Edzel Thomas
who, iranediately after the elections, joined
Prime l..finister Nicholas Brathwaite's
Nati.-,nal Democratic Congress (NDC) and
is now Minister of Labour in Mr Brath-
waite's Caclinet.

Next was Dr Lawrence Gibbs who also
defected to the NDC and is Parliamentary
Sc-retary in the Ministry of Education.

With the resignation of Mr Frederick, the
only remaining GULP in the House is Mrs
Winifred Strachan. She is nov Leader of
the Opp-,siti:-n and it is u-iclear whether she
vill continue to hold that post.
Commnd The Support
According to Grenad'das Constitution, the
,,,-'ern,:,r Gener.eal must appoint as Leader
of the Oppsiti,:,n, "....the Member of the
House of Representatiwvs who appears to
him to command the support of the largest
number of Members of the House in oppo-
sition to the Government."

Please See GAIRY Page 3

ihe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11th May 1991 Page 3




Therii Fa co n~siL rol.C odi9 of opinion mat the assembly that
4w edera form, of u ,ion is prf ero'le to I unitaru form

.. :- out of the meeting,
~in_. m St Lucia from 22nd to
|27th April, of the Windvard
; ;:-aI Regional :Lfi'^ir Azierbly
ifi ofthe Wie :1

SApril S- by Dr FrincQ Alemis, Att.:.: *'t--
;eneral, _.'.iVer of Legal A f s in the
'- ,, ; orr+'.- and. leader of Gre-

'C1AIR T &romg Page 2A
Tliat person, W !r : iis not-G identi-
*Ri ,ed-
te fi -.' in the Opp .'..i. Dr
; eith Mit,.heil-s New Ni..- Partyj
1 f 1,i W ly'"' h T tio Howgvewr, it is
Stha Mr .. A: of tha
'.". i .. .co-operatin ith :.j Politi-1
_+ T C4 r --

cc "idP d to be "c... ... .. h, s.p-

-t -r1 As; ;-ie- *-.i0 ..-r Ben *c.s of|
S.. o ni ,i -d i t

Sni of GULP i another and -r- is
k- i enr (Frederi,:-) of still
c.4 J. ^ allegiance.

-+ ,- - .
n_-_.___________,-_.___T___-_'_i_ _________________._ ________________.. .. .__

"The first poin' is that there is a con-
bid ,-ble, b:..5y of opinion at The Assemrbly.
that a federal f&: .. -
union is preferable.

a+ e -er' a.- 'S, 4- lif'., ^
Dhe said1- aid, ..--,
c 1 y, th at : i. .

Tsa Parliament To-- l be baed 01', "po
Please See aCA ia 4
the "- ren- o"
._ L. l~,:.t:S to _
.+ rlia." ii 'mq;nent .._i be b red. brth-. up,:,n
Pl-ase see rCA Page 4

Founded 17th August 1973
4'35th Issue
iAE-i WCoo2 CABOT AVARD 1994
Subscription Rates
Pay ,-e in Ad,-nce
I (y -t mu
Postage Paid By scoaad Class Air Mail
(Inlned Po;3t In Grenada)

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rr j)

Page 4 Saturday 11th May 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

RCA From Page 3
the first-p.-'t-'--ost system and soime
l-me,-.t of pr:p..:'ional representation. It
.- ---. .,': ";*., he i,. Tf.hs- a ,ny e-
-.tLfitution "/T.-uld have a bill-o.f-,n right's

Other Members
Chi:r 'meabehr?_, of the G --na.-vi dle-.ti:on
present. at the p-,. -:--rer-nce were. Mr
Ben Jones, -.;-r-nbr of .h. House of
eprH'..ent..ilv._. ---. r .. t:. g The ti.-: io,,.d
P-arty, Mr R.ay wr th representing tlhi.
Private v.t..-r, Mrs '.... Pi.::'cell Minister
for T1u1rism, Mr Ches4tir Humphrey rep-
resenting the Tr --.e Uri. cr Moverent arind
the Reverernd Tr'renc- Eaptiste rpr-.--en-
ing the Co-p .: '. t:e M <'n..

Hunp.r., the Lab- ",,

Grenada is not in 1
T r, ia' of a too nr-4id .. .
movemenf towards
the RCA is in t:?re K', k.

H1. u rI S t r.e

po -i'.i: an oppor; afyto ork c- t-.",-
not just at the level of ; -:'ir.ees, but "for
8. d:.' of wnti: :*e: ur ing.vithn d'1e conr:' of
poeiti. .* it -i.Ur to hard dZiPi r
;4-:s n.., .

Prli.,n soet can deal ith such a-
ncommon postal service s, Law of the
I Sea, route rights and. suich, he said,
ad this villa alloy politicians from
o'h of the islands to orkl together
*sttmg rid of narrow i fsularty amd

Absolutely Necessary
YAs far as we a number inof the Labour
o &oL--i2.." Mr H :hre aid "We stress
|P-*li:'eit it is ith such asr-
SIome estb-postal sectoric rpr La of the
S :m r 1 TE'i?;.)."'

Se routi. be rights b to hans rep Sh sai d.
r sich or. the i.andios asto wor together.:,

SRI h ,

Girl Scoiuts and Ti:ees, he said but there
must be rep'esent:tion for the major
sect.:-ri.i mitere.ts, Labour, Capitdl, the
Farningi Sector and prob.AUly sorm other
pr:m..imeiAi non-gv:-'r:;rintal or.iarusat-

Mr Hu.anphrmy said he c aLiot. understand the
idea of having a to ask whether
p-:ple a-"tu i :iti,,n

"Itis li.i T :i- me if I ant f...d," he said.
"Obviously, I .':,mr fo' L'.-laybe I don't
-',fnt f.-..:*.- now, roj'a boe I dnt. hat you have
:.e'd, maybe I want it :iter. I dcna Thirink
V:' can find Mn individua. an-".her'. in the
I .f ...,, I 'e y tthe ,,jct.ive
^1...^',, Eve'n foer political
: PS! 0 .1d n.e-fcatio n."
E'" Even Closer Level

. 4.- .I'1
,:F Vv

Mr Srrmith said it
must be realLied that
the four Windward
i'!mnd0 are already
closely a :,,iated
?-id Vhat is no'-
be ng :u ght is an
even: closer level of
:-.-i'.'ii. a level,

pr:1pz eq.-i, to unificI ion.

'He a, hot evr /hat it m rl ab
pradeau ona! w in Ast d.rec.jon adf
one w j ch he ace is r not Awaer
t its I 1 sibq sie Aor efrybodry
concerned re ~Astitr tis ~~ rght
pac at ~ &-ch& o Z& frwavr.

M r S h is not the role of the RCA
to per-:e p-,.,p! to a point. of view tiey
donot, .:. ~-. VV the A.'embi:y has to do,
he .id. is to :ift. 'lru-- :u iilaTLE inf.:r-
mation, help to .:'if the is;u:?s and
*:r anise i in a form wr,,I:, makes it
p. ible for the people ten-elves to make
11-:i *,," :-
Reduce To Three
One ," in ".,':h, the RCA has de.:ih'd to
go f .-d, he id, is' re1ce to hre, the
alti'rn. !,e f.ra.:' of political ,ni,:nr which
v. tie : :.ri?'red. C.+; form, Mr Smith, is the federal, ai:-1"hr is the Uditary
state and t 1- r- is astrcnier federal form

: The Grenada iavAe-'- : Slturday 11th May 199 Page 5

- r~L~ rrfl
r- **~ ~ *~J ~'~JV -~ M
1 -I 3
45.,, 54j4..j I -~ ~ -
--- K-f-' ~A- -.r


S::- maior :.ow.::, wa- om the United Ltes of America, the
Carib'ea C2taL -.ityv counties, :the and Europe


|.,'" '-ana Board of T" ur-

r. q -.r of 1 : aJ .major ie
isl s Tourism :-,d ,stry n

4. 1.
the January to 1.rch --

r-T? visitors m t" Gri-
. _r -_ I A s co m ... f" _
...h 19,182 in the _me _
iod o last - this : :-. *
-i-" -ant increase of : --r
-5- .
le ;M-- Griof _wth r-, .
-h .. j, r _-" .1th : .

;." tries, the T .".- -
.;.m r. Europe.-, Mr l
.,, .
<:.?m .:al Eur~w '= r A,

:ing v details, the
r^'-- frc::1 he

(-n -d -. -. S
--~~~ ~~ ~ 4-^iA^*,&.L i*3 L


33.54.7, tvr~ CARICOM 16.01., United
:i1Ciiom 12i.57. and E'..2:e 15.3%. -

Mr GCLLr:.:- -: that, in the peri.-d under
.... .... t.-.over visitors were
- : :, *.bd 'a.t at hc0teI: c g-est s:Iuse- s
hile 1.5% stined for yahts- and
? .-... : re-iPrr for private
,:-:,s' :With this break-
SW:, he- :-d, the hotel
occupancyy rate was well
Sr over 50%.

"" .



CA From Page q
.1 ,'V 7i... .... of
I itntar f-:i^.

SPeople -ill be -,e .T. to : -r ee
s: and byn ::. i,
,. _ed a i- -. t.- RP A as -
"ere their prr -" I.... ? 1 :-/ :a-

;This ":.e.g in St L ,Iia -7as the se" ,,i
i'te o 'l%.-: tx to the RCA :. *et-
lrt ta nrst .. in ,._.. . V
r:-. aand the I_- v ill be m DO'-
'ing the +l.:t t o nk,- S 'Ti 'i r
let. .

i T8r Cruise Ship sector also

in,-_- the first quarter of
ast year, 108 ship-calls
7'" 1r' ,- 55.056 passengers
^- -Gd .? Grenard. In the
.-" ,-..:-; p:,;r ig quarter of
1991, the fli---'. are 142
i -calls .:a"::yimg 64,037,
i'rirng increases of 31%
SC-'- r-for ship-',l.11-. and 10.31%
'. :-- f. .":r. -e- --rs
ThrEbr Other Properties
The C .:. .ht -.., ._-.,.ug the first
quarter of 1991, one new 24-rom hotel
:j go i-,:r .-'.e rion and three other
pr :. 7 n The s1ia'I, h:e!,
toting 35 rocis, nd. bg -m constriction.

Mdr Chtsrm said the air transport-
ation "- t; on had improved consid-
eral 'cring the first quarter of
199!. -'BWA has expanded its
services from Nev York to a daily
service, e said, A LM has added
another -tght enabling Dutch
Carilh'.< a-ec.ess to the island tvice
veel-.y, and Asrotuy, a nev airline
from Venezuela,9 has four flights per
week out of Margarita island.

' s- __ -_-- --- PIlease See TOURISM Page. 6


The Grenada Newsletter

Saturday I Ith May 1991

STotal project 4w P : lftlo

RS JOAN PURCELL. PointSi- Il.r .-- Airpo.rt.

.Lt.e. for To 'i.vigr, said
on April2 .tho '.fv Tourism in
rvt' i no it:er
'po:kefn of as a:r' i,- t1- sector.

"Whn we se-: of To."i:i. in r:-.--.a ."
3he :,10 we _e.-.- : of a .e.:. vhich is a
rapidly g-......g. s .-r of our ,I-:n _yarid
one Trith great potential f:.or e.,:,.,mic.
recovery of tL State of G-remra."

The Minister's co.-r:t came as she
_d-.l rd the fea'.u-'. ajddi..-s at the sod-
.ui .. ci.ern..t.. .t fthe 100-room Liberty
Club f..! 1-...: :j at F'itiguin EI.~.ih near
|TOURISM PFom P?.ge 5
_?.riti-sh Airv.s. conlji.,e' its once-per-
'e-4k s~e'.i':e from t 'l; Utt:d Kingdom, the
.Chiri, said. but theio flight is now routed
through Antig.a i -;e-: of B.:a',b',:.: arid
tihis, he p-:.iitep out, ".ill make a sific. it
tfr':.i V ,_uT difference.

'zace 4&- .o immanceomp1a of 44pe
Rri4JFb A-j irv&wys er vze. "' Ae sbe d
"we hver haaft 1e problem of moest of
4 e ese. f-ei g 2e by Frsfas;--
oundi pas'- eaprs &f vesy fey sesX A
baig 'iee. to. GSams'. *
Board Has Ear ma Ied
in the l '..., I' .nd. Eu.. t, h, ;:'f.urm.:-
d, G.:- -.---o- ,_EC milion-
for the .-rl of ti Gr:,.-:. B,:'.r" of
: T'u-:-ri m:id h. 1:e Ec. --. has, sT.i'
- of this for n...yetinag and ppr od:.i:
S.~, p-m.'oent.

Sedate, E ..C._,000 ![} been ;:nt on
q'ii. p :':; :. abro.,. he .'"7Ii,
::,st of thtis h""i:;- been -1:. d to co-
e.'. ** r s .ti :e -: v.:* _::,g in .l'. Ut0.d -..i.n
'* .-. vh American Airli:;- and. T-ie
S.cend.. Hotel Association.

During the first quarter of 1991, the
Mini~t:r r-d,. Grenada had 23,501
visitors as compared vith 19,182
during the samie period in 1990. This
was a sigi-ficant increase of 22.5%
she siU, and itcame despite the dovn-
turn ia gl-ba- travel, the United
States rIession and the "Gulf"

Fefenri Mr! to the '.:;thU of the hotel plant,
Mfr: Purcelsaid tat, of every 500 visitors
h,: .riv.e, .,:, h the Irterr.ti, rnal
Phase See LIBERTY Paee 7

As a re'sidt of this aD-'-:i.:!in, MrCherman
said, there has ae--n a trernnrdous response
of appr,::.-it.ei, I '.iG direc.. .rit.ten
_inquiri-. and the? F'.c:,'.a is niov c :.1sidering
Ta "'ucher syt.-rn" to A:i:ie ontl-.

The Hi-.' A:.. i:ion ,.m and busir1es places in
ere.;d.i hrl' v been .-'rit:en to, he said, ask-
i; th-ir co-operation in :..fferig discounts
on g:.ds ari services Zo pecpl. 'who have

r:...n ; '- B .. .-v. ei r issued o1Ih-erz
.. ,.-.h..ill -.e .. ,._ to the di .-.vmnt.

The C&. .a c.: a. f ithat, vithf i.e
Ji1-re i of itsj' to L sthe E 1ad he
BoardI s co~ .:-sr-mnd v ah Iaters of
.ecizr/ty .s siry.-" AwS? abaneif, b
take is dtis n. action.
It Has Been Arranged_

u..i, man it ben t'--aed tliat the Beach
?_. .i. y F rc,_ .. the Board's
..1i-1-i1. _:..,r:l. will be t.r.- i-
erre,- tp o r .-. .. ::-l of the Police. This
"will ensure b1- 1.rairin', he continued,
P:.?3e See TOURISM Page 7

i Page 6
i *- ---

-- -~---

--- I

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11 th May 1991 Page 7

LIBERTY From Page 6
SAirp.-or in 1989, 205 stayed at Hotels nrid
Guet HOc,,e In 1990, the figure rose to
2' "of every 500 arO, so far in 1991, there
,as been a further increase to 260 of every

The Comp.An"' behind the project is Point
Saiines Developments Ltd (PSD) which is
the majority :h-ireholder ard sponsor of
The Liberiy C,.:b (TLC). In 1985, Mr
Ti.4l,:!.r said, PSD, of vhich he is Managing
1irptcr took the decision to devl,-on the

These statistics highlight the dire need for property near to 'he airport a.:id it is felt by
:ijditi.nal hotel rooms, she said, and m.oe ,:.nle that ,- fir t. stage of development of
the Liberty Club project critical to Grenada TLC took a long time.
at this time.
Few major new projects clan be
conceived and. impie-
eil aid "r ....tim.. ............ .. ... .
Dls l.-t mf- A-in a shcrt

,- other rc.:,m are now1 u,1 con- .i, the reality be-
711onZ, ,h' tr but PurIi- as T
:, 'ing t,.i the a:-:_r--,t for financial support is
th.e aiti.:.n..l/ ro.: are still the -m nelv_ cor,.itive and, for projects
ir. J drop in the bucket if r wi-'. such as TLC, the so.ue are very limited.
is to gai -. e states or a n SM.j:r
-. -.:, t.i n.... ......
The Largest Invetment ?"''D has -----v irdcted. over EC$8

mit 0any s TAW L.bjriv Caub com-
L ows streak~ jst vheA ve y need it

ia2ture of vbis ch pers4jfl am
-ery Fprod & fefllo v Cre wadia 6e-
care it repre ein~t by/f i&e-rg-
st liovesten by a~ry -re/-di i B
i&hs Tspaadly p~dnd gi Gaddffry "

Addre.:ir, the Tiide cross e,:tion -:.f'eji
g: ." Mvir Leon Taylor, .I D:in. Direct-
or of The Liberty Club H:, ~gave I< e
-f the of the pr,. J

G-CjURsIM Fromx Page 6
:. wi marke for better admit.r-F- }

! Mr Che.-ia-n -a,' optimistic that the
_ *rr~r_ avo'--'our'thl, ,:pi'tiL-, of the
. T ... .r.: .ecTc,.r ill c,..nriinue and said
.,: the l: ? proe.rm now is provi-i.,n of
hotel r',.:,rc r

:ne cannot be abs.: utfli certaof that all
p :jects on the '.:'in" ir...:ad will get.
h:off t groi. ", he s,~i, 'ut if the': all
.ater :i-. we vill h.17 e some 500 tio-"
otel rooms u2rJr c'ln..I'!ion within
next year.

million in pr e..:ation .ind landscaping of
(h-1 site, Mr Taylor said, and PSD's final
inr'tn:eiJ in this _h.ze of tlhe project vill
be EC$10.5 milli n.
Has Taken Shares
The Eartado, t -.d Caribbe-an Dev-elop-
ment Bank is pr -.:'iding the major long-
term finf.r-ce for the project, he said, while
the C-oino.-il'.sih De.Wlelpiment Corp-
oration is not only providing long term
fian.:in:e but has taken shares in the project.

Also pr'1viing long term financing ;:-w
1:ir,.. shares in the pro ject are the Barbados
t- e'i Caribbe:I Financi.,-l Services Corp-
:.rti.:i, and the GrPn.ada Devek-rpment
E.-ud: (in ,.':. -:-:rt. vith the European
D'eel .-pmr-nt B:ank).

Colonial Life Tr.u 'urice Cc.mpany also has
taken :h-e, in TLC, he .,d1, and Barclays
. ,.-.4 -1; , : of Gren i~; is pr-vid:ag long-termr
ri, in1

Total cost of the project will exceed. EC$40
ulli.n, Mr Tal-i :>r said,

teri! the C(utjb is ,, Mr Taylor said, it
will be rminaged by The P eort ...anage-
mernt C0'.mp.n. of Mr Cmr ;io Barnard of St

Pleaze See LI BRTY Page 8

~- I-- --

The Grenada Newsletter

Page Saturday 1 Ith May 1991




Grei-.n a's Ch lf C
said at a rre.s ,

Mr Gilchrist said, vhen some 250 enumer-
ators .'verei emp!,:-yed. for the job. The
enumeraf.ors are supp.-rted by a team of 50
)N S supervisors ,ho are, in turn, managed by
10 Area Co-ordin.iIt:,rs.
liHA N1D-jUp to April 3IJ0.h, about half vay through
the entu-rerati.'iin period, there had been
3ILCHRIST, complete enumeration of 11,350 house-
;ensus Officer, holds, he said, and this accounted for a
:onferei-j:e on ionc ',unt of 46,430.

May 7th, that operations -are well in hand
to complete the housing and population
census to be taken -ni May 12th.
"The use. vbich will be made of these", he said., "is to :isist in rational]
economic development planning."
The census operation started on April i5th,

With the epceptio'ns of Trinidad & Tobago,
Barbads, and Guyana, the Census Officer
sai6, all Caribbean Crnrnmuriity (CARl-
COM) Countries, using the sarme docu-
rientiti.,nl and q'e-t.a,.i.., are corrmpleting a
-ern.uis eriumera-iorn on M.ay 12th.
Please gee CENSUS Page 9



Grenada's Minister of Fin-
ance said on April 26t-fh that
the Press has an obligatio.1n to
alp _--ener'ate and buid con-
fidence. stability ind the kind of
clirnate hich will ma:; invest-
i _i it thrive.

The Minister wa speakiini at tihe 1 i9.
.:,d-liurdiir c re,:.-nv of the 100-
room EC$40 nlii on Liberty Club Hotel.
'uid he said investments such as thi-- Till lead.
to abetter and ,i.her tanid.-rd of livin,- for
all Crnrdin.-
Can Be Guaranteed
5.) it -is the darty sad oblfj'ato of
ie press m&d & reSpVsA Mve bZrdesa .Iff
developmevt from nWow o he saf-d
to cwvsw the sifze of Wtks manst-
meat &ad to hAlp buf d the bfandat'ou
forr eff yve -sarkeft of Z't S cap I-
tsso "b theat iAwe eors n te oper- stae can be guaranteed a fair

If the press fails to do this, he con-titnied,
1he- vill be guilty of a "monmir.ental of the Grenadian plopis1" ad they

.',i1 be held up for tr,:1 before the Gren-
-,i.I:m e.pele, maybe not no., but sometime
in thefu Lre.
1 1 ........ . 1 1 'Jill "1 W IN

LIBERTY From Page 7
Lucia, Mr Barnard hin.,lff
sponsor of an, invezst;r in

being a co-
The Liberty

Prime firister Nicholas Brathvaite
performed the sod-t u'rI n. ceremony to
officially launch the project.
---- -- Edamumane!um


---- ---- --

The Grenada Nevletter Saturday 11th May I991 Page 9

from Page 8
Trinidad & T~ ~t~".2 and. B n~J05 wenA-
5r5~r;tKd i-~a-+ ~A ik~
~'c4 to
ce~2J~ry .~~ser.ts C. ~WQTh tOO late
r r a :~r' to be n;~de or~ April 1 ~Ih, Mr
iIchr~st said. Ho~~ever~ C3uv~mi is having
1.1 ;~~r:'if~c'n thic year '~.4iich '~iill be
mt~ ~ ~& at a later d ~ than, the other

11 CARICOM ~c~mtrtei hAve forrn'~'i a

i~irhr1 the (i4ensuz Officer -.~v
hi~ i'h~e 'ie'~iAe6 ~ que~tioris ~rt~
~ bvenumer~t~:.r2 ..LLY r.Jr.
Able To Keep
'The *::-~'i Th ~2 ~ have i.~j t1~c~ last
)-e~r m all CARiCC*~.f c ;i~ri< Mr

t~iC1YI5. only T.-l~ ~i's~ ~ ~~jgj
~ .::; were -~~E ~ '.-i.s~ ~
* it

J~! ..,. ~7L~U5 OffIcer ~id L&? I~st
~~-G?~? ~.YhL? 117 C L?1~rA? V~ 1.~ IA'!
...~ Jgrnw t&~ Pee: t~k~-
Revoigon&ry ~V~rJm2~t The
Y~ 1~& he sa,~i" but
d~ pd1~saime~ 01 ~O~f rt~Qjxie.~' f~P -
-, ~ ~1J4L~J.Y yen' ~ a~iimar-

Prior to & C&~US f~kt~?17 IA
S~...-,t Lu L~&':'j disekised & com~-t of
-1q1y611 z~I~ s~S 4~' ill
aCCASt..2b SW.. *PIA tat

if ~ 6)7

:-.:..rA~i~. to ~9~e C~-1~:.u. Qf~ r ~
ii ..iM.... ~ been N~-
I CIiUfl~QItK'jk3 ihere
~ b.. have .~!'L.~-~'
L~VP r:~. *'iZ;~ j'+
~ ~'-.. rp-'~&'.~.-~ :nforr:I r~ hvit -


71 .+4(~~ wL.i.1 ~ 1113-KIPIi? h~'.~Le to
.A.~ 1'I~ LIX~ '.'., .~.- ~T~Qce Oh ~flCC ifS7~ ~

Required Th Ask
I -
st-s.. ,
~ ~ a io '~7jit .'t~uLi~ ,
up do you think *~.:: h~1. ~
f.-~ 4.,. f~iI iys~y~
Afr~c~.r ~iec~r: Black ~ ~' Arn'~r~:ji g-

~'S~,mi.~n-Leiaru~e 11~ite",

Doimnaut Ethrrn~ Group
One f the lu-: ~f c~-~u.~- : uf rrmiti ~ri,
particul~u1y ~rP" ~!n.~1i0ri on the et.hnir
racial ax~1 r~~'j:~k~. *~r'~~mjn~* he mid. is
analy~e the ~:~i~d c pc~~ition of II~
p~~pulciti~:It arid ~c ert~ ~which i~ the

'7~ 15 ~dSO FII7fc~F/JIJ( f~,i- US A? A~P~?

JI~&rIy 14rx~*rJiy ~~TOiM~OS v~ i~r&y~ h~i
~&e coimn~y ~ 4w s~' doi~w~ it
u~ ~4e fuel to ddre~ vhatev~r
s1~~ai~ iA~t i~y occw- Liz t~~rms of I
~ 7iworlEy wd A' &ssjst Lu
flTA~ ~

l-~Ar Gilchrist 1LtC~2ri2..~.:.:~ relative t~
~T~p ori~inis ~t~ndard in census taking all
0* *.
rP-~ii<~ 7 ;~rizus ot t~ri~~ ir::ri~
~eot~k~ '~ :'> Ufltii flO'~7J dQ not see therci-
~ J. .5
as "rr1>;.jrPi~s~ ~tpctr~. from and need-
.4 '1 -
in~ to be ~ into m~ main ~t.ream~
or I': i.~. ethnic crsupd.
Found Them Groundless
The Census OtTh~er z.31d.5 he had heard.
ruri~ours~ that ~zme lur~er:~vrs w'~re dis-
7~~111I. confi >~~ii.:d iifc>rwation&btajr~pd in
the course of their duties, lie had
.*~. and
.5 Jr. 5.. 4

'~T~5$ ~1~ed t(~ *::~I. alo on the rep. ~"f

-. ~iau~, C~u. ~ien~ Mr j
;~iii it possible that sc'rne
~ izm-~ i~rs rim rr~a~: nil r~: r 'n~I~-&5.

OtjA bvn~:r~. -~ ~:; tj)~ fr~9 r~:rig ~:i'~'eri


The tvst E~~r *rt Board w~is C~hL1~hH'l
~ ~ in &~~e 1o~ 'vhen tner~ ~e
liii ~ flYL~NT 2C~ Xsl& ~ijth attendance of I

Of these h~-4s. l) ':&.*:'rig~dt1~c
AimK>~n Church, F to the Roman Catholics

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INGEST IEID EEL1TF5L4_9BNU4R INGEST_TIME 2011-05-04T23:46:10Z PACKAGE AA00000053_00423