The Grenada newsletter

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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
Economic conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
Social conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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A. & C. Hughes
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A. & C. Hughes
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The &renad!

Volume 19 Saturday 9th February 1991 Number 2



~ -
5 -


03F A

*&J D EI P Ew&* .j.j.| N .-B jim_*1




I '-depeadence Day Avards...... 2
e_* v eveate eth Anniversary
S C -e bratio --n......-....- ..... 3
i adipeidenc Day Messages
SSir Pa Scoo---....---------.............. 4
SNic holas Brathvite.. 5-
S.', Ben o snes..... ......... ....... 6
Keith Mtche. ------------.................. 7
S Eric Gairy...-.......... ........ 8
. .' tAiche1I Discloses Assets
& Liabilities.--..- .......-- 1
SLoryof Independenc..... -... Ili
S ews QShorts.... .... .. ...-...... 17
^^^Bgas^^^^sffa^g ggIggI I gi [m



Page2 Saturday 9th February 1991 The Grenada Newsletter


rNineteen t Pn_1i':ans received inde-ndence Ce ,We--- as beino ?
oust.-, ing : -,e ss -in their fieids of --'-

The -es.-tati,-.,-.- w ,-- .-:-J by Govern'--or- '- Sir Psul S ,,rn on tr
,- .:.::sion of the mil:t ;:-r:._e at Que-.s -k marking the t7th .
p H~f-
SAnni-e--: --y of 1t, c nm of G6een, t. inde denc. on rth Febr-,
P .i974.

SThi,-ose receiving aw'-d- : -.** :- -
Mr Jafr-e; Campbel ti Mlost Outst g.di- Farmer
Mr Raymrn,. Fe-d nan Most OutstandinI Fisherman
S (Gre, .a ) Limute Iel ost Out st. ign Businessplace "ac
W esterh Estate e- .t autst-. ;t Manufacturer
,orporal Leslie Phllip +I _Outstind~ng Policeman
M, r Augustine Willi-e ~-. Most Outs.inq Taxi-driver
SMr McBut Clement -.-:.t Outst.ndn.a s--driver Rosie St Bernard Most utst- dino Civil S-rvant
M Ms.oseR. r;--u- Most ,utstaninu- School Teacher
M tr Orando i: Outs --, Stsdent
r ..-J -trever-.od ste rost Outst..-.. Spr1sman
s. Janice -ei4 est- -Most utstandin. Sportswoman
rsa Wh mn Most Out st Nurse
00 1 -sjt .: utst.. 1,0..T Media Worker
Mr Derek i- d Out.-- Cultural Worker
Sv-iyncott --- st Outster n Tourist Venor

SA special award was m ._,j.- L to Civil Servi t Mr ...ght -, "-, .....
'- -? r
part i.. 6,, in organWsr-.--Wh p ..-.rt on the

Sni st of 27th Ap ri t a- n- '-,r. pr- -- 'm-- -, -A*

A Ulose to "te dependence e"-. .-s ons ..:-;,.-itteee told
.. .. 'f"+, ,R t ha ,+++n ,-h, au rs s T.O recei, e i.. r.=- ..

S -- t ;f nom -'ion -, .iu -- S e'
-, F s C "nnr' a.. t f
f . .. S i -: n s. L
a; .:... ]d b. do'ssi r-c. ,c-, 8 .I e .- .. .. 2 Lm~tte5.

-:! ,, r ii AQ I


I The Grenada Nevsleiter Saturday 9th February 1991




T" Feb ruary
j- of Grr-e s att, e--.. of ede-
pA. A

..te r r, -_ r e -"to -'e-i
i-" a r' r '. ---i .- and -:-"--
inL h not +a!y --: dis-
Shar 5 m nce71 interest

_1t vi serve no useful T C- DID,: .
Dk f ... t a

I th Fe 197 '.
;c :e in s ad to us -.- z+v on ;.-,e
| pr and look" to _. fture .-at ;*".:-- o ^f
( us .ould il E to see."
A Gloomy Pic'ur= -

[a-, : ^ the .... :::.Lt f:;:. 7 o... ._
ch i'r ov f' .:

j The arrears of debt ?sr-icin, on the
O bli.,: Debt is somr ue.C69 million,
l._- said, and vher to t4ha is ad'
| r-ar? of contribution to r.iona.
and international orgaisatiors, a
Sfure of ECS million represe'- a
| --.r realistic estir rae

a : of do r ~ invsto n . -.
-'Gr.nada !- .- been !-- "im :-- -
! o-'"" bTy ?- n t ...... iisti --
.- this pro -. i .-
". -r :-- "

.duce n e .,a s for ". '" e-

or development -.

'i: .to - Mr -. te a
* . .. s -'.-, -c i s -:. . -.-

S--: .:n' 2-. v -- o- -pm .


..:..S WAIT
P :N'7:

~A..~i 5-w-- AI

_see ~o- i. - -- 1 .- .4.... i2 and

*#... .. ,- ,_,- ;
r -.. :- sees a n .. -: deeds,
w il --:. -- - ; ... over -ords and -"', e
to be a Grenadiaii is -,:!' will ::T^-r z ;
'not to ch political p-rt'y a -'_ .

VC- 4 i
4 F-.. 4 : ."a..led on .,e .... to
pro. duce -.. ; -9 '= forei n :'l-.- :-.;

<-'^" .... w mV por A w :t 'h_

Mr a his visit: ; is or unity
Psijes f BRAIHWATE PAge 4

In F eo d 17th August 1973
-429th La isZu
I-. Loo 7 !A Trr-Tas R -y
L' uubscri0rpt;io. Rate
Payable n Aa v.,c.
Po. A oe Pcad E seco d Class AiY Mail
/;.f__laad Y:'osat in G enada|

10 IUes $S gO $43 _0
j20 ses !$207.O $7700 i

S40 T-. ues $390.00 $146.00
Aboul 20 Issues Publishebd AjnuL j

Page 3

- --

Page 4 Saturday 9th February 1991 The Grenada Newsletter I

17 1717171717171
1 1 4- ,. . -

1 "7 ,.AY MESSAGE i





BRATHWAiTE From Pag.- 3

i .:; iona:.... -, O :- 'I "1 :
Sj- mSt-Vmii. nt ;'".'i"';t y.
I <- r- n .
|| u Primj M^^d:'.: r a
j| ^ : Qf; p:," -f+the Grenada

F --r.- on February 7th took
Theform Fof a Marmarchc r-:.h St eor-

" -;.- i C i.':-' r o'. ",l-
i, '-, by a : : r.- Fe a t ... .

17 iaing f' '- 7JC-?'.;:
S- m and Police7:. 1- ial

c h Coast '
-i; - 4. ..- : -. -
A detachment from the U Peteron"

i ( thout colour r... d), latter ";

| h ....... Gr -., y iP national 4 ag.
j~ ~ ~~ -- | .. *^^iQ..^^

In our quest for self-
suJji4'icKn ,1 it s
impera-tve- that we nwfu
tfwhe best possibe- use of
our scarce resources

proper for us .. celebrate -h-
I ^- At sar-y of ./i' Ifa peend-

So to be ful, not-
e able to ee this ausori:us -,ion
me 8 .r of --^ stability and
4-i' '"_ "

.e .. . -t Ir n- :: -rieLce: aIid our
- orts .r the ."-- 17 ,-. I p:-. '" e
_.:1^ = the -:isdom to recognize .,-.
filuresa the .l- t to .-':eit our
success. .- strength to i.l; on th.-
. 4c..... and te co r to f.+. h .
c lr:.: of thf i990s.



i~ I




And let us resolve today, as ve salute
our nation, to so redk-ubl our efforts
as to Tring : r- ity the vision of a
country v h impeccable standards of
morality, d is,--ine aid of ec,-omic
pro-ducti7:t-. Let us not -i"ch from
this r:,, ive. |

. .e are :it '-P a . .-:.R -- at a
tim e .f great gl 1 -1 -.- "'" e- ": :. ; jr
I -_ rt. a _- _- :' .-.-! :-: :-. ills are 0o r,'e _-n': |

P ease e eCeOON Page_


-r- `-- -- i

I -- I

SThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 9th February 1991 Pae 5

7l 7I717171_7 717

17 171717171717j


1 '-. 7 1 7 1 1 .71 17 .

.ndividu. do not. deter De ,. r date of
birth .?: r depen.deton . .'-.
1- other indiW ,4-. for : ye:.

of so reignty a -
r 7:.blity fr course L4 18 of
h -* ;- -. .4-, F t - ..-.
Reduce The mpa___
tis true th at 1.. f. ,a of : sa. es
e Gre: be -by
-- on th .e ,-;t .-, :.: -;. o r ..
Ihthr-noc:5. a natheafina -:1
Sthey co ree e impact of
u a "e o-;t i'f deve- --
i-.h ofp--,,-;i: tole:---a, r- re v i -e,
.-- 73. Ti ., l.'", r h ". '.. .

-r br- J fi i r- A

OC-QN from Page 4
*b- -. .- ,: Cc ;-".... Grenada
: divorce T ,.rom o.... al.
trends tor, .e -an later feel

S n.'... as a s o'..... w can th
,he t -- ... ., 'C :- e -

ing our r i:.--' ,- a" d ,... .. .8 ne ..

sacrf: -: and tents ensure t 'I
basc ;-ds -fall citizens are fz f

?a to pr1 : ?sa 4her d liv
for all ~ r:-- T or us
I.. ..-. self-.. ..-.:7 mu3t b -e I .-d on

in our quest or ...'"-fficien.. it is.

-p .ve ;.i mak ..e .. .. b est po.ble,
use of our :; .-'",. resc 7::" : -;, 1.'. at-t.. sam -

,,' "- h n ';Z : ple. :'e us use
r t ents to l' --

for the be lo al

.t ,s i t:, . .1 :-. ty ad I
pja : v row tron r m h
; .-- ou 1 .. can to

I ed- to -.... ,- best -- for a-happ
-, --- .- L,"', i

'rs a ravoTrable at0i.e t Yo w pr, rie
mea.--': and faith in. S'li- : .L
Is Especially Significant
Th- -:e:L of o, r I-:;;';'e",.- is
-: 7 ...y s u" :.::-L because We ..h...l be
niiv L -e in .. .. .,;i on lii.: ;
...: "iC of t je W -." Isla i nd. it
? be -. cfaroe our 18th :tir1- a's a
l'* !*:*:v, j. u in tb ased to ... ;a decision
"hic" -'! U_ ii i scope ind ..ature
of: -.,,.t.e_ that :- .. be or- : ,'ed for the

b'- -- p

.- .-LAf'S 3 T TE
le ie n f" ,
Regardless of the .\ e' ion ;. '*
-- - ask tiat we -be ,g _.;... - 7 the mott,

-. o-ective set for '!

Sel- -----"-
..May God iss -.... : ... -
. .*.. .. . . . . . . . . : .

- --~------------=--=--=---

Page 6 Saturday 9th February 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

17 1717 7 171717
I I 7 -If I
-.- n a C.-, -



sisters, 7th _

Sa pr nation a C s. e
of pomp and ceremony.

e. l ..i.. 1-, timeoff to" se rious

n!e di n - -, T w. e here.Vfter

T_1 .-... -' on is so "'- to our :-4.^--
devel, . that w3 h.t- s : to it
only ..- or. carefy c: ..Weraition o0f the
rFt +.;
rele. . .- .

-. E .. ; -.-

On the 71'a Fbru. y : 1974, 1nU.deed
ne V;l trust UL s even a.n
our vil- and against the bhroun
that ve had not b-ren prepa-red for
our r sibiit. We dd t
hve h E"csary educati0oI, A
vereecnicaly bAnkrupt7. we ak-
PdU a mtti pertiseand ef-
cordfieuce and ve aad no o0ne to turn
to for assistance.

W-e felt tf ly incapable of sust.u 'r the
e.' status, but we .l -. no :hi .,
T-. m r- onour n :.+7r;-,.- 'i 'h-
I i;, "'-* ere *:: denied ih ind. ndei:T

but e not. dismayed and ve stuck
S:,.'.ly to the task of -i our loved
cc","7 ..:' of it1::U .. ino m :'v l',.:,:.2 .

Show er The Highest Praise
e are :-.: -- on our -:-. I -.'t-. to sho+ r
-_i_ :u :-. r-:--z" and c.;- :r- _..i ,:nrjs *.-
ur nation of rkg and
S:-h rs and ..::'"s for a 4djob 4.1 d 1.-, and
also t ,o vish ll a py :-. ':
. birthday :' ha i: W '- .*1.. .:.

As we c_-_.v? this great .Lasi.;n and as
we and enjoy ourselves in, the
r. ass. let s rr that in .
.is ply a symbl but -t.. it brilns
b-e .., duties ard respo,. sibiL.. to ;.0
an!d every one of us. "It de '- .:-
. +- -,3; n '-'*_to .: :. andU
r. :-.: biitics if *"l are to 9rire thie
p'"-:-"-''-ion and e+!"-ined of 'i.-:

Ecoa,.y HaS Grovn
While we may aoi have achieved as as eight t have been possible
there c-a f no doubt that ve have
co.m&e a !.:g v a We have achieved
nari<:,,::.d. ur people enjoy nation-
al co ioun-ss, our economy has
grcn and is : .-tin'iL2:ng to grow, we
J.o-- ti r .--..c of the international
comiUnit 3-Ad ve wre listened to
Vhene r :id vherever ve speA.

A .e ru... s -:. e- greater
.:- -:.--- ie.... of 's 'r.:..:LaJ t.. 3. :y
-t "is"e "+:a " Cre..lnad_- s I -

--. ... ...- our-coIntry fo.-:.

.. o.. .O ..... and ppier f.' ,_u.. ..
S. 7.- -- .-- --
:'- ~~~~~~~~~~~e n-t a?'' L:...a '" .. +...
T,_, --. ,, .
. . . .. . . .. . . U

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 9th February 1991 Page 7
i i L i I l i

17 171717171717

17 17

17 717171717 17


i,.,epae :,c.- of inhiidividul.
corp:n or tat.e Is ine-:ric-
abi lird.. to ,. r_ Ie- -t sub-
jl-.'s or, dedication to, ,he prin-
ciple of :hIe right to be and an .m- .r ..:
con-iu-;-rnt, to the defeir:e of t-hat i ieT'

Put simply, the stru s--1. f-r in- ,endeence
mit- always resist the :.-.:ion to rest one's laurels 1:'vng a::. eed a Flag ah
th rra Coat-of-Arms ,: a seat in the
UTnted -i:.. fr. al .V..

WhaT is -*al: .:;. important than the
pomp and c-ren :.ny is -. -- of one's
i-deperic, :- e -- :.--- - ,,J
.organisateo. could :,- ': f:-. i.-n mean.-
ir.f"" iJndpendenc.e, for only man :-.:w-
Ed rmen. of 'h0-. .i?':. - of
depeindee, of one's I--. for an-h-'r- can
th the .. go's natural ,ipnie--.

Indeppede;'e must reI, -. an abi.-i. f-
in the chc--er of -"? h'ani er, n.:i t
the br-.Thrh.:.Jd of nm and the oe of
God. hd pendTi.:e, ther, should be
proper y. translated into i .-- oneness of us

all, the ;..: e cy of our spirituality
t.hroi. the ,.-.i'y of Mly striving,
le;.irui o., be at pea-ce with: oui'sel.s an

I:repeindence I be defended through
nii- ue ad =:r for0-r. of echi ie for
'.e upon w, ..:: nte of leadership
S : f. fail to a.t,-r i.- 1h}i
l.V,::'*:.y of t-e 'r"; that rep,.,se.-s in high

Our L..y r.. ut Ihe,- last eCventel.en
-.-. reveals a deeply *v.mded narionl
psyche, a nation at war Vith itself, ,:-ing
:.. t'."-'O-ide- t on the "t:.rmy seas O
acrimony, rc..ii.,.ery and hate.
We Must Learn
..Can e su.... a ;., -pie over ri.e n,.
--. dlyj te must
learn quite a fe'.w ,i, .._ d 4.iicklv.

1.L is look squarely into. mirror of arnd see '7h:, our 0dtroy.:r. are. They
e in our own :iuage and hl:eness. Let's
turn i:.: builders then

2. Do not a.;-- an .ci of wrong is right
n-,,iily briect your irien did it. There is
not.ingg right a-.t Y, wrong.

-. Pc- '.-;i .... .:,. ,,c)-'i:. ',-l ref.e. .. r.
of the ele-t.-r :.-h': ..-:.P for them, 1nd
behave accordj s.. L.:-,vs her lead
.li.:.r. The mote is in our ey;es. Let's
a .'m.e it.

4. Our Consti ..on, our t':.oy of h",'
ust .r--.-. be our f.L:guard, for a
,-,-,--,- nz:_f be of laws, not of men.
No man is, .od en..:h.r to field d power
j ', without c'el: ec ar t:.. .es.

5 Payi v ::.nand out of :?s.-.n, for God
be inT allf tig..s
Pleale See MITCHELL Page 8



Page 8 'ray 9th February 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter
. . ____________,,____,__,,______,_


17 1 771 7171717
:' .-'. --..- . ,- ;

171 7 17 1 171717



S-- "o o. be cors id-

,iur record of pe--

It is a I! -..!.. l. t I have beer

S, A.
.'l n .f 1-- ,4,
_. .in ..

" :,i-., lon, before 1u74m -..-.:1
j ^ill be at~tamned for Greiada r_-.i-',ie- of

p.?7'... o ,f strong .:., =roup-
*.' e i d by .- .'.,e Bisnhoo ..i, as it
.; -, coring :1.-:. ., -. h r. and
fo:4u1lly dire :'t,- Iith ':~.*: pp..: ;e, one
d' -nit ;7i-2onand no return, all rdsiE-ed to
Lr'.k Eric ary and his i. for an
iiid-pnde -j Grenada and :t-.iny at
, d: 'hort t ..-: e this...

j ________ _____ ____ ________ 1~ a'- :- (Jo .rL do : our universe
I MTCHHLL fro. P God,- Lord .,' my r. for the
Be proud of our 2:t. ,. o sr v :i. -by .. i- I'v.r. pro-
i -to : -' peled by t- ppes :ra_., m "y FV't
11vn- -*n in L of the f: 0-n i
Let us try as ;,.. a can too :- : T m ,2-. C, ,- o t
o our:: .- .bor .Unr. at. ng Conviction
Fo!r, deepr. -:.-. :,-;,d in hoe r- of nmy
-God AIn., bless t.. *u o -. con....tion that,
,.rc .fj and kind. fr:-. on ?and c2 .:-^ be fuly pre: s e of j
fb as we seek to b? woi f |tself as a T -ul- a e j -iu to re-
r n ..-' C -- "'i.. *:: & "- i . m' ,., "" . : "r.i. nc. of British
Siue. '.-; ':rna rue and i' ; t r-- -- .urel -in-
ITqu. A on, .y co-eues i_.el,

E r -3d)a, ,.c_. e_ tat e
Please See GAIRY Page 9

the 1, -: i- and oc'. ,-hi.:h r.,ight be
p: .?-v,. by e-ne:de. of pr'grss and
'.'*"h, .Iw.: al:so by pep.- 'l. h oppose any
2.1d. in fact all i.iti.-t.i'.e: .:lten by nre since
the ,.-. of 0 .r G'n.-! United
Labour Party i,:' -as ...:t.d rooted .&,1
entrenched in tbhs snall aion
Sense Of Persuasion
fThe :... of iA-end e called for
hard ork, a.' ': er e of -.:u,. :.: and
i^.T.'.'rmoi.]:'- l 1eter ri:>n v 2;, of
corse. God's b in, Gand the ability to
conI--",- the Brii. House of C.-rrn.-:.n and
-i H.:.. of L:.-; -ho li4;ned to the


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 9th February 1991 Page 9

GAIRY From Page 8
shall settle for nothing less than full un-
nr,.unberei.. "Self P ue" wiv our o' "thg
flying hih as a symib:1'! of f.Ull and
Utlnhibited n.-Ati. hoo
With Good Leadership

let us rin-.tifitr a vsrv few of the many
benefifs7 that have been attracted during the
peri:. from Febru?.ry 7th 1974 to March
SL th 1979.

In the final analyi, howYever, v7ith good A ,;.:.!. rneyw of .:'pportunitie6 of
leadership unswerving determination, ripe "rtioni fl''our ...7. ~ opened. up to
iniependefncP .;as attained ._id its' flag 'as rCr r .42 including irn.ernati.cnal business
h...-i4ed during the fi'.rrLdnute of F';-uar7 i l.ti- rhl's that began. Of course, the
7Th 1974 ad-, by the L .Ub'n. in n, c of ti.:ulable b-Mref-it that -jerved rro1mI
God, itis am ) -O.ble rJ.-tyfor ty h 1- a .-1 :-. tli St Geo Ui-r-s.y School
our nat. :nal at home and ;trr.: c a-re today W d..' are very n.uch 9rre than is
proud -*t', fyrTher mre,. some ", e",,-t'he. --r.-nonS o
..t.t.:......... ... ...... M y Leadership

...rh .p ,th. ,....... under my leade rshi p,

11.1. are trying J) VIN. jjj. .Ia i BE3.
to claim inrdpenderne to-
dy. are forpettin-f the tf the-. gave IJ for many ma"ll
tlh.:'uh the efforts of wro 's thartW,.- .n.i;" of the vw.rld for ihosi.tig inter-
two different or g.iia..:,-,, ., mounted n.. io.. co,.r:er.:e: by God's gra:-e.
about twenty-five 6n:. rations a-air-t
indeti i-dence- and all its fr-.--.. -Vith pendence, ve :eemed to have done

Even the Organisation of East Carib-
bean States (OECS) countries, per-
haps vith two exceptions, jeered and
derided me at the time. because they
really could not appreciate vhat inde-
pendence vould really mean to
people suffering under colonial rule
throughout their lives.

' am p.-.ed, however, to .- all our
brother- .d i:t,- of 1e 0 I region
?e"tur,.lu!y followed GretI: ._ as in many

-fo-r tm, for Gcen:,\.s battle fou14, arnd
|won in L .ndon;r p~pu. th1 for on
OEC3 c---,tr.e., fr h- of hic-h h-.. now
-a Grenada n every -,
The Smallest Nation
In 1974, C're"i co-:, in l'. I
the mli.:.t nation in the world t
I : one ofthelo :tvoic. f h Urd
-I.i r1 f' ur.

JrindepePnr-iee brought us .;[--r!
benefits in L-ini. the five .-- ; --1-1'h o-ur
S'eernt.-n of Grerrada United L-T..-
Party .: the -l:.. -- ; it wo. be
too diffu::iltto V:: .i r or !i'et inl the
bi- efit : ac'-&mpli I ed by- hT-, 1! an :-"' :
E.nde-rii. .At:! at .:., time. ,.- H -

tlii .: con..dEr to te irmpOssille by
the-rs. The hs.ting of the Ori'g,.a.aio.n of
Am'i-'!''.' States (OAS) Confirei.. in
_'rn: I. t. ral ly opened up the gate, in
ays,, for our ,:- : rhC -'i itertr states in th'

In facI, the benefits brought to us and
to other Third World countries vho
considered Grenada's attainment of
independence as an eye-opener are to
be grat-f'id to Grenada and those of
us vho led the struggle.
At Least Five
The pr.-... .. ,,f ,se:'e: al premie-
accc-i-::.- .: i dip.' .-:'" -. -' repreo r : nti:v.
in Grsienada i; attri<..t.- to our efforts
directed -,''...1h idep,?nd!e. And, I
a:mr: the re:'p.:,'tibilitv to h1 .Y ii 'ijted_ tlhe
.fr_:,,'.ip *of at least fi-ve of t.- se.en

it tlcfore .' me the greatest plaure
and v-. i:f:cti :. +hhnrl God for thp
--'i-i!e .given in to experience the 17th
:C'J':-.-r '',:- of Iruepeideni:e '.fy pe.:-.ple
..i .il.l .-.n.i .. to th.: : God for his
p:h..f and- l-.:in- up.:, us as a free

I therefore .vi .e our p_.ple, God's o:i:pl
to give thd:_. to God and to pray fervently
Please gee GAIRY Page 10


Page 10 Saturday 9th February 1991 The Grenada Newsletter
%V r" MR-I""


"Ie dSi weU om" that is the reasonu- we wrer
6ab6 to cwUW bwfI to U1renudo to stWe. LT fihve
wno apoLogy to rmde four thit".

ber of Parliament aJ Politic..
Le-:ider of the r,:,i_1*-Yi:r Ne'
P ationl ,.-11 made, on Febr,"-
4th. a .,blic statement of h.. 1a .ts a1.t-

(Mitchellj had ben iimv,'Ived in corrupt
pr.c -.icce: relative to the sde by Goverinment
ofan i -rr ifi..
Accofrd-iing- to Dr n'- fit,'-.1 h -/.- lliT b th -M

i c o.i, i I vu Brizianj
liabilities as fu .isi e by himn to Governr .1d Mr St. Lo.i: t-I:.1d the House that, as soon
-G"r.:J Sir ?:" : Sc..:, f-llo.-in. the the -.Cr ift. s old, Dr Mitchell had
(Gener x Electionl of Dcpmbr r 19N:. paid of. a.deb of US $66,,956 onablock of
STI lats inBr:.kltm, Nev York.
The ric:;.sre :1wI mU a, atap Entirely Unconnected
cor~ieren:e ',th_.- .u..n ihand- Dr Mitzhell said he and his
ed torQ 1tnem.ii, t.m Dr 1.-itch- wife have owned a block of
i ei said he took this action to flats in Brooklyn since 1982
clear his name of slanders vd there has been a trans-
-ih'*t1, he s i, have been action relative to this prop-
i ..r.i. by n, -oters. of Primerty inv:,-.1,ng a 'sun sirm-
inis ; r .i'ch E.r ih- F .r to the sum mentioned by
"- ite' t_ ._ Dner:cr.v Mr BDrizan and Mr St Louis,
.or-ress (NDC). ..,but it is entirely urconnectld
-Refused To Allow h.. "' t sale of the air.:raft
-Refused To A.o.
-cically, I ,vish to f --..
ith an dl.t: -. 1?ei he SaULd, the
IGe-:-.e Brizan Ph y ft -as osd in 1a9s adA the
-t .Louis .-i. n.. .:helastb t l rete d to to,,l

.. .. ... .:, ..I'.. -to the.
. . ,,t.. .. n o h said., .. J -" -.-
allo to.:e.elarification oon.n. E H MI TC[ LU .s .., ee ph.ot:.c,.,iea of
S A..A:-..; s ':ch she,. that, in
ID L. said : ...hMr Br. ..i and Mr St 1988. he ':i,:e,. hi m.:rt gp on the
.L. insinuated in O the H. -n--. .hicht- is !:.Vted at East ""
R-presen.-i'' that in Dr FUr*e and Linden Boudi' er.
,Miic'-1 w-as ,inimdev of Civil Aviation, he A Figure Equal
_At that time, he oved a balance of
SAIRY a 5 .., 044 on lus original mortgage.
in a h..:.xi.. or at h ..e and I.:;- 1 On the new mortgage, he borrowed
.-. ., ,fa rfa re", the 1: *ns of US$350,500 from Messrs. Crossland
'.- e,,.r ns with,..ur the Savings, FSB. After paying off the
Sold mortgage, the sum left (to be
spert on renovating the apartment
Say the Alminghty God -li knc-wv :- building, Dr Mitchell said), was
sees -ji t,, .' mercy upon Gr.i US$266,956, a figure equal to that
,.2 sen*.rt :rfcn ::'A1itn quoted by Mr Brizan and Mr St.
rhe... the lov-est level m ffi' rv. Louis.

i" God he me?'y i.Ipn u all. I

r .iles .~tbn-S of Assets and
Please See MITCHELL Page 11

jS em m

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 9th February 1991 Page 11

I i

ei -am ccZmmrs

MAeNST A BAC OUND U.: .., ren.,dA had i-,en a British
..of n- , .od. .-....r Col ny. Hav;:. t-hat4 :.:.:., alltu 4i.,.
4fand 4-th G -- .. ...;-.byt.heGrsada :...edtobe
d.. e- .-a e -. -_,.. -.-',roved p
| The : ;": of t is f -. Te "colony"

or the j;. o; p-, ( ,-. But. seventeen Co-"- r .. ua, e c: :. rested al-ays

nCme has c.:.ded mer: ;--i a- poli.:- On An Even aKeel
:-- : ,' -"i'- -, d- -.'- - facts. T e a"" -... -. th.t. ._er th ._
|. .,con it-vns. the '- "---, of :. .." .--.
Tj o:3tain a trtp r-'""----"ve,one loo an ve keel. La *r--- :..
.. t. the politcal *i....o -a G renada ired. < -P -.~nr i LT ---. u w.r" r->
| of I .-L.... on .?. .rd of ;v de : .. on a Gr.. : i- ,. .. :ra t -o
,.- islani .:c. a. "a In A3m- .I. n : to P -.IIAi.. ;.: iurbs the
jith t United Kgdom plea" See TORY Pgge
Liabtilities at I December Addtionally, said, his if is a
!t i_ d P7.-- 4qe ,--. A -i
distributed to hie press, inhi-es "A 40-it .... .-rsd :r ho at that time held two
Ap AFtr' r Co:ple min Ne. Yor .. Ci:v -: .r
'-7' f C-1 1 4 U T "
Sthr-re .f a Mercedes Bens _, a ,v a/ "We -orked E /" Dr ? t:t'jl -.d; "
| -4 -rEscort. did 1l and ._ is r--r -we -ere able
Credit Cards to-: men .ac to Grena.ato(- -haven
:--re is also a : ..e in -:' .- apology ; :- for- 1..:".

j ^. toga-h-r ^li interests .
"d j l- .,i Gr --.- o' Dr Mi.. ... ssid ^ ,. -. ... by' Mr
".-'i total "z of U ^'1S,- .and ;f St. Louis vere made in the
..this .. liabili"i: of d .mo' Hou-e "-der i- --i..:s of "F -lii ne r...--
cr-4. :.rd1 a n .ii'- to U: Prm'".--" v1.:-?: means ::ol he II nI
leaving a net worth of .7 :3.00 redr-- n the Coar.ts- r

jD'r Mic ;,el .:d he has no .-.',ol o ra--e -,' -::- .: ere r:.. .,- 5.i.f. purely
: ;. -4 fact that h- had enoHu, ...,i:. i t : :. : -.-- : political \ .-ses
j -. t ,,buyan y : -.: *.b-: ..... ',,"-. - t fb--jd to the :-. .- to o: Mr

j States a,.4d he: h .' t.. -:. a : to as he done ai pubi-h -ir- ,

Goi e, i -.n Age -.:. ., -T-. .
.... ... ... ... ,,.. .. ..." :;= --.,---, S... .. ::':" .x :a ,_.";" ],

Page 12 Saturday 9th February 199 The Grenada Nevsletter

STORY From Page 11
.ell-being of I- UrI d ii.-r .
i:v:i v;-" m c i-:"rz T .-er1 ;*, I ofn a
jbsis of:: -ji-::r?, but i' j 'i^i2 .:u fair

This ensured for the most part, a stable
politic clim ate -.: when re:^:.a:le
. police -stepped out- of -!-:, as they ri
n .Tmetimnes, correcting of the
A theirr Country:'d e epere?. :up'I to
repachout mid: stabilise '.- -': -..n
Had Full Charge_
All I:,- came to an e,-;.: v .:h A :.'

-. for h :-. tim. in 1
lives, full n :r re:r Gov ..e3 nt. r:,. ,,'
ret-ired control of F-.:- .-,
A" I E -".4'" -1 V -... "' -

else. .

..- . ."eA T -

... .' .,S
:c of ---a,"
n "v:._ -

,, ...17:
;:,. b_. -J M.
S .- ,.i.,

:.i '.H P 7': "-O

... ... tn. l ship or a late P '
Si .'.- m r
i +
--- --- 0 C I ri

SThe A mi stratsed ito

the hands of Mr (later Sir) Eric
SGairy's Grenada Up-ad Lao-ur
Party (GULP), and s chang of
leadership marked the start of a
-dteriorating sit.-ation vbich five
years later, Vas to erupt in catastro-
pi Pc civil commotion.
S intimidate Etate Owner-
iSoon .. office Prn-n-
Sati to +:.-+ po". o
i i'date estate O
"J1-o- ...h.a -i I n_ iS -

-- i

f -ho are beh. ':ng like ,;I red
::. e::pt .. the- conviction that "the
S illiterate people in Crenda are among
a' ..: of estate *',ers". :A he warned
... --.moyers -.'ho. are involved in any-,
.:, r. dispute r-I, ': find it difficult to g t" .- 's *rrn to s of
.. ... ; ._ o
Without Compensation
.::-'.; d --.* the h:.i atih,-. of the
-re far -Iers' e-re co-r,l ti .
h.. i7j by P':l i. Pra-.: ,
Sby Police .. 1 ._ vere ::..-
:- v Opponents of GovernOentffosuf
th emsel-es fo 1o -' by .n-:othes
p .' c.::: s L:J ar - f + ci eiwere

; oror ...-... .d oppo en...
Irof revoked.

....4 :r 'ar"y e p _re.


O .h. are openly dlefying
the dui4y selcI 3Government of the
d'13 Must be z-7midered irresponsible
ad imfit o i>ve in their possession
an Iy .re1a..i: .. or cther such dangerous
v :.,e a p1 w.-,r Gairy declared
Seized With Tension
.e ...' . t .- further
'-:.... in :, :. :9 a fe h
& --.,-t r :Ot uhe .. : ,-,out in several
t .^-: ,,..'.-z:-- St 8r =:! G :; re|oed
S" ; "!j=- "i-" i t

... .... : j; - r ;- . ... *

Mri4G? T. r io.:1I ^'v&n. Ayhich as to

:.d to "fitit fire

He ai. : an inv station r ps to alln
Please See ATORY Paga 13



The Grenada Nevsletter

rday 9th February 1991 Page 13

STORY Yrom Page 12
men, no matter Vhat "-teir char fi', to
"come to ith :ad" of his Gov .:uit.
there 7:T gner. public a-irrn hen he
dicloe-,-d that "some of the r :.'-.hei. and.
touhest of rou4hijcks had ,alr-.y -- ,

Became Knovn
Th us A b rn THE NATION

w-vn and Hail Grenada, I
dr e. as the We pledge ours
"Se::I'et Heads, hearts a

"Night Ambush To reach our de
Squad" or ".,.o- Ever conscious
Being proud of.
ir nv e: ti n May we with fa
n."- four y:-.-p Aspire, build, :
later, the D"ffus As one people,
Goission d bl our
found "they __r

|r.i1:Y fully -:. s.t-.ut body of :"-, albeit
paid from public -, I-:.
qu..,tii..,.L for service, m i.:c,': r-
k p:rficu-i'!rl Jn-'-. -h: ^. .rs, was i..zr
lknoyvn *.'p.p:.ition for vio-r-. ad

From the evidence before them, the
Commissioners found these thugs had
'inflicted unspeadkabie atrocities on
many of the citizens of Grenada"-
These criminals had "committed ants
of violence and brtalJity" the
Commissioners said in their Report,
"they effectively caused a breakdowvn
of lav and order in the Stat" a-
"the responsibility for their
establishment, recruitment aind
f patrol vas peculiarly tha of M
Gairy in his persorai capacity.
Increasing Cre sc e n

S- "I i ; -,--' ml -
n it'r-', ;,^..."^.? t ..i r-: ui.' 1970 to i "
CT -
j incident .wicIr ,- to have far-r-c...-
S2. development in G .'Ii hi-t.

,: rate but :...:. d o;.;;.- L:-.. T ---.
j ;.. i ,rtance t n o

ihe GJLP ni.raatefi.:, for + General
Ei-,ti,..ns of February tI72 i..:4 that tL

Party i, 4 ie..i to

.p.-er. GULP '-,:

Pr~e' r Gairy cliume
him a :de:r m.-... it t


land of ours,
elves to thee,
ad hands in unity
of God,
our heritage,
ith and courage
one family,

take Greinada into
it ,-s returned to
thor:e &?eliti:ns and
d the vin had i,,en
o seek in d-pen ene

ait nhe back-
gr'-:-um of the
violence spon-
sored by the
til .p ... 1
$. mg i hs.e.. -,

.adu r a GULP

was 2-uil"t-.xtiTve
to a i rg seg-
ment of the pop-
-,t, eion and
thi'e ., 'r-,-. nsid-

.-.. protest.
Grew Even Stronger
That ::'.:st. grev even strong n it
as li.n I,:- Mr Gairy- intended to by-
pass p,:l.ii.:T- set out in the Consti.iutj -r,
-or i. fr, -Associate Stateh.o to

Th s pr" sons .ted, firt of all, that,
\thr a Bil z ::w h-e-enjcn: has
.. '-"l-,-1 in' the House p r r v r
there must be an interval of at ,~a 90 .v

Sbe the Bill It-: 1 -a -
t- hirs i of all the L ber of the
And. as not all. Before
.-- the Bill h.1: to be put to a
-.. 1._..-_ 1-., l .t .u.. and obtai a two-thiids
ii.- : I the t. e;ast.

FrePmrier Gairy ignored this He
jar d that, having stated in the
GU LP manifesto that independence
vas his goal, he no longer need com-
ply w'th provisions of the Constit-
ution but could move directly to inde-

Thinking Was Correct
A d i ....-'...- Brij <: -.'rji. nt
that his th:i- The
Clonial Ofi--, agreed that the United
Pieese ,See STORY Page 14



Page 14 Saturday 9th February 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

STORY From Page 13
Kingdom would withdraw from its
association with Grenria a, herby e-;tting
aside the requirenEr iLn of the GrenradW
Constitution and cof err i n"
independence on the island .The i:ecesi-r"
Bill was passed hr:'u,,h P.arlitmeni. .and the
date for Independence was fi.:ed for
February 7th 1974.
Became Popular
In the ii-eitimne there a born in Gr-Cti
the New .Ie1!.'l M.'ement (NJM), an
organisation of ycung left-wing rvdicl.J led.-
by a b..'rister, M.aurice Bis!op. Openly tih regime of Prenier Gairy,y
NJM b-:ecame pI:opu.lar with a lr,:,o .rnment
of the p,-.pul.:..n who ere attr:,'e to
Eish.opp's dmrntru: pr: :.nality.
In spite of h".'-rent.
by the P-lice, N T ;'..
: nt'.i.ed to spe4k out
.I. .i.uri th"e? violent e and
rn.1- idm inistration of
-h;: Gairv Govermnmnt
and, on 4th Non-,ber
1973, called a "Peoples VI
Congress" which, by
resolution, C em.n-dired-!
that Gc.-errn,.:t
by Nc.-m,:ribier I 7th

To sppor.. this
demand, NJM called on THE NATIONAL
the Chxier of Con-
m,',ir-Ce, th1e Empl,;.rs Fedei-ion the
Trade Urj:ns and c'her orgar,-"i:. to
A'iihu. down" the il d.:iJ

In their official publication of
November 9th 1973, NJM said :-
I"To shov our determination and
seriousness to rid ourselves once and
for all of the plague of Gairy's
dictatorship, WE, THE PEOPLE,
vill shut dovn the island completely,
I refuse to vork, refuse to pay tares,
come out in the streets in thousands,
inform the vorld of our struggle for
freedom and, generally, do every-
I thing necessary to save our island
from total destruction. We are
confident that this vill happen
because ve can see, feel, sense and
our people."
Did Not Materialise-
But the "fi ghtming mood" did not ,Iatr:.:~i.e.

There '-?Ws no shut down of the island and,
on S N..aT Novepnrer 18th, the deadline
'iv,.n Phe ,', rniient, Bishop and five
..her NJM1 leaders .ent to Grenville,
Grenada's -econd town, in an effort to meet of area and persuade them|
to a ?h.. 3ir pr --.:.ft against the Govern-

before trhe meeting could take place,
h.-.- er, Fi'p and hi.s colleagues were set
upon by the "Mf:'ng:-se Gang" led by
Irpec.:....r Innert Belnar of the R-yal
Grerad.- Police Forc. They were
severely beaten (Eisnh..p had a broken jav)
.d thrown into jail clad c'ly in their
y.urerp :aif. Their head11 were shaved wNitl
bri 'Tn bottle, the:
were denied medical
Satterntion and held
iromn;:uicad.:5o, for 24
Entitled To Bail
On the next day, un-
.ashed, bloody, bleed-
ing, and. hand-cuffed
together in pFars, they
i .'were taken before
,'f'agistrate Ir',r I
. ...:.-. They were
P | represented by barris-
COAT OF ARMS terms Mer? Ben Jones
and Lloyd Noel who
pointed out to r Dunc. that, unJder the
law, the mwenwereentfitle to bail. Eut. tis
.r rf1dL by Mr CD rian

"We are not considering lav here",
he told Mr Jones, "You can say vhat
you vant, I am not granting bail."

itr.ite D,-ir._ then rern.i: deJ. lle
in,'ue mnen t, the Richmnond Hill Prison
ad it. "-. only .fter coIiderable. difficulty
and thi is'.n':? of an -.rder by a Judge of
_..h? Hih, Col.u. that they ''ere released on

ShoLk And Indignation
This :::ide:t 're.ted iliancdide zh:ck ajd
'n:. _-.._ and. ._ the re tit wlhic', ?.srlier
Lhv month, NIT .-fhd tried' unsuccessfully to
brit a:.' : !.. Firt of all, protests were sent
to the GO.'-'r:.r, Dame Hilda Bynoe, by
The Grenada Chanber of Commerce, the
Hea.a4 of i -e R.:-i~an Catholic, Anglican,
Please See STORY Page 15

--~I- ~- ---~-~~--~--x~-'

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 9th February 1991 Page 15

STORY From Page 14 and ?reibytn Ciurch..., the
Greiada lMedical Associ:at.i:. the Se.,ifin
.& .-rker? Union, fhe Law
S.. .,.iy _n several -, her orgaisati:.r.
No Political Parlies
Thfen, led by .he Te',l-1 & Allied
'VWorkr Uiii,..! the pr:"'"' ,.,*_- together.
T -ns 'rufp, whil lh ini:ld'i- nOh pi:..L.--I i and ,..I.h c.,-r: to be knovn as 1i-9
"Co'nr';tY of 22" co"ri;ip d IL.i;
org~nisati.:,r.z .1-ic had fv:rrmally protested
.getrher vith i:.>re ,ha.i, a d&::r. others
i,'luding sL..dent b,..:-is, the Association of
Masters & MiSres H l A ci..ti. n
Jay,:es, Rotary, Lions, Employer
,y L J, E .-n "-"" '
Federati.. Le.,i. of C:%A:- n''- Cr r.
ar. the Civil Spr-.'ice As--: .:i .i: ,

p..-i:tcal party was .-i],CVed to :-ddress the
jm.frt -'i-^ 'rs.

The "shut-don" vas, A'no. I n00.
eff'eiv. .id .on No'.'rimber .'th 17 l ,
irpr'.er.:itives of the .Co-mnittee had a
niC iptir:g ith Prmier'u Gairy. The:'1
:' .d mhi v.i'l the fr Hoing derrm-irds
Arrest Of Persons
" 1. Th7, he Couni- "-i':' of P:lic-, the
Di"e ,:" of P'.bli': Pr:.'.tio:r: and the
Attorr.;"- .e..i.i be utr.i. tred fortlh..ih to,i,-.ate and r:ei,:d :vid.ric leading to
the arrest of p.-_,t vIho c;:Triitted the
.t.S-: .: stNC,'ej iber 1973.
2. That th"3l irqiiep-s be 1 : n',l:, i. and
*h,-r r relating to the 'I"', be lai:.

:) e l)liat.t- rrt- S ?ti: 3 That f1ds organ-
r' n : ::::::::::::::iv ill::::::::::::: ::::::::^ . re., n y. .

ember1973, the Corn- ..........
niltee met .n unanmo1.^1' pass- 'lu^ U-1f ?J
ed a resolution that ht-.'^ be 4.tith-h"' r 4>itowu .s5a11 and bu.i7 places cfe
l.-er.[i s "forthr.wi. until Go. rn- r-.. I it a_- of the
, flt s'ishied ert : l,: '=ilon"s. -;: ^ I.ple,.rit. *Ltioni
..of p.ar5graph 1 on

T.ese c,...diti:. included the arrest. of
"p '. l wh ho d c:.r- 2:iie'4 r : of
brut.dx.ity on Othier persons arr-s. d by the
Police on and Ate-r ist No. raimr lc- and
the dism.ring anrd disbanding of the
Mong:ose Garig". .
Had Faded
It must be pointed out here that the
demands of the Committee vere con-
cerned only vith human rights and
the restoration of lav and order in
Grenada. It has been ciainmed in-
correctly that the Committ e vas anti-
independence. Individual members
and organisationis may have been
opposed to the granting of -indpen-
dence under Premier Ga(ry, but in
the face of the terrifying breakdown
of lav and order, as far as the
business of the Committee vas con-
cerned, the issue of independence had
faded into the background.

It .m''I be pointed out also :i! that !.-,
,:h-.r- that the Co; rui~"- r politically
i .ti tf. is grs. No political
-tie s took part in the 'eli;ri:-n: of the
Ck-mi"'~pe and no re" '.'.. *'.": .ve of Of ?

S11th z 1ece.1 1
.-4d vio1 rii? on r--eP- action wlich may
be nec :7."

The Premier gave his signed agree-
mento to these coAmitions nid the shut-
dovn vas ,iaIled off, but., vhen the
Committee reIveved the matter on
December 1 th 1973, the meeting
vas not satisfied that any effort had
been made by the Premier to meet the
.iemads_ It was unanimously agreed
then t'f{at the shut-down vould be
impA! merited again.
Chanting Thousands
;-ed" ne fron: the fihe v?: rking dayin
.' .i.y 1974, the -- ..n.L -.7.. i b. ing U ,i
de,;' .4 i- ,.v -* of_

St er- d in :--: of r oter tcr

neesrly 'b'e'- wel, the nufter .^med
resulti:g in a ',l.ian.',. The -mi.i-
r;et ,- ".:"tra-:-:T grew bigge
i --r but r-iaier Gairy sIh.ed no
that he was t"ilirg o satisfy the|
:.0 of the C:rmmit,'e. Then, on I
Please See STMORY Page 16i

A' ..:
to be ...
-7 b
s, -.. ^



Page 16 Saturday 9th February 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

STORY From Page 15
Mnd:iay 2st .T.;u.iry 1973, the clim.ii:

A demonstration of some six;ndr
pec-ple ." attacked by the ".onc'se
Gang". Backed by a section of the Royal
Grenada PFolice Force, some five
'hundred of these crirrnals left the
reFidence of Premier G.:iry, proceeded
to the C arenag-p where the dcmonritrattors
" ere assembled and .fs.:iulteid them.
Police Rifle Fire
One eai m:ntr.-'t.or was killed, sjuperal
w-ere -l, -i and founded, and j :zenw ..ere
severely beaten. Cars ,ere thr,',", into
the sea ,.id a section of the
demonstration, mr-inly women and
youths, taking refuge mn the offices c:.f
the Sie.r-an &. Waterfront Workers
bi-idini,-;- were pir.:d. down fA;r a lonrg
inm i by Police rifle fire.
I Th,. :uider the
super .- :, n of the
I Police, the ;tt-i:kers
pr,:-'eedJed to break
in-t-, and loot the
prerF-ses of all busi-
ness ces which P
h~d ::i. I. in Drotest
aailrt the trea- -
down of la-.' and ;
ord1lr in the State. 4 I -

This .ct.i:n of the
|"M ::..,-..e Gang"
(or "Police Aids" as they were officii-zly
Siled effetively br.uht to an end the anti-
goverrnen f. demonztra.tions. There were,
in the da., a few s:..J token
,de.n,:u-frati,::ir, but the fNx- of f.':.her-i
iolene kept most people off the streets.
Was Hauled Dovn
This . the ati.:,spere in which in t.he
first. minute on 7th Febru'vy 1974, the
Union. :_: vas l:.iird do{ .'for tte last,
time and the flag of independent Grenada
'.-t br.:,ken out.

The Business Community still
staggered under the effects of the
looting, many shops and stores
remained unopened, the port of St
George vas closed, electricity had
not yet been restored and no efforts
had been made to check the excesses
of the Police Aids/Mongoose Gang.-



Against that frightening background, there
was an exodus of persons, including the
Governor, L.ame Hilda yncL, fleemi-g to
ne-?zhbouring islands to escape the terror
which had descended on Grenada.

The flag raising ceremony took place
at Fort George in the presence of
Prime Minister Gairy and the island's
first Governor General, Sir Leo
DeGale. But, the Royal Family
vas not represented. Prince Richard
of Gloucester had been scheduled to
be present but in circumstances
existing in Grenada at that time, it
vas thought prudent that he stay
Traumatic Facts
T.:_!Ti as InJHperu-ent Grenada celebrates
her .-evenr~t nth birthday, the traumatic
fac .ur ,: -unii her birth have faded from
rr many memories. And,
T C those facts remain largely
-unlinown to a new gener- i
T:tn.. Additionally,
SO political rhetoric has
disguised festering s re-i
tder beautiful kdaa.g
.0d camouflaged putrid
cess pits vith ,: hi- limn
But the political rndron-
nent of the present,t
be u, erstood a
true kn~wlvede and under-
Starninrg of eterear

Grenada's volcanic origins were evident on
the O.'ftrnL of 7th May 1902 )heu the
JSoufrlre in St Vincent erupted

Coi::-?iing .at 2.30 pm on that day,
Greri-.*i:-rs heard a series of distant, severe
e -i :nsfr-m the volcano inSt Virnc, 1t.

At '. same im., the vater in St.G :rge's
imrer harbour slowly rose arid fell, abct'i.
two feet e :h time, and the water in the
L..,o. (present site of the ya:ht marina)
Was disturbed .

___ ___

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 9th February 1991 Page 17

.. .. "- :. ... .;.. ..*v: *** ... g '.":.

Brizan To Represent OECS

Mr George .rizan, Minister of Finic:e in
the ,read-:.d GovernmnI" h- been ch: .-
by the G(eoverrirn t's of th.- iCr -i of"
East.Caribbean States (OECS)foran im_,.:,r'-
ant Mrssion.

Ac''-Jor'in to the Go n'..' ni tf. IL4tr:r.:..,n:
Ser'.T', Mr Briz.u is to hI, t.,iki, on
b.hilf of the OECS, with U ., [-.
:ff,....ilUs wih reference to Pr"ie.n Gecrc'
Bush's "Enterprise for the A:.::s"

That initati'.t' .it for est. i -hrsn of a
.. tra..e agreement lrd:-in al .: iuitrie- in
Sth- Western 1h,? pher8. T
J'.:.. mnales provi:i-:.n for a loan fund to beU
.mjrri i-... by the Inter-Amn-rican De'.-
I opmint E4r :

Presentation College Annexes

ir Tarn Tarn, f :._-rr -student of the
rded l.W. IS r N.a: h ~n a-. o,-

February .8th by Minist-er for -:.' :. :-r
iSenatrcl ..lye G lean.

| airan, ".h: yi.:.te se :-, s --'. i the
nia recei- top Lgrn i ..
r,-?i','d ab,:,:. prize a1ch.-: 1 for EC$150
Iand a pl:.que, all pL-' ei' ,-4 h -- r P--" "
L imitr npd I K.....:-rs ofn the aTi ,.

A -h-r'eng trophy, presented -; ...:TT-
T, i. Boutiqe, ari d which, .T.s wonin 19 .'-
by by-' En .^"' ,:he., -' ei'- b
EPres-nt~^tion College.

Training grog For Tax

| enty ..ployesl from the ,I-!. f v-
PF.irtment began, Cn M '.ue:'T -th, a fTe--

morth Technicj Tri-inii-- Pr .- ranr for

This pr,: r.::... is Ph:- II of fie..-phase
.Tr 'uni:. Scheme developed for all Carib-
bean C ,:ni.uj r ( MCAR ICOM States by the
,Caribbean ".rg.. f ".- A "mir-
*i- ;, E-a" d is '-+.:. .":.r-,,' t the C"-;n nn -
..:. 7th Fund f-r Te,:Ih i- CJcer.- ..,
CAR.ICOM .and S. CrL na. Go.- ar !

Cut Flower Industry Doing

A.-A r;ir- to the G.:.*rrnment. Inf,:rmrni:..n
'-I rvice (n ,, t&e number of acres devoted
to .cut fi, "" -itivy.i:- inre..ed from
15 in Dc:t.- r 1 ':0 to 19 in January 1991.

0-7-- t-ie :i e period, the num'ibr of
farmers involved in this cultivation rose
from 22 to "_., and the Ministry of
Agric'.d' .e vs .le to supply 8, 000 of the
I0C, Ui pl.m-ij required.

Between i.:.:-y JTuneM l'', .000
bki.: ._ .-..:.4 at EC$55. .. *.- :or,.rted
and., .-Te-..-..?;, .." .and D-:e1mber-= 1'l.:.0,
22,880 blocr,- v-ue.d at EC$11, 440 .'er.

"Arthur" Made July 22nd The
Wextest Day Of The Year

SI" r-- a I. r:'.f-.-n -.rvic-
(GIS) reports that, according to inf:rm-
aiong ,-," by the f L-and :se O"fficer at
the L-iand Re:..-e Unit of*he Minifry of
A^ .- :. tropic, storm "Arthur"
f. on July 22r. ,, it gave
r. ,: day of tha t.year.

On that day, to m. mi .r s.icr rsc.rded
r.-,ia -.inv. of 6.99 inches and 8.07
: A s r e p e r i .l y
90 vas the Vet.tUez month of the year
nth rain rc':-rde on 24 days ;an
-.-- of 5.88 incChes of ri:Tall

Page 18 Saturday 9th February 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter
NEWS SHORTS From Page 17

The di'jet. month of 1990- as Apri ,-?.tL
one of the fi-re mr.ut..:.r stations rpeadring as
Io" as .80 of an inch for ;ii. peri:4.

While July was the Ve.ft mn,.h i 1990,
.,ur: v7as the month L.h- the lLi g-et
nuber of r Ai;y day-?, :r-d islandvide,
Gre..:,- iad 228 d i1,'v out of T."e total
of 365.

The I' h't temperature for i 0
was 28 1 gr ee Celsius.

Fisheries Department
Intervenes In Dispute

Officials of the Fi.herie-- D-eparimerit h-;,e
tinterv 1.nd in a 'ijpute '-.i:h has .-u iti.:
`0et.vari motonri-ed fishinr- b.-.'.If operators
and fishermen who c.*.t. sir,-- from the.
be Th;e

The Go'.-ernrm nt. Irforrati:,._ Ser"ce
(3GIS) rep*:-rL that the problem lie, in c:_n-
pl.--its of ti e seie fishermen that the i..-.r-
ised fi-,hiN boats, operating on the edge of
bays, -ji.- ,,.t.ide the seine b.n.. .y7, fright-
en .i' v fish that c .'.d ave been .;-ei by
the :eu:w.

The seine fi-hermei- complain also fh-.f f1-.
L-''.e .-r ?h'u' -ed by the b-.:,1r1, who,,
e:-. ,-he. sch .-:. of fi,.h h ..e b-

encircle. by thue seine, come close to and
ever, inside the nets to catch fish.

A r:,'..=.: c:-r.'ened by the Fisherie-
Department to discuss the matter vas
a..ended by sh.- sine fishermen o-y vi:.:
."ere .'e reipreen t .....

Acc:rdi to C-'!, meeting drew up
*^*'. i re. i'.::' iL which o'.ild 5'1ve the
pr;':,erin and' he'-e are to be put into effect,

Grenadianm Train For
Working with Adolescents

Three G~ienmdi.n; have completed a ou.r,,
of tr.: fi ..-for v:-ring wvitl adolescents.

Th.ey are Mr Arnold Bell, Mr Walter Julien
and Mr N..rb_-rt, Courtney.

1.1* rs Bell and Julien are, respectively, the
Eire?.:t.'r :rii"". hl. Lrtr." h tor of the Tufton
Hall School for Special Education while Mr
Courtney is afi .:hed to 3overnm-iret.'s
S,:ci -. Services D-p.artme1rn

The c :.:.rz:e a. h- hldI. at the Cave Hill,
E...v.,os ,::'.".'( of the U1ni-ers, of the
West f-i: ran for thr-e rrmonir,: and
..ided by h Nti.l Childrer.' Home
and the British Governent.


Alister Hughes

9th February 1991

Plnated &. Pubihe i B y The Propiettor
Alisltr Hughes, Journalist
Of Scott Street, St Georges,Grenada, Westindies
(P.O.Box 65: Phone (809 440 2538: Cables HUgSON, Grenada)

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I 1 t ,, I .

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