The Grenada newsletter

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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
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Social conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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A. & C. Hughes
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A. & C. Hughes
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: ~ .U.W .. 1. 7R.. A, y

The G6enada

fll Ro -atr y Nh y

iVo1ume 19 Saturday 19th January 1991X Numher 1

Th measure m~uy rnot be.
jcaed4 an "t'cornm Tax", b6
dles impose a tax on irw-or
dishonor is o fltr-n
isishouourinq of the ?NflC
etection promise.

,X.--.-. .
at it- i.

|_ A;5-f5 JONES

1 - .. .., b -: Ai, 1 Also Resi- ,

] B N O ... ::
rBy'hXte's - --- ---. W-hadlln.'--, Also Re

Sruct he but he h::ite:t i

:(. in of pT-:nM .
-- :, iu' that is - FI-ase See O-ES a

r .ice Levy"i i -- -
-*~..iet h ^ o Jn.4es Resignedb....b I

-" r-:, n)-.. - - e" .he Gren ada
*." -' ha in -- .. -... _ .Q;..-._ ...
. Z. 7-.

ci s ;as! a...- j U -iApois Broad-
": ,. m f :,^ -.: ... .... .. a- -j, A T

... __" Ben nI ric-Airli.e s Re .. 5 "s +.!-l I,--.. 7 ..1------------------ ---

b e rejadian Gu War
D C .:f th - - ....................




~~- -- -4* --;~ ~ ~; riuc



;Ew l -"iag --ww ,I^ I,

Page 2 Saturday 19th January 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

DA T 7 U T

las E-r 'i .-ate .. ina TV : ..,-
cast on January 1 th :I Mr T--:
Jo'nne, u"'il r y _ir'-.>: 'f
i E ...r.. j Asf~i ;'- h ad ...L i ,ip "^ in-_
,p,.:,in of the 1991 i. and -

1 1.. -:-.....-.- *,- ,
JONESg Flom Page 1
If -,-. W-'r- n:- ri Mr..

eci:ida_ what to do.

Jjsig. P of ars ^s Waer
will not topple Mr Br.a.-.,. s NDC
S,"-r::'"" '. but ,ill leave it in ,
j u .-- :. .-r:; ? t ..: iti-. ..

'A- the El"-:r..ns of last M.,.'
.'U.. ...' of Sir Eric Gairv's I. .
UIl L^;.'..: F.a.y Mr ^^1 7 .m
*: :!:i to NDC, .- in? (vith ^ r
i j ,- .=:. .1 W al!'t r, a Gow ,: u-;.-.,,,
i ityf 10 rtothe Opriti..n's 3 ,-
Will Be Reduced
With Mr Jones now out. of the
-"Gover- ien, tha t : m "j r -, yis re ).,.., t:,o
~j If'I, ^ .T. -i r,"- : (1,K:
|I er '..-,i-l be reduced to a ~- :- -
of a- c ihetthGOp i-i . 's 7 'seas

sM.r Jones said h tere that he

l"r. r ..... -ebility of Cabii-t -o
i 9 9 -

.. .r of .Ca..:e ", he said "but I -" '. j
i withi "- l-:iurt y -*l-^ jt
S-s .r. F .:. Til-It
received pa.?.s -: ch i. .,d i- ;

jh,: a 1n imput to t-er
Sforn.1 .lon and -'-'; _'
sible for h.. "

ra .ed no .jecti: t. o ::.; of the tax

"With Mr Jones participating almost
at al- times, he said, "Cabinet took
certain decisions vith regard to the
tax measures. which vere to be intro-

LMr Jones :.--6 from the Cabinet on

....... ir
.....January 4th, -. .. ,he had h.., no
., -ledge of the tax rn."r.' ir'? v-ere the 1.. Budget p!'e..en:'pd to
i -pl nt. on -.'br 27th by .inir i
of Finance ,,Mr Geor- e ...
Objected aj-uli-i...-
The ex-! f;-,;:ter .. s-,4", l-

v e .Le... .: :
...i- .. 'fi4 "

-" "C L.r -

c:lrt iJj


constr"./ the b-.-...-

.^ b
Brath" y.1 N ;-
. . i _.-.... - "'

" r8 ::- e--- per-


Mr r:hv.-ite .said all the tax
meases were discussed at a Finance
C--imlu e eieting at vhich Mr
Jones had been present and at no time
did M-r J--s say to him or to the
C e. a i he "had any diffiIculv"
vtth any of the measures proposed

Please gae BRATHWAITgE rlPgfe 3

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 19th January 1991 Page 3


... .a true example of what f' wou d like- to se- in thfW proccCfi.qis

on tuni jicw tion. ,

I "S..,n" '.k.h-ell has 4en spE. ii
pr..'-is~ to the ir-'.-L :: De .:.i.:
to the C'.x'ilf.iunt .::eynJ:y on
i nil "v rd :1fv a .i.i.:. h first

In a pu'bOlic .taeren.t ,n--de by Mr T* 5
the e::-M i s:'ir 3.-i,-. a polit'..:. activity ,
.r S .- ..y Charles, vb. M- r .:... said ;
is vi?:-. c!:",- to M r E.r !r.--.. te :., (4
SNDC, rit e- :- articles
_S..c'. .him (t ne ) .i .. C 1- ...
S..Lin.g to stop this.

In his TV F- nti..: i th. Mr
iBrathvaite -11a he had .i:, : Jo:z- that
SArChl!e is not a :.enr f NDC.-

I iuiu.ded to hirm ( that I hlad no
I :,h... to stop anyb.:.y fr I'T" ,-:- !
!in t- press- he :..:;.,
SWished To Correc.
The Prime Minister said he ished
to correct the vrong imprssion
i held by "some people out tters"
that Mr Charles is close to him,
I! advises him and even writes some
of his speeches.

i b cause hi- :. 20 rel -i.: .. V-,D
Mr Chrles.
i 1
jj -Mr Er-'1 .'.. it. r l r.' dout E M

1 Nl S r IF (z- .:ru- .:, 1U d swo;'L in as
dji?- r |r _0 E:'2rfn:- A -r. s:, i;.Q the
Prime i'.st-r -u;i: 1 .li;chi:AL.-c! Mr

v .r Jo-es could wri sh n to
St.e the .:u:fh of office for i---
Sorciistr and to 1 ,-l- normal C.:.^ios
S.' LI -." [i z
S me
.i_.______!-- ----__ ... .--

.i. of hih took pl --in St. Vincent
from 4thto 18th oi

T1 -d 7 : : -.t' a a r : c.:.n*fer t,.:e on
......' 22and today by leader of the
A .. _C -. c r-
121- Dr I- -S-
...... -..f' of T je

Special Praise
r.-. Mimster 'i:ch_' ri,.led out the
Grenada Del' ^iorn for 7p:ld pr; es as
e:2-:-.le of ,.hath. would like to see in
the 7*1... ': : on i";fic th- Dr A''--;

According to Dr Alezis, Mr Mitchell
wa ,ceedily heartened" by the of pw'pose on the part of
all the Grenada political parties.

"De .i :..: C. a ". ."'n :'ives'
of the op. parties th is, Th
. :n a... .- 7 G. renada Uni-e-d.

P!eate See MITCHELL Page 4

I The 6ada

SFoirckded 17th August 1973
S '428th Issub
Subsc-riptiion Rates
Pay atle In Advance
Poc- sge Paid By second Ciuss Air MHai I
,lam.a5 Post !n Greuada)

j $
io issues $1150.00 43.c0
-EU i u $207-00 $ 77,00
40 TIssues $390.00 $146.00
S.-.T, 20 Issues PubLshed Amuually

Page 4 Saturday 19th Jaihuary 1991 The Grenada Newsletter




The functions of the Corporation are to provide
"broadcwstin" services of high quality both as to the
transmission and as to the matter t ransntted. "

jnf.:,t rer ? .. :er of Ra..:i-
GrenBjd has been 1:-d
Ch| r "-"i'- of -_ my Br. ::.-

-i ., -: an~ouned on Ri Grerv. on
Ti.ik.u'y 25th .:.-h ":.h the names of th
eIle other t- r-rI:bers cf _the Cor,,-rati-
a se' outing rti'? G''"-r^: i Broad- - Cor
oration Act passed in D e:,ber last.

71i-r ,1L Act, the Minster of Inform-
.i. hc, is Prime }..;::t."-,e 1:?:.:l: -
IBrathwl aite, appoiints s'.ei ; ..... .- his

MITCHELL From Page 3-

of the T Uon Conc, the
.i--al -Youth Co'.- i,- A -l,
j : ''i:t Bj,, he ,r--: Sect.r and
Sh Council ofCl,-, --

As leader of khe delegation, r c-ortingr on the
j sui.:*-: of the i'i-ing in Vine Dr
Sad Chrm of the AY:;.V Mr

i .... ". rj .r p o .'." ;" .r-,
apprxo-- of the.:ieebira
Should Be WideneA
j These p ; ni.: meluree i;^ :o, the' thd

j .;. ..- : not q ir: "oed,:' is ,", - .
on 1 -ion t.l .' e: po r,' .: ::.- I.
i r hi.:nm l-..i. be iden:e a.ddc

Tj.. :,j Ho
i Also, there is ,:-1 .- that a ,.. -,,
.majority of d .- ';. to -h-re .--
on :- for the Wi to
move to political -.eon. H- ,'. i
S. realized 1 -i, .. .. it v -. i1i-
I ,':'.- hye to :.:sti. the problems of the
W, 1" I v*1.i,'.e fi. -:-.I is not a
" ,: "_ ",_" . ,
w . .

Tl'"e c:' :r ,i-e., -rs are p ,:,'nb
:.iztL, in accfordic, -"'r, -dvicE
Pr-,:. A-: :ci. ion, 'he Private
Or7.u: n of Grenada and the
SL-.,n Co"mcinl.

.v the
. the

i Trade

, : ... ? ri ",ibf" are ap. .:--'i d by
the 1.":-ter in : -.rdance ifh the adi.:
of :L Leader of the Opo-.i'i ?n.
High Quality
According to the Act, the f.un i..: ;: of the
Corporation ,, to rond j ,re,.._.-a s.ti
series of high ..l:'.y both as to the
-t-.n .on and, a to the matter tra s-

7" Corpo .i:.n is required us5 to
"gener. y .r---I' the 7! on matter-
p'r Aito'. .:... .t,:,,."
Please See BROADCA STING Page 5

The 1 *?*i; .r... -,... Win ,-_.^ Islands
urmi-: r :--.. face the te :-:-ris of certain
interest Z:., pcilly the c,- of
om .: :. i there as also
*s -it' on hei +i, to ed-e .... .- 49 r. -
on h ..'"'--: of.. -..

C oticerai g, education of the people,
Dr Aleis s;.i the Grenada dele-
ga-ion is already planning TV present-
ati~n~s radio -a1-in shovs and public
.aretsm l'e vil! also be made of
the print medi to publicise all im-
picatiojns --f Windvard Islands politi-

.. v- r ..g of the2 Aserby vil take
I .. in St. L .ci in .- i-' mfid-March or
:- Dr Ales s. aid.
b.t _s-:.:-:- :Tu J* =:.:S : -.- ,:-1 v -;o-:,,, |

I; i3

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 19th January 199i Page 5




A"eri.:.:c1 Airline/ Regionalo
t T.f aa no urr a t aI
S..ii-,. 16+ that!d air e's ri "-- .: o
pW, out of Grenr-u. c-o P +f s 1 .e

SMr Le Br:- said r. de
.Pr.' Minister :,i i" .e b

buth- ould. not b a -c' e i....
out cas i .uri:e.5 .nly m .n .;,.

Effect, the Act the Ccr t.
r:1- of all tbro:;ast I Af 1.
government of Grenada i at
Puern time, Rc, Rario .--.5 and
d .I. .-- Tele, "ion.

j i| H tifi Grant Ih. '-i. 4 -years -
i| eff ect t A t..+: ..-1m s. of which"
| as an *1i'm: -.tir and pr - *r-i. , AM ra_". C?2.4 a2. i

h -e. .-, r ere T -iI s : f
,j ..r:.,:- coc -.,. ~it+h I; firm of

-I Ltierviewrn onf _"" -' -

j coflrn it as a great ch.ALL -e h I
las no doubt that. vih t po rt .1f-
-I .1' .- + of ,
i t purpc for -. it --
L CL+, jfl
4 t ..+ ; ,; r : S @




As of February s,

r Le F:ih.: AA
See AILTNE Page 6

STher- will be tvo flights weekly in
February," Mr Le Bright said, -and
this vil be increased to four flights
veekly in March, April and May- We
hope that, in June, e vill be able to
resume daily flights to Grenada."
AA .e-:. sched:.' fliU, to G .. 1
July nid, at p.... :, ..o- s a -f ofa 23
... .e..n. } .. r said there is ;."
intention no. to reduce bf but if th-s

terml <-,porti,,-" on other sta;,-'.d to
10'-: ,7 l. i i

Not The Onlyg Stat^n
..r Le Br 1 .. 4 -- -:-."" is e the only |
sati on .-:- -. has b-e.,n a cut back.
The situation n has been br .:ht about, he
Ss? e o --.i b a action C, bli
the pilots ..i. -use ,. '. -. been a cal-
up or pilots to Serve wth 'hr :,.-.- !r serwos
in 4d f "

The Re ioQa Manager said the
_ar?.,_ ei+ploys about ?u 030O pilots of
---ch .u6 nave been ca;d up and an
ad ti .l 5j3 which cod be caJle d
T%- 4, 4 w "t the
r'-.. ,.-.' t.y r'-:- .r;. mg -.;. 1".-.-. j
7f 1 r :" it takes 7 .- ,- is ?
fly an afr.:r. '. a tIie j
S:, .itcrew.

ak ;
i : ..:

..-- or' the call-up of rese-r.-
f- 11
A A c,.'-..;n lose ,!.-,, 1 100 f:.+",;

- AA of ovr "2 .. p- day or
20' or .h. ..^r:.' x. l
,P : ea. d
13 -, . .++_ , +.



Page 6 Saturday 19th January 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

"-l Wi -IF wrj

4e hcr pick ed up de-vcn- mrwrc ki4s -who tia4y, be

coru-ntl to thN Statcs for surqu- ."


j -iI.: h -iren, the or borah
C, entre of Eo'f',
Sfi, 1,. s t. -

:..- ,
-pres_ .-_..e in C o -y htr._

wn n -r .. or ..' b- -. .'
Ele Mo Ki

.... _. ~- '' ;-'- r--

tfulh f:e frc st up odis? chi "r eij-
L e--. ::'.'::-- i,. A -r.- --+ .
t a d '- '.by L 3_ 7 ,

i -

i 4. 4 b s
he s a: ho - 4
u' h '. ., : ." "e' r 3 .' ---

11 ,. : -6 are ;-,l; ,o ri ^-/ : s" ?mi^ 'v
'4 -''--

. ...... --- .... :- T

1 .: aili .as L :-,. mp;t-l on this trip .'
Dr. -..--;- R 'r :',. ... - e di.7tr-i
Cardio. -' at the .. ... and he said that,
h8 .I.e -- his. f:i.0.u-rp eamini
ons _ -perations .. been a

ep r Restropo .is
"' h- ?rZ*r to Deborah

TDor- asa ------ --

b e '7-. .. A.

.-.. ; ; .. .a;n or
St 'did not d -, -o : to

in t.4 mid 19.

The Chiljdr:
,rcgraammne w
meat in 19181
prFcWson of f
ca I f rcd fo4

49 tine.

-me 7L0,000 -u

e .:- t -ai 4j..-

"d a -re for TB, the
s -::,-<,; -.Z i-i the i,--.rt .:

7' of the World
a s a further develop-
vhich has resulted in
free treatment of corn-
i-t Leart disorders
-r 2, 00 children from

!t: umteers in t-.ut 3000|
e '." -7 -."i- .. -'"- i -. to-
'ee t first point cf ce.:it,
P. -eato the CentPe ?
Pkleastel R aag 7

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 19th January 1991 Page 7

A __

FREAK ACCIDENT ON Wa St --, bya b-d1..iJ-
l- ? claimed * -, r: : ......
lives of !-," pers.. in tha

.... .-- ..a t- to nl o r .- ai,,mo b ile o n a str, :-- ';, o f -." ,-- :- r.,- r, a
then i i p'" rpn.-.-,.,
7 i -'-. l-a_ - b ackp 7 r.' -
I ith n e r r: n b - -

I thnotave ig n The i a rt of the
rn l .:en at.:^ut e h m e p .J;.,,:,. r:,cl: f.--,-, detached itself,
.. down l 1.: crashed on to,
ro of the Ir: vin bus. f' n a-

7 2. .and
. - -
-:_,.. .-_ e au yi- -are
1 A po-ce -: told NEWSLETTER
S-h :, -'. al.e and it

STo other persons,
S.ack bus, -' : alive
dc n .. t -o-i a xa : .i. .. u i t o f r e s

n-n spot been
L l ;. r -,tile s. -" ....t I
J i.,x ._'ni nU `U1 1 A klp." .. Tl 14 I t n o t I
NOT ,-- vL i w as
Please See ACC DENT Page_8

rie 1" C ,.-p of the C re Ro.-.C. ....: 7. ,
.. ...... nellT y -. : -- U -0 ,.,- "- e ....... -l ...

"i .. .... .. .: ." :, n .. .. e an. :-:.. - -CA R IC O M )
0- v. .... .-:2-!- b r " .j c are Debcr..
r o- sup ort to ,eet :- n Bl -- St -
:.p ^ .r .-. .-i the 0121 :en with i the C T -' i d- '- "ic
"thes- "- -" """"-C c .... -1 1-AI

... . . . TC .T. . : a r e t h e D :; ,'an R eb rl i a n d j
S, -.1--_ pTovid -ree '.,

Srr or f:ro- at conce .ry -. she-
S:' ,and A'ei-c.- A.i has no .- -
{ to .., 15 free air fares for 1991.

~-gi~i~s~p~ __nar

Saturday 19th January 1991

The Grenada Nevwsletter I


A ..; of Mr D.-rIe, and
r. 0ra -:. i WIli zm of Gre-
nraa is at Or.e/n1 ,,n-ori
hl' UT' "Yellowst :,;,"3: ....erei be
Persi.:i Gulf.

Ian interview on M.....7 1".I. rs
Willi k:.- NEY'": LETTER her .- o ts
been in l Ui d St "-y 7m i989
Ii-n i:3. s;hip vas moved to the 1.- iterr-
e.- early: i-t August.

uM is not oppF. zd to the United Sttes at. n
im the Gjif.

"I cannot be against the var just
because Paul is in it," she said. "If
that Vas so, I wouid also have to be
against Ohe United States intervention
inr Grenada in 1983 and I'm not.
Were it not for that intervention I
might not be alive to day. "

Paul f.-,-- Mr Daniel 'Daimv' i ,
| a i. .... the t -
g r
J possible to ea: thi e r-,,, o. '
1:.1.'n.s;: sm 07W t. Q, nout.

I e of these p -.:ns saortl *
j the other ir- r ds
*. ..4 -n -
Slife All othr ,..- .-
i kiled i, t,, ,i- .- -.. i
1 -' ..1 reco in -

She l:. 'eman 4:1o n.
A tie ";- o r.r^ v :- , ..
S.r il D:-n of the Roai. 'a
F rce. Listed : ,"v: -
iL .1 thddren s^^

of the New aional Pt in the Ger
Eiefi -i7.1 of 1:", -ndi served as Minister of
He dh. umier Prime Minister Hirber.

Mr Wi!:- 4did not contest tse General
:E_'tions ii.f :u-' 1990 but returned to his
,:.-i as a E-rirter. Representing the
ev '..:.ijEarty, he is a member of the
qii- n--. A E:il d -* W i v
- . j ,U ,. .. .'.., "': "A -4J ,U ,! l .~ :

A -os stamp, iue in 1905 to
C- ..n..r .- the i-r hundredth anmiver-
sary -- first 1En1i1 landiiig on the
i,.-,, h ^ 'isa maj,:=; hut:)ri.:al-l .:,r.

.,- .f, are .t m 1605,57 tihe s -O .e
B-raxnh sailed ,. ri L:r i..n i"h .csp-
e s.'r.*i for acolonyin .uiai ^

: of errorsin nai. tion and u'-
'0 .- c:.-..os, Ap r' -er got to
-. ;'i ~,- into ;! i IriS l-, inr
.e:r .-. ^ atSt I.uci

Oae on _e _.v::r JohnN. ',- ---,-f |
ma t .y :.intm of this vo, ae and ti ;
WC i ,-'..-.-_, m a c:lecon of
PIA .- the -, "..: Ii

..ho .ever, in --, version of wh,.
1- -i yr -, added, for 'snp uIe`-
.: t .he "--i ;nt that. in s-
!605 vt,'-, te "Olive Branch" Q, ,.O.- ,
a a .,s bef! in ,r.i-. g at St Lucia.

T v first nK in:, at u t .,, f... -.c .-.
oin 16 t 605, but h ri.-us -p
'- -as c 'r ect id centuries

Sco li .,. narrative and P u
::: ^ -" .. as deetec ed.


I I m b[nmt




p ge


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 19th January 1991 Page 9


Peace Corps Headquarters

1 The headquarters of the Peace Corps in the
Eastern Caribbean, whlih fo:rnldly was
divided etwe-en Bri get.: .., Barbados and.
Ci._rie, St Lucia, iill be o.:Lid ted in St
Lucia v'th- eftfe,:t from .inuar y 22nd.

The Peace Co:.rpr -.tirted in th. Eastern
C.-u-ibbeaM in F! I vhen, Forld ,:id_, St
Lucia be arm-e one of the fi',t five ,:':.-.ies
to r'eeive volirtee.~e.

In 196, the Place Corps :.:-li to Gren,:.
Aird vent to St Kitts, and in the follo-.1in -;
yerar, ;v ,ol'.mtr: lventto Arti. .,
and St Vincent.

Peace Ce;rps .-u vi' 2. .' in E ..rb,.:u: in
i968, in ,.rntse'rrat in 1974 and inAngjilha
in 1980.

According to a Peace Corps release, to date,
2,792 Pe..ce Corps vo1i.uAi''r- have served
in the E'tern C.'ibbe:n more than 150 are
Scuurrently ai:tiv in the :r.ion, of which
nI -ber 22 .r..r P,..,2,2 in Grenada.

The ner Pea.'ce Cc:.rpi Dir-et :-r for the E. ;t-
ern Carib" aan is Dr K RP:h .i-.:c Pile and tie
."-.. r .'ace CoCrps Associate D;.- ::..r for
Gr~Luia is I.-', GenPell'e-r.

Gifts Of Medical Suippiies

At a coerem, nyr at the Mount G.r. e.fdii. ,
St;: rercom on January 17'hL. 1.-fi:yri of
Health, Mr M'-.i_1 Andrew, r eie, two
,if':f of mriE.j,:ail S'upplii-: valuedi at over

*One gift vas from _I: .;-.: Hope v;-. d at
0UT$,:,401 while th .-' r ; -u from -Lp
! Toronto e.d G;rer;. Education ,
H=.i4th Project.
T'he latter -ift, valued at Cai.70 264 1 of 42 h:?pitl t~.., 48 -:.:-
- Yi-,- 56 side rails and 14 -.'r-bed "..':?
S:a t a ed over by Mr Ncrton Tj.r .r,
i,...:il_ t-e of the Tor o bsed
i. rga::niat.i2n.,

New British High_

Mr Errvs Th:.r: Davies, 56, non-reident.
British HiLh C.:.unrs;.:.,er to Grenada,
.,.T-.i.'. in Barb':-.s on _J.ary 13th to
ce '-ed. Mr e'-in Burns 'vho retired from
the British Dirl.:.i--iic Ser-:i:? at the ind of

Mr Da-ies, .'ho:~' rmoi. rei:ent. p,:-st .as as
F '-iL- A bassa.ior to Vietnam, jinE6 the
Tr '.h F'.I'eig'i Service in 1952 but. his
it:., to the Ser'I:.e or~. deferred whilee he
did tIwo ,e,-r National Se'ri : in the Ro 'al
Air F:ri'c from 1953 to 1955.

In .L.-.itio' to Greiadza Mr Davies is High
C-.i.-:1.ioner to Barbad;s :-and the other
c.u .ries of the Eastern Caribbean.

USAID Refurbishes School

The U'Ved States Agency fr Internti
..D-?'p.: .:,it. (,USAID) has refurbilhed the
-:nica of the St Matthhev Roman Catholic
S:hl:..:. at Birch Grc. ve.

Acc: din. to the Gcerrm-nt Inrforrrmation
Se, the p:.;jec.t c:st over EC$l 1,000
-and it was handed <:-ver to the school on
S'-' 17th.

Naval Architect Tests
Catamaran Trawler

An e-_:rnental 34-foot o atan..iran., HIe
"Carib Spirit", built m Grenada for the
DepA.trneit. of Fisheries witi funding fr:-m
tl-h Food & Agriuleur Clrgaiuat:on
(FAO), is n.v being rdified by a
i'^,.gian rnl. arc.liht t, '..1' Arild

A r,-.,e from the .L vern fenf. Inform-
ti.:n S-r'i-e says the b..?tf. vas lauii:hed in
July 199. C'.er several tn-;riths of trials,
she -.T-,. found to be sea-v.:.rthy but ha, a
Please See NEWS SHOITS Pare 10i

- -- --- ----

SCAOOL Ut ^ w.n i -Ui-o biILbDir.

Page 10 Saturday 19th January 1991 The Grenada Newsleter

Ptri pr :;.lin in th.t. there was not
5ufncieIt, pC'7r r the :ie- eryiin "ith
' "'ih she is -:-..ippoe-

Mr Overs retit :Le,? to a(n: in :. emrn-
ber and is :pe -:.j. to .--mpleit, by January,
reconstruction of the h'ul of the "Carh
Spirit" to v:-c .... ,CJ..?t two engines.

Following this, ':' will be a nT-.T-,nth
fishing trial. f this is .iucce:ssfi. he
Department will investigate th_ 1 ::..,y
of qtuir"ng a ri.:--.U from wh:l similar
boats :, be built.

Brizan In China

Early m *u-"" i.nic.r of F:.n,,. Mr

eorg .- r: -:.; spent , week in the
Ppu c f -i (Taiwan) at the invitation
of the "ov-err-nt of that country.

SDuring his misit, Mr Brizan had :- opport-
Sto s.., industrial or ,.n:,,i --n of
,the '".:,; tr:-Uirn progranrns for
1Wr..ers ..-.. e. ..r ^,,_ export
or k.e" -.on s : .-,- "_- .: .+ p -I -. ,
:relevant to G' de-' :e:F

?M;r Br-i-ani -- :tebd a io r -.1i-
| ..: De ..p ....riP Js -.,,nZ for. ..':,. I -
n by ikep : of XC-.

19th Jan,

Venezuelan Gift Of Cement

On January th, the Venezuela.:m crge
d'affairs, Mr Oscar Harnmadez, handed.
:v-er to Mr Kermy Laisirgh a gift from the
.: w.rrnentof V-en:uelt of 20, 000 bags of
cement -:,ud at Ever '- 00,-J,00

Increase In Stay-Over

>.-ovcr ri".l: in Gren., inre.ased in
1 1- 19.5_ ove the 19:89 figure,
re.a'i:r a i :t.:l of l 008.

According t.o a rleas. frnm the Grenada
B-- .:- ^-Tourism. stay-r..,r arridt from
the United-I t of A.rari_.a ji.u:ped to
L2.,1, anincrease of /7 .

Visitors from the United Kingdom r. i-
tered a srm:. incre.:'e of 2.3%, a total of
9,138, while '.i';rs from European count-
ries ved up by 9- to 9,657.

Cruise ship ar'rials adr: showed an in-
crese. Thirtv-five ships ade 34 3 calls in
., .b._- _; --r a :.!. of 183.159 p.s.en-
JEW, ..:- Of 52. "V6 th- 1- .

..--- --


tary 1991

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Alster Hughes, Jotraalit
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