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The Grenada newsletter
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Newsletter Monday 31st December 1990 Page 7

REVIEW From Page 6
born the fear among Grenadians that Sir
Eric Gairy's GULP might vin the elections.
The memory 'as fresh of Sir Eric's
administration in the 1970s when a gang of
thugs was used to intimidate all vwho
opposed GULP.
Union Had Not Lasted
In 1984, that fear had driven
three political parties to
uirte as the New Nation- '
al Party and vin the
elections, but the union
a .. not lasted and the
Threat of a GULP Vin ..''
Vas, once more, very

On February 9th, Mr
Jones announced that. MR BEN JONES
General Elections would ta: place -on
March 13th, and on nomination da.
February 23rd, 76 candidates reist-ered to
contest the 15 House of Fepr sent:aTves

TNP, NDC, NNP and GULP each
nominated 15 candidates while
MBPM nominated 13 candidates mak--
Sing a total of 73 candidates com-
Speting with the backing of a political
party. There were three indepen-

.'NDC were early favf'.u-i: tc. vmi t"
Iel sections During the camp.'i, ,e
the party began to lose;gi- ..f the re-introduction or st.,ial ja,-- .ie
, (Quiestioned by id ed. It
B al'haite and other member of t--e p.rt
delined to state that an INDC G..r enr- t
Should definitely not re-ine.:duce .i-. t~ :.
Was An Important issue
Ths vyas an important: jsru; e .,rth t.-
electorate and the indecisiveness A.1 '-: HDC
leadership had an .adv,'-a .ffec on the.
pc.l arity of the party.

;A? d F wa r.eas"_^a, h m ver:
vsea Mr Braat trae .anwi pnfh/A; f
(Awt an NDC Ccw erm&ent voutd ean
tefer any carntmsaimt s re-
;rtrfdace parof-n!d sa na Asr argF
' vs conhsrsma _sn? f.w /,vZrJY
priton nmAs/es

Another feature of the campaign was the
position of Sir Eric Gairy. Many months
before, Sir Eric disclosed to the media that
ius eyesight was failing but. that he had a
strong belief that God would restore it
before the elections took place. Unless
this restoration took place, he said, he
oulId not contest the elections as a
He Had Had A Nev 'Message"
When election day was announced, the
restoration had. not taken place but Sir Eric
told the media he had had a rne "message"
w-hich would guide his actions.

He had been told, he said, that it Vas
God who had put him in a position of
leadership- He (Gairy) had not put
himself there, the message continued,
so he could not remove himself and,
therefore, he had decided that he
would. contest the elections as a

Tie res u;ts o the elections were
inconclusive. NDC von seven seats, one
.hort of .- majority. TNP and 1 4IP each
v'.n tw:: .eats while GULP von four seal.

l.hese r. uts set.-ff intense
beh indr-tie-scenes- inter-
party. ne.u tions vitht
NDC and GULP as the A.-
i i r' tctrs. Sir -:
-, rn.A.t win his seat.
[a. wi.h ur Se--tfS under
1. c:,r,, u GUTP -
r t- v..y support of tl:_e
'-4" T TF' and NNP se.s,
-7, ih hias four GULP
sats, 1najority of eight to
lefteat the seven NDC seats SIR ERIC GAIRY
in the ace for the Govern-
Split Three Ways
forni.. sources told NEWLETTER Mr
-:on E w offered the Prime Ministership if
he vWC enter into this arrangement. At
, s am.e inme, NDC also began ne -otiations
vii, i Mr ..ones as TNP Political Leader and
an i:frrmed source told NEWSLETTER
the T I membership vas split three ways.

O rsi, 3:, led by Mr Jones, Yas in favour
of ea~i~oin a.n arrangement viUth NDC
Please uee HEVIEW Page 8

Page 8 Monday 31st December 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

REVIEW From Patt 7
Another faction favoured the alliance with
GULP arnd NNP vhich vould have made.
Mr Jones Prime Minister and assured
appointment of TNP members as Senators
and other officials. The third faction was
not in favour of either of the proposals and.
vould have preferred to remain in
Expressed His Support
In the mean time, Mr Edzel Thomas, one of
the GULP successful candidates defected
from GULP and joined NDC, giving that
party the majority and, therefore' control
of the Government. Mr Jones
subsequently expressed his support f.'or the
NDC Government. He and his TNP
colleague, Mr Alleyne Walker, did not join
NDC but, still as members of TNP, threw in
their lot. ith Prime Minister Brathwaite.



bleak picture of Grenada's "hopeless
budgetary situation" vhichhis Government
had inherited, and the "magnitude of the
task involved in trying to turn around ma
almost bankrupt country".

"We decided that the most practical
and pragmatic position vhich we
could adopt in the circumstances," he
said, as to present a holding
budget with a deficit of the same size
as the 1989 outturn"
Reports Of Disaffection
Shortly after, ite Government was
strengthened when Dr Lawrence Gibbs
defected from GULP and joined NDC. As
the year drew to a close, however, there
were reports ,of disaffection in party ranks.

........ .-...-. --...- -..... ...-. ...-..-. -..h...... ...... p.s. e reports claim ed that

e . th at. . . . .1 N D C'^.... ....""....."' ':... :... :.....:....: :... `.-................,"..:... : ..:: ..... b e in g
satisfied with
Brathwaite had the way he was
? that NDC b
id noat enter into a ........... ........... ........... .......
iition government i4 members of NNP.
h any party so tat, following : They camed also
+i ; i. t. .-....== Tt y claimed also ithit.

'-ii g 1L a on5.'".bi j sia ert eic m41a L svJ
election results, what emerged wv a iose.
arr anwgtemnt.

The heart of the arrangement was the semen
S-... seats land with that heart, f:ri ng the
i vernment, were the two TNP s-:as and
S:he defncto;r from GULP, Mr Thoias

j The custom in Grenada is that Gohermenti
press nts tie annual budget in March btl-
Il ectiors: having taken place in that.. month, t
S''-3 not p-ossible for the NDC g:,rvern;ent
|i o f1olow that custom.
Introduction Of A Fiscal Policy_
Instead, Governor General Sir Paul Scoon
readjI the Throne Speech (outlining the
Gi.-vermrient's policies) on April 6th. Tiose
plicies included introduction ofr fscl-
i poli.icy which is "fair, equitable, adequate
amnid elastic in growth" but which "will nit.
or:-,vide for re-introduction of Personal,
4iTn 1 Ie Tr-I-s".

n April 19t1h, Minister of FirnzK:e. Pt
S-ForS rizan, presented an EC ?,. -
: orll< "holding" budget for 1990.

,n .is -resentation, Mr Brizan paLjne.1 a

-r Francis A- s was secretly undaerrinrg
ri'~e '-'-Mini Brathvaite with a viev to
.siguia a "p;ialace coup".

B.h M-.r Bra;waite and Dr Alexis denied
-.there r truth in the reports con-
.-ernm-. i~m, but the Prime Minister
c. armed t. 14 here nad been complaints

Had Been Justified
The Prime tm, ,r told NEWSLETTER
Mr iJones t en justified in complaining
Shi.m 1 .- hat jter :he Elections in March,
little or -no verrnent money was being
spent. in _the .itueXncy which Mr Jones
etrerresents Mr Brathwaite said,, tha:t tl matter had been rectified.

e Mirn r of Finance, Mr George
Bri .fl on 27th December 1990, presented
a EC$-260-.O1 million budget for 1991
Tvive revenue.-increasing bills and one
i -.i.:tn cr.Mnerndinrg property tax were intro-
.i ed. All relevant Acts were passed by
The Hose and Sen.ate by 31st December and
before the debate on the Budget had been
s Se ompiEleted.
Please See REVIEW Pare 9

1 --

The Grenada Newsletter Monday 31st December 1990 Page 9
REVIEW From Page 8

Politically, if 1990 opened n a note of
uncertainty, the year closed on a note of
discontent. Not only was there
dissatisfaction over the haste with which the
Acts had been passed before the Opposition
had .made its contribution, b-ut. there vas
Public dissatisracto n with the increased

- at -




SEspecially w as there dissatisf o
35 f 1990, the National Dbt re L
e introduction of which s r

Ir.1j to 1 ID lit
reach of the NDC elect" n pr-

-- m m[o iia'-" F

f 3 J.acd ash j MJ
oancsi, ..

& 1i a
Inr tioa .,_m ... fy.

Grenada Appeal.... 0:i -i..i .
e uinis of the -Maurice l-p ii

j -rn ouCt of incidents i S C" i ".:. -:--
-tober 193 18 person ere nt -r
: r rihe murder of Prime ..- mi..-. "a.-..
.:p and 10 other persons -e
S on March th 1986r ..
l- -zis Byron andt as r .-T ,:-. hri
Sauber of the se f-.
:~ ~~ ~~; Ar-;n: ,it"i ide :-,:-.....
........ -ia~ ,'_-; :,.,..%.::% i,'i

-J ..' k. ri;

One of the accm.ed was ford not guilty,
three were convicted of manslaughter and
14 were condemned to die.

On th May 1988, th Appeal Coulrt began
its hearings of this matter ard, when it at
for the first time in 1990, had competed
(to, 23r ..uanurym 1990) 2 day- of hearings.

After a .tota o 122 days of the Court's
sitting, a.l pleadings were complete on i9th
September 1990 andc. on that day, President.
of the Cour t, Sir Fred.rick Smith told
-EWSLTT.E that he hoped a verbal
d.-ement could be delivered- towards the
nd of November or early in December.
The writ en judgement would take longer.
he said
Had Not Been Fulfilled
At year's end, however. Sir Frederick's had. not been fulfilled and. it was
reptd h the udgem t uld be

tsert e.-ve.iopmntS i 1990 .. oryi.. of n.::.t

n indication of the state of the
T ,7 given when leading Grenad.a
,-ti. r :-
m tJon rownel& Hubbard Ltc, report-
Sareholders that he fir st. ti e
*,; i, t.ory, manual sales had eceede d

1 f4. in 0on P t-r--1 Cl
.;---.i- e.

-. j indication f the state of tlhe
a the published report of the
,_Th.oan Centr al Ban f'br the period
i September 19'9. Tourism :
r-i on were tfe main sectors vich
r:ted economic Poth in Grenada
c t.. said. Growth mi thie Gros-
-E Product vas provisionallv
-.- at. 5.3, but the warning w-as
.= hE ,- possibility of a corringWslo-

Z -. vg-.,^ ?A -

Please See REVIEW Page 10

Page 10 Monday 31st December 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

REVIEW From Page 9
,tory i wt thl e qtfgfs2 t IJe sPSV

|if, Ammaa a.parC .adate ,i
s, -n st.e. e. ectByZ1011g-.
.. r, r
tl '{i ;xr &d Lasl-7 trji. Ca, ist s'
~:- rr~aiP ?Vy&kOlf

5. Amnesty Inter.atir-onals 1990 Re'port
refers to a complaint that some of the
condemned persons in the Maurice Bishop
Murder Trial had been ill-treated by
Riclr~mrond Hill Prison staff.
Defiance And Resistance
According to Armnesty, an inquiry
conducted by the Prison Department f-rou
the degree of restraint by Priscon Staff was
consistent vith defiance and resistancei
offered by the prisoners and tha. ti.e i-ury
suffered -as minima Amnestyv po-ints
out that the officers accused of ill-treatment
bel.:ed to the same agencyy" 7ich
conducted the inquiry

Anmesty says also that the report Wo the
iry does not indicate the compositi- n,
term's of referencrre or procedures of the
investigating body, it fails to indicate w-:
had bee interviewed and doe; nog ive.
i s f the circumstances tua1- Fri

w Pdi.-- sw -:
Apri ,

7.A a signing cerenjon.. on F it
i non-re sident Am ssaor to
Grenada-, r Mitsu .IIjima, pld-d S-"ome
USit29 million covering the second

t The first phase o], this J.p-y-se
m-d e r ect -as covered b a p- ar
.IA i-3 3'" i.C"

." E .0.. .ay 27th Jy, .. .in

.h -, 0-ciety), underr Ima.m

S -. .nnt of Trimdad. T

LIO Min- irm" Phd:ip'
1_____ ____

lreytibI at 1110 SA3sm ArrWd HOFre
RsMF Om2tra ; A ^ :7L f A eqv. eiFsV
2i6:07 ial 21M 'Jnire 7ry

pivprder-ty e rl
Launched Out
11. Wi effect from nSeteiber 5th, the
Eastern Caribbean Drug Services (ECDS)
launched out a self-supporting organ
-iation. Est-ablished sor five years ago to
be drugs-purch-a.sing-aElnt for the countries
of the Orgamisa.tion of East Caribbean
States, ECDS -as sponsored by the. United
State agency For International Develop-
rment m.ith. a ra nt of over US$3.1 million.
12. ONd M b:: iers cfth ren i ari |
t,--Ra. m. i'.e. d co. Septnitb~e'/

Si- Erwiie f tec sts wepe i
asn- IMw 1f0 coien.g pOrWN yf\
24A .- '-. s I'Zil osi c&.ir M tflsIi

13. A, Report t1 -mbers of the Grenada
oa ociatin from the Board of
Ma n circulated in Sep member
advisess that price forecasts depend on
,de.-op~- r, '. West Africa and Brazil.
I nurt- prices : or the corn-ng crop year
Oc.eri : 1 Seept , 1991 could
rat be Wreast at that timeI.

14. a "i s ". ---.sss-r s ml n-in
A ^i.,,'.- -''.. j A .\ .
A -: 7- , .

1 J- rin -he Spt er iss -ue of its magazine
'" es". '.he Caribbean News
A j. pb- -is.ed-. r -atings of business
SIa- e in 7Le Caribbean CommInitA.1.

1.6 .' a... ,... '-.,. .s, .a i |.. ,

:\:'1. .I A& N .* I'T- igal
-72 OP wakof
r! Ink &ran" aW
- :-' LX .f c" -1i .-

17 O: 3rd, the United1 States
PleIsse SBe HEVIEW Page 11


The Grenada Newsletter Monday 31st December 1990 Page 11


Over-Supply Of Fish In

The Government Information Service
(3IS) quotes the then Minister of Agricul-
ture & Fisheries, Mr Ben Jones, as stating- in
June last that Grenada had an ver-suitplv of

According to Mr Jones, this over-supply
resulted in over 200,000 pounds of fish
being kept in cold storage.

REVIEW From Page 10
Agency for International Development
(USAID) pledged a further US$1.4 milli.. n
to the completion of the Gran Are Sewer
System Project. This brou ght to US$4.4
million the total USAID grant for ths pro-

1'8. n a,1it-7Sa--.eR ,, ..- a-

'r'- f a t A em Ir t~. -. J L .

r CUnlikelr To C -ontiss c

S.; The Report of ti- E-astrr: -',,.-
s re f. .. $ -'_n -. SS I .
ZLA_? iy a -' ast .s;i .^' t-

dbTudhe Roer tie thee vrts-. ,-.--
R2uide cov er thepas Pa .s:202

cr to. expan-sion : n.... .
. rs Rpbut ort ns t-he teorn CrjI n- Ban (ECu B), to is; ,-h 199I-
published in November, says Gre'apa

a *nstructionis unlikely 10 wnwe

I .z r p .p',t- .,- .- -

jf -moqs

" /w N.,. -_ t ... _,,.. ........
, ; -i +3+:&

However, Mr Raymond Steele, Manager of i
the Artisnal Fisheries Project, told GIS that,
between September and November of last.
year, afig ure iexcess of 75,50 pounds of
this over-supply had been marketed.

Mr Steele said also that, in the third quarter
of 19 90, the Project earned more than
EC $3'77 ,0 00 in gross income.

Of this figure, EC$170,900 had. been
derived from the sale of fisk_.. and
EC$2f, 190 from the sale of equipment.

Canadian High Commissioner
Presents Letters

Ms ..~.t Zukowsy, non-resident Canadian3
High C-1 Umilssioner to Grenada, stationed
in Barbados, presented her Letters of Intro-
duction tov Prime Minister Nicholas Brath-
a ite on Tuesday 13th November 1990.

Company Prospecting For

-A mn n company, Antilles Resources Ltd,
ias been granted a licence to prospect for
nirctalns in Grenada.

cc.orditgo tthe Governmrent Information .
er ..e (-.), drilling comnnenced in
Pase See NEWS SHORTS Page 12

21. A Report to shareholders of Grenada
br. -ri_ s, published in November, indi-
cates AitS t-hs company had had a successful

22. r c e

,.-y /^^ .s. e
sq1yg' 6"L aftrs 011

.(. 3isJ I'. Jt r Lt.JAi.s-set

iJ E Md" ma mmu me m

SI'I! .


Page 12 Monday 31st December 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

NEWS SHORTS Prom Page 11
December in an area on the west coast of the

A source in the Department of Energy told
SGIS that prospecting is for both precious
and base metals and, if any metals are
found, an agreement will have to be entered
into with Govermnent with respect to
further proceedings.

SProspectng is being carried out by a staff of

CARDI To Help, Nutmegs

The Caribbean Agricultural Research &
Development Institute (CARDI) is
attempting to find a solution to the disease
nutmeg ilt" which is having a serious
impact on the Nutmeg industry in Grenada.

SService (GIS), a delegation from CARDI,
last month called on the then Minster of


No cure has as yet been found for "nutmeg
vilt": which causes the loss of some 2, 000 to
3,000 trees annually.

The consequence of this is a loss of 30,000
to 54,000 pounds of nutmeg and 3,300 to
5,900 pounds of nmace annually.

Hot Pe.per Expansion

The Agricultural Rehabilitation & Crop
Dive.rsification Unit, in collaboration with
farmers, hat increased the national areage
devoted to the- hot pepper crop from six to
some 10 acres.

A spokesman n for the Unit told
Governraent ~Information Service that
crop continues to enjoy good sales in
United Slates, Britain and Holland.


Between .January and August of 1990,
30,000 po-uns of hot peppers were
exported The export figure for the period
September to I4roember is nearly 28,000

Alister Hughes

31 t December 1990

Printed & Publimid B -y The Propiietor
ALfSer Kagkes, Journalist
Of Scott s~ reet S Georges ,Gienaua. aWestiUnies
(P.O.Box 65: Phone 8- 440 253: Cables lUSON, Grnada)


- --


The Genad_

Volume 18 Monday 31st December 1990 Number 19

S Brizan Presents Budget-----... 2
S1wev of 1990 .... ........ 6
Nevs Shorts-...... ..--.......... 11


A '" K_ ." P~.,*:..


IiNational Budget o"f EC$26 .5
million. Recurrent ,.-..Exn- -,t
Is estimated at ECQ$-i.96 u. rr-li'n
and Capital Expenditure at EC- $64. 5 -
ion .. . -

Sintrodced .and Local Revenue is estimrnted
Stob be C.C$197.8mEiion,. an increase
approxinmtely EC$48.3 redllion >ore han
EC$4&. rr3mlion nore teiv
the 199! ;aproed estimates.
.Finaned LargelyFrom Loans
Capital E;penditure is mestiItd .a. ErI. .
iahoni, d .-1-ill be financed si'- --i
go-ans -amiounting t EC$28.2 n 1 n
gr-nt or C-$34.1 million.

.T.e i.'.ures were disclosed by Ml s -
i_4.a.ce Mr George Brizan as he pr-e-i
the E.u .et to the House of Represeria _
:n 27th December 199 -

ejrassed r e -.' .B / -

Iw. tr dt.e to desjtis t^32s wc b
,""s'cdthr s z"p wp at -.. ..

^;tt ,i:d As t&ten pfeceldae --
Jine_ ta.j es"pesid,..... "Aw .. ..
S i L-'1 42.-
Z; Mn r Jq T 2Qkie4.'A


According to- the Minster the
estimated Loc-I Revenie of
EC$S197.8 is to be derived, princi--
paliy, from import Duties, Value
Added Tax (VAT), Bssiness' Levy,
Land Transfer Tax, Property Tax,
Cruise Ship Passenger Tax, Motor
Vehicle Drivers Litense, Supreme
- court Regisr-, Ticket ax, addition-
a! VA'T o. overseas: -ie~phoe. calls,
raie T Lieeiases and a Debt Service
omes into Effect
i d.- soe or th.s.ese -iHeads :of
r n.., Mr Ca.'- saC afn increase of !
port D ..i-appr-imately EC$9.7
-eted a :r f anticipated eco nomic
Y"-at~ a res:.t of introduction
S ari- c n Commun"ity (CARICOM)
C :mn E-ernal,, Tari ,'rhich comes int,
tfftec Y-:n jAnar."1 ist 591.

.. ai'- ai. ill account. for an
r.ceasje Z r43-1e of EC 6 ar i li> ad3
i Increasehe (t of Qng by 3%.
_iJ^-L, G O;. Ton OPage 3


Page 2- monday 31st December 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter


PI? T1 Q TTSTT f ,.,^

Tt. iT~ A .t a a -~-

I m I irm.,ULSI I vnwsmui
BUDGET From Page 2
II I I ]


tortured ti
in th lust
r cook-tnJ a
Son this nat
introduction o
Income Tax.)

Amendment to the AT 1
|1990, is expected to yi
iapproximiately EC$6.3
1 f0 actual outt-rn.

The Business Levy rill r
the net profit erthod f
jart.nerships, that is, o
S:.iresses. A Corporati

rie o.-f 3:0, on the fir

k uendrnents are to be
Transfer T ax and a incr
e T- as a res"
42ded to the Valuatio- Li

Svisitor, passed in r199
1,t effect in that Tear v
jde by cruise ship repr -
| ill be increased to N
S0ill be enforced in i

ipmted from increase
1.c Licenses cov-ring r
-Cars an Vans, Ca
.red Vans, Buses and
ii Uy LV Cl1- S. T. 4 M1r -l
nI L .earners Ltt

-,-- rizan sai Supr.--
5 __""_"-_'__ ____ __

.wr Monday S. st Uecember 1990 Page 3

.. Fees have been at a "ridicuo usly ilo level"
for a long time and these are to be

rsTly findI Un-der the Ticket Ta, a ta of 10% is to be
i ; EscJ- l.evie on the cost of adi travel tickets,
regardless of the place of purchase, if the-
and Ow travel originates in Grenada. This measure
trs tht-, La is expected to yield EC$2.5 m.miion n ]991.
:. Cbin.et4 ,Under te De bt Service Levy Act the
mouth il Minister's orig l poposl w that all
I nc"mes over HEC$ 10 O per mann sholtld
e sbect to a levy of 1 n the
-r. 1 re- promptings of the Opposition, hwexer, the
- Personal annual nrcme fi gue was revised t
-3ECS.,-,-, At the original figu. e f If
SE10,000, Mr Brizan's estimate of
reven ~ e i: be derived Wa EC$9.6 millionn.
Contradiction Of The NDC Promise

. .A. inr-ease -of -hich is a reintroduction of Personal
million er h i- Tax in contradiction of the NDC
-r,:-.use -ot- t. do so, Mr BriCan said he

Si n ain, agish and sou-ahin" ih
.r indi s -..aiJ" I.,. tort .red the Cabinet tn reachin. a
on lx is to be

-ths will he .- t-hs 'i-' to 'eigh the interest of Grenada
-t. E .OUU w a is of a-li the people of this country, as
Sa commitment jhih we ade 11

e.e '.f revenue of p ."..- irco's'," he
perc S f:rm te Pleasa See BUDGET Page 5
A -a rg, -
-. I XPleas See B G TP-are 5


i a. Foandled 17th August 19,73
.--- ...4274th IssU
-per 7 Mo0` CABOT AVAED 1-4
|r Subscription Rates
j Paable in Advance1 |
a sogie UijnP 1; js ag i By Second Class Air Mail
n. land Ptas Gna- d-e.
4 US$
H 10 I^STSu $i15.00 $ 43.00
r20 Issus $2o0.oo $ 77.00

.. t.r .
=. ------,3_..
W. .=a L ,., _;::, i. < : .,, _L _a -- A
ISM3Ru!ihe T
11.;.,:>-;.:.:h-,, a:41c ~ a~dc !?h u~tibayi

. ., ).. I *, .,9 r

FPage 4 Monday 31st December 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

|The Appiropriation (1991) Act 1990

Recurrent Ca itai Total
Governor General....................E C$ 369,589 6,500 386,0 9
Parliament................................... 715.777 -- 715,777
Supreme Court............................ 3,357, 4 00 3,361,04
SMagistracu.................... ....... 65 78 7500 657678
Audit .............. ................ ....3 4,570 -- 14,57
SPublic Service Commission.... 233,594 13,000 246,594
Director Of Public
Prosecutions................... ............ 7 -32 9 4 000 330,894
Electonralt f f ........................ 354 717 354, 717
Ministry of Legal Affairs
& Local Government ... ....... ,363767 963,,500 3,327,267
SPrime Miister's Mi stry........2 4,059,00 60,493
P Prisons..... .............. .. .. ..... 2 72 7 ---- 2,872,0 7
SPo ice...................... .. ......... i .5 075 12 14.713,07
SRadio Grenada ................ ...... 377 449 400 000 777,449
SMimristry of Tourism, Civil
Aviation & Women's
f fairs.......... ............. 7,405,060 423 .0 0 1 1 ,613,060
inis try of External A- ffairs
S ICRICOM/r Affairs & nFC .:
SPolitical Unification...... 6 no.0.3i 3 00 6. 98,938 i
SMinstru f Labour, Socia
S Security, Co;mm-unit,
S Devel-opment 8 Co-
SOperati es.................... 324 5 5. 00 3 796,473
Personnel & Management
-Services... ... 4 07 ---- 458074
Ministry of Finance ........ 4 ..9226 0 2, 974,226
,-ns-ons-,-,-, 12.000,000 -.--.. 12 000.000 |

Ministry of WorkU s
L Communications &:
S Public Utilities......... !5,000,5S4 1505.000 3 1,305,584
o .f ....... .. ...........
,a ltn 4C n -p
S. f ice.,..-----.......... ........ i ,29 5 1,293,335
SMinistry of Education
I Culture, Youth Affair3
; '7 Sc. or s ......... .. ............ i 4 4425,- -
I & Sports... 33,8,506 2,4?6.5 14 36.425,020
Sinister of Health, i
Using & The
4i s i o. .In e Th e;
S Environment..... 5 -. ..'-3,2 36,170,525
nistry of Agriculture
SFrestry, Lands &
S.Fisheries ............... 1 1. .: .843.000 26.343.646

I I |" L;6 ., 7 -T 24572 .z9J 260,573,297
. .; ,
i ''' I i . i I l i
. _-

I ~IiI' .'

Trhe.renadNevsletter -- Meonday 31 st December 1990 Page 5

BUDGET FrommPe 3
I As a responsible Government, the Minister
said, ND.could not shrink from taking the
necessary steps to restore Grenada's credit-
vorthiness nor was ND.C prepared to sub-
ject Grenada to the harshnesss of 'an IMPM
programme which couid bring i its vake ,
riots and civil comrmotion ......"

"HovweYver, in taking cogis-ance of. he
voices ..ofthe-people," Mr Brizan said, "ve
are confident that. the Debt Service Levy
1ill be .temporary in; ry, tir the
accumulated: arrears 8 f debtGe service
amounting to EC$69 rmi-hion1 ri.-ae been

e ne

d and alter-
e sources
revenue are identified :.;d i
revenue base strength,

iMr Brizan said it is difficult to s a celrng
for inflation but he did not ine this woul
exceed 5% in 1991, and the prospect ts tr
job-creation are very good.

'T-he Minister did not refer t th, prc .bem

| ,cing .the Banana Ind-try -when e
Protected British nari-t i ne k le
Sf.llowving the introductis: io e Eui oean.
,C..nmnon Market in "19' but r -Ar 1i
itrease in production of ".it 5 '
Will Continue To Ris
I- C-a production ill renan n 1
jsame level as in 1990, he said1 Uit ,g e :,i
ialue will continue to rise rE m-e1seo
I prices.

r Brizan said production .f and
rItace is projected to, dcrii.- in -1990 b-
S-,% and 1.4% respectivel Far n.S
S''rn these products will :-r, resoLJeuI-
|I ,rm EC$16.6 million 1 E.i 3 IfU. i
t" id EC$3.U million to EC$ I 0iu muo:

-.see significant decre-a:c ,n- p-,o
| n'rmngs are expected, the ,-jni.te. .
Result of the collapse : M i.
S ."r, eating Agreement v ;i KY- .ia.
i h Indonesia.

I Brizan said. the proe s;t ct r- r -.:i-
S:-r encouraging with --o-ver ViStr
S:.pected to gTro by Ig% 8 'i-e f rrjise-iur"
, --w-_e_,rl~~--i

arrivals will be up by 30%.
High Level Of Activity
With the citing on stream of the EC$7.9
million Housing Construction Scheme of the
National Housini Authority and t.he
Grenada Development Bank, and with aval-
.ability of an -EC$2.7 million Line of Credit
frnm the Venezuelan Government, The

Sector. .

DetMails ,ere- given by Mr E ri-an of
favourarile prospects in the :Mamnufcfuring
Sec tor which, he sai,

Sgrowth oft
1ba1d a .r, ec-md rSe r

i a 9% over the
1990 figure.

SThe Minister saw'1
fa-vourable prospects
-.r renada in 1991- Construction
Srspo vtTi-f and comnu" ieatiais ar
e-p- .e'- . O... plS . iv', l, he said,
(YLK'H I rovwth of 1.3% is expected in tie
Ag--*r r iouti a Ctor.
`:'Pdf?7 "o idina- rrt
witm p ing e rman imlietusJ
S: I M-lr Brizan sad, Grenada's
;c<--r:mr is projected to grov, in real

ro iI i iy


.1. ,
I i 4, soi 6, 00-, citizens of the tiny Baltic
pripaity of Couran.d established the
firs per.mament colony in Tobago on lands
vich -oda. still bear the name "Courlaid"

,er l same year, a Dutch colony .as
-. in Tobago not very far from the

A trey~ between Holland and Courlaind
S-event. open hostilities between the t.wo
. a. uc 1tli 1658 when the- Duke of was deposed and Couriand in
pe was occupied by the Dutch.

:- receiving this news, the Dutch Coloii-
" -- ,, r ".

: SA. .is. e tdthe Couriand fort in Tobago
;ai tr.k. posession of fthe settlement in the
a t~~-r r ... nce o.f Cran.e

Page 6 Monday 31st December 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter

II9 0

of uncertainty hung over the island. Grenadians awre unsure of their
future. General Elections were coristitutiton ally due by March 28th but
many political questions remained unanswered and the situation was

The National Party (TNP) was, in large
measure, thqa centre of this confusion.
Launched a..recently as August 1989, TNP
is one of the splinter groups resulting from
friction within the New National- P- art
INP)'. IUnder the leadership of Prime
Minister Herbert Blaize, NNP won a
landsiide victory in the General Elections
of 1984 but, almost from the outset, it vas
anI unstable grouping.

1 I I I '
:: : :.:-. ': .. ;

: '. --;:"- C' I


u'thln 'o years after that victor, V ns
reon .3 -how. and, in 1987, the first-
rffnter r oup, the National D r"- -?

in thr prty continued and, i, :
S'"ti. t~-rd to the Prime Minister tache
:f .* ir;-i NNP, took the name TH and

i -
b .nner ~

* But, when Prime Minister Blaize died on
December 19it 1989, surrounded by
contr rs and unrove, and ith little
more than three months before General
Elections were due, TNP became an
uncertain entity

That uncertainty arose from the fact
that, to a great etent, TNP had
depended on the personality of Prime
Minister Blaize for its popular
support. This asset vas lost vith
Biaize's and there vas no one
to fill his shoes adequately. It fell to
Mr Ben Jones to assume leadership of
the party but Mr Jones did not have
the politi cal statre of Blaize

It. IItL,.diai.iy clear that TNP, then
i- !~ 'Any ie .u seats of the fifteen in the
is--e of RP :fprestat.v, needed more
!r ti.--- :,e available to prepare for
iti-s .e pA.rty did not seem able to
-- cri.. .- it vas also clear that
.,-,.--_, be iard. put to retain the
Did Not Hold A Seat
S_ ohier side of the. Table in the Ho-use
'* -epresentative. Wer e lth tree seats of
he N Iatnal Part.y (NNP) led by Dr i. There also were the six
SaS" ~- eWr Democratic Co.ngre s
.. .. by M- Nicholas Brati-aite who
id .h-ld a .e in the House.

Al.;_m .-.,n th'e political scene, were
t ,,r p.r;, n-eiter holding seats in
-ite oe -t pected to contest the I
sections T.ihese vere Sir Eric Gary
.i sia rnied Labour Party (GULP) ay
I; Maurice Bisho Patriotic Movement
SMBP.i) led by Dr Terrance Marrys-hov.

.ith the brea up of NNP and the
:rrraiOL r, slinter ,groups, there wass
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DI W r


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