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The trrcnads


Volume 18 Sat-rday ist December 1990 Number 17




"Te Trp qp r stint the defJicit inr
GovErnrent 's fJicntrces is unawcceptably wiid&":


BrathwHaiti said in an interview
with NE...SLETTER on No.vem-
ber 30th tUhat Grenada fac-s a ser ious fisca
situation and the "gp represents the
deficit in Gover-nt's finances is
unacceptably vide.

"In the budget to be presented in
December," he sai, "we ave to tae somel
tough decisions or else the country is going
to come to a standstill especially with res-
pect to its Public Sector investment pro-

Mr Brathwaite declined to sayf'
however, whether the tough
decisions' include a re-introductioz*
of Personal Income Tax.
Persona I-ncomeTax was aboished in 1986.
by the New NaVtiorI Party Goverrnent ofi
the late Prime Minister Herbert Blaize and-
its re-introduction or not played a prom-f
int, p-at in the cam nain for Generali
Eiectio.ns in Mbarch of this year. (

SGrenada's Bu dget Needs
Tough Decisions.----. ----...-. 1
I Brathwaite Disregarding
Rumours. .....---------------_ 3
SGrenada Not Ready For
Tourist Development..--...-- 4
OGrenada Breveries Has
Good Year-......----..--..--....- 5
ONutmeg Industry In
Trouble....------.--....--....-- 7
ONevs Shorts-.....-................ 9
Initially, Mr Brathwaite's National Demo-
cratic Congress (NDC) party declined to say
whether or not NDC vould re-introduce
Personal Income Tax if that party von the
elections, but sensing a loss of popular
support because of this indecision, the party
Please See Badret Pare 2



-- -I-~- 1---
- -- --


Page 2 Saturday 1st December 1990 The Grenada Newsletter
BUDGET From Page 1


"Under no circumstance will NDC re-
introduce personal income tax," Mr
Brathvaite told the press then-

Rernirded of this in the interview on
November 30th, the Prime Minister
declined to comnam-nt. It would be
"unfortunate", he sid, for him to comm-ient
on a matter which relates directly to the

most he!
would be
t say, Mr.r
said., is that the budg, t vill be preseite
to Pariia re on e ti r t 27,h or 28 .
December and, if Goveriirrnti is to get
assistance from donor countries, Govern-
ment must shove that it is putting its ho-s. in
Softemnag p
Under a front page headline of "Softening
Up For More Taxes ? the "Gre ;adia
Voice newspaper of Nove n' r 20t quotes
Prime Minister Brathv.ait as saying the
deficit in the 1990 Budget could tu-rn uit -
be more that EC$50 milliotr instead of the
EC$11 million originally project ted

According to the "Voice' the Prime
Minister says this increase in the
deficit is the result of debts which
were not properly reflected in the
Budgets of previous Governments
and which now have to be serviced.

"Mr Brathwaite said that instead of
recording the comm-itr-ments which sho-,uld
be met each year," the 'Voice ss
i"previou Governments had budgeted mider
expenditure for what they expected to be
able to pay."

In what, the "Voice" says, some
observers regard as a "softening up-
for a 1991 asutcrif- RB l -r;

j .- -'- ---- rl jLgei6 wi.t newV
Taxation measures, the Ministry of
Finance has issued several press '
releases giving details of large loans

These include loans from the Govermnent
of Libya and the firm of Plessy Airports,
both made by the Peoples Revolutionary
Government in the period 1979 to 1983.

One Ministry of Finance press release says
that, at 31st December 1989, the principal
outstanding on the Plessy loan vas
EC$2 5,206,842 00. The amount due to be
paid in 1991 against this sum, including
interest, arrears and an installment of
EC $6.3 million, is EC $16.06 million.

The release says Plessy has been
approached to reschedule the debt but
there has been no response and this is
seen as an indication that Plessy
wants the debt repaid as originally
arranged -
Nothing Has Been Repaid
Another Ministry of Finance release
says the total outstanding on the loans
from the Libyan Government was
E 13 564 million at 31st December
last. These loans were repayable
between 1984 and 1990 but nothing
has been repaid.

According, to the "Voice", Prime Minister
Brathwait* said. also that Grenada is in
default in respect of contributions to
regional and international institutions.

Mr Brathwaie said that, as a result,
Gr'enada recently came close to losing its
voting rights in the Pan American Health

took a stand.

SSaturday 1st December 1990

afe prefers to rlgtJaf twhr s reIawming to
['4P,'iifRj -0akcinq a


BFrathraite said In an ineriew
vith NEWSLETTER on i30th
SNovember that he had heard
rumours of disloyalty within his National
Democratic Party (NDC) an r reports of a
possible "palace coup" but has paid rno
i attention to them. 0

SI have been told about
certain allegiance and
alliances and all kinds of
Things being formed" he o
said, "and the problem
vhich arises is how ne -
Sreacts to rumours..

Mr Brati aite's reference to:-
"allegiances and alliances"
c-)ncerns a rnember of his
National Delnocratic_ Con- :D
presss (NDC), Attorney G-nerai DR
and Minister for Legal Affairs, Dr Fra-cis.

With A View To Ousting
SPersistent reports s-ay Dr Aei~ s i ooin
the suport-of some members of the Govern-
ment aiNd Oppositicon with a view to ous1Wn
Priine Minister Brathiwaite houh a v: o
If "Dno confidence" passed In P-r1li rnent.

AMr hratl frae &ay jEwm2 Rig
hte has sr ten aotlhunch flimce hin
s'-spSucso or gfw---- n---;" r

vith Dr Alexis has established relioniips in
ith" people in the Oppoosi n but he is .i

no: position to cornraient on this.

"I am not party to these things", he said. "I
don't know if there is any truth in it, but
certainly, I do not have any evidence which
wYoud give me any thought that this is really

Had Not Thought it Necessary
Mr Brathaite said he had not
-._ thought it necessary to discuss the
S atter vith Dr Aleis, there is
.ab.soluetey no tension in the
: '.,.working of Cabinet and he
rbelie.vs 1tV reports have been cir-
cated to embarrass the Govern

. :. .' -- .. . ..
T The Prime nister vWas
o asked also about reports that
3 aLEX s Mr Ben Jones Minister for
Please See uiaourns Page 4

SThe C enada_

SFouded 17th August 1973
| 425th Issue
I Subscription Rates
PayaMe In Advance
ulrPostae Paid By Second Class Air Mail
1i {(Inaid Post In Grenada)
10 I33ss $115-00 $ 43.00
S20 Issues 2070 $ 7700
40 Issues $390.00 $146-00
SAbout 20 isses Published Annualy
II. ~ .........- ~_.... __

Page 3

The Grenad~a Nevsssetter


Page 4 Saturday 1st December 199y The Grenada Nevsletter


_D S-1 El 0LFL

sna, 4, President the Gre-
nada Hotel Association i(GHA),
said, in an inteh NEWE LETTEQ,
on November 22nd, t:hat renada is not
ready for the surge in Tourism de elo-
ment for hich the island is poised.

"With some 1, 100 hotl rooms eist-
ing and considerable p-lamned expans-
ion," he said, ve are about to move
up into the big league but ye are not
yet equipped to handle this.

Mr Cruickshn ho, at the GHA Annual
GenIeral Meting on November 20 th, was re-
elected to head .. or -isatio.; said the


RUMOURS From Page 3
Agriculture, is disaffected.

MrI Jones is not a membr of Mr Brath-
waite's National Democratic CongressS
iNDC) but is the Politial Leader of Thei
INational Part (TNP)

General Elections of last March, M Jones
Ae DC nA -
(-dh others) joined with NDC to -lP Mr
Brathwaite to form the Governmnt
No Road Repair Work
Informed sources said ;Mr Jos
dissatisfied because. after 4the Elections
little or no :over-nent money w as sent i-
...i constituency. That constituency -r,
ei neg- ect t
.Progra.e. he is reported to have said, a. .

h a nsqna of lm l-
Mr Br-hwaie told NEWSLETTE1 Mr

| :nes had. mad.e this complaint to m but.
il situation has changed. The com in 1'
ad been justified., the Prie Minister _said.
bt the mattr had snce b.een rectified

Youn Grenadian men anria omen have the
impression that. employment as hotel
alters and. mnais places them in
subservient positions and they prefer to
look elsewhere for jobs, he said, but this is
an entirely false mZression.

A campaign to eradicate this impression is
needed, c.ntinu ed, and a Hotel Training
Sc -. i' a niec-essity because. properly
Please See CRUTgICKSHANf Page 5
-Tl t-act t at Mr Jones constituency had

member of NDC, M Bratvaite said,
;caus e there are similar com aint froim

oCIer ers of Government fho are
he Prime Minister said he had had no

ano r o i ortance in the
Cabisi, pointed to the fact that he (Jones)
has been .de Chairnan of the group from
im-- .

grenada whi-h 'ill form part of the
Constituent Assembly set up to promote the
po )al Tification of the Windr ard
i, .-..-,e

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 1st December 1990 Page 5


"fThese upward trnids .i the Brewery arse most rwardinq
and rjflect the positi-e approach of tUH Cofspany to
nmodernisatioa of t~e plant..... ": Togppir

B1reweries Limited has been described by Mr Fred Toppin Chairman of the
Co mpan- as historici" 4 nd "satisfact-ory".
'-P$ ifO'i, -t .

Strained, these y-m persons can make
more money m the hotels than they can
in most other areas of the Private Sec-tor.

There is room in the industry also fo. r
graduates of the secondary sc-hools,
Cruickshank said, and a better job ust
be done to "sell" .1h ind utry, so that
more school-leavers vill be attracted to

I As far as training is concerned, the GHA
J President said short, "shot-n-the-am" I
courses for hotel staff are conducted
from time to time but sometin-;: more is
needed. o this end, discuss ons ha
Been held -ith Authorities o the
ii "L;--, uti :f Ccl
SNational Colege but, because -- f li--mited
Sresources, assistance Will be needed from
i the international funding a.r c-es before
atraimng planh can be implem-ened..
Are Heavily Booed
I Sales promotions laiched the GHA. ,
SAmerican Airlins a- t-e a- rnm e n
jar'e produci-d ng results, Mr Cruc k
Ssaid, and most hotels iln i. island are
i' booked for ti-he co, "'winter

ST1 here are problems, oh
need to be faced, he said, and one or te

i ... .
Sis provision ofr proper facilities for and,
ntrol of vendors w:lio c1ate.r to, --
sitors. Other probl- ^ are th. need
for development of restaurants a-.c
attractions, island wide.

Sn this connection, t-e GHA Presidpnt
ays, Grenada's histo-:ric monuments ad
I t -, .-,
landmarks should be idened, preserv-
ed and highlighted as tourist attractions.
'I ;'nI J

1 a "R-ie." circula ted to shareholders,
Mr Toppin said total Cases sold reached
349,747 which is 11, 113 cases better thanr
the figu' for 1979 10, the previous best

Profit before tax in 1989/1990 is
EC$ 1720,019 compared ith EC$808 362


c ical controls hich are no in c place
said. "and have contributed to better
quality pr-ducts and a reduction in the cost
of production, both essential to success."

The Chairma said, ho levesr, that a further
-amendment- t he Business Levy T.- has
meant ll; t provision for this tax has been
greatly increased n 19 8 cto0 In
:19- nm he said, 28.40,r o thte profit
Pleaze See BREWERY Page 6

Page 6 Saturday 1st December 1990 The Grenada Noesletter
BREWERY From Pages 5 .


tax had been paid as Business Ley7
in 19891990, because of the in-
the figure .-a risen to 33.64.

Nevertheless he said c, in view of the overall
results, the Directors reccmn er, a divid-
end payment 0of 10", and, on N-vember
29th, th at reco -nendatio was lced
before the A nnr General Moeetin of

Quantitative protection ranted by the
Grenada Government, contributed to the
favourable trading restuts the Comca-
enjoyed last year, the Chairman said, ad a
request for e-xtension ,of this protection
which expires in Dece:-oer next, has bee
applied fior

.ower, M.r Toppin eh: "the rejgona


Veer Ending 30th June 1990

G, I9I H #,o i 98-
I Gross Sales $ 7$.9963 1 $7557.538

Profit on trading before Busiess Levu
Deduct Provision for Business Lev!Q

Profit for the year after Business Levy
Deduct Proposed dividend -10% ( :989: QS)

1,720,0 19

1 14,417

7?5 now,:

-.. --- -.- *
AI dd Retained Earningro.s -
30th Jne 198~9 $4,131 .45 $3,743,78=
Prior Year adjustment (40 Z 4.09 .50 ,817 422 i

i t
Retained Earnings @ 30th June 199go 1 417 302 1 4 ,1JE

3 ...
sw iarehcl-ders and appro-ve-d ,- .-
...... -. 7;l -tradting scenes are changing
Mr Toppin said that despite.- i a it is obvious r e mst becoe
-e .- -r -" +--- -
achievernt I. of 19.89199C, it is ob -I aIC
--That fu Ot: .r mir4nro T -m t .s.. th--- -..-..n' 121T .
-;-a,- t e, ,
di4.rsification orf the range olf riur.- te MialagrWn of tOeE
essential for browt n -- c re- ret oeen hol'n talks cith oh er
regional reers on possible areas of Co-
wtth tsadi rrn ". -i:t,:; f .: .- iif-, is ..t.
With- this A m Id. he saind th the rmansaid, and he is sure
vill spe4 approzelv E al at f Q of the Oran-
over the neia three years to : : .-an ^ States, agreementA b
production, sli and s3oage fd
in- stall eudinment necessary 7 i-i1.e- u,- *.
Into non-bre.ed prod.uctS. e .eri.w ith NEWSLETTER on
rOtember S1t, Mr Toppin said the
in tis connection, eo-titiaos ns face the problem

Seli advmaced with -one of h : InI I er ...hrough Grenada's sister
world's lead in soft dric k .. anaouj but the situation has
Sranufacturers for production 5f r- .1 3of
tbipr products by our Company, Mr "t i . y -.
Toppin said. M-- .:r .i. .pro.blem". he said. "but re
Sare c- getting share of the Carriaco
Please See BrEw RY Page



-! 7 T ^ *- -

Saturday 1st December 1990

Soles ore dowv- in foth voLunew uai vcalw

try is in trouble. The break-
ddo-ln of a Marketing A agreement
vith the Nutmg Produers of Indone-sia iha
created an unstable rd m ake't a
aditioayurrent market demand is well
Sbelow production ievels.

The outcome is that sales -ae do.n in
volume and value Earnng of Nute
Prod-ucers EC$1 7.6 micuion' ill be ibout
tie same as they were last ye-r iEC$17.5
million' but the end-o'f-yer payme' t i
disappointing an. Producers i -fl have a
bleak C hristmas.
Method Of Operation
The method -f operator-n of the G reada Co-

I- -- --,
operative Nutmeg Association GCNA
Marketing Agent for Nutme Pro-ducers, s
tiat, during the trading yea, nutmss -
mace are "purchased" from the Producers

BREWERY From Page 6
Smar- ket."

iMr Top'in said also that t-hele trend-
f199099 trading yar ad he eMpa ct
ye- -T "19 -
'ano the.r good ye-aru

Senada Breweries Lim ite inc or
orated as a public m~,a. n I960 h-,
an authorized capital of E $6 minli-: I
ich -EC$4.1 million ias been rr. I
anid fully paid up.

The Coimparn ""

i. .. . -. . -.

ith cash "". When the books are
closed n 30th June the profit r surplus "
is distrib uted in the form of a 1"bonus".

Grenada and Ind onesia supply all the
nutmes on the world market (respectively
in he ratio of 25% to 75%)M and, since
1979, GCNA bea to make efforts to estab-
lish a Marketing Agreement ;ith Indonesia.

.ose efforts bore fruit in 1987. As a
resu m control Ws exercised over the
internationall marke and, in that year,
Producers received, advances" and
"surplus' a t ol o EC$25.7 m-illion, a su exceeds by more than 50.% the
earning they received in any pevios trad-

Reduced Demand
in : 19, -Producers earni-gs rose to
*E$78 million but' in 1989 due to
reduced demad generate smaller sales,
the. nigfell t 17 5 lion. For the

pr :s. pect f r the cu'trrent .war is liifatWoutr-

The Marketing Agreement between
Grenada and Indonesia, permitted
Producers in both countries to work
together to influence the market in
heir favour. With the breakdown
of the Agreement at the end of last i
May, however, and vith deteriorat-
ing market conditions, this co-
operation no longer exsts and Gre-
nadian and Indonesian Producers are
once more, in competition vith each
Please Bee N-TiTMEB Pae8

rar sr r







u" o

Ihe Grenada Nevsletter

Page 8 Saturday Ist December 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter

NUTMEG From Page 7

A spokesman i for CNA said that, s a
result, the 1991 Trading Year is e.peted t.o
be poor. Efforts ithave been made by thel
Grenada Goverrnment, he said, to gt. tihe
Indonesian Government to. regulate the
export, of nutmeg from that country so that
prices can be controlled a. maintained, but
those efforts have been unsuccessful.

The spokesman said it is believed
that, like Grenada, Indonesia is
overstocked vith nutmegs and does
not vish to be tied to an Agreement-
Without a Marketing Agreement and
until the inventory is reduced, the
spokesman said, prices will remain

Facing these proble-as, GCA held its
Anmri l Genera. Meeting on November 29th
And prinrinai. item on the agenda was
consideration o7f .he R.eport .o t.e utme
Board for the year endinr g 30th June last.

That Report does t paint a pretty
picture_ Producers vere told that,
while the Trading Account for last
year showed a surplus of EC$7.1
million the surplus 'for 1990 is only
EC$4.7 million,

ITh account. show als that fthe 1990 "nd-or-
year balance in the current account has
Please See HUTMEGS Page 9

Year Ending Jne '30th !990

OVerations 19 1989 1

Depreciation and. amortizatio
Loss on disposal of fixd assets
Reserve for cess

Chames in Non-cash .Working Cital I.tem
Account receivable '-
Iventor y
Accounts payalte ad accruals
Due to Grovers

SIvestmenrt in property, -iant eq
I Pr.ocee_-ds on diso-os, of pro~ert:. ,
P -

I Surplus due toi O-ov-ers
j j Prior year's surplus (under-provis
Sor-provision _

I c r o i s c-[--")-
at I aece t-i in Cashandc Euive
S Cash :and Cash Equivalents begi-
Sash ani Cash E. quivialents ei.nd f

| 1
i .i Acounts
iFiFe d.eposits
' I ,

.iLj 7 1,- mt.d
plsn-t & r e0ivnisnt

l'o' f

S -:
ung of xyear

of Year



2,: 9 035)

1 7. 496

S$7, 185,429


I 6,443
3.643. 24

C-. I3
I 1 i Ii n,-i3
i, .

I L iL 0i L0 .
I ^.u7,39

j -.:l-,UUU,UUU) I

7,* -iIS -I I 253-

L i
z .$ 1 3 999,9747)
w UI Ik .k
i 37 S f c 1 576 841 I

$ -17 1 i $3 1.-. "8

-- 7-
--I ,-7i-i. i. ,1 712
4 j i "

j 2'.7 o -? i '$19 2i" 8 I '

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 1st December 1990 Page 9

i^ ^ ^ ajji-------------- -- --

EEC Funds For Fairs

The European Econocmic Community
(EEC) will fund Grenada's participation in
10 major International Trade & Tourism
Fairs in Europe and tzhe United States of
America during 1991.

According to a press release from the office
in Grerada of the Delegation of the
Commission of the European Communities,
three of these Fairs, in Florence, Londo
and. Milan, are trade fairs with strong
emphasis on food and. art.isanal products.

The other. seven fairs, to be held in Brusseis,
Berlin, Paris, Milan, Lond.on, Las V egas
and Goteberg (Swden), are concerned with
the Tourism sector.

Work Permits Correction

correction to the increases in the fees for
Work Permits published in thl Government
Gazette of' A ut 1th last (See
NEWSLETTER for eek ending 25th
August 1990 Page 10).

Due to a typographical error, the notice
says, the fee for the category "All other
countries" Ws givn as -EC$.2.500. The
correct figure is EC$2,000.

British Aid For SAAS

The St Andrev's Arnlican Secondary
School hasn- been gien a photocorpier valued
t. EC$6, 500.

The gift is fromn the British Government
and the presentation was made on
November 13th by Mr Alan Drury, British
Resident. Reresentative in Grenada.

Please See HEWS SHORTS Peae 10

The Grenada overrnment has publisited; a
NUTMEGS From Page 8

dropped from the 1989 figure of EC$S 1
Million to EC$0.3S million and fi
deposits, at EC$15.2 million in 1989, no
st'a, at EC$3.5 million.

At the end of the 19,89 Traing Year,


Year EHding.
i i

i Gross Inronie i

Less Advances t OGrmwers 12, 3-4,011
Provision for Urisaleable ock 1.216,005
SExcess of Sales over Pnoduce Cost
Direct Expenses4 ,,16
j Ge-ne al& Ad-ia .-.i.e Experses 3.247.550
-Opeiatnl'g Iico me
Sther ILncome (net)
|Tidg. Strpi_ before Resei-v For Cess
Cess Resrrem for Year
SAdd 'Trnsfer Fromn Resernve
Due To Growers

GCNA drew on it reserves .to up-grade the
e-of-year "bonus" to EC$10 million.
This year, reserves have been used agan,
this tie to bri ng the "bo ns" up t EC$5
'^ ., ndt -Ma

J~e 306t 1990

990 | 1989
'. --'--------j--------- --,--.--.----
$29, .A799 $33,740,654
14.150.U16 5,a5 16.-405265
$15,314.783 $17,335,389
$4,312 198
S.7.933.717 3.124.027 $ 7.436.225
$7.31.066 $9,899,164
374 288 92-9 .89
$7,755,354 $ 0,829,053
3,40f,531 3 643624
$4,714,823 ,$7185,439
285 177 2,.814573
$,g_.oooi 10_.00.000o
.... . .. . . .. . |



.' -..,-*": L' :3 KAKrY

Page 10 Saturday Ist December 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter


United States Basketball
Coach In Grenada

Mr James Schneeran, United States basket-
ball coach in the college and p-rofe ssonal
ranks in the United St ates, arrived in
Grenada early in November to carry out a
proigranme jointly sponsored by the
Greniada National Bask-etb-all Association
and the United States Infor ation Service

During his stay in Grenada, Mr Sihneman
uill conduct clinics wih coaches and
players and -ill work with the National
Team as Vell a.s 1.. clubs and with temms in
O secondary schools.

SAccording to a release from USIS, Mr
SScineeman was Great Britain' head
SOlymupic coach in 1984, that country
tor the final rourn of eight for the first. tme.
in its history.

Worrel Inquiry Closes
4 The Coiraission of inqity conducted b.
B Barbadian jurist Mr LIdsri; Worrel, in
th- conduct of certain statutory corpo-
tions and goenm ent d-e-art ments came toi
a-n -end on November 24th.

men-t of the late Prime Ministr er Herbert
BlazSze. evidence. as originally led by
rim d.dian barrister Mr Karl Hudson-
Phllilos O.C..

Following the attempted coup in Trinidad
late in July. how- ever. Mr Hudson-Phil.lips
withdrew a-nd was replaced by Barbadian
barrister Elliot t-Mottlev Q C.

Chamber Says Income Tax
Could Cause Hardships

President of the Grenada Chamber of Indus-
try Commerce, r Michael Miors, is of01
the opinion that re-introduction of Personal
Income TIa could or a hardship on some

Speak at. a a press conference on Novem-
ber 2'7th Mr Minors said that, until the
details of Governmen, s 1991 Budget are
neJrmn, it ws difficult to comment on vbat
is ..ders,,too: to be a proposed levy on

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Launched by The National Party Govern-

Aister Hughes

1st December 1990


Of Sc
(PO.Box 6


on S
5: P6

d & Published By The Proprietor
sister Hughes, J-ournai-st
ireet, gt GeorgesO.Grenada, Westi4aies
Lone -8091 440 2538: Cables HURON, Grenada)

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