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The rwenadN


Volume 18 Saturday 7th July 1990 Number 9






Breiada snu AA
rado, Secretarz oaf
I n lthe Commonvea th,
co, said in ir
S y saturday June 23rd, that ne
GrVenadians haVe been given empl<
S Puerto Rican manufacturers "

1Mr Colorado was speaking at Airines.
The Secretary of State said the fir
visited the island was soleri five
Pico and with to? e.xcuti.vP.s of fc
faIturers who Ihave itarnts in Puert.
"At that tia e," he said, "ve w
ing to see how ve could vorv
t a er with Grenada and with tf
i p panies to see how we could .
world, and especially the
States, that, in Grenada, as
other Caribbean counttries
done by Grenadian citizens c
good as or better than wo
anywhere else in the vorld.".

I are to be sen as partners in
Pri,'L Tlin-ister Z rithw it
COLO- The then Prime Minister, Herbert Blaize,
State for had emphasized the importance to Grenada
of Puerto of transportation and. communication, Mr
snada on Colorado said, a-nd, in response, the Puerto
aly 400 Rican Government made contact with Aimer1cari Airlines (AA) which vas then
ho have establishing its Puerto Rico hub.
Gr1ada's Page_
r n the American Airlines Nov
**f Ae~rie^ Serving Grenada- --.......--.---. -I
: Prosecution Argues Case
or In Bishop Murder Appeal.. 3
st time he 0 New Markets For
years; ; Grenada Predicted-..........- 8
:of Puerto 0 Amnesty Reports On
ur manu- Grenada .. ........._ ......... 9
o Rico. s Investment Funds Available
Through '936'.------------- 10
there try- News Shorts-...........-- .....----
e Corn- It had taken some time before AA became
;how the established in Grenada, he said, but
United developraent and. growth take time. The
in many inauguration of AA service to Grenada is an
;, work important 't evet which will open the United
an be as States ard Puerto Rica markets to the
rk done is:laud, he continued, not orny for products
Pease See AIRLINE Page 2

11 ,

Page 2 Saturday 7th July 1990 The Grenada Newsletter


inow being ima-nfactured, but for products
of ne vetures-

"That is heat happened in St Lucia,
Mr Colorado said. 'American Air-
lines started one flight a day. Today
they have three and ty are flights
afll of cargo wich ner before has
entered the United Sttaes-
Many Tourists Come

Concerning infrastructure, the Prime
Minister said Grenada is equipped with a--
modern telecommunications system, the
road network has been imrovc.d, further
improvements are planned and the Carib-
bean Development Bank is about to
a feasibility study Afo port expansion to i
involve cruise s ber-hsU and shopping I
-reas. '

i-sMuclretlrc ial -3-
Ti Secretay of tate said G renda's tou- Gre nada arj A are to be seen as partners
ism also i benefit from AA service in development, Mr Brthaite said. with
because many tourists car to Puerto Rico the investment effort beine mutually

but Puerto Ricans are great trailers and.,
--ith the ease of transport, any will be Otler speakers at the ceremony were Mr
tracted to Grenada
attract to Gre a-. Ford Coop.cper, United States Char g

Prlre ".........
1 sr .4 ed . Iu .
1,-. t .' ll'tll

..tne a.. .- r .
ation of the AA Service as an- w..r...: :.:.
ist rc event in the hist-ry of. "
Civil Aviation and Tourism in Grenada : :c:-::-.......
|, ,A dAffaires in Grenada, Mrs Joan -urcell
S.renadas economic future Odepends Minister of Tourism and CLiil Aviation: Mr
|considerably on tourism --ch h- the best Fra_ T Esrosit,. AA Caibean Hub
poentimal for solving the u nemployrent Coorditor.- Mrs Gllian Thompson, AA
lr,-, 1n p'." '-n-
problem, he said, "for increasing our -manr in Grenada and Mr Terrence
8 ;t:raign .:chqs earnings and for buildg Moore. Chairn- of the Grenada Airports
Wages witl fne otTer sectors of the Authority
economy especially -agriculture and fisher-
aThe official opening of the AA terminal -at
S a .h -- 'oint Sadines International Airport took
iT- at aite said m evermens aim is place on nd 24th
to raise the number of annual si y-over ____
. visitors to over 25,00- an-d he identifie-d p,
LU .-- -
|. 'i -,G ....h, hl ;am" ....eth t G e ad :T 7 1:T ^ i ^ T ?(?3

S N R' ...... . .

|Skzccessftlly Cognpleted-
These "ss" include te ft tt st er Sir Walter Raleigh visited Trinidad in 1595
visitor statistics are up by over 20? th fod .the pith from the pitch lake
--)r s e up 210r "I"...........

last qu-ter. Also,' four eidstin hS are "ot excellent gode", but centuries passed
cl-oss to beginning new construction he t uziin-re:a 1use was madeofit.
said, ad four ne hotels have s uccessf ull
Md ctrd fr-i~ .v.r by .... ,' SUJZC fllUV-

icopleted their feasibility studies The Lake asuned commercial significance
,. hue-in but_ before this many;.- eii
l *'- *,-,,-,'-, -t-1: .J .:.r _-,a r[-nia .rn _

Additionalvly, Brathfaite said, the
European De vlopment Bank has agreed to
open a US$ 10 million line of credit of vith
the, Grenadar Development Bank for on-
lending to small hoteliers.

had been made to put. the pitch to use.

One such attemptvas made in 1820 whena
.eacon was lit in the tower of Trinity
Cathedral in Port of Spain. Hoeveer,the
unbearae s l of th b urni ngh r pitch
put a st-op to the experiment.



~rP%7~fa ~~~i~ci~l

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 7th July 1990 Page 3



-i-lll T A -> .

.- i ,

Prosecution Team ifn the
S v Marice Bislhop Murdero
I Appeal, in Court on June 26th, reviewed
the evidence rlativ to Oct'ober 9th 19 83
St'-. dlay on wmch Prime Minister Muri
SBishop arn others ere illeu.

i Al

SAps cide

t.nac re-g-m s.iay1rg of PTri-me Mirinster
Ma'rrce Wishop ril 10 others.

iAlso before the Court are appeals from
Sthee others serving, snenteces for
Saslaughter arisig from the same ici-

Those in dematl row" include former
Deputy Prime Minister Berinard Cod, his

.Jamaicn vif F'Phyt llis Selryn Strachan,
Minist-er if Mobilisation in the Peoples
R.evolutionary Govermnentl, General of the
Peoples RPevo-utionarry Ar-rr, Hudson
Autin and several of his co.imzssioned

in a trial which lasted nine months, the
jury found that fol-loving a pover struggle
within Bisi-hop's Peoples Revolutionary
Goverran'en the Coards cornspired with
Aust. and others to kill Bismop and those
vlo died with lim.
Did The Actual Killings
According to Grenada law, if a person
unlawfully kills another in he belief that he
is carrying out a legitimate order, he is
gilty of manslaughteAr, not murder. Those
funmd guilty of maaugteAr are three
ldiers ho, under orders, did the actual
iUi i Please See APPEAL Page 4

iThe Grnada

Found 17th Au-gust 1973
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Page 4 Saturday 7th July 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

APPEAL From Page 3

The -Court is headed by President Justice Sir
Frederick Smith with Justice Mr Rex
McKay and Justice Mr Time Kendall.

In sittings which ran over ith period 30,th
iay 198 to 30th MI-arch 1990 and irol-- d
10 vorki-g days, the 12-Counsel stron-
Defence team of Jamaican and Guyanese
Sarristers, led by Ja-m-ican Mr Ianr Ramsay,
Cgued over 30 groups of appeal on behalf
of their clients.

As outlined by Mr Hudson-Phillips, reading
from the record of the trial, Bish.op., freed
f rom house arrest b. y a larg c ro V." on
19th October 983 in the Operations Room
I ait Fort Rupert, Headlqucrers of the Peopaes
Reltionary Ar--my (PRA). in the h-eart of
SSt -orge'-s.
A Loud Ex plm siPo
The evidence is that there ere several
persons ith Bishop when tey heard a
lo1ud e iosion iflo-ed y automatic rifle

Mr HUdson-Phitps said the Defence had
attempted to shoW nat three armou--red cars,
Svichl had been sent o rec nature Fort
j pert, had been fired upon from the Fort
rad h retaliated in self-defence.

t here is no sworn evidence to
Ssubstantiate this he said, eand there
is amipe evidence that the incident
tarted ith a loud aplosion vhichn
ihas been identified as that from a
Sprocket launcher as carried ty the
Sarnou red cars-

wat s- open to :e jury to finm that thet
Sprov :cation, he
: car liopene fire without

y 1hen the shooting st arted Bishop ordered
Sthe people in the operations Room to lie on
n tl -oor and they were in that position
hen one of -he murder victim, Avis
Iergsson, was lled. ,"Anotler victim,
i m-ra Beinar, was shot i the head then
i adi.ed several, days later.

,hen the shooting stopped, those in tohe
.Uerations oom rred out by. the
soldiers whro came on the arnmoirued cars
|"= %

saw several dead bodies, including children,
lying on the parade ground in front of the

it was at this stage that Bishop and
others were detine while others
were allowed to leave and Mr
Hudson-Phillips said this is an
indication that there was a prior plan
to "liquidate certain people.

"Followin the killing, Mr Hudson-Phillips
said, General of the Peopies Revolutit:ary
Army, Hudson Au.tin. had broadcast a
-. r_ t .&.,.h d - t....
statement. over Rato renada that Bisihop
and others had been killed "in cross fire"
Plot To Kill
This, Mr Hud son-Phiulip. said, was a hle and
indicated Austin's assocSiation with the plot
to kill Bishop and others.

Qeried by Justice McKay as to
whe-ther Ais-tin may not have been
misinormed when he made the
"cross-fire" statement, Mr Hudson-
Phillips said if that were so, then
Austin had made no subsequent
attempt to correct the misinform-
ation he had broadcast.

During- his presentation, Mr Hudson -
Plips w.a interrupted by Defence
-Co nel Mr Howard Hamilton who said the
Prosecution was asti- w time reaAing the
evidence wfhn it is certain that the Judges
had done that themselves.
Did Not Accept
Ivir Hamilton suggested th-., to save time.
Mr iHdson-Phillips merely give references
of ith relative page numbers in the Trial
record so th Aidges could. refer to tlihelm,
Out Mr Hudson-P hlips did not accept this.

I know that my learned friends do
not like to hear references to these
events" he said, but I will not be
deterred from bringing relevant and
important sections of the evidence to
the attention of the Court."

Mr Hdson-Ph continued his attack for
the rInxt two days ,June 27th & 28thI he Was
.follo-ed. on Frid'ta June 29th by Director
Please see APPEAL Page 5

---- --

' I I i

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 7th July 1990 Page 5
APPEAL Fram Page 4

of Public Prosecutions, Mrs Velma Hylwton
who disputed the Defence charge that ithe
iury in the Trial had been unlawfully

In her submissions on Monday J.uly 2nd,
I Mrs Hylton challenged the Deftnce c-har--
that the Registrar, Miss Denise Campbell
had been biased against the .acc.ued.
Was Removed
That Defence su rbis-sion is based on th- fac
that Miss Campbell wVas, originally a mem
ber of the Prosecution Team Homeve-r-
flil'Oing criticisms of th ork of the then
Registrar, Mr Christian St Louis, Miss
Campbell was removed from the Prose-
cution Team and rads Registrar. -

Miss Campbell selected the
array of jurors from which the
I i-fI jury was drawn. The
Defence argued that she had not .
d one -thi-s selection according to
Slave and .ni this raised suspicions
of her bias against the accused.

SM is Hyton told the Court
That she would submit a
-A cat to the Court pre -
Jing tthate t jur arr, had t
8 been lawfully selected. 2 M FRE
This, she said, wo]udi
a s.ett. the question of Miss Caupbell s --bia

"If the array was impropery select-
ed, then the matter of the Registrar's
bias would have to be coEnsidered,"
he said, but, if the selection was
according to lay, no quiesion of bias
ar ises-
Had A Short Day
SThe Court had a short day ro Monday July
S ai Judge McKay's light arrived lati.
'he sitting- did not cormTlence until 12 20pm3
ard as adjourned at1 3.30pm.

Sn the flowing day, Tuesday July 3rd
3 Prosecution Counsel Mr Doodnauth Si"n
IH1Senir Counsel, told the Court the Defenc
S arguments with reference to "voir dire"
j held by the Trial Judg, are groundless.

&4, 1
A 'voir dire' is a 'trial within a trial', aMid
S the Ti Judge, Mrf Justice Dennis Byron,
held several to determine whether state-
ments given by some of the accused to the

Police were "free and voluntary" and could
be admitted as ev idene sub-nmission to
the jury.

While thes-e 'ir dire' vere being held the
ju ryT as e7,- Iudd fr the Court Room.
The Defence argued that, according to Gre-
nIda lav1 the jury mus .t e present for every
phase o the tri and .tat their exclusion
from the 'voir dire' represents a serious
defect n the conduct of the t-rial
Jury M st Be Absent
"In the Caribbean," Mr Singn said, "the
authorities stat he r the active is that the
jury must be abent hen inquiry is being
de int: whether certain evidence may be
.submiidL ts tr enm."

On t lloing day, Sir
-LA U3 I f ji
SFredeick S it Presiden of
S the Court, said mn Courth that
Im on n. retl pvio. evei -_ i "l-p
e... ui.nner_ li, eiad _f.-a a visit from
'1t B.a. bdian -Licairnen vb-ho
+.:<. .yL .AU, .n _nvi,.C:-m the Marice
433 - -3.'r-ji-.

"vrT vere w then in Grena.da
;ZI~L~S~a~ I~rC7f0 e-TV.


CK SIT The policemen told Sir
IFrederick thy ad had a

t i $i "
telephone message tht they sh--,uld rep-ort to
him inunediately at his residence as he
wished to speak vith them.

"! don't understandd vhat games are
being piBayed, the President said. "I
don't kmow if someone wanted to
compromse the Court but i sent no
Mec -
message of any kind to these police-
Had its Influence
The Artg-nti-naItaly semi-final match in the
lip -f1d
World Clup football had its iMfl.ece on' the
C.'o ut of Appeal on that day.

About 15 minutes before the usual closing
time, and 45 minutes before the start of. the
match, .Pros lcutio Cou_ el. Mr Singh
broke his sumi-ssions to ask President
Smith lether that was "a crTonveIient time
to stop"'.

"Some Jof IWy learned friends tell me there is
Please See APPEAL Page 6

Page 6 Saturday 7th July 1990 The Grenada Newsletter
APPEAL From Page 5

a certain event they vish to vatch", he said.

The President a-greed that, it. was "k a
convenient tim" but said that, to tmake up,
the Court would .sit half a hour early oI the
following day.

A letter circulated to NEW/SLETTERT on
July 4th disclosed that Phyllis Coard was
then on a protest hunger strike against
prison conditions. The letter, circulated to
Sth press, is dated Junes 26th 1990 and is
addressed by the Defence Team to the
I Prison Visiting Comrmttee
Existing Conditions s-
I ""c .-:" ..'
"As persons charged ith t.he .."
responsibility of ensuring
that. the Prison -Rles are V-
not violated Ub those in
har ge of the Pris.on," t'-e -
Sletter says, "e ould lie
ito bring to your attention
cirta Un astin- on editions.

The a lleed U2stinS condion -S
include lethat Phllis 7

a hals years t and

oters prisoners r to prison

Prisons, Mr i el Maloey, h subjected
Mrs Co'-ard to "se:alk harassment" in that.he
enters her cellblock f1reel-. without narn-
in.g, in violation of the Prison Rules and.
without the company of the Matron-e

"On one occasion recently,1" the letter
says, "he entered the cefl block in the
company of a male stranger Vihile she
was engaged in her ablutions."
Rations Have Been Halved
Thie letter charges also that, since Mrs
Card and those convicted with her filed
their appe.-als in December 1986, their foodK
rations have been halved. The food they
receive nowv is sulrtcient cdy to barely e.
them alive, the letter says, and, as a result,
their health has deteriorated considerably.

In Court on this day (uly4th Prosecution
on thi ua i,Jv It-lr.

Counsel, Mr Singh, referred to the Defence
submission that the Trial Judge, Mr Justice
Dermis ByroTn, had not conducted the 'voir
dire' in a fair and just manner.

Mr Sing.h read f rom the record of the Trial
which shoved that. the accused had. not only
refused t to take part in the 'voir dire' but had
disrupted. tlhe Court with chanting clapping
and. stamping. In spite of this, Mr Singh
said, the Trial Judge had done everything to
ensure justice, and had conducted a proper
inquiry before admitting the statements as

P resident of the Court. Sir Frederick
SrSmith, agreed. thim.

S "-M .. the .Judge play God ?" he
asked. "No evidence is brought
S before him by the accused and
they reftise to co-operate. How
else can the Jud.g rule but that. the
statement w-s free and voluntary ?"
Expressed The View



On the following day (July
,, 5th,), Sir Frederick
expressed the view
in Court that the
accused had not
m-ade us of opportunities
they ha. had to defend

SInstead of questioning
witnesses, he said, "they just
speeches, speeches, speeches."


Mr Sinrg told -te Court on this day (July
ti) that e:a-min~atm.i n Of the conduct or each
a every 'voir dire' m the Trial discloses
that theiy were all properly- held.

"In each case the judge aulied his mind to
Pthe relev-ant evidence and t he exercise of
his discretion." Mr Singh said, "and he was
obliged to rule in the ay he did."

Mr addressed the Court also on the
matter o- evidence given by Fabian Gabriel
ne of .he accused ho had been given a
conditional pardonn .and who gave evidence
-for the Prosecution.

Please See APPEAL Page 7

-1 -- -

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 7th July 1990 Page 7
APPEAL From Page 6



The Prosecution. Counsel -old te Court the
Trial Judge had earned the jury it vould be
dangerous to accept Gabriel's evidence
unless it was supported by other witnesses.

iMr Sih pointed out, howavern that
Gabriel's -videnc-e hd been supported an
thai e.n if~ his (.abriel's) evidence was
rejected d there as sufficie-nt othe- r evide nce
for the jury to have. come to the same
'guilty' verdicts.
Challenged The Righn
Continuing is arguments -on thef
following day (July 6th), Mr
Sinrcgh challerzed the right of the
Defense to submit to the .Apeal _-
Coiurt that. there had been dis- i r
crepancies in he evidence pre-
sented by the Prosecution at the

Defence ad argue
before the- Appe .
Court that the evi-
de-ce of one o:f 3the
Prosecution's wit-
niesses, Cl.u St Paul M JUSTICE
indicated that the order to
kill -aurice Bishop had been issue b y t
Central Co-rmmittee of the Ne- Je.el
Move ent

The Defence argued. also, said, Mr. Sing2,
that there is other evidence to cont-rad ict thi
but Mr Sirngh said this is not a matter fori the
Appeal Court.

"The areas of alleged discrepancies
in evidence given by witnesses Vere
matters for consideration of the jury
alone, he said, "and canot properly
be argued in the Appeal Court-

The Prosecution Counsel said there were
bound to be discrepancies inL evid.ene con-
ceritng the happenings of a day in Which
eve-ntt succeeded event so rapidly and per-
sons faced death and, execution.

According to Mr. Singh, what the
Appeal Court must be concerned vith
are the directions given the jury by
the Tria Judge, and, in Mr- Singh's
Sopimnon, the JLge had been extreme-
ly fair in those directions.


The Defence has
argued that the evi-
dence was not admis-
sible because the Prose-

--a caution 1ad not pro-
duced the slip of paper in Court, but Singh
iar ued. before te Court that it was
admniss bl as it is part.of the record of what
had been said. and done at that time.

Mr- Singh sad also that the evidence
vas admissible because it shoved that
Bernard's intention had been to kill

THe Court had a short sitting on this day
Tiuly ,tIh) at th ear of which President
Smith alouncrced that the next sitting will
commiencie on Monday 201th August nes:t.
Will Be Completed
Prosecution Leader Mr- Hudson-
Phillips Q.C_ said in an interview
vith NEWSLETTER that he expects
the Prosecution submissions vill be
completed in the next three-veek
sitting commencing August 20th.
He said also that the Defence vill
have an opportunity to reply to the
Prosecution's submissions.


St Paul had. not been cross-examined and his
evidence stood unchallerned, the Prose-
cution Counsel said, but .com pletely beyond
T7hat it had been his duti y to do., Trial Jud'p
Byron had highlighted for the jury
challenges to St Paut s evidence made by the
_accused in unsworn statemein-lts from the

Mr Sinig attacked also the Defence charge
that certain evidence, given with reference
t: events irnmnediately preceding the nur-
ders, was not admissible.

That evidence is the allegation by
witnesses that o of the accused,
C.alistuls Bernard, before giving
he order to shoot, hIad brand-
ished a slip of paper and told the
m urder victims t was an order
fror tthe Central Corn-
nit-ee that they should
be exectod.

Page 8 Saturday 7th

MaaRsa i

aQB D sa

press co
that Cari
ed by the

The cost
risen co0
years, hi

"' do
place i
the Ca~
he said
they oo
to go fi

The pr
raiser" i
State ex

July 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

2iSEt P@B.



SR ANTONIO COLORA- "W'e are not trying to tell anyone vhat to
do Secretary of State for the do," he sad, "We have an experience we
Co-mmonwealth of Puerto ant. to share. (a-nd) It is clearly up to
Rico, in a telephone hoo-k up Greradians to decide which projects are
his office in Puerto Rico, told a good and which not good, to see the mis-
nference in Grenad:a on JuneI 18th takes Puerto Rico has made and. avoid
.bbean development. is not threaten- them"
Opening up of Eastern Europe. With Great Potential
Also in a telephone hook-up from
t of manufacturing in Europe has Puerto Rico, Mr Frank Esposito, Co-
nsiderably over the last f our or five ordinator of AA's Puerto Rico hub,
e said, and entrepenei's yill not be said it is expected that the Grenada
Saway from the Caribbean to inest market will develop slowly but with
Open New Markets great potential.
not believe the issues taking Te advantages, he said, are that the AA
n Europreare going to affect schedule through the San Juan hub vill
ibbean in any negative way," guarantee same-day arrival at a great many
. "On the contrary, I think cities in the United States. Additionally Mr
ean new markets for products Esposit- s-ad. th AA service vill facilitate
om the Caribbean to Europe." cargo movements both to and from the
continental T United States.
ess conference -as arrange ied b
in Airlines (AA. a a "curtain "e lok it the flower business as being
t the airliner inaugural- flight into t, tl hi rie f-r us," he said, "and e are
on June 23rd, and t Secretary of looking also at the pharmaceutical business
pressed the vier thie the AA services beiU a major contributor."
at nrao. C-o f 1 01.1t(Dr '"-

int 1o renada wll o0ring consiaerar.e oe:e-
fit s to the island.
On the initiative of the Goverrnment of
Puerto Rico, he said, four manufacturers,
having plants in Puerto Rico, have already
established factories in Grenada. Wit
AA's direct flights to Grenada from Puerto
Rico, he continued, it il be easy to tao ke a
number of other manufacturers to the island-
to investigate the prospects for investment.
Workers Are Very Good
The experience of manufacturers
already established in Grenada is
very important in influencing other
manufacturers to invest, Mr Colora-
do said, and that experience is very
positive, indicating that Grenadian
workers are very good and perform

Mr Esposito confirmed that arrange-
ments exist vith the Grenada Govern-
ment under which AA vill match a
US$200,000 contribution by the
Government towards promotion of
Grenada as a tourist destination- To
date. he said, Government's contri-
bution had not been received but, in
conjunction with the Grenada Hotel
Association, the airline has already
started an advertising programme.
To Be Worked Off
Tie AA terminal at Point Salines
International Airport has cost- just under
one million United States dollars, Mr
Esposito said, and, through rebated landing
fees this is to be worked off over a period
of seven years.
Please See MARKETS Page 9

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 7th July 1990 Page 9




condensed to death for the murder of Son
Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and the
others, there are 8 persons in "Death aile
Ro.v" at Grenada's Richmond Hill Prison bea

This is disclosed in
the recently pub-
lished Amnesty
International 1990
Report wi-Ach says
there have been no
executions here
since 1978.

" An inquiry by the
Prison Depart-
ment into alleg-
ations tha..t prison-
ers had been ill-
treated in 1988
found that 'the de-
gree of restraint
by prison staff vas
consistent with de-
fiance and resist-
ance offered by
Amnesty Report says

oe cf the imprison
Peoples Revci
ged that prison
en them, the Rep<

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the prisoners',"

According to Amnesty, the ill-treatment
incident occurred after Leon Cornwall,
formerly of the Peoples Revolutionary
Army, and now one of the 14 in "death
row'" for the murder of Maurice Bishop and
others, complained he had been denied a
bath and change of clothes for several

MARKETS From Page 8
The AA inaugural flight took place on
Saturday June 23rd and the official
ceremony marking the occasion ;as on
Sunday 24th June vhen the return flight
left for Puerto Rico.

i~--!Phsl5't!*!"iisa--41---- I

ed former members of
Itionary Government
guards had severely
)rt says, but, according
to the inquiry find-
ings, guards had
restrained prisoners
vho wilfully dis-
obeyed an order,
defied prison staff
and struggled with

The inquiry found
no evidence to sup-
port Cornwall's
claims, Amnesty
says. The injury he
suffered vas
"minimal", the Re-
port continues, and
is consistent with the
inquiry's conclusion
that there had been a
t41-i Cti'l rl

Amnesty says also that the officers accused
f ill-treatmrent belonged to the same
"agency" which conducted the inquiry and
the report of the inquiry does not indicate
the composition, terms of reference or
procedures of the investigating body.

"It also failed to indicate who had been
interviewed an.d whether evidence was
obtained from both prisoners and prison
officers, Amnesty says.

According to Amnesty, the report of the
inqmury gives no details of the circumstances
in which force was used, the number of
officers involved, the nature of the force
used, the injuries found or the treatment
given for injuries.
~ i~n~l~~.~ -IRSF~


Page 10 Saturday 7th July 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter





It i-s not thft tfwese fujnfs are easier to get but only
that tfay are cFveapr: ColordC

vaite Prime Minister of
Grenada, said on June 26th
Sx toat r is Government is com-
mitted to a strategy of development of the
export sector of the island's economy.
"The success of this strategy vill
depend immeasurably upon Private
Sector initiative', he said, "and on
investment in our principal product-
ive areas.--....

These comments were made as Mr
Brathwaite delivered the feature address at
the opening ceremony of a seminar on how
to access funds in Puerto Rico vhich are
available for investment in Grenada.
Elected To Operate
These funds, known as the "936 fund", are
the profits of United States Companies
which have elected to operate in Puerto
Rico under Section 936 of the United States
Tax Code.

In return for tax exemptions, these
companies must maintain their profits in
Puerto Rico for a stated length of time and
they are invested in Puerto Rican fi-ancial
institutions such as the Government
Development Bank and the commercial
Since the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI)
vas instituted, the "936 fund" has become
available for investment in other islands of
the Caribbean and Mr Brathwaite said the
fund now stands at US$9.6 billion.

The Prime Minister said one problem with
the, "936 fund" is "its complex ard.
complicated administrative procedure." It
is is hope, he said, that the seminar vouild

devise ways and means of simplifying access


Too many seminars, in the past, have
turned out to be "talk shops" vith
little subsequent action, Mr Brath-
vaite said, and he expressed the hope
that the seminar vould demonstrate a
vill to translate talk into action_
The seminar, jointly organised by the Trade
Division of the Ministry of Finance, Gre-
nada Development Corporation and the
Economic Development Administration of
Puerto Rico, was attended by a vide cross-
section of hoteliers, manufacturers,
businessmen and bankers.
Addressing the opening ceremony, Mr
Antonio J Colorado, Secretary of State and
Deputy Governor of Puerto Rico, said
economic growth is not a miracle nor
magic, it needs hard work for its promotion
Pleasae so FUNDS Page 11

U U-



1I I .

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 7th July 1990 -Page 11


Cable & Wireless Grou Aids Italian Ambassador Preents
Fire Fund Credentials

A donation of EC$100,000 has been made Non-resident Italian Ambassador to *-re-
to the Grenada Fire Fund by the Cable & nada, Mr Paolo Bruni, presented lhi cre-
SWireless (C&W) group of Companies. dentials to Governor General Sir Paul
Scoon on July 2nd.
The presentation of a cheque for
EC$75,000 vas made by Sir Fred Phillips, Ambassador Bruni, who was accompanied
C&W Senior Legal Advisor in the Carib- by his wife, paid a five day visit to Grenada
bean while, on behalf of Grenada Tele- during which he made several courtesy
communications Ltd (GRENTEL), Mr calls.
Terry Stone, Grentel's General Manager,
presented a cheque for EC$25, 000. These included calls on Prime Minister and
Minister of External Affairs, Mr Nicholas
The presentations were made to Prime Min- Brathwaite, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps,
ister Nicholas Brathvaite and the donation Venezuelan Ambassador Efrain Silva,
vill go to the fund started by Government United States Charg6 d'Affaires Mr Ford
following the fire which destroyed the Cooper, Mr Alan Dury, Resident British
Government Complex on April 27th last. Representative, Mr Yannis Caloghirou,
Please See NEWS SHORTS Page 12

FUNDS From Page 10

and. its development is not a matter of days
but of years.

The smallness of an island, its population
density or unavailability of natural re-
sources have nothing to do with economic
growth, he said.

"What it depends on," he said, "is the
realisation by everyone that it is through a
positive change in attitude, through hard
work, dedication and knowing how to work
Working Well
Mr Colorado said the Puerto Rican Carib-
bean Development Programme is working
well and, outside of Puerto Rico, there are
already 86 projects vith an investment of
over US$400 million employing over
16,000 people.

About 75% of this is "936 funds" he said,
but he warned that it is not that these funds
are easier to get but only that they are

The recently inaugurated American Air-
lines daily scheduled flight into Grenada
from Puerto Rico vill provide a con-

siderable boost to the Grenadian economy,
Mr Colorado said, and he cited St Lucia's
experience as an example.

"About two years ago they (St Lucia) had
their first (American Airlines) flight to
Puerto Rico," he said. "Now they have three
daily flights to Puerto Rico. The amount of
passengers and the amount of cargo handled
has increased tremendously."

The Secretary of State said St Lucia is find-
ing a good market, not only in the United
States, but also in Puerto Rico which has a
population of 3.5 million and a per capital
annual income of US$6000.
Must DIcide
Grenadians must decide what they want for
their country, he said, and he pledged his
Government's support in promoting Gre-
nada's economic veil being.

The Puerto Rican delegation to the seminar
included Mr Blancia Mera, Assistant
FOMENTO Administrator, Ms. Kathyn
Funk, FOMENTO Grenada Country
Officer, Mr. JohnCollins, FOMENTO Con-
sultant and representatives of Citibank,
Chase Manhattans Scotia Bank.


- ---

Page 12 Saturday 7th July 1990 The Grenada Newsletter
NEWS SHORTS Prom Page 11

Resident Advisor of the Commission of the
European Communities and Mrs Joan
Purcell, Minister for Tourism, Civil
Aviation and Women's Affairs.

FisAmemne Complet Course

Fifteen fishermen from Grenada, Carriacou
and St Vincent have completed a tvo-veek
intensive course sponsored by the Organ-
isation of East Caribbean States (OECS).

The course was under the direction of Mr
Jim.Levey, Director of the Novia Scotia
School of Fisheries and he was assisted by
Mr John Carter of the International Centre
for Ocean Development and Mr Alvin
Lynch, Training Officer of the OECS
Fisheries Unit.

British Aid

The Ministry of Education and the Grenada
Red Cross have received British aid through
Mr Alan Drury, British Resident Represent-

The secretarial facilities of the Grenada Red
Cross have been enhanced by the gift of an
electric typewriter while the Ministry of
Education has received science equipment
valued at EC$16,000.

According to a release from the Office of
the British High Commission, some of this

equipment is intended for primary schools
in Grenada which teach basic science.

Each primary school vill receive two
magnifying glasses and two thermometers.
In addition, four secondary schools vill
receive a vide range of equipment for the
study of physics.

Cambridge Commonwealth
Trust Scholar.hiPN

The Cambridge Commonwealth Trust has
announced a series of scholarships available
to citizens of Grenada and other Common-
vealth countries.

These scholarships are tenable at the Uni-
versity of Cambridge and are in collabor-
ation vith Messrs Tate & Lyle PLC,
Barclays Bank, the Overseas Development
Administration, the British Government,
the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The
Inner Temple, Clifford Chance and Cable &
Wireless PLC.

Subjects covered by these scholarships
include International Relations, Economics,
Policies of Development, Master of Law or
"a subject relevant to" the needs of the
applicant's country.

Scholarships for undergraduate courses are
available only to students who vish to
pursue a course of study which is not
available at the University of the West

Alister Hughes

7th July 1990

Printed & Published By The Proprietor
Alister Hughes, JournaUst
Of Scott Street, St George's,Grenada, Westiadies
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