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I I i 1 1 tI' I I 1 r

SThe Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 24th March 1990 Page 9
i i ^ * T "- ^ ~ ' 1 - - r .

-Some hours later, in a telephone interview
vith NEWSLETTER, Mr ThomIasn said that
"in the best national interests" he had
defected from GULP and joined NTDC.

"After he failed to vin his seat in the
Elections," Mr Thomas said, Gairy
developed a vindictive outlook and
the attitude that everybody should go

Mr Thomas referred to the proposal p ut
forward by Sir Eric in -i.7ch the incon-
clusive result of the Electionrs would be
solved bya coalition of the G1ULP i4 seas),
the Nev National Part;y (2, seats'z aid The
National Party (2 seats). Sir Eric's
proposal had been that. Mr r-nes wo-tild be
Prime Minister in that coalitfnn, but iMr

Tho-ras said Sir Eric's demands relative to
hirrelf vere unreasonable.

According to Mr Thomas, Sir Eric
wanted the coalition to make him (Sir
Eric) Chief Advisor to the Govern-
ment with a salary, housing accommo-
dation and other perquisites.

Additionally, Mr Thomas said, Sir Eric
wished the coalition to create an ambassador-
ial post for Mrs Jennifer Hosten-Craig, the
(Grenadian who won the Miss World Beauty
Contest the year vhen Sir Eric vas a judge
to tiat contest.

The thinking in GULP is centered around
the 'elfare of the party only, Mr Thomas
Please See ELECTIONS Page 18

General Election Resuits 1972 1990
Year Electors Dif Total I Candidate Party Votes % Num
On % Votes iOf Votes Win
__ Roll Cast Rol I __Cast
1972 1841 1666 90.5 Nadia Beniamin GULP 1166 70.0 666
SBen Jones GNP 500 30.0_
1976 3081 +67.4 12151 69.6 innocent Belmar GULP 1330 61.8 509

I I I Raymond Rush GNP 821 38.2
1984 2594 -15. 12304 8818 Alieyne Walker NNP 1282 55.6 278
Herbert Fletcher GULP 1004 43.6
S____ __Neville Renme CDLP 18 0.86
1990 3189 +22. 9 22-2 71.2 AIeryne Walker TNP 730 32.1 24
I Herbert Fletcher GULP 716 31.5
PaulO Francis INDC 629 27.7
Sert LaTouche NNP 134 5.9
Ciarlton Bernard MBPM 63 2.6
,--i-.i--i- j- --,-- ,,-i--- -!-











iet ai _________ Ele- ti on ResuiL t 1972- 1990
Year Electors Diff Totali ]r an'iJdate Party Votes % Num
On I% 0VoeSi f Votes Win
Roll ___ ast IRoi __ Cast
1 972 2571 2025 7, .7W ap1e Nedd GULP 1461 72.1 897

N'Vernn imon GNP 564 27.9
1976 4043 +57.2 2385 9.lChri st.ler Thomas GULP 1410 59.1 435
i I iVerinon Simonn GNP 975 40.9
1984 267 -29.1 2416 1 84.3 arce, Pete rs GULP 1276 52.8 136
2I2" IcLean Pope NNP 1140 47.2
1990 3515 +22.6 2317 65.9 Lawrence Gibbs GULP 819 35.3 245
I rc-el Peters NDC 574 24.6
Clarence Renaud TNP 498 21.5
IMcDuonai.d 1George NNP 408 17.6
Leslie ,Ju lien M3PM 18 0.8
i !-,-- i.--i-- _

. I.I I l

Page 10 Saturday 24th March 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter


ELC1u1nUn From Page 9
qaid. This would result in the downfall of
Grenada, he said, and he had told Sir Eric
and other members of the GULP E;xcutive
that, if there was not a change in this, he
"would have to move".

C is'picuo us by their absence from the
cerPmnonr of the swearing in of the Cabinet
Members were Messrs Jo-es and Walker of
the TNP.

However, at a ceremony at Government
House on the following day, Thursday
March 22nd, Mr Jones as sworn in. by
Governor General Sir Paul Scoon, as
Minister of Agriculture and. Fisheries.

No mention w-as made of the post of Deputy
Prime Minister which was part of the
original offer to Mr Jones.

At the same, Mr Walker was sworn in
as Farliamentary Secretary in the Ministry
of Labour, Social Security and Housing (not
of Works as lad been originally offered),
but there as no mention of any
appointment for Mrs Pauline Andrew.

At. a press conference after the swearing in,
Mr Jones said he and Mr Walker are not co-
operating with the NDC Governent as
individuals but as TNP members.
Please See ELECTIONS Page 11

General Electjion Results 1972 1990



Votes %


David Sylvester GULP 1572 54.1 239
Harry Ogil,.e GNP 1333 45.9
Norris Sain NJM i 1771 53.9 255
Lloyd St Louis GULP 1516 46.1
Ben Jone- NNP 1964 57.8 758
Winifred Strachanr GULP 1206 35.5
Carlton Bernard Mi BPM 185 5.4
Cyril Hopkin nd. 45 1.3
Ben Jones TNP 1430 48.5 740
Joseph McGuire GULP 690 23.4
Dennis Noe! NDC 624 21.2
Richard Lewis I NNP 143 4.8
George Lewis i BPM 63 2.1

General Electfon Results 1972 -

Year Electors DiffTotal % Candidate Party Votes % Num
On % Votes Of Votes Win
RRoll 1 Cast R ___Cast
1972 1958 1697 6.7 Hubert Ale;is GULP 1 102 64.9 .507
R____ Ralph Bhola GNP 595 35.1
1976 3016 +54.0 2055 58.1 Hubert Alexis GULP 1270 61.8 485
-5 bSydney Ambrose GNP 785 38.2
1984 2451 -18.7 2143 7.4Pauline Andrew NNP 1094 51.0 93
Irvin Duncan GULP 997 46.5
George Lewis MBPM 24 1.2
Bert LaTouche CDLP 18 0.8
Fenderson Felix GFLP 10 0.5
1990 3067 +25.1 2139 9.7 Winifred Strachan GULP 802 37.6 157
S-Pauli-ne Andrew TNP 645 30.1
| Norton Noel NDC 446 20.8
,'Lawrence Joseph NNP 246 11.5

> I m I.




I I '' I

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th March 1990 Page 11
General Election Results 1972 1990
Year Electors Diff Totalj % Candidate Party Votes % Num
On v te Of Votes Win

1972 2207 1731 8.4 Oliver Raeburn GULP 965 55.7 199
____ I________ Wilberforce Nyack GNP 766 44.3
197613082 +39.6 1944 63.0 Oiver Paeburn GULP 1002 51.5 60
I I___ Wilberforce Nyack GNP 942 48.5
19842121 -31.2 1800l98i4.7 Tifflmfan Thomas NNP 935 51.9 148
Winston Frederick GULP 787 43.7
John Cato MBPM 66 3.8
____Winston Whyte CDLP 12 0.6
19902723 +28.4 179966.1 Winston Frederick GULP 607 33.7 97
Tillman Thomas NDC 510 28.3
Prescott Swan NNP 361 20.1
INathanie! Herry TNP 287 16.0
S- Glen St Louis MBPM 34 1.9
ELECTIONS From Pare 10

"Mr Brathwaite undersood from tlhe
beginning that. e was dealing ith me as
Leader of the TNP and that I vill remain in
that position," he said.

Queried as to whether TNP no~ has a
coalition vith NDC, Mr Jornes sw .id hie could
not say what the relationship of the parties is
but, "having regard to all the circunlmstates,
it looks to be in the nature of a coalition."

"I can't say what the relationosrnp is or is
not," he said, "I can say only what it looks
to be like."

With reference to Sir Eric's proposal of a
coalition of TNP, GULP and NNP, Mr

.Jnes said he never had had any negotiations
with anybody on that. matter. He had. been
told of the proposal, he said, but it had
fallen through because he (Jones) did not
vant to have any association with that

Mr Jones said TNP has the problem that.
there still is divided opinion as to the course
the Party should take. Some members, he
said, favour the proposal of a coalition of
GULP, NNP and TNP with him as Prime
Minister, some approve co-operation with
NDC and still others feel TNP should not
associate vith any other party.

Please See ELECTIONS Page 12

General Election Results 1972 1990
Year Electors Diff Total i Candidate Party Votes % INum
On % Votes Of Vote Win
_Roll C -Casti Ro ____Cast
1972 2723 236967.0 Well ington Friday GNP 1185 50. 1
I _I Winston Whyte GULP 1184 49.9
1976t3909 +43.5 2812 71 9 Wston Whyte CDLP 1548 55.0 284
A I ___ Ashton Frame GULP 1264 45.0
1984 924 -25.2 2516166.0 Kenny Lalsingh NNP 1438 57.1 533
i I lver Raebrn GULP 905 36.0
_____ ___Samuel Thomas MBPM 173 6.9
S1990 3708 +26.68 2340i 61 Kenny Lasingh NDC 885 37.8 253
i I Wellington Friday GULP 632 27.0
I Lennox Jerome NNP 361 15.4
Paul Richards TNP 328 14.1
i kI2 si eJoseph Andall MBPM 134 5.7
i..I I. i a I._ -

Page 12 Saturday 24th March 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter

General Election Results 1972 1990
Year'Electors Diff Total T% candidatee Partyvotes % Num
On % Votes f Votes Win
Ro ll I Cast Rol Cast
1972 5731 2947 79.0 Herbert Pudhomme GULP 1777 60.3 607
I JohnA. Branch GNP 1 170 39.7
1976 5536 +48.4 3746 7.6 Herbert Preudhomme GULP 2096 55.9 446
L Lloyd Noel NJM 1650 44.1
1964 4373 -21.0 3699 334.6 Grace Duncan NNP 1611 43.6 35
Edzel Thomas GULP 1576 42.6
Einstein Louison iMPM 512 13.8
1990 5142 +17.6 3550 59.0 Edzel Thomas 1GULP 1227 34.6 200
Grace Duncan NNP 027 26.9
I Carlyle Gesan NDC 878 24.7
Einstein Loulson MBPM 239 6.7
Linda Charles TNP 179 5. 1

The nature of the TNP asso-
ciation vith NDC remains,
as Mr Brathfvaite described
it, in "a slightly gray area",
but this probably vill be
cleared up v -en the House
of Representatives meets

for the first time. A date
for that. meeting has not yet
been announced.

General Elections Resuits 1972 1990
Year Electors Dif Total % Candidate Party notes % Num.
On % Votes Of Votes Win
Roll Cast Roll Cast.
1972 1663 i 1652687.7 Albert Forsythe GULP 1037 62.8 422'
__Rupert Japal GNP 615 37.2
19762518 +33.7 194077.0 Albert Forsythe GULP 1079 55.6 216
SR__upert Japal GNP 861 44.4
19842085 -17.2 1819187.2 Felix Alexander NNP 930 51.1 180
Mitc-hell James GULP 750 41.2
SGeorge Louison MrBPM 139 7.7
1990 2630 7+26.1 1661M70.6 Malcolm Antoine NNP 564 30.3 76
0L Albert Forsythe GULP 456 26.2
| J Henry DeAllie NDC 436 23.4
[Felix Alexander TNP 243 13.1
George Thomas MrIBPM 130 7.0

, I

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 24th March 1990 Page 13

General Election Results 1972 1990
Year Electors Diff Total % Candidate Party Votes % Num
On % Votes l Votes Win
SRol Cast R l Cast
19722673 1 2170 81.2 Herbert Blaize GNP 1632 75.2 1094
Michael Caesar GULP 5381 24.8
197613316 +24.0 20110.4 Herbhert Blaize GNP 1542 767 1073
l 4 Charles Cayenne GULP 469 23.3
19842443 -26.3 19798 1.0 iHerbert Blaize NNP 1663 84.0 1517
S Lyle Sullen MBPM 146 7.4
Hyacinth Clyne GULP 119 6.0
Winston Fleary ind. 51 2.6
1990 2995 +22.6 2005166.9 Nicholas Brathwaite NDC 1346 67.2 691
Michael Caesar TNP 455 22.7
Bonfield Bristol GULP 136 6.6
Winston Flearey NNP 35 1.7
Lyle Bullen GULP 33 1.6
The Senate
According to the Constitution, the Governor General shall appoint 7 Senators acting in
accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister. He shall appoint 3 more Senators acting
in accordance vith the advice of the Prime Minister after the Prime Minister has consulted
organizations or interests which the Prime Minister considers the Senators should be
selected to represent. The Governor General shall appoint 3 more Senators acting in
accordance with the advice of the Leader of the Opposition.

Mrs Winifred Strachan (GULP) ias been appointed Leader of the Opposition and
Senators appointed on her advice are Messrs -
Albert Osvald Forsythe, Joseph L. McGuire and Gerald Arlin
Five Senators have, so far, teen appointed on the advice of Prime Minister Brathvaite.
They are Messrs:-
Denis Noel, Norton Noel, Tillman Thomas,
Carlyle Glean & Godfrey Ventour
The Prime Minmister must still advise on appointment of 2 more of the 7 allowed to him and
on 3 others after consultation with certain "organisations and interests".

generall Election Results 1972 1990
Year Electors Diff iTotal % Candidate Party Votes % Num
On % Votes Of Votes Win
SRoll Cast Roll ____Cast
19724454 366682.3 Cynthia Gairy GULP 2404 65.6 1142
19 5 Unison Whiteman GNP 1262 34.4
1976 6589 +47.9 4279 54.9 Cynthia Gairy GULP 2271 53.1 263
Kendrick Radix NJM 2008 46.9
19045357 -18.7 4723 88.2 Daniel Williams NNP 2856 60.5 1100
Denis Radix GULP 1756 37.2
_Almando Williams MBPM 111 2.3
19906379 +19.1 4491 70.4 Michael Andrew NDC 1745 38.9 235
S Vincent Clyne GULP 1510 33.6
JoslynWhiteman NNP 639 14.2

Brian Lindsay MBPM 49 1.1




ljNev National Party (NNP)
^ candidate for the vest coast
Constituency of St John's in
the General Elections which took place on
Tuesday March 13th, has taken legal action

against all fifteen
Congress (NDC)

At a press con-
ference on March
9th, her legal rep-
resentative, barrister
Mr Michael Sylves-
ter, said complaints
had been filed in the
Magistrate's Court
agamist those candi-
dates. The com-
plaints are, he said,
that, on Sunday
March 4th, they
incited others to act

in a disorderly manner "vith intent to
prevent the transaction of the business of a.
public meeting" called for the purpose of
promoting Miss Duncan's candidacy.

There are complaints also that the NDC can-
didates combined with others in the dis-
orderly act and they themselves acted in a
disorderly manner.

"Those vho aspire to be lawmakers must
first be aware of the existing ordinances
which have been promulgated for the
common good by those who have care of the
community," Mr Sylvester said.

The House of Representatives Elections
Ordinance states clearly how an election is
to be conducted, Mr Sylvester continued,
and the alleged disruption of Miss Duncan's
m'etingr if proved, carries a penalty of
disenfranchisement for five years.

National Democratic
candidates in those

Mr Sylvester said, on behalf on Dr Keith.
MitAhell NNP Political Leader, he has taken
legal action also against Dr Francis Alexis,
NDC candidate for the constituency of St
George's South East.

The complaint against Dr Alexis is that at an
NDC meeting on March 6th, Dr Alexis
"made a false statement in relation to the
personal character" of Dr Mitchell. This,

too, is an election
offense,. Mr Syl-
vester said, and is
also subject to a
penalty of five
years disenfran-

Mr Sylvester said
he expected that
these matters vill
be -heard by the
Magistrate "vith-
in the month"
should any NDC

and, in the meantime,

candidate win his seat, "there vill be a cloud
over it."

I A.sOLr. i

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary,
and Webster's Dictionary, both list the
vord "drogher" as a noun and give its
meaning as, "a West Indian coasting vessel:
any other slow, clumsy coasting craft".

These dictionaries don't list a verb "to
droge', but Grenadians (and other
West-ilnians) make conmnon use of this verb
meaning "to transport labourously"

For instance, "We don't have running vater
in our house and ve have to drogue it
from the river".
romulenx.- '_;

"T3ose who aspires
to be Lawmakers must |
first be aware
of the existing |
orditiances which
nhwriae been
I prowmUl(Uted for tie
S comot o od. "
- /.f M /..fn

I ,

The Grenada Nevsletter

Saturday 24th March 1990

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th March 1990 Page 15


il'lA contains to wmak internal enquiries
into the matter and i iscipiinary action
ytinst sJ taff is sei-nq conrtemrtpCtte

SPhillips Q.C., Chairman of
t the Board of BWIA
International Airways, Ina
i responded to the report that BWIA issued
a one-way ticket to Sir Eric Gairy to fly to
Miami on March 13th, the day on which
General Elections were held in Grenada.

In a telephone interview from Trinidad
vith NEWSLETTER, Mr Hudson-Phillips
said he deprecatess" what ,appears to him to
have been a "dastardly attempt" to involve
BWIA in Grenada's internal politics.

"Investigations so far conducted have
indicated that on March 9th 1990", he
said, "a person giving the name of
'Fourch6' requested the purchase of
a ticket from BWIA in the name of
Sir Eric Matthev Gairy, alleging that
he was authorized to do so."

Mr Hudson-Phillips said Fourch told
BWIA Sir Eric insisted that his travel
arrangements be treated with the strictest
Was Well Known
In view of the fact however, that the ticket
issued to Sir Eric was one-way, EWIA staff
requested proof of documentation that he.
was authorized to remain in the United
States, Mr Hudson-Phillips said. However,
Fourch: remonstrated with BWIA staff.
stating that Sir Eric was well known and ~ ad
the relevant documentation.

A ticket was subsequently issued on the
payment of EC$1,528.00, Mr Hudson-
Phillips said, but, out of an abundance of
caution an endorsement was written on the
ticket that the passenger vas not to be allow-
ed on the aircraft unless proof of document-
ation was produced.

"Sir Eric Gairy did not travel to Miami
from Grenada by any BWIA flight on
March 13th," Mr Hudson-Phllips said.

In a telephone interview vith NEWS-
LETTER on March 12th, Sir Eric said he
had not purchased a ticket to fly by BWIA
on the 13th or any other time, and he
charged that persons, whom he named,
were involved in this action in an attempt to
affect the outcome of the voting in the
General Election.
Failing To Follow
According to Mr Hudson-Phillips, BWIA
continues to make internal enquiries into the
matter and disciplinary action against staff
is being contemplated for failing to follow
laid down procedures for verification of the
identity and bona fides of intended passen-

A forrrmalreport has been made to the Police
supplying the description ofthe person who
purchased the ticket.

A United States Army Squadron of four
amphibian planes, landed in the outer
harbour of St Georges, Grenada on 7th
April 1927.

Under the command of Major H. A. Dar-
que, the planes of this squadron were on a
Pan-American goodwill flight and were the
first aircraft to rest on Grenadian soil.

Three years before, a United States Navy
flying boat had been the first aircraft. to visit
Grenada. That aircraft, however, did not
rest on Grenadian soil but remained in the
vater in St George's harbour.

With roaring motors, and to the wonder of
a large crowd, Major Darque's squadron
emerged from the sea, crossed the then
existing beach north of St George's and
parked on the playing field at Queen's Park.

It was the first close look Grenadians -ad of
an airplane.

Page 16 Saturday March 24th 1990 The Grenada Newsletter


win his seat in the General
Elections of March 13th. This is
the first time Sir Eric has
suffered personal defeat at the polls, and
that event may have marked the end of an

Government as your Majesty 'shall-deem
most desirable for the welfare of the
Colony," the Address said.

Complying with this vish, the British
Government revoked Grenada's Constitut-
ion. Elections were abolished. Adminis-
tration of the island vas placed in the hands
of a Governor vho took his instructions
from London and Grenadians nominated to
the Executive and Legislative Councils had
advisory status only.
Came To An End
This "Crown Colony" form of Government
remained in effect for the next 50 years. It
came to an end when a nev Constitution was
introduced in 1925, largely through agit-
ations of .Grenadian National Hero,
Theophilous Albert Marryshov.

The dawn of Grenada's "modern" political
history occurred rfrr rr r rrrrr '
114 years ago, two J tr tw 1961 i-nruf
or three decades
outside the reach of t[ctiOn ns, flr Uiiriy
living memory. At o-
that time, in 1876,
with the protesting ; ficlhiaour which
voice of only one r
Member, the elected % tash hi m4
Grenada Legislative an ad nu ave
Assembly voted it-
self out of exist- & sR n the startin9-
ence. 4 poiti
Entire Control point of fis poCitc
In an Address to s cic e.i
Queen Elizabeth, ;
the Assembly said it was expedient "that the rest in the British W
entire control and government" of the prompted appointment,
island be vested in the Queen. Comnnission, under

investigate conditions in

Grenadians vere
given then a
restricted form
of representative
government, vith
a limited fran-

In succeeding
years, that Con-
stitution was
gradually up-
graded but there
was no major
step forward
until social un-
rest Indies (BWI)
in 1938, of a Royal
Lord Moyne, to
these islands.

"We leave entirely to your Majesty's
wisdom and discretion to erect such form of

Please See ERA Pge 17


The Grenada Newsleter

page 16

Saturday March 24th 1990

I I t I t II I ,i

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday March 24th 1990 Page 17

ERA From Page 16
The Moyne Comnission recommended
adult franchise for Grenada and iher BWI
Colonies. The 1939 outbreak of World
War II delayed implementation of this, but,
on 10th October 1951, Grenadians went to
the polls for the first time under a new
Constitution which guaranteed the vote to
everyone 21 years old and over.
Attracted By higher Wages
Introduction of the new Constitution
coincided with the rise to prominence of Mr
Eric Matthew Gairy. A Grenadian of
humble origins, Mr Gairy, some years
before, attracted by higher ages as many
Grenadians were, migrated to the Dutch
West Indies. He returned to Grenada in
1949 and founded the Grenada Mental &
Manual Workers Union (GMMvWU).

Prior to this, such Trade Unions as had
existed in Grenada had not been militant
GMMWU was militant and, led by Mr
Gairy, GMMWU concentrated on the agri-
cultural worker, historically the victim of
the paternalistic attitude of the "plantoc-

The estate owner of that time "took care" of
his labourerss", allowing them plots of land
on which they built their humble, wooden
two-room homes. Employees on the estates
were allowed to plant and reap small
vegetable gardens of their own, but wages
were minimal and the standard of living was
A Background Of Arson
Against a background of arson, crop des-
truction and livestock maiming, GMMWU
championed the cause of these workers-
Inflamed by Mr Gairy's oratory, strikes and
riots rocked the normal tranquillity of the

island but, in the ead, GMMWU was success-
ful. Wages and working conditions improv-
ed considerably.

This created a ready-made base from which
Mr Gairy launched The Grenada United
Labour Party (GULP). "Uncle Gairy", as
'he was known, was riding a high vave of
popularity generated by his trade union
activities, and GULP was victorious in the
1951 General Elections.
Set A Pattern
GULP, the only organized political party
then, captured 60% of the popular vote and
five of the eight seats in the Legislature. It
also set a pattern which continues to today
and which is a credit to Mr Gairy's dedica-
tion to politics.

In the ten General Elections which have
taken place since adult franchise was
introduced, current election issues have
been secondary to the question as to whether
Grenadians would vote for or against Mr
Gairy's GULP.
Could Keep Control
in the 1954 General Elections, for example,
GULP was still the only organised political
party and the question then was whether the
Independents could keep control of the
Legislature out of the hands of the "Gairy-
ites". As it turned out, four seats went to
Independents and, with 46% of the popular
vote, GULP gained the other four.

The first appearance of other political
parties was at the 1957 General Elections.
In addition to GULP, three other Parties
contested Again,the voters attention was
centered, not so much on whether any
Please See E A Page 18

1951 1990
7 0 -- ..- --...-....... .. .. ...... ....-......... ... ...... ............... ......................... ......... .... .

1t ------ ...... .... ...

1951 1954 1957 1961 1962 1967 1972 1976 1984 1990

-- ---- ---

' 1 I I '

Page 18 Saturday March 24th 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter
ERA From Page 17

of these three new parties would win, as on
whether, by splitting the vote, they would
allow GULP to be the winner.

Throughout the years, whether or
not victorious at the polls, GULP
continued to hold a central position
in the political arena with Mr Gairy
always a certain dinner in the Con-
stituency of St George's South.

Association with Britain. This.advance
placed control of internal affairs in the
hands of the Grenada Government for the
first time. No longer vas the British
Government able to exercise a controlling
hand as it did hen the Field Commission
was appointed, and Mr Gairy took full
advantage of this.


the power of


National Percentages GULP/Anti-GULP
1951 1990

Year. 1951 1954 1957 1961 1962 1967 !972 1976 1984 1990

GULP 60.0 46.0 40.0 55.0 49.0 54.5 58.8 52.0 35.9 28.4

Anti 40.0 54.0 60.0 45.0 51.0 45.5 41.2 48.0 64.1 71.6
,,-,-,a -,' -.-...S

After the 1961 General Elections, however,
Mr Gairy was guilty of behaviour.,which
tarnished his image and may have been the
starting point of his political decline.

Grenada was then still a Colony and the
island's Constitution was suspended when
the Field Commission of Inquiry, appointed
by Britain, reported very unfavourably on
Mr Gairy's Administration.

There had been questionable governmental
expenditure, the Report said. As Minister
of Finance, Mr Gairy had been "apparently
bent on error". He had browbeaten the
Civil Service into subservience. Civil
Servants were forced into committing or
condoning improprieties, the Commission-
ers said, and Mr Gairy had embarked on "a
series of financial adventures".

With less than two decades of experience
since introduction of adult franchise, the
electorate was still not politically educated
enough to appreciate the implications of the
Field Report. Proven wrongdoings by the
GULP Administration had little or no effect
on the polls then, and in the General
Elections of 1967, GULP scored an over-
whelming victory, capturing 55% of the
popular vote and 7 of the -10 seats in the

At this stage, Grenada had been given a new
Constitution making the island a State in

intimidate estate owners in negotiation vith
GMMWU, the GULP Administration con-
fiscated several estates without payment of
compensation to the owners.

Also, following a personal call by Mr
Gairy for men, no matter what their
criminal record, to come to his
assistance, he established the "Police
Aids" and launched a reign of terror
which was to have far-reaching

At a later date, a Commission of Inquiry
was to find that the Police Aids, or as they
were popularly knovn, the "Mongoose
Gang", was "an unlawfully constituted body
of men, albeit paid from public funds,
whose qualifications for service in many
cases, particularly among the leaders, vas
their known disposition for violence and

The breakdown of law and order reached its
climax when the Police Aids openly
attacked Mr Gairy's opponents, and, under
Police protection, looted business places
vhich had declared their opposition to Mr
Gairy and his policies.

The General Elections of 1972, however,
still showed a clear preference for the
GULP Government. That party secured
59% of the popular vote and 13 seats in the
Please ee ERA Page 20

- --

Te Grenada Newsletter Saturday March 24th 1990 Page 19

1972- 1990

1-972 1976 -814 99
Constituency Votes % Votes % Votes % Votes %

St Geo. Town. GULP 1229 50.4 1316 43.9 756 26.2 554 24.1
Anti 1208 49.6 1685 56.1 1921 71. 1746 75.9

St Geo.South GULP 1548 70.8 1989 64.3 1173 36.2 1088 35.0
Anti 636 29.2 1103 35.7 2066 63.6 2025 65.0

St Geo. S.E.. GULP 1326 63.3 1211 47.9 642 25.3 585 24.4
Anti 766 36.7 1319 52.1 1894 74.7 1614 75.6

St Geo. N.W. GULP 1340 70.6 1399 63.5 956 40.1 574 27.2
Anti 558 29.4 803 36.5 1430 59.9 1540 72.8

St Geo N.E. GULP 1502 53.8 1463 44.1 818 24.2 607 18.7
Anti 1290 46.2 1858 55.9 2568 75.8 2641 81.3

St And. S.W." GULP 1542 54.1 1516 46.1 1206 35.5 690 23.4
Anti 1333 45.9 1771 53.9 2194 64.5 2260 76.6

St.And. SE GULP 1102 64.9 1270 61.8 997 46.5 802 37.5
Anti 595 35.1 765 38.2 1146 53.5 1337 62.5

St And. NW GULP 1166 70.0 1330 61.8 1004 43.6 716 31.5
Anti 500 30.0 621 38.2 1300 56.4 1556 68.5

St And. N.E. GULP 1461 72.1 1410 59.1 1276 52.8 819 35.4
Anti 564 27.9 975 40.9 1140 47.2 1498 64.6

St Davids GULP 2404 65.6 2271 53.1 1756 37.2 1510 33.6
Anti 1262 34.4 2008 46.9 2967 62.8 2981 66.4

St Johns GULP 1777 60.3 2096 55.9 1576 42.6 1227 34.6
Anti 1170 39.7 1650 44.1 2123 57.4 2323 65.4

St Marks GULP 1037 62.8 1079 55.6 750 41.2 488 26.2
Anti 615 37.2 861 44.4 1069 58.8 1373 73.8

St Pat. E GULP 965 55.7 1002 51.5 787 43.7 607 33.8
Anti 755 44.3 942 48.5 1013 56.3 1192 66.2

St Pat. W GULP 1184 49.9 1264 45.0 905 36.0 632 27.0
Anti 1185 50.1 .1548 55.0- 1611 64.0 1708 73.0

Carriacou GULP 538 24.8 469 23.2 119 6.0 136 6.8
Anti 1632 75.2 1542 76.7 1860 94.0 1869 93.2

uW. O'T y- S- BE TAKEN
Page 20 Saturday March 24th 1990 The Grenada Nevslatter
ERA From Page 18
15-seat House. Mr Phinsley St Louis, who polled 1278
votes to Sir Eric's 1088.
In the 1976 Elections there was a slight drop
in the popular vote given to GULP and that More significantly, the percentage of the
party's majority in the House dropped to 9 popular vote captured by GULP in those
seats against the Opposition's 6. There was Elections dropped to under 29%, the lowest
still, however, no indication in the popular figure ever recorded against that Party
vote that there was a general rejection of Mr since the Elections of 1951.
Gairy's policies and style of government.
On the face of it, it appears that the
Mr Gairy, (nov Sir Eric) had, at every electorate is becoming' more politically
General Election up to 1976, von his seat in educated. Grenadians are more aware of
the Constituency of St George's South by a the implications of the style of government
comfortable majority. operated by Sir Eric's GULP and disclosed
by independent Commissions of Inquiry.
In the 1984 Elections, after the Military y i
Intervention, however, Sir Eric elected not But Sir Eric's political astuteness cannot
to be a candidate and the GULP candidate be denied and he may still have surprises to
for that Constituency was beaten badly. spring. Only the future will tell whether the
blots and blemishes of yesteryear are nov
Sir Eric vas a candidate in the Constituency just a part of Grenada's history. Only the
of St George's South in the 1990 Elections future will tell whether an era has passed.
of March 13th. He was beaten by the _
National Democratic Congress candidate, --- ----- m

tar Hughes

24th March 1990

Printed & Published By The Proprietor
Alister Hughes, Journalist
Of Scott Street, St Georges,Grenada, Westialies
(P.O.Box 65: Phone 809] 440 Z538: Cables HUSON, Grenada)

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The Grenada

Volume 18 Saturday 24th March 1990 Number T


^L -------Pare
0 Nobody Wins NDC Forms
Government.... -.... .- ------ 2.
S Members Of The House........ 2
The Cabinet....................... ,
S0 The Senate ....... .............. 13
S0 Duncan Takes Action
Against NDC .-------.....---....-.... 14
0 BWIA Ticket Hoax ............. 15
S End Of An Era 7............... 16



Page 2 Saturday 24th March 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter





t1ZfL TfOfn As fitrFETS frmt surP

ed an inconclusive decision
when Grenadians went to t-he
polls in a General Election on
Tuesday March 13th 1990.
The final count gave the National
Democratic Congress (NDC), seven seats in
the fifteen-seat; House of Representatives.
Four of the remaining seats went to the
Grenada United LabourParty (GULP), L and
two seats each to The National Party (TNP)
and The New National Party (NNP).
According to the Gren ada Constitution, the
CGovernor General must appoint as Prirme
Minister "a member of the House of
Representatives who appears to him likely
Sto command the support of the majority of
the members of the House".

There was no clear majority but, on Friday
March 16th, Governor General Sir Paul
Soon swore in Mr Nicholas Brathwaite,
NDC Political Leader, as Prime Minister.
Against the background of Mr Brath-
vaite's minority support in the House
and of developments since the results
of the polls vere known, some ob-
servers see the Governor General's
action as likely to produce political
Three days before, on March 13th;
interviewed in Carriacou via telephone by
NEWSLETTER, shortly after the results of
the preliminary count were knovn, Mr
Brathwaite appeared confident NDC vpulkt
form tle .Government.

Please See ELECTIONS Page 3

Constituency Member Party

St George's Town Joan M Purcell Nationai Democratic Congress
St George's South Phinslei St Louis rational Democratic Congress
St George's North East George i. Brizan ati'onal Democratic Congress
St George's South East Francis R. Ale.xds national Democratic Congress
St George's North West Keith C. Mitchell e:ew Nati onal Party
St Andrew's North WestIAlHeyne Wailker khe National Party
St Andrew's South East Winnifred Strachan lrenada United Labour Party
St Andrew's North East Lawrence Gibbs 3renada United Labour Party
St Andrew's South West Ben J. Jones he National Party
St Patrick's East Winston E Frederick Srenada United Labour Party
St Patrick's West Kenny Lalsingh Nlational Democratic Congress
St David's Michael Andrew rational Democratic Congress
St John's Edzel Thomas Grenada United Labour Party
St Mark's Malcoim C. Antoine lew National 'Party
Carriacou Nicholas A. Brathwaite national Democratic Congress

I . I I I It

The Grenada Newsletter, Saturday 24th March 1990 Page 3

"I am disappointed, that, e did not win a
majority of the seats," he said, "and ve nov
have a situation where there vill have to be
negotiations which I wouid hawv preferred
not to have. But, it is not a difficult

With reference to his pre-election statement
that NDC vould not work in a coalition
government with any other Party, Mr
Brathwaite said his stand vas changede_

NDC vas not willing t t team up with alny

other political party, he said, because he
does not want to have a situation in which a
person working vith NDC vould be taking
directions from another Party.

His party, Mr Brathwaite said, would work
with any successful individual candidate
vith whom the NDC felt "comfortable",
and he told NEWSLETTER he had already
asked his "deputies" on the mainland "to
make certain contacts" on this basis.
Please see ELECTIONS Page 4

St George's Town
General Election Results 1972 1990
Year Electors Diff Total Candidate Party Votes t Num
On %I Votes Of Votes Win
Roll Cast Rol1 Cast

19723381 2437 -72.0 John Morris GULP 1229 50.4 21
S IHudson Scipio GNP 1208 49.6
19765691 +68.3 3001 52.7Bernard Coard NJM 1685 56.1 369
R__ oy St. John GULP 1316 43.9
19843338 -41.3 2677 74.9 George ,McGuire NNP 1745 65.2 989
Raymond Anthony GULP 756 28.2
Earle Bullen MBPM1 151 5.7
I I Gordon Robinson CDLP 25 .9
1990 3674 +10.1 2300 626 Joan Purcel NDC 772 33.5 206
George McGuire TNP 566 24.6
Herbert Preudhomme GULP 554 24.1
Dennis C am-pbell NNP 349 15.2
Terrence Marryshow MBPM 42 1.8
S Mich ae Donelan Ind. 11 0.5
AJustin Mci urnie GOD 6 0.3

T14P he Nwana!
ND aioa emcai
NN evHaiMT
-GLP Grnd 'UWiadi

:CDLP Christian r itF:vratfc

Vary S


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The Grenada_

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413th Issue
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,I 'i 1

Page 4 Saturday 24th March 1990 The Grenada Newsletter

Those "contactsI vould not extend to Dr
Keith Mitchell, NNP Political Leader, he
Ssaid, because he (Brathwaite) does not wish
to have any dealings with Dr Mitchell. It
ima- be. he said, that Mr Ben Jones: TNP
hltiucal Leader and outgoing Prime Min-
ister, successful in the elections, may
"decide to come over" to NDC.

i however, as far as Mr Alleyne Walker, the
oiher, successful TNP candidate, was con-
c_.ernied, Mr Brathwaite was "not too anxious
Ito hare a person like Walker just to make up

Al though he had won his seat, Mr Brath-
aite said, Mr Walr Wke "has not. contributed
a.i ing" but there were "one or to
people in GU'LP" who might be interested
in joi-ning NDC.
An Offer Was Made
Negotiations by NDC officials with Mr
Si-nes began on Wednesday 14th -M-rch (the
da aftter the elections) and inf-ormed
I sources told NEWSLETTER an offer was
i nmade that, if Mr Jones would throv in hlis
1 lt v1ith NDC, he wo'ld be made Deputy
inime Minister and. Minister of Agi-
I miture.
A ifrther inducement to Mr Jones was a
promise of the appointment of Mr Walker
I to the post of Minister of State in the Miin-
istry of Works, a post Mr Walker held in
tie outgoing TNP Goverrnment.
General Ele action RE

Y;ear Electors Diff Total % Candi
I On % Votes 0
I Molj Cast Roll

7 1972 7226 1 2186 60 1 iM i

I 1976 5175 +89.8 3092 59.7 EM Ga
I -2 I,
S1984 3889 -24.8 3239 83.3 P'hnsi
Si Er-leen

1990 4844 +24.6 5113 54.3iFPhil
i nc 13
Si Winsti

There was an offer to Mr Jones also that
Mrs Paulire Andrew, the TNP Minister of
Tourism, defeated in the Elections, would
be made a Senator and Parliamentary
Secretary in i t Ministries of Tourism and.
Civil Aviation.
It Became Known
Through sources in the NNP and TNP, how-
ever, it became known that there was
another proposal to Mr Jones, said to have
teen put forward by Sir Eric Gairy, GULP
Political Lea.der.

That proposal was that there should
be a coalition of GULP, TNP and
NNP, a coalition which would com-
mand a majority of 8 seats in the
House. As an inducement to Mr Jones
to abandon his negotiations with NDC
and join TNP with GULP and NNP,
he vas offered the post of Prime Min-
ister in the coalition.

This development placed two options be-
fore the TNP and informed sources told
NEWSLETTER that, while Mr Jones was
totally against having any dealings with
GULP, the Eecutive of TNP was split
three ways.

Oh factiio-n *was in favour of the coalition
witlh GULP and INNP as. with Mr Jones as
Prime Minister, TNP policies would have
mor-e cha-nce of imp--lementation than if Mr
Please See ELECTIONS Page 5
AsuTts j972 1i99Q

date Part u Votes Num
Votes Win

Iiry 1 GULP 1548 70.8 910
n Sirachan GNP 638 29.2
iry GULP 1199 64.3 686
n Strachan iNJ 1103 35.7
et -3 Louis INNP 1905 58.8 732
Adtams GULP 1 173 36.2
Emmianuel iMPM!I 153 4.7
i cbirnLie inid. 8 .3
ey S. Loui s DNC 1 278 41.1 190
airy GULP 108 34.9
on Whyte NNP 454 14.6
SPilgrirm TNP 293 9.4

1! t I ,

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th March 1990 Page 5

Jones was Deputy Prime Minister in an
association with NDC.

Another faction supported Mr -ones in his
stand against having any dealings with
SGULP. In its election campaign, TNP
had highlighted what the Party aid was t he
corruption of the GULP ad.nilnistration
murderr Sir Eric. This faction said it would
be illogical, against that bacgro.und, for
TNP to co-operate now with GULP.

Further, the TNP Government had instit.ut-
Pd a still incomplete Inquiry into a nuznher
of Government Departments and. Boards, an
inquiry which could affect several pro-
minent NNP members. This faction felt
that, in those circumn-stances, it w'.ould be
embarrassing for TNP to be associated in
Government with NNP.
Should Have No Deaiings
The third faction vas of the onpiron that
TNP should have no dealings with either
NDC or the proposed GU LP"NP grouping
but should remain politically unassociated
in the opposition.

It was widely reported thai. day iWednresdav
March 14th) that TNP bhad gone into the
proposed GULP/TNP/NNP coalition but, in
a statement over Radio Grenada, M r iJnes
denied this. Also in a statement over Radio
Grenada, Mr Jones' n his
constituency, St Andrev's Soiith West,
nmade their view known.

Playing upon the election symbols of the
"Hands" for TNP and the "Heart" for NDC,
they voiced the following release:-

" This is a statement from St Andrev's South
West Constituency Council We, the
constituents of St Andrew's South West
Constituency who have resoundedly re-
elected. Ben Jones as our proud represent-
ative because of his honest track record, call
in him to deal firmly vith the task facing
our nation ahead..
The Glittering Things
"'e are aware that with the indecisive
result of Tuesday's poll, the Honourable
Jones has been sought by many of the
.groups concerned. We feel nov is the time
to display the patriotism which has become
the trademark of our distinguished repre-
sentative. We do understand the human
temptation to go after the glittering things
dangled before our eyes but, whatever de-
cision we make should be for the greater

"vWe as constituents are worried that a
lifetime of service can be tarnished with one
seemingly light mis-calculation. Good
men must make sure that they do not
associate with bad men as far as possible.

"N'w is a crucial time when the healing
process must start. Our people have
spoken with their votes. Maybe ve have
Please See ELECTIONS Page 6

General Election Resuits 1972 1990__
Year ElectorsDiff. iTotal % Of Candidte Party Votes %f Hum
On Roll % i Votes Ro!ll Votes Win
S ast 9 Cast t
1972 3251 279-4 85.9 i Frankyn Doiland IGULP 1502 53.8 212
S I F. 'Neai GNP 1290 46.2_
1976 5047 +55.2 3321 i5.8 Unisn Whiterman NJM 1858 55-9 395
__ ___Ii_ Franklyin Dolland GULP 1463
1984 4031 -20.1 3,386 3. 9 George Brizan NNP 2436 72.0 1620
Albert Forsythe GULP 818 24.2
K. I hompsn MBPM 99 2.9
SDeJnis JUosep CDLP 31 ._
1990 5029 +24.8 3248 64 6 George Brizasn NDC 1853 57.0 1246
S! Arlin GULP 607 18.8
i hn r.iunro NNP 543 16.8
SF Alexander iTNP 207 6.3
I V. Joseph I MBPM 3 4 1.0
1 Michael Radix i Ind. 4 0.1

, -I IrI I

Page 6

Saturday 24th March 1990

not done so decisively enough but -,e in this
Sconstituercy have said 'no' to our terrible
past and a potential bad future.

"Indeed, we feel we must join hands
and hearts together each playing our
part to ensure that good government
comes to our country."

Messrs Jones and Brathwaite held further
discussions on Thursday March 15th, dis-
cussiont described to the press by Mr
Brathjvait as "very encouraging" and by
MIr Jones as "frank and cordial". Mr Jones
disclosed also that he would see the Govern-
ofr General on the following day-

On Friday March 16th, Mr Jones rmett ith
Sir Pard Sco.on and tendered his resignation
Sas FPrime Minidster, following which Sir Paul
sunimoned Mr Brathwaite aid swore hiimin
as Prile Minister.
Not In A Position To Say
in an interview with NEWS LETTER
shortly after the ceremony, Mr Brathwaite
?aid he vas not in a position to say definitely
that he headed a majority Governme-nt. He
had had discussions with Mr Jones onr the
day before, he said, and had confirmed his
|offer relative to appointments of 1-himself
(Joines) dMr vWalker and Mrs Andrew

SHe did say to me e would have to -go to his
Party and discuss it with them," Prinme
Minister Brathvaite said. "I k io that lie
-iet with the Go-vernor General this
morning arnd the Governor General, after

The Grenada Newsletter

he had met hir, called me and indicated to-
me that he would swear me in as Prime
Minister because he got the distinct
impression from Mr Jones that he and Mr
Walker vere prepared to work ith us.

Mr Brathwaite said he had not received
from MAessrs Jones and Walker a con-
firmation of the support referred to by Sir
Pail, but he did not foresee any problems.
Country Will Settle Down
"Now that this action has been taken," he
said, "at least the country will settle down,
and I have a gut feeling that, within a short
space of time, there are a couple of
individuals (other than Messrs Jones and
Walker; ,ho night be shoving interest in
working with an NDC government."

The Prime Minister said he sensed there
ere s-ome people who were "uneasy" about
the three party alliance of GULP, NNP and
TNP, but who had been forced to toe the
arty line Now that the situation had
been clarified by his appointment as Prime
Minister, he said, those people will feel
more free to "come along" vith NDC.

Relative to his stand that NDC is not
interested in a coalition with any
other Party but would consider
accepting individuals who fished to
cross-the-floor, Mr Brathwaite said
Mr Jones' proposed relationship with
NDC is "a slightly gray area'-


General Election Results 1972 1990
-r Electors DiffTtar I andidate- I Party Votes % Num
On % notes Of Votes Win
SRoll- Cast Rol____ Cast
1972 2620 2096 8 0.0 Armond Williams GULP 132 63.3 570
h ordoII .Gordon Renwick Gj NP 768 36.7
1976 73943 +50.5 2530 64.1 Maurice Bishop INJM 1319 52.1 108
S- Norman DeSous GULP 1211 47.9
1984 3017 -23.5 2536 64.0 Francis Al.xis NNF' 1674 66.0 1032
G S.Hercules IGULP i 642 25.3
I I399 46.Kendrick Radix MBPM1 220 8.7
1990 3587 +18.9 39 66.9 Francis Alexs NDC i1214 50.6 629
Norman DPSousa Glip iLP 585 24.4
| J,;seph Pobertson- TNP 292 12.2
Robert Grant INNP 265 11.0
s .Joseph Charter MBPM 43 1.8
_= .._


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th March 1990 Page 7

ELECTIONS Froan Page 6
Discussions with Mr Jones, he said, had not
dealt with coalition or merger. He would
not want to pretend, Mr Brathwaite said,
that he did not show some flexibility in
those discussions, but he pointed out that
vhat had been sworn in by the Governor
General is not a coalition but an NDC

Shortly after the interview vith Mr
Brathwaite, NEWSLETTER spoke withMr
Jones who said Mr Brathwaite had e to
consider his position and he (k:nes) was
considering his.

"I expect him to speak to me again if
he considers that he needs my sup-
port," Mr Jones said_ Against the
background of the discussions, I must
nov leave it to him."
Got The Distinct Impression
Relative to Mr Brathwaite's -statent t.hat.
the Governor General had ot. the distinct
impression" that the TNP s-uccessful
candidates would support NwDC, Mr T:oes
said, "vhen we spoke w'e did that on the
basis that Walker and. I, the two
i'Parliamerntarians, were to,: feature in his

"But I told him (Brathwaite) clearly", Mr
Jones said, "that I was not makirig any
conmlitmnent on that. t, .-- on the
understanding, of course, that if our p-aties
would co-operate, the Parlamentans
vould have to co-operate; bu I could W
make any firm corrlntment. The P '-ary as
to endorse that".

There was a new development on that day
(Friday March 16th) when Mr Edzel
Thomas, one of the four successful candid-
ates of Sir Eric Gairy's GULP, indicated
that he -had "crossed the floor" and. now
supports the NDC of Prime Minister
Nicholas Brathwaite.

In a letter to Governor General Sir Paul
Scoon, dated March 16th, Thomas express-
ed his view "regarding the appointment of a
Prime Minister of Grenada, Carriacou and
Petit Martinique."

"The Member of the said nevly
elected House of Representatives
which commands my confidence as
Prime Minister," his letter says, "is
the Honourable Member for Carria-
cou & Petit Martinique, Mr Nicholas
Was Then Being Picketed
in a telephone interview vith NEWS-
LETTER on Sunday March 18th, Mr
Thomas said his home in St John's was then
being picketed by angry GULP supporters.
Some 200 persons had arrived by car and
bus, he said, there were protesting his
defection and there were chants of "No

At a ceremony at Government House on
Wednesday March 21st, together with the
other members of Mr Brathwaite's Cabinet,
Mr Thomas was sworn in by Governor
General Sir Paul Scoon as Minister of State
in the Ministry of Works & Public Utilities.
Please See ELECTIONS Page 9



1General Eiection Results 172 1990
Year IElectors Diff. Tota! Of Candidate Party Votes %Of Num
On Rolal 0 Votes Roil otes Win
i Cast Cast
1972 2204 1 98 1 I .1 Gnrg1 H-oten GULP 1340 70.6 782
I ______ t_ I eith Mlitcheil IGNP 558 29.4_
1975 3191 +44.6 I 22t'2 60 eorge Hosten GULP 1399 63.5 596
E Ib. Sy ivester Ind. 803 36.5
1984 2763 -13. 24 16 6.- Kecth Mitche NNP 1 57.4 414
_._NP 1370 57.4 414
I Jimmy Lewis GULP 956 40.1
u__Ounbar Byam MBPN 60 2.5
1990 3373 +20.1 121 14 ,2.7 Keirth Mitchell NNP 1 148 54.3 574
i iPrrqy S-ea es iGULP 574 27.2
I vari Hood INDC 280 13.2
S ichaei Stewart TNP 74 3.5
_____ ___ Carl ton Briggs -1MBPM 38 1.8

Page 8 Saturday 24th March 1990 The Grenada Nevsletter

The Cabinet
Nicholas A. Brathwaite Prime Minister's Ministry, Foreign Affairs,
Home Affairs, Carriacou & Petit Martinique
Affairs, National Security, Information,

George Ignatius Brizan Ministry of Finance. Trade, Industry, Economic
SPlanning and Eneroy. '

Francis Raphael Alexis Attorne.i General and Ministry of Legal Affairs -
Sand Local 3Goernm.ent.

SPhinsley St. Louis Ministry of Works Communications and Public
SUtili cities.

Joan M. Purcell rMinistru of Tourism. Civil Aviation and
% Womern's Affair s.

% Kenny Lalsingh Ministry of Health, Community Development,
SPhysical Planing and iCo-oeratives.
1$ -
Michael Andrew Ministry of Labour (Trade Unions, Wages, Work
Permits, International Labour Organisation),
Employment, Social Security including National -
0 'insurance and Housing. -
S4L -in,-Culture Vouth Affairs
; Carlyle Glean Ministry of Education. Culture, Youth Affairs
jand Sport.

Ben Joseph Jones Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry and
f FFishteries.

% Alieyne Walker Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of
Labour. Social Security and Housing. -

i Tillman Thomas ** Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of
0 Legal Affairs and Local Government.

Denis Noel ** Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs. -

Appointed To The Senate


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