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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grena


Voteam 17 Saturday 13th May 19S9 Nlumer



s .. ..atfS& peops- who
are not seowinq
rsresVst is tfw Pa"ry
mau be eaft Sit tde

bMinitter 'S Worki anii Coam
munications, and Political Leader
of the New National Party (NNP) said in an
interview with NEWSLETTER, on May
8th, that his period of cociliatory acting
for Prirh Minister Herbert Blaise is now at
an and.
"I cannot say that the Prime Minister
has accepted me as Politica Leader",
be saidt, ai m aot worried about
that any moreb".
At the MNP Convention in January, Dr
Mitchell defeated Mr Blaize in a straight
fight for the post of Political Leader, a
position vhich Mr Baize has held since the
Party wa launched in 984.
Appears To Be Angry
Since then Dr Mithel has charged that,
vbile his personal relationship vith Mr
Blaize is good, he an the Prime Minister do
not see eye to eye on "the vay forward" man
Ar BMaize appear to be t agry >-er lsj
Inthe intarvie vit.h NEWSLETTER., Dr
Mitchell said he does not need acceptance by
any single mlidtal. ; What he nee is
taceptae by t people ofie country and
it is up to Mr Blaize's conscience as to
bho he ill act, he said.



Conatniio :n" D
have to judop
not shoving' tAY be
by the naysidet.

Q Mitchell Not vaiting
For Blai-ze...... .. ..... I
Books Shotd NHot oane
4 Speaker Eatifte Cbargec.... 3
BVIA To Efpand Service
To Grenada.... .-.......... 4
SHAP Director Visits ........-. 6
S" The Moorings" Nov
In Gre a..--....-.....---------......... 6
#Keith Mitchell -Political
Leader-------....-..........-.... 7
American Airlines Attracted
To Grenada.................... 11
BWIA Complains of Airport
il em C -.--.. --.........-........ 12
S"FreanI Week" la lGrenada.... 13
SNVw Shrt..........s.. ..---... 14 j
N&P is moving forward. to consot
position in the country, the Political Leader,
said. NNP is "the best hope for Grenada at
this time", he continued, and, whether
te MIrTCHELL Pagefr






1 -

Page 2 Saturday 13th May 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter


R KEITH MITCHELL, Min- The published list. of books, he sail .
sister of Comunmicatiorn and Works contains titles which "can be purchased
and Paitia Leader f the N cN aInywhere". NHoting is gained by1 the
Natiral Party (NNP), said, m am interv&v bm-nning, he orntimed6, a-id itrArnely makes
vdth NEWSLETTER, on Mav. 2th, thaLt b pptL "r.e lhuntag" rto rea-d t- e bt.n-ned
does not agree vith Gove.rrmment's action t iter _., ..
last month in banning a, consignment of left Based In Cuba
S iBased In _aba
ving literature co nsigne ~ the Maunice The Political Leader referred also to the
Bishop Patriotic Movement (MBPA). .Gr'ena Governient's denial of entry to
GTrenada, last Mar, of St Vincent born Mr
"The ay to make something popul- is to Don Rp.oas, former Press Secretary to
ban it, he said, and the artItrary bainningu murdered Prime Minister Maurice Bishop
of books at random creates a perception that_ ad J -no based in Cuba as the Secrebtar for
we are afraid o somtriniT. '" ropagajda & Information of the Anti-
After Careful Stu-y Imperiaist r rganisatios of the Caribbean
Books and person shro 4 kd be a- t-, from arid L.-in AT rrica.
Greiada oAy after careful study wad
analysis, tte Potitial L'eaar said, and. henr ML Ps hA. been inwed to GCren-za by
it is perfectly clear that the banning vill th~i BPI.o, of s4hidchL is a r- ber.r, o be
protect the country from a dangerous in- vart of a: Conrvetic, to cornrePmorati
fuence. Bishop's birthday on May 29th, and Dr
Mitchell said, if ie had had to deal vith the
As far as the c.nsigrwent to MBPM is matter, e votdd hame aldowed Mr Rojas
concerned, Dr Mitchell.caid, he d cs not see entry.
that the baring justified and,
philosophically, if he'lad had to deal vith ic-.i.R-,_ .,...
the situation, he v word have hb- a differenT
appr cr.h.

Pf'ITHELL From Page 1

Keith MitshAxA or Kerbe-rt Blaie is the
Leader, the Party U-st move to take care of
the State and -no~.-ait -or somebody to
Decide vhet.her .- not he i she.s to co-

Dr Mitchell said the i I for "sitti a;2nd

i Party must .nmo.e ir. ard.. orgai sin everyC
constituency to put represen---atives vhom
the people -w t, .. .ke car-e of the electoral
pr ccess.

At a press conference. on Mawh 3rd, DrA
Mitcthe-t said. Mr Ben. .ois, Minister of
External Affairs, Agricultrme and Tourism,
Deputy Prime Minister and Deput-y .NP
Political leader had iled to attend La
NNP public meetings.

"I don't think it health", the Political
Leader said at that time- "I don't think
trotlher .ones is helping himself. the Party
or the nation by his absence irom these

At the interrviev vith NEWLETTER on
May -hi, Dr Mitcheil sad that, although Mr
ons is now attending soime public meet-
igs, ~e still has reserxtions about his
Deputy ans hnpes Mr -Joss understands
tati -e (Jon-:) has a "serious contribution"
to nmae in ta.InJg, the Party forv;m-d.

"B t. I 'ln Tno gIoiTng to be spending time
v-Im .finng abQout. that now", Dr Mit-hell
sa&i, "t i goig to be up;, toc the c.ncie:e
,of the irndrdiidal persizns"

The Political Leader said he has majority
suppoIrt both at the level of the NNP
SEx utixm aid then rank and file of tef Party.
He tha not h'a. the f, durablee response he
had e pected to 1hiS waiting Or "5l
eopJe" to "'come on board", he said, but
he cannot wait. any longer and the Party
must. nor move ahead.
Tii^ ^!fl?~i' "'^

- L -- -- ----


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 13th May 1989 Page 3




"tL saiA tfo ningsifj
that I'm rwt oiin to 1 A
kt tins dhappsn for
several reasons" L ltistrHi^it

P.resentMatives, Sir Hudsoxn Sci4co,
httas refuted charges thatbe acted. n--
constiti tiWonally in the discrhaw ge of his
The cres arie from an incident in the
House on Aprii 26th_ last when the j19(9
Budget was being debated. At thIat time,
there were six Opposition and six
Govermnent members in the iHouse andi
Prime Mnister Herbert. Baze mro-?e6d a
moincin that Hle I as r.jc, n fc r teea.

Whei- the. vote. was. taken, there, as an. equal
nuroher of votes for ar. agai.Ust. the irotion.
The Speaker has. no: vote and, according to
Grenadia's Co-T _itution, fwhen there is an
equality of :.te-s in' th- Ho rus the Motion
Demanding An Explanation
However, although r Bla ze"' cotton faiJ]-
ed. Sir udson still -djo turned the House for
teai, ind the Opposition. led by LeaMer of the
OppsBam o r, M Cesrge Brisazi, f-as sixe
vrirtet ni a peterr demiarAing an xe a-
ati<.n :f vhat appears' t be a tkfult-irg of 4te.

In an interview with NEWSLETTER on
May 1 th, Sir Hsid-son said thdie Rues of
Procedure of the HoRts make no. pgro on
for an ad-jurranent to be taker for refresh-

'The question of adjourning the
House at any stage for any kind of
refTeshment is a matter whichh is7
entirely within the diret the
Spseak-r he said.

It hs. besp kzwial tos hanw a Motion a |
vote for aliournmrent for luitch antd tea, Sir
Hudson told NEWSLEJTTcER, but that is a
matter of "pure formality". Although he
taes the ote ihe pavys no attention to the
result of any wIte to adjourn for
refreshment, he said, became, whatever the
result of the vote, the ad jowurnmenrt will be
taken became the Speaiker has decided that
the House will rise.
Budget Was Approved
Fk r C-in-g he_ %d.mi -n C'r Y fo.r tae on Athe
20h, Sir HWIWs !ecoxnered. tB House and
tjLefltLt(Iedvialet ald~zured. it urLtil the next.
m rri-rg wittiOu. perwitii:ig tihf Opposition
to speakT "on Ihe ad.iourrinent". On the
fbll owrig day ( }), C'overnr~ent had a
m-aj -rty and. tt BEdget ws appros d.
usf BPEK.SER Page 5

The kewada

Founded 17th August 1973
395th Issue
Suascriptiona Rates
Payable In Adivace
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I (IJnland Post In Grenada)


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40 Issues $390_00

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About 20 Issues Publised Amnnually

The Grenada Newsletter

Pac4Stra 3hMy18



"We roufd welt c dim to be tse pioneer of
tourism ee tcopnient.. "

Caribbeman General Manager of
i BWA, the tairnt e of Trirndai-d axA
Tobago, said oniMay 12th, that. the airire is
to expand its services between Grenada and
North America.

"Our future plans call for an expansion of
our services to New York affective 7th~ Juy
next", he said, "shen you %vill have daily
services from New Yior to Grexnada""

Mr Oreaves Tade lrhis discldo-re at aBWI A
spc'insored Tc'LrismiAvac'in .crkshcp at
the RamiaaRenaiss3ance Ho tel.

BWEA already tas a daily counrretiont
between Miamir and Grenada, and Mr
Greaves said that, additionally, through a
connection in Trinidad the airline provides
Grerada with access to anzd Tfromr London.
From next summer, he said, this access will
be available five times a w.reekf

Cataloging other services s Lsairline pro-
vides to GrEnTadiuns, the G&eneral Manager
said access toA FrarYinkf', ie*rnairy is pro-
vicd1 with connZction at Triidi, B-r-
tados or St Lucia.
Connection At Trinidad
There is access too to Sweden and to Tor-
onto with a connection at Trinidad and
BWIA has flights to Toronto ard. Baltirmcre
vith conrectiorn at Antig-ua.

'Our direct services into Grenada
have resulted in a phenomenal
growth in the tourism sector', Mr
Grea-es said, "so we could well claim
to be the pioneer of tourism. de~loe1-
ment with all its ancillary servias
impacted on the economy of Grenada
antd the vell being of Grenadians."

All this has been achieved by -hard work and
aggressive rmarketing, Mr Greaves s:ad, but

B IWA vill not rest on its laurels and te
airline will remain sensitive to the needs of
the Caribbean.

B.IA's. ~. Gorges office is --absft to be
refurbished an d egp-r-ded to rje*.t the
increasing busirles arid. the office at. Point
Salines International is also to be upgraded
V.i h improg'ved cvCtoenmer services.

Mr Greaves said the airline's trainrig pro-
grasmmes are to be intersified and, in this
regard, a psychologist has been employed.
Following a programne in Barbados of sen-
siising the BW1A a staft at Grantiey.Adams
airp.orto i he needs of passer.ers, the psy-
z: ,gkXt, iUC toimef to Ger~aAa in the first.
step toiars visiting al BWAl's Caribbean

Purpose Of Workshop
The purpose of the Tourisn'Aviation work-
shop 'as to familfarise the toIurisiscBCr in
Grenada vith BWIA's operations and plans,
and it was attended byrepresentativs of the
hotel industry, ground transportation and
travel agencies.

Also present was Mrs P aline- Andrev,
riaster ofStAte for T carism.

t the 4isu&sAsion peric, there was debate
on the possibility of point. marketing by
BWIA and the Grenada Hotel Association,
familiarisation tours for travel .agnts and.
possible contribution to iark etilPng costs by
ithe private sector outside of the Tourist
Id ustry.

In ad djti on to Nr Greaves, BWIA persormel
at the workshop included Mr Louis Lee
Sig, Pu-otic hRelacions Chief, Mr Peter
P Tarartina, Cortpc re Diret,~ r Marketing
,ad Mr .Clew-;dn ayers, Area M-aanger
for the Wirdward rlads.


1 -

Page 4

Pa 4

Saturday 13th May 1989

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 13th May 1989 Page 5

SPEAKER From Page 3
The Opposition has objected that vhen the
Speaker adjournerd. the House mtil. the neid.
morning (27th) he had done so without a
Motion by an elected Member. Further,
the Opposition claims that they had a right
to speak on the ad juTrnrment.
Efforts Had Failed
Sir Hudson said that, during th tea break,
the Govermnent Members had made efforts
to find one of their absent Members in
order to htave a voting majority. Those
efforts hId failed, Sir Huds-on zti, ard, on
the resuymptSio.1,e e haAd. ijyurrced the HoUse&
because there seaciAed to be "eo m utteria
motive" on the part of the Oppositionrt and.
the "situation was hanging in the balance .
"I said to

Speaker tc1d EW-SLETTER, "ti&E
I'm net gc.4ng to le t1is happen for "'
sever-a reasons" .

The first reason, hte said, is that the N5S-9
Budget, which rwa then befbor the Hotuse,
ihd already been considered and approved
by the Firance Committee, wi ch is a
compmttee of the whole HoWs, Governrment
and O sition, ad all that remaxined to be
done vas to have a "formal rati-ication- "

The sstcmnd3 reasTion, Sir Hludscn sid., r-efers
tof t. f-t that the date of thei rweseting of t he
House to debate the Budget hbad been fired.
ortgirally for earlier in Aprit to give suffic-
tent time to comply with the Constitution
which says the EBuri-.get nust be approved by-
30th April each year.

Hovever, to suit t2i con*veiier'e of the
Leader of the Opposition, wrho had had to: be
away from the island. at the original date,
the date was changed to one late in April.

"What wz not remia e .red when the
change. w-as mas", S r HkdsoCo sai, "d that
Dr Keith bitchell, bAitister of Workts ard.
Comrraminiatiorns, was comrmitetd. to be out
of the State at the end of April and, at that
tine, Mr Ben Jones, Minister of External
Affairs, w ioud be involved with a visiting
Could Not Be Located
This reduced Government's voting strength
in the House to seven, he said, but one
MeT ber, M.r Allefrie Walker, was not m
the House Ad. tc.rlA not be locae.i. If the
Budget WA been put to the vote, fthe Mtion

would fail because there was then an equal
imxbexr of G&,ranmnti awd Opposition
. .ciamhers present.

There would have been no time to present
mother Motion to approve the Budget
before the deadline of April 30th, he said,
.an, in any case, according to he Rules of
the House, another dotionl to approve the
Budget could not be brought before the next
session of Parliament which will not be until
after the General El-ectiois due by 28th
March f90O.

If this had hpep-rd, the said, there
vouiLl have heen. echas in that. the country
Owouid not have had a
"' "Bud get for 1989, and he

vould haimv considered himself "aiding and
abetting" that resut because, to suit the
convenience of the Laader of the
Opposition, he (Scipio) had fixed a ladate date
in Apr. for the House to meet to debate the
Auth'oarty To Do So
Hie t-eA-id nIt "sit there za#d zlov this to
hiappe'n", the Saker saiA, a.d so he
adrWArne.4 the Roise bectass the RuAes of
the [Eous ge ive him t.he authority to d.o so "if
he shal think fit".

As to his refusal to atfllo tie Opposition to
speek: on the adpwurnment, Sir Hudson said
the right so to speak exists oAny when there
is a M.otionr for the adjjourrnent. The
House was ad-journed, he sAid, not on a
.Motion, but on his direction, and Members
6o n~A --c ve a righ'A 1o speak in those
iTwruJnstanses. _

At 5. 15 p.m. on October 6th 1976, an air-
craft of the Cuban wltional airline, Cubana,
took off from Grantiey Adarrs (then Sea-
well) International Airrprt, Barbados,
bound for Jarmaica vith 73 souls on board.

Nine minutes later. the pilot radioed there
had been an eXplosioTi and at 5.29 p.m., the
zairTraf tn-ashe into the sera with a loss of
eTereTToTs oni bordI


Page 6 Saturday 13th May 1989 The Grenada Neysletter

flutirs Ucstear to Qrwierd ..... hW bWspen
")'Iery well spent"

Humanitarian Assistance Programme
(HAFP of the United States Depart-
ment of Defence, Dr Robert K Wolthuis,
said at a press conference in Grenada, on
May 12th, that fuads allocated to Gre nada
for Humanitariran Civi Assistance /(BCA)
Projects have been veryy v~e1 spent" .

"The co-operation I have found
between the Governmnet of Gretada,
theB Unites s es Embassy, the United
States Reserve components andf the
Atlantic Command is superb', he told
the press.

iDr Wolthuis arrived in Grenada on May
1 th at the he' d of a tesm to inspsct HCA
projects in the island and said Je had }had
discussions with Mr Ford Cooper, the Unit.-
ed States Charge d'Affaires and Dr Keith
Mitchell, MiTister of C DmmEDic.ioTIS aInd
NWFCrks .

HCA. pror'-.t cover a vid.e field 9Ttich
irCtudeis ins-.ta; t.ion of vrater sruppies,
construction and refurbishing of schools
and coistrr: rtion of co:mnmunty centres.

According to the
US$f13,80O vas spent
projects in 1988 and the
1989 is US$6T7,00NW

on these
budget for

TI -,s pr ''ects m-a. .t a re~te to public
initi, the saWd, and the HAP doe& TVA
gat involved with private Pantures or with
retgiouws organizations unless that organ-
isation serves a public reqirerent.

Dr VWitlhuis s-ad the Humanitarian Assis-
tance Progranm e' in the Caribbean is fianc-
,d by auth-rised deductions from the
approprJation ajlocated by Co!gress to the
United States Atlantic Command under
Admiral Kelso.
S e HAP Pnge 7



Paul Sc-.n and Lady Scoon .were
aImong the gests at a f acUton on
May. 6th to welcome too Grenada. "The
Mloorings". the world's larg-est. charter
yT ah, ser-ia e.

Tie titrxctiaor wz.s hti -at, "Se-creit Ra&rbouxr"
h h 1tel ,thiSe isarda's .o ..-uthi_,ast., wl-cht hotel
has been purchased by the couple, Gin ny
'and Charlie Cary, founders of The
'Moorings vhich :ad it.- st art in Tortoia,
British Virgin Islas, 2 ar ago

:SpeakJing on behalf of Government, MiJn-
ister of State for Tourism, Mrs Pauline
,Andqre, expressed Go-vernrrents pleasure
that te CA r1's has chosen: k! eAeLid Qtheir
operation to ,rera&a.

"The Mi-Uristry of Tourism., in its drive to
m-ake Gren.a. 'th' vacation spot. int the
arib bean, is always trying to. make sure all
our properties are first class" she said, "and

wv-e bhapy to kr ,v th is s etal.c- what
yorju tre iuIrmind. for our Secret. Harbour".

In an inter ie mnith NEW~SLETTER at the
ftr:ctin, Mr Cary said "The Moorings"
cias launched in Torkita in 1969 vwith six
boats a.nd now hand Jes over 200.

"Tins vas a case of letting our hotby be-
come our vocation", he said. "and little did
we 6.Tre that h i, -nsta, vs teiWh e mSa.e 20
ea-s agi, wolJ bl3ezsszm fut if&nto bec.Zm-
.ir; the targtvst cvartesr operation in the

The M.6oorings now has some 20G yachts on
See MOORmGS Pare 7

~I ~ 1 __


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 13th May, 1989 Page 7



Stical Leader of the New Nationar
!a Pzary ONNP?), faced a iffirolt
decision m. 983, jit.t afterr the military
intervention in Grenada.

'He was tlhn a Professor at Hary'ard Unm-
versity, and Director of a profitable c irg cormpn ay in W;2s-hingtn, D.C. He was
also a major activist in the .Wasdi.non

tharteT, Ie -sid, anW6 these are kzV-zd6 ma
four bases xix tk Ca ribbea, oe iI
| ic ard two il tha Scouth Pacific.

Additiornalfly, the Carys- have interest in a
| 1"siter" Company; "Ka os" lich se'rves
fi b-ashes in Greece, in Turkevy a-
two in Yaugosiavia.

in the Caribbean, .oorings yachts are
based at Tortola. British Virgin Islands,
St Martin in the Dutch West Inies, St
Lxi-a ard nor Oyenad:a.
Take Care Of
Mr Cary said The. MbAorirg ties tr -
provide a comrspt&Q vacation. s* that,
from the time the yachtsman leaves his
home and until he toards the boat. he is
taken care of. This =sz necessi stated, tie
said, the establishment of hotels.

"We presentJy ha Iw co hotels in tie
British virgin sands", Mr Cary
said,"one in St Lucia and now 'Secret
Harbour' in renada".

Mr Cgry said that, in t:E late 17 5s T-e
Mo&.irgs hd. co'&i&red the seFttiug up i
of a base here. With obvious
reference tco tbhe New Jevel Mf::vement i
revolution of 192, he said the Com-
pany 's in~3rest had been tr;-istre i t
St Lucia because Grenada .had h "a few

"Nov ve are happy to '-o youth here in
Grenada", he said, "ad. restore Grenada
to its righfi. place as Ihe leadimT yacht-
Ig irtre of the lower -aribbean." ,

based Grenada Democratic Movement
(GDM), an orl C).ganisation he helped to estab-
lish to oppose the Peoples :ervE h rinary
Oc-vmInit ~_PRG-.

"Ore of the rst ifficult decis iots I have
ever had to make", he told NEW.1SLETTER
See LEADER Page 8
SHAP Frmm Page 6
SAccording to the D-ireor., roects are
init-iated 'h:en representatives from the

SAfthi:s Unit ist Gr1eii : a an~ d after
disc ussiros with the United States
Emr svyad :he GCrnada Government,
rpccmmendrtitonsars s&ieto HAP.

hen projects are approved, f Direc-
SUr s imdAP s.plies the T rias, and
Iny l bcaw m-ik.'e4. is p1o5 aed. by7 the
Skcal t'fmfasbifty s the Gre7nada Go-
e .rm.nrt. Urite-i. State Reserve
, comrporitrts oversee the project ard., m
some cases, U S military forces do their
annual training by participating in the

In addifton to Grezada, AP funds
projects in -X Caribbean countries.
Before coming to Gren3ada; .the team
visited projects in Anti an after trenama on M-'y 3i. 1 he team
'YW irpeAt rojtts. i'n St Lvtia before
reatwrrig to Washinto(n.

_--------- i



Page 8 Saturday 13th May 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

LEADER from Page 7
in a recent interview, "was whether or not I
should return to Grenada and become in-
volved in politics. My family and friends
could not. iundrstand. how [ coul. give lp
my lucrative lifestyle in Washington"

The circurstances leading to that decision
stretch back 43 years to 12th November
1946 when Dr MJtchell was born to hnumble
parents in the ilJage of Brizan on Gre-
nada's vest coast.

The second. of six chldraen, his
formal education began in 1954 at
the Happy Hill Govermr ent PRriarySchool
and continued at the Roman Catholic Boys
Primary School in St Georges, to which h
vas transferred in 1957.

He attended the Presentation Brothers
CoUege in St Georges from 1959, leaving
the College mi 1966 vith 6 "O" level zan 3
"A" level Cambridge E~sinationpasses.

For t(h next two years, he was a teacher of
Mathematics and. Chbaristry, first at Pres-
entation College and subsequently at St
Jolm's Christi an Secondary School, leaving
Grenada in 1968, wren hehad iona schol-
arship to study at the Cave Hill Campus of
the University of the West Jjdies.
Second Class Bonours
In three years at Cave Hill, he obtained his
Bachllor's degree in Cheiristry ad Math-
ernaticts achieving sec-cjn tiess honours in
the latter subject.

Grenada's 1972 General Etections attracted.
Dr Mitchell back home where, on the ticket
of the Grenada National Party (GNP), led
by Mr Herbert Blaize, he unsuccessfully
contested the constituency of North-West St

After another teaching stint at Presentation
College and employment, for a short
period, at Grerada Sbippimg Agerns Ltd,
Dr Mitchel left fo&r be Umied Stazts of
Armeria, in April 197 to st;dy -at HoWvn
University inWashington, D C.

"I had a scholarship awarded by the
University", he said, "but it was not a full
schblarship and I had to do two jotb to firid
Money for my board and other expenses".

One job was as a cleaner in a restaurant and
the other was as a vaiter's assistant in a
hotel. The hotel job took his time from
6.?0 pm to midnight while the other was
from 12.30 am to 8.00 am, le told NEWS-
LETTER, and then his school hours began
irranediately and ran until midday.

When the veerkends came, Dr Mitchell said,
he fell into bed and slept for long hours on
nd tna, before Monday. morTniMr some of
te time had to be 'ed to
*catch up on his school

The strain proved to be too much. He did
poorly in a exzamnTIaton and one of his
utoru adtved him to give up the stVAy as
"steeping in cleas indikateA boredom with
thae uet". et..2n the situation was
explained., how&ever,the, tutor agreed. to give
assignments which could be done at home,
and this arrangement proved successful.

"That period was an enormous struggle",
Dr Mitchell told NEWSLETTER, "In
Grenad, there is always somebody you can
Jea n n but, up thee, thr there is nobody to
l stained Masters Degree
in 1975, Dr MiteHt cbzairne6 his Masters
Degree in Mauhem aticsm at Howard Uni-
versity ani than stuAe]d tsana su ject at
Axrerican University, Washigton D.C.,
qualifying as a Doctor in 1978.

During his last year at American
UnivZersity Dr Mitcheil was employed as an
Assistant Professor at Howard, teaching
Mathematics, and, after quaifying, he
accepted a full Professorship at Hovard a
postheheld until 1933.

It is important, Dr Mitehell said, that he
dear up existing pe-ulatia o",r wrt he is a wealth man, speculations
which have gone as far as to suggest that he
is or vas involved in the drug trade.

In 1978, he said, he and a group of friends
See LEADER Page 9

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 3th May 1989 Page 9

LEADER .From Page 8

la(yafed a C-ompe-a ,' Syst. Tezc hAgy
&. Re-se- arch I orrated (S.TR), to take.
adi"vaage of Utnit a. States egtslionIvb L.
s ought to ensure that niinorities "got a slice
of the economic cae ".

Lar ge firms, seeking to do buwis5 s wi th the
U.S. Gobywrrant, Dr Mitchell e1plai2ed,
cold nct get contracts Mw21ss they 0m-
ployed a "minorit" or.ganisationc and, as
such an organisation, STR g'.i a lot of vork
as a co'rsuLiTing ccrTrpairf.

"By the time I left WashiSgtaon i
19Sl3, he said, "STR vas making
over six million dollars a year".

As a res -.t of the income he dre.v7 from this
ope-ration, salid, he oat.dd taff;.r w o. 1wn
six bedroWm ome in WrhSington. HisE
ife, a q qualified i nurse, was alio akingv a
.good income. He drove an ex-peaeI-
Ei1W car, his wife owned a Mercedes, ano1.
it ether,. t4hv purchased, for 2,f,2o
i. ti .I, a 4-apartment bt ig
PNly Yesk.

IDr k&itcha sai4 1 had- decide to leave tuat
comfortable life and return to G'renada
because hte has been ava-vs peoplee
ornente.d" a is is iove.n the roots or

j I"M

His growing up n difijcul ic wr es n
I. "i

I -W. I.

Brxiza, he said, showed him t-at, the
SGrepdian class structure was "up against"
people ikAe hinm and, aftar he rhad passed.

thyrA\gnh chool, SUP ec-Tk 1fwr tdeear to him
that, Vrtm ig had.s to be. krBs to bring about

it was natural for him to bec-ome involved
in po:,rs, e said., Pacd, -as f ac as 1967,
Owtn he iwas stl' i T.-r- t-o vrte, he had
ben active i2 We srucessmI General
Elections camrhagn of Sir Eric Gairy's
Crenada United Labour Party (GUJLP).

lurin -Vte tIe of Yis tbdies at Cave Hill,
- -, -tr4~~' ~
Pt VAs, D% MNSheyt: Wt :, e t 1-ara honiIe)

d4i''s. with S-ir Eric t .gs. which he
:thoflugJt vre "nt goit' r;ig. ". He had
secured a temporary holiday job" at the
customs he sad but d discussions with
,Sir Enr-c ost him that jo b.
Ciry Helped Ms
" Gary heJped by giv yfg mMa that job", he
sa iJ, but h rit] ad be n too critical, and
that i shout d hav k ept my mouth shut so he
hired mel-.

Afti 3 via wa- fwnS etfo A- t h GNP
tiwkt. in 4. KO1972. Ge.raz E.toris, and
d'rit; his stay in 'asUkrkgtcr Dr Mitcihell
became a. suwort-er of the Mew .iewel
Movement (i'kf ) which had been launched
in 1973 by Maurice Bishop, Unison White-
Imannd Teddy' Victor.

OnW of the anutial problems Ti M had, he,
said, a proubla- hich disappeared after
Bishop s performance vas noted through
the "st-r. les", as t-e LeeinE he and
m:iE C St at EfB V af loo
ttt AUR PaeA to

fMa--ie DisSYAop

Page 10' Saturday 13th May199 The Grenada Newsletter

LEADER From Page 9
high up on the social scale to represent
them properly.

"At a later period, one saw the
problem emerging again within the
NJM", he said, "and a lot of us
realized that we may have been used
against Gairy more tha we should
have- We realised that" we were
being used to:. destroy one of our
own, because I still see Gairy in that

After the rew*T uin in m 79, Dr Mibit
seaid., t had bieen i ry ativ int fd raising
efforts in Was ib nton hbe-~itf of the i.J .L
However, fror as early as 1977, after
discussions in Grenada vith Bishop and
Whitermanr, e s-d, certain doubts about the
NJM had been trased in his mfd ad, froir
reports reaching him after the revolution,
those doubts were confirmed.
Involved In The Plot
Because of his open support for N M, the
United St tes S.auoriiies ailoYghtE h ad
been involved. in the p1ctA vwt-h yrescAid iM
the 1979 -amed o'erttrow of qta aiy -
GovernMrant, Dr bMitetUt said4. Re. had n of the plot, he sali, hut he was
acquainted wiith the Grenadians i the
United States a regd to. have organized the
illegal shiprrant of arris to Grenada, ard he
received a letter from a Judie ad rising him r
that his phone had been tapped for siax

"After the Nixon period of excesses", he
said, "a la- w-as pass in C-oCgraress satig
that, it anw 3kage -auh-.iried. ihe tapping fo ar
ph;rpa that jdg m stirnf"rm tIe per sg-n f,
after six mnLnths, ri evidersn. oaf a c:-riniral
nature has been foud".

Even though he had had his doubts about
certain things in the N.,, Dr Mitchell told-
NEViWLETTER, he had supported the
revolution and ihe believed Bishop's prom-
ise to hold elections was "ahsoluteJy

'.lxen he ret,-rAne Cxin a visit T o Ocen-a6a in
-kne' 1979?, -L a i iir, ith Bishop-
and thers ir. N.1M, toe saA id t fjli Mn
att.itud of hstility andi arrogarne far
different from vhat he had expected and his
doubts increased.

Further development, and particw1.a'ry tie

failure to hold elections, convinced Dr
Mitchell that he could no longer support the
PR.G, na in 19I, ha and his associates in
Was hingt r took a. putic position against
the PRG( and formed the Grenada Dero-
cratic Movement (GDM)

So a.s not to appear tO be .- American based
and motivated orggzisaon, efforts verei
mad-e to get someone ina the Ca1 bbean to be
associated wih GDM, he said, and repea-ted
approaches to fill this role were made to Dr
Francis Alexis, tien a Professor a tie
UonirniYy Of The Wesk. iWdies Ca'e Hill

"No matter what we did, Francis would not
give s a defjni te .aw ", Dr Mitchell said.
'"e kept saying 'next. month, next. month',
butt as soon as the October 19o3 events took
place, he told me he was ready to lead".

Attirdiw g to Dr 1ite-IA&, d4Uing the two
wars n 'which GDM D'As a-tive, in Wash-
IrLgton, Dr Aevis "di tt lift afirgir" to
assist the efforts being made or to identify
himself withthe Movement.
Was Never intended
it as never v iteraied, Di Mitchel sid, that
the GDM vould be a npar'ty operating in
Grena. When th-e revolution fell, he
said, the job of the GDM das over and he
expected that members of the GDM would
invm-ve iherrmselves.. ih politaca parties
then in cperai.n or t i-ng fon---ed. ii Gre-
nad.a. .

Contrarv to this, he saij. Dr Alexis came
back to Grenada and announced GDM as a
political Oarly and, by the time he (Mitchell)
mo.,ved ba~ to Gtenada in May 98+ that
See LEADER Page I_

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 13th May 1989 Page 11



"we found tfw pwpfps 4f arenndw to be warm
anLd educate - -..."

Blaize said in a radio broadcast on
SMay 5th that the Grenadian people
thente3'es have int&Txn-ed Amerityvan ANr -
liies to. gie ca"midkraticM to plac-irg Grs-
' nadaon their flight. sctadule.

"I want to emphasise, Mr fBaize,
said, "that American Airlines is not
coming to Grenada in a. vacuum
You, the people, have a lot to do vith

A letter to him from the airline's Vice
President, the Prime M-inister said, reads :--
"We. fi'oan the people of 3retia to be
warm Wa edt.-sd.. It. is apparent th rf

have a positive, healthy and respectful
attitude tovards visitors".

The ktter speaks -Ad of isicstsiol3 held
vith Ia 1rge- cr<>ss v szctn 4o the Business
Cox.Wu 1 itvy bich M I as raae- it clear its
members are anxious to participate in
development of hotels, facilities and trans-
portation of light nianfactur1ing.

There are, hov'ver, the Prime Mimster
said, certain req urements _which must be
satisfied before American Airlines vill
commit themselves to a 'start-up" date to
iTicde OrGeriaa e Anitir itianary.
See AIRLINES Page 13

LEADER From Page 10
was the accepted position and he vway

Dr Mitche-ll saidA he i d not been preserT at
the his-tcht Treting cn 2(Ah APvgxst 1')Z4
vhen, -at Uaion isT in tte Ginren.iems, a
decision was reacbedA to rcerge GDUM viith
the Grenada blalional. Par ty ardn the bfational
Democratic Party to form the New National
Party (NNPJ.
Successfully Contested Seat
Dr Mitchell was subsequently elected NNP
Geeral Secretary and successfuly con-
tested the seat for the Conr.sttue ncy of St
SGeorges West in the December 3rd 1964
General Elections.

Defiru- g 1-tis poxititA p&syophy, D
MitaU described himself as a "prg-

"Being too rigid on just ideological
positions is, many times, not necess-
arily ideal, he said, and cannot be
necessarily suitable, because, sone-
times, there is eed for compromises
if you are going to serve the ultimate
goal of the majority'.

The NNP Pricta\ Ltader s isz f Ii hiart
line pomition iVs eways taken1, one can finse.

oneself defeating the very purpose one is
trylmg to help.

He has a strra g "stial feeling of
obligation", Dyr Mithfll said, and in
that sense, on social issues in the
American context, he could be des-
cribed as lIeft of centre"' There
are people in the society who need
help, who are not able to fend for
themselves, he said, and the State has
an obligation to help those people.

On the other h r.., ihe continued, it is his
firmt belief that the best type of
gxmnentaz SysteTmi is Tie 'hwth gives
initatije to y- ie to be treawre.
eep E[ands A.a.y
Gover.nmnt. should. i. votlv itself only in
things which are regulatory, suchas health-
care and education, he said, but govern-
rcsent shouldd keep its hands away from the
produce TO Sictor.

"FundarnmenitallJ my phiosophy is to build
the Private Sector where permanent jobs
are created", Dr Mitchell said. The Public
Sect-or is necessary, 1 tnt ia Sector TrDis be
a secondary -rea for yfmplkmraent, not. a
primary aeav 'ch itis *gat tis timie".
n-s a...... ^.t. .r

- -

111--- '
"-- 1-~'e ---

Page 12 Saturday 13th May 1989 The Grenada Nesletter




Ie Relatism Chst airline of TrMYlki, & Tobago,
said in Grenada, on May 12th, that during a
five we.ek period covering jaiiLdry am
February last, the airline lost 7I? engines.

"Many of these engines were lost due
to foreign object damage', be said ",
vlch is to say the equipment ingest-
ad into its engines foreign objects on
ith rauays of the Caribeaw".s
Mr. Lee Sing ai y.del
this charge at a one
day Aviation/Tour- '
ism workshop at the
Ramada Renaissare t%
HoI, and ei said
BWA, iA section
tear W har foal
thatl ruaed ce tKh
C riMaf a rea rot
properly maintain-
Reduce Te Risk
If the teveol o i f rit7
teronce is gradee,
he said, it ~:ca j.
,greatly redwJe the
risk of foreign ob-

brougtd t the- :h.tMJirkin otf 4overrtrrnns,
particularly those in thie Eastern Caribbean .

Giringg aii overview of W. .'-s op teJa1io&i,
Mr Lee Sing said that, in 9., the ai;r e
had had a cash operating loss of TT$571.5
nllion but, at the aAd of J'8, there as a
small surphls.

Tie net cash deficit coTAiUTIues to IaL, W
said, ta1a&labe 2 -thT-es flioTwn has. Ti5en
from 1.5% ii n 194 to 2.21 iionyin
1987, a ovwe.r the. saw ;eriod, revenue.
rose frort TT$I].96 biltl.r t TT '0t.146

tNis figure irr-ased. to w.S million in'

sB'WA international now operates a fleet of
13 aircraft, four of which are Lockheed
L1011, fiv e ar McbcDonel rDoulas Super
MD-83 and four are McDormell Douglas

The 11 1 has a seating capacity of I' First
Class an6 21' EconoTy Class, -hile the
MD- twr ies -ei ght First Class Za 12.3
bowmwy Ctass.
Tlo DJC.9-50 has
eight First Class
/ "zseat and a r10
Economy 11 s.
Will Allov
"'ie now operate
J // / -N five MD-83 air-
S. craft., Mr Lee
Sirng said. 'tan
-tyl e WioIne of
transport o s goohdse ts
lrp-eeas. this

-W'" .h -wtl. alto
atr scrieased, fle-
quencies between
Grrnah fand car-
in North Am-

BWk. repxatrg, to Trid.i & Totalo
a tot of engineering and rnainterance work
hicMh used to be dorn in North America, he
said, aLd the r-servratonrs system continues
to be imrpvied with instant ,cormun-
icat .i throughout -te BWIA f;mrnily"

In addition to thfle main business of theI
trnsport c6 passengers., goods and sura
the POWikt ezPationv CiAf saiA, B11WiA has

These tnctdtie vwha bt dhscrtFriedas a
"migjly profitable duty free operation" at I

i i larco Airport, Tri.ndad, and this is being
In 1980, Mr Lee mg said, 0. milio eteed to .rw n-tfight at s ce
internatior passengers were carrieJd ad see Mpain s n pq 13

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 13th May 1989 Page 13



at Marryshow House, Extramural
Centre of the University of the
West Indies (1t l.), Governor General Sir
Paul Scoon officially opened the first ever
"French Week" in rentada.

Sponsored by thRe Alarea Frareim, the
French Emtas-y in St Lucia and tihe bin- i
istry of Education, "French Week" vas t
designed to highlight Gren~ a's historical
iand cultural connecdons %itYh France, the
first European country to colol-se the

I"Grenada's French connection has been a
!long one", Sir Pati said, ".goirn back to the

AIRLINES From Page 12
These include agreement thkt there be a
joint effort of the airline vith Govern-
ment and the Hotel Asscciation to pro-
rhote the island as a tourist destination.

There usxt a&so be sen p-graing of
Point. Saii'as International Airport.
Thers are. mn facilities tre nov for
handling air freight ard. A raritan
Airlines consider it "imperative" that
there be established a freight terminal
operated by professi'onm s with a proper
security system to guard against illegal
drug trafficking.
Can Be Deaveloped
Airport facilities must be improved'.
>4 T T I-- . -

me vice Presients letter
Miiistefr ayz. "The s
facilitr at -Pomt Sgains ..n
into ,mne f the fine~t. z
Caribtearnit pmroperty rmar

Mr Biaize said Governmen
these factor steadfsstly" to
isation of matters vi th the a

According to ad vices the P
has received from Ameri
Grenada vill be serviced
tArough the Sa JRni, Pu-er
c.peing a number of Inw
the iAsa1-.

turt leu d.rays wvt n the.
theatree of war for the

Cwaribean was a
great. European

Those dgas have mow gone by, he said, but
Grenalians are happy to count, as part of
their heriJtag, SCoJe of the values and cus-
toInms of the French people. Grenada's
connection vith France, he said, is reflected
in the islands history, its forts its place
Tames adin. the nanes f TCrAnrs ttzens.
MWst Not Be For gEtten
The 3verT Generalr s.aid ts vished to
em!_:atsis this. because, sormtimes, Gre-
rada's history is misinterpreted. It must
not be forgotten, he said, that Grenadians
are a people made up of rario us cultures,
African and European.

This has resulted., he continued, in a very
nchv cdt.Lre vJich, he hoped, occasions
such as "French Week" vill help Grenad-
iar to: red1iscove zXv andeIoy.

"Frsy h We:", Sir P-aA sai4, Vill help to
re rearicm the very gooda relationship of
friendlirefss and. co-operation. vbihi: exists
hfitveen Frans and GreFnadafa and hf hones

to) le m e -., .... --
1rad bu- fil See FRENCH Page 14
be eelop~e~ MFlAINTENACE From Page 12
report in the.
gd"'. BWIA hay mrrity sh&areholding in a
1 Trindra b sd. "Inow profitable" airline
it is "pursuing caterhing company, and Utrough the air-
ensure fial- Jine"s computer system, information pro-
irne. cessirn. is done for several Government
iagerscies mi Trinidad &F. Totjgo.
rime MJlnister
can Anirnes, "Thse ,z,&ttie, ha-ye iA been undertaken
by the airline I -L c Mztiveth airtia's liability, Mr Lee
o Rico "tmb", Siu sai., ar-.i ovner th1e Lstt tvo years,
esTtioi t BW IA has not had. an direct funding
from any Govermnent agency.
LPLb~ -" I ,,, -= r., -: = :- .


The Grenada Newsletter I


Constituency Boundaries

Commission Appointed

Grenada Win Science

Goverwnr ,eaMral Sir Paul Scoon haz.
appointed the Boundaries
Commission in. awcordarice with provisions
of the Constitution.

That Commission's duty is to review the
number and boundaries of the corstit-
uencies into which the State of Grenada,
Carriacou and Petit Maartinique is divided
for the purpose of holding elections.

The Comtlitution stipAatels tha. the Speaker
of tie Hotwe f Representatives w eiv Sir
Hudsn Scipio) be the Ctairaan f t4ae
Corrin-ssion, and. othpr tmemhers are two
appointed by the Governor Generai on the
advice of the Prime Minister and two on the
advice of the Leader of tie Opposition.

The GCoverment Gazette of May 12th
advises that Mr Harry W QOgihie and Mars
EnindRosalind Charles are the Prime
Minister's appointees, while Mr Reginald
0. Palmer maid Mr RKeynoid Lewis Francis
Benjain represent the Leader of the

Grenrta wvon fs of te twenty-tr-ee
prizes at. tie Second Regional S&iensm Fair
sponsored. by the United. Natio nsEducation,
Scientific & Cultural Organisation
(UNESCO] andw held in Antigt- recentlyy.

Wirners Vwre McDoral d's College and
Grenada Naonral College who placed
second and third respectively in the Energy

The MCDcrrAi l CcItege project was a wind.
powe-sre ary thergae whil the Grenwda
Na'ajOn3 COage er&Yibted a autmag sell
star ger-erator.

In the Bush Medicne category, St Andrevs
Antglicm Secondary School tied for second
place vith a project from Antigua.

Grenaa tied agan with' Antig aa for the
third place in the Students Public Present-
ation Category.

FRENCE From Page 13

that rY-elionrshp will go firm strength to
strength as ti*e mmoths -and years go by.

In aaiiIntarvie after th opirsIga crertrLty,
Mr Gilles Maarat, Cultural Attache at the
French Embassy in St Lucia, said the
significance of "French Week" is that it w'as
organized to mark the bi-centenary of the.
1789 Frerch Revolution.
Revolution Is M1ain Event
"The Revolution is a main event in our
country", Maarat said, "and. we think this
Vill iTAerest *th rest. of the world as the
primiples. of the FrencP Rev olutioin are
what have irspireyd the movements o4 liber -
ation ar-Aund the vorld".

The Cultural Attache said that, for histori-
ca and. geographical reasons, St Lucia and
Dorrmi ca, located near to the French
islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, are
more influenced by French than Grenada is,
but he is aware that there are definite indic-

zAtion t ha France onTCe oW7Tfd this islfad.

Thi! is dear. 1b* sza1i, frcom Gr srda's place
Tarmis., c tos aad. ltaguage, all recalling
the French. presence before the istard be-
came British.
Is To Be Annmal Event
Frrnch Week was to be staged this 5yer in
St Virent., St Lucia and. Doinirmca, Mr
Maart said, and it is to be an aiYual event.

This year's programmed in Grenada includ-
ed lectures in French anm Enelish, Eftib-
itions, French movies f iih Enrtish sub-
it&es3) a Gatx-ramzir Dfay" at hte ai nd
req taV-ranst, 'a a &S aes D-asante (btffet
dimnnr aral datan) at the Raia&da Ren-
aissance Hoterl

There will also be a concert given at the
Ramada on May 160 by the Yvel knovn
Frech siA~ngr, Mr Eric Vincent
----lip D ; I ummunaw----


Pame 14


Saturday 13th May 1989

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 13th May 1989 Page 15
NEWS SHORTS From Page 14

National College
Refurbishment Project

The National CollegeI Refurbishment Pro-
ject which was undertaten on 2Sth Feb-
rtuwy last is expected to be completed by
July 3 1st.

According to a release from t he Gowvrn-
ment Information Service (GIS) this project
vill cost EC$520,695, and is being fTuried
by the OovermrneIA of Grerada and the Brit-
ish De'elopnent Division.

vMai r aspects of tbhe project irilude. tie.
upgrainmg of existing buitiigs, coristrue-
tion of a students' centre, establishment of
an electromncs labo-ratory-, estabisiuiiei of a
research and co.nsu- incycentre and the pur-
chase of equipment, furniture ard library

for the purchase of books and library equip-

According to GIS, the pr-o.cticld.e-.s pr<-
viskin of a calfe-taria ard. a retlaation entire
foir st.,ndferits.

Jones At UWI Anniversarv


Depyty Prime Minister and Minister for
E.erxtal Affairs, Agricmtaxrie -aTid Tox.ism,
Mr BEn 3ores, represented Prime MirAstet
Herbert BIaize at t t 4 th Arrive-rsarV Cele-
brations, of the University of the ,West [rE-
dies, held at Mona, hmaica, from 4th fo 7th

The programme of celebrations included
the formal open of Study R oomsr at te
Halls of Residernce and opening of an ex-
tension of the Management Studies Build-

Activities ?aso ihilude.- letu res, the offitia-
opening of the BiU>-Tectn olgy Centre sad.
the re-opering of the. Creative. Arts Centre.

There vas an Alunmi Dinner and there
were performanzes by the Trinidad &
Tobag? "All Stars" Steel orchestra.

Grenada To Host Fishery

The Governmen.t of Grenada vill host two
seminars on fis-hery over the period May
15th to 26t, h.

Spon Organisation [FAO), participants will be
fishery scientists and economists invited byl
the F AO Director General.

The se-miraFs F arli ea s I ie the status of
mari fishery re-urce-s ad. fishery
economics ard ptantig in the Western
Central AtLhntic Fishery Zone.

The first Working Group Session vill run
from 0ay I5th to 19rth ad 1i! make an
assessment of marine fishery resources.
The second Session, rum ing from May
22nd to 26th, wi.l concentrate on fishery
economics and planrneg.
According to ie 3Go? rnet Inrforrmation
Ser'ie yvt e t w-o Wo rkd n Gru ripsJ, which
vere es-tabListed by t1h. F.AOO Western
Atlanhic Fishery Coigraision, rieet orce
veVryv two Vyears

Il tees 6o the s-ein ai s irfll be drawn from
most countries a.hiacent to the Caribbean

Tourism Breakfast Seminarn

In the United Kingdom

The Department of Tourism, in co-
operation with the Grenada Hotel Ass-
ociation and the British tour company,
K.-ni, will hold a series of breakfast
sernnrxs in the United Kingdon over the
period May 15th to 18th.

A nine-member delegation led by the
Miniser of State for Tourisrr., Mrs Pauline
Ayre'w, ?iX_ trondfxct te senaniars vhich
wite. hel. in Lond.on BwnenaiY1muthandri

According to the Grerlada Information Ser-
vice, purpose of the s-einari is to arouse
interest am nsorr rxe 120 U.. K, travel agents
expected to attend..
See NEWS SORT7S Page 16

Page 16 Saturday 13th May 1989 The Grenada Newsletter
NEWS SHORTS From Page 15

CXC Examination

Senior Edjxation.Offiey band c,; Carib-
bean E rxatim XCowa il(CXC)Regis-
trar, Mr Leiaid. 3-ss, has diacosed to
the Grenada [i-fora.ion. ,rv:ie (GiS
that, during tie 1989 CXC" eamiinat-.
ions, steps viWl be tatken to deal with
certain enmination irregular ties.

Mr Jones identified two of the irreg-
ularitis as cheating arnd impersonation,
and. said examination irregarinties were
discussed at a meeting of local CXC
Registrars held in Kins n, Jnaica on-
May 5Xh.

Jones At Foreign Affairs

Deputy Prime .Mirister and hdimnster for
External Affairs, Mr Ben Jones, attended
ith e 15~h miTeeLtng of the Caribbe'an Corn-
munity (CAR ICOM A) StanAingl Cormit-
tee C -fAinisters YespciAte fPor Foreign

The meeting was held in S Lucia on May
8th and 9t h and there was a two-dav
preparatory neetIng of officials wvich
began. on May 4th.

At.tending the officias' rmeting was Mr
Denneth Modeste,. Acting, Permanent
Secretary in the Ministry of External
Affairt1, a~n, bt'ore be left f:r St Lu:cia,
he tld th GO3c.verim-lr.en it insormnition
Seriz-e that the- ageida for uthe Ainistery 3
ineeti rg would intac' disc-ss-io-s on
relations with Brazil, Suri-mLarce, Haiti_
and the Netherlands Anti ies

Mr Modeste disclosed also that the Gre-nada
Government wants to encourage democracy in

- 3
Haiti and voudO encourage collaboration with
other Saztes OTA this issue.

Eolksving the. iVtriVs rsx astsirg P ic LUia,
Mr Tries repgresiuted Prirme b -Airste-r Herbert
BIaLe at. t.he Boarid. of Gverrors Meeting of
the Caribbean Development Bank, held in
Trinimdad on May 0thJ and I Ith.


A y>int t-reae.-'ay ene\ing of 4the Caribbean
Agnijuttjuryal search & Devetoproer& [nstit-
ute (CARD) and t.he inter-American Institute
For Co-operation 1n Agriculture opened in
Grnada on May i 2'th.

DeBiS erng the feature address, Minister of
State for Agricuture, Mrs Paulin A-ndrew,
noted that co-operation between CARD] and
IICA avoided duplication of effort.

Mns Axi-ndro 2aAd tac' thrai. lhe assistance vhich
Aa-t twmT Yga gcu3atirss ar gixng Grenaa Vill
tetp. th-e. iUsard to raieai ag-ricu"lte s the
rraiat tay of tift eco-romT.

Mr Derrick Dver, CARDFs Executive Direc-
Mor, disclosed that the rneetwIg v'as the first
ever of ser-or officials of CARDI andr IICA.

For many .ars, he said, the relationship be-
tween CARDI and 11CA had been no more- tan
"a nodding acquaintance" but today it. is far
more secure.

r Qse kf t-sh weing wa-as to eBarrsiiW a.rd
rati.tor aise the respective. agricultural research
arid. devekrlope-. programr-"ses of the two


SsUhas Cyaia aigHsa thai
13th May 1919

Printed & PubJabed By The Proprielors
Ahster & Cynthia Hughes, Joamalists
Of Scott Street, St GeorgesG reasda, Waesti dies
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