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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenma

aY -


Volume 17 Saturday 29th April 1989 Number 7

FIT, 7T 5

"The Ne-w Nationai Party 1

has nowt turned i ts bach
Ot tfwe Unhlippy J h. pia Miiter
f- C B fi-scol past ; B.laze --__

T' RESENTING HIS 1989 approximately CY5S.6 million more than
1 ratiorna budi.get to Parliarnir&t on the revenue collected in 1988 and the Prime
. April 21st, Prime Minister Herbert Minister said the increased estimate is based
Blaize said it is fitting that, in the year of on improved, performance of the economy

Grenada's 15th a nnversary of indepen-
dence, the State should be returned to' "the
|halcyon days of balanced budgets" and
begin building reserves for the future.
" I tha-k GoC f,-r e-lrtnlhing me to se-e ,t d-ay
andA for nimbkuig me with t11 visz&km *o
Sprc4r.-ve f said. "a pbenororn. which tus cou.trY has
Inot seen f:r ati least a d c e -
Divided Into Tvo Sectors
Traditional 7l, te na:tinal Bidge is divided
I nto tWo sec tors tlhe R 'uent Budiget
Svhich covers such itern as salar-e; and
overheads, and the Cai jl Bud;,get i ch
relates to new c;nstructor-. r oad's ec.

said., vill -ammt to EC$1S.I riil--on
_hiie ap1al EaT1pe-Jit';se ,.il \m T ; t
E1:-C$.4 rrifion, -- ig at- tal Bi-det.-of
EC$2475 rmitlicmn.
!4 4

Th1e Pri-iiag Minister
EC$161.9 million vi
local revenue.

est fates that,,
be collected from
This figure is

and better administrationi.



Blaze Presents Budget--.....----.
Committee To Investigate
Civi Servants.....------------...- 2
Brizan Criticizes Budget -----..-- 3
Opposition Asks Speaker
For Explanation.-----...-..-.... 4
Gov erznent Bans Books --..-.... 6
MBPM complains of
Harass -ent ----......--- ---.......- 7
YWCA Ce-lebrates iS1th
Anniv- erary....- ...--- .....- .... 8
Diplomats At St Mark's
Day Celebrations-.............. 9
News Shorts.-------------...................... 10

"vRs t growth In the domestic economy is
Itily tn be usttaied, at the + wry corM-
m table Lev l fr the past few years", h
said, l"wit the present conservative estimate
8r 99 bein.- 5.5 oC tie -ross Domestic

,O' TO

--~-- ----

Page 2 Saturday 29th April 1989 The Grenda Newsletter

T1aT Irz rT

AUejations of Pubi-cr Officers in 9infu( occupRtions
ouiftsic the PuCCi Senice
Civil Servide who unertake private work which might be in conflict with their
Government duties.

BUDGET FPom Page 1
Estimated Reczurr-ent Revenu e fr 1989 is
EC$2.8 million mcre than the estimated
Recurrent Expenditure and this excess,
together with apprommately EC$53
million and EC$27.3 million respectiveJy
to be received in loans arid grwits, makes a
totul of EC$'88.4, the arno-mt of the Capital

Mr Blaize said that, with. refersue- to this
section of the, EC$2 t..2 mill., .n is
earmarked to pay compensation to persons
who had their property confiscated by
Sprevio us GoverrRrents.
Capital Budget Under Four Heads
He divided the rest of the Capital Btdget.
into four Heads, "Inftratruct.ure" EC$33.9
million, "Productive' EC$18.4 million,
"Social" EC$9.4 million and "Other"
EC$5.5 million.

Agriculture is expected to sh.&cw ane.4p.ct.ed
growth of 3.1% tlis year as compar- ed with
1988, Mr Blaze sauil ht. ,manu-facmt.ujir g,
which, with a growth of 10.3 in 188,;
was disappointing, is projected to grow only
8.5% i 1989.

The Prime Minister expects a significant
growth in tourism and said that an increase
of .5% in earrings is expected from this

"The New National Party GoerrTm-rnent has.
-KV turned its back on the unhaappy fis-al
past", Mr B-aize said., "ad. t-as opened. a
new fiscal chapter for the greater economic
glory of all Grenadians".

A sttie appearing in the issue of the
Greada A e.rnirent. Gazette of MAril 14th
says that, in Febhrary 1., (tCabirt set up
a Cono-iitto-e for the purpose of looking into
the matter.

"A number of alleg-tions have been mtade,
from time to time, concerning the practice
of Public Officers who agige in gainful
occupation outside the Public Service', the
notice says.
Done Without Consent
T-ias ork is done wixithou. th e colmsent -i the
Public Seri-e ,C-n's,&on, it says, nmie-
tirmes during normal working hIours arnd use of GoverrmLrqer. facilities.

The investigating Conunittee, to be knovn
as the "Comnittee On Public Officers
Undertaking- Private Work". is chaired by
the Diraector of Personnel in the Depafrtment
of Persons~i L ad Man agemnent Services
attached to the Prime Minister's Office and.
includes former senior Public Officers and
a member of the Priva.e Sector.

T at C1ar ites is irsn inviting iifcrra-
ation, ,on a jorfidential basis, .oncerning
the .llegaliorns mi, anid tnforraarcts are
asked to submit. memoranda by May 31st.

The lasti-ng irluence of the French tan-
gage on Greri-ian *3eeih is seen in the
word Grernaliars rse to describe sorcimne
'who is head. over h7eis i. love.

That wod is too-tool-bay. from the
French, "toalemrent bete" which means
complIetely. stupid.

SThe Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 29th April 1989 Page 3


sad in ia
vith INEt
on April 21
Budget pr
Prine Mirm
BBLaize on A
isinular to th
presented C
that it is I
conI ea the

"In 1883 the
tkat farlwi
position, of
toms s
goodf s ttrorc

erty, 49%
Telepoe C
The w73v thI
1r89 he saii
Added Tin

M{r Brizan
that the 19Xi
that the es1
estimated exj

budget onily
said, and, in
the final outi
tor mre ea-rs

W~ien the r
comLp arei w
| eiif



16uA*'W is itentcnfrd to jonik tl f mi1tte of
wivernmwnt 's fiscaf policy
GEORGE BRIZAN, LEAD- revealed an he concluded that, in 1989
of the Opposition in tie -e- Gvement vii eerience smiar short-
t Howe f ,Represen&-tati es, falsjn ren m res i1din defi cit.
Syh tha the |ith reyerarce to the
sented. by I^ ^ C-'apital BEudget, be s:aid
tsar Her~brt t in the years 1987 an
yrtl 2sts 3 I "9. ivernmant's ex-
F -ud.ethe 1 rswitm was, irespect-
ast year m ily, 57% and 44%: less
Intended to A 1 the ht as budgeted
kiiw'e of il for and it is his opion
t's fiscal that this expTerience Vill
be repeated in l9.
Scoineld bth -iS7 ana -.A
4"e by i- i istA sai it had9
a 10% .- s earrta-rk for tle
ge n .. :l. Capita project bhud.geted

", he said. "and by the safe of cse aM,, : the smiiar statement
it piece of 'ovenmient prop- made i; respect of 199 cannot be accepted.
of the shares in the Grentda
company". See BRIZAN Pae 5
allure Concealed

I, is b an increase in the --. e
WVAT) p.ai6. both NEo WSLETTER
;4i rpers.
.Foundd I7th August 1973
.eecit.d Mr 'Blaize:'. ta-tenlt. 394th issue
9 Eudmr t is a balare u Oe It M & OS CAOI AVAR 144

c "- f ta, N p t- | (Inland Post In Gnda)
.ao ta srand fisca er, S e2
support of t. .e p.n.te to EP
turn of Goverm-ents finances lT es lS so $ 4300
19'0, 19-5m urat 1D8a .
20 lapcs $G7oo 0 77 00
thlC,~3f4~1p, fe e dtu ir~ Bz41) Issues $390tcu $146-00
imt. rseurrelt dew4it wr VI About 20 Issues Published Annually
c~~~ant ~ r,rQ1L.~ 1 te t av_ __ _ __ _


Page 4 Saturday 29th April 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

PIM T_4 A?
ijjii' ri QI

|fif rwffrtirq in te
Constitnutio f o
Grenfaa or tie Stac-nhrq .
Orrftrs VI thi
tuTnoirnle rHoust 1<1. -2.:v.:.
vi-nSdwiat-in sw n. .j- ...n

rmetz s in t1ke Hous, of Pspres.ant-
atives on April 26th, the Opposition
hlas written t tthe Speaker. Sir Hudson
Scipio, asking him to pont out the
provisniors of the Constitution or StanJing
Orders of the House under which he took
certain actions.

These developments took place while
the House vas debating Prime
Mister -Herbert Blaize's 1989
Budget. The Constituition demands
that that Budget, the Appropriation
Bill, be approved by 30th April.
Since the Senate also had to debate it,
and there vas so little time left
before the deadline, Mr Blaize moved
that the Bill be approved immediately
and the debate on it be deferred to a
later date-
Only Six Present
At that time, there were orly six
Gorrverr nert Membenr present, Dr Keith
Plit hell af. AMessrs Ben Jores a.r Aned L,
Walker w.t hbing ir the Five
Opposition lMeinbers? were presen-t, tbn
absentee being Dr Fr:acis Ale;is.

The Bill Wjras taken through its first and
seond readings and, on thke third (and firwn)
readinJ Mr Phinsley St Louis, of the Opp-
osition, rose to oppose the Bill. WhiJe Jhe
was speaking Dr Francis Ale-is arrived
and took his seat, making the votes of
Gov.erIrnerft- and Opposition equal.

Mr St Loui vas f owd by the Minister
for H.ealtth, Mr Dannry Williarms, tiring
whose address the Prime Minister
intervened to move that the tea adjournment
be ftken. This Tvas put to the wote, the
Speaker ring that there was an. equality 'of
votes but tat he would ",use his discretion"
anid take the ad jourinment.

In an interview wiTh NEWLETTER on
April 2'*hi, Mr St Louis, "who is Public
ReA itions Offit.e of the -:pc'sitic
mcai C'ongres- (DC), s-aid. Gre-
naaia's Coratittionh d oss DV give the
Spe aer any djicretei,.,rinrLt.i-s situation.
No Authority
'Sir Hudson has neither an original
nor a casting vote', he said, 'and,
according to the Constitution, when
the votes of the members are equally
divided, the motion is lost The
Speaker had no authority to take the
tea adjournment".

On rezsxmpwi-,>n, af te-r the ad.,y miet for
tea, n Sp.a..-k.r -a ed- that, 4. to the
"pect"I sitatio_. r" djrtopin ri the
house i. -e was aiAourrig ijtdi. the r.extd day
Both Mfr St Louis arf. Dr Alexis attempted
to speak oAn the ad pijurranent but Sir Hud.son
would not permit this and the House was
ad journed mutij the next. day whe, with
eight Gjoverrmnent MembOers present (Dr

See SPEAKER Page 5

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 29th April, 1989 Page 5
SPEAKER From Page 4

Mitchell was out of
Opposition members,
Bill was passed..


State) and six

The Opposition's
letter to the Speaker,
signed by all six
memnbersd 'nd dated
26th Apri says:-

-We, the Opposit-
ion, can find noth- i
ing in the Consit- '
ution of Grenada t
or the Staing Or-
ders of the Honour-
able House vindi-
cating such vay of
proceeding regard- Mr Pinsle
ing either the ad-
journment for tea
or the final adjournment for the day.
We therefore must hereby humbly
request you kindly to satisfatorily
indicate to us the specific provision
or provisions of the said Constitution
or Standing Orders under vhich you


The letter goes

on to say that, unless the
Opposition is favoured
vith the requested
indications, the Mem-
bers on that side of the
Table do not see hov
they can properly take
any further part in the
proceedings of the
House on the Appro-
priation Act.

.-' .'l .::.. In hi.s itert viev with
: I rSt Louis expressed the
jL viev that the Speaker
y St Louis had acted uconstit-
Sutionally to saws the
Gorvrmnent from erm-
barrassment arf. in so doing had severely
violated the ritts of the Opposition.


BRIZAN From Page 3
CoIrmerirr iTng on the Value Added Tax
(V AT), which W-as impcred by cy-vernaeAnt
in 19S w his MBr Brizan as stit a ra imb.r
of Btir Blaiza's Cabiret, the Le,-ad.r ,of td-.
Opposition sai th.s advice, re~ectd,. hy the
Pi'ime Minister then, has now been

When VAT was introduced, he said, a 20%:
tax was paid by the importer on the value -of
the goods while the wholesaler and retailer
each paid 20% on the profit mark-up.
Amendment Made
There was an azrnendimert, he said, v fich
retained the 203% on the vae. p-ai. at. the
port but changed t. tax ai tI pad bhey vw e-
saler and retailer to 5%, i-rot on the profit
rark-up, but. ont.he ft e vatue

Mr Brizan said that the 1989 Budget
provides for VA T to be paid entirely by the
importer, 20% on the i.ile of the gods at
the port and J0% on tle value when the
importer sells the goods.

"My advice in 198 which vas ignored,
was t~nt the entire VAT tax shcld be
collete4d at the port from the importer", he

said, and the shopkeeper should have
ntA&hixng to o with it. I have lived to see the
day, three yearn-s later, where all 3he VAT is
c1Actsed at. the s.pwt and tkh stzopkeeper has
rvthiang to do withit."

The 19WN9 fkidget Mr Brizan said, is intend-
ed a a political campaign, rather than a
dctur'ient which reflects the harsh realities
of public, because the New
National Party Goverkmaent knows this is its
last year in office.
Understanding Needed
TI small econormes which are open and
LepeT-senIt sh -as Grenada's, he said, there
mrtY be -an inderstandiin g of the tonuWmer's
psycc e-gy in order to arrive at taxation
tmeas-ures bictL illtt nt. generate consumer
resistance but also which generate suf-
icient, revenue.

It is a difficult task, Mr Brizan said, but
both Brrmada aand Antigua have achieved it
and hIe believed -that o- r a span of two or
three years, a National Democratic Con-
press Government could do the same.
It- ,a

c ~


Page 6 Saturday 29th April 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter



the United States Teamsters Union are
banned by the Grenada Government.

The Standirg Rule &C Order (S.R.& '0)
banning the ooks, number "
6of 198, dat&d iIth aprit
arid. publishe-d in the Gov-
ernment Gazette of April
14th, says "the Governor
General and the Cabinet are
of the opinion that the
importation into the State
of any of the publications
mentioned in the Schedule
to the Order would be
coritrary to Ihe public inTI--

The author of all four -
Teamster papers is given. as
"Dobbs" and the papers are
entitled, "Teamster Bureau-
cracy", Teamster Politics",
"TeWarnster Power" and "Teamster Rebell-
10n Sa x Author

Two other papers t-r t1rhe sane author,
"Revolutionq-ary Corntiuity Ea-rl, Years
CO N- 1 o
)1,4 -1917" -a3. "-RePotinar y Cio.nirtf .i
Conummrnst. Years ISt -1922", are.

Also on the list of banned publications is a
pamphlet ofdis.uas.ionsf -n "La Re l cixon
Granadina 1979 1983" ("The Grenada
Revolution 1979 -1983").

Publications by and about Malcolm X figure
prominently on the list. So do publications
by and about Fidel Castro. There are
publicatior .also by Cite Ga-.ara, Trot&sy,
Lenin, Engels a~ Marx, ti-. eist of
prohibited, be.irg headed. by a
parmptiet, "The Commaramist. kliafesto"
written by the last two mentioned persons.

Last October, Goernarent .seized a
shipment of books brought to G1renzaa by
Mr Norman Sandier, a journalist attached to
the New York "Militanrt newspaper ad a

representative of Pathfinder Press of New

]n October, Mir Sandier told a press
conference in St. Vincent that the shipment
-ad. 2 titles including Mr Nelson Mandela's
"The Strnggle Is My Life",
"MariwitB Bishop Zpe^ak',aznd
"Orn People, One Destiny"
by St. Vincerd born, Vr Don
Ro as, former Press Secre-
tary to slain Prime Minister
Manwce Bishop and oYw
based, in Cuba as Secretary
for Propaganda & Infornm-
ation of the Anti-Imperialist
Organisatiorn of the Carib-
bean and Latin America.
Only One On List
Of the publivation Tnamed
by Mr Sardler, omy the
Sboc'k by bMr Rodas appears
on th. ;Gre aia Govern-
mernt's list of banned books.

Government's legislative authority to ban
e imj2p>2'tatio-n of publications lies in the
"ImportatJ-on of Publicatiorns (Prohibition)"
ordinance which vwas r, t on the Statute
Books in 1951.

It hapFpeked in T.oba-c 17 years ago when

they sgid.. We have. a zcomars n way of life,
a c-. -~-oon West Lrdia& literature and a
separate cuLt.ure, watered. by streams from
Africa, India, China, Britain, France
Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and

They wished to rally public opinion, they
said, to support new political efbfrt towards
an Eastern Caribbean PFederation.


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 29th April 1989 Page 7

"When such actions are taken to ban (iur
books,.... -wen wnofer if it is tuwt a quest-ion of tUna

before our oan P1arty becomes a prohibited Party"

itical Leader of the Maurice Bishop
Patriotic Movement (MBPM.,
charged at a press conference on April 20thl
that Governments Prohibition Order,
Standing Rule & Order (S.R.& 0), number
6 of 1989, dated 11th April, settirAg out a list
of 86 books which may not be imported into,
Grenada, constitutes seri- s
ous harassment and dis-
crimiTAion against
MBPM. -,

The 86 titles, he said, are
all among the shipment of
books which Mr Norman
Sandler, a repsentative
of Pathfirder Press of- '
New York brought to him
for MBPM last October
and which were seized by
Government at the Point
Salines InTerratiDOTI Air- i
Question Of Time
"When such actio:s are .. :.
taken to ban our books, IWb T
especially during this "
period of so-called democracy, he said,
"ve wonder if it is rot a qtrstion of tirme
before our own Party becomes_ a prohibited

Speaking at the press conference, Mr
Kendrick Radix, a barrister and MBPMA
Chairman, szaid3 tat, Cin 2l3thMarch ia., on
behalf of Dr Marrysho't, he had file6
Ccriontitutional Motion in th Crh, wts seeking
a decltaraton that. the seizure of the hooks
had Tvioated Dr Marryshov's basic rights

Mr Radix said the Motion al X soughflt an
injunction restrairnig Goverr.nent from
sermitg the shiprment of books out of

"White the eas- pa~ding a hearing", he
said, "Government, through its officials of
the Stte, without respecting the rule of law,
sent the book, pamnphlets ain publications
out of Grej~da back to Pathfirder Pres,".

Mr Radix sa


id the papers relative to the
l Motion were served on
Government on March
28th and the books were
serA back to PatfifiTider

Press vin -the villoivg iay,

Several of th books and.
pamphlets sent back to
Pathfinder are not on the
list of prohibited publicat-
ions, Mr Radixsaid, and he
expressed the opinion that,
if for no other consider-
ation, Dr Marryshbo's
SMotion must succeed.
Hobody Appeared
i- Ti t.1F' r as~firs.t set down
.... -for tearing on April 3rd,
.srrsI M br Radiix said, but ntibody
-' a.peared. to represents Gov-
erriment -nd it was adjourned until 7th
April. There was a further adjournment
u.til April 21st, he said, wen the Solicitor
General, Mr Denis Laribert, pleaded late
receipt of certain d cuiiments.

"I have just been informed", Radix said,
"i at the case vifl not corme off toromorrow
(23t) Lec-axte arliarrant sit tc'morrTY
ad several public perTsns are expected to

Dr Marryshow said Government has
recently seized books from two otler
people. One vas a MBPM member Mr
Der s Thomas, who,z returning on April
16th from an internationall Conference" in

-~ --- --

Page Saturday 29th April 1989 The Grenada Newsletter


tor tie pJWCA to bI rul'y utivn, it must
confront, embrace and foster chompe

Britain is among the many persons
and organizations who sent greet-
m is ran coT{raftulatiouns to the Gre-
nada Youig Women s Christia A .sscociat'icn
(YWCA) as the organisation e~lehrated its
100thartmiversary on April 26th.

The Queen's message, read at a function
organised to mark the occasion, came
through Governor Gereral Sir Paul Scoon
and said:- "I am commanded by Her Majesty
the Queen to convey her congratulations
and best wishes to all concerned on the
occasion of the centenary of the Young
Women's Christian Associaion of Gre-

Delivering the feature address at the
function, which was a.tardndr by Lady
Scoon, patron of the Grenada YWCA, was
Dr Jewel Graham, World YWCA Presi-
S Teaches Law
YWCA World Headquarters are at Geneva,
Switzerland, but Dr Graham came to
Grenada from Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA
where she lives and teaches law at Antioch

In her address, baed on the YWCA 1989
theme, "The YWCA Is LMore", Dr Grahara
said her organisation is a movement which
is more than the sum of the autonomous
national associations which work together
in the World YWCA.

"We talk a lot about the YWCA as a
"Women's Movement' ", she said,
"ten million strong, going from
somewhere to somewhere, commitle
to common concrEns, con umed by
the same vision, motivated by the
Christian imperative to vork, by
love united, for the coming of the
Kingdom of God on earth"

YWCA was born in England in 1855, she
said, and grew in many countries as it

worked to improve the conditions of
women. in the process, the President
said, wrmen aroir nd the world have traiTxed
for areadzehip in YWCA a d. have emerged
as prominent- leers strugging for
vrsmln's rights and. j3tice for all.

One of these women who has risen to
leadership though the YWCA, Dr Graham
said, is Dame Nita Barrov Barbados'
Ambhssador to the Unite Nations.

The President said that the 1988 Annual
Report of World YWCA described the
World YWCA MovernEri as "Women
Working For Change".
MoA met t Is Change
That change ccnras through development,
she said., through social action, partnership
ani education. Movement is change, she
continued, grow th is change and the absence
of change is stagnation and death.

"For the YWCA to be really aliv", Dr
Graham said, "it must confront, embrace
and foster change"
See TWCA Page 9

1 -` -- ~- -

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 29th April 1989 Page 9


Tfie propgtrnnen is not VU "f a n anmt froLic"
S on April 28th, to meet residents of Victoria, th island s sn llest town and capital
of the Parish of St Marks.

YWC& Fronm Page 8
The World Presidert said she had. bee
elected tl the post less than two ars
ago ai-A th GrseadaY WCA is Orl TI
sec;oryn national YWCA st-s has vsitfed
officially. The first was ScliUi Ko.res
and in about a week she vould travel to
New Zealand : a Fiji.

Dr Graham said YWCA biades had-
been formed in many c4cm:rtnes before a
World Council was established in 1 894
There are nov 75 affiliated national
associations in 83 countries andi when
the Cxe-mii meets every fo.r ye-*s, she
said, representavJes froam t;zse liAton--
al orgnisatic-as make certain affirY-

'They say that they rest their
purpose on a Christian basis., she
said, that they rest their organ-
isations on a membership base
and that they will rest their
leadership in the hands of

In G'renad1- for the I tentenar te!-ebTZ-
tionw ere Y'WCA re snitat irfi~am.
EBrb-ados, -I-ama a, Guy-na, t Vi. t it.
and. Trirziad. & Tohbag;

Greetings ca.rie from YV'rA in
Co-umbia, Ireland, Great Britain, Van-
couv-a, Gkmnbia, f"iontserrat -A gla-
desh, Bolivia, Denmarlk, Argem,
Egy-pt, Nigeria, Fiji, the LUSA. Puert.
Rico, Malasia, Greece and China.


ing her stay i Gre m tTe tte of that boo, appears on th ist
Sw onAvri t, Dr ist ) of pro^hbid puications, aoi of which
ge, t f Sir P L, a La.- 'm rIpubsd y athfinder Pe of
41 %Vn StFreet, New Yorek;w
MM.-..- I

Ocv.ain w. s tb official'-rg of the "St
Marks Day" ealetratihs vhich began on
April 25h with an ecumenical service and
vil run until April 30th

Present for the opening were the Non-
resident Ambassador for China, Mr
Lu Zong Qig, the Non-residen; High
Commissioner for Canada, Mr
Arthur Wright, the Non-resident
Ambassador for Belgnum, Mr S.
Cineminrkx, M Roy Siliran, A4ting
united States Char gt d'4Affaires in
Greuada, Mr Graeme Roberts,
Resident Revreserntativ of the Bar-
bados based British High Commission
and Mrs Angela Smith, Swedish
Consul at Grenada.
Epressed Appreciation
fTe opening vss performed by Govefnl2r0
General Sir Paw Scoon, and he expressed
appreciation or the fact that the celebrations
proramme s notl un and frolic".
tSe AMHl5asA3Miy Pge go

Cyrus, had 20 books aken from him at
Sthe aIrort.

I2 the following day, lh, one buook,
"To a S,-sra Spe-~s" va&. t-a-en
,way from a 7renadian voman resident
ln ew York who was returning home
,ot hbiday, rie said.

S"he v r, waigng ts. book iy for -er
hrtl-~er w a is a m arter of our Par'ty",
Dr &larryst:,w s:ail. "The tol. her the
book will be returned to her when she is
leMa-im the comitry'.



-- L II


Page 10 Saturday 29th April 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

"I have observed with delight" he said,
"that you have added an international
dimension to this ear's celebrations by
bringing to St Marks members of the Diplo-
matic Cormunmity".

These diplonmts, he said, by their presence
and active participation in the celebrat.ioTis,
bring to the residents o St Ma-t-rks ihe
importarne of interinit .ina urerstarting
in their daily lives.
Meaningful Contribution
If Grenadians are to make any meaningful
contribution towards peaceful and
iharrmonious living in Grenada and in the
'orld, he continued, it is import'at, in a

shrinking- vorid, to get to f.
'know ard understand hot', iv
other people live ard thirk.

The Governor C3enerzr ai .d GCrei&ziens.
mius.t sho positively that it is only tbxrogh
self-re-lianc that tiae altitv. of life- ca be

Grenada is small in size, he said, but the
island has been emo ed with much that can
make for good giving and, in a spirit of
unity and a deep sense of comni22t-zent,
Grenadians must pool their resonuces and
make tlhe best use of all they have.

"'We carmot, any longer, depend on other
people to do everyllthg for us", Sir Paul

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for

External Affairs, Agriculture and Tourism,
Ivr Ben Jones, also spoke at the opening
ceremony and there were short addresses by
Ambassador Qing" and High Conmlissioner

An attractive feature of the celebrations is
Keposj lions by the Embassies of the Peoples
Republic of China and the United States, the
Canadian, British and lir.ianm High Com-
ymssiow, ithe Generni Secretaria. of the
Org saicAs nT of Amferican StZAes3 ard the
DeegatiorL of the. Commission of the ESuro-
pvean C.or-rcitrmities.

There are expositions also by the Ministry
.- ,- of Agricudture, the Gre-
n ,ada M anufacturers Ass-

ociat-ion, the Fisherrmen's Co-operativ.e,
together vith an Arts & Crafts ex.siUton.
Lecture Delivered
Earlier in the week, High Cormmisioner
Wright delivered a lecture on
"Canad.a'Caribbean Relations With Special
RefereeTre To GODenTda".

a.- orctvetr al pre-UStntat ard play, cdatural
and sporting activities and a parade.
f %fm= !SiifS F Ji ^W^


Saumes Gets Ambulaxnce

Food For The Poor, an ag,,ny based in
Floridda, U S A, has presented an ambzixte
to the Heatlth Cente in S-aturs, St Patrik-s

The preserntatiorL was made to minister of
Health Mr Danny Williams on April 3rd by
the Roman atholic Vicar-general of
Grenada,. Monsignior Cyril LamIontaigne.

The Vicar-general disclosed that, as repre-
sentative in Grenada of Food For The Poor,

he ia p iapp e to the *-agevy for khe am-
bklazne, a Tyar ago.

However, he said., the damage doriz by
hirrricane "Gilbert" in Jamaica had present-
ed a higher priority and, for that reason.
delivery of fthe amrbdarae had been delayed
until this time.

Accepting the donation, Mr bWilliams said
this is the first time an ambulance has been
stationed in Sauteurs.
See NEaWS SHORTS Page 11


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 29th April 1989 Page 11
NEWS SHORTS From Page 10

PAHO And IDB Visit

A delegation from the Pan American Health
Organisaton (PAHO) and the Jnter-
American Development Bank spent a five
day working visit to Grenada in April.

i According to, tie O,:vern(nrr.Inet homrrtion
Service, disctwssion of the delegation 'with
the MIinister of Health, Mr Danny WiUi-ams,
ando. other health officials, centered. on
development of a iHealth information
System for the Organisation Of East
Caribbean States (OECS) and Barbados.

With a view to exploring ways in which
PAHO and JDB can assist and make them
more efficient, there were discussions also
relative to the Health Information Systems
no-T in effect within Girenatas Health

It is expected that a report on the stniy T[ilt
have recomnrmndtit.ons as to kow infora-
ation within the OECS and Barbados can be
Sco-ordinated efficiently.

Commonwealth Secretariat

Depiy ~Secretay Genenl

Thel Deputy Secreta'y G3era ~l f the
Commrnnweal h Setretarisat, Chief Emeka
Ainyaku arrived at Gren-aa on kpril 25th
for a three day official visit.

Chief Anyaoka paid a courtesy calJ and had
:unch with Governor Generai Sir Paul
Scoorn and had. discussions with Prime
Minister Herbert Blaie and Deputy Prime
Minister Ben Jones.

British School Buses For
Carriacou Arrive

According to a release from the Office of
the British High Commission in Grenada,
two 13-seater school buses, for use in
Carriacou, hav arrived.

The buses, which cost some EC$125,000,

Vril be used to transport students from
outing areas to schools in Hillsborough,
the capital of Carracou.

As a result of recent charges in the
Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC)
courses, field trips for students have
bec.rne xcessary, and e b es Vil be
sed1 f gtAs pAwrpose.

In support of the Ed.ucation
Programme in Carriacou, the buses will be
used also to collect adult students from
around the island ad take them into

Belgium's Ambassador
Presents Credentials

The Ambassad.or of the Kingdom of Bel-
giumn fo Grenada, Mr Frans Craeninckx,
presented uhis credentials to Governor
Genera Sir Paul Scoon on April 25th.

During his visit, Ambassador Craeninckx
paid a courtesy call on the Dean of the
Diplomatic Corps and Ambassador to
Grenada of the Republic of Venezuela, Mr
Efr .mn Silva.

He p&id. c.c rtresy cals a1s on the Unted
States Char g d'A'ffaires, Mr Janes Ford
Cooper, the Resident Representative of the
British High Commission, Mr Graeme
Roberts and the Honorary Consul for the
Kingdom Crf the Netherlands, Mr Richard

Ambassador Craeninckx visited the Speaker
of the House of Respresentatives, Sir
Hudison Scipio, Dr Jomh W1as, Presidern of
the Senate, Prime Ministe Herbert iaize,
Minister for EsTnal Affairs, %Mr Ben
.lrps atrd Leader of the Opposition, Mr
George Brizsan.

The Ambassador also visited and took part
in the St Mark's day celebratios which
were then in progress.


I -~ -

Page 12 Saturday 29th April 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

Decision Awaited From
Amsicean Airliues

The Grerada GovernrmerA and Arrmrican
Airlines (AA) bare reached greeienta, in
principle, that the airlie provide a
scheduled service to Grenada cut of Puert

The agreement ras reached following a
meeting held on April 13th by Prime
Minister Blaite with Mr Peter Dolara, AA
Vice-President and Mr Frank Esposito,
Manager of AA's Puerto Rico hub.

It is reported that present at that meeting
vere other representatives of the Govern-
ment, the Airport Authority, Tosriso m
Industry and the Unitad States Embassy.

Government now avaits a decision by AA
as to when service viii begin to the island's
Point Salines International Airport.

"Hands Around The Nation"

A "Hands Around The Nation" exercise is to
be organized on May 28th by the Grenada
National Coumnil of the Disabled as the
highlight of the Council's "Awareness
Week" .

Theme for the veek is "Opportunity en-
ables, prejudice cripples", and the Council
plans for someir 6(0,00 plus people from
organsattios, schoot,, Ch~rzhes as' the
general public, to form aW unbrkFen chain
of linked hards soverirg mo re than 5Q
miles around. the island..

The idea vas conceived by Mr Herman
"Mell" Peters, popular sportsman, who
lost his left leg some years ago as a result of
a football accident.

Last May, Mr Peters undertook a successful
"Walkathon Of Hope" around the island
hvich enabled him' to raise fuds f or a false
leg for hirmelf aA -lo assist other mem-
bers of the disabled commn ity.

"Hands Aroiund The Nation" has a target of
EC$9. OOO. 00 through the sale of bumper
stickers and T-shirts. Funds raised vill be
used to pwrchtse false limbs and for other
work among the disabled.

OECS Business Workshop

Mr Dunstan Holder of the Grenada firm of
Fun Time Products is representing the State
at a United States sponsored workshop
which opened in St Kitts on April 29th.

Organized by the Unitetates Business &
Co0miercial Centre, the United States
Agerry For Intrnatioenal Developiment and
te United States Depiartxanitof Cosmmnrce,:
the. worksJ h is being attended' by every
finamnial institutions curre~~ty lending t the
Private Sector in the Organisation Of East
Caribbean States (OECS).

Also attending the workshop are busness-
nen from the islands of the OECS.

Dr Kennnedy Simmonds, Prime Ministrer
of St Kitts)Nevis. vas scheduled to deliver
t3e fe-trn zadress on "The Role of
Government In Developing Finiane".

Aster Hughes Cri ghes.

29th AprJ 1989

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