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The Grenada newsletter
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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!The Iretnada.


Saturay 15th April

p Osipu perforuJ dance of the msatn
crops ws mixed
ELIMINARY DATA FOR Tourism conintu
first nine months of 1988 acMvity, te Rev
icaten s that the Grernadian econ- restaurant setor
o srwutairned the 5f growth rate tie island by 7.1% during t3
athieved in 187. same time, the
tramrportawtion and
According to the just pblished Economic 1io,
& Financial Reviev" of the St Kitis inued
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, tis
growth rate resulted mainly on accourt of Centra Ba
contied strong performance mcensc ie- L Revies
tionand tourism St Louis Ca
T :.A Liar....
T output performance of ct e ain Wha Got B
agricultural crops vas, h ver, a d," Into Poit
the RPeview says. "Output of baf a .a Bank Ofici
increase siifwany, modest icrses | I Cobnv
vere recorded for mutmegs and = while Nicholas Bi
cocoa production declined Political
2009W Nevs Short
The Review says the output performance iof _en_
Grenrada's manufacturing sector vas ri "Inflatian, as me
period in 1937. the output of rum, soft bearme operation
drinks, poultry feed arid cigarettes in- kfJsury 1988, v
creased. On the other hand, mr iufactre pergid to th end
of clothingdropped by29- 3%. Revw says.
I Decreases were also regitered for tie pr- All categories
dixtion ofs ztout, flour, matt mand vtea- tabr increases, the rm
and, according to the evie, with rel drink arn tobac.
growth provisinally etmated at 65 fuel supplies (72
during the revie period, incti are ani educational e
that the manuacturring sector vil not be as mnoerate ircrIe
vibratast in 197.
Iak si


s to boost economic
v says, ad the hotel and
s estimated to have grovn
erevie period. At the
estimatEd growth of the
comnmm icationr sector is


conomy......... ..... I
Its Mitchell
ics.---------------- .... 4
als Charged.. --..--- 6
Leader- -------- 8
s.................. 11
asured by movements in
rer price index which
ial at the beginning of
as about 5.3% over the

o (7.9%), howebold and
) and rsecreaion, reading
qeWm (5.l ). More
es were recorded for
See ECONOMY Paue 2

Volume 17

Page 2 Saturday 15th April 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

ECONOM-Y? From Page I

bhusi lf~d opeiationa1 expenses ta~s on domestic transactions and imports.
(3.5%) faod clothing and ae& rces .
(3. A although reorn e as
been favourable as co are vi theb
The Reiev reports tt t visible tde correspo n pi od in 1987, the
deficit increase over the review period by Reiev sa y reavne collected
4.1% to EC$110 million. Imports vent during the ~aii-month psrist
up by 5.2% to- EC$1.779 million bile reprosnts only 56% of tlbudgeted
exports ired by 6.9 to EC$68 EC$ItS.3 million. Major revenue
billion -, earrs, the Business Levy, Value
Faourabe Added Tax ad Property tax, over
Hovever, the Balance of Payments position the review period revised
kras mate more favourable by increase respectively only 50%, 42% and
receipts from Touriszm gross earnmgs 78% of the budgeted amounts.
from vhich, according to the Review, are
estimated at EC$58.1 million, about 7.7% With rferete to recurrent expeniture,
higher than the figure recorded for the. the Review saytUt, despite reduction in
corresponding period in 1987. outls on and salaries, there vas an

Selected Agricultural & industrial Productian
Total January To September
Item Unit 19 987 1987 1988 Change
.. _1-__ ,, *r f' -,-.
Bananas Tonnes 8,281 6,197 7,218 16.5
Nutmeg Tonnes 2.798 2,542 2,558 0.6
Cocoa Tonnes 1,793 1,361 1,302 -4.3
Mace Tonnes 313 291 312 7.4
Rum Gallons 71,943 52,206 : 57,028 .2 2
Stout Gallons 64,423 46,005 38,831 -15.6
Soft Drinks Cases 371,311 260,399 325,129 24.9
Cigarettes Cartons 109,582 8 ,184 82,658 1.8
Poultry Feed 00 lbs 46,430 34,953 40,803 16.7
Flour 00 lbs 158,692 119,269 17,705 -13
Malt Gallons 49,813 39,985 32,323 -19.2
Beer Gallons 308,917 ,218,450 j253,334 16.0
Guiness Gallons 25,455 14,801 23,046 55,7
Clothing Dozens 97,551 68,606 48,517 -29.3
Wheat Bran 00 lbs 56,955 40.710 39,953 -
Source: Statistical Office, Ministry of Finance

'The operations of the Central
Government during the period
resulted in a deficit of EC$1S.9
million n o the current amount, the
Central Bank says, "notithstamding
a significant increase in recurrent
revenue compared vith the corres-
ponding period in 1987'

Recurrent revenue amounted to EC$85
million, an increase of 22.7% over the
figure for the first nine moths of 1987, the
Review says, a significant growth due
,prinmnly to higher revenue yields from

increbae by 8.9 to EC$1031 during the
first anim months of 198 as compared with
a marOi 0.3% inc-se for the
corresponding period in 1987.

Factors contributing to this increase were
increases in pensions by 447 to EC$5.5
million, debt repayments by 36% to
EC$23.2 millionn and expenditure on goods
san ser ices ana trasfers by 11% to
EC$32. million.
* "' """"""""""-jm~j^_atj^t

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 15th April 1989 Page 3

~ir wrzmI




Officer (PRO) of the opposition Nat-
ional Democratic Congres (NDC)
Mr Phinsley St Louis, has acsd Dr Keii
Mitchell, Political Leaer of theruling Ne
National Party (NNP) of lying
Mr St Louis, Who is a member of the House
of Representative said in an interview with
NEWSLETTER onApril 7thtiiat. tte re-
cent political symposium organ~ m by the
Grenada Chamber of Industry & Com-
|merce, Dr Mitchell stated that the level of
I unemployment in Grenada i 2 1%.
The PO said also that Dr Mitchell, appar-
ing on a recent TV programme, wa in-
correct again hen he said that, in February
1988, unemployrrent hd been 29% but is

Pr Phinaleg St Louis

aA figure of 2% was arrived at in a
survey done by the Ministry of
Finance in August 1988", Mr St Louis
said, That survey v conducted
vit asictann from the ~itnrnatioaaI
Labour Organiaon and the Econom-
ic Affairs Secretariat of the Organ-
isation of East Caribbea States and
there is no survey later than this.

"The cP
must do
their home work
.04 speck
the truth"

The PRO said there has been so econoiiic
activity which would haie reduced the
unmploymen figure as dramatically as. r
Mitchell alleged and his "attempt t de-
ceive caot rxceed.

DrKetfth itehlien
"The NNP representatives must do their
homae ork and speak the truth", Mr St
Louis told NEWSLETTER. "They ought
w ,t to lie in a futile Vattet to make
See I-AR Page 5
The Grenads
Founded 17th August 1973
393rd Issue
Payafble lI Advance
Potage Paid By Secnd Class Air Mail
(iland Post In Grenada)

0 Issues $115.00 $43.00
20 Iawas $S207.00 $ 77.00
40 Issues $390.0 $146.00
Abcs 20 IsSI Published Amnuaily



Page 4 Saturday 1 5th April 1989 fS9 Grenada Newsletter

LMo a 71 (a fl

*P~,~ zrr.Tium

"1 tnttcatsd clearL
to itamede that I was
not qotan to have
aen secret mw etin,
rib flitcshtt"
NEWSLETTER on April 13th, Mr
Nicolas B~Ah. rt te former Head
of tin Interim GovernTetr appointed by
Governor Geral Sir Paul Scon after tie
military intervention of October 1983 dis-
losed details of pressures which have
pushed him into the political arena
Iov Political Leader of the Nationl Demo-
Oratic Congress (NDC), Mr Brathwite said
)hat, during his on year semvi in the Inter-
pn Government before Gemral Elections
iare held in December 1984, he never
ttUght he would ever f'ae the hutings as
an active politician,
Ten months ago, however, he said in an
interview that he had turned down an invit-
ation to join the ruli N ev Natioal Party
(NNP). "GovernrmentMinistershad been
in touch vithhim, he said. He refed then
to identify thse Ministers but said tey told
him Prime Minister Herbert BElaie, then
NNP Political Leader, ws oe of their
"Before they asked me to jin NNP",
he said, "tley told me tih Party had a
serious problem of leadership which
vill affect the Party's chances ad-
versely in the next elections"
In the intexiev vith NEWSLETTER on
April 13th, Mr Brathwaite said Dr Keith
Mitehl, Minister of Communications &
Works, was one of the NNP Ministers who
had discussions with himn He said also that
arrangements for his contact with Dr
Mitchell had been nide through a
prominent businessman, Mr Habib Hadeed,

who lies rast door to Mr

Mr Hadeed invited him to his hrEn one
evening Mr Brathwaite said, ad, in the
course of conversation indicated that Dr
Mitchell wanted to *ave a chat" ith him.
Dr Mitcell had not been sure how Mr
Brathvaita vould react to tthe suggtion,
Mr Hiseed told Mr Brathaite, but he
(Hadeed) could arrange a dinner at which
Mr Brthwaite and Dr Mitchell could talk
!I indicated clearly to Hadeed that I vas not
going to have any secret meting with
Mitcfall", Mr Brathaite said, "ad, if
Mitchell anted to tlk to me he could see
aTe at my office".
Mr EBrathwaite said that on the evening he
spent with Mr Hadeed, he noted tht Mr
Haeed spent a lot of time criticizig Prime
Minister Ble. That evening happened to
be the evening of Mr Blaize's weekly radio
address, Mr Brathmite said, and Mr
Hadeed told him he (Hdeed) makes a point
of not listening to the Prime Minister's
Dr Mitchell, acconpaied by Mr Hadeed,
did come to his office some days later Mr
BrathVaite said, and, agaiet a background
of to expressed reasons, Dr MitcMhll
extended an invitation to Mr Brathaite to
"Firs NNP has a problem going into the
aest election vith Blaie as Political
Leader" Dr Mitelhel told Mr BrathP ite,
SEC B5ATIW ArrT E P5ge 5

The Granada Newsletter Saturday 15th April 1989 Page 5

"and, secondly, the Party is trying to attract
persons of high calibre to its ranks".

Mr Bratwaite told NEWSLETTER he
emphatically turned down the invitaion,
telling Dr Mitchell tht that invitation wavs
no more than an attempt to involve him
(Brathwaite) in a "plot" to remove Mr
Blaise a NNP Political Leader and he
vould hae nothing to do I

Mr Brathwaite said he had
had a visit also from an-
other aoerrine Minis- t
ter hotold himNNP was
havingg problem s ith its
This s Minister of
Health Danny Williams, he
said, ati the discuion
vith him was c-f a gnral
nature. Mr Williams had
heard that he (Brathwaite) j
might become involved in
politics and Mr W"lliams DrKet
advised him to "keep his
options open"
SThe imitation came to him also from Dr
lamiel Stanislawu, Orenada's Amn sador
to the United Nations, Mr Bratwaite said,
'Ambasador Stanislaus told him he knew of
NNP's leadership problems" he said, but
I the initation was turned down fr te am
reason given Dr Mitheli.

Mr Brat vaite said the approaches by Dr
Mitchell, Mr Williams and Ambassador
Stanislaus were not the first pressres
brought on him to become ctive n poli-
tics. Sometime in 195, he said, he h ad
suggestions from resides of Grenada
sister island of Cariacoa were he wa
born, that he should contest a et in the
House of Representtives.

A more formal approach w made to him
in mid-1987 by persons from Carriaou,
Mr Brathwaie said. Some of these persons
are of te NNP Executive, he said, and teir
vish was to influence Mr BIaiz rot to
contest the seat for Carriaeou, the
corntituency vhich he ha repre ted for
over 30 years. Mr Brathwaite said these
persons saw himas the person to replace Mr
Blaize to contest te Carriacou seat on the

NNP ticket.

"Whn they told me they were going to hold
disBe~sion i th te Prime Minister", he
said, "I realized they might go to him
believing that once e took the decision to
stand dovn, my entry to NNP voutd be
-Mr Brathwaite said he
Made it clear his joining
MNP vould not be
wautomafic because he
votd find it impossible to
vork vith a "certain
Minister of Govem ent",
Dr Keith Mitchell.
During 195, Mr Brath-
vaite worked in the Prime
Minister's office as
Eeutive Advisor. Dur-
ing that time he aid, a a
resultof ciertainconacta he
Shad hbad with Dr Mitchell,
he became co minced of Dr
ntcenI i Mitchells "hypocrisy" to-
I.AR Frm Pmae 3
themselves look good".

Asked by NEWSLETTER for his
Sretio. to te charge made agist-
him by Mr St Louis, Dr Mitchell said
e stic by the figures he quoted which
Iae b d o estimates made by the
United Stats Agercy For Inernational

Dr Mitchell said also that he has a
Sre-lvant tape recording of an address
made in Ldomn in 1986 by Dr Francis
I Ale~ of the NDC. Dr Alexis was
thon NP Minister of Labour before
he resigned from the party to form
NDC, and, according to Dr Mitchell,
Dr Aleis said then tht unemployment
had dropped to 25%

"There has been a coiderable fall in
ti uemplovr-ernt figure since that
tirme", Dr Mitchell aid, "and if the
NDC feels there ha been no economic
acttiity, they should take look at what
i hppening on the indwutrialestates".
i _' _" : ''" .. .. ... rtT j === === ===:= ==:= =


Page 6 Saturday 15th April 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter

BMB I ,1

Commercial Bank (NCB) have

They are Mr Michael Archibald,
GOeral Manager, Mr Lester Andall,
Operations Manager and Ms. Jocelyn
McSween, Officer in charge of the
Foreign Busins Department of the
Bank, and they a charged vith
"improperly interfering with a juror,
Miss Zoria Frederick, in the
performance of ber duties as a juror"

Miss Frederick, who has been employed
vith the Bank for the past seven years, was
given time off, as required by l, to serve
as a juror at the current Assizes.

It is alleged, however, that she as
instructed by the Bank authorities to return
to the Bank to vork each day after the Court
adjourned and, when she failed to do so, she
vas fired on March 7th.

The charge was laid by Director of Public
Prosecutions (DPP), Velna Hylton Q C-,
and appearing in Court on March 4th
representing Mr Carol Bristol Q C, for the
defeiwe, was barrister Mr Anslem Clouden

The Court was presided over by Acting
Registrar Mr Christian St Louis and Mr
Clouden asked for a postornemnt of the
hearing, Mrs Hylton said she vas ready to
proceed. She had no objections the
postponement se said, but, she would not
be available for a hearing between 7th
March and 12th May.

The DPP pointed out tt tha e Maurice
Bishop Murder Appeal, in which she is
Involved, hearing resumes on 22nd May and
against that bakround, Mr St Louis fixed
the Contempt case for Friday May 19th-

Mrs Hylton said in an interview ith
NEWSLETTER that her unavailability
stems from the fact that she vas proceeding
Sec Bankl Page 7



vith Contempt

BSATHrWAlTE From Page 5
vard a fellow Cabinet member.

On another occasion, he said, Dr Mithell
told him of a wve teken in Cabinet in
vhich be (Mitchel) voted agas the
Prime Minister Dr Mitchell vas
anxios, Mr Brathwite said, that Mr
Brathaite should tell Mr Blaine that he
(Mitchdll) had voted that vay only
because of pressure put on him by other
Cabinet members.

I was upset because his speaking to me
vas a breach of Cabinet confidentiality"
Mr Brathvite told NEWSLETTER,
"ain, besides, I hat to be corserned over
the behaviour of a person ho voted a
certain way, not out of conviction, but
Sbecae of pressure put on him."
IAt its Convention in Jarnury, the
National Dmcrati Congress (NDC)
unanimously elected Mr Brathwaite
Political Leader, replacing Mr George
Brizan who held that post since the party
was found in October 1987.

"eorae and I have been friendly for
mny years Mr Brathvaite said, "and
when be and Francis Alexis broke aay
from NNP in 1987, they did come and
discuss their plans vithme but there vas
no invitation then for me to join tlm".
There was no formal approach before
October last year, he said, but on
reflection, it appears to him that, because
of the long standing relationship, Mr
Brin n unspoken understaning
tat, if ever he (Brathvaite) should
decide to enter politics NDC would be
his party.
^^i.^^ Mv^^^^w^ x lus j~c p gad :^'

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 15th April 1989 Page 7


Mitacgrs of*I the Caribbean
C .mnSt CAR1COM will e
present a = .he Academic Conhcaaonyt ci
vi be held to mark th. 40th annirsary
Of the founding of the University of The
West Inies (UWI)

This vas disclosed on April 11th fby
Grenada born UWI Vice-hancellor, Dr
Alister Mcntyre, who aid the Con ati
Villa take place at the UWI Mona, Jamaica,
campus on 6th May next and Sir Shridath
("Somny) Rampal, ecretry G ral of
the Commonealth Secretariat vill be the

Dr cIntyre spoke at a press conference in
vhich, from Mer, he vas lined byraio,
through te UWI Ditane Teaching
Experiment, ith the Cave Hill campus in
Barbados, the St Augustine campus in
Trinidad and the Etra-mural centre in
Grenada, St Lucia, Dominica ad Antigua
He named the Prime Miniter of the
Bah~aa, Barbados, Dominica, Jamica St
Lucia, St Vincent and Trinidad & Tobg ap
having already accepted invitatios to be
present and said fe elected there ill be
eight or nine regional Prime Ministers at
the Convocation,
The commemoration of the uniwf~ s-ity
40th annirsary does not represent merely
a loe for ceremony and ritual, Dr
Mcntyre aid, but as as its fundan~enal
aim bringing to the mention of the
Caribbean public the accomaplishment of
UWI and vhat the University nut sek to
do in the future.
His "overall viion" for the Univrsity ovr
the net decade is tat their should be a
substantial expaion of acces to university

-to troinqk

;coentinuc iteveo p ,nq

pr oq ramnws rkelkvnnt

ito tthe cao]uison

."I amtre syi thi isuld b t only

education in uch fieSn a scice, tech-

Thw^ e-Chand e11 that, na m
"1 amrt sayin this shuld te the onlyf t
intellectual activity of tie University., Dr
M tyre said Iteed, I hold equally
strongly to the view that the University has
to contimUi deSlopiTg prog smnes rele-
vant the evow ution and sirenhening of
Caribbean identity".

The Vice-Chancellor said that, in the
research and development area of the
Uniwrsity's activities, the private sector
will be the principal beneficiary and he
would like sem local comp=maes tabng
advantage of the University's capacity to
See UWI Page 8

MWANK Pum Page 6
s;rtly to take part in a course for
Goerment Legal Adviwors vhich
p would take place at tie Istitute for
Ad nced LeSga Studies at the University
of Lomdon, England.
Asked by NEWSLETTER to comment
on the DPP's action against him and the
I otder Bank off icials, Mr Archibald
I declined to do so.

This expansion, he said, should be with a


Pag 8 Saturday 15th April 1989 The Grenada Newsetter


L~.amJJL/vj Di&^ DO~ A AL Ll


i opposition National Democratic
philosophyas "prgagmtic".
I am not fond of political labels he told
NEWSLETTER in a recent interview, "the
terms 'socialist', conservativee or 'liberal"
can mean so mny different things to
different people. I ama racist& pragmatic
kind of person. One should look at

UWI From Pge 7
provide business support and scientific
Dr Mcntyre said also tat the private
sector can be an important source of
support for UWI in a period here the
University must grove rapidly, and, at
Sthe present time, most of the Govern-
Mi nts which support UWI have little
capacity to contribute to that growth
The major part of the required fuods for
the University's expansion, the Vice-
Chancellor said, will come from
mobilizingg resources in the private
Sector throughout te Caribbean as veil
as from overseas agencies, Foundations
and friends"
'I should also stress the
I importance of the University
alumni getting into the habit of
umaing regular contributions to
the University', he said. "We
have 35,000 graduates out there
and, if each of them were to set
Aside a modest amount each year to
contribute to the University, that
ca be very helpful in meeting
some of our needs .
The Vice-Chancellor said he is in no
ray pessimistic about mobilizing resour-
ces for the University outside of Govern
ment's bugets. These resources, he
said, vill come both from within the
local Caribbean communities served by
UWI and overseas sources.
i *--v.^---^Yd-'^^^i

Congress (NDC),


his political

situation as it affects the country an one
should look at tt country's relationship
vith otter countries in a practical and
realistic vay".
There are many developments taking place
in the intertional world, he said, and
reaala may have to adjust her position
because of a development over which she
bas no control.

fl 2P


Hr Nlchel aeBrethwalte
Ij "'

As far as the Private Se or is concerid, he
supports the positiontn tak by the Interim
Govern ent, v chchhe eded in 1984, that
that sector has an important role to play in
matioml development and anything which
can be doe to support Private Sector
initiative should be done.
Mr Brathwaite said he has no difficulty in
approving a fiscal policy which allows the
Private Sector to expand ad provide em-
ployment, but feels Governent's fiscal pol-
icy should provide adequate revenue to
sport the country's basic services.
"What is clear", he said, "is tat tthe current
fiscal policy of the New Nationl Party
(NNP) does not provide adequate revenue

I_ __ M

t -r

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 15th ApHil 1989 Page 9

and, as a result, there has been an annual

The NDC Political Leader aid that he ba
no anser to ttat problem at the present
time, but believes the answer can be obtain-
ed through consultation with representative
organisatio in Grenada and with input
from sch organ nation as the Caribbean
Devlopment Bank and the Secretaria of
the Orgaisation of East Caribbean States.

holding that post until 1948 when he vas
awarded a two-year Government scholar-
ship to the Trinidad & Tobago Teacher
Training College

RetZuning home, he as appointed Prirri-
pal of the Mount Pleant Gowrrment
Primary School but resigned from that post
in 1951.

"I as the third of 10 children in our
f kitw e as MiA fWrJLET TrTEir

fl$C Pe r m"and my father died when I was

iWith refer e toe
Income Ta, which vw abolished by the f pfl4-"4.f
NNP Govrnment, and which Mr Bra 'th-
vaite has declined to state that an NDC f W0 tEn
Govermna t vill not reintrodue it the5 is
NDC Political Leader said it reintro- 9"P.. us tf~ th'en bei h
duction or not vill depend on the conlat- only three to resign and loo
station his Party advocates in framing the for o work because my salary as
fiscal policy Principl did not allow me to help my
mother to sand the WXawWer oes0 to rean-

'The cross section to be consulted
vill be a group vhich vill represent
people vho vill be affected by the
reintroduction of income tax", be
said, and they are not likely to
come up vith a recommendation
vhich vould adversely affect their
"An NDC Gowrnment", he continued
"vill rt take any decision contrary t the
recomrrmeations coming out of fte group,
W e are not going to.introdue any esure
vhich does not come ont of that

"Cornultation" and "confidsare" go had in
Shad, he said, and it vill be for the group, in
co-operation vith the Go rainnt, to
Produce a realic package of measure
vhich vili compise het f ial policy.

Mr Brathvaite vas born inm rriau,
Grendas sister iland, on 8th uly 1925.
He attended primary school in Carriacou
before going to the Grenada &r'
Secondary School (GBSS) in 1940, where
he gained the Cambridge Junior and Senior
Certificates respectively in 1943 and 1944,

Leaving GBSS in 1944, he eiured a 'jb as
Assistant Teacher at the Mount Plaant
Government Primary School in Carriaeou,

Mr Brathaite got a job as Land Rent
Officer at the Agricultural Department at a
salary of EC$80.00 per month, but, in the
same year, 1951, was attracted by the much
higher salaries being paid by the Shell Oil
Company in Curacao.

He migrated to that island and, after six
years employment vith Shell as a refinery
operator, returned to Grenada in 1957 and
vas appfirted, Principa of the Dover
Csovernent Primary thool in Crriacou
a post ie eld uni 1962.
In that year, he vas awarded a ore-year
CGvernment scholarship to study for the
certificate of Education at the Univrsity of
th West Irdi.e (UW!) Mona camnpu in
-Joaica. That study having been,
srcenf y completed, te returned to Ore-
rida and vw appointed Assistant Inspector
of Schools in the Departent of Education.

Very shortly after, in 1963, Mr Brathvaite
va transferred as a tutor to the then recent
ly -eblisled Teacer Training College,
and while still hding that position in 1967,
V n another Govrnmet scholarship

Spd orj at the Mona c he
TdSof P rTIacAL LEADER PA e 10

Page 10 Saturday 15th April 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

completed the Bachelor of Education
degree and, on his return to Grenada, vas
appointed the first loca4sticipal of the
Teacher Training Collee.

In December 1968, Mr Brathaite said,
Premier Eric Gairy offered him the post of
Cabinet Secretary tothe -Government, but
he turned it dovwn
"I haed received reports of disaffection from
friends I had in thel Cabnet", he told
NEWSLETTER, :"" would have been
extremely uncrmfortable in a position
which took me too close to te politicians.
The impression I gained in discussions with
People vho re part of the Goverment
was that Cabinet w-. 6t operating in a true

form of democracy"
In any cse, he said,
Education as "his
thing and, in 4
following year,
1969, Mr Brath--
waite vws appointed
Chief Education
Officer, a post be
held until 1974
vhen a nev field
opened up for him,

(""Zim'bic 1
ii repo

frielns 1

i trtf I

"At the request of UaWnPO Io
tie then Common-
wealth Secretary sWto
GeMneal, Mr Arnold to~ k
Smith", Mr Brath-
waite told NEWS- do
LETTER, "I was d p
secoded by the
Grenada Government t the then newly
established Commonwealth Youth Pro-
grarmme (CYP[ .
The CYP provides youth leadership tra-
ing, Mr Brathwaite said, ar, with bead-
quarters in Guyana, be was appointed CYP
Regional Director ith responsibility for
the Conumonwealth Caribbean

During the course of this assignment in
1978, at the request of governments of the
South Pacific, Mr Brathwait spent several
months in that region vere, from a base in
Fiji, and in collaboration with the Univer-
sity of the South Paific hbeset up a
programme similar to CYP to serve that




A...,;-L ; .

As CYP Regional Director, he also had an
assignment to India vibre beassisted in
reorga. sig the youth programme there
vbich, at that time, vas not thougt to be
relevant t te t e eds of that region.

Developments in Greda, culminatig in
the traumatic events of October 19th 1983,
.ere to hawe an important influme on Mr
Brathwite's career On that day, Prime
Miister Maurice Bishop as murdered
together with members of his Cabinat and
others, and this was followed on October
25th by the military intention of United
States of America and Caribbean Forces.
"Oj 27th October 1983 received a call
from the Commonwalth Secretary
General, Sir Shridath Ramphal, instructing
me to go to Grenada
rfsremt as soon as possible"
Mr Brathwaite told
"because I as
sm froem needed their, but I
L vas not told vat
I n -my role would be".

F san b e Mr Braithvaite ar-
rive at Q^Grerada on
C October 31st and it
vas then be learned
table ia 0 fromGovernor Gen-
Lw "' eral Si Paul Scoon
that i wv to be a
is too member of what was
then called an
to "Advisory Coucil",
t ns and be vas official
appointed to that
Couta ilon ISthNovember 1983.
Greidian born Dr Aliter Mcintyre, vho
asto be Cairman of the Council, arrived
in Greada on November 1st, ,Mr
Brathwaite said, and after discussion with
Sir Paul, returned to Geneva, Svitariad,
Vhre e va aWithed to the United Nations
Conference On Trade & Devlopment

The understanding vs, Mr Brathvaite
said, that Dr Mcntyre would return in a
feo weeks time. Howoer, for health
reason, he as unable to do so and Mr
Brathwte vs appomted Chairman of the
Advisory Counil in his stead.

Thi Greama Nevsletter Saturday 15th April 1989 Pa 11

... .d ...... - ... . .... : ; ; .... .: i


Co iniai amer Visits

Mr David lea Wille, JnEmica based
Australian High Commissioner to Gread
paid a four day visit to the island from April
2n to 6th.

While in Greada, he paid courtesy calls on
the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for
External Affair- Agriculture an Tourism,
Mr Ben Joes, Mr Gnrame Roberts, Resi-
dent British High Commision Represent-
ative and Mr Ford Cooper, United States
Charge d'Affaires.

High Commissioner Wille met also with Mr
George Brizan, Leader of the Opposition
Sand vith Mr Nicholas Brathvaite, Political
Leader of the National Democratic Con-

BDD gives Latd Rover

The British Developmet Division (BDD)
has presented a Land Rover to the Commmn-
ityDevelopment Division (DD) of the Min-
istry of Works.

Making the presentation of te
EC$54,000.00 vehicle on April 3th, Resi-
dent British High Commission Representat-
ive, Mr Graem Roberts, expressed
satisfaction with the project proposals
which have been submitted by CDD to BDD
for funding.

According to th Government Information
Service, Mr Robert described these pro-
posals as a "sensible mix vhich reflect
community self-belp an social and recreat-
ional development of th Grena3dian

Accepting the Laid Rover on behalf of ti
Ministry, Permmant Secretary in the
Ministry of Works ad Community Devel-
opment, Mr Algernon Antione, said the
vehicle vill be used also by the Women's
Division to expand their services to rural

Mr Roberts disclosed that a 3-ton tipper
Ford trurk is to be presented to CDD by
BDD in May.

STABEX Funds For

Mr Carlvle Johno, Permame~ Sercttary in
tie Ministry of Educatio, Culture and
Fisheries, told t Government Information
Service (GS) that fishermen are to benefit
from EC$26,402.00 project.
The project which includes education and
trading, is to be finamed by STABEX
funds, grants given by the African,
The Advisory Council of eight men and
one voma became te Interim Govern-
ment atd that Government remained in
over until an elected Government took
over after fte CGeral Elections of
December 3rd 1984.

Between February 1985 and September
1986, Mr Brthvaite ~ld ehe post of
Ecuitve Advisor toPrim Minister
Herbert Blaie and, between February
and December of 1987, he a employed
in n ve~Ystmt promotion program
Jointly run by te Government of Gre-
ada ad the United States Agency for
International Development,
I invited
Mr Brathaite told NEWSLETTER
Itha since the Interim Government vas
dissolved, he as been invited, at
different times, to join three political
parties in Grenadm T are the
Grenada United Labour Party (GULP)
of Sir Eric Ga, the New National
Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Blaie~
and the Nationl Democratic Congress
(NDC) vhich vas then led by Mr George
At the NDC Convention lat January, Mr
Brian stood down as Political Leader
and Mr Brathwaite was unanimously
elected to that post.
f t.i,^ ^n^^

Page 12 Saturday 15th April 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

Nrws SMO#TS Prom prem i I

Caribbean and PacificEuropean EcoFomic
Community (ACPIEEC) to compensate
ACP countries for loss in export earns
resulting from fluctuating international
market conditions.

Mr John said the project also includes
construction of boat hauling ad ramping
facilities, provision of transport for use in
the Fisheries Division Extension Pro-
gratmm, data storage ad process
equipment for the Fisheries Division and
construction of walk-in freezer room.

A special phase of the project is con-
struction of a "seaquarium on Grenada's
south cost The se iuaiium is to be
constructed at Woburn, utilising the large
piles of lambie (coach) shells in that area.

According to GIS, "vells and display areas"
are to be contnrted to contain "live fish
and otter marine facilities", the sequarium
serving as a base for marim biologists to
conduct research,

Bookea Por School Of Nurain

Mr Graem Roberts, Resident British High
Commission Representative, hs presented
a pwa ge of 140 books valued at EC$2, 500
to the Grenada School of Nursing.

Making te presentation on April 4th, Mr
Roberts said his Governmenmt is involved
in several aspects of the Health Service in

This include funds for the wv medical
varehuse at the Mt Gay Psyciatric Com-
plex, a a a Health Clinic m Grenada's sister
island of Carriacou

Additioally, Mr Roberts said, a reseta-
cp and ancillary equipment valued at
EC25,000, and a fully equipped ambulance
are already on their vay to the island.

Two EEC Projects For OECS

According to a release from the Resident
Advisor of the Delegation Of The Comm-
ission Of The European Communities in
Greada, Mr Yannis Calogirou the Euro-
pean Economic Community (EEC) is to
fund two projects in the Organisation Of
East Caribbean States (OECS).

An Agreement in this connection vas signed
on January 25th last afd funding allocated is
EC 13.7 million.

One project is the establishment of an
Eastern Caribbean States Export Develop-
ment Agency which vill be responsible for
impl eenttion of the OECS's strategy to
increase the level ad range of exports.

Staff is to be provided for the Agency
together with ecical assistae and rain-
ing. A Market Developmant programme
is to be initiated, also an Exporter Develop-
ment programme and an Entrereneur
Development program.

The other project is introduction of an
Auomated System Of Customs Data. Under
this project, EEC vill finance the
installation of mini-computers and associat-
ed facilities for the Customs Services of
each of tte OECS States.

EEC vill finance the necessary computer
hardware, software development for
statistical purposes, with technical assist
and training orkshops.


15th April 1989

Priued & Published By The Proprieors
Aliaer & Cynthia Heghes. Jewralists
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