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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grensad


Volume 17

iP To3T A T'7

Saturday lst April 1980' W. I i r Number
-- B1 ,0 r
AND,^,^ ;-^^


ITlwe Is no rw Mnosity bretwW them the

proMem Stes omdy ti t they do not see eye
to eye on "thi way fornwrd'.

J ical Leader of tse rulir- New
i National Party (NNP) said in an
!nterviev with NEWSLETTEP on April
i tsi that relations between himself tan. Prin
Minister Herbert Biaize, vhich deteriorate.
i after the party convention in January, are
inQv muh better.
ILt Owteskic
"Last week was my happiest eek",
Mitchell said, "and I am "ery optimistic
itiat NP vill now move forward in Ini.ty
i and confidence".


S , ,

DrKeIth ntchel
iNP Politicol Leader
Dr Mitchell defeated MrI SIte in a freight
fi ght for the post of Political LeA er, at trhe
party's annual Convention Since ten.Dr
SMitchel has said openly that there 1at t en
considerable disagreement between hin aMnd
the Prime Miniter arnd he arotued Mr

Herbert A Bletze
i i _


blaite of being angry over his defeat,
Indrcation of tatangetr, Dr Mitchell said, is
in the fact that, jst tvo days after the



s Dliisze And Mitchell Closer
To Agreement.................... I
*Swedish Consul Honoured....... 2
# Grenada Cleared On
Hunmn Rights .............. 3
GCNA Not Suffering .... ...... 4
* British Aid.......------ --........-- 5
*Sveden Presents Books......... 6
* West German Aid................. 7
4 Public Service Restcturing.. 8
I Ne s Shorts....................... 9




-~-I __







: i

I i
I t
I i
i I
! i
j j


Saturday ist April 1989

"Itjour work has
atwanys been
claracterised by great

effictnc, energy,
and 4 aicattoiw":


S ..i..... "."..

1~ ^^^^

o W$NtB tj. R

Executive D -'ctor of the Greanda
Employers' Federation and Con-
sul for Sweden to St C-eorges, Grenada, h
been presented with the insignia of a Mem-
ber First Class of the Swedish Royal Order
of the Polar Sar.
I Co erred
SThis hokSour was conferred on Mrs Smith in
jDecember 1988 by His Majesty King Carl
Gustaf VI of Sveden, ad presentation of
the insignia vas done by Ambassador to
Grenada, Lennart Klackenberg. at a
Ceremony m Grenada on March 29th.

At the presentation


Klckenberg said the award Iad bean made
in recognition of NMr Smith's "very
valuable services" sins her -apoointtrnt in
1980 as Hoaorary Coi~ mu f "r z ean,
SYour vork bas altvh s bea& efterised
by great efficiency, emrgy, interest and
dedtitton"', e- said, "and has consisted of
everything from asistiL g people on Swed-
ish sailm ships to ftelitzting the co-
operation between the two countries in the
health sector, to guiding m, as Ambass-
ador, through the intricacies of Greaadian
See AWARD Pg 3|

SConvention, and without consultation with
i Dr Mitchell as Political Leader, Mr Blaize
appointed Mr Ben Jones, Minister of
SAgriculture and Tourism, to be Deputy
SPrimu Ivhnister.

i"When ve are angry," Dr Mitcell said..
I"Uhe best of us do rxt ~ot in the most
statesranlike way. I told the Prime
Minister that, if he had asked re, I would
have agreed to Ben's appointment"

In the interview vith NEWSLETTER, Dr
Mitchell, who holds the portfolio of
iMinister of Works, stressed that the
,personal relationship between him ar Mr
SBlaise has always been good. There is no
Sanrmoity, he said, the problem lies only mi
That he and the Prime Minister do not see
eye to eye on "the way forward".

There have been continuing frank and opFen

talks between him and tis Prime Minister, i
Dr Mitchell said, and theSr is ~o much '
greater understanding -d resmant. I
Also, he and the Prirne Mi ister n-e agre-
ed on a "formula" for fixng the date of
election~ which must tals plae by March of
Dr Mitchell said there is agr-ammat
also that something must be done to
correct the public peraeptioa ofi
chaos and disunity withi ta- NNP.

He declined to disclose rtt hat "something-
to-be-do e" is but siid te ae tte. Prims
Minister are now nchx closer t.1 reaching",
agreement on "tbe w forvrtd" ad he |
believes NNP v illi soo b r il.cting a .much
better inage thn the o -a which developed
after the Coniwntionr


--- 1~ I

The Greanda Newsletter


IThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday ist April 1989 Page 3


(02 UMu A-M aIIl

Department of State reports that
Grenada's overall humanx rights
record remained good during 1988".

That report is con-
tained in a 1500
page "Country Re-
ports on Human
Rights Practices
For 1988" prepar-
ed by the Depart-
It covers 169
countries vorld
wide and was sub-
mitted, in January
1989, to the Com-
nuttee on Foreign
Relations of the
United States Sen-
ate and the Com-
mittee on- Foreign
Affairs of the Unit

to afford a fair put
lenr y appeal pro
former Peoples Rea
and Army officials c
'f MAuricie Bishop a

am : nc OF

lrsrnfl c: u I

47Prrn7(:u7 C:t

ed States House of.
IRepresentatives. t i

Referring to the Ijii.j '
right of a fair pub-
li trial, the Report says thi is provided for
'by Grenadian law and is observed in
practice. For capital crinms, the Courts
appoint lawyers vhen the azcwed eamrMt
pay for his defence, it says
"The government has taken parrticuar cre
AWARD Frm Pe 2
I According to an official d oc.ment the
'Order of the Polar Star vwas iraugtrated
as "a reward for services rendered by
i officials of the Civil Sevice, for
Scientific accomplishmrerts, for literarf,
Learned an useful works and for creat-
ton of no establishments of importance
Sto the nation"

ii Ambassador Klackentir~ vtio hm
I accompanied by his vife, arrived at
I Grenada on March h 7tk on an official
Visit and left on Friday March 3 lit.
j -^ Cj^SnS^^ ;

1 ^. ~I~.:::: :

unruly p- ners" it
wnrly pris ners", it

The kri
Founded 17tl
Msa BMoow
PoIage Paid By S
(ldand Pos

10 Isses
20 Isues
40 Issues,


About 20 Issues P

--- -

3lic trial, including a
cess, in the case of
lutionary Government
united of the murder
md 10 others on 19th
October 1983", the
Report says, "A
threennm er parwl
of Caribbean jurists
is currently hearing
the 3-count appeal,
vhich begin in
The Report refers
also to allegations
raised last Decem-
ber of beatings by
prison officials of
four of the persons
convicted of Bis-
hop's murder.
"Goverment offic-
tls maintared that
the prisons were
injured as a con-
sequence of prison
officials reasserting
discipline over the
See RIGHTS Page 5

b August 1973


la Advance
ecomd Clss Air Mail
Sla Grenada)

s.00 $ 43.00
7.0 $ 77.00
O.00 $146.00
'blished AdrJly


~ ------ =.,

Page 4 Saturday 1st April 1989 The Granada Newsletter

ilW NI

"lWe are not worried
about today.e .but we
are concertnd about
Sman of the Board of the Grenada
SCo-Operative Nutmeg Association
(GCNA) said in an interview vith NEWS-
LETTER on April Ist that GCNA sales
have not suffered because of low prices at
which Indonesian nutmegs are now being
g-old on the vorld market.

"Our long term contracts for 'souw d'
autmegi run far into the months
ahead', he said, "and ve have so
may commitments nov that, at this
time, we could not entertain any new
big orders'.

Early in March, GCNA received inform-
ation that th Indonesian Nutmeg Associa-
tiion (ASPIN), with whom GCNA has a
M marketing Co-operation Agreenant, wva
sellug nutmegs below agreed minimum.
Grenada and Indonesia, in a ratio of 25 to
75% respectively, supply the entire nuatme
needs of the world market and infornd
sources in London expressed the view then
that, with Indonesia under-cutting mimi-
imum prices, Grenada vould have to brng
its pries into line iin the near future or lose
vYilabie markets.

Mr James said, however, that, even after
SIndonesia dropped prices, GCNA sold 45
tons of 'sound' nutmegs to C.antia at
I1S$6,600 per ton and 15 ton of 'sound'
nutmegs plus 15 tons of a higher grade to
Argentina at US$6,600 and US$6 800 per
ton respectively.

Fifteen ton of a special grade of nutmegs
have been sold also to Brazil at a price in
eress ssf US$6,600 per ton, he said, the
quotations on all these sales being higher, in
every case, than the minimums stipulated in
Sthe Marketing Agreement.

Mr Janes said it is not yet clear hy the
IrdNonesm t cut their prices of nutmegs in
contrawvntion of the Agreaent but, since
the cuts vwre made, ASPIN has made
overall price increases of about 5% and it is
understood that further increases vill be

Circustances are sch that GCNA has
some tinm to "sort things out" vith ASPIN
tw said, and a GCNA/ASPIN meeting is i
being arranged for late in April.
"We are not worried about today", he said,
"we are covered by our sales contracts
which ru into 1990, but we are concerned
about tomorrow"

Another cornern of GCNA, Mr Janms said,
is he stocks of "defective" nutmgs which
the Association has on hand.

It is difficult to find a market for this grade
but there is equipment in Holland to convert
and upgrade defectivee' into 'recodition-
ed' nutmeg for which there is amarket he
said, and consideration is being given to
making use of that euipment.

Ttere devfiold, in the 19th century, in
some Caribbean countries, the theory of the
"diameter of society".

Respectable citizens were said to be on the
upper sidIe of this diaraetar while the
underworld occupied the lover side.

The neaning of the French Creole word for
diaamtern, "diaztre", (pronounced dee-am-
et) has Ichnged and deteriorated. To-day,
prmunred jam-st, it means a prostitute,


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday lst April 1989 Page 5

0@n1n UMW~4 -

ResidentRepreentativeof theBar-
S bado, bsed British Hh Co-
nmssion, sain m an mterv vith
NEWSLETTER on March 30th, that,
currently, the main British aid
to Grenada is a 5 million
Government to Govnmiet 0M

"This is an interest free loan,
he said. whichh is being

by Britain, Mr Roberts said, and he express-
ed the opinion that more of this money vill
be spent in 1989 than vas spent in previous

In any aid program spread
over a period of years, he said,
it take time to identify and
evaluate projects so that, in the
later years, much more is spent
annually than in the early

I -. '" P S Ii . . .
disbursed during the five wyear i .'- G r
period 1985 to 1990, ad Outside of the loan, Mr Roberts
vhich is repayable over 25 i saidBritain is to make a grant
years". i 'tl to Grenada of 1 million
i. poiuds for construction of a
This capital aid i applied. to a I lrorseme eRoerts Coast Guard base. Site of the
variety of projects identified -- base has already been identified
by the Grenada overment and approved in the "True Blue" area on Grenda's south
See BRITISH Page 6
.--- -- '"- -- -~- ':fl ,-


(and an
5 Computers are grand, they're lov
SThg're a blessing, a treat....wne
But when they go bad, they're a p
And until they get fixed, no work

Sometimes it's a fixing that's ee
SSometimes it's much more, take
SThat's just been our problem, we
We hope you'll forgive that this
tt^ft.rrrA^tlr^srjCrd'At e

RIGHTS From Page 3

Grenada's Constitution specifically pro-
hibits torture, the Report sa s, and there
vere no reported incidents of suh asn .

According to the Report, tis prisoners also
alleged they were dnie private irdepen-
Sdent medical eanminatts. Gvernant
Inserted that the prisoners received promtr
attention from Prison Doctora, sagy, anr
ultimately were examirrd by pruvat doc-

Freedom of the press is freely eercied, the
Report sas, and, during the last Carmval
season, antigovernment calypsos vere
beard regularly over the Goverment own-
ed and controlled Radio Grenada.

ely, they're swell,
n they're working we
lain end no fun.



Scan be done.

sg to do,
m a week, maybe two,
i're sorry to state, *
tisue's so late

cartfml of books imported in connection
with memorial services for former Prime
Miriter Maurice Bishop, it says.
Goverra4nt cited "national security" as the
grounds for seizure and, pending a final
decision, the books are in Police cutdy.
Welcomed o
"The present Goernment has welcomed
vi ts of several Human Rights Organ-
istior in the past, incltdin Amnesty
International", the Report say. In August
(1988) the Government participated in a
symposium on Human Rights coponsored
by the Caribbean Institute For The'
Promotion Of HumanRights (CARICARE)
ai _- Inter-American Commission on
Human Rights".
-.-- ..-. -. -.-- -. ...- ,:,, ...

Government seized four

Last October,


s~-d~C ~7.~ ~ 2i i


SPage 6 Sat rday 1.t April 19899 Th Greaada Newsletter :

Information on Swedishf H
institutions cmAt tabour "
marfst policies and i
Several ingredients that
charactertise tsfn ns a it
de ft Anmassaor
tnmOCIern SONiEtLy *fteart%1tctemberg

to Grenada, Mr Lennart Klacken-
berg, 58, on behalf of his Govern-
rent, has presented collection of tboks to
the Governmentand people of Grentda.

The presentation was made on March 28th
and, n an interview vith NEWSLETTER,
Ambassador Klackenberg said the

collection numbers somn 100 books of
Swedish literature.

"They covr i.Yorr0.tin on Swedish
instItiC &o Z ax: 1o)'j rar'et policies", he
said. "ara m ,,ral ingredients that
cinrat eriss Seden sa modern society".
Sima BOOKS PugO 7

BRITISH From Page 5

coast and Mr Roberts disclosed that, in
Addition to a dock and xrrim e vorks, tihe
!base will include living quarters for the
SCoast Guard officers and ratings.

In addition to tho area of aid,
there are fours heads under vhich
grants are made to Grenada, Mr Rob-
erts said .
One is the "Technical Co-operaton &
Training Programme* of which the annual
allocation is EC$450,000 and -nother is the
'"Training Programme" vbich is worth
EC$220,000 annually.

Under the "Book Pretentation Pro-
gramme", EC$20,000 is allocated annually
for the assistance of schools and otber
iorgasations and the fourth Head is the
!"Heads of Mission Gift Scherme. Under
This Schee, a variety of small gifts are
Made to needy, deserving organisatiois.

Mr Roberts said that under the five-year
loan, an annual amount of EC$400,000 bs
been allocated for community development,
'Vycatiotal training and income generatngS

projects. In this tconvaction, the British
Development Division mi co.-opeation vithi
Canaditan Uniwrsities Service Overseas
(CUSO), sponsored a "Women's Career

This Far v, -pensd on MIrch 28th, ran
until IMtrch 31st and was designed to give
youn, waisn a si isict into job opportuni-
ties m ncn-traditinal areas.
Under the Capital Aid Scheme (oan) two
school bties valued at EC$125,000, and an
ambuthn e costing E.C$65,000 are being
supplied for use in Gvreal's sister island of

Further aid has been a grant of over
EC$520,0S for t*a genwal upgrad-
ing of the fciiities of the Grenada
National CoUege, ifAuding provis-
ion of a Staff Common Room and
Students Centre.

Mr Roberts said he hs no doubt thim when n
the current five year oan scheme expires, a
new loan .agr-rfmt nill be signed.
. _ _. _- ............... .. . ........ ... |

- ----

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 1st April 1989 Pags 7

u IS I T

"West GeVman wit become a fulf member of the
carfbbean Development bankf sometime later
this year"
of the Federal Republic of
Germa te Mr Jelahim R Vogel, "That Embassy has been particularly
i presented the Grenada GovearnU, on sinteres in development of Grnada", he
March 29th with a grant of some sad, "and the Minstry of Social Services
EC$75,000 vhich will finance four rev ha been working feverishly, over the last
projectsemploying47 young ,ople, tro nrs, wvih the aistane of the West
Gerran Embasy on a number of micro
Accepting the grant, Minister of Education projects".
Mr George MeGuire said that, over the past
two or three years, a special relatiorahtp has Eiran acting some of the projects, the
developed between the Govermant of Ore- AMiniter said they include drainage in a
nada and the West Germany Emrbasy in see AID Page 8


SReceiving the gift on behalf f t* Govern-
nment, Minister of Education, Mr Oeorg
McGuire, said this are changing in
Grenda in that many friendly countries are
nov seeking ways in hch to cooperate
vith Grenada. The gift of books from
Svedenr he said, is a healthy sgnthat the
I trend has reached to the "far distant corners
of Europe".
" That the Govrnment of Sweden has
sent their best Ambassador to estab-
lish a very firm relationship vith
us, be said, "is somthng we feel
very heartened about'
Mr McGuire said the tboks received vill
Ig 'e Oreadian a clear pi~tre of vhat
makes the Svedes "tick", and he 'fped that,
Ssorme day, through music and culture, oe-
Ithing of Greada's charxctritics can be
shovnto the Svedes,
Ambassador Klkacenberg told the Minster
that a Library System is w3ry irijornant to
the development of a county and, in Swe-
den, in the 19t century, libraries built by
trade unions, political parties and religious
organizations helped vry much to educate

the people and create amoderncountry.
He does not haw full knowledge of Gre-
nda's LibrarySystem, he said, but Grenada
and Sweden probably share the same ambit-
ions and objectives for giving the public
access to culture, science and general in-
formatio, which is basic in the Human
Right of freedom of expression.
Presentation of the collection of Svedish
lihrature should not be looked upon as
idmcatiUr a belief that the Svedish race is important than any other, the
Ambassador said, but as a mow toward
creating an even better relationship than
W'r ex~st between Grenada and Sweden.
"I look forward to seeing knowledge
about Grenadian and Caribbean cul-
ture, including Caribbean literature,
spread in Sweden', he said.
Ambarsador Klackenberg arrived at
Grerada on March 27th and was in the
isiaid ntiml March 31st as part of his annual
official visit to Caribbean countries to
which he is accredited.
.. .. .......

Papge Saturday 1st April 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

'rED .3KO C..


Blaise said on March 22nd that, vwh
his New National Party (NNP)
Government came to pover in 1984, it
found a Public Service defiient in many
"We found many persons who were in the
Service had never even seen the finmanc
and store rules", he said 0.......s, b theyi
managed to perform vas a mirale in itsef",

Mr Blaize's remarks vere made as he
deli-ered the opening address at a meeting
called to present to a cross section of the
~ommnity, some 50 persons, plans being
implementd. for reconstruction of the Pub-
lihe Service.

Goveriuent should be run as efficiency as
a business it is to succeed, the Prime
Minister said, and this aim vas being

I- ---- -a----

AID From Page 7
suburb of St George, equipment to the
National Library repairs t toilet facility
in St Gergs, rebuilding a young offenders
centre at Richmond Hill Prisons, instit-
utional support for a community entre and
rebuilding of a sub-post office,
West Germany has been respomible aso for
a scholarship programme which has already
benefited many Grenadians, Mr Meure
said, and more young people ill tae advan-
tag of that programme this year,
{As part of this programme, he said, there
Shave been offers of scholarships in sports
administration, sports medicine and sports
1 psychology, and they ill be taken advan-
itage of as it is essential to hav tried
coaches if renadais to progress insprts

Ambassador Vogel said his courmtry vas
happy to contribute to the rebuilding or
Grenada after the "traumatic e periens
you had a ganber of years ago".
"You may not be aware that our major
contribution is handled through regional
institutions", he said.

These institutions include the Eur~opa
Economic Commuity which has several
projects in operation in Grenada to which
Wet Germany's contribution is the largest,
the Ambassador said.

He disclosed also that West Germany is
financing tvo substantial programnes in
the Orgaisation of East Caribben States
S(OECS). One is a study of natural resources

in OECS countries and the other, in co-
.peration ith the World Bank, aims at
improvng vocational training.

"West, Germny vill become a ful member
of the Caribbeas Development Bank
sometime later this yer", the Ambassador
said, "which means that we vill contribute
siubtanUaly to the Bank's capital and also to
the Bank' Special Fund"

Grenaa vill benefit through all these
regional channels, he said, and, as far as bi-
lateral aid is concerned, he is pleased that
tfe "Micro Project Scheme, designed to
splsort self-help groups, has beenestended
to Grenada.

The four new projects financed by West
Germany are marxfacture of clay roofing
tiles, mranufture of candles, handicraft
rmanfatre and development of poultry
Ambassador Vogel said Grenada vill be
included on the itiniary of a West German
Parlianentary delegation expected to visit
the Caribb-ean in iM In addition to
Grenada, h said, at delegation vill
probably go also to Artigua, Barbados and
Guyaa, te purpose being to get fn-st-and
irnfrmsaon about these countries.
Guyana is especially important, e said,
because bi-lateral aid to that country, vhich
wa terminated a number of years ago, is
about to the restmed on a substantial cale.
.^.A. .,^ .y^ ..^ .. Jg ^i ^

SThe Grenada Newletter Saturday 1st April 1989 Page 9

No Retreahmen t In 1989 Senator Joseph's statement as made in
reply to a question by Opposition Senator
SLeader of Government Business in the Albert Forsythe who also anted to know
Senate, Mr Laree Joseph, tod a Senate vtether Civil Servants will receive pay
meeting on March 20th that Covernment increases this year.
will not continue its Retrenchment Pro-
gramme in 1989. With reference to pay increases, Senator
gi Joseph said this vill depend on the outcome
i This programme was undertaken to reduce of negtiations with the relevant Trade i
the Government payroll by retrenhing Umons nd on the report of the Salaries
S8 Civil Srats Revie Commssion.
IlO civil S~ervans ggSee NEWS SHOR.TS Page 10

defeated by the fact that Putbic Service
salaries vere at the unacceptable high level
of 55% and 60% of Covernment's revenue.

STo correct this, he said, a retrenchment pro-
gramme affecting 1,800 persons vas under-
taken. That programme cot Government a
great deal of money, the Prme Minister
said, it did not achieve its full objective ami
it has nov been abandoned as Goverment
has embarked on a nev course of action on
i advice of aPersonal & Manpower Manae-
r nent Team (PMMT) led by British ex~erts.

"We had to seek assistance of the British
Development Division to give us experts in
management to put our structure together
he said, n th at the end of the day, ve
vill have a team of people vbo vill give
service at the level satisfatoryt t the coun-
SMr Graeme Roberts, Resident British High
Commission Reprsentative, said the
PMMT programme of Public Service re-
I truturing had been undertaken as a result
of an Organisation & Methods (0 & M)
survey the British Government funded in

A Director of Personnel, a Head of Staff
Development and Training, and a Head of
Management Services were appointed by
the British Government, he said, and be
expressed the opinion that, to have these
Three expatriate officers in key executive
l positions in the Public Service, indicates the
Iseriousss the Grenada Government
a teaches to addressing problems exposed by
the O & M survey.

Mr Roberts wared, however, that I
-',Grnment must appoint at the earliest
opportunity, suitable local officers as
counterparts to the British expatriate
officers so they can be trained to carry on
when the expatriates leave.

Members of the PMMT outlined objectives
of the ;rogramme whichare to improve the i
efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the
Public Service, The Team is crged also I
vith modernising existing attitudes and
approaches to personnel mn ment staff
development and training within the Public

According to spokesman for the Team, the
expatriate officers vill recruit and train a
team of Crenadian officers to take over the
work, thUs sustaining the development of
overall Public Service efficiency.

n hi s address, Mr Roberts disclosed that
British capital aid to Grewda, directed
mainly to infrastu tural and educational
development, is now about EC$5 million
per year and may be increased in 1990.

Tte Technical Co-operation and Training
Prograimne is separate and is about EC$2
millic:r per year, he said, the training
element covering scholarships both in the
Umted Kingdom and regionally,

in connection with technical co-operation,
he said, in addition t the PMMT, tre is an
Architectural Advisor in the Ministry of!
Works, two Educationsl Planners, an expert
in Land Surveying a Director of Audit.

Page 10 Saturday Ist April 1989 The Grenada Newvletter



SAccording to the Govenment Information
Service (GIS), the Ambssador-Designate
of the Republic of Egypt, Mr Ahmed Fouad
Ardel Hai, 56, is scheduled to arrive in
Grenada on April 2ndra or a four day isit

Mr Hai vill present his credentials to
Governor General Sir Paul Scoon on April
2nd and, on the following day, vill pay a
courtesy call on Prime Minister Herbert

i He will see also Deputy Prime Miniter and
Minister for External Affairs, Agriculture
and Tourism, Mr Ben J ores.

The Ambassaor-Designate is scheduled
also to pay courtesy calls onthe Dean of the
Diplomatic Corps, Ambassdor of the
Republic of Vereuela to Grenada, Mr
Efran Silva, U.S. Charge d'Affares, Mr
Ford Cooper and the Resident British
Represeatiw, Mr Graene Roberts.
SMr Hai, vho joied the Foreign Service in
S1971, and who is Assistant for Adminis-
Itratiw & Financial Affairs to the Minister
for Foreign Affairs, holds a Bachelor's
degree in Military Science.

The Barbados based C dian High
Commissioner to Grenada Mr Art Wrigt,
held discussions on March 30th vith
Minister of Works & Public utilities, Dr
Keith Mitchell.

Discussions centered on funding for vater
projects throughout the island and included
plans for provision of pumps for bore hole
systems in se:iral areas.

Before returning to Barbados on March
31st Mr Wright paid courtesy calls on
Gov-erxr General Sir Paul Scoon and
Prime Minister Herbert Blaize.

The High Commissioer also visited the
Dean of the Diplomatic Corp% Vee~Y lan
Ambassador to Gre~ad Mr Efrain Silva,
U.S.Charge d'Affaires Mr Ford Cooper and
the Resident British Representative, Mr
Grawme Roberts.

According o o th Govrnment Information
Service (GIS), Mr Wright nmtalso ith Mr
Nicholas Brathxate, Political Leader of the
National Democratic Congress ad Mr
Geore Brizan, Leader of the Opposition in
the House of Representatives.

Aliter Hughes

Cynthia Hughes

April Ist 1989

Printed & Published By The Proprietors
Aliser & Cynthia Hghes, Journalists
Of Scot Street, St Georges,Greaada. Westindies
(P.O.Box 65: Phone (809] 440 2538: Cables HUSON, Grenada)

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