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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The trenas

FaTPdA-"': :":T. CG/DA.

- K


itre 17 Saturday 11th February 1989 Numbe

*.., .oIW


'"ke are wn Longer the subjects o t u rule"
I sary of indep ner-ce, n Febr-iary 7th, was overshabsdoved by the obviously
1 inc reading infirmity <:f Pr im- MinN.isr Herbert z;aize.

! /
IFor the first time j -
Ssince his New Nation-
!a Party Government .
icaMime to pover in
984c Mr Blaize was
l, dIble to ascend the I
Fifteen or twenty steps
,to the special V IP
pavilion at Qj enr's
i Park where the tradit- 1
ional military parade i
I as held.
S Platform
. small platform,
large enough to
t omodae hif m
7ith his wife and
three or four other
Persons, wvas placed a Prime ini
- the foot c-f the stairs at
! the front of thae pavilionti. t ebe; t- 1 wa!
?o nuchfor tbh Prirri. c fi ster

i The height of that platform as somn e or
j10 inches above ground level but Mr Blaie
wvas unable to manage that step up ad he
. had to be seated on a chair .at ground level
in front of the platform.

Rising from that chair, or beirn sated. Mr
fBlaize had to be assisted, as he lha to be
iwhep entering or leamung his car '., S
security muar4d -dtiheretaking- t task of
lifting and morning the P-iae. MirMistr's
I r r

i it was significant also that for the first time

.. -I observers could rermem-
ber, Mr Blaize did not
speak extemporaneously
S but read his speech.

In that speech, the Prime
Minister stressed that the
truce reariangof indepen-
Sdence is not having the
symbols of a national
Sflag and anthem.
"Independence gives us a
national identity., he.
said. "e are no longer
the subjects of a colonial
rule, it mrears we are
[srt>ert nBlaie ow/ on our own to make I
.. ..... our own decisiorc arnd
sfat-lio ur owrovn destiny".
: Greniada Celebrates 15th
I- epeadence Ammiversary -... 1
*NDC Holds Conention............ 3
Mitchell Has Mied Feelings..... 5
SDefence Challenge Jurisdiction i
Of Court............................

Geest Chairman Optimistic
S About 1992 ..................... 11
S*Rotary Dontes Polio Vaccine.. 12
*HMS "Avenger" Visits............ 13
|*Nevs Shorts......................... 14

v -- -------

~5l~ti~l~b~YW~WBB~B~7~ 1


i Pag 2 Saturday 1 lth February 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter

Snd endence gives Grenadians the right to
Snoose their ovn leaders, Mr Blaze said, to
Sormr a govern nment by themselves, to make
ll.eir own iaws, to choose their ovn friends
i'aid defend their interests.

The Prime Minister said the rights which
3renadiarin have acquired by independrAerc
-aso plA) ie on them certain grave_ respon-
iibi tie~: He regretted, however, that ftere
are too many Grenadians ho dod not accept
Their responsibilities to contribute toward .
I the success ad advancement of toher

" Society is no different from the
individual in many respects-., Mr
Blaize said. "The person vho lives a
life like a parasite or vho is a
Sperpetual beggar does not control his
destiny. A nation that lives on hand-
on:ts cannot be truly indepen entj
The old pledge (sic) is true for the
izndividual as it is true for the nation,
"'He vho pays the piper calls the
Itune' "

- inaidiams must ensure, he said, that they

STh Prirme MirAster said thtt, inf the eierercse
o, thoa'se rights, Grena4di-ians should eavays
jb g-idd 2 the Biblicalz ey&,rtation, "In all
t:y ways acknowledge Him and He shall
drirec ypaths".

jA unit from H M S "Avener" .took part in
h mi 'tary parade which comprised th.
iRoyal GrePnaa Police Force, Special
Services Utit, Co.ast Guaard :Lnd Prison


There were also detachments of Scouts,
Guides, St Johns Ambulance Brigade and.

Ani attractive feature of the parade wva a fly
past by a hbetiopter from the "Avenger",
tho arc'raft training the national flag of1
Grenada and the White Ensign.

There w-s an innovation, too, in the form of
a public pledge to the nation. For this,
Governor General Sir Paul Scoon, Chief
Justice Sir Samuel Graham, Mr Pen Jones
Delpuity Prime Minister (representing Prime
Minister Biaize) anid Mr George Brizan,
Leader of The Opposition, stood infrorA of a
flagpole bearYing the national flag.
The-ra ..s. then a 21 g-,usaIute followed by
th fo"i.wmg pledge recited by those
persons standing before the flag and by the
cro d of sonme 2, 500 persons:-

I pledge allegiance to my flag
and to the Country for which
it stands, with Liberty, Justice
and Equality for all-
I pledge al~; that I shall defend
and uphold the Honour, the
Dignity,the Lavs and Institutions
of my Country.

A ciltiural disptla of song and. dance was
presented adi, in keeping with a practice
introduced in 1988, national awards vere
given to persomt judged to be "most
outstanding" in h individual fields

Recipients Of National Awards 1989

Mfani.fact.uring Com.painy
Policepor T -ii1
Public Worker
Volm-tary So..cial Whrrker

Vermsc Barn
Joan Duzcan
Elizabeth Gordon
TJunior Mi.'ray
Janice Celestiner
Desmond Martin
Ian Bobb
Joh' PTeter
jN'eckes Rougier
Velma Alexander
LL arndhanny
Mi'ilton Victor
Bettv Mascoll

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11th February 1989 Page 3

tfriiwateT wted Poiticoc Lecder

I al Democratic Congress (NDC)
has elected Mr' Nicholdas
IBrathwaite to the post of P:,i;:', r.eer ot
the party.

The election wzsw dons bvy
Sorne 400 delegates at t he
iDC convention on
ary 29th and 30th when Mr !
SBrathwaite was elected u n-
opposed to replace Mr I
iGeorge Brizan who h.
Shield the post since NDCI t s, 'c eD
Launched on October 1 th I
'b987. i '
SThis change in NDC | i -
leadership has nt cornme a i
Surprise. Since October
Slt. there have be~.nreports
,Ti. t Mr Brizan was vliiing Mr Nichola
i to step down in favour of
M,.r Brathwaite who, at that ti-, fra. beenI
maninirusl selected fby the NDC
Sto head the party.

iMvr Brat 'aite, 62. was CGr edat Chief
SEducaton Officer in 197 when he lUft the
Sisland to accept appoinrtmert. a Direc-tr o~
the Guyana Di7vision of t-he COSr:3ni nvealth
Sr.,uth Prograrnme.

iFoiloving the military intervention of
1i983, he accepted an invitati:in from
SGovernor General Sir Paul Scocn to head
,th Interim Government, and Mr
IBrathvaise held that position tuni
'[ercember 1984 when General Elections
I were held.
SAddressing the Conventi.oi after his
election, Mr Bratrwaite *rged delegates- to
.tell Grenadiaris that the "day.s of deceit" Ib
I kO.ternment will soon be ver ard. the
i electorate can no longer boi eight with
Sfood and drink.

'"Go forth and tell them th-t the period of


cored beef, biscuits and rum vill soon be
over,'. he said, "and vill be replaced by, orunjmitent and dedicated service"

The new Political Leader gave details of the
NDC economic plan for
Grenada and said one. of the
First acts of an MDC
SGovernmlent vill be to
y: remove the 5% Value
Added Tax paid by small
-,,, *shopkeepers.

His Govern ent, he said,
w, would, upon taking office,
F; immediately undertake a
S review of Governrmernt's
f/ fista policy. Tat review,
he said, will be undertaken
. ... -by a team of representatives
from the private secwrr, the
iratihwiaite commodity boards (Nut-
-- meg Association. Cocoa
Association. and ,Eanana Society)f farmers'
oaarsatorios, organised labour and person-
nel dra-n from the Caribbean.

Acc,:,rding to Mr Brathwzaite, the team Vill
Ne ;aked to make recormeanlatics based
See MDC Page 4

The Cnnvsdsc__

Founded 17th Augmst 1973
389th Issue
Subscription Rates
Payable In.Advlvace
Posage Paid By Secoad Class Ai Mail
(Inland Post In Grenada)
EC$_ us$.

10 Issues
20 Issues
40 Issues


SAbout 20 Issaes Published

$ 43.00
$ 77.00



Saturday 1 th February 1989

yi'C oJ- k Page 3
--.n ith~~ cnrina that a fiscal policy shm~. be
S,, _,?., equitable -aid. efficient.

i Te teaum .-'ul be asked, he said, to consider
ne..l Pias which should be taken t.o achefv. a
Sba:danced budget with -special e refeFr' to
te Buziazssz Levy, Stamp Duty on receipts
,'. bils, the granting of tconessio-ns to
r, .al i. proving the rsachiarirry
i venue collection

;Mr Brathvaite earned delegates that
INDC's opponents vill try to frighten
Sthe population by suggesting that an
N.OC Government will re-introduce
persona. income tax.

["Tht NDC vilI not take inflexible
positions on a measure vhich vitally
i affects the lives of all of uss", he said.
i!th reference to policies of the ruling 14e7
i.oi.m.iv "ty (NNP) Government con-
Icernig agricutaure, tourism ad Inauiu-
f :turtin;:, Mr Brathwaite said tihY are
based on policies developed by the terim

i 1
Mri Brathwaite charged that the 4lNP.
IGovernIurnt fails to debate imrnpr-int
measures in Parliamnent, fails to publish
niportar ntills to ensure there is public
S-ommetr or" th m, rushes important. etqil
j,->gh Prl*ament at one sittin-, id ies
Parlia nmnt as its ov, private preserve.

I"(A NDC Go',_wrnmern vill publii:sh "ite
Papers for public comment on all important
rreasireps before they .are di--et in
;ri a'i:rent", he said, 'and vill never n-h
si ch Bills through all their st-es a'. ,,e

S4th r-ference to G'renadas ln6 tevi-si -
stat..n, Mr Brathwaits indicated t:hat :n
i NDC 'Gornmnt .would nd the uncertainl-
Jy as to the station's present siaus
aind as to it: future.

"Channelr 11 TV" wa set up by a Unrte
'Stat-es based non-profit org,;asation,
Discov ery Foundation, but it is not' cear"
W rio is the owner of the station an there ha
e. considerable disagreement -beteen tlhe
Foundation and Go.ver.Lrnnrt as to its fte
-d &L NDC G, :.,-ernmn1 -

would turn Channel 11 TV into a company
viath shares offered to the public.

Within six months of taking office,
Mr Brathvaite said, the HDC vould
convert the state voned Radio
Grenada, (nov run as a Government
Department in the Prime Minister's
Ministry of Information) into a Statu-
tory Body.

Radio Grenada vould function under
a Board of representatives from
various ogamsations and there vould
he a clear mandate to provide radio
time weekly for the use of the Leader
of the Opposition.

"The free flow of information vill
prepare the people to meaningfully!
parXticipate in the decision making',
he said.

Mr Brathtw.aite alsa pro.msed that, once the
NDC ha- a .ssum-ed the reins of Government,
an office -id sec ret*aryv ill be provided for
the Leader of the Opposition.
Prime Miir.-te ,Blize has ustil 2~th March
19>0 to s-d1 the nezt Geweral Electios but it
is -idely beievad tat Greniaians wil go to
the pl mau:h e-ar lier and probably by the
mi.dlie of this yeari

The NDC 'Politicd Leader varned delegates
t, be vn tie l;k o.ut for persons who will
be prepa-red t spend large sums ofr money
-n the elections mI the hope of putting in a
-..,',ernentr. %vich will give them casino

"I hiav- am iU-EC feeling that some shady
c-a ....ter. i.. U b aing in the vis to
..a if their birds co.e to over" Mr

Grada is: nor for sale, eIe said, ard an NDC
Go-rrInent i: never allow cas inoS in the I
island to' "ma' e junbies of our omung

iDC is cU:fmmfitted to develop the society
b;se on Christian values, he said, and easv
edat will never be be te basis of ay action
taken bT an NDC G.rvernment.

1"We say wo t fraud at corru tifon nr t%)
Qal'Se N .C I

The Grenada Nevsletter

-~- ~----



The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11th February 1989 Page 5

"in ,

PC im fliiister

a hppy experience"

-1 U 1Minister of Coimmunications &.
Works, who, in a straiAht
i -M election fight at the New
Natonral Party's (NNP) Convenuo on, n 21st
aIrd 22rn January, defeated Prime tMiniser
DBlaize for the post of PoliticTa Lead=r, has
accepted his victory vith nia-ed ero'tions.

Speaking at at pubic rr'setirg e:n Jamary
.2d, vintrding up the two j.da:y iCoi.nvntion,,
iDr Mitchell said the change over .of o[iiicar
leadership had not come tWe way he hadI
wanted it.
.Zplaining this in an intervie'r rith
INEWSLETTER, Dr Mitchell said he had
ntot four the contest vith Mr Blaize to be
t 5Wti 1g.

"Watching the PriIe Minister go dcvwn inr
defeat has Wmt been -a happy esperierne", he

Dr Mhitcheli said that, assessing ithe mood of
Sthe Party, Mr Blaize wo;ld have been better
i advised to have stepped. dov r from the post.
1He had attempted to indicate t-is to. the
I&Primne hMinister but, because he h(hItchell)
'la_ a caaid.ate for the p-'st, he foi:md
ilmrsself ina "unfortunate pition"
SNDC From Paget 4
t the underworld d an emphatic icx: to
,drugE", Mr Brathvaite zait. "17 say
II yes to hard work, yes 1coreitg inpst-
or and to uists, and a resoulrdfng yes to'
preserving Grenada as the Supce Isle of
the West".
gII: ja~aHu~aM-m JZy^fMJJJ.^w^u'M^.wL^.-.J.A'

Lon ymaz

As f"r as the post of Prime Mirister is
concerned., Dr Mitchell said, he sees a clear
diistirc.-cn between htb Party and the
G3vermrfrent. and has nc intention of being
Prtmui tMiraster before the next General
Elec oios.

"Prime Minister Blaiue vill have my
abs-.lute support in the process of preparing
the Party" he said, "ith e Government
helping the Party in preparation for the next
General Elections."
The Trm- Political Leader said NNP will
rno- be invo i n mi xh' more pohtical
act-ity rith the Party communating more
d.irectv vith the. rank atd file and the
population generallyy.

Dr Mitchell, who has openly complained
that Mr BlaiZe's "style of goverrarnent"
lacked consultation and communication,
said there vill now be much greater
relatiocnsup between the Party and the

"But if people are looking for substantive
:hanfgs in terns of personnel or the party
diA,-g thing with its opponents", he said.,
"yo will rnot see anything like this because I
believe there is need for responsible critical
opposition eveninside the party"
ee rMITCHELL Pge 6

,'. r eith Mitche'"


SPage 6 Saturday 1 Ith February 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

MITCHELL From Page 5
Prime Minister Blaize played a major role
over the past four years in bringing back
I political freedom and freedom of express-
ion to Grenada, he said, and he 'ill follow
that path.

iDr ~miit.ted. that. the contest for
Political! Leadership had divided the
i Convention into factions, but he said NNP
ist ads for democracy and he intends to issue
a call for the closing of ranks. He believe_:
There wil. be a response to that call
i" I Imderstarnd some people felt strongly the
Prime Minister should have continued as
Political. Leader", he said, "an.. it is
Senc um-bent on me to do everything possible

to make them comfortable
rvithth e new thrust."

The new Political Leader said he
"expecI people to 'have doubts about
Keith Mitche4ll" which doubts tc-amfct be
eradicated overnight.

IOwr the past four years, he said, he was
Seen able Io calm some of these doubts, one
I being the charge that he is involved in the
Drug trade.

This charge, he said, was spread by Mr
SGeorge Brazan and Dr Francis Alais,
Political Leader and Deputy Political
SLeader respectively of the opposition
NNaL ,rCr Democratic Congress (1DC-).
People have realized, he said, that, had there
been any truth in the charge, it would hae
t tdready come to light and, this has created a
credibilty problem for the NDC
Oti-ier doubts were created. he said,
concerning ihis dealing, as Minister of Civil
Av.ation, ith Grenada Airways which
tolded and in connection with which there
i are reponr~s of corruption.

t public now realizes that, hat taiere been
substantial facts to support those reports,
"s-mebtody would have already corm out
Wvit& a gun".

There is also the charge that a concrete
i b,..: making machine vwas imported, duty
Free, through the Central Water C 'nui ss -

Sion and is now in the possession of and is
being used by. sore of Dr Mitchell's

"That is an operation my family numbers
have gone into" he said. "and the charge that
we used. Govnrnernt to pass the machinery
duty free has been proved absolutely false"

There was also a feeling that, as Minister of
Works, he would have used his connections
to get business for his relatives, Dr Mitchell
said, but nobody can prove this has happen-
The P.litical Leader said be is taking up his
new job with clean hards but br does not
S, want i any-
J ^^if'4^' 'body to be-

C2 "a saint so
.. ,, ,, / /,,At the

first time he make a
mistake thev say, "there


"None of us s born with clean buckles", he
said, "and I have my weaknesses. I hope and.
pray that Grenadians wili understand those
weaknesses and will help me to strengthen
myself so the nation will be stronger."
-- -------- -- ----------

The popub-F though illegal) gambling
gr-e of "Way-Way", played in Triridad,
has given the Grenadian vocabulary an
trtiJeresting expression.

In "Way-?av". a "Banker" sends Iis
"Runners" o ut to take bets on "Marks"
which have a variety of names including
"centipede", "rat" etc.

The Banker has secretly placed the name of
cie Mark in an envelope and sealed it and
-hen the RPrifiers return with the bets, the
errnelc$pe is opened or, in Way-vay isrms,
tle aiark is "buss" (burst) and those who
have btet on that IMark get paid.

So that, used in any situation, the expression
"When the mark buss", has come to mean,
when the moment of truth has arrived,
Twhen thing have come to a head.

- - - -

. i. ,/

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11 th February 1989 Page 7

y~ii~~n-ns~d~~n. 1^--^
n:. .:-?i~~niS


Minister in the Peoples Revolut-
ionary Government, Bernard
Coard, his rif: Phyllis, and
former General of the Peoples Revc.-
lutionary Army, Hudson Austin, are
Signatories to a letter which was read to he
ICourt of Appeal on January 23rd

I Tis sitting was the first since the death, on
23 th Decnmber last, of Preident of the
ICourt, Mr Justice J-.O.F. Hayries, azn the was devoted. to tribuitPs to Mr HRay es
by both Prosecution and Deferxe lawyers.

Ne.w- President of the. C ort is Sir Frederick
Smith and he sat with Justices Rsx McKay
Sand Time Kend.all, the former having sat
jvith Sir Frederick and. Mr Hayves up to the
(timre of Mr Hayries death, and the latter
i having nov been brought in to complete the
three-judge Court.
The letter the C'-out. s signed. by ail
Sseventeen of the person c.rnvicted of the
!ie:th of former Prirri-e biirster Mauria s
lBi -hop and vas addressed the President of
the Court.

IDuring t time in which thie codAermned
persons have had their appeal before the
Court, the letter says, it became itmistak-
i bly clear to them that President Haynes had
atttained a grasp of the law which w5 a "truly
t extraordinary in breadth and depth".

I"dWhile ozur cocerens about the m.ucon-
1ttlutiorality of the Court o'ter which he
it -I .
ipresided are vell known", tihe Letter says,
President Haynes was the kind of nian who
!,Eierated admiration in the he artm and eyes
.of rmen, transcending irediate c.d even
fundamental concerns".

k Referring to Haynes as a "ditng i.she d aind
errnent Caribbean jurist", the letter
suggests that fitiig epitzatifor him wo-uld
.e, "Here lies a marn ?orlh of hih praise
atnd en.ulatio-r'.

Tributes to the late President were paid by
the tre judges of the Court. Tributes
were paid also by Mr Karl Hudson-Phillips
Q.C, Mr Doodnauth Singh S.C., and
Director of Public Prosecutions, Mrs
Velma Hyiton Q.C. for the Prosecution.

Speakmg, for the Defence ware Mr lanI
rPamsay, Mr Howard Hamilton Q.C. and
Mr Clarence Hughes S.C.
Ail rfembers of the Deferce Team were
present except Mr A.J. Nicholson who was
a carudid.te for Mr Norman Marley's
Peopies National Party in the then upcom-
ing Jamtica Elections. January 23rd vas
nomination day in Jamaica and Mr
Nhcholson had to be present in Jamaica for

President Smith announced on
January 23rd that the present sitting
of the Court would run xrtil Ja nary
27th. Sittings after that, to
consider the Maurice Bishop Murder
Appeal, vill be 27th February to
LOth. March and 22nd May to 9th

There ill be two other "ordimnry" siatirg.
of the Court fromr29th March to 1st April,
anrd st May" to 6th May, when other appeal
matters will be heard.

The Greinaa Appeal Court las the
disavantagV e of not being a resident Court,
Sw APPEL. Pge 8

-~~-~- -~ ~ ---~

Page 8 Saturday 11th February 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter

APPEAL From Page 7
iSir Frederick said, and the three justicess
I had not bad an opportunity to discuss amorm a
't.hemrseves hov this appeal, which v
Started wonder the late President HayneS,
must be dealt vith now.

SThe Cro0rt adjourmnd early on Jan~xary 2?rd.
!to zacihtate the necessary discussiris arnd as
Ia mark of respect, to the late Presideent.
lHaynes, and vhen the sitting be,-ani on the
next day. Janu~t r24th, Defence arguments
took a completelyy new slant. eThe
Scons-ti tuton of the Court was challenged.
jAddressing the Court and making that
Ic 1halege, Leader of the Defence Tean, Mri
TI.n Ramsay, recou~Aed t-e taistory of .ie
Legislation relevant to the Appeal Court.

The Court nowi sitting has no jurisdiction to an appeal he said, and the result is a
."leg stalemate".
"The Court should recognize this lack in the
law", Mr Rarmsay said, "'an it should call on
Pa'liaanet either to eamt legislation
enabling the Court to proceed or set up a
Cotns-tiat tnail Court"

Mr Ranisay was supported in his arguments
by Defence Lawyers Mr Clarence Hughes
S.C. ;aid Mrs Jacqueline Samuels-Brown.

When t.he Court sat again on January 25th,
Defence lawyers Messrs Earl Witter and
Maurice TenM both addressed the Court on
the same point, arguing that, because of

l" la'!br in;Wi..... there vwa no pe
The a say br' re

.Court : TO be- s to sij
ig after the P Appeal cases.
Cowtitution was
suspended in 1979: Becaue of
by the Peoples Revolutionary Goernmen Defence said the present. Appeal Co
H(Pk'), ts rrmber 14 of 1979 he sad. That ni-t properly constituted and ha
law says ;thiat, "The Co Appeal shall tr. ar the appeal before i
|consist of three judges 0n homshall be
President" \ en Defence layer, Miss Norma L
I rose to put forward the same argue
Later in 1979, the PR G passed lar number President Smith indicated the feelings
8.3 vhich provides for a panel of 5 judg.Ies, Court.
two of whom, selected by the President Bo.e
shall form..n ith the President, the Court of "1 hope you can find something in
jAppeal. bone" he told Miss Linton, "beca
- . . .. '

certainly is dry right nov .

t on

is, the
urt is
s no

of the

use it

Later still, in 1983, the PRG passed a-ther
ilaw number 30 of 1983, replacing -3? of
S1979. That av, Mr Ramsay told the Co urt,
does not s;ay who must pick the judges tio
Sform the three-man Appeal Court
i"This Appeal Court is not properly
icf-rstitited. since no mechanism for dormgso
exists inder la number 30 of 1983", he
1 s-d, "that law having repe.aled the
iec.hanismrn for constitution set out in
number 43 of 1979 ard. substituted. none to
replace it"

Mr Rawsay told. the Court there is r pover
tiider ite law for anyone to say which
judges are to sit as the Appeal Court, and
any selection made in the present
circumstances is "merely by whim"

Before the Court rose, Sir Frederick said he
and. fis brother did. not accept the
Deter.e argiimen.s that the not
properly constituted arnd ias no jurisdiction.

As President of thk- Court, he said, he did
nott. need legislation to tell him that, if he
ordered a sittngi of the Court, he must select
Judges to si t ith rhim.

The Court holds the viev, Sir Frederick
s-aid, that it> rsroperly constitute and the
only point to bs decided vas what
proejmures stvuld. be followed for a re-
hearing, rmade riacessary by the death of Mr
ee APPAL. Page 9

- ----- --------

1 The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 11th February 1989 Page 9 I
APPEAL From Pare 8

In spite of the President's statement, when
i the Court at again n January- 26th the
Drefene attempted to conttmue the
arg-uments against the constitutionality of
i the Court.

For this, Defence barristers Messrs
Harrison and Maurice Frankscn were
rebuked by the Court for repetitior of
argumentss already put forward.

IMr Justice McKay tooA a firm line with Mvir
iFrainksoen when the Defence Coise
Sattmpted to repeat arguntA2 .hic h -ha
SWeen put forward by several rimer&.sr-. of the
'Defence teasm.
"Let us be frank vith you Mr Frankso "
he said, sometimes, itIs better t. sit thal
be asked to sit".

President Smith said the Court would not sit
to hear the same point belaboured over ad.
over again. And he dismissed an
.argument made try Mr Harrison that, from
the vrry begirnmg of the isarings which
started in April last be-for the late h r
Justice Haynes, the Coru-t 1.had ad.
i jurisdictions t.o hear the BishoMp appe'ai.

IMr Justice Rex MC ay 1

i"When you "g' :n i.e thi. h: told .Mr
mHri-Son, "people -ill always ass?'ae that
u :-..-,: .-

Syouare wasting time aand c!raggmig it onl

The final day7 of this orze-zieek %itunEf vas
Friday January 27th aid, befre thM Curt
adjourned until February 27th, Pr sien
mith reed again the ar mit of th
o sj:-tim~Re~ ; c W12dag1 i "

I I-,-th rejected a n the ar--,-,, 4:e the

Defence and ruled that the Court w s
properly constituted.

Mr Justice Time Kendall

Re ruled ,aso that the first Grounds of
Appeal wrich the Court ill bear vill be
those vhich tve not yel been argued before
the Court vhen Mr Justice Hayes vas
President. These refer, part tlarly, to
Ground 16 to 30Q which cover several
al..ged rris-directiors of the Trial Judge,
Mfr .Ji asice Dernis Byron.

With reference to the Grounds already
Heard before the late President. Haynes,
President Smith ordered the iDfence to
s.bnut, ,_n writing and in skeleton form, the
'ar mneins set out.
Leader of the Defence, Mr Rarsay,
"ct5t U.-: t-his procedx'e as, he said, it
:-ld vpA the. Defece case in disarray. To
Ci.x:'t W2Tw -at. Ground 16 voCuld put the neT?
u.d e Mr Time Kendall, at a diJsa.vamage.,
he said ;as Mr KendaIl vill not have heard
the arnmunents 7fhich vent before.

For the Defence, Mr Clarence Hughes also
raised .'b.cti.o.- s. 'The proper course, he
said, 'ou!ld be to start from the begiinin,
treiinig the case as a new appeal and not a
contiUnation of the appeal begunby the late
President Ha.lynes.

Mr Karl Hu-tsornPhilips Q.C., Leader of
the Propsecution took issue vith the Defence
or chdglleng Sir Frederick's ruling.

See APPEAL Page 11


Saturday 11th February 1989 The Grenad

f OD 'B

j reItren-ichie nt Programme is fiscall. countetr-proucttve,.
Sconomicaly uttnwise- acf socially iEdEtructLvE
J^ '1N1 A RESOLUTION PASSED Representatives to contest the up c-oming
i d~eb the Nationtal DEemcratic General Elections rbhich must be bhld by
MI .Congress (N, correntior li Ma-rch .-' .10
iS i,::no, 29th and 30th Jailuary the
i:a'y condemned the Ne NatioPn art
I.rvermrmant of PrimUe Minster Herbert
'Blaize for filing to reduce 'the isancd's
iurPOmpJoyment, estimated in some quarters i
| be as hbihas 30%. i

We, the National Democratt i
Co ngress......roundly condemn the i
Present Government for proving /
Iitself incompetent to overcome the I 4i
iprevaising unacceptable high level of
iunemployment in our nation...... th Dr rrancis Alexis
1Riesolution says, "We call on Govern-
ment to address itself purposefully,
constructively and meaningful to TRh four are fcrr er Head of tle Iterit
the matter of creating an atmosphere ver-t ai r-w D ~ Poi al
conducive to the growth of gainful L *r r ihcbo. BrathVite, for the
employment in Grenada ...-..." Ca-rriB etite Martinique seat, ex-radio
ann_______er bAr Hemny DeAt.lie for St Marks,
I I-, -. . - -. -.- --__________________________________________________________or___,___,

Mr &eorge Brizan

n another Resolution, the con'ent ~'n
condemned Government's retrenchmentt
programme in vhich 1,80D Govermninent
empkloyeps are to be dismissed That
prograrmme is having a negative impact on
Greanada's econormic activty, the ResolutiCon
says, and it calls on Govyeranrnt to review.
tfhe programme as being "fiscally couanr-
prod.ruti.v, economically urvise and.
sc tally destructive ".

The convention, iZ ned four candidates to
join the six NDC Members of the House of

educaitifroist Mi .a-ilyle Glean for St Jol-s,
and b;rrister Mr Mfichael Andrev for St

The convention elected former NDC
Political Leader, Mr George Brizan,
to be one of the tvo Deputy Political
leaders ahd returned Dr Francis
Alezis to a similar post, a positiow-he
has held since the party as
launched. Both men vere returned

Mr Phinslev St Louis vho oeld the
post of Deputy Political Leader, and
vho made way for Mr Brizan, is nov
the NDC Public Relations Officer.

Mr Oliver Joseph, outgoing NDC
Secretary- General, did not seek
reelection and former lay preacher,
Mr Norris Cox, as returned
unopposed to fill that post, while Mr
Kenny Lalsingh retained the position
of Party Chairman.
See MND Page 11

__ __

la Newsletter 1

- -~---

I~~F~~2~ tZS


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 11th February 1989 Page 11

trami Cihar Man of the
British firm of Geest PLC,
^. parent Company of the
Geest subsidiary undertakings, is optimistic
that special protective arrangements vill _be
niade for Wirndard Islands banars vwhen
the European Economic Communiity (EEC)
enters free trade urrangerrrnerts in 1992.

(Geest Industries is te sole bu.yr of and
marketing agent for .i.dWard Istands
b ananas tan, ian irjnrview in Grerjiada on
February 8th, Mr Bystram toIldr NEWS-
LETTER that many elements vi!l ,a into
the final decision as to wtht 4ili obtain after
"The British Government, a n some other
tEEC Governments, villa vant to preserve
Sthe present relationship", he said, "and., on
the otiar bard th CornriTssion ar.: obhr
EEC Go-ern-ints ..ould like t se
changes and these -are all up for riegot-

Wirdvard Island bananas now ennjy
protection on the British market against
"dollar" bananas from Central America,
and the CGest Chairman feels sure that, mt
th'h EEC negotiations, WnIvard Islandz.
i NDG From Page 10
j Addressing the convention, Mr Joseph
Disclosed that membership in NDC rn TW
stands at about i,OeO awni expressed.
itsappointrnent with tth vel of the
I party's organisation in some consit-

{ Work in the area of women's affairs is
now at a standstill, he s3id, and there is
need to give attention to thas and to the
party's activities among the youth.
-- -- Eri====****


I -

"1f the qualit% Pj
Wintban banana na s tnoitab
worse than bananas from
'doC r*lar' sources, tf our
tatsla of vwgqo ati mttq
sati Jactory| agrtiEment s is
made that mucF mrore

bananas vill be given a privileged status.
What is important, he said, is the wording
of the Agreeaents so that it is certain that
access of Windward Islands bananas to
markets they have developed rerrain good.

If the problems of 192 are to be solved
saisfactorily to the Go-vcmrmr ns of the
WinriDVard Islands, the Wi~ward Islands
-arana Grovers Association (WIN'BAN)
ara G(eA-st., Mr Bystram said, two things are
essential Proble
TPre ob""ms
The first is that everyone concerned must
understand the problems and york in
unison, and the second is that the quality of
Wiri -:ad Islands bananas must be good.

I" f the quality of Winbanbananas is notably
worse than bananas from 'dollar' sources",
he szid, "then our task of negotiating
satisfactory agreements is mzae that. mch
more difficult".

The quality of WINBAN fruit "has
paizies Mr Bystramsaid, the latter half of
the year being not as good as the first half.
One of the problems, he said, is that,
See BANANAS Page 12
APPEAL Fra Ptta 9
"Your Lordships should make it clear"
he said, "t11a Tis is Your Lordships'
Court ard tat you'are incharge of your

Before adjourning the Court, President
Smith pointed out to theDefence that his
i rulni does not deprive tthir clientsl')f
the right to have their case argued ivr

"All the Grounds of Appeal. ill still be
heard", he said.
-arEr =*====d**

SPage 12 Saturday Ith February 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter

r- -" -----------,,-- '". -, .

Grenada, on behalf of roary
S.Internriiona~, has resenterd 80,B000 e -
doses of the poio vatXc i ti- t.
SGovrmrrnt of Grenada. d
I ...s

The ouresentatoion was made on Februar'y Ch
.the Minister for Health, Mr Danny
ill .ias ;, by Mr Azam Rah.aman, Presiden'
!of the Rotary Club of Grenada, and- at the
presentationn ceremony, Mr Rahaman saida it
,is the target of Rotary Internati'onaL to
eradicate polio worldwide by 1990.

I Ii I

Mr Azam Rahaman

it was hoped this would be
by the year 2000", he sai, "but,
.f gestures of frieriv.hip -ard

co-operauon extended to Rotary Inter-
national by people, organizations and
governmrfint all over the world, we are
fortiiate to have 1S$220 million donated
for the project, a sum far more than the
US$ 12 miilkin we ha d anticipated"

A oxpting tib vaccines arid expressing
GoverrLment.s appreciation, Mr Williams
said Grernaa has not iad a case of reported
polio ifor over i20 years but this should not
.generate complacncy as other countries
still have rerprted cases and Grenada can be

It must always be remembered that the
disease can be brought back irno the
cou-try., -he said, and the price Grernada oas
See ROTART Page 13

1 8A'C~NAHS From Pan9 Ii

i ----------------------------
jcontrary li to the circuIstantes in which
"d -lar" bananas are produced., WINrBAN
I bnaronans are produced. by some L6,0UJ to
;20, ii Jtarrners.

"Dollar" bananas are grown on iari-e
plantations which facilitates quality control,
whereas, in the WVindward Island.s, it is
rmre difficult to deal with thotwands off
m -;a1r farmers. However, he said a steem:
is now in effect in which the fruit from each

necessary to ensure that all fwarnerF pray
proper attention to quality control.
"t is clearly up to the farmers", be aid.,
1'and I Iope the majority of them vill be
Simpr ovig their quality".

IMr Byctram rejected the charge that th-

Geest agreeei- nt. -with WINBAN for the
pu'rchae ari. sale of Wiandard Islands1
b.arnxasr is lhavily weighted in favour of

T"Our Agreerment, 'which is quite complex.
is one- which looks upon the selling of
-banana as partnership where costs and
profits are shared", he said, If we do less
well for V"!IHBAN by selling at lover
prices, for instance, then ve do less vell,
a n we do better wten we sell at higher
prices, and so does Wr NBANI".

S- far, '3vth isest and WINBAN have dori
.eLl out. of the "prt'erstr ip", Mr Bystrram
said., ard.. -he iooks forward to continued
successful co-operaton.


: _,~---i--C


The Grenada Newsletter


tonnas disptacermnt, arrit-.d. at Grerada on February 6th to take part in
celebrations, on the following dTay, of the. island's 15th anniversary of

tUnder the comrmand of Cornmamder Chris
Elhson, the "Avenger" entered St Georges
port firing a 21 gun salute in honour of the
island and the ship sent a detachment to bake
part in the military parade at Queens Prk.,
:ion the outskirts of St Georges, on Februar
t Goodwill
'We. have come on a goodwill visit to
[see the people of Grenada', Com-
imander Ellison said at a press
conference on February 6th, "and to
help Grenadians to celebrate their
IConmmander Ellison said security in tlie
Caribbean is one of the concerns of the
British Navy and, for tias reason, the
British Government keeps a continuous

!i ROTARY FPmL Pate 12 i

to pay is continuance of the
action Programra.

1. -
11mWM, n-

Dr Doreen Murray, attached to the
Ministry of Health and responsible for
the Irrmnuisation Programize, speaking
at the presentation ceremony, disclc'sed
that these vaccines are the base of a
special programme to be launched to
strengthen the imrmnni1:t of children of
school age.

Rotary President Rahman. said the
;amue of the va-ccinfs is some

naval presence in the region in order to
"provide support to our friends in the area".

The British Navy sees itself as standing by
to give assistance in the event of hurricane
or other natural disaster, he said, and also
to assist efforts of the.Regional Security
System (RSS) '" :. . .

"We are mindfil that there is beavy
narcotics trade which .occurs vitin
the Caribbean", Commander Ellison
said, it is very much a highway for
drugs from South America to many
part, ,f the free vorld, and we like
t6 keep an eye on vhat's happening

One ,.f tbhe main reasons for the presence of
"Avenger:" in the Caribbean is to act in
surlport of the British land forces in Belize,
he said, arnd his orders are to remain always
within evmen. days (about 3000 nmies)
steaming of Belize.
Conjaiander Ellison said he is not aware of
concern expressed in some quarters that
Cuba has' been responsible for subversive
activity in the region and may pay attention
to Gren'laa when ejections are eld some-
time before March 1990.

Describiln himself as a "simple seaman and
_varship driver", the Commarder said he is
briefed on the situation in the Caribbean
area but has heard thing to suggest that
"Mr C'.tro is spreading his ings or
anything else in the area".

HMS "Avenger" is one of eight Type 21
Frigates built and commissioned to the
Fourth Frigate Squadron Two of these
frigats, HMS "Antelope" and HMS
"Ardent" vere lost during the Falklands
conflict. "Avenger", which has a
corplernent of 16 officers and 167 ratings,
also saw service in that conflict and care
inder fire but escaped uscathed.

Tn~p~-pppWuww~g~ l~

Dr Doreen Murray


Pap~ 13

Saturday I ith February 19 89


------- a aa B- M -----------

ICIDA Sienm New Cocoa

SThe Government of Grenada and the Gov-
ernment of Canada, through the Canadian
internationall Development Agency
(CIDA), have signed a new Agreement
relative to the rehabilitation of the Cocoa
Industry in the island.

The signing took place in Grenada on
February 6th, and this Agreement replies
the original Agreement which came into
effect in 1981 creating a Cocoa Reihbil-
itation Project (CRP) valued at EC$20

Original aim of the Project is the replanting
of 10,000 -acres of cocoa over a seven year,
period but, as early as 1982 CIDA
indicated it was not satisfied with the

IMain difficulty was the fact that the
Inriustry was managed by bothte Cocoa
I Association and the personnel of the CRP.
This resulted in an inefficient operation
ariand, in 1987, CIDA gave notice that, unless
the situation was corrected, funding would
cease on 31st December of that year.

There was resistance from the Cocoa
Association to the proposal that the Assoc-
iation and CRP should merge and, as a
result, the elected Board of the Association
was dissolved and an Interim Bcard
appointed by Government, that Board
merging with the CRP.

The nli Agreement was signed on behalf of
CIDA by Mr Arthur Saper, Director of tlhe
Canadian Development Assistarce Pro-
gramrme, and on behalf of Government by
Mr Ben Jones, Minister for Agriculture

Car~~ene Pedtesltrian Plaza


The C.renage Pedestrian Plaz wvs official-
ly opened by Governor General Sir Paul
Scoon on February 6th.

Financed by the United States Agency For
International Development (USAID), the
Plaza is part c'f an overall beautification
plan which includes Fort George and the
Camahogne Park in the Morne Rouge Area.

Following opening.prayers and blessing of
the facilities by Archdeacon Clement
Francis of the Anglican Church, in addition
to Sir Paul, speakers were Mr Ben Jones,
Minister for Tourism, Mrs Pauline And-
rews, Ministpr of State for Tourism, Mr
Ford Cooper, United States Charge
d'Affaires, Dr Joln Watts, Chairman of the
Tourist Board and Mr George McGuire,
Member of the House of Representati'es for
the Town of St George.

A feature of the occasion was the "unveil-
ing" at the Plaza of the statue of "Christ of
the Deep", a replica of the original "Christ
of the Deep" which was sunk i the Bay of
Naples, Italy.

This rephlca was given to the people of
Grenada by the Costa Steamship Line.
owners of the S S "Bianca C" which caught
fire arid sank in the outer harbour of St
Georges on 22nd October 1961.

This gift var mn appreciation of the
b spitality of Grenadians to t he "Bianca C"
passengers following the disaster and, in
accordance the wishes of the steamship
owners, this replica has, until now, stood at
the the entrance ::f' the harbour overlooking
the scene of the sinking.

i I, ..1.

P. 1

iI I th February 1989 .

Printed & Published By The Pmrprietors oa p.
Alister & Cynthia Hughes, Journalists
Of Scot Street, St Georges,Granda, Westidies
.(P-O.Bor 65: Phone (809 440 2538: Cables HUSON, Grenda)

Car, na e Pedstfian P12Lx.




IPage 14

Saturday I Ith February 1989

The Grenada Newvsletter

/ ^ s ,,]j --- i ./

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