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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenao

Norr0 BE RAy.



tVlalnmaV 17 -at nrav 21st JlanuarY 1989 Numbr f i


L 'T

was Pritical Lealer of tth rlinQ ew
NI atonal Part>y (,NNP).

ies vote took place 2on 1iATha is at UhD
NN 4h Annual Cnvnn C hen wo i
wcuaidates, Dr Mitchell and Prime Minister
Herbert Blaize were nominated for the post.

tip return of the ballot wai under tne
Ch. arrnanship of Mr Danny Wilhit LE
li ilmstr of CoHrer, 'rUcatis he aLc.
r W works th Contir gerd
.Uo-.ernrnent, l-'*, be.&, voted '-

oClearlal Part NP).
Ti votePr as thple procn aed 2s were Ct

nil all details cUWu. tbe htard ii early
IfNP 4t Aruie te Convei:ion t heni t o
I Herbert Bea A.e ere nomLcanS ted for y post.

*\Jh? return of the ballot ,' iruidder th-
c.:ih:rrranship of Mr Dari.y Win.arrL^
viim~stetr of Hea lth, ~...... ad .... a thai.

fo"r ths ^t'Gart of the- C;o-ftenoni %aerZa.
"-j::'.e: r, as thf proce~d.iii wire con-
.-''.te all details -. c-"
'- !froim outside tli Conenti.-.o.i -o. at th e
SSt Anjdrews AnSic-,an Secoza.:vy Sc-ol ,.
I)r Z BL1~

Svir Wiiiiamsarmnounced -?lso that there were
391 delegates eligble t:- vo. 'iWh en the
i cunt vas tkenr, Dr Mclnrll received 190
Svoies to Mr Blaize's 154. ma-jing a iual of
3- votes ct. There vere three cr for
Sspoilt vtes, n t enough to Cc,.:Amt for tbh
diftererce bet.e reen 344 and 91, a,9 3 it.
S appears that some 12% of tihe giates or
" about 47 of them did not TT(.

Of the votes cast, Dr Mitchell received
I See MITXHEUL Pagee 2



Dr Keith Mitchell




I*Mitchell Elected NNP Ji
Political Leader---_----- ----- I
a *Mitchell Predicts Eight
8 Sure Seats For NNP.-------....- 3
S Si? Frederick Is Hov
President...-....-------- ---. -5i
4 A Defence Lavyers Want
S ime Off For Elections........6
Committee Demands Contempt
Charge Against Editor...-..-...6
Gairy Predicts Elections
Before July.....--..---....-...... 7
SGR ENTEL Launched-............. 9
Hubbards Has Record Year... 11
SAVT Invests EC$13 Million
In Eastern Caribbean.......... 12
*YWCA Celebrates 18th .
Anniversary---.............. 13
iMes .Sh.rts.............. 14

- .I--





i- I
Page 2 Saturday 21st January 1989 The Grenada Newsletter
MiI!T'HELL From Page I

S5.23%*., but of the total number eligible to
,te, hi?_ percentage. is reduced to 4&.59%

iSincte .the 3rd NNP Convention held in
December 1987, there hae been reports of
I within the party involving Dr
|Mitclhll and Mr Blaise. Dr Mi.4tchel i
former mathematics professor at Howard
University is allegd to rhve been behirn -a
Samo :.e .at im.t Convention to unseat Mr Bltize
i Political Leader.
The Prime Minister is said to have got imd
o'f -and- quashed it, and, though Dr Mitchel
!deraed (at a press conferencee last March
hat any animosity, had been grjerated.,
informed NNP sources told NEWVS-
LETTER terere inceasi tension
between le t two men.

By Last October, Dr Mitchell va spea:kng
ioperdy of "differences" between trhiself
t -
Iia. Mr Blaize. In an interview vith
iNEW$LETTER. he complained of the
SPrime Mi-nisr's "style of Gov-errmnent" but
|:id:rnied he was posturing for pver within
the Party

i" have never expressed interest in
the leadership question', he said
w This is not a question for me but
!for the Party and the people of the
i country. My concern is to see there
jare enormous economic opportunities
in the country so people get jobs and
i the country moves forward, and
|whatever role I can play to ensure
'that that happens, I am prepared to

His. firm belief, Dr Mitchell 'c id
SNEWSLETTERt en, is that. th most
important thing is the "style of
v... rnment" and, if he ever became
iPoltical Le-ader and "conttinued o rim a
ship that does not involve the majority of
i -- I -- - ---
back room to choose y fannil ,and litA tle
friends .in. make decisions", then he would
not be ser.vingF Grenada's interests.
I Declined
iAt is e sa, e sai, at be. wanted to do isf
v pMay a strong role in a nurnTfijer tw
positio0ln to a person wvho is moving the
}cou try forw-ard, but he decliittd t
Comment on whether he thought M.r Elaie
I v.. '' rving the country frVr ard'"

At the 1987 NINF Convention, Dr Mitchell
vas elected General Secretary and at the
1988 Convention (held -Janury 21st 1989),
delivring a rport, he charged that there
continues fto be a "lack of consultation or
joint discussions between the party ard
. Goverrnemit
Armonriv tl-e "serious problems" facing the
NNF,- te the t en 'General Secretary listed what
ihe calle "vat, appears to be the lack of
trust .a carriaradsrie among senior
figures" in N;NP Over the past four
years in ihich NNP has had the Govern-
ment, e said, very little time has been spent
in soci.lising in an informal marnner and
there hat been little contact outside of
Ca"net and E Ecutive yetive meetings

I Prime Minister
Hererert Blaize

Prior to Dr Mithell's election to the
post of Political Leader, the Con-
ventton vas addressed by Mr Ben
Jones, Minister of Tourism &
Agriculture and NNP Deputy Politi-
cal Leader. It is widely believed
that Mr Jones is Mr Blaize's choice of
a successor when he (Blaize) has
decided to step down and, in his
speech, Mr Jones, without mention-
ing names, urged the delegates to re-
elect Mr B4ai:e as Political Leader.

He. referred t the fable of the dog crossing
a bridge wth a bone in its mouth ard, seeing
,.ts reflection ?n tf! Sater and strivZtg to get

I -

1 The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 21st January 1989 Page 3 3
-- I

Poor ratings of t
Latest opinion polL show
that, in St nMars and St
Andrews Sotmk East ,
tfmeye must be a paIrt!
investiqat ion as that
is 91otin oI- as awr as NPIP
support is concerne-l.

Dr Keith Mitchell

llT lC L I Lf3rlED

Ell~rf EIRE W01

Political Leader of theite Na Naional
SParty (NNPa.), predicts tht, if
General Elections were held sooC, NNP
voulid win "handsomely" 3 of the 1 5 seats in
thei House of Representatives.
This prediction, made in his report as
General Secretary to the NP CN-c.'-~r~tio
:n January 21st, before be t w
1 i"tical Leader, is based.. Dr Miitc-he sa"-d
.o, "sourdings from tbh rar :d. file", h
o'.u field visits .a thje results of .e '
opipnon polls.

Five of the eight seaft referred to by Dr
i M.itjchell are n, held by the NNP. They aT -
Ist,. GC-eores To-n IGeor,:e McGUJ",'P ,
;Johns (Grace Dtncan). S3 Andrew-. Iori-
West (Alxeynie Walker), St Andrews Sout
w'West (Ben Jones:) and St Geiorges Nkcrth
jWest (Keih lAitchell)
Tr.;., of the eight. seats are hld byv persons.
Who won thi-se seaLs on th e NMP tIc,-ket iDt the
,last elections but who have defected and Ue
'nt:w embers of the Natic nal Democratic
!iConres led by Mr George rian.
They are St Patricks East (Tilrman Thomas)
iand St Georges South (Phinleyr St ,ouis.
the rerrnairAg seat is eid by Mr Marcel
i't-.ers. He contested thie lst eech's orI
ithA ticket of Sir Eric- Gairy' Grenada

United Labour Party (GULP) but defected
aiJ laui~ched his own party, the Grenada
Democratic Labour Party (GDLP) in April

GDLP never got off the ground and Mr
'eers s 2 ni.>w a member of NDC.

Dr Mitthell predicted also That NNP is
" aha" in the coirstituenr.ies of St Georges
lorth East and St Georges South East,
held, respec-tively by Mr George Briz i
4-jj Dr Fr.aric Alexis, Politial Leader anri
Depi.ijy Political Leader respectively of the

SiThe Grensadas
Founded 17th August 1973
388th Issue
Subscription Rates
Payable in. AAdvnce
Posge Pail By Secotn Class Air Mai
(Iatad Post In Grenada)
EC$ UPs$
1 Osnue $1t5s.0 $ 43. 0
20 Zsses $207.c00 77-00
40 Issues $390.00 $146.00
Abol Z-0 Issues Published Annally -

, l Si iun nu

Page 4 Saturday 21st January 1989 The Grenada Newsletter
|i,. iDC Dr Mit:he-l did not make a prediction for
the fifteerti s eat, A'Patricks West, whichis
NN s .:aead" also in St Davids, he said, a held by Mr Kermy Lalsingh who von the
I seat held by NNP's Mr Dai-nny Williams, seat on anc NNP ticket, defected and is now a
Minister of Health. rrmemb er of NDC. According to a poll I
Investigation cond-uct&d by Dr Ramish Deosaran last
SDr Mltchell said poor rating of the latest November, Mr Lalsagh will vin this seat
opvm uon o..ol show that, in St Marks rFelxor for !NDC.
Ae.sder-NNP) and St Ar rews South Bounders
East (IPauiine AndIrews NNP), 1Iere must Early in 1988, NDC and GULP vere
be a pat n-irvestigation as to what is go-hi enjKm'- g stronger public support than they
-n far as NNP sup ortiso AVn.ern1ed. d_. now, Or Mit~hel said, "maj-r
Sblulers'" on the part of NDC, and
S'hp situ tionin Carriacot, tl--he cs rituer y irditattins tlat Sir Eric Gairy vitt not step
:o Pime Minister Herbert Blaime, is d, wn s Politicai Leader of GULP as he had r .itcl-ell said. The polls Egie .a'icated Iiave iaid damagrng effects on the
r Nicholas Brath waite, tia iKOly 1DC politicali appeal of these parties.
Ic.ndi.dat a high acceptance rating, he said,
Sbut.1:, "hs party afiliation is hurting himi" 'and -. Rasye .... .
rNIfP can till- win that seat.
MITCHELL F ro Page 2
MTCRELL From Page 2

tie -iopp'eAtivly bigger bone carried by that
"'hwer dog" it saw, released and lost the
J boj it had-

c -e' dog silly, Mr Joines sid., because -T
S-j,. something real and good. but u tried. to
S.ei something it thought was better and it
;lot its bone in the effort.

"Let us be careful that we don't make the

One matter which vill have t;o be dIressed
I by Dr Mitchel as Political Leader i,; the
po'sitCn of Mr Blaize as Pr-ime Mizister
? Majority

ivdsaer a liember_ of the' or
R 'presciat i ves ,K appears to !mn _ike y
Ito coir: and the support of the maj:ri ty of
\te rrm,-nbers of the House".

iNT r-ially, this is the Political Leader of the
in-.rty -mgr, a majority of the seats in the
riuse at a General Elecdton anj. was case
Sw7ihren Mr Blaize was rnmade Prirme -Miister
ter te NNP Vi. in the December 194

Nov, Mr Blaize has been replaced by Dr
|i, .hell ; s: Political Leader. If there
Scoasiderable time still to runm before the next
SGeeral El c tios, the-re is no do-ut that Dr
Mitchell would replace Mr Blame as Prirmc

ivsiister iniir-dic-ately.

Howeer, the reetl elections must be held
before March 1990, they are widely
expected t', bte c,.elled before the riddle of
t.hi :ye-ar, i. D'r Miitr hei and the NNP may
wvih lto i laini;a the position as it is for the
rerainrng short life of the Government.

!' Mr Ben Jones

in the C.cnven-i.on election., Mr Jones was
re-eiezed Dputy Polhtical Leader. Another
re--iec-tin was. th-at of Mr Lavrerie Jvseph
to the p~o -of p:rty Chairman while Mr
Joh.n M.ulorno, wh- holds a seat in th
Senate, was elected to tih post of General


The Greaiiil wvsletter Saturday 21st January 1989

-_ I_~SF1@ ~t


93 mD ig


ijiSir Samuel Graham, confirmed in
It LI an interview with NEWSLETTER
on January 16th that the Appeal Court wil!
Ssit on January 23rd.

Following the death, on December 2Sth, of
President of the Court, Mr Justice 1O.F.
lHanes, there has been speculation as
whether the Court iould sit on that date as
fimed by President Haynes when he adjourn-
ed the Court on December 9th.
There has been speculation also as to who
would be made the new President of -the
Court and which Judge would be appointed
to complete te rio needed for the Appeal

"Sir Frederick Smith, vwo, together
with Mr Rex McKay, has been sitting
with Mr J.O.F. Haynes, has been
sworn in as President", Sir Samuel
said, "and there was no need to
appoint a new Judge to complete the
Court as Mr Time Kendall is already
ia member of that Court and viil sit
vith Sir Frederick and Mr MicKay.

i Judges of the Appeal Court are "appointed
by the Governor General on the advice ;of
the Prime Minister", and Sir Frederck asw
appointed, original, on 14th Juy 1981 by
, Governor General Sir Paul Scoo:n acting on
the advice of Prime Minister hMaurice
lSir Frederick subsequently re.sigrid som.e-
titme in 1984 and. was reappointed. t the
Appeal Court by Sir Paul acting on the
advice of Prime Minister Herbert Blaize.

The swearing-in ceremony making Sir
Frederick President of the Court took place
on January 1 Oth.

SSir Samuel said that, with refereite to the
Maurice Bishop Murder App-al. Wh-en t'he
ICourt sits, it will have to decide on vhat to


Page 5



Sir Irederick Smith


Under the Presidency of the late Justice
J.O.F Haynes, some six or eight of the
thirty-plus Grounds of Appeal were argued
before the Court.

Under the Presidency of Sir Frederick, and
with Mr Justice Time Kendall new to the
Appeal, a decision will have to be made as to
whether or not the Appeal must be started
again from the begiriing, arguing, once
more, those Grouras dealt with under
President Haynes.
S- ,---,;*

it 074 ? Ff f I N !
When Christopher Columbus embarked on
his first v'yage of discovery, a friend of
his, Martin Pinzon, commanded the m/;a4,
n.-r e of te tree ships in the squadron.

C(olunlutu ship, SiM ira., was wrecked
at Hispaniioa and, when le set out to return
it Spin, ih took tomrmnrd of the third ship,
Ithe 'while Pinzon continued to
conmanad the Pfntsn

The ships were sepa-ated by bad weather
and,, arriving first, and believing that Col-
unbus had perished at sea, Pinzon sent a
letter to the King reporting the discoveries
in the West Indies and taking aU the credit.

Columbus arrived about that time, how-
ever, aid it is said that, having heard the
truth, the Kirg's reply to Pirzon was such
that Pirzon took to his bed and died.

Page 6 Saturday 21st January 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

he IDefence Team Shoutd Leave arenada No
Later Than )anuart 28th.
i HE TEAM OF JAMAICAN quest was made in a cable
Defence lawyers in the Maurice 17th to the President of tkh
.L Bishop Murder Appeal (due to be Sir Frederick Smith, by
resumed on January 23rd), have requested Leader of the Defence Teaz
that the Court adiourn no later than 28th

January to give them time t take part in the
Jamaica General Elections scheduled for
February 9th.

An informed source close to the Court told
NEWSLETTER on January 19th this re-

Stee For Human Rights In Grenada,
headed by left ving member of the
Bnrtish House Of Lords, Lord Anthony
SGifford, has demanded that Grenada's
j Attorney General institute Contempt of
Court proceedings against Mr Leslie
Pierre, Editor of the Greadian Voice"

SIn a letter dated J.araary tIth addressed.
1to Mr Ben Jones, "Minister of Justice*
iMr Jones vas replaced by Mr Danny
Williams as Attorney General last
March),the Committee said it was
"shocked and outraged" to read an article
in the December 3rd issue of the
"Grenadian Voice" under the heading
Too Much Bending Backwards"
The Committee's letter says the article
states tat te. 17 persons convicted of the
Death of Prime Minister Maurice Bisxp
U -jd others, have wasted the Court's tirm
j in the putting forward of their defence,
0 and therebyabused the Court's time.
The Committee's letter, signed by Mr
Peter Cushing as Secretary, quotes what
it calls a "prominent paragraph" trom the
article vhich was written by Mr Pierre.
Set CONTEMPT Pamge 7

sent on January
e Appeal Court,
Mr Jan Ramsay,

"We propose........", the cable reads, "that
the Defence Team leave Grenada no later
than tlhe week ending 28th January so as to
enable participation in the run-up to and the
voting in the upcoming Jamaica General
ElPctions sc eduled for February 9th".
When the Appeal Court sits on January 23rd
it will be for the first time since the death,
on 28th December last, of President of the
Court, Mr Justice J.O.F. Haynes.

Sir Frederick Smith, one of the Justices
sitting with lMr Haynes, (the other was Mr
Justice Rex McKay) has been made
President and the vacant place ill be taken
by Mr Justice Tire Kendall, vho vill be
new to the Appeal.

Informed sources say the Court vill have to
decide whether or not the arguments
already made by the Defence minthis Appeal.
must start again from the beginning. Mr
Ramsay has suggested, however, that in the
working week 23rd to 28th January there
be no hearings of the Appeal.

"We propose .... ", Mr Ramsay's cable says,
"that the present Court convere on the 23rd
for the purpose of paying tribute to the late
President Haynes and to facilitate the
granting of time i.o Counsel in the usual way
to interview clients and take instructions in
the present crisis".
Mr Ramsay mFsagests that, after the tributes
have been pad to Mr Haynes, the days
following should be devoted to arguments
presented to, the Court by the Defence and
Prosecution "as to the procedure andlor
proper course to be adopted at this

1. 1


'The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 21st January 1989 Page 7

jent and Psliticl i ,Le-a of ti,
IftiT Greda United Labo r Par
,GULP), predicted at a press conference on
Tanu-ary 18th Itht the New National P rt
C Gcvrnment of Prime Miairster Herbert
,Blaize vill not run its full iife until March
i1990 and that it vill be "not long gain"
before Genral Elections are called in.

"We don't like to talk tim-', he said. "out! i
think Elections vill be defniteiy in rhe first
half of 1989".
SGULP vil contest all 15 seats in the House
Iof Representatives, Sir Eric said, and he1
denied the report that his party will not
enter the field in the Carriacou Constit-

SThat is the Constituency of Prime 1 minister
I Herbert Blaize who is expected to face a


serious challenge there frcm Mr Nicholas
Erath"'aite in "whose favour, T. is reported,
Mr George Erizan is soon to step down
from the leadership of the Naional Demo-
cratic Congress.

Sir Eric said GULP will have a candidate in
Carriacou but be declined to name tlhe
OWith reference to his opposition to having
the "left" in Grenada play a part in the
political life of the island, Sir Eric said he
has had time to thi-nk and believes now that
See GAIRY Pace 8

CONTEMPT From Page 6

I "From day one", the quotation rtms, "the
iDefence Team has employed every
im-rnaginable device to delay amn extent the.
Bi, I ..u
determinations of the charges against their
clients. Their legal I
Almost said shenanigans absorbed r-nany
months and. countless motions........
"We believe this article conrntr a gr-ave
contempt of the Court", the Cornuittee's
letter says. "We derrand that you take
,steps to bring about the appropriate
remedy, and to prevent future contempt".

IIn an interview --ith NEVWSLETTER in
Grenada last September, Lord Gifford ex-
pressed concern over the Maurice Bishop
i Murder Appeal
" The human rights of the convicted. persons
have been violated", he said, "and my
Conunittee is keeping a ciose atch on what
is hppening-".

Lord Gifford did not spseify the rights


violated but, in a
in 1987, he sets out
of the Maurice Eishop


These include his allegation that he trial
took place in an "uncor-stitutional Court",
that the jury "appeared to be affected by
intense prejudice and hostility" and that "the
motivation of the prosecuting authorities
has beeni clearly to eliminate the leadership
of the Grenada re-volution........"
Lord Gifford's Cormanittee vas founded in
Britain in 1984 and he told NEWSLETTER
there is a membership of about 100 with an
Executive of 15.

The aim of the Cormmittee is to promote
nd. uphold humanl rights in Grenada, Lord
Giffor-d said, and ftre is a particular
interest in the Maurice Bishop Murder
Trial and current Appeal.


,. WR


Page 8 Saturday 21st January 1989 The Grenada Newsletter
GAIRY From Page

"ve have to accept what the people accept".

:"I had time to reflect and come to
decisions", Ib said. "We all belong to the
same plant, some of us are in the blossom
and some in the fruit. I understand now
more clearly that, even though one
disagrees with you, and he expresses his
|disagreement, his expression is not
necessarily prompted by malice".

Minority political
given a hearing ani
said, and must
participate in all

parties must be
I consideration, he
be invited to
areas of national

SSir Eric said he has prayed and convinced

Irnimself that a greater measure of
erance give and take and
understanding is necessary and e has
i nov mastered these nev "dimensions".-
STe. truthfulness of
this statement, ihe
said, can be based // ,,,,:..
on the fact. that no one has ever caught him
telling a lie.

|Prime Minister Herbert Blaize's New
National Party (NNP) .as scheduled to hold.
.its Annual Convention on Saturday 21st
January, and Sir Eric vas asked to comment
ion the report that Dr Keith Mitchell.
Minister of Works and NNP General
Secretary, would challenge Mr Blaize for
S E: leadership.
t Threat
Sppcifically, Sir Eric was asked whether ne
Thinks that, vith Dr Mitchell leading NiN P
there would be a greater threat to GULP in
the c.ornig elections.

i" 't at. all", he said. "Dr Mitchell may or
I. may not win his seat but, nothing outside of
|that. Dr Mitchell does not have a part at.
leist, not yet. He is in a kind of a party Vith
Ioe f aot in and one foot out but don't ask me
Sphere the 'out' foot is".

GIILP will work with the Churches azd.
oh-r groups- to restore the level of morality
in Grenada. Sir Eric said, and to rebuild the
kind of peace, quiet, respect, love and

friendship which, he said, existed in the
1960s and. 1970s.

Sir Eric referred to the civil unrest
of 1951 vhen his Grenada Manual &
Mental Work2rs Union was in violent
confrontation with employers and
said that that had been a "rough

'We have passed over that", he said,
"and ve are not coming back to that
at all".
Sir Eric recomrn-ended that Grenadians
adopt the theme of the recent GULP Con-
vention, "Forgiveness and Reconciliation
For Natioal Growth". GULP members
Sed to live up
to this theme,

he said, and he. also; had things in his past
for vhich we wished to ask forgiveness.

When the "elite" of the island spoke
against him, Sir Eric said, he vould
go to the Market Square and "call
their names and give them hell". He
is sorry that he did this, Sir Eric
said, and he promised never again to
"go on platforms calling people's
names and disparaging them'.

He vill not reply even to the things which
recently have appeared about him in the
press, he said. What he wishes to do is
express, friendship, tolerance, peace
and understanding, and to be humble, gentle
and mrrek.
In addition to what is in the GULP
manifesto, Sir Fric said, the party has a "big
plan" vhich has n,,t yet been disclosed.
That plan covers sport, employment and
education, he said, and, with its imple-
mentation, within a decade, Grenada vill be
a place the world vill focus on.
See GAIRY Page 9

- ~--- ----

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 21st January 1989 Page 9

"Our experii- e with tfhe Trfe pfr Compnry
is a salwtary lesson,
not ?d for
e ~onfy for
irernamda btft for
tfw entire Third Worl'C"

rh~n 'riif

ter of Comriumications, said on
January 12th that, before Govern-
ment disposes of any of its economic assets,
those assets should be fully commnercialised.

The Minister made this comment as hl de-
livered the feature address at the. formal
launching of Grenada Teleconmiunications
Ltd (GRENTEL), a joint venture of the
Government of Grenada with Cable &.
Wireless (WI) Ltd.

"Our experience with the Telephone
Company is a salutary lesson, not only for
Grenada but for the entire Third borld",
he said-
The assets of GRENTEL comprise the
Goverrrment owned Telephone Comp.any
and the Grenada plant of Cable & Wiireless,
and the Company has been formed to
operate all internal and eieronl ele-
ccrmrunication services of the State.

Referring to the comm.ercialisation of
assets, Dr Mitcheil said that, in 19S5, the

GAIRY From Page 8
Sir Eric said head no "late report" on
the condition of his eyes and repeated
his denial of the widespread charge that
he is faking poor eyesight so that he can.
claim a God-given miracle which will
enable him to be a candidate in i.the next.

" I am expectant of most thflinls", he said,
"and I expect a miracle to restore my
IssEn wmwwwwsmss.

TIur Le"rn. mancnen .

Telephiione Company was valued at. only
EC$2 million, but atDecember 31st 1988
was w north EC$56.9 million.

This figure represents Governments share
in GRRENTEL. The Cable & Wireless plant
has been .vaued at EC$19.5 and Cable &
Wireless has paid in an additional sum
v.-ich has made the GRENTEL share-
holding 51% to 49% in favour of Govern-
Dr Mitchell said the modernisation of the
Telephone Company has brought about
tremprr:.-us improvement in the quality of
service but no one shoiud allow themselves
to be dazzled by the progress in physical

"Given the accelerated rate of
technical obsolescence', he said, "the
physical infrastructure can, in 10
years, be like a donkey cart in the age
of automobiles'-

The Telephone Company has allocated a lot
See GRENTEL Page 10


U Ur




Page 10 Saturday 21st January 1989 The Grenada Newsletter
See GRENTEL From Page 9

jof resources to training, the Minister said,
and the real achievement has been the
upgrading of technical skills over the past
three years.

Dr Mitchell said the success of GRENTEL
Ivill be judged by the Company's reliability,
availability and affordability. It will also
be judged by its levels of penetration into
rural areas and its ability to respond to the
needs of an expanding economy.
Every Grenadian home has close relatives
;abroad, he said, and GRENTEL's strategy
must aim at expanding the number of
domestic lines :as quickly as possible by
making those lines available and affordable.

"The dominant revenue streams
should come from use of the external
lines and the expansion of business
systems.---.....- ", he said, "not from
raising rates of the local telephone
service .

The launching of GRENTEL is not an
occasion for celebration, Dr Mitchell said,
but one of reflection on the national
implication of Government's decision to
take part in this joint venture.

It is recognized that investments in
telecommunications have one of the largest
mnljtiplyrig effects on a country's Gross
National Product, he said, and Grenada
awaits in "feverish anticipation" the impact
on economic activities, such as new jobs and
high per capital incomes, that a modern
telecom system should bring.
Dr Mitchell paid tribute to the four man
team which negotiated with Cable &
Wireless on Government's behalf and the
members of which, he said, complemented
each other.

Thai team he named as, "Mr Ray smith
whose credibility in the Caribbean as a
telecommunications expert is unchallenged.,
Mr Neville Calliste our able manager of the
Telephone Company, Mr Dennis Campbell
(outgoing Chairman of the Telephone
ICompany) vith his vide mathematical and
iteriectual skills and Mr David Shorev (a
private sector accountant).

At the formal signing of documents, Acting

Prime Minister Ben Jones represented the
Government as he deputised for Prime
Minister Herbert Blaize who, having
returned to the State on December 23rd
after treatment at Walter Reed Hospital, was
convalescing at his home in the sister island
of Carriacou.

Mr Ray Smith

"i bring ryou greetings from the Prime
Minister", Mr Jones said, "I saw him yester-
day and he. is making very satisfactory pro-
gress. He hopes to be here with us some
time neixt eek".

The Minister said Government does not
have funds to provide the type of service
Grenadians should have, and so is pleased
that Cable ,& Wireless have agreed. to
become involved with Government in
achieving the aim of m-aking GRENTEL the
operators of the most effective commun-
ications system in the Caribbean.
Mr Jones, too, had special praise for the
team, headed by Mr Ray Smith, which
negotiated the Agreement vith Cable &
Wireless on Government's behalf.

"It has been difficult and has taken a long
time", he said, "and I'mnot so sure we have
all got exactly vhat we wanted, but I think
ve have arrived at a position where we are
all satisfied that we are getting something
while giving something and that, when these
two pieces are put together, we vill each get
What we vanrt,".

See RENTAL Page 11

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 21st January 1989 Page 11

.l of one of Grenada's largest firms, Jons Browne & Hubbard Ltd, has reported
..._ ,to shareholders that in the trading year ending 30th September last, the
Company vhas rrade a profit nearly 60%S _
higher then in the previous year.

He said, in his review circulated to

I GRENTEL From Page 10
SSig Mng on behalf of Cable &. Wireless
I vwas Mr Torn Chellew, Marlnager respon-
Ssible for Cable & Wireless operations in
Sthe Caribbean.

I Addressing the wide cross section of
invited guests, he said Cable and.
I Wireless has had an association with
i renada for over 100 years back to
H %

Mr Tom Chellev

"One of our ancestor Compl.aes, the
West India & Panama Telegraph
Comrpay", he said, ".-started cle ser-
-.nce with the then relatively new- and
exciting means of international tele-
cormmrunications, the telegraph system .

A great deal of progress has been made
since then, he said, and he was pleased
that Cable &r Wireless is still applying
the latest technology which, in the case
of GRENTEL, is modern digital tech-

GRENTEL is to be managed by Mr
Terry Stone of Cable & Wireless while
Chairman of the GRENTEL Board of
Directors is Mr Ray Smit-h.
am=. ..........i^ M~ JEg. ...,.... -...-.... ...'"".!"'

shareholders with the Company's audited I
accounts :"I am pleased to report that the
financial year under review vas a record
one both in terms of sales and profit".

For each dollar Hubbards collected at
the till in sales during 1987, the
Company collected SI.15 in 1988,
making gross sales EC$45.2 million
in 1988 as compared with EC$39.2
million in 1987.

The audited accounts shov these sales have
resulted in pre-tax profits of EC$3.9
ninllion, an increase of 59.2 cents over very
dollar of the EC$2. million made in 1987.

Mr To ppin says this favourable situation
resulted from the changes made in the Value
Added Tax (VAT) laws introduced in the
19 8 national budget.
First, at. the retail level, VAT was reduced
fr.:m 20 to 5%. This gave the Company a
larger share of every "vatable" dollar and
accounted, in large part, for the increased

Secondly, when the reduction was
introduced, Hubbards had stock which had
been priced to include VAT at 20% and this
resulted in a windfalll profit" of
approximately 15%.
See HUBBARDS Page 13

Page 12 Saturday 21st January 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

Grewco CeUds the way inW the Ss(bursnewnt
and injection of capital

man of the Agriculture Venture
Trust (AVT) said at :a press
conference in Grenada on January 12th that
the Trust has already invested EC$13.7
million in the Eastern Caribbean.

This sum is spread over 18 projects, he said,
one being in Antigua, two each in St Kitts
and St Vincent, three each in in Dominica,
St Lucia and Barbados and four in Grenada.

"You will see that Grenada leads the way in
the disbursement and injection of capital,"
Sir Fred said.
AV T, founded in September 19086, and
funded with US$12 million by the United
States Agency For International Develop-
ment (USAID), is registered as a "charity"
in Barbados where it has its headquarters.

The Trust is mandated to aid develop-
ment in Barbados, the Organisation
of East Caribbean States (OECS) and
the British Virgin Islands by buying
shares in companies involved in agro-
business, the companies having to
buy back the shares within ten years.

"The Trust does not hold the majority
shares in ir business", the Chairman said,
"the ni ximum investment is US$500, 000 in
any one project and the minimum is
US$20, 000".

Sir Fred said AVT does not secure its
investments by taking mortgages on the
property of the companies in which it buys
shares, nor does it charge interest. The
Trist does, however, have Directors on the
Boards of Management and it shares in the
profits of the companies.

One investment in Grenada of EC$351,000
is already disbursed, the Chairman said.

Another of EC$13q,000 has been signed
and t.o others, amounting to an investment
of EC$1.65 million, have been approved.

These investments, he said, cover, among
other things, meat processing and produc-
tion of a beverage from a special type of sea

Outlining the scope of the Trust, Sir
Fred said agro-business" is a vide
term extending far beyond "agricul-
ture" in its narrow sense. AVT can
invest in such areas as warehouses
for storing produce, he said, in the
purchase of vehicles for transporting
produce and in marine refrigeration
in fishing ventures.

AVT's chain of operation is through two
other USA ID related organizations, the
High Impact Agricultural & Marketing
Project (HIAMP) and the Eastern
Caribbean Agro-business Development
HIAMP field officers identify projects
which fall within the scope of AVT, he said,
and these are brought to the attention of
ECAD for the preparation of a business
plan for submission to AVT for consider-

Trinidad &. Tobago and Jamaica are not
nov included within AVT operations but
Sir Fred expressed the opinion that there is
need for capital injection in those countries
and hopes the Trust's activities will
eventually be extended to them.

In addition to Sir Fred as Chairman, there
are three trustees of AVT and an Executive
Director. A meeting of the Trust was held
in Grenada on January 12th.
-f!-SS-.f. .,SIt..,Um

The Grenada Newsletter

Saturday 21st January 1989

Page 13


the Young Wormons Christian
Association (YWCA), Mrs Jewel.
Graham of Yellow Springs, Ohio, vill visit
Grenada next April when the Grenada
YWCA celebrates its 100th Anniversary.

This was disclosed in an interview vith
NEWSLETTER on January 16th 1by IMrs
Jacqueline Cornvall, President of the
Grenada YWCA and representative, on the
Geneva based World YWCA Executive, of
the English speaking Caribbeian -omprising
the Caribbean Community and Puerto Pico
'The Grenada YWCA, the oldest
YWCA in the Caribbean, vas
founded in 1889 by a Miss Lottie
Wells', she said "We do not know
the exact date, but we will celebrate
our anniversary from 23rd to 29th
April, with emphasis on April 24th,
the day on which World YWCA Day
is celebrated'.

World YWCA, the oldest international
ornmen's moivesnt in the vorld, was just
34 years old wvbsn Miss We~ ltauriched th-e
Grenada Branch as a prayer group.

With expanded activities covering a range
of skills training; and assisted finmaially by
the UrJitd. States Agency For International
Development and the Government of
GrerAd* a, te Grenada YWCA nov has
some 300 members serving the Movement.
Anniversary celebrations will include
Church services, an art exhibition and. a
cult.ur-a performance. Over one hundred
delegates are expected to attend the
celebrations with representatives expected
from the WorTld YWCA, the Caribbean
YWCA and other international branches of
the bMrovenennt.

Grenada's first colonists, the French, have
enhatrce the on-standard English vocab-
ulary of the island with vords still currant

One such word, grappe = abuncrh is more
frequently used in corimection with with
ccc'1ts than the English word "buch".

Figuratively alsC, grappe is used to
i.rujxate quan.t.ty; for example, rich men
are said to have money "by the grappe"


HUBBARDS From page 11
"To put this windfall into proper
perspective", the Chairman said, "it must be
remembered that the converse v.a true in
1987 vhen old stocJk became vatable".

A meeting of shareholders has been called.
to receive the accoarAts ard considTe the
Directors' recommendation that a divi derA.
of 12.5% be paid on Ordinary shares, an
increase of 2.5% cver wat. was paid in
Preference Shaieholders receive a guara-
teed 10% ard this, plus the rconrraended
12.5% on Ordinary shares, ill call for a
distribution of EC$1.2 million, an amount
which is covered 2.14 times by profit.

Hubbards' subsidiary CoTnpzrrf, Sissons
Paints (Grenada) Limited, has zalso hadi a
satisfactory year, Mr Toppin said, an. sales

are up substantially.

'A large part of this increase came from
exports to St Vincent and St Lucia', the
Chairman said, "(and) during the cormig
year we hope to expand the plant and
produce a wider product range. We also
plant e oWr e u port markets ........"
The subsidiary Company proposes to pay a
dividend, he said., and. this will be reflected.
in Hubbards accounts for 1989.

Mr Toppin reported that all the Company's
m.yajor departments have performed
satistactorily These include hardware,
building materials, lumber, appliances, gift
shop, commission agency, motor vehicles,
shipping, insurance and supetrrmrkets.

- -


Page 14 Saturday 21st January 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter


AIDS Counseling Workshop

IGrenada is represented on a team of ten
students from the Eastern Caribbean
attending an Acquired Immune Deficiency
Syndrome (AIDS) Counseling Workshop
rnow being run at the Adeiphi University
School of Nursing in Garden State, Long
I Island, US A.

IThe three week training programme, which
runs from January 10th to 27th, is
sponsored by the Partners of the Americas
and the United States Agency For inter-
nationma Development.

The programme provides skills and
resources necessary to design and irple-
ment community education programmes,
[and training is focused on awareness and
primary prevention against AIDS and other
sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to Grenada, participants have
been drawn from St Lucia,St Vincent,
Antigua, Montserrat and St Kitts.

SDonations To National Trust
Barclays -'Bank PLC and Jonas Browne &
Hubbard Ltd have each donated EC$ 1000 to
the Grerada National Trust.

These donations, which came in response to
a request by the Trust for assistance, were
handed over to the President of the Trust,
Mr Andrew Bierzynski, on January 10th.

SThe objects of the Trust, which as founded
in 1967, include the pursuance of a policy of
preservation, the listing of buildings and
nmo.numnernts of historic and architectural
interest, the compilation of photographic
and wrchitectual records and making Gre-
rnadiars aware of the value and beauty of
their national heritage.

Grenada At CTO Launching.
1 6
Acting Minister of Tourism, Mrs Paulim e
Andrrew, represented Grenada at the
inaugural ceremony of the Caribbean Tour-

ism Organisation (CTO) which took place
in Barbados on January 1 th and 1 Ith.

CTO is a merger of the Caribbean Tourism
Association and the Caribbean Tourism
Research and. Development Centre, and the
programme in Barbados included meetings
of the CTO General Assenbly and Board of

Grenadian Pharmacists
At Course

Grenada is being represented by four
pharmacists at the Second Regional Course
On Pharmaceutical Supply Management
which opened in Dominica on January 16th
and. vill ru until February 3rd.

Some 30 participants are attending this
course which is organised by the
Organisation Of East Caribbean States
(OECS) Drug Service, and the course
focuses on basic management and logistic
concepts and principles involved in
operation of public sector systems.

The prog-ramme, ill enable participants to
understand n mnagemnt., financial and in-
formations systems, and training necessary
to support factions of the supply cycle.

Participants will be exposed to the
techniques of selection, procurement,
distribution and use of pharmaceuticals.

Trainers for the course include an inter-
disciplinary team from the OECS Drug
Service administrative and technical staff
with expertise in management and pharm-

Books For Governor

Baxter School

UNESCO has presented a selection of books
to the Governor Baxter School For The

The presentation was made on January

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 21st January 1989 Page 15
HEWS SHORTS From Page 14

18th by UNESCO's local Secretary
General, Ms Gillian Friday, to Mr Ben
Andrews, Minister of State for Education.

According to the Government Information
Service, the books are valued at EC$250
and vere selected to assist deaf students to
improve their understanding of sign
language and to enjoy stories for youth and
the wonders of science.

EIB Helps Investors

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has
made available some EC$5.9 million to
assist small and medium scale enterprises in
Grenada, Antigua, Dominica, St Kitts-
Nevis, St Lucia and St Vincent.

These funds have been made available in the
form of a loan to the Caribbean Financial
Services Corporation (CFSC), a private
sector institution based in Barbados, and
CFSC will use the proceed of the loan to
take equity participation in industrial, agro-
industrial and tourism sectors.

The EIB has advanced this loan for 25
years, at an interest rate of 2%, from risk
capital resources provided under the Lome
Convention and managed by EIB.

CFSC's shareholders comprise regional
private sector investors together with three
international financial institutions. These
are the Commonvealth Development Cor-
poration in the United Kingdom, the DEG-
Deutsch Gesellschaft fiir Beteiligungen in
Entvicklungslandern of West Germany and
International Finance Corporation of the
World Bank Group.

Williams At Chemicals
Weapons Conference

Minister for Health and Legal Affairs, Mr
Danny Williams, represented Grenada at a
Conference on the Banning of Chemical
Weapons, held in Paris from January 7th to

According to the Government Information
Service (GIS), the Conference was held
under the aupices of the United Nation

Scientific & Cultural Organisation
(UNESCO), and vas attended by States
adhering to the Geneva protocol of June
17th 1925.

That protocol affirms the prohibition of
asphyxiating, toxic or similar gasses for
varfare. It also bans bacteriological means
as a method of prosecuting var.

West German Scholarshios

Three more Grenadians have been granted
scholarships by the Federal Republic of

Mr George Phillip left the island on January
12th to undertake a four year course in
agricultural science at the University of
Everton in Canada.

Alston Calliste leaves in February to study
mechanical engineering in West Germany
and. Michael Bartholomev, a tutor at the
Grenada National College, leaves in April
to undergo advanced training, also in West

Graduates From Computer

Seventeen employees of the Ministry of
Health have graduated from an eight-week
"Introduction To Computer" course con-
ducted by personnel of Project Hope and
sponsored by the United States Agency For
International Development.

At a graduation ceremony in January 18th,
Minister for Health, Mr Danny Williams,
said that, in the modern age, some people
are left behind because they are not
prepared to fit themselves to cope.

Computerisationis here to stay, he said, and
he has plans to devise a programme in
vhich all employees of the Ministry of
Health will be exposed to the new tech-

Project. Hope Director, Mr Robert
Burastero, speaking at the ceremony,
appealed to Mr Williams, and senior Health

- I-

Page 16 Saturday 21st January 1989 The Grenada Newsletter
NEWS SHORTS From Page 15

Officials, to decide what they wish
Government's Computer Centre, opened
in October 1987, to achieve.

Courses For Police And
Customs Officer

Some 50 Police and Customs Officers,
deavn from the Commonwealth
Caribbean, attended a drug investigation
course held at the Regional Police
Training Ceitre in Barbados from 9th to
20th January.

This course was jointly sponsored by the
United States and United Kingdom
Governments, the former through its
Drug Inforcement Agency and the latter
through the British Development Divis-
ion in the Caribbean.

Among the primary objectives of the
course was the promotion of increased
communication, understanding and co-
operation between the region's drug
enforcement agencies.

The course also underlined the
continuing commitment of the United
States and United Kingdom Governments
to co-operate closely with regional
Governments to combat the menace of

drug abuse.

According to a release from the British High
Commission office in Grenada, the United
States Government, with assistance from the
British Government, is also sponsoring a
homicide training course through its Intern-
ational Investigative Training Assistance Pro-

Big Improvement In Home
Repair Programme

More than 1000 houses were repaired in 1988
under the Ministry of Housing House Repair
Programme, an increase of over 50% as
compared with the 1987 figure of 650.

According to the Government Information
Service (GIS), this has been disclosed by the
Minister for Housing, Mr Danny Williams,
and the Minister said the repairs were done ata
cost to Government of EC$1.7 million.

Mr Williams said the programme facilitates
low income earners by making building
materials availahlp at lover costs than those on
the open market.

Mr Williams said also that no security is
demanded from the house owner and
repayment terms are easy.

o, W I. CE T" -'"


21st January 1989

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