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The Grenadad


Volume 16 Saturday 16th July 1488 Number I

NNP Has "Sexious Probein Of Leadership"




"Being a man of principle", Mr Brizan said,
"Mr Brathvaite rejected the offer and the
bid to buy Mr Brathaite having failed,
Mitchell's 'National' is now trying to ass-
assinate a good an's character."
Mr Brizan said he has had a close ass-
ociation with Mr Brathwaite for a number
of years and, since Mr Brathwaite returned
to head the Irtterimr Governrent in
*Brathlaite May Enter Politics.. I
*Brizan For Democratic
Convnion ..................... 2
*McGuire Attacks Local
Media--............-- ---..------...-- 3
*Plans To Make Grenada
Commnmist Again: GIS ----........ 4
OCARICARE Sympoiium In
Grenada................--------..-........----- 5
eSt Georges To Be National
Monument--------------......................... 6
*Government Gives Licence
To Bank............................ 8
*IOC President Samaranch
Visits ------------------............................... 9
,*News Shorts ........................-------------- 11

1934, they (e and Brathwate) ave ad
many discussiois on ihe political history
and future of t island.
"I have told him it would be a geood thing
for him to be involved in the political
arena", the NDC Political Leader said, "but
there has been no formal approach for him

leader of the Opposition and
litical Leader of the National
Democratic Congress, has accused "wicked
and pover-crazy men" in Prime Minister
Blaize's New National Party (NNP) of
mounting avuolgar attack onthe character of
Mr Nicholas Brathwaite, Chairman of the
Interim Goernment which ran Grenadain
1984, after the 1983 military intervention.

In an interview vith NEWSLETTER on
July 1 lth, Mr Brizan referred to an article
in the July 8th issue of the "National"
newspaper, official NNP organ. Under the
headline "Get me to the Church On Time,
Theme From the Play, My Pregnant
Lady'", the article refers to an alleged
incident in the life of Mr Brathwaite when
he was ayouing man.
"It is the lowest level to which journalism
can sink", Mr Brizan said, "and is an act of
desperation by a dying and unpopular
Mr Brizan said Dr Keith Mitchell, Minister
of Works and NNP General Secretary must
take full responsibility for the article. Dr
Mitchell, he said, had hand-picked Mr
Lenus Walker, allegedly a barrister disbarr-
ed in Canada for misappropriating clients
funds, and put him in charge of the
"National" ad e (Mitcell)cannot "en.our-
age things to be written ad then cowardly
hide behind a mask......"

According to the Leader of the Opposition.,
Dr Mitchell has, on more than one occasion,
offered Mr Brathwaite the leadership of

-- '-~-~~-~ -~

Page 2 Saturday 16th-July 1988 The Grenada Newsletter

to join my party and, as far as I knov, he
has made no declaration of his intentions"

Mr Brathwaite confirmed this to NEWS-
LETTER in an interview on the same day
(July Ith). He confirmed also that e has
rejected approaches made to him to join
NNP. Mr Brathwaite decried to identify
the persons but said "Government Min-
isters" had beenin touch ith hin

"Before they asked me to join NNP", he
said, "they told me the party has a serious
problem of leadership which vill affect the
party's chances adversely in the rnxt
Mr Brathwaite said he told the NNP
representatives he was "shocked" that an
approach should be made to him wven they
were prepared to jettion the present
Political Leader (Prime Minister Herbert
Blaize). He told them, he said, that if he
were to join NNP under these circum-
stances, he could be accused, justifiably, of
engineering the overthrow of the Political

This is particularly so, he said, since both he
and Mr Blaize belong to the constituency of
Carriacou and, in an election, would both be
contesting that seat.

"It vas never suggested to me that I w-uldd
take over the NNP leadership," Mr
Brathvaite said, "but it was said that the

Leader vould have to be got rid of, and I
thought it was being mentioned, initially, in
the context of the representation of the
constituency of Carriacou".

Mr Brathwaite said he had ever thought of
.joining a political party but he has had
approaches from people in Carriwau vith
suggestions that he offer himself as a can-
didate at the next elections. This is a
matter he is giving serious consideration,
he said, but he has no intention of being an
independent candidate and would have to
discuss with the electorate the party affil-
iation he might have.
With reference to the article in the
"National" newspaper, Mr Brathvaite
expressed surprise that the official organ of
the Government party should resort to
"gutter politics".

Interviewed today, Mr Leas Walker,
Editor of the "National", was asked to
comment on Mr Brizan's charge that the
Toronto, Canada, police have issued a
warrant for his (Walker's) arrest relative to
misappropriation of client's funds.

Mr Walker said Mr Brizan is "misguided"
and has been "misled" and while be
(W'alker) has attempted to tell the ruth of
the matter, Mr Brizan has not been
prepared to listen.

M of the Opposition in the Grenada
l TF Hoouse of Representatives and Polit-
ical Leader of the National Democratic Con-
gress (NDC), vill attend the United States
Democratic Party Convention which takes
place in Atlanta, Georgia, from 18th to 21st

In an interview on July 12th Mr Brizan
said his invitation to attend had come from
Mr Walter Mondale, Chairman of the
National Democratic Institute.

'"A very extensive programme has been
prepared for foreign political party lead-
ers", Mr Brizan said, "and this includes
panel discussions, pre-Convention seminars
and meetings with officials of the Demo-

cratic Party".

Leader said
he will use
this opportun- .'
ity to hold
discussions --
with Political
Leaders from
the Canribbean
and else-
Mr Brizan
flies out of Grenada on July 17th and will
return on July 24th.
-,. .....

-I- --- -

- -- -- --- - -- --

SSatrday 6th July 19 Page 3



address on July 14th at the grad-
uation exercises of the Government
owned Grenada Boys Secondary School
(GBSS), Mr George McGuire, Minister of
Education, char g-
ed the local mda
with having an
open door policy
to highlight the
backward and neg-
ative elements in
the society".

"The media is
mute to all those
beautiful things
happening in our
country hvich
proclaim a new
age of prosperity
and progress for
our people", he

...... T-R Fii f r-
Dissention ,1 ,!
Grenadians ought to ye rn to live in a
society characterized by order, civility,
cohesion and conciliation, Mr McGutre
said, but there are those who work rnii.t
and day to sov the seeds of dissention, and
those who feed on violence work unceasing-
ly to engulf the island again in anarchy and

The media ignores the multitude of new
achievements for vorkerS the Muirittr
said, the services of value and "all those
great changes taking place in Grenada that.
advance learning and knowledge."

Mr McGuire expressed his concern over
public attitudes and the "v:latility"cof
Grenadians and said the people of this island
must not be victims "of our er'ini media or
the negative elements in the society"

Referring to what he called the "ponderous
declarations of doom" ma e by the local
media, the Minister said. the press has rated
the unemployment figure at 40%, setting
the stage for another round of 'massive

-*1 ----

s-cial distortion' but, 'hen the truth is
told', this figure vill be in the 20s not 4 Os

The largest industry in Grenada,
Agric.uture, continues to suffer bitterly


from a lack of
available labour
input, he said, and
can absorb 8,000
young workers
over the next-fev
"Why does rot the
media point this
out and encourage
young persons to
go into farming",
the Minister ask-

Mr McGuire said
a reliable method.
of arriving at the

figure is still being sought, but he disclosed
that, out of a population of some 100,000
persons, 28,000 workers are registered
with the National Insurance Scheme. There
are 30,000 students in schools, he said
See MCGUIRE Page 5

The C1rwd.a-

Founded 17th August 1973
378th Issue
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SE; IE O rram ret..,- aa


Tnie GreaWda NeVslette r

Page 4 Saturday 16th July 1988 The Grenada Newsletter

MA ~~ErumA



Service (GIS), in a press l release
issued on July 7th, said the upper
echeloxi of the Maurice Bishop Patriotic
lMove~rent. (MtBPM) and the Bernard Coard
faction of the New .level Movemripn. (NJM)
have riv.ted plans for the return of
Grenadato the "c'nrimnu ftl ".

"Recently", GIS says,
severall members of the
two factic.rns of the Com-
rnuisi Movement have
been e-ie holding dis-
I cusior:,:. vti th eir coun-
ter p:i1s iin Guyaar and
Do,-rurica, and wiih Tre-
v.r 7,,'s Working. r
SPep:,les Alliane in
.iJ:ri.:". ffi
Tlhse factio;:ns, GIS says,
sent representative to
|Paniama vbere talks were
helj 'with agents of
Lybi 's Colonel Muan- T N I
rmar al-Quaddafi ar POL ITrICAL
Saernit .x:tirig a body- nBP
guards and visors to Panmarri's
Manuel Noriega.

In an interview vit-h N E'SLE T TER on
MJuly 7th, Dr Terrreince i:-rrysh';.., MBPM
Political Leader denied that his pxaty has
had any -.rntact witl the Bermnrd Coard
faction of the NJM. Dr h.larrys>v decried
also that MBPM has any plans to "return
Grenada to the Communist fold".

".l' tin the framiwork of the :ati-
imiperi.:-list mro'.'e nt in the Caribbean", 'he
aidJ, "'.Fe have had coritact with fraternal
or g-riiti.:.,ns in the other is.anJs and -also in
this- conterzt, we attentdd. a rr-eotnrg in


He denied, however, that any agents of
Col..inel Gadffi vere at the Panama
n:netin g. His party has no contact with the
Lybian leader or with "agents acting as
bodyg.uards and ad visors to General Manuel

There can

be no question of "returning
Grerada to the communist
fold", Dr Marryshow said,
because Grenada nevr was
in that fold. The Peoples
Revolutionary Government
(PRG) had a socialist ideol-
ogy and pursued a strict
policy of nfn-aligmnant, be
said. Cuba may have been
one of the PRG's best
friends, but good relations
were sought vith both the
Communist block and the


SThe GIS release says
Angela Drew, United States
AZRYSyHWD jrournralist., visited Lybia on
LE ADER 26th March last and she is
,r quoted as saying, "I have
been to Lybia anid met men fighting to
regain c.t.ntr:,ol of their homeland. These
men :--me from South Africa, Gambia,
D,-nmnic.:l and Grenada".

iMr h.ifarr:sh,'.-.s response this is that he
knows there are Grenadi.ns working in
Lybia but it is "total nonsense" to suggest
th IA MBPM is pl3iarnigfa violent revolution,
similar to the NJM 1979 revolution, to
ovpr'fhr':, the Governraent of Grenada.

"We .are prepared. to work within the
e:i'ngi demr'-cratic framework", he said.

The MEFMi Le3ader said no revolution can



~F~IBBS~ )ty

The Grenada Newsletter

Page 5

OAS To Be RFprses trat At Two Levels

Organisation of American States
(OAS) vill attend a Symposium on
Human Rights which opens in Grenada on
July 18th under the sponsorship of the
Caribbean Institute of Human Rights

of Grenada
andthe Inter-
on Human
This was dis-
closed in an
interview on
July 15th by
Mr Donald

in co-operation with the
Inf oration

3rin1E OF


Trotman, CARICARE Executive Director,
and he said OAS would be represented at
t'o levels.

"The OAS Assistant Secretary General, His
Excellency Mr Valere M.cComie will
represent the Secretary General, His E:cell-
ewvc Mr Joao Clemente Baena Doc es." Mr
Trotman said, "and, at the level of the Com-
mission, we Vill Ehve Dr Christina Cerna
wh': is the Senior Humani Rghts Specialist".
Mr McComie, who is the former Barbados
Ambassador to the of Ameri-
can States (OAS), to the Uritedi Slaes and
to the United Nations, ill delIAvr the
feature address at tte Dc rmn session.

succeed unless it has the uoppr t of the

MBPM recognizes this, he says,
and it is only vhen the existing
democratic processes fail and the
people demand a change that his
party will seek other means of
bringing that change about.
-- --__ -- ---....=- v

Also scheduled to speak, at the hmcheon
session, is Sir William Douglas, former
Chief Justice of Barbados and now
Barbados' Ambassador to the United States
and to the OAS.
At the afternoon session, Dr Cerna will
present' a paper on The Role & Prospects
Of The American Convention On Human
Rights", and she will be followed by Mr
LlUod Noel, former Attorney General of

MCGUIRE From Page 3
9,000 farmers and fishermen and "a host
of self-employed and casual workers".

La'~ enforcement has faced intense public
ridicule, the Minister said, and every-
thir bad has been said about the Police
and their failures. Nothing is heard of
the crimes they have solved, and the local
media never encourages the public to take
responsible action which will help pre-
vent crile.

"Let me stress that a new type of anger
simmers just below the surface of the
Grenadian society", he said. "There is an
unattractive combination of smrugness,
paranoia aggression, submission and
arr',garre. The tirrmorous and indulgent
produce an unhappy blend vbich cannot
':,e us from .he dreadful perersions"

The social landscape of modern Grenada
is a rmi-.ure of the perceptive and the
confused, Mr MeGuire said, and, in this
fui;, the battle between the few and the
many, hteween freedom and license and
the war between male and female for
equality of opportunity, will continue

W ner.Iiehr Grenada shall have turbulence
or stability is not a rather for leisurely
debate the Minister said. Gremraias
must determine what they want ard work
with singleness of purpose to achieve it.
ls=*****8~"" - E=


i l. -

Saturday 16Ilt July 1988

SPag._ 6 Saturday 6th July 19s The Grenada Nevsletter
i------------------------. --


Temm PFriom faiwsviftk
University Makir Uatafloque

capital city,
St Georges,
is to be declared a
'national monu-
ment' under an Or-
ganisation of Ameri-
can States (OAS)
programmrne in
which certain Ca-
ribbean cities are to
be honoured.

This vas disclosed
by Mr Andrew-
Eierzynsky, Presi-
dent. of the Grenada
National Trust, at a
press conference on
July 12th, and he
said that, under that
programme, a team
from the University
of Gainesville, Flori-
da, was the in Gre-
nada cataloging hist-
oric landmarks and
buildings of historic
The President of the
Trust said his organ-
isation is associated
with this pro-
grarrme and ex-
pressed apprecia-
tion for the initia-
tive became, he
said, Greradian
have already lost
valuable parts of
their national herit-
age through care-
lessness, disregard

and disrespect.

"Our Anmerirdian
artifacts are being
looted", he said,
"the lootirn has be-
come very sophisti-
cated and organized,
and those engaged
in the practice can
be best described as
'vultures', for they
are picking the v-er7
bones of our miatiorn-
al heritage".
Scr..p Iron
StGeo0rges, is "litter-
ed" with historic
buildings, and, as a
measure of the is-
land's rrlitary past,
cannon stand at
several street cor-
ners, Mr Bier-
zynsky said, but the
mm-in--the street
slhrvs little apprec-
iation for what. he
regards as e:peruj-
able scrap iron.

The OAS pro-
gramme vill serve
to avaken public
interest, he said. In
addition, the Trust
is in process of cata-
loging historicmon-
uments and artifacts
on an island-wide
basis, he said, anda
programme of pub-
lic education has
been undertaken as
a priority.

01(T 100 MI L

The Greinada Nat-
ional Trust wa
established in 1967
iand memberlhp is
open to the public.
It is go"erneid by
legislation, Govern-
ment is represente_-4
on its Ma1.agemrnent
Corrnnittee. but the
Body has not been
active in re-er.i
years and Mr Bier-
zynslhy said own of
its problem is that
the legislation does
not have teethl" to
enable the Trust to
enforce pro-

gTrarxmffe' of coiser-
va'.,:, restoration
and r'e srvatori.
Last May the Trust
a""- reLi.u citated and
the legislation is
being studied with a
view to revision,
Mr Bier2vnsky said.
Membership nov
:Ia::.s at i60 and,
with a current
membership drive,
is expected to
in.r.e sigrtficant-
.--mm Ea,,,.,,.,saB ,

On 1st Au 1988, Greriad, together vith
all Britain's ex-col'rnies in the Westirdies,
celebrates the 150th AKniwrsary of the
.~tlitio n of slavery.

The "Grenada Handbook" rec rids that, on
Ist August 1838, the conduct of the
"liberated people" was "most exemplary".
They went to Church and had "festive
gatherings" but there vas "no drunkenness
or disorderly conduct".

Mr Andrew Bierzylnska
Grenedea National Trust

-- ~-~---

Y ~"'


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 16th July 988 Page 7

CARICARE From Page 5
Grenada. Mr Noel vill speak on "The
American Convention On Human Rights
And Its Special Significance For Grenada
and The English Speaking Caribbean".

Also at the afternoon session, Dr Claudio
Grossnmn, Professor of Law at the Ameri-
can University, Washington, D C, will
speak on "A Critical E-xamination Of The
Protection Of Hurran Rights In Latin
America Under The Anmrican Convention
On Human Rights".
1Mr Trotman said the symposium is of
special significance because it
commemorates the I th anniversary of the
coming into force of the American

The significance of the symposium beirii
held in Grenada, he explained, is that, 10
years ago, on 18th July 1977, hen renada
deposited her instrument of ratification
with the OAS Secretary General, she made
up then the number of national ratifications
required to bring the Convention into

Mr Trotman said the symposium rill focus
on examination of vhat the Convention of
Human Rights is. It vill also look into the
functioning of its organs, that is the
Washington, D C based Inter-American
ICommission On Human Rights and The
American Court Of Human Rights which is
located in Costa Rica.

There vill also be a critical look at the
relationship non-governm-entil bodies
should have to the Convention in order to

asist the execution of its programmes and
there vill be trilook into the future vith
possible recommendations for improve-
ments in the machinery of the Convention.
CARICARE vas founded in June 1987 on
the initiative of the Jamaica based
Bustamante Institute Of Public & Inter-
national Affairs. The Institute, which is
headed by Sir Rupert John, has its
headquarters in St Vincent and, according
to Mr Trotman, was founded to provide
support, advice and information concerning
human and democratic rights.

CARICARE is non-governmental and aims
to facilitate access to available machinery
for redress when human and democratic
rights are threatened or violated

of CARICARE extend more particularly to
the Engiish-speaking Caribbean, but intend-
ed operation and functioning extend to the
wider Caribbean.

The linguistic footprints of Grenada's early
French settlers can be seen in the self
descriptive names of several plants

Beloved by children is the "Poor-do"
(Pois doux = sweet bean), while older folk
still make a medicinal "tea" from the
"Gven-amber-fvail" (Graine 'a as
feuille = seed inder the leaf). Also used to
make a medicinal "tea" is the "Zeb-ah-
peek" (Herb a piquant bitter grass)

Page 8 Saturday 16th July 1988 The Grenada Nevsletter

Z Doni Need- To *J&- tne ThI
prominent Grenada bl.inezrsman,
LY Lformer President of the GrermJa
Chamber of Industry & Commerce and
moving force behind the proposed Peopl-es
Bank, told NEWSLETTER in an interview
on July 7th that class problems and
remnants of colonialism are hampering the
island's development.

"If somebody is oper-
ating clean", he said,
"give him a chance. If
he has done something
wrong, punish him. But,
if he has done nothing
vrong, why not encour- .
age him and give him a
fair opportunityto devel-
op ? Why should his
background be looked
at, his family ties and all
that nonsense ?"
Mr DeBourg as cor-
rmnting on the adverse
propaganda which has
been evident since June :..
7th last vhen he .-
registered "The Peoples
Bank" as a private Comr- :.
pany with an authorized
capital of EC$100 mill-

There has been a report, broadcast. by an
East Caribbean radio station, that, because
of "shady characters" associated with the
venture, Government has declined to issue, a
license to The Peoples Bank But, a
license was issued by Government on 23rd
June to Mr DeBourg for which he paid the
sum of EC$20, 000 and which is vaid until
31st December 1988.

The propaganda against his Bank venture,
he said, is being generated by elements
connected with the established banks and
vith the Private Sector. Bark Management


had rnothilrg to
persons, w'ho fee
of another Ban
preserve' the "sta

Mr DeBourg sai
Sector is divided
have the well-b
There is a "nice,

..... .

. -


The rarame of
Holiday, has t
ve'rntue, but Mr
vill note ash-ar

"Mr Holiday has
4'. with the shad
said As a m
works as a corns
who are associat
the purpose of
Finrance, he has
Executive Office

Mu" : Itowqr9

do with it, he said, but
I threatened by the advent
k are making efforts to
ti.s quo".
d that the Grenada Private
I and selfish and does not
being of Grenada at heart.
little status quo grouping"
thich may have taken the
initiative at some time to
firrr that grouping, be
said, and now it is required
that one "toe. the line and
do as one is told" in order
to be "counted among the
status quo"

"I cannot and will not ac-
cept that kind of situation",
he said, "because I don't
need to be in the status

Mr DeBourg said the paid
up capital of the Bank vill
be EC$34 million but,
beyond saying that the
shareholders vill all be
Grenadian, he declined to
identify the persons inter-
ested in the venture or the
so-urce of the capital.
mn Englisnhan, Mr Peter
been associated with the
DeBourg said he is not and

tabsiolutely nothing at all to
reholding of the Bank", he
matter of fact, Mr Holiday
ultant to a group of people
ed with our source, and for
filing with the Ministry of
been named Acting Chief
r of the Bank".
See BANK Pag 9


Thi Grenada Newsletter Saturday 16th July 1988 Page 9

Solution T9o pagrtfdiid tus PRest
in Af ri on tmans.

io Samaranch, 67,
JL resident of the In-
terational Olympic Com-
mittee (IOC), said here on
July 12th that his Com-
mittee was the first inter-
national sports organisation
to expel South Africa for
that country's racist policies
in sport.

That was in 1970, he said,
and the IOC will not accept
South African Olympic C
mittee as long as the South Afr:
national Constitution supp
apartheid, but the solution to
racist problem must rest
African hands.

I AWC President

"The solution to the South African
problem in sports must come from
Africa", he said, "not from
Europe or from America".
Mr Samaranch's contents were
made at a press cornerence durir
a one day visit to Grenada vhich is
part of a mission he set himself to

visit, during his term of
office, all the National
Olympic Cormittees.
The President was accom-
panied by Mr Mario
Vasquez-Rara, President of
the Association of National
Olympic Comnmittees, and
Mr Samaranch said there
vere just five more
National Coraiuttees\ to be

"?-Y;LL .1- i

S lC President
Juan AMtani Semeranch

visited before be completes
his mission to this region.

Mr Samartnch said he is
See OC Page 10

flb U- I---- ---~ ~ ~ -~- -~~

BANK from Page 8
Before the license vas issued, Mr DeBoiulr
said, Goverrnment had to be satisfied that the
reserves and capitalisation of the Bak "vere
adequately in place". No deposit needs to be
made with Government, be said, but, when the
Bank starts to operate, a reserve requirement
withthe East CaribbeanCentral Bank vill have
to be satisfied.

Negotiations are nov taking place to establish a
local corresponding bank to vork with The
Peoples Bank, he said. He explained that a
bank cannot work m isolation and the pro-
cedure is to hav a relationship vith one bank
as a temporary device until the new Bank can
fit irrt the facility of the East Caribbean Cen-
tral Bank.

In effect, he said., what is required is a
"clearing facility" so that the ner Bank vill
hono-ur cheques drawn on other local Banks
and those banks will honour cheques of The
Peoples Bank.

The new Bank should open its doors to the
public before the end of this year, Mr DeBourg
said. Through an agent, premises have been
identified and purchase is being arranged, but
he declined to give any details.

-- -- --

Page 10 Saturday 16th July 1988 The Grenada Newsletter
IOC From Page 9

very impressed with preparations South
Korea is making for the holding of the
Summer Olympics in Seoul commence g on s
17th September this year. Never has a
country done so much for the Games, he
said, and, already, some US$3 billion has
been spent.

Of this figure, he said, about US$600
million is for the organisation of the amres.
The balame has gon into improving the
infrastructure, that is, airport facilities,
highways, extending of the subway and L
other projects.

The President said this is not money
"thrown through the window". From the
proceeds of the last Games, Los Angeles
received US$23D million and he thought

M..- M -.-

South Korea vill receive about US$700

Main source of revenue, Mr Sama-
ranch said, is from sale of television
rights and 26% of the sum realized
goes to the "Olympic Family". Divi-
sion of this sum is that one-third is
allocated to the IOC, one-third is
used to help Olympic Committees
vorld-vide, and the remaining one-
third is used to assist National Com-
mittees taking part in the Games.
The remaining 64% goes to the
Organising Committee.
KqWp ment
As a member of the "Olympic Family",
Grenada vill receive assistance given by
IOC to small countries, and air fares and
accommodation for six athletes anud wo
officials Vill be paid for by 100. In
addition, Grenada vill receive the grant of
US$8,000 given to small countries for the
participating team's equipment.

One month ago, the President said, he
visited South Korea and had discussions
with the President of the Republic,
Sreresentatives of the Government and

Opposition and representatives of the most
radical student groups. He is convinced, he
;aid, that South Korea is a "real democracy"
enjoying total freedom of the mass media.

During the Olympics, the South Korean
Government is responsible for security, Mr
Samaranch said, and the 10C has been brief-
3d on, and is satisfied with, the adequacy of
measures which vill be taken.

"Tvo years ago, South Korea was
host to the Asian Games with 5,000
athletes taking part, he said. "During
these games, nothing happened
because security was veil organized
and we think security will be well
organised at the Olympics."
No boycott of the
- Seoul Olympics is
expected, the Presi-
dent said, because
everyone has realized
that, vhen there is a
S... boycott, the only
losers are the athletes.
In Los Angeles, 140 National Olympic
Committees took part in the Games which
vas the highest number to that time, he said,
and he predicted that that record will be
broken in Seoul with some 160 Committees
taking part.

IOC President Samaranch is a native of
Spain and, in his youth as active in hockey,
tennis ard football. In 1967, he was elected
President of the Spanish National Olympic
Committee and, about the same time, was
elected to rrembership of the IOC where he
has served for (he last 22 years.
In 1980, while he vas serving a four year
term as Spanish Ambassador to Moscow, he
vas elected 1OC President. His term of
office, as the Head of 10C, ends next year
but he is eligible for reelection for a further
four years.

Mr Mario Vasquez-P.ana, President of the
Association of National Olympic Com-
mittees (ANOC) said that, before the IOC
presidency of Mr Samaranch, ANOC vas
ignored, but his organisation represents a
See I Page l

:: i::i
:: :::I
i:] ii :ii:liilii ii ii:i~T~::I.::

-- -----

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 16th July 1988 Page 11


New United States-
Chare d'Affaim

Figures released by the Ministry Of
Education shove that, of the 2,715 students
Vho took the 1988 Common Entrance
Examination to the secondary schools, 1258
or 46% passed.

The examination is open to students urder
14 years of age, ard Westmoreland School,
vhich achieved a 100% pass rate, took six
of the seven top places.

Sheik Jaleel of Westmoreland topped the list
with a score of 139, Roger DeAllie of
Sunnyside Private vas second with 138 and
top student from the out parishes vas
Adrain Tumrrings of Crochu Roman
Cathlic School who placed 12th vith a score
of 132.

Presentation Brothers College and St
Joseph's Convent vere the secondary
schools chosen by the majority of the stu-
dents vho placed in the top 50.

Teacher For Language

The Grenada UNESCO Secretariat pro-
vided funding for a secondary school tea-
cher, Mrs Margaret Grainger, to attend a
language conference in Trinidad earlier this

U=-I-- -;-~- -----~ .

IOC From Pge 1
special coming together of the "Olympic
Family" to organise, among other things,
training sessions.

The function of ANOC, he said, is to
investigate the problems of the National
Committees world-vide and to help them
as much as possible.

In addition to his position vith ANOC,
Mr Mario Vasquez-Rana is President of
the Mexican National Olympic Com-
mittee and President Of The Pan-
American Sport Organisation.
:--- a .---- -.

Mr James Ford
diplomat in the
Service, arrived in (
replaces Mr John
d'Affaires at theUS

Cooper,53, a career
united States Foreign
renada on June 16thto
C Leary as Charge
Embassy here.

Mr Coopper entered the Foreign Service in
1960 and, from 1961 to 1979, served in
various political and economic positions in
U S Embassies ad Consulates in Peru, the
United Kingdom, CostaRica, Columbiaand

More recently, he has been Deputy Director
of Caribbean Affairs in the State Depart-
ment (1979-80), Deputy Chief of Mission in
Asuncion, Paraguay (1981-84) and Deputy
Chief of Mission in Helsinki, Finland (1984-

Mr Cooper holds a B.A. in Political Science
from Michigan State University and an
M.A. in Government from Cornell Uni-

As Cl,'ge d'Affaires, Mr Cooper has
overall responsibility for the activities and
programmes of the Grenada Embassy, the
Grenaada office of the United States Agency
for International Development, the Peace
Corps in Grenada and the United States
Information Service in Grenada.
Se.e MNW SHOTS P1ae 12

Maurice Bishop Murder Case
Sources close to the Judiciary have advised
NEWSLETTER that the Appeals relative
to to Constitutional Motions, num-
bers 7/1988 and 12/1987 (see NEWS-
LETTER of Saturday 4th June 1988, page
2), set down to be heard commencing July
25th, will not be heard at that date.

The sources say one of the Defence Counsel
is ill and unable to attend and, vhile it has
not yel been anmtaned, these Appeals are
most likely to be heard vhen the Appeal
Court sits on 29th August to hear the
Appeal against conviction in the murder

Common Entrae Pa

---- -`--~

Page 12 Saturday 16th July 1988 The Grenada Newsletter
AEWS SHORTS ftxm Page 11

Swiss Ambassador-Designat

To Present Credential

ing on June 23rd.

Mr Peter Dietschi, 58, non-resident Ambass-
ador-Designate of Switzerland to Grenada,
arrived in Grenada on July 15th and vill
present his credentials to Governor General
Sir Paul Scoon on July 20th.

During his stay in Grenada, Mr Dietchi
vill pay calls on the Dean of the Diplomatic
Corps, Mr Efrain Silva, Venezuelan
Ambassador to Grenada, Mr James F
Cooper, United States Charge d'Affaires,
Mr Graeme Roberts, Resident British
Representative and Mr John Caloghirou,
Resident Representative of the Delegation
of the Commission of the European

Mr Dietscl studied at the Universities of
Basil and Rome andi is a Doctor of
Philosophy. He joined the Swiss Federal
IDepartment of Foreign Affairs in 1959 and
was appointed. Counsellor at the Swiss
Embassy in Washigton, D C, U S A, in

In 1975, he was appointed Deputy Head of
Mission in Budapest, becoming Consul-
General in Munich in 1979 and Ambassador
to the German Democratic Republic in

Naioal ECS Unity
Coimittee Holds
Inaugural Meeting

The National Committee on OECS Political
Unity held its inaugural participation meet-

Alster Hughes

According to the Governmnt Information
Service, the meeting vas chaired by Chief
Education Officer, Mr RoyRathan, and was
attended byover 200 teachers.

Present were Mr Danny Williams, Minister
of Health and Chairman of the National
OECS Committee and Senators Ben An-
drews and Norris James.

Issues discussed ver the vatages of a
single administrative structure, increased
political impact on world affairs of an
OECS state and the strengthening of trade.

Government Concerned
Over Haiti

Prime Minister Herbert Blaize told the
House of Reprentatives on June 24th that
his Government is concerned over recent
developmentsin Haiti.

The recent elections in Haiti left much to be
desired, the Prime Minister said, but,
because of Haiti's unique cultural and
political experience, Mr Blaize thought
totally free elections in that country are
more difficult to be had than in places like

The Prime Minister said that, despite this,
he cannot accept what be called "the armed
forces determination to retain control", and
he disclosed that Haiti is on the agenda for
the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
Heads of Government meeting scheduled
for Antigua in July.

Cyatbia Hughes

16th July 1988

Priawd & Publiskhe By The Proprietors
Alisir & Cynthia Hghes, Jouaaists
Of Scott StMeet, St Georgea,Grexada, Westiadis
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