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The Grenase

Volume 16 Saturday 16th April 1988 Number 5


nada and the United Nations Food &
Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
have signed an Agreement under which
Grenada is to receive US$1.5 million.
At the signing ceremony, which took place
on April 7th, Prime Minister Herbert .
Blaize said the grant is being made under
the World Food Programme (WFP) and is
to assist in the development of agriculture.
"The WFP is not giving us money',
he said, "they vill give us wheat
which will be sold and the proceeds
devoted to agricultural development"
The programme extends over five years and Prime Miaiiter Herbert 1laize
the Prime Minister said that, as the vheat is th re nt
received, it vill be sold to Grenada Agro-
Industries Ltd, the Company vhich operates
the flour mill in Grenada.

The proceeds of these sales vill be applied
to development of agricultural projects
agreed vith WFP, Mr Blaize said, and
identified as the programme is
The Prime Minister disclosed that this is not
the first time Grenada ha had assistance
from FAO and he expressed his
In Grenada, to sign on behalf of FAO, vas
Mr Jean-Jacques Vandamme, WFP
Director of Operations Representative,
resident in Barbados.


SGrenada To Receive US$1.5
Million From FAO ............. 1
SImplementation Training
Seminar For Civil Servants., 2
SWilliams Nov ECDS
Chairmana--------------------..... 3
eNew OAS Director In
Grenada .......................... 4
> CPA Executive Committee
Chairman Visits........... ----- 5
'News Shorts.................------ 6

U '. ..~~~~~~~~~~~iiiiiiiii~~1-I

... .tfire is nw wuarantem we wif- get arny
fanrlasti improvemnertv" : MescoC l

ian formerly attached to the We-st
Indies Cricket Team, is one of the
lecturers who will address a three-week
management training seminar vhich opened
in Grenada on April l1th.

This vas disclosed to NEWSLETTER, man
interview, by Grenadian born Dr Stephen
Mascoll, leader of the team which is
conducting the seminar.

The Grenada Government's capital works
expenditure programme for 1988 involves
over EC$50 million, he said, and even a
small efficiency improvem-ent in handling
this expenditure can, potentially, produce
"quite sizeable returns".
The Team Leader said he categories the
returns as "potential" because
implementation is not the sole factor vhich
determines public sector investment
w/:< ::2::wa.:,, efficiency.

"Dr Webster is a medical 1
doctor, a specialist in gLS
sports medicine and an ~ /~-
expert in the field of motivation and
management development", Dr Mascoll
said, "and he worked with
Clive Lloyd (Captain of
the team) and the West .
Indies Cricket team when .
they were in Australia".

Dr Mascoll said Dr Webster had developed
a management consultancy practice in
'Australia, and was brought back to
Barba.dos by the late Prime Minister Errol
Barrow, holding now the position of
Consultant in the Prime Minister's Office.
The seminar is sponsored by the Caribbean
Development Bank (CDB), and on the team
vith Dr Mascoll are Grenadian born Miss
Jennifer Fletcher, Administrative Assistant
of the CDB Training Unit and Barbadian
Mr Beverley "Teddy" Charles, CDB Chief
of Project Review and Training.

Dr Mascoll, hose doctorate is in Project
Management, and who is on contract to
CDB, told the opening session of the
seminar that the aim of the seminar is to
improve performance in Grenada's Public
Sector Investment Programme.

with selection of projects to be included in
the programme, he said, and a seminar
geared to implementation cannot deal with
that aspect.

Another aspect. affecting efficiency, and
which is beyond the scope of the seminar, is
the design of individual projects, hov they
are formulated, how their objectives are
framed and how they are "packaged".
"I .-m deliberately cautious vhen I say we
are Iovoking at 'potential' improvement", Dr
Mascoll said "because there is no guarantee
ve wil get any fantastic improvement.
This is not being negative but is recognition
of the fact that implementation is only one
of the legs on vhich performance rests."

The seminar was declared open by Mr Felix
Alexander, Minister of State in the Ministry
See SEMINAR Page 5

- --

Page 2

Saturday 16th April 1988

The Grenada Newsletter

The Grenada Nevsletter Sia~day 16th April 1988 Page 3



Service ECDS) programme is to
concentrate over the nest 12 months
on strengthening its foundations, cleaning
up the "rough edes" and streamlining its

This vas declared to NEWSLETTER, inan
interview on 15th April, by Mr Danny
Williams, Minister of Health in the Grenada
Government, vho took over the Chairman-
ship of ECDS on that day.

"The whole object of the exercise is to get
more goods for your money", he said, "arnd
if we succeed in streamlining and making
the Service more efficient, it will be worth
the effort".
ECDS, with headquarters in St Lucia, was
established 18 months ago with the
assistance of the United States Agency for
International Development (USAID).

Aim of the Service is, through bulk
purchasing, to reduce the cost of pharma-
ceuticals to Governments of the Organ-
isation of East Caribbean States (O ECS)

The Service is managed by a Policy Board
comprised of OECS Ministers of Health.

A two-day meeting of the Board, (the
second since it was formed) opened in
Grenada on 15th April under the
Chairmanship of Mr Ronan Da vid, Minister
of Healthin the Doninica Government, and
he handed the Chair to Mr William= who
vill be Chairman for the next 12 Innths

The first issue of the "Royal Grenada Gaz-
ette", forerunner of the "Grenada Govern-
ment Gazette", official publication of the
Grerada Government, was published in
January 1765.

All copies are missing except one, for 25th
January 1766, which is inthe possession of
the American Antiquarian Society.

In a statement to the Meeting, St Lucia's
Minister of Health, Mr Romanus Lasiquot,
said his country had reaped considerable
benefits from the service.

"We, in St Lucia, have seen substantial
savings", he said, "My information is that
we have seen a 66% saving on the cost of
drugs we have ordered through the ECDS

Interviewed, Mr Williams said the Grenada
Government spends about EC$1 million
annually on pharmaceuticals, and with an
estimated reduction in costs through ECDS
of over 20 %, there is a saving of more than

The Policy Board Meeting was attended by
Ministers of Health from all Members of the
OECS except St Kitts/Nevis and Antigua.
The former is a member of ECDS but
Antigua has not joined.

Also at the meeting vere representatives of
the OECS Secretariat, the East Caribbean
Central Bank, ECDS and a Boston, USA
based non-profit organisation, Medical
Services For Health

The neuad&-
Founded 17th August 1973
373rd Issue
Subscription Rates
Payable In Advance
Postage Pad By Second Class Air Mail
(Inland Post In Grenada)

10 fLisses
20 Issues
40 Issues

S 39.00
$ 72.20


About 20 Issues Published


Saturday 16th April 1988

19mhS spent in
"lrnw s Urol" triin-

f Director of the Organisation Of
rJt l rican States (OAS) in
Grenada, said on April 5th that during his
term of office, "by and large", he has had
cooperation from the Authorities here.

"There are a lot of things to be done here",
he said, "and Grenada has to settle down and
rethink its role as an independent nation
interacting in the international community".
Grenadian born Mr Payne vas speaking at a
press conference called to announce his
promotion to the post of OAS Director in St
Lucia, and his replacement here as Director
by Trinidad born Mr Frank Laukaran,42.

It is imperative, Mr Payne said, that
Grenada study the terms of reference of the
organizations to which it subscribes. The
vay these organizations operate must he
examined, he said.

The Acting Director described as "heart
rending" the type of feedback, indicative of
inertia, which comes to his office in spite of
many meetings held and copious documen-
tation supplied.

The "home vork": has to be done at both the
political and bureaucratic or civil service
levels, he said, if loss of time and funds is to
be prevented.

Mr Payne joined the OAS in 1978 as
Administrative Officer at the Grenada
office. From 1979 to 1983, he told the
press, he found himself having to run the
office because of "a number of
circumstances" beyond his control. In
1983, a Director was appointed, Mr Payne
continuing as Administrative Officer and
Deputy Director until 1985 vhen he vas
appointed Acting Director.

Mr F


Prior to accepting the post of OAS Director
in Grenada, Mr Laukaran has been an
international consultant to the United
Nations, World Bank and the OAS, serving
in the fields of Africa, the Middle East and
the Caribbean.

Educated at Berkeley University in
California, Mr Laukaran holds a Bachelor's
Degree in Engineering and Economics. He
has two Masters Degrees, in Natural
Resource Economics and in Political
Science, and he holds a Doctorate in Public
Policy and Natural Resource Economics.
Berkeley University, he said, is a highly
theoretical institution and one vhichmaybe
ill equipped to fit a graduate into some
situations that graduate may find himself,
such as being an advisor to Government.

The new Director said he has emphasised
the practical side of his education process
which covers the years spent in "hands on'"
training after school in a variety of
countries and in the service of international

"My experience has been in the area of
science and technology, policy planing and
energy planing," he said, "particularly vith
respect to new and renevable sources of

Mr Payne leaves Grenada on April 19th to
take up his ne appointment in St Lucia.
amusemememmanumset mammes

I - -------

Page 4

The Grenada Nevsletter

rotnk Leukrmn

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 16th April 1988 Page 5

r. AJv 11 b =,,ll laira

CTist Ar TiaAN t be

First Ajricrn to be electeA Chairman

limba, 50, Chair-
man of the Exec-
utive Committee of the
Commonwealth Parlia-
mentary Association (CPA)
said at press conference in
Grenada on April 9th that,
the Peoples Revolutionary
Government, vhich was in
power from 1979 to 1983,
had recognized the value of
youth programmes.

"I do not know, after
the revolution, what
place these programmes
have got in the new
administration", he
said, "but it is terribly
important for a demo-
cratic government to be
seen to be doing even
more because in that
way we are inning
friends for the future"_

Accompanied by the CPA
Secretary- General, Dr
David Tonkin, 5, 5 Mr
Mulimba was visiting
Grenada following the close
of a meeting of the Exec-
utive Committee held in
Trinidad recently.
Dr Tonki supported the
Chairman's viev but said
that an administration
vhich is not subject to
parliamentary control can
more easily take decisions
and institute programmes.

"The parliamentary process
takes longer of necessity",
he said, "because every
shade of opinion must be

considered and, unless the
young people are taught to
understand the process, they
do not always see that this is
the best way of doing it"

The Secretary General said
he vas in Fiji addressing a
joint session of both Houses
of the Parliament just two
days before the coup.
That branch of the CPA has
not been expelled but has
been put "in abeyance" he
said. CPA does not iixe to
lose members, he continu-
ed, and a member put in
abeyance will enjoy mem-
bership again when there
is, once more, a properly
constituted Parliament meet-
ing and considering legis-

"Grenada vas one such
Branch (in abeyance)", he
said, "but, happily, that time
is now past and., since then,
Grenada las played a signif-
icant part in the Caribbean
by promoting parliamen-
tary democracy through
parliamentary seminars."

Mr Mulirnba said the
meeting in Trinidad, which
ran from 21st tv 25th
March, fixed the agenda for
the annual CPA Conference
which takes place in
Canberra, Australia next

An important item on
the agenda is apartheid,
be said.
This matter has been

discussed by CPA for many
years and Mr Mulimba
expressed the opinion that
these discussions have
succeeded in generating, in
more countries, more
awareness and understand-

From Page 2
of Finance, and he
expressed satisfaction
that the seminar would
include practical work
using simplified project
management tools and

Too often, he said,
participants in training
courses are subjected to
theoretical concepts
which are of little use
outside of the walls of the
learning institution.

Thirty one senior Civil
Servants, Permanent
Secretaries and Heads of
Departments are taking
part in this seminar and
they are drawn from
every Ministry and from
Government run enter-
prises. One participant is
from the Private Sector.

Co-sponsors of the
seminar, with CDB, are
the European Develop-
ment Fund and the Inter-
American Development
^^ml....fl stonar eman"""

Page 6 Saturday 16th April 1988 The Grenada Nevsletter


British Aid For Police

Contraceptive Seminar

The Central Police Station in St Georoes
and the Grenville Police Station, both
recently reEaired and rehabilitated with a
British Development Loan of EC$808,640,
are to receive further assistance from the
United Kingdom.

According to a release from the office of
the British High Commission in Grenada.
Britain is to provide EC$168,320 vorth of
furniture for these Stations.

Orenadian Workers In Cuba

Four workers left Grenada on April 6th to
vork on a construction project at the United
States military base at Guantanamo Bay,

According to a release from the Ministry of
Labour, the men will be employed by the
Kellog Construction Company, and, vhile
the duration of the contract is not known, it
may be as long as two years.

A one day seminar on Contrasceptive
Prevalence in Grenada vill be hosted by the
Ministry of Health on April 21st.

Held in collaboration with the International
Planned Parenthood Federation/Western
Hemisphere Region, the seminar will
consider findings of a Contraceptive
Prevalence Survey done in Grenada in

The major objectives of this survey were to
determine and clarify levels of contra-
ceptive use nd to assess the relative
effectiveness of information, education and
delivery services in affecting patterns of
contraceptive use.

Dr Titbani Jagdeo, Chief Executive Officer
of the Caribbean Family Planning
Affiliation, who conducted the survey, will
discuss his findings at the seminar.

Dr Jagdeo is author of the book, "Teenage
Pregnancy In The Caribbean".

CHAIRMAN From Page 5

ing of what. is happening in South Africa.

CPA is made up of individual members of
Governments, he said, and, each in his own
Government can influence pressure to be
exerted on South Africa.

"That is why the Association is more
important than all the other forums", the
Chairman said, "because we are the
foundation stone of Governments"
Mr Mulirnba, a barrister, is Minister of
State in the Government of the Republic of
Zambia with responsibility for National
Guidance, Information and Broadcasting

He is the first African to be elected
Chairman of the CPA Executive
Cormmrittee, the Governing Body of the
Association vhich is composed of three
parliamentarians from each of the seven

global regions into which CPA is divided.

Also members of the Governing Body are
the President and Vice President of CPA.
Current CPA President is Mr Kerry Sibraa,
President of the Australian Senate who
visited Grenada recently and who will host
the CPA Annual Conference in September.
The Vice-President is Mr Lawson Weeks,
Speaker of the Barbados House of
Assembly. IiI iill become CPA President
next year and will host the Annual
Conference when it is held in Barbados

Mr Mulimba and Dr Tonkin flev out of
Grenada on April 10th on their way to
London where the CPA has its


The Grenada Newsletter ,Saturday 16th April 1988 Page 7

GUT Celebates 27th

The Grenada Union Of Teachers (GUT)
celebrated the 27th anniversary of its
founding when it held its two-day Annual
Conference on April 13th and 14th.

Opening the Conference, Governor General
Sir Paul Scoon noted a current tendency to
disrespect and a general breakdown in the
moral fabric of youth.

According to the Government Information
Service (GIS), Sir Paul called on teachers to
adopt the "Christian philosophy of love for
one's neighbour and for country", and to
impart this philosophy to their students.

It is the duty of teachers, he said, not only to
teach academics, but the manner in which
life should be lived in a democratic society.

Attended by over 400 teachers, the
Conference had as its theme, "Towrds
Greater Teacher Involvement, Dedication
And Commitment For A Better Society".

Potage Rates I raed

With effect from 25th March 1988, postage
rates for letters have been increased.

Air Mail postage to countries of the
Caribbean Community (CARICOM),
previously fixed at EC$0.30 per half-ounce,
has been increased by 66.66% to EC$0.50
per half-ounce.

Before the increase, postage to Great
Britain and Northern Ireland, The United
States of America (including Alaska and
Hawaii) and Venezuela, stood at EC$0.60
per half-ounce.

An increase of 25% on postage to these
countries has taken the figure to EC$0.75
per half-ounce.

Postage to a range of countries, including the
Federal Republic of Germany, Holland,
Malta, Norway, Portugal, Monaco, Spain,

Sweden, Luxemburg and Switzerland stood
at EC$0.70 per half-ounce before the

This rate has been moved up by over 28% to
EC$0.90 per half-ounce.

Postage on letters within the State of
Grenada (Inland Postage) has been
increased by 50% from EC$0. 10 per ounce
to EC$0.15 per ounce.

There have been increases too in the annual
rental of Private Letter BoXes. The rental
of Small Boxes has moved up by 150%
from EC$20.00 to EC$50.00, and Large
Boxes by the same percentage from
EC$30.00 to EC$75.00.

According to the Government Information
Service, postal rates in Grenada vere last
revised in 1981.

Tourism Fiaavourable.

The Government Information Service
(GIS) reports there was a total of 5,903
"stay-over" visitors to Grenada in March,
this figure indicating an increase of 28%
over the relevant figure recorded in March

According to GIS, during March, there
were 770 visitors from the United Kingdon
and 1,687 from the United States of
America, these figures being, respectively,
increases of 93% and 25.5% over the March
1987 figures.

Statistics for March 1988 shov
cruise liner calls brought 17,494
gers to the island.

that 32

River Road Project
Ahead Of Schedule.

The Government Information Service
(GIS) reports that the Community Centre
and Library Project, in the St Georges
suburb of River Road, is ahead of schedule.

Funded primarily by the Canadian
International Development Agency, the

- ------------

Page 8 Saturday 16th April 1988 The Grenada Newsletter
NEWS SHOR S From Page 7

project has been further assisted by a grant
of EC$24,000 from the Federal Republic of

Police May Us-e Don
To Detect Drug

The Royal Grenada Police Force may
benefit from an evaluation study on the
feasibility and cost effectiveness of setting
up a regional training centre for police drug
detector dogs.

A release from the Information Section of
the British High Commission in Barbados
says the study is funded by the British
Development Division in the Caribbean and
is being undertaken by a British dog-
training consultant, Mr Ian Thompson, in
coordination with the United States

Mr Thompson, vho was formerly Inspector-
In-Charge of the West Yorkshire Police
Dog Section & Dog Training School, vill,
in addition to Grenada, visit over a six veek
period, St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad &
Tobago, Guyana, Antigua, Montserrat,
StKittsNevis, Jamaica,, the British Virgin
Islands, the Turks & Caicos Islands and the
Cayman Islands.

Swedish Ambassador Visits

Mr Lennart Klackenberg, 57, Svedish non-
resident Ambassaador to Grenada, visited
Grenada from 4th to 8th April.

During his visit, Mr Klackkenberg called on
Mr Ben Jones, Minister For External
Affairs and Dr Keith Mitchell, Minister for

The Ambassador called also on the Dean of
the Diplomatic Corps, Venezuelan
Ambassador Errain Silva, and on British
Resident Representative, Mr Graeme
Roberts and United States Charge
d'Affaires, Mr John Leary.

Mr Klackenberg holds a Bachelor of
Science degree from the Stockholm School
Of Economics and a Bachelor Of Arts
degree from the University of Stockholm.

Honorary Consul for Sweden in Grenada is
Mrs Angela Smith.

Post Office Fire

The Perdmontemps Post Office in the
Parish of St Davids was completely
destroyed by fire on the night of April 3rd.

Post Master General, Mr Leo Roberts, told
the Government Information Service (GIS)
that all mail at this Post Office, including
packages, together with EC$245.00 vorth
of stamps and cash had been lost.

Mr Roberts said this disaster comes in the
vake of a recent robbery at the Vincennes
Post Office in St Davids when all mail had
been stolen, and a fire at the General Post
Office in St Georges on March 21st when
the estimated loss of mail was
EC$20, 0000.0

Save Water, Plea

Dr Keith Mitchell, Minister for Public
Utilities, has appealed to the public to
conserve water in order to ensure a constant
supply throughout the dry season.


16th April 1988
Prited & Published By The Proprietor
Alister & Cythia Hughes, Jonalibts
Of Scott Steet, St Georges,Greinaa, Westindes

(P.O.Box 65: Phone [809] 440 2538: Cables HUSON, Gresada

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