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Thie Grenada


S Volume 16 Saturday 2nd April 1988 Number 4


Court I" ssis LAwywrs
sat again on March 14th to hear
the Appeal in the Bishop Murder
Trial, Jamican barrister, Mr Ian Ramsay,
who appears for to- of the convicted
persons, was still not present.
The Court, co raised of its President, Mr LATE IHE ISTR
Justice J O F Haes and Justces Frederick tA P.I
Smith and Rex McKay, first sat on March IUtICE BISa-OP
8th and contnued on March 9th, adjourning
thento archl 4th. HI ISSUE
Abmee PRSO
No actual hearing of the Appeal took place Bishop Murder Appeal
on either the 8th or 9th, the Court's Nov For Mayl 30t8t ..k....... I
attention being taken up with the absence of I No Aninosity To
Mr Ramsay, outstanding Motions relative to PM. i Mitclell.................
the Appeal to be disposed of in the Lover Teachers Are
Court, and the fact that 1 of the condemned "Disenfranchised .............. 5
persons were not yet represented by Coun- P.M. Receives Population
seClo k............................. 6
No NepotisU In
When the sitting opernd on the 14th, Mr Appointments : Mitcll..... 6
Haynes said that, if Mr Ramsay did not want a Pire At General Post
to come to Grenada to defend his clients, Office.....---.-..............., 7
then he could stay in Jamica and the Court Sibrm impressed With
would proceed in this matter without him. Stability ..........
I Mitchbell Say Inestors
"As far as we are concerned", Mr Haynes t...................... 9
said, "7e is not bound to come". CARDI Has Breakthrough
MUiNdeKjrd With Tannias................... 10
In this Appeal, the case of fourteen persons News Shorts ...................... 12
convicted of murder and three of man-
slaughter is before the Court. Mr
Ransay represents two of them, Bernard Appellants were unrepresented, being
Coard and his Jmaican wife Phyllis, both unable, financially, to engage Coumel, and
of vhom have been convicted of murder. the Court had not yet assigned anyo to
defend them.

Up to this date (14h), however, the other

See APPEAL Pase 2


PBp 2 Saturday 2nd April 1988 The Grenada NeWsletter
APPEAL FJroma Pbe 1

Through his- representative, Jamaican
barrister Mr DeLano Harrison Mr Ramsay
has advised the Court that he hd not come
to Grenada because of a warrant issued for
is (Ramsay's) arrest in connection with a
Oonvictionfor Contempt of Court.
Not Satuitid
Mr Haynys had previously told Mr Harrison
tat Mr Ramsay need not fear arrest if he
tame to Grenada because the warrant d
een stayed. This had not satisfied Mr
flarrison ad, on the 14th March, Mr
ayis referred again to te ft that the
warrant vas in his possession

accepted the brief, principally because tey
have not yet been able to get written
instructions from the clients.

Mr Harrison, ho also had been offered a
brief, said e holds the same position and
the problem is that Comissioar of
Prisons, Mr Lionel Maloney, ill not let
the written instructions be passed to the
barristers unless he has read tiem.
Mr Haynes pointed out that according to
the Prison Rules, if the Commissioner "has
reasons to suppose" that material written by
a prisonmr contains matter other than

lie had been advised by the Conmmissioner istructios to Counsel, the Commssionr
of Police, l said, that all Divisional Police has a right to see that material

Si i "I can understa hov Dfece Counsel feel

structed that the sad, "but it is te rule and,
errant is not to be until it is struck dov, v have
9 u ted i to abide by it.
"- . / .. /-;. / ^, , ^ . .. .

Sdo not see n prtic This problem as resolved,
sibility that Mr Ramwav ill i however vhen the Court

1 earrest on this vrani ihe
id. The only thing more we
can do is to go to each
xiividual policeman and ask him
iot to arrest Mr Ramsay, and that
ye are notgoingto do".

accepted a suggestion by
Prosecution Attorey,
.r r Hudson-Phillips
Q C.


h l m __at suggestion,
.Mr Harrisoa vho vas in Cour vas the Court rose
asked by Mr Hayms to get in touch ith Mr vbile eight of the convicted person were
]amsay and let the Court knov on the next returned to their cells vtere they collected
day, Tuesday March 15th, vhen Mr Ramsay the material they vished to pass to their
till be in Grenada in that week. Mr Haynes Counsel.
said the Court vould vit for Mr Ramsay mission
until Wedesday 16th or Thursday 17th. When they returned, the Court sat again,
SBriej and, follovig the submission of Mr
Of the 17 convicted persons, Berard and Hudson-Phillips that those document, te
Phyllis Coard are the only ones vho, written material said to be instructions to
financially, have been able to engage Counsel vere then under control of the
Counsel. Thy have engaged Mr Ramsay Court, Mr Haynes ordered that they be
4nd briefs have been offered by the Court to passed to Messrs Harrison, William and
their Jamaican barristers io, with Mr Frankson.
Ranay, in the Prelimimmry Inquiry and the
qpening stage of the trial, represented the The Court rose again to enables the transfer
17. of the documents and then sat again. Having
been advised of the trafer, the Court rose
T of these barristers, Me Crlon a an tre was an interval during
Wllrta and Maurce Frankson, told the AL
Court on March 14th they hd not SO ArPPfAL ngO 4


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 2in April 1988 Page 3

Or Keitht itchell
Minister For
Works & communications
for Works and Conmurications,
denied at a press c'r'nferernce on
March tlth that there is any fourd.ation in
reports that there is animc.ity between him
and Prime Minister Herbert E aize.

"There is genuine deep respect on both
sides", he said, "but thfre are .oime people
who would like to put a gap between me and
the Prime Minister".
Dr Mitchell's reference to "some people"
points clearly to Mr George Brizan, Leader
of the Opposition in the House of Rep-
resentatives and Political Leader of the
Natiornl Democraic Congress

At a press conference on March 3rd, Mr
Brizan charged that Mr Blaize's New
iNational Party is split into tvo factions, and
he indicated that Dr Mitchell leads the
faction which has made "concerted moves to
conspire" against the Prime Minister.

Dr Mitchell admitted, at his press
conference on March I 8h, that he has been
in opposition to the Prime Minister on some
issues, but he considers this a normal

d.emricratic process and said there has been
no animosity involved

The Minister replied, also, to Mr Brizan's
charge that, in the recent Cabinet reshuffle,
the Prime Minister had given the portfolio
of Civil Aviation back to Dr Mitchell in
order to embarrass him (Mitchell).
Mr Prizan emphasised at his press
conference that Dr Mitchell had been
Minister for Civil Aviation vhen Grenada
Airvays had folded up leaving debts of
over EC$l.6 million and a "scandal" as to
funds disposed of after the sale of a
Government owned Badeirante aircraft.

"The issue of Grenada Airways and the
BandJeirante aircraft is still inconclusive",
Mr Brizan said then, "so to give the
portfolio of Civil Aviation back to that
Minister (Mitchell) at this time, I interpret
as dealing a blow to him and putting him in
a position where he vill be extremely

Dr Mitchell said at his press conference that
he is in no ay embarrassed and does not

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Page 4 Saturday 2nd April 1988 The Grenada Newsletter
APPEAL From PaP _2

which there was consultation by the
potential Defence Attorneys with the
persons in the dock.

The. Court then sat again briefly and
adjourned until the following day, Tuesday
March 15th, when Mr Haynes again
expressed impatience over the continuing
absence from the Court of Mr Ramsay.
"I am fast losing patience', he said, "and I
am fast reaching the conclusion that Mr
Ramsay does not intend to come to

Mr Haynes' statement came following the
reopening by Mr Ramsay's representative,
Mr Delano Harrison, of the matter of the
warrant for Mr Ramsay's arrest. Mr
Harrison asked that he be given a copy of
the stay affecting the warrant and President
Haynes said that, in the face of the
assurances he had already given Mr
Harrison, that request was an affront to

The next thing you will ant is to get proof
of the document", he told Mr Harrison. "If
Mr Ramsay wants to use this as an excuse
for not coming to Grenada, then so be it.
We have done all we can about it and we are
not prepared to go any further."
With reference to acceptance of briefs
offered to seven Jamaican barristers by the
Court for defence of fifteen of the convicted
persons who are unable, financially, to

retain Counsel for the Appeal Messrs
DeLano Harrison, Carlton Wrllarms and
Maurice Frankson after a phone call to
Jamaica, formally accepted on behal of the
group, but argued for assignment of tvo
additional barristers.

The seven Jamaican barristers have all been
associated with the convicted persons either
in the Preliminary Inquiry, the Trial or
both, and the Court did not see th need for
this further assignment. However, as a
compromise, agreed to it provided the
banisters concerned are iling to be at the
next sitting of the Court and be ready to

The following will now be assigned
to handle the appeals of the 15:-

Messrs Hovard Hamilton, Maurice
Tena, Glen Cruichank, DeLano
Harrison, Carlton Williams, Maurice
Fraakson, Miss Norma Linton and
the additional two, Meses Earl
Witter and A. J. Nicholson.

Mr Ramsay, retained by Bernard and
Phyllis Coard, vil be the
coordinator of the Defence Team, Mr
Harrison told the Court.

"That is your pot of food", Mr Haynes told
Mr Harrison. "Youcan arrange that's you
like but, according to the records, Mr
Ramsay appears for the Coards only. We
See APPEAL Pane 5


regard the portfolio
of Civil Aviation as
a "hot potato".

"I feel comfortable
having been given
back the Ministry",
he said. "Challenges
are good and, since
I have not done
anything wrong, I
do not see a prob-

When the "fiasco"
of Grenada Airways
came to lirht he

said, he felt he
should step aside
from the Ministry
and let another
Minister handle the
investigation, and
the fact that Civil
Aviation has nov
been returned to
him must be an in-
dication of Cabinet

Mr George Me-
Guire, Minister of
Education, (from
vhom Civil Avia-

tion was taken
and given to Dr
Mitchll), is in
process of rcompil-
ing a report on
Grenada Airways
and the circumstan-
ces of the sale of the
Bandeirante, that
report to be present-
ed to Parliament
this month (March).

Dr Mitchell said he
vould look at what
Mr McGuire has
compiled and see "if

there is enough
there to present a
report by the dead-
line of March".
There is need to
have specific an-
svers to several sub-
stantial questions
about Grenada Air-
ways, he said, and,
if those answers are
not available "you
don't have much of a
l. ...... 3

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 2nd April 1988 Page 5

George Mdfltire,
Minister of Es ucation,

Charges 7hat -

Mr George McGuire

Caribbean teachers as "deprived", "disenfranchised" and without "professional
"This decline in esteem", he said, "started
from the early 1961s wen they (Caribbean Mr McGuire, himself a teacher by pro-
teachers) succumrbed to social upheavals and fesion, made these comments as he opened
restless youth". officially regional seminar on The Status
of Teachers In The Caribbean" on March
APPEAL From Page 4 Sem
don't ant to hear that his problems are This seminar, organised by the Jamaica
yours or that something that affects the based Bus t Institute of Public &
other barristers affects him too." Inte onal Affairs, was attended by dele-
gates from Belize, The Bahamas, and every
Mr Frankson alleged to the Court that independent English-speaking country in
handcuffs were being used on the the Caribbean eept St Kitts.
convicted persons at times contrary toe a p
the Prison Rules, and said a complaint Thiers vere also personen from the
to the Minister in this connection had Umirsity Of The West Indies and from the
got no further than the Commissioner Jamaica based Colege of Arots, iee &
of Prisons. Technolo5.
A complaint was made also that the Until the early 1960s, Mr McGuire said,
A complaint was made also that the
convicted persons are not allowed to Caribbean teachers had been embued with
take their notebooks with them when forthright intelligence and adamant con-
theyhave interviews ith Counsel. science. They had a cede, and values
which were demonstrative and immutable
Mr Haynes said these are matters and which, when passed on to Caribbean
outside the competence of the Court but youth, helped the yo1h to navigte
he promised to take them up with both successfully the rough seas which newly
the Corrmissioner of Prisons and the independent nations faced.
Minister. Admiration
Mr McGuire said he recalled with
The Court has been adjourned to admiration the work of the "master teachers
Monday 30th May, with 16th May being of another vintage" whose professional
the last date on which the Defence can practices and pattern of life brought quality
file and serve any additional grounds of to the lives of Caribbean youth and left the
appeal. stamp of Caribbean vitality, currency and
-spirit to enduring Caribbean traditions.

Page 6 Saturday 2nd April 1988 The Grenada Newsletter

"I Hfiave Not Recommnwmded Ty Brothrs"

ence on March 18th that invsti-gation ill show there are people in Grenada who
are on more Government Boards than is his first cousin, Mr Dennis Campbell.

The Minister was replying to a charge made
that nepotism is .behind Mr Campbell's
appointment as a member of the Board of
Government's Gravel & Concrete Com-
pany, and as Chairman of the Boards of the
Grenada Telephone Company and of
Grenada Electricity Services
"'My decision in enmplying or recommend-
ing people for any responsibility is their
ability and competence", he said.

Mr Campbell ranks armonrg the top three in
Grenada in terms of his ability and
performance to get thing done, Dr Mitchell
said, and if people got to know him well
they would admire his ability and commit-
nmnt to Grerada and the New; National

Dr Mitchell says it is a coincidence that Mr
Campbell is his first cousin, and he pointed
out that he (Mitchell) has brothers and has
not recormnerded them to be Chairmen of

The Minister had a comment too on the
charge that he had brought "questionable
people" into the Natioral Executive of the
New INational, Party.
"I was never accused of bringing anybody
questionable into the Party", he said.
"There were issues raised about crrain
people coming into the party but no indi-
vidual in the Party was accused of bringing
them in".

His own feeling is that the word "quers-
tionable" should be defined because every
political party has "questionable" people
according to each individual definition.


Blaize has received a gift of the
United Nations Population Clock
.from the United Nations Population Fund

The presentation was made on March 23rd
by Mr Rolf Stefanson, UNPF Resident
Representative, in the Eastern Caribbean,
and he said the presentation was made in
conjunction with similar presentations
being -iade worldwide to Heads of State and

"These presentations are being made", Mr
Stefanson said, "to commemorate the
milestone passed on 11 th July 1987 vhen
the world's population reached five
In addition to the normal tfumtiorn of a
clock, with displays of day, month, day of
ieek, hour, minutes and seconds, the
"World. P,-oplptii-n Clock" has special
features. It. aut:,rimatically calculates, up-
dates and displays, minute by minute, the
population of the world and the population
of Grenada.

At the moment of presentation to Mr Blaize,
the clock displayed Grenada's population as
115,727. The data used in the clock is
brsed on United. Nations data provided in
"Worid Population Prospects, Estimates &
Projections, as Assessed in 1984".

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 2nd April 1988 Page 7


United States Navy Hydrofoil,
"Taurus" vent into action early on
the morning of Mamch 21st in response to a
request made by the Grenada Fire Services.
This assistance was needed to fight a fire
which had broken out in the Government
Building on the Carena in St Georges.
lHandg sei
The fire vas discovered shortly before 6.00
am and tvo units of the Fire Services rushed
to the scene. They were handicapped,
however, by the fact that they had no
oxygen breathing equipment to get through
the thick, black smoke which vas billowing
from the ground floor of the three-storied
building which houses the General Post
Office and Ministryof Finance.
Chief George Driver of the "Taurus" told
NEWSLETTER his ship, berthed on the
other side of the harbour, had been alerted
by the smoke and were ready to respond
vhen, by VHF radio, the call for help came.

"We moved a detachment of some 20 men
to the scene using two small over boats
ard a jeep, he said, and we brought
breathing equipment and a mobile pump".

Chief Driver said four of his men had
spearheaded the attack on the flames vhich
were brought under control in about 30

A spokesman for the Post Office Services
said the fire started in the parcel post
"holding area" here four motorcar tyres
caught fire. These produced the thick,
blinding smoke and there was considerable
damage in that area both from flame and
vater. The fire, however, vas-confined
to that location and the nearby Treasury and
Ministry of Finance suffered no damage.

The spokesman said it is fortunate the Post
Office staff worked on the preceding
Saturday (19th) to handle a large
consignment -of United States surface mail
vhich had arrived that day.
Se FIRE Paie P

TEACHERS From Pi...5
The Minister told the seminar
participants their appraisal of the status
of Caribbean teachers vill lead them to
recognize major changes vhich have
taken place, from the early 1960s
onrards, in patterns of behaviour,
discipline and student outlook.

They vill find, he said, that Caribbean
teachers are now "ordinary", still poorly
paid and grossly overworked in over-
crowded classrooms
"You may even find too", he said, "that
teaching has nov become a stepping-
stone to other careers, a stepping-stone
to other countries. The transients i our
profession, marking time and waiting,
have kept our profession from enjoying
the esteem it once did".
Mr McGuire expressed appreciation for
the work being done in the Caribean by
the Bustamante Institute, particularly
with reference to the preservation of
Political tyrants in the Caribbean have
subverted the cherished values of the
region, he said, and teaching remains a
subversive activity. It is clear, he
continued, that the focus on the status of
teachers vill bring great benefits to the
people of the Caribbean.
In his welcoming address, the
Honourable Hector Wynter, Chairman
of the Bustaante Institute, gave a brief
historical background to the institution
which, he said, vas founded in 1985.

The first seminar was held in September
1985 in Grenada, he said, and, since
then, the Institute has sponsored several
seminars throughout the region on a
variety of subjects.
This seminar, which ran until March
25th, vas attended by 27 delegates, nine
of whom vere dravn from Grenada.

According to guide books, the Dutch West
Indian island of Saba has an area of 5 square
miles, a population of 1,000, 11 taxis, 6
policemen, one immigration officer and a
bag-pipe playing doctor.

I ~~~ __

Pg a8 turday 2nd April 1988 The Grenada Nwletter




ing il
to vis
the (

but h

He is

...a hwealtt debate .... wutF di fferent views on
wfat sfhoui c be done ...."
A[R KERRY Wtime, he said, ad, even Australia's principal in
Sibr 50, Presi- though he had such a short est in the Caribbean istr
det of the Aust- tie on the island, it vas the President said, and
nSete, paid a fleting interesting for him to be empNsi~d that
to Grenda on March able to talk to Grenadias means not only ellin
and met informally and be able to report back to but also buying from c<
Mr Alphosus An- the Foreign Affairs Comm- tries in this region.
, President of the Gre- ittee.
Sete and Sir Hudson Healt Australian Senators
o, Speaker of the Gre- "The thing that imprsses elected, he said, and t
House of Represent- me the most', Mr Sibraa of President of the Sen
s. said, "is that there seem to full time position.
me to be a relatively stable Yt g
Sibra, vho is also parliamentary democracy Mr Sibraa, vho is
dent of the Common- n operation vith a healthy youngest person ever
h Parliaenuary Ass- debate among many people hav held this post, has
ion (CPA), said in an vith different vies on President for the lst t
vev vith NEWS- vbat should be done for the months and expects to
TER that he was then future of the country-. the post until the ext
int a a meet- oral Elections in late I
n Trinidad of the CPA Like all small island states, or early 1990.
tin Committe and he said, including those in
advantage ofa fre day the South Pacific, there are Accompanying the P
it Grenada problems with the econ- dent on his visit to Gre
iU omy, and it is the respon- vas Mr David Ian W
meeting started two sibihty of the larger count- Non-Resident Austr
go", he said, "and vill ries to give assisted. High Commissioner to
on Friday (25th), and
purpose s to plan for The President said his
'PA Annual Confer- country has a "quite large" mf
vhich takes place in foreign aid programme, the
erra, Australia, next bulk of which goes to William Thornton, a
mber'. countries in the Australian sician and self-taughtr
region, in the indian Ocean, tect born in Tortotl Bri
numbers of the parts of South East Asia and Virgin islands, is the
uiw Committee bad inAfrica. siger of the United St
the free day to visit Promramm Capitol building in
Io, the President said, The Australian aid pro- ington D. C.
b had come to Greada gramrnme in the Caribbean is
se had a special not large, he said, mainly When only 34 years old
st, having been Chir- because of the separating on competition, in 17
f the Australian For- distance, but there is a High for the design of the bu
Affairs Commitee in Commissioner resident in ingand, movingtoWashi
ven the military in- Jamaica vho is accredited to ton, the infant nati
nation took place. 12 countries in the region capital of the United Sta
and there is a Trade became avellknownar
the first member of Commissior in Miami tet and inntor there.
ustralian Parliamnt to hose interests extend to .
Granarda sirr that thp Cnrihhoan

---~ ~- -_- -~I- --l~-L-l-- -L-_ --









The Gren ~ a N letterSaturday 2nd April 1988 9 Pf 9





" couple of projects proposed by irenadia
private entrepeneurs Fhae already been passet.."
RIVATE INVESTORS IN THE 'I'm simply saying that Government is
United States of America have tting some help", he said, "Govermnt
e interest in several projects takes help wherever it can t help from
p by Grenaian That is tinct from whatever ...........
....Govermint is not advocating that
is vas disclosed by Minister of Works & private people go out to Miami and buy
amtmietiom, Dr Keith Mithell, on stuff."
rch 18th at a press conference, as he
used his recent trip to Washington Some building materials e available in
Diusim Venazuela, Dr Mitchell said, but, beca of
Washington" he said "I had discussions the cost factor, materials from that country
several financial institutions and they are much more expensive.
icated that a couple of projects proposed
Grenadia private entrepen urs have T Minister said he recent had disg
erdy been passed and they are looking cussions with a Venzeman private airline,
more data on three more, designated by the Venezuelan Government
as the national carrier to reada, and vith
Mitchell named the institutions he had the Venezuelan owned Aeropostal airline,
Sdiscsions with as the International with a view to inaugurang a passenger
ance Cororatio the Overseas Private service between Grenadaand Venezuela.
stmnt orporaton, the Eport-Im rt See INVESTORS Pam

k of Washington and the World Bank.

An important achievement of his visit to
Wahigton, the Minister said, was the
agreement of th Esport-Import Bank to
give early passaP to a project for the
supply of equipment and other materials to
This is not to be a piecemeal venture, he
said, but a combined project involving
reqmir nts of the ministries of Works,
Agriculture, Tourism and all areas vhich
can benefit from the project.
"One of the areas we will recommnd is that
Government use the opportunity to buy
materials in Miami for the House Repair
Programme", Dr Mitchell said.
The Minister vas reminded that, in the 1988
Budgt, a 10% surtax has been imposed on
"extra-reional" imports but he denied that
this conflicts viwth th proposal that
Government buy hose repair materials in

PIE Prom Pape 7
"We shifted it from the holding area to
the bond", the spokesman told NEWS-
LETTER "and if that had not been
done, all would have been lost".
Large areas of the Post Office vere
flooded, papers and documents were
scared and the Post Mater General,
Mr Leo Robert, told the Govervn nt
Information Service that principal loss,
valued about EC$20,000, had been to
magazines. He said some letters had
been damaed by after.
The origin of the fir ha not been
The "Taurus" is a unit of the United
States Mobile Logistics Support Group
vhich is doing a three month stint
stationed at Grenda.

Page 10 atrday 2nd April 1988 The Grenada Nesletter

If... .Ma. DICA AS

Mr Kenneth Buckmire
Team Leader

Agricultural Re-
search & Develop-
ment Intitute (CARDI) has
achieved a breatrough
vhich is likely to have fav-
ourable impact on export of
taannias from Grenada.
This vas disclosed in a
interview vith NEWS-
LETTER on March 4th by
Mr Kenneth U Bucmire,
CARDI Team Leader i

"We ha brought into
Grenada, and test, a tech-
nology which va dvelop-
ed by CARDI in Dominica",
be sa, "an it looks wry
much as though that tech-
nologyvillbe ueful here"
The tannia, he said, is prone
to develop a disease, symp-
toms of which are brovnig
of the leaves and drying of
the plant The cause of
this, in Grenam, has not yet
been discovered but, in St
Vincent ad Dominica, the
organism vhich cauie the
problem ha been isolated
and a chemical treatment
method bas been developed.
That method had been out


into use in Greana, he said,
and has been found to be

A report on this develop-
--mnt we part of the general
report CARDI made to the
farming community at its
annual workshop held on
March 3rd and which
cowrs CARDI activities,
both in th field of
experimental activities and
the organisation's service to
In the latter category, Mr
Buckmire said, the last year
sav significant scess in
having a trial group of
farmers in Greada's sister
island of Carriacou plant
forage for their livestock.

Carriacou is a wry dry
island of about 13 square
miles and, during the dry
season, sheep, goats and
cattle can survive only if
they are turned loose to
graze herever they vill on
an island-vide basis.
CARDI imported plants of
the Lemuaem, or "wild
tamarind" from Havaii, Mr
Bumire said, and the trial
group of farm who
planted some 4.5 acres of
this hardy plant vere the
only ones vwho had green
forage throughout the dry
In another area, Mr
Bukmire said CARDI
experimnts have proved
that Greada's traditional
method of planting pipeon

peas and corn in the same
hole is the best.
All the method meds is
refinment, he said, in that,
from an economical point
of view, planting should be
done at intervals of three
instead of four feet and
there should be no more
than three pe and three
cornsm inahole.

"One of the spin-offs from
this experiment, Mr Buck-
mire said, "is that e have
been able to identify an
early maturing pigeon pea
vhich ve nov call
'CARDI's Long-eod', and
262 commercial pigeon pea
farmers are now grovng
this strain".

Traditionally in Grenda,
farmers ave planted corn
ani sweet potatoes together,
Mr Bwuhmire said, but
CARDI experiments hee
proved that th corn retards
the yield of the sweet
The commercial farmer
should plant separate stands
of these crops", he said,
"but, if oulook at te corn
and the seet potato
together, the farmer vho
grovs most of his crops for
home consumption gets a
better return from the
mixed method'.
One feature of the amual
workshop on March 3rd
was a question period, and
farmers made many
Sar TANNIAS Pa r 11

- ---

--- -------- ~~- --- ~--

GrenM Newletter Stda2nd April 198 Pa 11
TANNIAS From Pam-40

complaints against operation of the Market-
ing and National Importing Board (MHIB).

"The complaints are valid in manycase'",
Mr Buckmire said, "and the reason is tied in
with the organisation of MNIB".

MNIB has not had proper arrangements to
collect produce from farmers at a certain
time when the farmers have been told to be,
ready for that time, he said, but the attitudes
of some farmers also create difficulties.

Many farmers do not understand that prices
they get from MNIB must be geared to the
---GOh NA DA -- -
I w SIaun 'I

demands of the market and not to the far-
mers economic needs, he said.

Additionally, he said, marketing problems
a created because some farmers have not
been advising MNIB, in advance of crop
time, of the produce they will have to.
Mr Buckmire was optimistic that nev
arrangements recently made at MNIB vill
correct some of the complaints. Mr
George DeBourg, President of the Grenada
Chamber of Industry & Commerce, has
nov been made MNIB Chairman and Mr
Buckmire thought Mr DeBourg villa bring
the application of business principles to the
management of MNIB with beneficial
CARDI, established in 1975, is a Caribbea9
Community (CARICOM) organisation
responsible to the CARICOM Ministers of

.Agriculture.. f:In an intfrviev vith
NEWSLETTER in Grenada last August,
CARDI's Executivq Director, Mr Derrick
Dyer, said the ei~tence of the organisation
h been put at risk by Jamaica's threat to
remnovits support.
Jamica had vithdravn that threat, he
See TANNIAS Page 12

INVESTORS P rom Page 9
A spokesman for the Venezuelan
Emb,.y in Grenada confirmed to
NEWSLETTER that those discussions
had taken place aid said that the private
airline referred to by the Minister is
Renta Avion vhich flies DC3 aircraft.
Renta Avion is already flying to St Lucia,
the spokesman said, and, in April, vill
start flying to St Vincent under an
Agreement already concluded.

At his press conference on March 18th,
Dr Mitchell said -mngtiations are going
vell vith Cable & Wireless (West Indis)
Ltd (C&W) for a merger of that
Company's plant in Grenada with -the
Government oned Grenada Telephone
He denied, however, that an advance
deposit of some EC$26 million, made by
C&W vith Government last November,
in any way compromises Gornmeant's
negotiating position, and he said no
commitments have been given to C&W.

"Cable & Wireless recognized
Governments need for some help,
probably because of the financial
situation here", he said, "and Cable &
Wireless obviously vould like to enter
into an arrangement vith us so, clearly,
they did everything to help us in time of
It is Government's stated policy to
"privatise" its operations which have not
worked efficiently, Dr Mitchell said, and
the move to vqrk vith C&W is merely
an, execution bf this policy and nothing


Page 12 Saturday 2nd April 1988 The Grenda Newsletter



J Bernard Yankey has
of Introduction to
Minister Mr Brian

The ceremony took place on March 15th
and the Letters accredit Dr Yankee as High
Commissioner to Canada on behalf of
Greada, St. Kits St. Lucia and St Vincent.
On February 9th, on behalf of Dominica,
Dr Yankey presented his credentials to
Canada's Gornor-General, Mr Jeanne
Sauve, and, according to the Grenada
Government Information Service, is
expected to repeat this ceremony on behalf
of Montse-rrat a laterdate.

Dr Yankey represents also, in Canada, the
Organisation Of East Caribbean States
(OECS) and, in his discussions ith Mr
Mulroney, has urged that the Canadian
Government hasten the passage of
legislation to give the OECS legal status in

CemmTl r Yihibt

Mr Frank Da Silva, Barbados' Non-
Resident High Commissioner to Grenada
visited Grenada on March 14th and held
dis-cussions vith Governmnt and vith the
Private Sector relative to trade rmtters.
Among others, Mr Da Silva met with Mr
George DeBourg, President of The
Grenada Chamber of Commerce, a
delegation from the Manufacturers
Association and Mr Felix Alexander,
Minister of State responsible for Trade.

Britirs Banana Epeirt Visit

One of Britain's foremost experts on the
economics of the Banana Industry, Mr
Simon Maxwell of the Institute of
Devlopment Studies, Sussex England,
visited the Windard Islands in March as
part of a study of the Windvard Islands
Banana Industry.

This study, financed by British aid and
undertaken on behalf of the Windvard
Islands Banana Association (WINBAN),
vill examim the hole production chain
from the field to the market

According to release from the British High
Commission in Barbados British aid to
WINBAN in the period 987/88 has been
approximately 425.

ood Stat PIo Tondim

in 1918

According to a the Government Inform-
ation Service, stayover visitors increased
by 12.8% and 30.1% respectively in
January and February over the respective
months in 1987.

TANNIAS From Pag 11
said, and CARDI had been given a new
lease on life.
Proposals for restructuring CARDI had
been submitted to and approved by the
CARICOM Heads of Governmnt he
said, and this had given the organisation
the opportunity to survive for another
two years vhen a review vill be made.
E m .. ... *

Ali Hughes Cchia Hughes 0
2ad April 1988
Priae & Published By The Proprietors
Alister & Cynthia Hughes Jourualixts
Of Scou Sree~ StGeorges.Greaada, Westiadies
(P.O. Box 65: Phoe [09M ] 440 2538: Cables HUSON. Gr, ada


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