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The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 7th November 1987 Page 7

ff ME31Da


Ramsay, will appear before the Appeal
Court on Wednesday 27th Janmuary
next to argue, in person, his appeal against
the conviction of Contempt of Court
recorded against him.

That date was fixed by the Appeal Court on
November 6th after Mr Ramsay's Counsel,
Jamaican barrister Mr DeLano Harrison,
told the Court that that was the earliest date
Mr Ramsay could appear. Mr Ramsay, he
said, has heavy commitments in the
Jamaican, Barbadian, Bahamian and English
Courts .
"We have fixed the date you have asked
for", President of the Court, Mr Justice J 0
F Haynes told Mr Harrison, "and if any
Counsel cannot attend then, arrangements
must be made for other Counsel to be
present. This Courtis as important as any
Court anywhere else, and we cannot wait
until Mr Ramsay has completed his work in
those other Courts".
Mr Justice Lyle St Paul, last July 7th,
convicted Mr Ramsay of Contempt and.
sentenced him to three months in jail with a
fine of EC$5,000.
The charge was that, with reference to the
Maurice Bishop Murder Trial, Mr Ramsay,
(who represented the accused up to lth
April 1986) had, among other things, called
the trial a "travesty of justice", a "kangaroo
court" and "judicial murder in cold blood,
under guise of law".

Originally, six barristers were listed to
represent Mr Ramsay. They were Mr Karl
Rattray Q C, Mr P J Patterson Q C, Mr
Frank Phipps Q C and Mr Dudley
Thompson Q C, all of the Jamaica Bar, and
with them were Mr Elliot Mottley of the
Barbados Bar and Mr Clarence Hughes,
Senior Counsel of the Guyana Bar.

iMr Harrison told the Appeal Court,
however, that Mr Ramsay vil lead his own
defence in the appeal hearings and, in
addition to Mr Harrison, Jamaican
barristers Messrs Maurice Tenn and


Maurice Fran kson will appear -k h him.
For the Cro;~i, Tr ridadian barrister, Mr
Karl Hudsoi-Phillips Q C ill appear
together vith Dir ect: r of Public
Prosecutions, Mrs Velma H-lton, and. Mr
Keith Friday, Crown Cous~1.
Justices of the Appeal Court, sitting withMr
Haynes on November 6th, 7..ere Mr Time
Kendall and Mr Rex McKay.

FATHER From P lge_.
As was fitting, Marryhov, vas appointed
a Senator to represent. Grenad.a in the
Federal Parliamenrt but, by that time, the
"Father of Feder .tior." (as he became
known unoffici.Jly) was ari lirig man.
He attended and too!: part in meetings of
the first session of -h? Snte but, almost
immediately, aftr t1.t FBdy adjourned on
22nd. July 1953 for its :id-y.'e recess, he
vas hospitalized, in Tririrdad
De0i n-
In September of tha- .year, ,,varrshow
returned to Cre;.aa in r-1':d. physical
decline and, on 1711 O:tb:'er 1958,
suffered. a stroke fr'.:: ch never
recovered. Hi lost consciousness then
and died on the ..ternr .: ri of Sunday 19th
October 1958.

The Federation, to ii.h'! Mla,'ry- had
dedicated, hi life, s'-.::isd him by four
years. That Federation d iec too, when,
on May 23rd 19'"2, ^oussi 7..abeth
signed t-.e We: Ind.ies (Dissoluion &
Interim Corlic:i.f,-'r, C::der in Council
No. 1984.

But the fed-"ral drea't:;, did not die.


f -o -l'-, -
,..".-- 1 % u -,- .' r .s? -

. -_ ;;.. . ,- ... "
-. .. .. .





'^ e ; . =. - J

JE-.. W,. -- _
l "._ ---'E--" ,-.
g L .*0 '"...._


T h G ren ad a N1..letter Iat rd a 7 th N o v em b er.. 198.................7.... _,, ..-............^ . .... ., ,,.,.. _...._ ..................


memorial service on No-
vember 7th to commem-

is buried


DONOVAN From Page 8
Editor of his own Newspaper, "The West
Indian", he carried with him a dedication
to regionalism which had been implanted
in him by Donovan.
"The Federalist & Grenada People" closed
down in 1914 and Donovan died in 1929,
but Marryshow never forgot him. On
the day the Federation Of The West Indies
came into being, 3rd January 1958,
Marryshow laid a wreath on Donovan's
grave. Some months after, Marryshov
died and that wreath laying ceremony was
the last time any public recognition has
been given to the man who laid the
foundation of Marryshov's lifetime of
dedication to the Caribbean people.



F ATHER RONNIE orate the lOOtt
Marryshov of the of Marryshov'
Roman Catholic Her
Church, grandson of the Marryshov, "
late Theophilous Albert was affection
Marryshow, was one of the one of Grel
clergy who took part in a important nati

anniversary was conducted at the grave
s birth, site by Reverend Phillip
?es Ponce of the Methodist
T.A.", as he Church.
itely known,
nada's most At the conclusion, there was
onal heroes, a wreath laying ceremony
St Georges by Speaker of the House 'of
the service See WREATH Page l

Marryshov earned for himself tle
unofficial title of the "Father of
Federation". Against that fact, Donovan
is entitled to no less recognition than that of
being called the "Grandfather of
Some day, when coming generations
of Grenadians avaken to the pride f
their heritage, that title may lip
accorded him. In the meantime, his
grave lies in St Georges cemetery,
untended, unnoticed and without

S4 END e

York House, St Georges
Parliament Buildings
Where Marryshov Gave Thirty-three Years Of Unbroken Service

I- I'




- ,,. --

The Grenada Newsletter

Saturday 7th November 1987

Page 10 Saturday 7th 4oveber 1987 The Greiada Nevsletter

A Repri it
From The Archives Of 19568
-------. -._.------------- ,-;-.------.-:

T.A. Marryshow

Let me confess that it
was with eyes not by any
means innocent of
struggle against tears
when, with a select
company of good Grenad-
ians around me, the
honour was given that I
lay a floral wreath on
the grave of William
Galway Donovan on Fed-
eration Day.

Among those present
were the Hon. John
Fleming, the Hon & Mrs A
Norris Hughes, the Hon. L
C J Thomas, Mr T E Noble
Smith J P, Dr John
Watts, Mr E A Mitchell,
Mr & Mrs Alister Hughes,
Mr & Mrs Gordon DaBreo,
Mr Ben Roberts, Mr Fred
Stewart of the Grenada
Seamen & Waterfront
Workers Union together
with Mr Rolandl Medford
and other members of
the Union. Mrs Marasse
Donovan represented the

All stood their ground in
the falling rain which
began as we approached
the grave. After the lay-
ing of the wreath, there
was silence for a few
minutes before I tried to
talk as if .with W G
Donovan himself that

"Beloved 'WO' ", I began,
"we have come to you to
pay dear and dutiful
tribute to your memory
on Federation Day. You
were the first of the
federalists in action in
these Caribbean islands.

Oh I What a great, un-
bending, impenitent
rebel you were against
Crown Colony Govern-
ment after our Grenada
House of Assembly was
taken -away, with your
friend, Dr William Wells,
the lone voice of protest
In the House.

"The story of your
. struggles -between the
seventies and nineties of
the last century for
freedom and justice in
Grenada, and in the West
Indies, is a shining one.
and shall certainly be*'
held epic and classic by
our children in gener-
ations to come when
some honest historian
writes the history of
your times.

"The glories of our
birth and state
Are shadows, not sub-
stantial things;
There is no armor
against Fate,

Death lays his icy
hand on Kings.
Scepter and crown
Must tumble down
And in the dust be
equal made
With the poor crooked
scgthe and spade.
Only the actions of
the just
Smell sweet and
blossom in the dust

"We have brought you,
'WG', beautiful flowers
full of fragrance as an
act of grateful
remembrance, but we
know yes we know
beautiful as they are
and fragrant as-they are,
they- cannot -atch the
beauty of thoughts you
left behind for our
inspiration nor the
radiance of your faith in
.Federation at the
earliest beginning.
"Something more
compelling than these
roses smells sweeter
because of you and it
blossoms in the dust at
this spot on this our
Federation Day.

"Here is where I can
afford to say with deep
spiritual significance
that you are not deed but

See H~ MARRSHQ ea1o


Saturday 7th November 1987

WREATH From Pae 9
Representatives, Sir Hudson Scipio, and he
said Marryshov's efforts to bring
representative Government to Grenada and
a federal structure to the then British West
Indies are veil remembered.
"I remember the night, early in 1958", Sir
Hudson said, "at a public meeting in St
Georges market square, when 'T.A.'
announced that the Federation of the West
Indies, on the establishment of vhich he had
spent so many years of his life, had finally
come into being".

The Speaker said Marryshov likened the
establishment of the Federation to the birth
of a baby, and Marryshov had said that, like
all nev born babies, it "had to be cleaned up
here and there".

parents and entered the field of jouralism
at an early age. Politics attracted im
and it is largely due to his efforts that,
following 50 years of direct rule from
London, Grenada had the first General
Elections in 1925.
In those elections', T.A" von a seat in the
Legislature and, in the decades vhich
followed his determined, persistent and
dedicated fight to see the "British" West
Indian islands unified von for him the
unofficial title of the "Father of Fed-

Sir Hudson said it is unfortunate that, for Marryshow retained his seat as an elected

I Crest Of The Federat*
one reason or another that Federation
failed, but the seeds of unity solved by
Marryshov are not dead and, today,
Westindians are still talking about getting
together RmmbMred
"As long as these Caribbean islands continue
as they are going and wherever e may
reach", he said, wheneverr e reach that
standard of unity here we can speak as
one people, the name of the late T Albert
Marryshov will continue to be

Marryshow vas born in Grenada of humble

member of the Grenada Legislature until hb
became a Senator in the Federal Parlianmnt
vhen it was inaugurated by Princess
Margaret on 22nd April 1958.

Marryshow wvas not alive to see the break up
of the Federation in 1962. He died on 19t
October 1958, six months after
inauguration of the first Parliament.
At the grave side ceremony on November
7th, Prime Minister Herbert Blaize vas
represented by Minister of Health, Mr
Danny Williams.
fe* omen END) h amb. EN

~ __ __ __


The Grenada Newslettsr

Page 12 Saturday 7th November 1987 The Grenada Newsletter

OES Outpaut To-be Upgamded

According to Government Information
Service (GIS) releases, Grenada Electricity
Services(GIS) is to have its output increased
by 10.8 megavatts to make the total output
of the powrstation 16.8 megavatts, three repor-., tvo new cases of AIDS bringingto
times the present peak load, seven 4. t total number of confirmed cases.
Four have died.
Four stand-by generators vith a total
capacity of 2.8 megawatts have been Jones Fog FAO Meeting
obtained, preparation is being made to
install a 5 megaatt generator and ne- Agriculture Minister, Mr Ben Jones, left
gotiations continue for obtaining another 3 Grenada on November 3rd at the head of a
magaatt generator. three-member delegation to attend the 24th
Session of th Food & Agriculture
Organisaion (FAO).
Two More AIDS Camea
The Session opens in Rome on November
in its 1987 third quarter Report to the 7th and runs until No'rember 26th.
World Health Ornisation Grenada has
sleepeth you who 'held we fall to thankfully respected your memory my
rise, baffled to fight better, sleep to Gamaliel at whose feet I sat with joy
wake'. and wonder as a lad to learn of you. I
think I have tried my best to 'carry on'
"Yes, 'WG', you shall certainly rise since you left us as, on your dying bed,
and be made movingly manifest in touching my hand with feeble fingers,
the lives of a strong and verile you asked me to do"
Caribbean posterity. The pattern
you left us, as to how we may grow The wreath, the most beautiful I have
men in Grenada, is cherished in the ever seen in Greneda, was created, not
devoted hearts of 'some of your made, in dutiful affection, by Mrs Olive
people still. Gresham.

"A new spirit of youth shall soon I should say that, acting on a cabled
appear having grown serviceable, request from me to Mr Mathure, Mayor
lovely lives in these lovely lands, of Port of Spein, Federation Day did not
Rest awhile, dear 'WG'. Good pass into history in Trinidad without
evening. I go and may not be here. the laying of wreaths on Cipriani's
Youth, however, shall be having a grave also.
rendervouz with you in the morning.
^w.-: ---'-;. ENO t ,smamo
"As for myself, I have always
l/ 'I I III I, III l

7th November 1987
Printed & Published By The Proprietors
Alister & Cynthia Hughes, Journalists
Of Scott Street. St Georges, Crenada, Wcstiudies
(P.O. Box 65; Phone [809] 440 2538; Cable.l HUSON, Gre a)

The Grenad s*

Volume 15 Saturday 7th November 1987 Number 17



Flag Of The Federation Of The West Indies

I In the annals of Caribbean history, the niche
afforded to Theophilous Albert Marryshov
in the temple of fame is unique.
Not that his era did not produce other
outstanding Westindians. Trinidad had
her Arthur Cipriani, Dominica vas served
by Cecil Rale, there was Grantley Adams
in Barbados, Alexander Bustamante in
Jamaica and Hubert Crichlov in British
These men are shining examples of service
to their countries and they are remembered
and honoured. Marryshow, ho8 ever,
stands above all. He was truely a
"Caribbean Man", for his dedication
reached out beyond the boundaries of his
native Grenada and encompassed the
Many details of Marryshov's, life remain
obscure. That he was born on November
7th 1887 and died on 19th October 1958 is
established. But, between those dates lie an
inspiring chronicle of service still to be set
Of Marryshov's youth, little is known. He
See FATHER Pan 2


Theophilous Albert Marryshow
-Fatker Of Feiratlde

* The Father Of Federation.... 1
SThe 19 Who Died Are
Remember ................. 2
* Bishop Appeal Starts
March 7th.................... 3
* Reagan SeLds Message
To Grenadians.............. 4
* Another Step Forward....... 5
* Date Fixed For Ramsay
Appeal.............. ......... 7
* Donovan Inspired
Marryshow................ 8
* Wreath Laid on
Marryshov's Grave........ 9
* At Donovan's Grave
Federation Day............. 10
SNes Shorts................... 12
.. .-

-- ~ ~ & -

r ----al

go FATHER Pam 2

Page 2 Saturday 7th November 1987 The Grenada Newsletter

Tim 19 HO DRED


United States should have intervened
in Grenada in October 1983 will be
discussed in a special programme on U.S.
National Public Television in January.

This was disclosed by Dr Geoffrey Bourne,
Vice-Chancellor of the St Georges
University School of Medicine, as he spoke
on October 25th during a wreath laying
ceremony at the monument (at the School)
honoring the 19 U.S.servicemen who died
during the intervention.
"We vill hear the 'pros' and 'cons' for the
intervention," he said, "but those of us in
Grenada have no doubt that it vas all 'pros'"
Dr Bourne recalled a "classic remark" made
by a Grenadian just after the intervention
when many members of the news media and
some politicians were criticising the United
"Why don't they ask us here in Grenada if
we wanted the Americans to intervene ?",
the Vice Chancellor quotes the Grenadian as
saying, and Dr Bourne said there is no
doubt what the answer would have been.

Other speakers on this occasion were Sir
Hudson Scipio, Speaker of the House of
Representatives, Mr John Leary, Charge
d'Affaires of the American Embassy, Mr
Lloyd Noel, Legal Advisor to the School
and Governor General Sir Paul Scoor..
A special guest on this occasion was Major
General Robert Milligan of the United
States Marine Corps, Commander of the
U.S.Forces in the Caribbean, sta'oned in
Key West, Florida.

"When a country remembers our 19 who
died for their freedom", he said in an
interview with NEWSLETTER, "it is with
humility that I am happy to participate very
proudly in the ceremony

The Major General said one of his
responsibilities is to support the Regional
Security System (RSS) and, with Grenada

being one of the seven nations in the RSS,
his visit to the island had the added
dimention of familiarisation.

FATHER From Page 1
was bornin iSt Georges, Grenada and is
said to have grownup in the Lucas Street
area where he attended the Methodist
Primary School. Leaving school at the
age of 16, he worked briefly as a
carpenter's apprentice before he landed a
job as a newspaper-boy at the "Federalist
& Grenada People"

Owner and Editor of that newspaper was
William Galway Donovan, a strong
advocate of Caribbean unity. He not
only kindled the spark of regionalism in
the young Marryshov but, recognising
the paper-boy's dedication and ability, he
soon promoted him to be sub-editor,
feature writer and book reviewer.
Eleven years before Marryshow was
born, in 1876, the historical background
to these developments began to take
forrr. In that year, the Legislative
Assembly, which had an element of
elected members, unanimously passed an
Act abolishing itself.
In en address to the then reigning British
monarch, Queen Victoria, the Assembly
said it was "...... satisfied that the entire
control and government of this island
and its dependencies should be vested in
your Majesty. ...."
In the Assembly, one voice only vas
raised in protest Dr William Wells
See FATHER Page .

4 *

I -

The Granada Nevslettei Saturday 7th November 1987 Page 3


Bishop murder trial has been fixed to
start on Monday 7th March 1988.
President of the Appeal Court, Mr Justice
J 0 F Haynes announced this in Court on
November 6th and :made it clear a
postponement beyond that date will not be
allowed exept on very exceptional

"Counsel who have accepted briefs in this
case must know that the hearings will take
some time and, if they cannot give that time,
they should not have accepted the brief", he
said "Also, Counsel who find themselves
unable. to be present for the start of the
hearing must send someone else" .
Mr Clarence Hughes, Guyanese Senior
Counsel, appearing for the 17 convicted
persons, argued before the Court that a firm
date should not be fixed for these hearings.
Still before the High Court, he said, are
three unresolved Motions which seek to
have the trial declared a nullity and stopped.

President Haynes said the trial has already
been completed and any hearing now before
the High Court cannot accomplish what the
Motions seek. The basis of the arguments
set out in the Motions, he said, is the same
as some of the grounds of the appeal, and he
thinks they could be dealt with by affidavits
filed before the Appeal Court.
Mr Hughes did not agree with this His
clients, he said, have a constitutional right
Sof hearing in the High Court and a right to
appeal to the Appeal Court. If the Motions
are not heard in that manner but dealt with
by affidavits before the Appeal Court, his
clients. constitutional rights would be
"Technically, they may be denied those
rights", Mr Haynes said, "but, in substance,
they will lose nothing".

The President said he had discussed the
outstanding Motions with Chief Justice Sam
Graham, and had been assured that they vill

be disposed of before the end of this year.
The trial, which first opened before Acting
Chief Justice Denis Byron on March 3rd
1986, came to an end on 4th December
1986 when 14 persons, including forbpr
Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coardaid
his Jamaican vife Phyllis, were convicted
of the murder of former Prime Minister
Mauriuce Bishop and others.
At the same time, three other persons were
convicted of manslaughter, all charges
arising from incidents, on 19th October
1983, at Fort Rupert, in St Geiorges,
Headquarters of the Peoples Revolutionary
For the 17 convicted persons, the appeal
will be argued by a team of Counsel led by
prominent Jamaican barrister, Mr lan
Ramsay, which team will include Guyanese
Senior Counsel, Mr Clarence Hughes.

The Cad&a
Founded 17th August 1973
366th Issue
Subscription Rates
Payable In Advance
Postage Paid By Second Class Air Mai
(lnlaad Post In Grenada)

10 Issues $102.00 $ 39.00
20 Issues $183.60 $ 72.20
40 Issues $346.80 $132. *
About 20 Issues Published Aaeuapty ;


Saturday 7th November 1987


a message to the people of Grenada on
the fourth anniversary of the United
States and Caribbean Forces military
intervention of 25th October 1983, has
congratulated them.
The message was read by Charge
d'Affaires, Mr John Leary, at a commem-
orative parade held at Queens Park, just
outside of St Georges, on the declared
public holiday, Monday October 26th.
"The events of 2to r 5th 1983 continue
to inspire others in the struggle for
freedom", the President said. "This day
reaffirms Grenada's place in history as a
symbol of democracy's triumph over
I totalitarianism".

IOf the challenges of today, he said, none is
more urgent or demanding than the fight
against the drug traffic. The President
applauded efforts made by the Grenada
Government to counter the problem and
pledged U.S. support.
Delivering the feature address at the
commemorative parade, Prime Minister
Herbert Blaize looked back at "the atrocities
committed in the name of democracy"
between the years 1967 and 1979, the
Regime of Sir Eric Gairy.
He recalled the gangs of Government paid
criminals which terrorised the island, the
indiscriminate acquisition of lands and a
"multitudinous series of oppressive taxes"
during that regime.

"Worst was yet to come, a period
characterized by blood and steel" Mr Blaize
said, referring to the 197911981 regime of
the Peoples Revolutionary Government.
".....:.....We lived under ideology that
proclaimed violence as the remedy for all
problems; a time when ...........the
existence of God was being denied; an era
when the State controlled every moment
and action of our lives"

The Prime Minister pointed to "tremendous
stridrs" made during the last two anr a half

years in rebuilding Grenada's
infrastructure in the "most difficult of
economic and political circumstances".

Mr Blaize said he is very sensitive to the
tasks vhich lie ahead, and the Christian light
must be projected over transitory realities,
including political activity.

" This nation under God", he said, "must in
truth and in fact demonstrate that its motto
'Brighter out of Darkness' aptly describes
the character of its people".

FATHER From Page 2
protested that the Act to abolish the
Assembly set aside "the undoubted rights
of the people to have a voice in the
making of the laws by which they are
ruled ........"
The Assembly, however, was dissolved
and, Marryshow was born and grew up in
an era of Grenadian history vwen the
government of the island was, in effect,
carried on entirely from London. This
condition was irksome to the young
journalist and he set out to right it.
In 1909 Marryshow joined the staff of the
"St Georges Chronicle & Grenada
Gazette". His incisive editorials and
forceful public speaking reflected his
demands for the right of representative
government and, in 1915, he opened his
own newspaper in partnership with
another Grenadian, C.F.P.Renvic.

The first

issue of "The West Indian"
on 1st January 1915 with


_I _



r-tridw, rmd- drrina thp Ilmz rf twnxnA a half--- -

The Grenada Newsletter


The Grenada Nesletter Saturday 7th November 1987 Pleu 5
Ir ..-- -=a-~-~~~.- -_.b -

publication of
this issue com-
memorating the centen-
nial of Theophilous
Albert Marryshow,
itors are pleased to
record another milestone
in the life of the pub-

ogy nov permits
photo graphs to
be"digi into a

computer and, taking
advantage of this, this issue
of NEWSLETTER is the
first which carries pictures.

ploitation of this
technology, and its
adaptation to NEWS-
LETTER's production
method will take time.
Reproductions in this issue
are but our first halting
steps and the scope of the
technology should not be
judged by our current

was born on 17th
August 1973, and
335 issues later, on 22nd
March 1986, we entered
the computer age. The
current issue marks
another step forward and
is evidence of our
continuing efforts to
package attractively the
hard, researched news
which is the foundation of
our publication.


4t~w Vw
PIUs- 0s
t 2SHK

A4 &4
H o,31

IMt AqcVrt IMt

a r a s srrider, B upos essearm oaf iab anaer a
te l ar a t, 4 p rm At 4W Valan" E 4r
f~tvpvt** t hirS% kiC tom tho ew&* U t

*the*sP1l 'In dl'vap2&s at Ib* 3POILtro u t Abe bta,
ft 0oMeU Qlyne*, tat be about ho amo reya lvwe tlo
vwr IR a Cwurea Coe 1swl s1"ns0s to ta _w s)tur'S* in
dete at t err Sf g Ush a ^.ifW ax. hi
Ssthat s Ma^ se o a rma es r sss SB fc ss'.t p2*

aI m came rlctfa MI&ca 4 o& at W-6 ftwB* e"se ar wo sp


AR a V_=


- ~-;----I- r ----- ---- -----

~ ~ ~ ~ : '"'^ ^ ''-
Page Saturday 7th November 1987 The Grenada Nevsletter

FATHER From Page 4

Marrytshov, as Ed-
itor. Its masthead
said, "The West In-
dies Mist Be West
Indian", a statement
vhich so accurately
reflected his deep
feelings and made
him famous
throughout the
Bu,.; writing and
public speaking
were not enough.
Action was necess-
ary and, in 1921, at
his own expense,
Marryshow single-
hqndedly undertook
a mission to London
to press for,
constitutional ad-
vancement, not only
for Grenada, but
for vhat vas then
the British West

His representations
to the Colonial
Office also included
the matter of the.
establishment of a
federation, and his
efforts bore fruit.

Winston Churchill,
then Secretary of
State for the
Colonies, set up a

The Crown's case i
Inovn Trinidadian
tIudson-Phillips Q C
hillips will be E
Prosecutions, Mrs -
Guyanese barrister
Singh, Senior Coi
Counsel, Mr Keith F

Justices of the Appea
Mr Hiaynes on Nove
Time Kendall and M

Commission to in-.
vestigate the quest-
ion of association of
the Windvard Is-
lands with Trinidad
as a nucleus of a
larger federation.
The Commission
vas also to look into
the matter of the
institution of partly
elected Legislative

In the following
year, that Commiss-
ion, headed by E F
L Wood, Parliamen-
tary Under Secret-
ary of-State for the
Colonies, visited the.
Caribbean and, as a
result of its report,
Grenada, and other
British West ndian
islands, got newv
Constitutions "The
"Noinatd Residence O0
Under the old Con- Now The Extr
stitution, the Legis- The Univety
lature consisted on
equal numbers of Goveror as Presi-
"Official" mem- dent, three :Mem-
bers, that is, Civil bers riminnated by
Servants, and mem- the Governor and.
hers nominated by for the first time in
the Governor.- The T 50 years, there vas
new Constitution ri elected element.
provided for seven .it a limited fran-
"Official" Memibers Cchis e Grenadians
i. addition to. the ,elected 5 persons to
:" r servee in the Legis-
"L-r- :,,lature.
11 be argued by well I Un, b kn
barrister, Mr Karl Elections were held
With Mr Hudson- early in 1925 and
director of Public Marryshov con-
elma Hylton, Q:C., tested and won the
'"'Mr ,.Doodnauth seat for the town of
anset and Crown St George, a seat he
riday. was to hold for the
record unbroken
l Court, sitting with period of 33 years
mber 6th, were Mr
r Rex McKay. That was tie first
fD i-: -: 55^ Se

fT A Marryshow
a-Maral Ceugre Of
Of The West Indies

successful step and,
together with other
Caribbean coll-
eagues, his agitation
for constitutional re-
form and for a
federation of the
Westindies continu-
Universal adult suff-
rag came to the
Windward and Lee-
ward Islands in
1951, and the move
to unity climaxed on
January 3rd 1958
when the Governor
General of the Fed-
eration of the West
indids Lord Hailes,
,Was svorn in at the
federal capital,
e FATHER Paue 7

L I I -- -~14 c

e FATHER. Page 7-



Page 8 Saturday 7th November 1987 The Grenada Newsletter

unknovn, Within Grenada, he MO
is remembered by few but,
without William Galvay Donovan, T. A.
Marryshov may not have been inspired to
achievement which brought significant
constitutional reform and a federation to the
British West Indies.
Donovan, born in 1856, was the over and
Editor of the "Federalist & Grenada
People", a newspaper whose editorial policy
reflected a dedication to constitutional
reform and Caribbean unity. ,
Few records remain of Donovan but oral
history has preserved an incident which
highlights his high journalistic ideals.
Early in this century, an article published in
the Federalist & Grenada People" was
considered by the Governor to be
inflammatory and Donovan vas summoned
to the High Court. The article was
written under a nom-de-plume and,
Donovan was ordered by the Judge to reveal
the identity of the columnist so that action
could be taken against him. William Galva Donov
This Donovan refused to do and was convicted of Contempt of Court. The sentence carried
a jail term with the option of a fine and, to save him from being incarcerated, his friends
"n-MO F.--- rraftied around to pay the
FATHER From Paae 7 fine. This however he
Wiser with each succeeding try, Caribbean refused to aio them to d
people continue to reach out to each other in re to be thrm to d
recognition of their common heritage and preferring to be thrown into
destiny, and with a growing consciousness that hat e sa a the tyrmphasise
their only road to successful survival lies in of the Governor.
unity. h Geo
Currently, the member states of the When Marrysho was 17
Organisation of East Caribbean States have put yet sol, Doust after e
forward and are exploring the concept of closer left school, Donovan, ho
political union That ay be the nucleus of a was then nearly 5, the
wider unity, but the fruit of that exploration is young man a job as a paper-
hidden still in the mists of the future. Whatever tboy is ntpe
the outcome, one thing is certain. recognized Marryshov's
ability and promoted him to
Closer political union EILL come to the subeditor and feature
Westindies some day. When it does, writer
Tbeophilous Albert Marryshov will be
rensmbered as a shining beacon of inspiration He also inspired Mrho
to a people who vill have discovered, at last, Het is concept of
tair true identity. Caribbean unity and, ven
SEND Marryshow came to be
..... ... Se DONOVAN -Mw 2

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