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Tb Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 24th October 1987 Page 5




have complete
trol of the


Mr James expressed
this opinion on Oct-
ober 22nd as be

nicsl", e said "e have discussed th
idea of making tem (BWIA) the national
carrier on the route, and it is nov left
only for us to finally agree on it".

The Minister said that, as a result of
representation made to Government,
consideration is being given to removing
the Value Added Tax (VAT) on hotel
meals. He earned, however, that,
because of Government's need to
improve its financial position, if VAT is
removed from hotel meals, the lost
revenue will have to be found in another
No Har=m
Subject to consultation with the hoteliers,
he said, it has been decided that, if
Government can be assured that it will
work no harm on the industry, VAT will
be charged on rates for hotel rooms.

"I want to inform you also that there is a
sugestion we should establish a
Statutory Board to deal vith all aspects of
Tourism he said. "We have held
discussions with the Chairman of the
Tourist Board, we have heard ideas from
other sectors of the industry and we are
no giving serious consideration to the
The Minister said he accepted, in good
grace, the indictment laid against him by
Mr Cherman and he asked for the
opportunity to discuss the issues of
Tourism ith the hoteliers.

"It is my pleasure to tell you that my
Idoorseopen" stefu.

addressed a meeting
of Nutmeg Growers
called to celebrate
the 40th anniver-
sary of the establish-
ment of GCNA.

"When ve started
the Association", be
said, ve Vere
young, we wanted
help, we appreciat-
ed Government's
help and we vel-
conmd nominated
members because a
compromise had to
be made but, today,
at 40 years of age,
we are capable of
managing our own

GCNA vas estab-
lished in law by
Ordinance number
8 passed on 15th
May 1946, and the
Association comm-
enced commercial
activities on 1st
Octob 197 .

According to law,
the Association is
run by a Nutmeg
Board of six elected
members and a
Government nom-
inated Civil Ser-
vant. Government
also has the option
to nominate two
other persons to the
ee GCNA Pae 6

In an interview vith NEWSLETTER
after the meeting, the Minister was asked
to reconcile his "open door" statement
with the complaint of GHA that all efforts
to arrange a meeting vith him have been

Mr Jones said he would not say that what
Mr Cherman has said is untrue, but he is
surprised to hear that people want to see
him and cannot.

"Sometimes I see 10, 12,15 people in any
day", he said, "and it may very well be
that the people whose responsibility it is
to make those arr e do not del
with the matter properly. Possibly, this is
here the problemlies".

Mr Clerman, who has headed GHA since
1983, did not stand for reelection and the
GHA Annual General Meeting elected Mr
Royston Hopkin President for the
1987/88 term. Mr Hopkin has had two
previous terms as President, 1969 to1974
and 1977 to 1983.

4.I I M I i ,

Norris James
Chairman o
the Grenada Coop-
erativ Nutmeg Ass-
ociation (GCNA),
says the time has
come vhen Nutmeg

_ ,Iph' I B



i --


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 24th October 1987 Page 7



M R George
Brizan, Lea-
der of the
Opposition in the
Grenada House of
Representatives and
Political Leader of
the National Demo-
cratic Congress
(NDC), predicted,
in an interview with
October 20th, that
there are difficult
times ahead for the

New National Party
(NNP) Government
of Prime Minister
Herbert Blaize.

"Unless there is a
drastic reemamna-
tion of the Fiscal
Programme", he
said, "the Govern-
ment will find itself
in a situation where
its cash flow, on a
month to month
basis, is incapable of

...._. --- -^i ---- -. ^ ^ ^* ^ ^ ^^
RAMADA From Pag 3
instances of non-compliance.

These include employment of senior
executives without prior approval of the
owners and failure to install a
computerised reservation system

"You will note that our comments on the
various aspects of the system of internal
control and check, both during the pre-
opening period and the remainder of the
period under review, have been quite
detailed and, of necessity, quite lengthy",
the Auditor's Report says. "The net result
of all these problems is that we are unable
to provide an unqualified audit Report
on the hotel's financial statement for the
period for December 1986."

The Auditors said they found no instances
of fraud, but, the absence of adequate
counting controls, during the entire
period, preclude them from expressing
an unqualified opinion.

Mr Nicholas said that Pannell Kerr
Foster were appointed jointly as Auditors
by Ramada and Issa Nicholas (Grenada)
Ltd, and the Report vent to both parties.

"Over the lastsix months", Mr Nicholas
said, "our communication with the
Ramada management has not been good.
For the period ending 31st December, we
lost EC$3 million and we knew

meeting its financial
requirements and
then it vill h:v~- to
declare itself ma
tell the country it
cannot go further"

Mr Brizan, formn.3 -
ly Minister of Ed-
ucation m in Mr
Blaize'l Cabinet re-
signed from Govern-
ment and from NNP
last April.
His letter of resig-
nation to Governor
General Sir Paul
Scoon indicated that
one point of
disagreement with
the Prime Minister
is Government's
ne Fiscal Policy
and, in the inter-
viev vith NEWS-
LETTER, he re-
emphasised his con-
demnation of that

"There is no doubt.

For the first six
rm,~tis cf 1987, he
said, there was a of EC$5
million on the est-
imated revenue
i'romthe Value Add-
ad Tx:. On the
2.5% Business Levy
on : h.-, he said,
Government estim-
at.:d it would collect
EC$5 millionn under
*:is -ead. but, be-
tween Ja,-u.jry and
June of this year
only EC$691,000
was' coiected.
Es timated
"GIo'rr'n-ient also'
estimated it would
collect EC$7 mill-
ion from the
Property Transfer
Tax the U.; payable
on sc.Ie of pro-
perty", ,:r Brizan
ad. "but for the
first six nn:,;ithis of
thl;l y: ^e. y vero
abla to co:".:: only
EC$13!1, L'G03

that Government is
in a serious firan- Othe revenue
cial crisis", he said :-hor.1: itemised
"and to use the term by Mr Briza are :
bankruptcyc' woult
not be an exagor-
ation". BSe R AN nge9
GCNA From Pa.i 6
Mr James sed he is th reprc ;entative of
the farmers in the Senate and, with the
farmers support and his "last ounce of
blood", he intends to fight to ensure that
the Business Levy is not made applicable
to GCNA.

A formal General Meeting of ..CNA vill
be held on October 20th, and Mr James
said his mandate to fight the tax ~il be
dealt with constitutionallyy" at th.t time.
:- ,JED -- .:-.

- .1

Page 8 Saturday 24th October 1987 The Grenada Nevsletter

Brizan Elected
Leader of the Opp-
osition in the House
of Representatives,
was elected Political
The Party's constit-
ution, principles

IRAMADA From Page 7

something was wrong, so, when we got
the Auditors Report, we consulted our
legal advisor, Mr Karl Hudson-Phillips,

The management contract says Issa
Nicholas (Grenada) Ltd must give
Ramada 30 days notice to put things right,
Mr Nicholas said, and that notice was
given on September 2nd last. Things
were not put right within the 30 days, he
said, and, on 3rd October, Ramada's
lawyer, Mr Fenton Ramsahoy, met with
Mr Hudson-Phillips, and the deadline was
extended to October 12th.
There was another meeting of the legal
representatives on that date, Mr Nicholas
said and the decision was taken to go to
arbitration under terms of the
management contract.

"We figured that Ramada had not put
things right within 30 days as they are
required to do by the contract", he said,
"and, *while arbitration is pending, we
vant our hotel back now, so we gave
them notice to quit"

But, Ramada resisted this and, the next
day, October 13th, obtained a Court
injunction restraining Issa Nicholas
(Grenada) Ltd from terminating the
management contract

Hearing on that injunction took place
before Mr Justice Lyle St Paul, in
chambers, on October 23rd but was not

The Grenada Ramada Renaissance Hotel,
with 192 rooms, is the biggest hotel on
the island and, in a public statement, the
Grenada Hotel Association (GIHA) has

Political Leader
and policy were
approved and a
National Excutive
has been installed.

The Party Chair-
man is Mr Kenny
Lalsingh, a former
, member of Prime
Minister Herbert
Blaize's New Nat-
ional Party (NNP),
and a member of the
House of Represent-
atives who, on 22nd
May 1986, amid
charges of corrupt-
ion, resigned from

THE National
(NDC) was off-
icially launched at a
convention on Oct-
ober 18th and Mr
George Brizan,

expressed concern that the dispute may
have adverse effects on results of the
coming Winter season.

GHA refers to the fact that the Grenada
Government is guarantor of a US$6
million loan made in December 1985 by
Issa Nicholas (Grenada) Ltd from the
International Finance Corporation,
affiliate of the World Bank, and the
Association urges Government, as a
matter of urgency, to intervene to ensure
the matter is settled immediately.
Mr Nicholas, however, assured
NEWSLETTER that the fears of GHA are

"Our guests are not concerned with and
are not aware of our problems, "he said,
"and, as soon as we regain control, we
have two management firms, with whom
we are already in contact, one of which
will take over here within a couple of

Mr Nicholas said the manager of his
Holiday Inn Hotel in Trinidad is standing
by to come to Grenada to assist.

Issa Nicholas (Grenada) Ltd will do every-
thing to ensure that there is no disruption,
he said, and he is confident 1987 will
prove a better year than last year.
__.._-___. END .- iD '- ."


NNP. Mr Lalsingh
was also Political
Leader of the short
lived Democratic
Labour Congress
(DLC) which he
founded in August

Mr Lalsingh's dep-
uty is barrister Mr
Michael Andrews,
President of the
Grenada Bar So-

The NDC Constit-
ution provides for
See NUC Pae 10-


i The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th October -1987 Page 9


several Caribbean

This is disclosed in a
press release issued
following a meeting
of the Institute's Ex-
ecutive in St Vin-
cent on October

BRIZAN From Page

Motor Vehicle Tax
(on purchases
of vehicles)
Property Tax
S(.5% on value)

EC$1.3 million

EC$4.6 million

There is a shortfall also of EC$14
million in expected budgetary support, he
said, and a loan from the International
Monetary Fund, which Government
hoped to get during 1987 will not be
available until, at best, the middle of next
As a consequence of this adverse
financial position, Mr Brizan said,
Government has borrowed, between May
and August of this year, some EC$7
million from the National Insurance
Scheme (NIS),

"Worse yet", he said, "in June of 1986,
NIS had EC$9 million banked in fixed
deposits earning respectable rates of
interest, but, by August 31st 1936, this
figure had been reduced to nil as a result
of Government borrowing".

There has also been "massive borrowing"
from the commercial banks, the Leader
of the Opposition said, and the banks
which have been "hit most severely" are
the two Government owned Banks, the
National Commercial Bank (NCB) and
the Grenada Bank of Commerce (GBC).

Eighty-seven percent of Governments
borrowing in this sector has come from
these two Banks, he said, the liquidity
'base of NCB and GBC has been "virtually
shattered" and the financial viability of
these institutions is called into question.


According to the
release, Sir Rupert
is to hold discuss-
ions with the Prime
Ministers on vays
in which the Insti-
tute is prepared to
assist in matters

aspects of
rights and

Sir Rupert %
raise with tb
Ministers tl
ject of the es

meant of a Carib-
bean Commission
on Human
Rights and the use
of the existing mach-
inery of the system
of the Inter-Am-
erican Commission
on Human Rights.

several A spokesman for
human the Institute said its
democ- main aims and ob-
jects are to promote
respect for and pro-
ill also section of human
SPrime rights, and demo-
se sub- cratic rights and
tablish-- principles.
See CARICARE Pare 12

I----------------^ --^ -
The Leader of the Opposition said it is
doubtful whether the United States will
come to the financial rescue of Mr Blaize
because most countries expect a
Government "to look after itself" in terms
of budgetary management.

"Governments don't give you money to
manage your budget", he said, "because,
if that happens, it shovs you are
incapable of looking after yourself, and
that is one of the grossest form; of

Grenada has been receiving budgetary
support, he said, but there has been a
downward trend to that aid

As to what the future holds, Mr Brizan
said, if the Government accepts that it has
been wrong in the fiscal programme, and
"comes up with something that is sane,
workable and realistic", it may have a
chance of survival. Failing that, he said,
Government vill be forced to go to the

"In the next elections", he said, "NNP vill
not be a factor. They will be eclipsed.
People vill be looking for confidence and
for those who have a track record of
being able to manage."
ib^ i i. ENB I .-^^^ ^- .am


John, Presi-
dent of CARI-
CARE, the Carib-
bean Institute for
the Protection of
Human Rights, is
shortly to undertake
a series of visits to
Prime Ministers of

Page 10 Saturday 24th October 1987 The Grenada Nevsletter
NDC Prom Pane 8

two deputy Political leaders and Mr
Phinsley St Louis and Dr Francis Alexis fill
those posts.

Both Mr St Louis and Dr Alexis are
members of the House of Representatives
and both are former members of NNP.

Mr St Louis resigned from NNP on August
21st 1986 and Dr Alexis, together with Mr
Brizan, on
14th April -:J The Off

General Sec-.
retary is
Mr Oliver
Joseph, al-
so a former
NNP mem-
ber and a
ment Sen-
ator. Mr
Joseph re-
from NNP

Political Leader
Deputy Political Leader
Deputy Political Leader
Deputy Chairman
General Secretary e ZO,
Assistant General Secretary
Assistant General Secretary
Public Relations Officer
Ass. Public Relations Officer
Youth Officer
Labour Relations Officer

and from the Senate at the same time as the
resignations of Mr Brizan and Dr Alexis.
Another office holder is Mr Tillman
Thomas who is one of two Assistant General
Secretaries, the other being Mr Jerome
Thomas (no relative), a NDC supporter
from one of the rural districts. Mr
Tillman Thomas is a Member of the House
and a former NNP member. He resigned
from NNP with Mr Brizan and Dr Alexis
on l4th April last.
Mr Michael Regis, Assistant Manager of
Cable & Wireless (West Indies) Ltd is the
NDC Public Relations Officer and his
assistant is Mr Michael Pitt. Mr Pitt was a
foundation member of Mr Lalsingh's DLC.
The treasurer is barrister Mrs Maureen

Grenada Democratic Labour Party founded
by Mr Marcel Peters on 6th March 1985
after Mr Peters had defected from the
Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) of
Sir Eric Gairy.

Mr Forsythe is himself a defector from
GULP which he joined in 1960 and was a
Minister in Sir Eric's Administration. Mr
Forsythe was an unsuccessful GULP
..._______.candidate in

George Brizan
Francis Alexis
Phinsley St Louis
Kenny Lalsingh
Michael Andrews
Oliver Joseph
Tillman Thomas
Jerome Thomas
Michael Regis
Oliver Joseph
Maureen Emmanuel
Terrence Griffith
Albert Forsythe

the 1984
elections, hav-
ing been de-
feated by Mr

Mr Peters
was nominat-
ed for the
post of La-
bour Relat-
ions Officer
but lost to Mr


I .r

I nHovever,

the House, he remains an "Extraordinary
Member" of the NDC Excutive together
with all members of the National
Coordinating Committee who were charged
with the launching of the Party.

A spokesman for the Party said NDC is
founded on a system of village party groups
and, here these have not yet been founded,
NDC has key personnel around vhom
groups will develop.

"A true party groww, the spokesman said,
"rather than is formed by a few people".

On 15th July 1891, The President of the
Leeward Islands Branch of the British
Medical Association, Dr W H Edards,

The NDC Youth Officer is Opposition delivered an address to the Association on
Senator Mr Terrence Griffith, former his experiences in Antigua
member of Maurice Bishop's New Jewel
Movement and a foundation member of Mr Dr Edwards wondered over the fact, he
Lalsingh's DLC. said, that, before the days of chloroform,
negroes stood severe operations without an-
The post of Labour Relations Officer is held aesthetic. It was, he thought, due to the fact
by Opposition Senator Albert Forsythe who that their nerves are not as sensitive as those
was foundation member of the short lived of other nations.

IIII III mII I I IJ I1 1 1 1 . . .


.I 11 -- --p


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th October 1987 Page 11


This charge was made on October 12th by Mr Derek Knight Q C as he spoke in the
High Court at a ceremony of welcome to Grenada's new Chief Justice, Mr Samuel Graham,
And Mr Knight said Mr Graham's appointment at this time is siTiificant.
"That you have been called out from a well To some extent, he said, this has resulted in
deserved retirement to once again give of erosion of confidence in the Supreme Court
your prodigious energies and talent", he and, coupled with this is the absence of any
told the Chief Justice, "is an indication of organisation which can be said to be
the crisis which now confronts the Bench representative of legal practitioners in
and Bar in Grenad." Grenada.

Mr Knight said e would not be overstating
the case nor does he intend any reflection on
any members of the Judiciary, but, speaking
as a senior practitioner, he has been
concerned over the years to note the absence
of leadership from the Bench in so far as the
Supreme Court is concerned.

"It is a matter of deep concern", Mr Kight
said, "because, without leadership from the
Bench, without an organisation which is
truly representative of those who would
describe themselves as a profession, the
Supreme Court cannot discharge its
See GRAHAM Pag 13

DBPM From Pae 6

Jewel Movement,
"murdered its demo-
cratic leadership
ind sought to install
itself by killing the
people and murder-
ing our revolution".
Mr Radix said the
ultra-left elements
had been led by ex-
iPRG Deputy Prime
Minister Bernard
Coard who, with his
wife Phyllis and 12
others was convict-
ed of murder last
December and now
avaits the hearing
of an Appeal.

"These elements,
led by Bernard
Coard and com-
pany", he said, were
objectively the
agents of United
States imperialism
hose desire it has
always been to turn
back democratic


Grenada has b
thrown back by
least 50 years by
events of Octo
1983, Mr Ra
said, and, perh1
the most profo
tragedy of it all
that the Un
States, "the n
enemy of
people who seel
enslave us
again", has been
stowed the title
The ex-PRG h
sister was critical
present condit
in Grenada ur
the New Nati<
Prime Minister I
bert Blaize and
that now that c
stitutional rule
been restored, it
ushered in a ":

" round of slavery"

ieen "The rights and
Sat freedoms that our
the people enjoyed dur-
ber ing the revolution-
dix ary years through
3aps, trade union democ-
und racy", he said, "are
is gone".
cited Deaths
again Mr Radix called on
our the Grenada Govern-
;to ment to make Oct-
yet ober 19th a national
be- holiday. That date,
of he said, symbolises
a living testament of
the high moral
4in- quality of "Maurice
i of Bishop and the
ions martyrs" ho ac-
ider cepted their deaths
onal without squealing
of or compromise of
ler- their values of de-
said mocrcy but looked
:on- death in the eye.
has That is why, he said,
new they live forever in

the hearts and minds
of all freedom lov-
ing people every-
where and who will
always shine as stars
in glory in the
history of Greada.

The MBPM seeks to
continue the mission
of justice for the
poor, the w worker
and the oppressed,
Mr Radix said, and
he asked the press to
spread the message
that MBPM is com-
mitted to the nation-
al liberation of Gre-
In pursuit of that
mission and in
fufillment of that
commitment, he
said, MBPM does
not rule out the
possibility of, once
more, taking the
revolutionary road.

~~ - -- -- ----- -- -- ----- --

Page 1 Saturday 24th October 1987 The Grenada Newsletter

CARICARE From Page 9

"The Institute seeks
topromote establish-
ment in !the Carib-
bean of appropriate
machinery for the
protection of these
rights d prin-
ciples", the spokes-
man said, "and to
focus attention on
the need for care
and corn for the

ments are being
made vith respect
to Surinam and
Nicaragua", the
spokesman said,
"and members of
soon visit these
countries to make
relevant observat-
ions and hold
appropriate discuss-

studies and surveys
on the human rights
situation in Carib-
bean States.
In cooperation vith
other regional and
international agen-
cies, the Institute
vill also undertake
measures to study
lays, conductinvest-

financing of a
regional non-
Governmental com-
mittee to monitor,
promote and support
the protection of
human rights and
democratic prin-
ciples in the Carib-

Arising from this, a

I I I i is 1*111 1 1 1? 111P till I f)

t11:A1,:11:11l I Ill- I If -a r M 11111 1
It II its
It A It
I I t
191 1 111 j
lvi I ns
It 1 10111 1 311 1 j I#t a
k1c A I Pat it
'glit I itit III
;1 #'vial it Imago *I#$ so$ 16*,** t11111211411101111 ..... go ....................................... ......................
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lit fit 111111111M ItIIIIIIN
11jiliti I 1 $1. t I lot fit
0 1 0 a I a a 6 1 1
k A k -11, U 1 3 1 1 a I M011111
I" fail 6,1TIVIII71
all, If
it it It 41
IN V._ w, I IN.
.4t.. L ...... 1..16, IM 11111C
I N't I I I I lit .1 '1 I's .i *t I'll fill lot fill fill I it Elitist lit 1 4 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 .1i.i. 1 111#111
III I I I I I I sj,.

welfare of
human person".

the ions".

According to the
spokesman, CARI-
CARE alto seeks to
promote observance
and enfo cement of
internati ally re--
cognised rights and
freedoms enshrined
in international in-
struments and in
Constitutons of
Caribbean States.

Arrange 'nts are
being ae to make
available to the Gov-
ernment and people
of Haiti the services
of memtors of the
Institute, the spokes-
man said These
services vill focus
on assisting in re-
storing confidence
in the respect for
and observance of
human and demo-
cratic rigts.

"Similar arrange-

The spokesman said
the Institute has
received, and is
considering, a
request from the
Commission for the
Protection of Hu-
man Rights in
Nicaragua that the
Institute "adopt" pri-
soners of conscience
who have been
deprived of free-
dom of expression
and related liberties
in that country.

At its meeting in St
Vincent, CARI-
CARE's Executive
Committee en-
dorsed a number of
programmes to be
implemented over
the next 12 months.
These include the
holding of seminars
and educational
courses relative to
human rights and
the publication of

igations and take
appropriate action
with a view to sol-
ving problems relat-
ing to drugs, the
drug trade and drug
Establishment of the
Institute stems from
a Resolution passed
at a regional con-
ference held in St
Vincent in July
1986 and hosted by
the Jamaica based
Bustamante Institute
of Public & Inter-
national Affairs.

Theme of the
conference vas,
"Threats to Demo-
cracy in The
Caribbean" and the
Resolution called on
the Bustamante
Institute to establish
a working com-
mittee to formulate
proposals for the
function, powers,
composition and

two day seminar
vas held in Bar-
bados on June 19th
and 20th last under
the sponsorship of
theBustamante Insti-
tute, and, at that
time, under the
presidency of Sir
Rupert John, CARI-
CARE was launch-

With Sir Rupert are
eight other mem-
bers of the CARI-
CARE Executive
Committee drawn
from countries of
the Organisation of
East Caribbean
States, Barbados
Trinidad, Belize
and Guyana. Tere
is also an Advisory
Committee of five
persons headed by
the Honourable Hec-
tor Wynter, Chair-
man of the Busta-
mante Institute.

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th October 1987 Page 13

IELL KNOWN loupe "because if its "I have had a very vide
: American author, very strong relationship to scatter in my writing", he
WMr James Michen- French history", and Jaa- said, "I have a very good
er,(81) said, in an interview I ca, 'vhichis very central" book on sports in America
with NEWSLETTER- on dealing with the social
October 22nd, that he has "It will also include Cuba if factors vhich is rihe of the
never written about any- can get in there", he said, reasons why I have ,een so
thing which he vas entitled "I don't know if I will be interested an doi so much
to write about. able ,o, they don't like work on cricket 'in the
writers, much, and maybe Westindies'"
"There was always some- the story will also include F tor
body better. qualified to do an imaginary island". He has studied the careers of
it", he said,. "but the Opion great Westindian cricketers
professional vriter-is 'the Mr Michener said chapter like Leary Constantine,
guy who says, OK, -'m 14 of the book is always in Gary Sobers,' 'Frank
going, todo. i. Im- ot just his mind. That is the final Worrel, and many others,
going to talk about it I'm chapter, he already has a he said, and in his
not going to let this great draft of it, and that is where forthcoming novel on the
.opportunity pass". he expresses his opinion. Caribbean,'cricket will play
S Gatlrin a major part as a solidifying
Mr Michener, relaxed and The author has written 34 factor in the "British"
approachable, accompanied books and not all of them islands.
by his wife and male sec- are novels.See MICHENER Pg 1
retry, was on a flying visit
to 'Grenada gathering in- GRAHAM P
formation and atmosphere
for -is Caribbean novel-in- important functions and duties to the people of this
the-writing. country".
"I got off a cruise ship to Mr Knight said the legal practitioners of Grenada would
spend five or ,ix days doing join him when he says he looks forward to the kind of
research v ork in Bar- leadership of which he knows Mr Graham is capable.
bados", he- told NEWS-
LETTER, "and I jumped at An occasion such as that in which he was taking part
the chance hen. the should be used to demonstrate not only the commitment
opportunity presented itself of the Bench but the commitment of the Bar to ensuring
for me to hie over here to that the rule of lav will prevail in Grenada, he said.
see vhat was going on in Protecon
Grenada" n"I look forward to the days hen, once again, not only
S' :the liberty of the subject but the maintenance and
Mr Michener said be is protection of the fundamental rights-of individuals,
writing a novel on the enshrined in the Constitution, will be given priority of
Caribbean in which the "sea hearing before the High Court and the Court of Appeal",
itself is the main hero". The he said, "because unless those fundamental rights are
novel goes back in history protected, unless the citizens of this country have an
to the times of the opportunity to ventilate their grievances speedily before
Amerindian Indians, he a Court such as the one you now lead, M' Lud, the future
aid, and ends in 1989. is bleak for a country such as ours"
The story encompasses Mr Knight referred to the fact that the existing Grenada
Trinidad "for its wonderful Supreme Court, established by the Peoples Revolutionary
diversity", he said, Government, is not the Court stipulated by Grenada s
Barbados, "because of its Constitution but has been declared a "Co Necessity
English heritage", Guade-Se GR

page 14 Sturday 24th October 1987 The Grenada Newletter
GRAHAM From Page 13

He hoped be
said, that a turn-
ing ,pint has
been x ached in
the lie of a
Court vhich
owes its exist-
ence t6 a Doc-
trine of Necess-
ity. It, is not a
matter of pride
for him as a
citizen of Gre-
nada, "he said,
that, in 1987, the
Bench and Bar
should be faced
with a Court
vhich even the
Court of Appeal
has re erred to
as a Cort vhich
vill be recog-
nised by the
Constitution, but
only on the basis
of "necessity".

Mr Knight told Mr
Graham' that the
confidene he has in
Mr Grjah 'sleader-
ship vilI not give
him ctuse for

At the opening of
his address, Mr
Knight said he was
speaking: in the un-
avoidable absence
of Mr pen Jones,
Attorney General
and Minister of Le-
gal Affairs. After
Mr Knight, Mrs Vel-
maHyltob, Director
of Public Prose-
cutions (DPP) add-
ressed thp Court on
behalf of her

She, tooi offered a
welcome to Mr
Graham but warned
that his task would

not be easy.

The Chief Justice
would be aware that
he has taken up
position of leader-
ship when Gre-
nada's legal system
is at the crossroads,
she said and he
would know that the
Court of Appeal
has said the Sup-
reme Court is recog-
nised on the basis of
the Doctrine of

The DPP said the
Chief Justice would
be aware also that
application has been
made for Grenada's
reentry into the
Court System of the
Organisation of
East Caribbean

The Chief Justice,
she said, would have
to preside over
where the Court
goes from that
point, and she
doubts whether
there is anywhere
else in the Carib-
bean, or in the
Commonwealth of
Nations where a
judge laces a task
such as Mr Graham

"The only poss-
ible exception',
she said, "is
perhaps, in Fiji'-

Speaking after the
DPP, Mr Michael
Andrews, President
of the Grenada Law
Society, congrat-
ulated the Chief
Justice on his app-

ointment but warn-
ed him that he had
an onerous task be-
fore him.
"Grenada is in a
difficult stage", Mr
Andrews said, "and
I liken the country,
at the moment, to an
egg, not only in the
administration of
justice but the
society as a whole".

An egg is a good,
nourishing thing
which can bring
life, he said, but, at
the same time it is
very fragile and
needs to be handled
vith care.
Mr Andrews said he
is sure Mr Graham
has the right
temperament to
handle the "egg",

aSn GRAHAM Pag 15
MICHENER From Page 13
The book will not be on the book stands
before the next three years, Mr Michener
said, mainly because, when he has
finished it, it takes his New York
publishers some 14 months to get it out.

His last book, "Legacy" was published
two months ago to coincide with the
200th anniversary of the signing of the
Constitution of the United States.

"It is a short novel and is a celebration of
that anniversary", he said, "I dealt with it
as the legacy from that period to this and
it is proving to be very successful"
Mr Michener said that, over a period of
some 12 or 14 years, he has visited almost
all Westindian islands except Jamaica and
Cuba, but only as a not-very-observant

"At that time", he said, "I did not know I
was going to be interested, but any
familiarity is valuable even though, as a
tourist, you really don't see a heck of a lot.
It's only when you begin to ask questions
and read what the signs mean that you
begin to learn. Nov, I have had two
years intensive study and at the end of
another two years I will know something
about the islands. Not enough, you
never know enough, but I'll know

Mr Michener, who flew in to Grenada on
the morning of October 22nd, returned to
Barbados that night.
aiH^r m ^ END ma w-^^*t^


I -


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th October 1987 Page 15
GRAHAM From Page 14

not too strong
hand to crushit, a
not too weak
fumble and let
Fresh Air
'!We are looking i
a proper leaders
at this juncture",
President of the E
Society said, "vwh
vill not o
restructure the
dicial system
also will bring
breath of fresh
and have some

fluence on the
disarray exist-
ing in the Bar
at the moment."
iMr Justice Jan
Patterson, who h
t*e post of Act
Chief Justice 1
fore Mr Graha
appointment, said
is evident fr4
What he has he
and read that
Graham's assent
the pinnacle of jud
ial achievement 2
been forged by
tvin qualities of
nate ability and r

Mr Graham's a
ointment to the p
of Chief Justice '
exercise a curtail
influence on
large back-log
cases, Mr Patter.
said, and, before
IC tief Justice
appointed, Mr E
terson continued,
bhd heard a jo
suggest it might
necessary for
courtt to do exte

a ed sittings in the perverseness of the vitho
nd night. transgressors m small minir
Destroy them. icatio
it "Happily", he said, Contet and i
"your appointment "In most profess- could
has laid to rest that ions to be vrong is motic
for intemperateand pro- a matter for re- passe
hip vocative suggestion. great Mr Patterson inatio
the In any event, try told Mr Graham, reme
3ar men by night ? The "but, in our profess- called
ich Lord forbid ion, to be wrong is a iency
nly Think what wicked matter of course S
ju- men would say, and so there are "Thei
but methinks I hear the established Courts stand1
a rogues declare, that of Appeal. It is in said,
air justice is not done that context that I learn
in- by day". trust that in your

.,. S je
es Grenr
- f". ~i-"""" '<, :: .:

I it


Mr Patterson said
the function of the
Judge calls for the
nicest sense of hon-
our and dignity and
for a complete de-
votion to the ideals
of justice. While
reputation is desir-
able, he said,
character is price-
less and he express-
ed the opinion that
Mr Graham is well
able to manifest
these qualities.
Quoting from the
Bible, Mr Patterson
said that the third
verse of the eleven-
th chapter of the
Book of Proverbs
gives the reminder
that the integrity of
the upright shall
guide them, and the

ut certain
num qualif-
ns, he said,
in which they
not get pro-
>n unless they
I an exam-
n which he
nbers as
the "effic-
re were certain
yards there", he

With the
and the Le-
gal Profess-
he said, it is
possible to
fy in the West-
Sbut many
bers of the
ada Bar did not

judicial judgements have this privilege
you will speak with and ,'were forced to
an infallible voice". become a member
Idle of the British Bar
Feplying, Chief Jus- and in the course of
twice Graham, flank- so doing, frequently
ed on the Bench by pursued a university
Justices Patterson career in England.
and Lyle St Paul, Comelled
told the 25 assernbl- "The Enecutive and
ed members of the the Judiciary were
Bar that the phrase compelled to reach
used by barristers, certain standards of'
"my learned friend" qualification and
is not an idle one. learning before they
were called upon or
There are three entrusted with the
branches of Govern- burdens of office in
ment, he said, the solving the prob-
Legislature, the Ex- lems of this and
ecutive and the Jud- other commim-
iciary. The Emcu- ities", the Chief
tive Mr Gra!in. Justice said, "And,
sees as the Civil hat of the third
Service, which branch, the Legis-
people cannot enter
See GRAHAM Pa 16


Page 16 Saturday 24th October 1987 The Grenada Nevletter

Me y" C-oma -- grant a respite, substitute a less severe
Ass mntCed form of punishment or remit all or part of
any punishment.
The Minister of Health, Housing, Womne's ton ts and th
Affairs & physical Pl ing has n Governor General is required to exercise
appointed by Governor General Sir Paul
Scoon to be Chairman of the Advisory his powers "in accordance vith the advice
Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy. of sh Minister as may for the time being
be designated by the Governor General,
This appointment is published in a notice ting in cordance with te advice of tha
dated 12th October 1987 and appearing in Prime minister .
the Government Gazette of October 16th
198. VOA Station For Q &raa
The other persons appointed to that
committee are :- In accordance with an Agreement signed on
The Attorney General September 29th last, the United States
The Chief Medical Officer Information Agency's Voice of America
Mr Elliot Gittens (VOA) is to construct and operate a radio
Mr Joachim St John relay station in Grenada.
Mrs Mavis Fletcher
According to a United States Information
Under the Grenada Constitution, the Service (USIS) release, the station is likely
Governor General may pardon any person to come into operation towards the end of
convicted of an offence. He may also 1989.

GRAHAM Prom PaRm 15
lature ? I am not powers. ministration of jus- honest and valid
avare of any sim- tice requires that the occasions for ad-
ilar requirements." The administration individual be a journment of
Trditon of justice is a co- scholar and a gentle- cases, he sid the
Mr Graham said operative exercise, man", the Chief administration of
that when the the Chief Justice Justice said, justice may even
phrase, 'my learned said. He will en- "..... (and) I am mak- demand adjourn-
friend' is used in deavour to meet the ing a serious plea ment but he asked
reference to lav- challenge of leader- that, as from today, that, when such
years it is used as a ship but he em- we go forth arnmi occasions arise, all
result of a long phasised that he ourselves ad legal practitioners
tradition which dis- cannot carry out start with myself- -bear in mind that
tinguishes the lav- improvements un- with the qualif- Bench and Bar are
years from the other less he has cooper- ications of scholar- now charged with
persons who take ation of every mem- ship, gentleman- trying to secure
part in carrying out her of the Bar. ness(sic) andan eff- expedition in- the
the duties of State ort at expedition." disposal of the work
under the doctrine "The work of the Homnet of the Court.
of the separation of Courts and the ad- There may be [ Ng

24th October 1987
Printed & Published By The Proprietors
Alister & Cyntia Hugi -:, Jora ali
Of Scott Street. St eorges. Grenada. Westindies
(P.O. Box 6;: Phone 809 44 2538: Cables. HUSON. Grenada)

7Th e6


Volume 15 Saturday 24th October 1987 Number 16

Mainproblem is M sers have responsibiliies for 5 or 6 portfolios

Main problem is Ministers have responsibilities for 5 or 6 portfolios

Grenada Hotel Association (GHA),
Mr Andre Cherman, has charged
that the Tourist Industry in Grenada is in a
rut and no efforts are being made to
resuscitate it.

In a hard hitting address to the GHA Annual
General Meeting on October 22nd, Mr
Cherman said the time is now for
Government to stop talking and take action.
"We have been trying for months to meet
the Prime Minister because of the
seriousness of the situation", he said, "but he
referred us to the Minister of Tourism".
Mr Ben Jones, Minister of Tourism, was at
the GHA meeting and heard Mr Cherman
say that, with the exception of one meeting,
all GHA's efforts to hold discussions with
Mr Jones had failed.
"The main problem is that Ministers of
Government have responsibilities for 5 or 6
portfolios", Mr Cherman said, "making it
virtually impossible for them to function
efficiently and effectively"
GHA has made repeated representation for
a separate Ministry of Tourism, he said, and
a Statutory Body to manage the day to day
running of Tourism, but there has been no
response from Government.
As a result he continued, there is an
ineffective department of Tourism, a
Tourist Board with no authority or teeth,
and an Industry sliding backwards.
would like to draw the attention of
members to the seriousness of our tourism
stagnation, and decline in some cases", he

said, "by making the following analysis".
Fourteen years ago, the President said, in
1972, with a budget of EC$150,000,
without an international airport and with
basically the same number of hotel beds,



e GRA President Says Tourism
In Rut ......... .............. .. ..... 1
e Louison Still Without Passport.. 2
e Issa Nicholas Wants Ramada
Manag e nt Out ................. 3
a GCNA Celebrates 40th
Anniversary...................... 5
MBPM May Choose The
Revolutionary Road............. 6
0 Brizan Predicts Difficult
Times For NDP.................. 7
e NDC Lauched ...................... 8
CARICARE Wants Caribbean
@ Commision On Human Rights. 9
0 Chief Justice Graham
Welcomed ......................-... 11
I Michener Writing Book Based
In Caribbean...................... 13
s Nevs Shorts......----.......... ...-.. 16

Grenada had 37,933 stayover visitors
compared with 37,582 stayover visitors in
1986, when Grenadian nationals are
removed from the statistics.
The President said also that Government's
allocation of EC$ 1.1 million for Tourism in
the 1987 Budget is "woefully inadequate"
and asked Government the question, Are
you serious about Tourism ?
"If so, you must demonstrate commitment





Page 2 Saturday 24th October 1987 The Grenada Newsletter

_-jg j jjt,



Ml KENDRICK RADIX, Political Leader of the Maurice Bishop Patriotic
Movement (MBPM) has charged that the human rights of a prominent member of
his Party's executive have been violated.
The charge was made at a press conference on October 15th and Mr Radix identified Mr
Einstein Louison as the person concerned ..
... .. iiiiiii i _....... ...... ..

"Einstein is being discriminated against
purely on the grounds of politics and his
membership of the Maurice Bishop
Patriotic Movement", he said, "because
more than'two years have passed since his
passport has been taken away".
On 21st May 1985, Mr Louison vas to
travel to the German Democratic Republic
(East Germany) to take part in preparations
for the World Festival of Youth, the MBPM
Political Leader said, but at Point Saiines
Internatiorl Airport, as he as preparing
to board the aircraft, his passport was
confiscated'by the Immigration Authorities.

Mr Radix (who is a barrister) said that, on
Louison's behalf, he filed a Constitutional
Motion and this was heard before the Chief
Justice, Sir Archibald Nedd, on 1th June

Tvo days later, Sir Archibald delivered his
judgement which vent against Mr Louison.
The Chief Justice's decision was based on
his acceptance of an affidavit from the then
Commissioner of Police, Mr Russel Toppin.
That affidavit testified that the passport had
been withdrawn because the Police hd.
reason to believe. Mr Louison's trip to East
Germany vas connected with activities
which vouid threaten the security of the
State e
State Requests
Mr Radix said he dishes to appeal against
that decision but, in spite of repeated
requests, he has not been able to get the
necessary documents from the High Court.

"Up to nov/more thantvo years later", Mr
Radix said, "We have not been able to get a
written judgement. in order to file an appeal.
That is how far democracy has gone. That

TOURISM From Page 1

and not talk about it", he said. "We must
spend money on tourism development if
we are to expect any returns and
meaningful contribution to the Grenadian

Mr Chermanr said. political stability is
another key component to a successful
Tourism Industry. Last year, he said,
GHA had earned about what was feared
would happen. No one took the warning
seriously. Shortly after, there were three
more defections from the ruling New
National Party, he continued, and now
GHA continues to hear about infighting
vi thin the Government ranks.
"One would have thought that after all the
political problems over the years", he
said, "this country would have settled
down. Instead, ve are all confused, there
is a lack of discipline and respect and
Grenada is still considered to be an unsafe
destination in the marketplace".

The President said bold decisive,
imaginative leadership is badly needed
and the electorate must question every
pr:'li.ician carefully and demand answers
regarding the future direction of the

They must show us a plan, they must say
vho is on the team and vho will lead", Mr
Cherman said. "If they cannot answer all
of these questions, they must not be
considered for Govermnent".

Addressing the meeting, Mr Jones said he
was speaking against the background of a
very major indictment laid against him as
Minister of Tourism, and against the
GoCvernment. ee TOURISM Page 4

a ... - -- -

Thp Grenada Nesletter -Saturday 24th October 1987 Page 3


Auditors' Report Says Management Agreemnnt Violated

hover ovr Grenada's biggest
plant may have struck again.


Located on Grand Anse, the island's most
popular beach about four miles south of St
Georges, the premises originally involved
two adjacent hotels, The Grenada Beach
Hotel and Holiday Inn.
On 7th July 1971, however, the jinx cams
into play and Grenada Beach hotel,
externively damaged by fire, had to close
down. Driven Out

Holiday Inn, which had opened the year
before, took over the premises of Grenada
Beach as its" East Wing" but, 10 years later,
the jinx struck again. Holiday Inn, too, vas
driven out of business by fire.
That was on 28th October' 1981,: aind the
premises remained unused until the Peoples
Revolutionary Government opened them
again on 31st July 1983-as The Grenada
Beach Hotel.

But, within three months the jinx vas at it
again. Forty-six of the hotel's 186 rooms
were destroyed in the fighting which took
place during the October 1983 military
Now, the jinx appears to be putting a
"blight" of another sort on the site. -
The premises have been leased by the
Grenada Government to Issa Nicholas
(Grenada) Ltd whose majority shareholder
and Managing Director is Trinidadian
entrepreneur, Mr Issa Nicholas. The
Company spent some US$17 million
renovating and extending the buildings and,
on 18th September 1985, signed an
Agreement with the United States based
hotel management firm of Ramada
International Incorporated.
There was a "soft" opening on December
18th 1986, and the Grenada Ramada
ernaissance Hotel vas officially opened by
Prime Minister Herbert Blaize on 21st
March 1987. but. in an interview vith

NEWSLETTER on October 22nd,
Nicholas said Ramada International
failed to honour the terms of
management contract


"The failure is clear from the report of our
auditors, Messrs Pannell Kerr Foster", he
said. They have done anaudit for us and it
shows unbelievable things in the accounts
and the way the system is run".
The auditors' report, dated June 20th last,
states it is unlikely adequate control
procedures vere followed in the
accounting, Mr Nicholas said, and the
auditors have been unable to verify the meal
checks relative to the staff as these have
"been destroyed.
Pannell Kerr Foster said, in several cases,
they had been unable to trace reservation
deposits, Mr Nicholas said. No official
credit limits exist, and the General
Manager's approval for complimentary
rooms and deviation from the fixed rates
could not be found.

According to Mr Nicholas, the auditors said
they had reviewed the Management
SAgreement entered into by Ramada and Issa
Nicholas (Grenada) Ltd and had found
See RAMADA Page 7

Founded 17th August 1973
365th Issue
Sbscription Rates
Payable 1a Advance
Potage Paid By Second Class Air Mail
(Inland Post In Grenada)
10 Issues $102.00 $ 39.00
20 Issues $183.60 $ 72.20
40 Issues $346.80 $132.60
About 20 Issues Published Annually

- --- --- I

Page 4 Saturday 24th October 107 The Grenada Nevsletter
TOURISM From Pake 2

"I do not say the indictment is not just-
ified", he said, "but, when one speaks about
that type of indictment, one speaks against
the background of a very serious problem".
The Minister said he is grateful for the
indictment because it draws to his attention
the need for much action in the Tourist

Industry, and he reassured the hoteliers that
Government does not regard Tourism as
Government's policy, he said, from the time
it took office in 1984, was to develop the
economy on three fronts, Agriculture,
Tourism and Industrialisation, and Tourism
offered the most immediate benefits.

Things developed which did not permit
Government to follow through, he said, and
he is grateful for observations made which
will help Government to understand how
persons directly involved in Tourism
consider the efforts made by Government.

"When we reorganized the Government
earlier this year and brought a Minister of
State into the Ministry of Agriculture and
Tourism", "Mr Jones said, "the idea was to
put Tourism under the Minister of State and
so provide for it somebody who was in
immediate control".

The Minister said from what. he had heard at
the meeting, this arrangement is not
working effectively and he promised the
matter will be taken up with Prime Minister
Herbert Blaize who will be told how the
hoteliers feel, and Mr Jones will "implore
him to do something to bring about very
serious changes".

When Government took office in 1984, the
Minister said, attractive incentives for the
establishment of hotels were offered but,
although there vere hundreds of approved
applications from foreign entrepreneurs, not

many "took up the challenge".
The burden of hotel development has fallen
on Grenadians, he said, and Government is
grateful that Grenadians have responded to
the challenge.

"We interpret this as a sign of your

confidence", Mr Jones said, "if not in the
present situation but in the original plan,
and we assure you that we will make
available to you all the assistance ve can
The Minister declined to go into the details
of the tremendous indictment" laid against
Government by Mr Cherman, but he
accepted the charges, and expressed regret
that he had not been fully aware' of the
feelings of the GHA.

Mr Jones disclosed that Govermnentis nov
in the process of completing an
arrangement th EWIA under which that
airline will service te Canadian route,
flying directly to Grenada from Toronto.

"It seems that everything is proceeding very
See TOURISM Page 5
PASSPORT From Page 2
is the vulgarisation of democracy"

Sir Archibald Nedd's contract vith the
Government of Grenada expired on 31st
December 1985 but, at Government's
request, he stayed on as Chief Justice until
31st January 1986. Since then, he has
had no connection vith the judiciary.

The then Registrar of the Supreme Court
no longer holds that post and inquiries by
NEWSLETTER as to Sir Archibald's
judgement in the Louison case have not
received any satisactory answers.

]A A


It Is The Sovereign Right Of People To Rise Up : Radix

R -:KEN-
mer Minister of
Legal Affairs in the
Peoples Revolution-
ary :Government
(PRG), and Political
Leader of the
Maurice Bishop Pat-
riotic Movement
(MBPM), said at a
press conference on
October 15th that,
when conditions be-
come too oppress-
ive, it is the sov-
ereign right of
people to rise up
and demand an end
to oppression.
"When all paths to
democratic instit-
utions are denied
people", he said, "it
is their sovereign
right to rise up and
rebel and-in keep-
ing with that univer-
sal mandate, I up-
hold that right of
peoples ---every-
where. When all
paths of legiLimate,
constitutional, parli-.
amn tary aid other
institutions are
blocked, one of the
rights that they have
within their sov-
ereignty as a people
is the right to rise
iThe United States
exercised that right
when they felt the
British vere opp-
ressing them and it
took them 12 years

after that to have a
constitution, he
said.During the Am-
erican Civil War, he
continued, news-
papers were closed
down and thousands
of people were ex-
ecuted witih sum-
mary trial.
"Revolution is in the
historic arsenal,
even of the United
States," Mr Radix
said, "which is the
most conservative
and reactionary a
Governmental in-
stitution today". ,

The Ex-PRG Min-
ister reminded the
Press that October
19th is "t h fourth
anniversary of th
murders of Maurice
Bishop and the,
other outstanding
Grenada revolution-
aries who were
murdered wi_

His reference ,as to
incidents of 19th
OctoSe: 19Z3 'vlhe
a split in the PRG
led to the execution
of Prime Minister
Maurice- Bishop,
members> of his
Cabinet and others,
and when over 100
Grenadians are all-
eged to Iave been
gunned down by the
Peoples Revolution-
ary Army.

"It is also the anni-

versary of the. Providing a back-
invasion of our ground for thl
country by the killing of BishMo
armed forces of t and his colleagues
United States and Mr Radix sai
other Caribbean counter- revolution
Countries which in the formof"ultra
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_GC.NA From Pa9ge 1
Board, and it is these three
nominations Mr James


wishes to

"It must be left to us to elect, after careful
scrutiny, the type of people ve want to
run our business", he said, "so, very
soon, we will be asking Government to
hand over thel Board to us in its totality".
Mr James also attacked Government's
intention to make the three agricultural
producers' cooperatives subject to the
Business Levy, a 2.5% sales tax
introduced as part of Government's
fiscal programme.

The Levy, he said, is unconstitutional as
far as GCNA, the Cocoa Association and
the Banana Society are concerned.

"When we were established in tht.
colonial days"' Mr Jamis said, "ve were
exempt from paying Company Income
Tax because we are not a Company, We
cannot put a mark up on the produce and
sell. We used to pay export duty but I
,have said it in the Senate and elsewhere
that that duty was a disincentive to

Export duty was a bad tax, he said, and
Government must be thanked for
removing it, but Government must be
told they must not give something with
one hand and take it away with the other.
See GCNA Pa 7

The Grenada Nevsletter



Page 6

Saturday 24th October 1987

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