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Volume 9 NuIpber. 11
End of Year Issue 31st December 1981
9th Year of Publication '262?d Issue
D *f% O : *-

Prime Minister Maurice Bishop said in ;Grenada on December 13th
that the United States of America is threatening an invasion
of Nicaragua.

The charge came in the cotuse of Mr Bishop's feature address
to the rally marking the close of the New Jewel Movement
National Youth Organisation (NYO) congress, and Mr Bishop said
that, at the recent Organisation of American States confer-
ence in St Lucia, U.S.Secretary of State Alexander Haig had
revealed U.S. intentions.

"On that occasion",. Mr Bishop said, "Haig, speaking for his
master in the White House and speaking on behalf of the big
capitalist interests that really rule the'United States,
threatened, once again, an invasion of the sovereign country
of Nicaragua."

The Prime Minister said that, not satisfied that the United
States has spent the last 2 years engaged-in every form of
destabilisation against Nicaragua, not satisfied that the
U.S. has been arming the "facists" in Honduras to let the
followers of the late Anastasio Somoza cross the borders to
"wage terror" against the people of Nicaragua, Mr Haig has
now tried to get support from other members *f the OAS for
"plans of aggression against Nicaragua."

"These American rul ng circles today", he said, "are directly
and deliberately engaged in this campaign of aggression and
lies against Nicaragua and Cuba in particular. They are
trying in every .possible way to see how'they can tie the
revolutions in Nicaragua and Cuba to the revolutionary pro-
ess in El Salvador."
~- continued -
IProiduced Pfrinted by Alister & Cynthia Hughes
P o n(xu 65, St.Gvorges, Grenada, WestIndies


One f. the '!desperate lies" put out by the United States, Mr Bishop
said, -is-hat-'Nicaragua has been receiving arms and combat troops
from Cuba for sending on to aid the revolutionaries in ElSalvador
and, although Cuba' ad Nicaragua have' denied this, this has not
stopped the Americans from "continuing to spread those lies."
The Prime Minister said the U.S.A. has stepped up its efforts in the
OAS to get support for their call for elections in El Salvador, elect-
ions which, Mr Bishop said, will not have the participation of the
"popular forces representing a majority of the people in El Salvador"

"They are calling for an election at this time", he said, "because
they recognize that that" is the only.chance they hive-of giving some
legitimacy, credibility and authority to the facist junta that is
ruling El Salvador today."

Mr Bishop posed the question as to how elections could possbily be
held in a country where 25 people are murdered every day, martial law
exists, there are no political or civil courts, public address sysI
teams cannot be used, the masses have not the right to assemble and
where "more and more people have to run across the border to seek some
kind of sanctuary in neighboring countries."

"Some of the people who are going along in the call for elections in
El Salvador", he said, "either do not understand what the Americans
are really up to or because of the few dollars which they have been
promised they are willing to mortgage their own principles in order
t. give support to this devious plan of the Americans."

The Prime Minister said the U.S. never supported the call of "the
people of the world" for elections in Zimbabwe and, today, the
"people of the world" are calling for elections in Namibia and this
is not supported by the U.S. either.

"When the opportunity for making a genuine call in countries like
Zimbabwe and Namibia comes along", Mr Bishop said, "then, these
people are never seen and their voices are never heard. They are
calling for election in a'country like El Salvador where the people
themselves do not want elections under existing conditions, but the
people of Raiti, who want an election, there is no call for an
election in Haiti."

Mr Bishop said the U.S. has made no call for elections in South
Africa and the U.S. helped the military forces in Bolivia to over-
throw the elected government of Bolivia so that they could "put
their own dictator into power".

" don't they go and make calls for elections in Chili and Uruguay,
Pu.aguay, South Korea and those other latrine countries that they
have given their support to over the years", he asked.
continued -

Issue To 31.12.81


The Prime Minister said the U.S. call for elections in El Salvador
is hypocritical and is a clear signal that the "American imperial-
ists" understand that they will never be able to win the war in El

"They understand very well that El Salvador is like a Caribbean Viet
Nam", he said, "and, if they go into El Salvador, it will be just
like when they went into Viet Nam. Once again, they will find
their backsides exposed and they will get a lot of licks."


Mr Herbert Preudhomme, Deputy Prime Minister in the Government of
deposed Prime Minister Eric Matthew Gairy, who was overthrown in a
New Jewel Movement revolution on March 13th 1979, was released from
Richmond Hill Prisons on December 31st.

Mr Preudhomme, who has been a political prisoner since the first day
of the revolution, was one pf 24 detainees set free on New Year's
eve and told they must report to the Police twice a month. The
full list of the names of those released is not available but two
others are Messrs Norton Noel and Ashley Church, two officials of
Mr Gairy's Manual, Maritime & Intellectual Workers Union. Mr Noel
was arrested on 5th April 1979 and Mr Church on 13th March 1979.

Mr Miles Fitzpatrick, Legal Consultant to the Ministry of Legal
Affairs, told NEWSLETTER that Government now has an internal ad-
visory committee which meets regularly and reviews the cases of
detainees without waiting for these detainees to make application as
they did in the case of the Preventive Detention Tribunal which has
not met for some time.

Mr Fitzpatrick said the review committee meets every three months,
the last meeting took place in mid-November and, as far as he is
aware, this release of 24 detainees is the largest ever made at one
time. He said also that there are no detentions except on
specific occasions when security is threatened.

""There have been no detentions on a day to day basis", he said,
"but only on specific occasions for security reasons."

The Legal Consultant said that, deducting the 40 persons against
whom charges have been laid since June, there are now less then 100
persons held in detention.

,BK^- '-- '^;

Issue To 31.12.81



The Peoples Revolutionary Government (PRG) has received a loan from
the Government of Iraq to be used for the construction and equiping of
the main building of the international airport now being laid down at
Point Saline.

Tn an Agreement signed on November 16th, the loan arrangements are set
-t and they state that the loan is being made from the "Iraqi Fund
For External Development" and is for the sum of 1,480,263 Iraqi dinars
which is equivalent to US$5.million.

The interest rate is 2.5% per annum and the PRG must pay a further
.5% to meet the administrative expenses of the loan, Repayments are
to be made in 12 equal instalments commencing on December 1st 1984
and, on any overdue instalments there will be an interest rate of 8%
.n addition to the stated interest rate on the loan.

The Agreement, which was signed on behalf of the PRG by Mr George
Randolph Earl Bullen, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plentipothentiary,
and on behalf of the Iraqi' Fund For External Development by Dr
Abdul Amir Al-Anbari, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has been
given the force of Grenadian law by Peoples Law 46/1981, passed on
December 16th and gazetted on December 24th.

As an annex to that law, a breakdown of the cost of the airport
project has been given. This breakdown discloses that the total
cost of the project is US$71 million, of which US$16.2 million is
coming g from Grenadian sources and US$54.8 million from foreign sources.

Details of the sources of funding are given as follows :-
Iraqi Fund For External Development US$ 5 million
Government of Grenada 14.2
OPEC Fund 2
Cuba 33.6
EEC 2.2
Venezuela .5
Algeria 1
Syria 2
Libya 4
Other Sources 6.5
US$ 71 million


Th.e first National Congress of the New Jewel Movement National
-ath Organisation (NYO), which opened on December 12th at the
Conference Centre at Grand Anse, came to a close on December 13th
continued -

Issue to 31.12.81

issue to 31.12z,.l THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 5

with a rally at the St Georges Market Square.

At that rally, solidarity messages were delivered by delegations
from youth organizations in the english and french speaking Carib-
bean, the U S A Nicaragua, Cuba and.North Korea, and from the
World Democratic Federation of Youth.

The names of the newly elected NYO Central Executive were ann-
ounced and it was disclosed that this Executive will hold office
for the next three years and will be headed by Mr Leon 'Bogo'
Cornwall who is a member of the Central Executive of the New Jewel
Movement and Secretary (Junior Minister) for Youth & Sport in the
Peoples Revolutionary Government.

Delivering the feature address at the rally, Prime Minister Maurice
Bishop said the Congress had been a-serious one-at which delegates
had engaged in constructive sessions of-criticism and self-
criticism and at which mistakes had been admitted.

"During that Congress", he said., "we heard our comrades admit that
they had made mistakes,. And, they have made stakes. We have
heard the comradesadmit that, until the Party took a hard line
last year, that the way in which the NYO was being built was too

Mr Bishop said that, as from May 1980, this mistake was rectified
and there was movement to build a mass organisation of all the
youth in Grenada with the only condition for membership being that
they must be "patriotic.youths who are supporters of the'revolut-
ion and not willing to engage in counter revolutionary activity."

"These comrades", he said "who at the end of last year were at the
pointwhere they were still just over 1,500 members, set themselves
a target for,1981 of achieving a.membership of 7,000 members but,
long before the.year had come to an end, the Comrades of the NYO
had achieved that target and mpved on to set a new target of 9,000
members. Only the very best organizations do that."
)" W -- .. l,


Addressing a rally called on December 13th to mark the end of the
New Jewel Movement National Youth Organisation (NYO) Congress,
Prime Minister Maurice Bishop disclosed that the NYO is to send a
team to Nicaragua to assist in teaching sections of that country
that are english speaking.

"Our NYO has now come forward and taken the historic and important
decision that, as of next month, 30 of our comrades o- the NYO will
go to revolutionary Nicaragua to help with the literacy programme
in Nicaragua." continued

~Z1 ~

. . . .. . -- - - -


This step, Mr Bishop said, is a very important one for the NYO be-
cause it represents a part of their duty and responsibility as
"internationalists, as revolutionaries living in Grenada."
-,'tW C (jt


.he Peoples Revolutionary Government (PRG) on December 31st made
public the texts of three letters written in reply to letters
received from organizations concerned with the status of human rights
in Grenada.

One letter, dated November 20th 1981 and addressed to Mr Michael
Mullen, General Secretary of the Irish Transport & General Workers
Union, refers to Mr Mullen's letter of October 22nd 1981 "concern-
ing the detention of Stanley Roberts and three other persons ...."

Mr Roberts, Assistant General Secretary of the Grenada Seamen &
Waterfront Workers Union, was detained on July llth last together
with Messrs Lloyd Noel, Leslie Pierre and Tillman Thomas, the last
three named being associated with "The Grenadian Voice" newspaper
which was closed by the PRG on June 19th and accused of being a tool
of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

The letter to Mr Mullen signed by Prime Minister Maurice Bishop,
names Ashley Wills as a "CIA Desk Officer" attached to the U.S.
Embassy in Barbados, and says "Wills met with Lloyd Noel, a leader
of the group with which'Stanley Roberts is associated, and they
conspired and plotted the violent overthrow of the Grenada revo-

:This", Mr Eishop said, "Stanley Roberts was detained, not because
ne is not a supporter of the Peoples Revolutionary Government, but
because he was actively involved in plotting to violently destroy
it ."

L'he Prime Minister told Mr Mullen that the PRG has tried to speed
up the processing of criminal charges against political prisoners,
but legal personnel is scarce. The intention, he said, is to
proceed to trial even, though these political prisoners are all
legally and validly detained under the detention law.

"In addition", Mr Bishop said, "some security information cannot be
presented in Court in the interests of the protection of the

he second letter, dated November 17th and addressed to Mr Dick
"-ting, Deputy Secretary General of Amnesty International, is in
-. ,y to Mr Oosting's letter of July 21st 1981 which asked the
--ason for the detention of Messrs Noel, Pierre, Thomas and
oberts. -continued -

Issue To 31.12.81

Issue -to 31.12.81 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page:7

The letter, signed by Mr Benny Langaigne, Permanent Secretary in
Mr Bishop's Mininstry, said Mr Oosting ought to be aware that Grenada
is confronted with threats of military invasion, economic blockade,
and aggression and, in addition, Grenada has been the victim of
local counter revolutionary violence supported and financed by
foreign agents "such as the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA."

"Given this background" Mr Langaigne said, "the conspiracy on the
part of Noel, Thomas, Pierre and Roberts to perpetrate and incite
violence and destabilisation became intolerable."

According to Mr Langaigne, all the witnesses'proofs and other pre-
requisites for the trial of these men are not yet ready, but he
anticipated that charges will be filed once the process is complete.

The other letter, dated November 16th last and signed by Mr Bishop,
is in reply to a letter dated 30th September 1981 from Dr Roy
Neehall, General Secretary of the Caribbean Conference of Churches.

Mr Bishop assured Dr Neehall that his Government "continues to live
up to its humanitarian principles." Allegations of torture of
the detainee Kennedy Budhlall are completely unfounded, he said,
and he sent Dr Neehall a certificate from the Prison Doctor attest-
ing that Budhiall had never complained to him of mistreatment~.'

"We.did not suffer and struggle to overthrow Gairy for nothing",
the Prime Minister said, "nor have we forgotten the ideals of human-
ity which inspired us in that struggle."

Mr Bishop said the revolution must defend itself from external and
internal enemies,- but in doing s.o "will not imitate their methods of
brutality and terror."

"We will do it our way", he said, "firmly, but with respect for the
human person, relentlessly, but conforming to our internationalist
standards of decency."


Leaders of Christian Churches in Grenada have made a special appeal
to Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and the Peoples Revolutionary
Government (PRG) on behalf of political-prisoners being held by the
PRG, and have expressed the hope that Grenada will have a constit-
ution and General Elections soon.

These sentiments were in a Christmas message sent to the citizens of
Grenada by the Conference of Churches, Grenada (CCG) and read in all
CCG Churches on Christmas Day.

- continued -


"We pray that the hope stirred up within our hearts by certain utter-
ances made publicly by our Prime Minister as well as other Ministers
of Government Will be justified", the message said, "and, especially,
that the leaders of our country will deem it fit and proper to
release, soon, the detainees against whom no charge can be laid, and
to charge the others and bring them to a speedy and just trial."

" source close to CCG told NEWSLETTER that the "certain utterances"
referred to are statements attributed to Prime Minister Maurice Bishop
when he attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference in
Australia early in October, and in which he is reported to have said
that Grenada will have a Constitution and General Elections in 1982.

With reference to the release of the political prisoners, the
message said that,"time and again", CCG has expressed to Mr Bishop
Its deep concern and, "now at this holy Season of Goodwill, we once.
more express our concern, and we make a special appeal to him and
his Government on behalf of the detainees and their families."

The message commended the PRG for. "its programmes that tr ly lead
our people to genuine freedom", and categorically affirmed the
intention, duty and privilege of CCG, asChurches, to participate
in such programmes. CCG pledged its commitment to Grenadians
"in the liberation process taking place" and appealed to member
Churches to be involved in every liberative action organised by the
PRG or any organisation engaged in such action on behalf of

CCG is comprised of the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church,
methodistt Church, Presbyterian Church, Salvation Army, African
-ethodist Episcopal Church, Church of God and West Indian Spiritual
Baptists. CCG Chairman is the Roman Catholic Bishop of Grenada,
-ydney Charles.
\ **- ; *! I- ***- >


Grenada"s Governor General, Sir Paul Scoon, has appealed to the
people of the island to strive for national unity.

The call came as Sir Paul delivered his Christmas Message over Radio
Free Grenada on Christmas Day, and he said it-is only by concerted
effort and in a spirit of give and take, devoid of prejudice and
rancour, that Grenada's problems can be tackled seriously.

"I urge our civil leaders, our religious leaders, the professional
.ad business community, trade unionists, workers and, indeed, all
S.Llic spirited men and women to come together for the common good,"
!e said.
continued -

Issue t0,31,..12,81


Issue to 31.12.81 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 9

The Governor General is convinced, he said, that whatever Grenadians
views and beliefs, they all have the objective of building a better
Grenada, and he believes that a negative or inflexible attitude will
not help to improve the standard of living or quality of life.

"Let us all who have a contribution to make to the national interest
come together", he said, "thrash out our differences and, with
humility, sincerity and goodwill, arrive at common ground on which
we can build a nation of truth, justice and human dignity."

Sir Paul said Grenadians cannot pretend they are not affected by the
agonisingg challenges" confronting mankind today and, if these
challenges are not to be overwhelming, there is need to undergo
spiritual rejuvenation so they can be faced with dignity, courage
and a will to succeed.

It would be.of lasting benefit, he said, if, as a matter of urgency,
the tried and tested Christian virtues of love, tolerance, forgive-
ness and patience are invoked and turned into operative values con-
sistent with modern living and capable of meeting the challenges of

"With such spiritual renewal", he said, "we shall be better placed
to have a greater respect for truth, for law and order, for the
rights of others and for human life. We shall be better equipp-
ed to train our children in the way they should grow as members of
God-fearing and loving families. And, as true patriots, we
shall be able to adopt a healthier attitude to work."

The Governor General said that, as Grenadians celebrate yet another
Christmas, they joyfully and gladly give thanks and praise to God
from whom all good things come and in whom alone they can place
trust as they search for lasting peace and happiness.


Following an opening ceremony on December 20th at which Prime
Minister Maurice Bishop and Minister of Finance Bernard Coard
spoke ,the National Commercial Bank (NCB) of Grenada opened to
business in St Davids parish on December 21st.

The operation, which is the fourth expansion since the Bank was
founded, employs three persons and works as an agency of the NCB
branch at Grenville, St Andrews.

In keeping with a plan of reorganising its activities internation-
ally, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) began closing
its branches in Grenada in 1978. The Sauteurs branch, at the
northern end of the island, was closed on 31st December 1978, and
continued -


the Grenville branch on the east coast near Pearls airport ceased
operations on 31st September 1979.

At this point, NCB was established and opened to business on 15th
October 1979 in the premises in Grenville vacated by CIBC. Three
months later, on 23rd January 1980 the Peoples Revolutionary
Government (PRG) signed an Agreement with CIBC for the purchase of
its remaining assets in Grenada, being thp Head Office in St Georges.
These assets were vested in NCB on 1st March 1980.

The purchase price in this transaction has not been disclosed but.
informed sources said the cash payment was slightly less than half,
a million East Caribbean dollars and there were certain "liabilities't
NCB undertook to honour. These charges include liabilities CIBC
may have had "under an Agreement dated December 9th 1978 between
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Barclays Bank International Ltd,
the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Nova Scotia."

NCB's next expansion was to the west coast town of Gouyave where,
on 28th April 1980, a full branch was opened with a staff: of five.

A further development took place in November last when NCB purchased
the Royal Bank of Canada branch in Grenville, and this acquisition
has been merged with the NCB operation in that town.

Mr Michael Archibald,'NCB Manager, told NEWSLETTER the opening of
the St Davids agency is a step in the planned expansion of the bank.
"Our next step", he said, "will be a branch in our sister island of
Carriacou, and we hope to achieve that early in the new year."

?.CB is run by a nine-man Board headed by Grenville businessman Mr
Lyden Ramdhanny who is Deputy Minister of Finance in the PRG. In
additionn to Mr Ramdhanny, the Board is comprised of two members
from the Business Community, three from the Ministry of Finance, one
from the Ministry of Agriculture and two members of the NCB staff.


Employees at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) are to receive over
EC$212,000 under a profit sharing scheme in effect at the Bank.

This was disclosed on December 18th by NCB Chairman Lyden Ramdhanny
who said that,, for its financial year ended October 31st last, NCB
showed a substantial increase in profits and employees will get
considerably more than they did after the 1980 financial year.

The Chairman said that, in 1980, the Bank's profits were just over
:$343,000 and, in 1981, this figure has jumped to EC$1,386,704.

- continued -

Issue' to 31.12.81

Issue to 31.12.81 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 11

According to Mr Ramdhanny, this good performance reflects tremendous
support given by the public and this suggests that NCB has been
recognized as an institution which deserves total support.
.v ; -.......-


The Media Workers Association of Free Grenada (MWAFG), on December
30th, held its first emulation ceremony for workers in the four
media operations controlled by the Peoples Revolutionary Government.

Prizes were distributed to the most outstanding workers in the
Government Information Service, the Free West Indian (FWI) newspaper,
Television Free Grenada and Radio Free Grenada, and Mr David Black-
burn of FWI was voted "Media Worker of the Year",.

Addressing the media workers,,Prime Minister Maurice Bishop urged
that the expanding of worker democracy and the implementation of
training be made matters of priority in 1982.

"We need to ensure, for example, that the democratisation process at
the work place in each media centre takes place at a very, very fast
rate", he said, "because that is going to be quite key in ensuring
that.all workers are put to work and give of their best."

Mr Bishop said it is very important that media workers get together
on a weekly basis, discuss problems, criticize each other, raise
grievances in an open, frank,candid and "proletariat" manner and try
to reach solutions.

He urged workers to address themselves to democratisation and worker
participation at the work place, and to ensure that this process is
greatly accelerated in 1982 because he believes this is a key area
which will-have a big impact on the work in the four media centres.

The Prime Minister said also that media workers need to address them-
selves more to the matter of training which, he said, could be
achieved either through "internationalist assistance" when courses
are arranged in Grenada by foreign experts or when workers go abroad
for training.

"But", he said, "there is also no reason why we could not organise
our own local training sessions so the younger comrades and the new-
er comrades can get the benefit of the experience and expertise of
those comrades who are more seasoned and know better what the rules
of the game are."



The Christian Aid Agency of the British Council of Churches has app-
roved a grant of 15,000 pounds sterling to finance a leadership
programme for the New Jewel Movement National Youth Organisation

This was announced on December 18th by Ms Regina Taylor, General
secretaryy of the Agency for Rural Transformation (ART), an organ-
isation set up earlier this year by the Peoples Revolutionary
Government (PRG) to coordinate development programmes of mass
organizations in Grenada.

According to Ms Taylor, the NYO Central Executive, Group Leaders
and other NYO metbers- with leadership potential will benefit from
this programme which starts in January and will be conducted on
weekends over a two year period.

The General Secretary did not reveal the ,source, but she said the
Productive Farmers Union has received US$90 thousand .~0 establish
a 'District Agricultural Centre', and the Vasteralute Agency of
Holland has approved funds to carry out an exchange literacy pro.-.
gramme between Grenada and Nicaragua over a two year period'
commencing in 1982.

Ms Taylor said Oxfat of Britain has approved funds for the Centre.
for Popular Education to carry out the second phase of its liter-
acy programme due to start in the second quarter of 1982, and
funds have been approved from other sources for establishment of
an agricultural ,farm training school on Grenada's sister island
of Carriacou.
t -.5 i ..r... . *
t ....:- -,. ;* I


The 62 ton trawler "Mary A"', purchased recently by the Peoples
Revolutionary Government, sank about 15 miles off Barbados qn
December 21st.

This ,was announced on December 22id by the state owned Radio Free
Free Grenada (RFG). The station gave no details of the sinking
or the ship's destination and cargo at t-he time of the disaster,,
but said the. crew was safe and would arrive in Grenada on:
December 23rd from Barbados.

Earlier in December,, an official -f the National Cooperative
Development Agency.,stated that this ship had been purchased and
was to be operated as a shipping cooperative. It was'later
disclosedd that the "Mary A" had been purchased from a shipping
agency in Trinidad for TT$115,000.
continued -

agto 12

Issue to 31.12.81

Issue to 31.12.81 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 13

It was also disclosed that, with a view to providing regional
transport for Grenada's non-traditional produce, the trawler would
be made available to the newly established Export Marketing & Shipp-
ing Division of the Marketing & National Importing Board.


Seven men charged under the Terrorism (Prevention) Law, Peoples Law
46/1980, appeared on December 18th in the St Georges Magistrates
Court before Magistrate Lyle St Paul and were remanded in custody
to appear again on January 21st.

Charged are Raphael Roberts, Joseph Jacobs, Godwyn Charles, Lyle
St Bernard, Keith St Bernard, Kenneth Budhlall and Kennedy Budhlall,
and it is alleged that they conspired to commit acts of violence
against the Peoples Revolutionary Army in an attempt to overthrow
the Peoples Revolutionary Government.

This preliminary hearing is being held under the new rules which do
away with examination and cross examination of witnesses in the
Magistrates Court, evidence being taken in the form of signed state-!
ments by witnesses.

Evidence given on December 18th included statements alleging that,
on April 26th 1980, the accused were involved in an abortive plot
to take over three military camps and that, on the following day,
they held one of many secret meetings.

Attorneys Michael Andrews and Ben Jones appear for the accused.
.r o *- f. .


Four detainees, reported by Radio Free Grenada (RFG) to have broken
out of Richmond Hill Prisons on December 19th, have been recaptured
and, on December 31st, had charges laid against them for escaping
from custody.

The men are Layne Phillip, Derek Romain, Emmanual Charles and Austin
Nimblette, and it is reported that Romain and Charles were caught on
the day after they escaped, Romain in the Mt Moritz ara some three
miles north of St Georges and Charles in the Tempe area on the
northern outskirts of the capital.

Phillip was next to be apprehended on December 22nd and Nimblette
was picked up on December 28th.

PhilliT? is one of 7 persons charged under the.Terrorism (Prevention)
Lav: with the bomb bias : 1iling of 3 persons at a rally at Queen's
Park, St Georges on 19th June 1980.
continued -


According to RFG, Charles was detained in connection with an alleged
plot .in April 1930 to overthrow the Peoples Revolutionary Government.
A person with the surname "Charles" has been linked with this alleged
plot previously and the Christian name has been given variously as
"Dennis" and "Godwin". "Godwin" Charles and 8 others have been
charged under the Terrorism (Prevention) Law with the alleged over-
throw plot.

Dennis" Charles together with 3 other detainees is reported to have
nade an unsuccessful jail break on May 6th 1980. In that reported
attempt, at least two detainees, Antonio Langdon being one, were shot
and wounded.

RFG said Nimblette and Romain were detained in connection with the
killing of 5 young men in Sauteurs on November 17th 1980.

the four recaptured detainees are expected to appear in the
Magistrates Court, St Georges, on Monday January 4th to answer the
charge of escaping from custody.

I ,.'.*:: ...


Grenada continues to be one of the top traffic points of the
destinations served by Liat airline.

'.. the 12 month period ending December 1980, the airline recorded
total of 873,570 arrivals and departures of which 104,315 passed
through Crenada's Pearls airport. This represents an average
or the island of 8,693 per month, 11.9% of the total or nearly one
2 every eight passencgrs travelling by Liat.

7'.gures for 1981 are slightly better relative to Grenada's percent-
ge of the total traffic, statistics showing that for the 10 months
ending October 1981, the island generated 12.13 percent of Liat's
-otal Arrivals and departures.

That figure exceeds the 11.92 recorded for the same period in
1980, but, in 1981, there was a drop in total passenger traffic.

From 1st January to 30th October 1981, Liat handled 657,804 arrivals
and departures. This represents a fall of over 11% from the 1980
figure of 739,214. A similar comparison of the Grenada statistics
shows that, for the first 10 months of 1981, there were 79,801 arriv-
als and departures through Pearls airport, a fall of 9.5% from the'
figure covering the same period in 1980.

:.t's'ics show a pronounced August passenger traffic peak in
t.,ch 1980 and 1981, the former year recording '104,126 arrivals and
-artures in that month and the latter 99,434.
continued -

Issue to 31.12.81


In 1980, this represents an increase of 43% over the monthly average
of 72,797 for the year and, in 1981, the increase is 51% over the
January to October monthly average -of 65,780.

The figures for Grenada reflect this August peak, showing an in-
crease of 47% in 1980 over the monthly average for the year, and an
increase of nearly 100% in 1981 over the January to October average.

^ .iif iiii~,j iii,, ,. ,. .. ,,.., ^ ..iiiii, i iiiiii~iii iii~~i iiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ii~~i.i~ir in~ .,i~i, .iii i. n ^ iiriiiiiii.-~iiiii iii~ii- .....- ......* iii iiiiiiiiiii ^ ^ i- i iir~ii~iiiii~i~ir iiiiii~iiiiiiiiiii^ iiii. ii~iiiii. i ,i-iii .iiiiiiiiiiin

Total Total And Liat's Total
Departures Arrivals Departures Departures
From At At And
Month Grenada Grenada Grenada Arrivals
January 5,206 4,747 9,953 80,284
February 4,677 4,273 8,950 73,518
March 5,055 4,901 9,956 74,848
April 5,025 4 335 9,360 75,960
May 4,497 -3,554 8,051 70,702
June 3,326 3, 145 6,471 61,632
July 4,132 4,090 8,222 77,428
August 6,679 .6,111 12,790 104,126
September 3,828 3,477 7,305 61,992
October 3,391 3,725 7,116 58,724
Total January to October:-88,174 739,214
November 3,421 3,592 7,013 60,386
December 4,344 4,784 128 73,970
Total January to December:-104,315 873,570
Monthly average :- 8,692.92 72,797.5

Grenada 's
Of Liat's




4,340 9,269
3 316 7,389
4,012 7,789
3,908 7,912
2,975 7,495
3,084 5,981
3,442 7,083
6,450 13,290
3,792 7,474
3,035 6,119
to October:-79,801



See Over

114 :4

Monthly average :-

Issue to 31.12.81 .-

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Page 15

1' .6 .THE GREN)ADA NEW LETTR Issue to 31..12..81

S: --':,:
"... "- .

Grenada ,...
(79,801) r i.

St .Vincent '
(7,..,12 .

0 (67,099) -
tl .' .",:,. ..., '

N Aptigua

a ___ St.Lucia -"
C o (57,431) ,
g g -4
0 :I --' 'I. "

C 0 r it.-St rK.S.itts
; (24 ,-842) :

sZw ? .Mnrtinique
S1*4 o: -(24,758)

: (19,469) i'

it .(15,881)

J St,Croix

St .Martin Al r Hughes

Cynthia Hughes
S'(55 -31st December 198

Puerto Ri-.o ",
|(547) i l c

(547) :~s. ~

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