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Began in 1973.
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j V9UwPe- _, M.Nuber 2C, zR !
For .The Wja rr nij n20th September 1980-
8th Year,,of Publication ,. -.. 245b._Isju .


Grenada is to benefit from aid from five Eastern European
Coutfieel h s has,beq, noqpnced bby-,te Goverament In-
formation Svi; e,(GIS). ,wa~ih sa4y,enegotiations fQr this
ass.iftynce wpie .m^g,by4, nis*ter or;4niancRe, Trade :amd Plan-
nn.g, Berrnard Cpard, .during :h.irecqat. isSt ;tQ. EEastern

T3ie S{.iet Uaon hbas. promised ;r., gifrt. of.. C.$3 -aillion worth,
of machinery which will be ,,hared. y .t hbMinistry .of Agti- .
cqlut-uie aad the National Cooperative Development Agency.
This equipment includes 16 1tt~~e~ r, 1 six-ton trucks, 20
irrigation pumps and 15 four-wheel drive 'jeeps'. A sup-
ply of spare parts will also be shipped free of cost to the
island and Grenadians are to be trained in the use of the

In addition to exploring possibilities of increasing trade
* ri* *- S r *. .
links with the USSR, Mr. Coard also negotiated for an agree-
ment under which the Soviet Union will provide credit for
the purchase of machinery. GIS did not state the type of
1 .' *' 'ct; I
machinery involved but said the credit will be available to
both the private and public sectors. Credits will cover

A, .t.n ye.arX j~~riod andh the- interest. rate ilc,, the private sect-
or vl be 5%. ;e p44Q. ct,.Bcr .weitillp9y kis lese.

Produced & Printed by Alister & Cynthia HuNghes
P POB I'"'I II I- ll' l" MM M ^ M II M-MM I M

Page 2 THE GRBNADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 20. 9. 80

From Hungary will come a loan of EC$2 million to buy machines.

According to GIS, Grenada is ,to be helped 1'to move from the brand

system of purchasing "Aedicine to the 5 generic system, which Will

mean cheaper medicines for" khe ~iple of t" ada".

Czechoslovakia. a. promised to conduc-t' feasibility. studies into
hydro-electric power generation a~ n ifthis potential is realized

Bulgaria has promised technical aid, equipment and machinery. Bul-

garia also has promised two ice making plants of with a daily capa-

city of 10 tons and the other 30 tons.

The GermAn Democratic epub li ,'-Czechoslokaki: anid Hungary have Prom-

ised to "look into Grenada's light dand a"'trid, .' have

also prImised to provide equipment -on favourable .ern. 'The :Ger-

man Democratic Republic -has iAls'o pledged EC$800,000 worih-:f di-

cal equipment, medicines and sporting equipment.

GIS said these Bastern Euopean countries ve' ~~i g ree t fe schol-

arshpe iln vario a f jaeld' toi Gxenadians. '
: (344 words),


Radio Pree Greanda announced on September 19th that a wanted man

was killed that day by Security Forces in a shoot out with an anti-

Government group.

The man's name is given as Joseph Charles ( also called Yussuf

Abul) and the shoot out is said to have taken place in the Mt.

Regil area in St. Patrick's parish at the north end of the island.

Residents of the area said shooting was heard about four o'clock

in5 the afternoon.

Last July 4th, ttere was~h shoot out at Mt.' Reuil in whidh hatl~i

is alleged to have been involved~ Two'iembers' f tt' S~curAity

F rces were ia -th .- *

continued -

Week Ending 20.9:80 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 3

According to the broadcast announcement, Security Forces saw
Charles in the Mt. Reuil area in company with Wilber Charles and

Glen Simon, both of whom are also alleged to have been involved in

the July 4th shootout. There were two other unnamed men in the

group who escaped with Wilber Charles and Simon after Joseph

Charles was. shot..

The announcement said three automatic weapons had been recovered

but warned that the men are still armed and dangerous.
( 185 words )


The Grenada Development Bank (GDB) has already approved nearly

EC$1 million in loans for this year. The actual figure to August

31st is EC$968,000.00 covering' 148 loans and sources close to the

Bank told NEWSLETTER that over 80%jof this had been allocated to

agricultural projects.

Over 90% of loans disbursed by GDB is financed by funds from the

Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and GDB had a serious set-back in

1975 when CDB funding was cut 6ff when the'GDB mode of operation

under the Gairy Government was disapproved'by CDB. In 1976,

funds from other sources financed 408 loans totalling EC$285,00.OO0

and, in 1977, 320 loans totalling EC$202,000.OO were made.

CDB funding was resumed in August 1978 when CDB Banking Advisor Mr.

Rupert Headley was attached to GDB. In that year, only 175 loans

totalling EC$119,00O.00 were made but, during the next year, these

figures climbed to 212 loans totalling a record EC$936,000.00. :It

is expected that 1980 loans will exceed EC$1 million.
( 163 words )


A strongly worded anti-Government-pamphlet. by an- anobimous author

was distributed in several areas ofthe island during the night of

September. 18th. -' continued -
? *continued

Page 4 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER W~ek Edirq 20.9.80

Entitled "Getting To Know You" with a sub-title, "From out of

Slumber to Reality", the pamphlet says, "a new awakening now

has been instilled in the minds of our people in these times".

"We have seen the truth", it says, the reality and the orches-

tration of a dictatorial regime"

This is the first anti-Government pamphlet which has appeared

since the revolution and it bears a striking resemblance to

pamphlets distributed by the New Jewel Movement during the re-

gime of the Gairy Government.

The author of the pamphlet says Grenadians hoped the Peoples Re-

volutionary Government (PRG) would return the administration of

the State to "some level of sanity" after the Gairy Government.

"But, that Red Bishop soon started to chart his course", the pam-

phlet says. Forward ever to Russia via Cuba and backward never.

Cuban bigtrick led us to believe on the wait-and-see-attitude

in which he caught many of us. This is how he was able to con-

solidate his military arsenals and betray his own Grenadian

One Man, One Gun
Making derogatory references to Prime Minister Bishop, the pam-

phlet went on to say Mr. Bishop knew that, if he had held elec-

tions, there would have been checks and balances, so he preferr-

ed "one man, one gun elections for ever to stay in power as bap-

tised, christened, conformed (sic) and married to comrade Leaders

Breshnev and Castro".

The pamphlet warns that "you can brainwash some people some of

the time but you cannot brainwash all of the people all of the

time". And it told Prime Minister Bishop, "we love you, but

the voice of the people is the voice of God".
( 290 words )


Six persons charged with murder in connection with the June

19th bomb explosion at a rally at Queens Park are likely to
continued -


go on trial at the Assizessof tie t .igh Court which .begin on Octo-

ber 14th.

Roland, Kenneth ( also known as1 'Buck') and Russel Budhlall, Layne

Phillip and two Girls, Fitzlyn Joseph and Grate Augustine, all

charged with murder have, to date, appeared before Magistrate Lyle

St. Paul nine times.- After: their arrest, they were first taken

to Court on July 22nd and have since appeared in Court every Tues-

day and have been further remanded because the Crown is not yet

road 'to proceed.

Attorney General Kendrick Radix was in Court on September 2nd and

assured Magistrate St. Paul that.- every; effort is being made to

bring the accused to trial as soon as possible. He felt the pre-

liminary hearing before the Magistrate could be completed in time

for the case to go to the October Assizes.
"The evidence is voluminous", the Attorney General said, "and the

Crown must proceed with an abundance of caution".

The bomb which exploded at the rally was set under a raised con-

crete platform on which Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, Governor

General Sir Paul Scoon and' other dignatories were seated. No one

in the official party was hurt but two young girls, Laurine Phil-

lip, 13, and Laurice Humphrey, 23, who were under the platform,

were killedd instantly. Another teenager, Bernadette Bailey, 15,

was seriously injured and died subsequently.

Legal appearances in this case are Mr. Tilman Thomas for Roland

Budhlall, Mr. Ben Jones for Layne Phillip and Mr. Lloyd Noel

(former Attorney General who resigned from the Peoples Revolution-

ary Government last June) for Kenneth Budhlall. The other ac-

cused are said to have engaged Trinidad barristers but these have

not yet appeared before the Court.
( 300 words )

Week Ending 20.9,8.

Page 5

Page 6 THE"GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 20.9.80


Doctors employed by the Grenada Government no longer will be per-

mitted to conduct their private practices at hospitals and public

health centres. The new arrangement comes into effect on October

1st and new working schedules are being drawn up.

Agreement on this was reached at a seminar organised on September

18th by the Ministry of Health. The Minister of Health Norris

Bain and the Secretary ( Junior Minister) for Health Dr. Bernard

Gittens Were present together with doctors and senior health of-


A source close to the medical profession told NEWSLETTER that,

with the exception of three doctors employed under a new category

of "Registrars" introduced early this year, all doctors employed

by Government are entitled, under the terms of their employment,to

private practice.

According to a report in the Government owned "Free West Indian"

newspaper, the number of doctors working in Grenada has risen

from 19 to 35. Discounting the three "Registrars" employed this

year and an estimated 12 Cuban doctors working in the island since

July 1979, there are'probably 19 or 20 doctors affected by the new

arrangements. The Cuban doctors do not charge their patients.
Until now, NEWSLETTER is advised, these doctors conducted their

private practices at hospitals and public health centres in con-

junction with their official duties, but these activities will

now be separated.

The new arrangements are that doctors employed at the three State

hospitals will be required to attend twice a week in the wards,

and to conduct two out-patient clinics at the hospital every week.

Outside of these official activities, these doctors will be free

to conduct their private practices away from the hospital.

Sources close to the medical profession expressed the view that

the new arrangements may work a hardship on some patients as they
continued -

w'lek Ending 20.9.80. THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 7

will be required now to obtain a letter of reference from another

doctor before theyrmay be seen by a doctor at the hospital. For

the doctors who work in the districts, the new arrangements will

not have as great effect. These doctors conduct daily clinics at

health centres in the districts and afterwards do their private

practice in their own offices. Where the health centre is far

from the doctor's office, some private practice is done at the

health centre after the clinic is held. This no longer will be

.. ( 387 words )


The English speaking Caribbean has been steeped in constitutional

behaviour and Westindians in these countries have grown up in a

'cricket mentality".

This view was expressed on September. 13th at a press conference in

Grenada by Barbadian born novelist Mr. George Lamming, 52. Mr.

- imming was in the island as a guest of the Peoples Revolutionary

G-,vernment (PRG).

"There was a game that has certain rules and regulations", he

said, and you played the game by those rules and regulations.

Departure from these rules and regulations would always evoke a

response of perplexity, complaint or condemnation".

M:r. Lamming was responding to a request for his reaction to the

fact that the PRG has not held the elections it promised after

seizing power. The PRG presents the "cricket mentality" with a

challenge, he said, because it has !'in fact seized power and ex-

ercizes power outside traditional methods".

"Ballot-box arrangements" are not a prerequisite for democracy,

the author said, and he feels that, if the PRG can "put its people

to workand show very obvious benefits" outside "traditional meth-

ods", the entire Caribbean will be confronted with the challenge

.f examining its own concepts of democracy( 194 words )


Page 8 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 20.8.080


Westindian novelist Mr. George Lamming expressed the view at a

press conference here on September 13th that the role of the Jam-

aica "Gleaner" newspaper puts an enormous strain on the patience

of the Manley Government".

Mr. Lamming said he did not have enough information to express an

opinion on the close down of the Grenada "Torchlight" newspaper

by the peoples Revolutionary Government (PRG) last October but he

saio he has no doubt that one 'f the."Gleaner's" functions is a

ca-.:?lated effort to create panic in Jamaica.

-'Yc". have to ask yourself to what extent does what you call free-

dom c) the press permit a responsible organ to have that function"

he said. "I have the impression that the authorities in Grenada

had seen "Torchlight" as about to perform that function. I do

not have before me facts to justify that but I take it that that

i, ::~r argument they would have".
Cold War
_Lr.. ring again to "Gleaner", Mr. Lamming said he sees the news-

p:1.'.- as part of a campaign to impose a cold war on the region.

Thi- campaign, he said, is "anti-Communist" and it reminds him

of the anti-Communist campaign of 1954/55. In his opinion life

is as normal in the greater part of Jamaica as he has ever known

it . be, and he felt that the way a newspaper presents "turbu-

la-:.'" tells whether it is trying to heal the situation or whether

I :is using the situation to bring down the Government.

-''"T:here is no question in my mind that the "Gleaner" sees its ex-

cl~;~ive function as the overthrow of the PNP Government", he

sai.- At the moment, it has no other function and that is a

vr'T different thing from being a critical opposition".

;Ir. Lamming said "Gleaner" has a columnist, Dawn Ritch, who re-

ceonly wrote that she is on the side of the Chile Pinochet

C.Ovrnment because her whole concern is with the Gross National

.o..uct of the country. "I can't think of a responsible news- in our region today with a serious editorial judgement
continued -

Week Ending 20..80 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 9

that would keep a columnist with that* kind of view", he said.
( 252 words )


Barbados born novelist, Mr. George Lamming, said at a press confer-

ence here on September 13th that he does not know the justification

for the amount of money Barbados is spending on defence, "except

that it may be a part of a regional strategy".

"Barbados may be seen as the base for halting certain kinds of

political development which may take place in the Caribbean", he


Mr. Lamming did not know of any country planning to attack Barba-

dos and he raised the question as to whether Barbados requires an

army. He thought care should be exercised not to create an army?

which is not justified "and then that army .begins to play a role

which the population thought it had noilbeen intended for",

The Barbadian author saw his country's expenditure on defence

against the background of regional politics and the "cold war sit-

uation imposed upon us in which certain Caribbean countries are

going to be seen as territories moving in some leftist or socialist

direction and territories that belong to a more traditional status


"It is not in the interest of the United States that there should

be a socialist direction in the Caribbean", he said, "(and)

Barbados is seen by the West :as the friendliest and most reliable

of the Caribbean countries and is regarded as a counterpoise to

Jamaica and Grenada".
( 225 words )


In a letter dated September 15th, the Grenada Embassy of the Re-

public of Cuba has asked NEWSLETTER to note a "clarification"
continued -

Page 10 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Endihg 20.9.80

concerning a notice published in NEWSLETTER for the week ending

August 30th ( Volume 8 Number 11).

That notice advised subscribers that a proposed visit to Cuba on

August 22nd by the Editors as part of a Christian Church Group

had not taken place because visas were not obtainred. "To date",

the notice said,"these visas have not been obtained and the Editors

have been advised that the visit to Cuba has been postponed".

The letter from the Cuban Embassy says that the basic reason why

the trip was unable to go ahead as scheduled was not that visas

were not obtained. It says the delay was caused by the fact that

the. invitation from the Ecumenical Council of Cuba ( made to the

Council of Churches, Grenada). was accepted only a few days before

the selected delegation was due to arrive in Havana. This left

insufficient time to make the. necessary arrangements.'

'The letter expressed the hope that, in the future, NEWSLETTER

will make "the necessary verification of facts before publication,

as the stancdrds qg pr assional journalism demand"'.

NE-..:,'ITER regrets the'suggestion that "standards of professional

journ.1lism" have not been maintained but accepts no responsibili-

ty in this matter. The Editors had no direct invitation to make

this trip and were dependent on the Council of Churches, Grenada

(CCG) for all arrangements and information. CCG advised then,

as it advises to date, that the visas for the trip have not been

.ob tained.

The text of the letter from the Embassy is as follows:-
Embassy Of The Republic Of Cuba
15th September 1980

M;. Alister Hughes
Edjit or
Grenrda Newsletter
P 0 .ox 65
St. Georges.

Dear Mr. Hughes,

I would like to make a simple correction in the notice you
pubiLshed in :the August 30 newsletter regarding the postponement
of the Christian church group visit to Cuba.
continued -

Week Ending 20.9.80 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 11

While the newsletter's statement that "visas were not obtain
-ed" is true, this is not the basic reason why the trip was unable
to go ahead as scheduled. Rather, this was due to the fact that
thq acceptance. of the invitation from the ,Ecumenical Council of
Cuba and the names of the participants in the group were received
barely a few days before.the delegation wasto arrive in Havana --
making impossible a whole host of necessary arrangements, including
handling of visas, but also assuring hotel and transport reserva-
tions, translation and the general programme for the two weeks the
group would be guests of the Council; as well as the shifting of
plans to properly attend the Grenada delegation.

You can certainly appreciate these factors, since you have
been'a visitor to Cuba yourself, and I feel confident that I can
count on you to note this clarification.. However,:in the future,,
I would hope that you would make the necessary verification of
facts before publication, as standards of professional journalism


Embajada De Cuba Granada
(sgd) Gail R4iizo



The Minister of Education, George Louilon, has requested the re-

signation of Mr. George McGuire, Headmaster of the Government

owned Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS).

Due to a shortage of staff, GBSS did not reopen on September 8th

as scheduled. It is reported that subsequently, some staff mem-

bers were recruited and Mr. McGuire issued a press release stat-

ing that the school would reopen. This is said not to have had

the approval of. the Minister and'Mr. McGuire was asked to resign.

Normal GBSS staffing is 26 and reliable sources say only 11 were

available on September 8th. The school is now scheduled to re-

open on Monday September 22nd under the Acting Headmastership of

Mr. Victor Ashby who has been transferred from the Research Depart

-ment of the Ministry of Education.

( 129 words )

.1t ..

Pae 12 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 20 j 92O


Grenada has been elected to the Committee for Cooperation of the

Broadcasting Organisation of:the Non-Aligned Movement. The elect-

ion took place at a meeting of the Committee in Sierra Leone from

August 1st to 4th.

Grenada was represented at the meeting by Mr. Colville "Kamau"

McBarnotte Manager of Radio Free Grenada (RFG), and he told the

Government. Information Service that the meeting discussed "the role

of Radio Antilles in disseminating antagonistic propaganda in the

region". Mr.McBarnette. said the meeting also discussed "the plan

to set up a Voice of America station in Antigua".

The RFG Manager said the meeting passed a resolution condemning the

setting up of foreign broadcasting services in other countries.
( 114. words )


The 6th meeting of the Standing Committee of Caribbean Statisticians

will convene in Grenada on October 13th.

Organised by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, the meet-

ing's agenda will include discussion on statistical training .and

technical cooperation in statistics among countries of the region.

An informed source told NEWSLETTER that the United Nations Develop-

.:-nt Programme (UNDP) has had teams in the CARICOM Secretariat and

in the East Caribbean Common Market Secretariat working on improve

-ment of regional statistics. The source said that, at the last

meotiin of the Standing Committee held in Guyana. last year, there

were indications that UNDP wished to withdraw one or both of these

teams, and information on this is likely to come before the Grena-

da meeting.

Another matter to be discussed is the regional Population Census.

The last census in the Caribbean Com(unity was in 1970 and all

:.ARICOM countries were expected to enumerate their populations
continued -

Week BE 20, 9.80 : THE GRIWADA NEWSLETTER Page 13

.g4n tis wr, : However, Grenada, Dominica, Antigua and Jamaca

have not had a census this yearI.' .
( 165 words .)


The first part of 'a gift of 10,000 barrels of diesel oil from the

Government of Venezuela has arrivedin Grenada.

Promise of this oil was made in June last year when Grenada Elec-

tricity Services ( in which Government has a 40.7% interest) was

forced into load shedding because the Company"s. suppliers., Esso,

could not supply more than 80% of what waf required.

Delivery of the oil was delayed because of lack of storage space

in Grenada and the need for it by Grenada Electricity Services no

longer exists. The first shipment of 2,000 barrels which arrived

early in September is being used to operate heavy equipment on the

construction site of the international airport.

The fuel is being delivered in Grenada by Esso from its stocks in

Trinidad and the Company is receiving equivalent value in Venezuela,
( 140 words )


National Park For Grenada

A consultant representing the Caribbean Conservation Association

(CCA)will visit Grenada in November to conduct a feasibility study.

for the establishment of a bird sanctuary and National Park. The

Government Information Service said discussions relative to this

project took place at the recent CCA meeting in Montserrat.
( 47 words )

OAS To Help Agriculture

The Inter-Am"B Instiute of Agricultural Science (IIAS) soon

to be called t 'Inter-American Institute for'Cooperation in Agri-

culture is to sponsor a marketing research programme in Grenada
continued -


*his month. This has been announced by the Governmant l,nform-

ation Service (GIS) which said Dr. Lyndon McLaren, IIAS's Di-

rector General recently concluded a visit here.

IIAS is the Agricultural arm"of the Organisation of American

States (OAS) and the Director General looked into other areas of

-possible assistance to the island. He said, however, that in-

flation is affecting his organisation's plans and there had to be

a cut back on projects.
(99 words)

Canadian Company in Tourism Plan

A Canadian Company, CARINEX, in cooperation With the Canadian In-

ternational Development Agency and the Boeing Airplane Company, is

to undertake a large expansion of hotels and other tourist plant

in the Grand Anse Area some four miles from St. George's. Ac-

cording to the Government Information Seryvice, research work on

this project began in March last and the proposed plan has now

been submitted to Government for study. There are already sever-

al hotels in the Grand Anse area which is the island's principal

tourism development.

( 84 words )

Taylor Now Ambassador To UN

Mr. Caldwell Taylor, a member of the Peoples Revolutipnary Govern-

ment, has left the island to take up bis-post as Ambassador to

the United Nations. He replaces Mr. Kendrick Radix, Minister of

Legal Affairs, who was recalled last January. Before his ap-

pointment as Ambassador, Mr. Taylor held the post of Secretary

(Junior Minister) for Information and Culture.

( 57 words )

Local Lumber Now Available

A number of items of local lumber are now available for sale to

the public. ,According to the Government Information Service,

these include six inch boards, four inch laths and planks rang-

continued -

Week Ending 20.9.80

Page- 14

~.- !>

Week EnjIn-20 ;9.80 -. THE GRENADA NEWS REETTER Page 15 ..

in g fro'2" 4", 3" x 4''., 2" x 6'i and :4" x 4$. Within the past

fewi months, over 3,000nfeet have been sold on the local market.
S( 54 wprds )

More Equipment And Supplies From Cuba

the Cuban ship "Anthoula" arrived at Grenada on August 30th bring-

ing more equipment and supplies for the international airport pro-

ject at Point Saline. According to the Government Information

Service, the ship brought spare parts for machinery, 25-ton cranes,

pre-cast concrete elements, food stuff and other heavy equipment.
( 48 words )

New Appointees in Ministry Of Tourism

Miss Jane Belfon and Mr. Richie Cherman have been appointed, re-

spectively, Director and Deputy Director of Tourism, Mr. Cherman

being responsible fok Public Relations and Marketing. Miss Belfon

holds a BA degree in Economics, History, Sociology, Public Adminis-

tration and Research Methods. She was;recently attached to the

Caribbean Tourism Research Centre as a Reseat di Officer. Mr.

Cherman, who previously worked with the Grenada Tourist Board as

Assistant Secretary, obtained a B Sc degree in Management Studies

from the University of the West Indies,' and also holds a diploma

in Tourism Studies from an English college.
( 94 words )

Mirabeau Schoql Second Batch of Students.

Forty-seven students graduated from the Government run Mirabeau

Farm School last July, and 44 have now been selected to attend for

the September 1980 to July 1981 term. Two scholarships to the

School have been offered each to St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Domini-

( 44 words )

Dental Equipamt 'FrOm Venezuela

The Venezuela Government has presented the Peoples Revolutionary

Government with a gift of dental equipment and,supplies. This
-cont4nued -

rPd. ~~i:

Page 16 THE GREPA. NEWSLETTER Week Ending 20i9..80

gift which includes anesthetics, X-ray film, articulating paper

and anticeptics, was presented by resident Venezuelan Ambassador

to Grenada, Mr. Hermes Salas Rivero, to Minister of Health and

Housing, Norris Bain
( 48 words )

Soviets Discover Unique Shrimps

A Unique and Expensive variety of Shrimps has been discovered

in Grenada's waters. According to the Grenada Information Ser-

vice, (GIS) this discovery was made last July by a team of Soviet

researchers investigating the marine life of the island. GIS

said also that the Gove.nment Operated Fish Processing Plant is

now handling 2,500 Ibs of fish daily. Of this, 1,500 lbs ( shark)

is salted and the remainder is smoked, filletted or cut into

blocks and frozen.
( 78 words )

Mango Shipments On Increase

During the first week in September, a record weight of 9,360 lbs

of mangoes was shipped to the United Kingdom by the Geest Indus-

tries ship, "Geest Tide". Shipments of mangoes to the UK began

last July and the shipment by "'Geest Tide" brought the total

weight shipped to 27,812 lbs.
( 52 wprds )

Cuban Sports Specialists In Grenada

Two Cuban Sports specialists now attached to the Ministry of Sport

began a one month programme of visits to schools and recreation

areas on September 8th. One specialist is trained in Physical

Education and the other in Mass Participation Sports Programming.

According to the Government Information Service, their presence

here is with a view to aid in the planning and implementation of

a more concise sports and physical .education programme.
( 70 wqrds .)

- continued -


Bullen Ambas'sador To Syria

Mr. G.R.E. Bullen presented his credentials on September 6th as

Ambassador to the Syrian Arab Republic. The presentation was made

to President Hafez-Al-Assad. Mr. Bullen is also Grenada's Am-

bassador to the European Economic Community.
( 36 words )

McBarnette made Deputy Secretary For Information

Mr. Colville McBarnette has been appointed Deputy Secretary for In-

formation following the transfer of Mrs. Phyllis Coard from that

post to that of Secretary for Women's Affairs in the Ministry of

Education. Mr. McBarnette's appointment dates from 18th Septem-

ber and was gazetted on 19th September. The Deputy Secretary also

holds the post of Manager of Radio Free Grenada.

r Hughes
20th September 1980

Week Ending 20.9.80

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