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Volume 8 Number 4
For the Week Ending 29th March 1980
8th Year of Publication - - 237th Issue


A Government Information Release (GIS) states that, at a press con
-ference for "foreign newsmen" on March 13th, Minister of Finance
Bernard Coard said unemployment in Grenada had dropped from 49% to
a "stupendous 35%".

Mr. Coard said, however, that this 14% drop is still "totally Jn-
acceptable", and creating full employment is the major priority
of his Government's economic strategy. This strategy, he said,
is to integrate the economy and so provide jobs and save on for-
eign exchange.

Pointing to gains made in 1979, the Minister of Finance said over
138,000 visitors had arrived on cruise liners and this represented
an increase of 19.2% over the 1978 figure. The number of stop-
over visitors in 1979, he said, was identical with that for 1978.

Overall exports increased by 23% in 1979 over exports in 1978, Mr- -
Coard said, and, of the three major crops, cocoa, nutmegs and ban-
ana, cocoa had done best, bringing increased earnings of 38%.

Against this, however, he contrasted Grenada's import bill which,
he said, rose in 1979 by over 17%. Over 40% of that is for food,
he pointed out over EC$40 million in food imports alone -
and he thought this placed the island in a'"terrible situation of
having to import vast quantities of its food, despite its fertile
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P 0 Box 65, St.Georges, Grenada, Westindies
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Page 2 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 29.3.80

With reference to Government 'S"ihances the Minister of Fin-
ance said recurrent revenue had increased in 1979 by EC$10.2

million to EC$54.6 million froa the 1978 figure of EC$44.4

million. Recurrent revenue in 1980 is expected to reach

EC$61.5 million.

Also in connection with Government's finances, Mr. Coard said

the 1978 budget deficit of EC$4 million had been changed in

1979 to a surplus of EC$2.6 million and, in 1980, he expected

a surplus of EC$7 to 10 million. In 1978,,_EC$8.2 million had

been spent on capital projects and, in 1979, this figure had

been doubled to EC$16.4 million.

Looking to the future., the Minipter of Finance said, a major

priority is the establishment of agro-industries. He thought,

if Grenada could process its own goods, market them abroad and

control its shipping, the island Would get "a much bigger slice

of the ake." In connection with sugar, he said, the indus-

try is being revitalised and modernised and it is hoped the

factory will be able to supply all domestic requirements over

the next three years.

Mr. Coard pointed out the crippling effect inflation and the

high cost of fuel have on the economy of developing countries

but, he' said, aid is coming and Grenada expects to receive

about EC$30 million from th. European Development Fund over

the -next. five years.. ...
(444 words)


A high level LIAT team visited Grenada on Wednesday (26th,),

and held talks with the Grenada Hotel:Association., The,

team.was comprised of ,lr. ,Ian Archer, General Manager, Mr..

David .Jardine, Marketing Manager and Mr. Winslow .Lewisy,-Iraf-

fice Superintendent.

Mr. Archer told NEWSLETTER there are two developments which

will make a great difference to LIAT's future. The first is
continued -

Week Ezldin 29 .3.80 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Pag 3

that the European Development Fund (EDF) has appointed co6sUltants

to odok into the airline's long a'nd'short term needs, and he

thought they would probably recommend purchase of at least one air-

craft by next year and funds' have already been allocated for that,

"In the long term", he said, "they are looking at our total equip-

ment needs for the. 1980s.,'as well' as our route structure, whether

it should -be-expAnded or not, and where, and the kind of: equipment

we will need to fly that expanded route structure".

The other development which will benefit LIAT, Mr. Archer said, is

the "massive customer training programme" which he hoped will be

instituted by May of this .year. Via Consultants appointed from

the Caribbean 376 personnel'are to be'trained 'in the customer con-

tact business and this personnel includes airport staff, pilots,

hostesses, cargo agents and resetsation agents.
Mr. Archer confirmed that, at a meeting of LIAT shareholders held

in Trinidad on Monday ( 24th ), dissatisfaction was expressed over

the operation of the airline. "Yes, there are'shareh1lders 'who

expressed certain reservations about certain decisions we have

made", he said. "We have sought to explain the rationale for

those decisions and we hope, expect, pray that what we have said

will be accepted and the reservations will be removed".

The General Manager said'the "reservations" concerned decisions

taken by the LIAT management to increase the number of aircraft

based in Barbados and to increase the number of aircrews based in

Barbados. The reason for these decisions, he said, is that the

vast majority of Liat's traffic moves in the "Southern Tare", that

is Barbados/Grenada, Trinidad/Grenada, Barbados/St.Vincent, Barba.-

dos/St ALucia,.;

"I want to emphasise that the shareholder Governments have express-

ly mandated that LIAT should operate on strictly commercial lines"

he said, and I think we were able to demonstrate that, in order

to carry out that mandate, then you have to provide the capacity

where there is the greatest number of passengers to be moved".
continued -

Page 4. THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER .: Week Ending 29.3.80

,Theb Trinidad .meeting ,Uiscussed a-, from .te Caribbean

Development Bank (CDB) w which has-, been approved but not yet, 'dis

bursed because, shareholder- Gqvernments have. nt fulfilled cer-

.tain conditions, attached to the first, CDB loan.of US$10 mill-.,

ion obtained in 1975.

Mr :Archer said undertakings had' been given that':these condi-.!

-:tions,,will be fulfilled shortly and he:: expects. .the. second loan

of US13 million will be available .s~aonm.. ,This will allow LIAT

to pay considerably less than the airline is now paying for an

aircraft acquired under a hire-purchase agreement in 1978,

"We acquired that ,aircraft under a- commercial hire-purchase

agreement and ae, paying interest at ll plus capital ; repay-.

ments',, he'Saaid, "and if: we can- et.the CDB loan we will be t

able to pay off for that aircraft:, not at li % but at 5% in-

terest, and there is a mor.at6riiu~ ohcapital repayments".
i. ' Difference
Mr. Archer said this will.make a difference of some US$50,000

per month that LIAT will not need to pay when the second loan

is made available,. ... : :

With reference to improvements in LIAT's reservations system,

the General Manager said the Company has set up a committee to

examine the possibility of installing a computorised reserva-

tions system and that committee has submitted a-.preliminary re-.,

p o r t ; ., , .' I : : i ,- I ; : -

Arising from that report, Mr. Archer said, there will be nego-

tiations in Antigua with the suppliers of the computer and the

system and, if these negotiations are successful, he thought

LIAT'would have a computorised reservations system within

months. He emphasised, however, that this develodet et

depend very mpch on costs. .. .

Mr. Archer disclosed that it has been decided that LIAT's next

Annual General Meeting will be held in Grenada in June and,

at that meeting, a new Board will be elected.
S* ( 784 words)

Week Ehding 29.3.80 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTERM Paae5


The Peoples' Revolutionary- Government (PRG) has purchased the

branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerc'e (CIBC) which has

been operating- in Grenada for some years. The Agreement for Sale

was signed on 23rd January last and the property vested in the Nat-

ional Commercial Bank of Grenada Ltd. on March 1st.

As far back as 1978, CIBC showed indications of wishing to reduce

its operations in Grenada. Customers at the Sauteurs branah ( a

small town on the island's northern tip) were given notice that-

that branch would close on 31st July 1978, and it was only with

pressure from the then Government that this operation was kept go-

ing until the end of that year.*., ; .

NEWSLETTER is reliably informed that CIBC has been going through

a period of reorganisation and that, over the past two years, some

40 branches! in Canada and the Wtstindies have been closed. As :

part ,of his operation, in addition to the Sauteurs Branch, the

branch at Grenville on the east coast near to the airport, was also

closed, on 31st' September 1979.

The Peoples' Revolutionary Government, on 15th October 1979, open-

ed the National Commercial Bank of Grenada (NCH) on the site CIBC

occupied in Grenville, and the purchase of the CIBC mair. office in

St. Geor'e's marks an extension of NCB and the closure of all CIBC

operations in Grenada.
Government has not disclosed the price paid for the CIBC plant,but

NEWSLETTUR is reliably informed that it was slightly less than

EC$ million.. It is understood, however, that there are certain

'liabilities' which NBC has.undertaken to honour, but the nature

of these obligations is not known..

People's Law Number 8/1980 of 28th February ( Gazetted 29th Febru-

Iry) authorises that, on "the vesting day", 1st March 1980, "sub-

ject to the Agreement the Undertaking of the Bank (CIBC) shall on

the vesting day by virtue of this Law and without further assurance

be transferred to and vest in the,National Commercial Bank of Grena
-da Ltd".
continued -

Page. THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 29.3.80

The Agreement between NCB and CTBC is njot incorporated in the

Law but there is;a schedule of "Property.& Rights, Transferred

& -Vested and of "Liabilities and Obligations Assumed'?. Under,.

the latter head are liabilities.CIBC may have "underran agree-

ment datedd December 9th ,978 between Canadian Imperial Bank

of Commerce, Barclays Bank International Ltd., the. Royal Bank

of Canada and the Bank of Nova Scotia". Details of that agree

-ment have not been given.

NBC is managed by a nine-mah Board headed by busioessmanl "Mr.

Lyden Ramdhanny who is a member of the PRG. In addition to

Mr. Ramdhanny, the board is comprised of two members from the

business community, three from the Ministry of Pinance, One:

from the Ministry of Agriculture and two members of the NBC


The entire CIBC staff .iss now employed by NCB and M .: Michael

Archibald is manager. M ,Archibald- is a former employee 'of

CIBC who, after the revolution, was seconded to Government.
(488 words)


In ,keeping with a promise made by-Prire Minister Bishop at'"a

press conference on March 14th, 13 political detainees 'wefb

released on Tuesday March 25th to mark the first anniversary

of the revolution of March 13th 1979.

Of the .13, two are medical practitioners, Doctors. Rupert -Japal:

and Jensen Otway;, who!were arrested last December and accused

of being implicated in the reported' plot' of last November, tfo,'-

overthrow the Peoples Revolutionary Government- (PRG). Short-

ly after his arrest, Dr Japal fell ill and has been in hog-


Another person released is' Professor StanlLy Cyrus who taught

at Howard :University in the United States. Professor Cyrus

was arrested :last October and, according to; a release from

continued -

Week Ending 29.-3'80. THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 7

Radio Free Grenada, was guilty of attempting' to "infiltrate the New

Jewel Movement". The release sxid, also that Professor Cyrus has

connections with the American Central Intelligence Agency. (CIA)

Mr. Lloyd St.Louis, an ex-Magistrate and Mr. Johnny Madrid, body-

guard to deposed Prime Minister Gairy, were also among thosareleas-

ed. Mr. St.Louis was a member of Mr. Gairy's Grenada United Lab-

-our Party and unsuccessfully contested the General Elections of


The complete list of those released is as follows:-

Date Detained
Raymond Fraser 13. '3.79
Rupert Japal : '18.12.79
Cletus Paul 13. 3.79
Cletus James 25. 3.79
Godwin Binjamin 31. 3.79
Michael Frank 30. 7.79
Stanley Cyrus 14.10.79
Jensen Otway 17.12.79
Lloyd St.Louis 15. 3.79'
Johnny Madrid 13. 3.79
Aird Ventour 14. 3.79
Aldroh Aldridge- 23. 3,79
.Malcolm Baptiste 15,10.79

Also released on parole t mark the anniversary of the revolution

were two long term prisoners, Anthony Douglas and William.Frank.
( 287 words)


The People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) has been told that

North Americans who have invested in homes in Grenada are confused

over .whither or not they are welcome in the island since the revolu


Approaches have begh' made to the PRG to'clarify the position re-"

garding these residents who spend some 6 months every year in the

island, but NEWSLETTER has been informed reliably that no reassur-

ances have been given to counter the rum urs circulating among
foreign residents that their future in the island is in jeopardy.
continued -

Pa-g 8 THE GRENADA N~WSETTER Week, Ending 29.3.80

interviewed by NEWSLETTER, several.of these, residents express,-

ed concern as-to whether or not they would be permitted to

.liquidate their investment .if, they ever decided to re-turn to

their homeland. "We love Grenada",. NEWSLETTER was told, "and

would like to live here forever, but, as one gets older and it

is necessary to have immediate specialised medical attention

available, we,must move back to Canada.: r wherever we come

from and, at that stage, we want to be sure we will be permit-

ted to sell our house and take out the money".

According to some foreign residents, there is increasing dif-

ficulty to.get approval to sell their homes, and, in the absence

of a statement :from Government, there is a: growing feeling

that an anti-North-American sentiment is.devetoping in official

quarters. This has resulted, NEWSLETTER was told, in several

residents shortening their stay in Grenada this year and sev-

eral others renting their homes and spending the Winter in

other parts of the world.

A senior Government official told NEWSLETTER today ( 29th)

that there is no sentiment in the PRG directed against foreign

-ers who built homes in Grenada and there is n8policy of the

Government which should make these residents -fearful .over their

investment ,
"As far as sales of these foreign-owned homes and land are con-

cerned", the official said, "the first preference must be giv-

en to Grenadian nationals, rid the preference passes next to

Caribbean nationals,,after which the property may be sqld to


The Official said the PRG understood that these foreign owned

properties are usually expensive, and, if the price could be

obtained only from persons outside Grenada or the Caribbean

regionn, there is no intention of the PRG to block the, sale ad.,

.cause economic hardship on- the owners. ;

- ]continued -

Week Ending 29.3 80 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 9

With reference to the reported increasing difficulty to get permiss-

ion to sell properties to-foreigners, NEWSLETTER Was told that ev-

ery application is treated'on its own merits and particular care is

taken to ensure that the traffic in properties is not of a specula-

tive nature. .

In some cases, the Official said, sales were made years ago on the ,

condition that a house was to be built on the land, but no house

was built and the owners are attempting to capitalise on the high

prices now available.

"Grenada welcomes this type of investment", the Official said, "but

the type of handling of land sales as in the Gairy era is over, and

there are controls which will continue to be exercised".
( 508 words)


Prominent agriculturist and businessman Mr. L.L. Ramdhanny, has

stated his belief that the People's Revolutionary Government is

wrong when it says there is a high percentage of unemployment in


In a letter dated March 19th and sent for publication to the Editor

of the Government owned "Free West Indian", Mr. Ramdhanny says there

are thousands of strong young men and women roaming Grenada's

streets doing nothing and they will not work no matter how many jobs

are offered them.

"We need work people on our estates",. Mr. Ramdhanny .said, "but when

we offer these idlers ,work they jeer at us and say they are not

slaves to do such work and yet, very often while walking around the

fields, one meets with some of these same strong young-men hunting

ripe bananas on the ground for eating like pigs".

Mr. Ramdhanny feels the PRG. should institute laws making it com

pulsory for people as he understandsis done .in Cuba and


- ]continued -

Page 10: THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 29.3.80

This agriculturist feels -also that the' PRG should reduce the
"heavyi:export duty" 'imposed on agricu tural exports.. This

is necessary, hea thinks, if agricultural wprkprs are to get the

higher wages they deserve tocope with tpe cost of living. With ,

the reduction of the export duty, Mr. Ramdhanny believes higher,

wages can be negotiated, at the same time demanding that a

reasonable quantity and quality of work be done so that cost of

labour will not exceed income".
Mr. Ramdhanny complains of waste in work being done on the

roads and says a lot more can be done with the money now being

spent. Instead of being employed by the day, workers should

be given "piecework". Government, he believes will get four,

times the amount of work by this method:as the worker will put

much more effort into the job iJn prder to get off earlier.

Another area of complaint-for Mr. Ramdhanny is what he calls

"the disgusting spate. of larceny of farmers' crops", which he

says, is becoming so prevelant that many farmers are becoming

frustrated. "There are hoards of young men in the State going

around and believing they have legitimate right to enter peop-

le's lands and plunder their crops at will", he said.

Mr. Ramdhanny refers also to "a great deal of emphasis by Gov-

ernment and Union Workers concerning maternity leave for female

workers" and says he cannot see good reasoning in' this because

the having of children is the private concern of husband and

wife and it is the husband's duty to make provision for the

,care of his wife and not the business of the employer to take

part in their private li;e.

However, he said, if the woman is a faithful worker and, due

to unforseen circumstances, she needs help, Mr. Ramdhanny feels

any reasonable employer will assist. But, to make it a rule

that she-must 'be protected by her employer for any period of

time, is, in Mr. Ramdhanny's opinion, "'totally ridiculous".

- continued -

Week Ending 29.3.80 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 11

Mat ing Season .
"As regards unmarried women", he says, "one must not regard them

as dogs, pigs or cats which, when the season for mating comes on

they must find a male companion. These women are human beings

capable of self-reasoning, therefore, if they choose to produce'

children without a reasonable male companion to take care of them',

that must be their own failure and they should not expect the em-

ployer to take care of them for any period of time whatever".

Mr. Ramdhanny thinks that, if maternity leave is made compulsory,

it will affect the employers source of income and cause many

young women to be "out of bread". He feels the matter needs ur-

gent thought before something is done for popularity's sake which

will damage the income of any business concern.

In sending this letter to the Editor of the "Free West Indian" for

publication, Mr. Ramdhanny said he wished to make it abundantly

clear that he is "rnot opposed to any Government, Politician or Un-

ion Leaders". I am simply expressing my views as an honest,

hard-working person from childhood, as trained by my parents", he s


Editor of the "Free West Indian", Mr. Don Rojas, told NEWSLETTER

today (29th) that he has received Mr. Ramdhanny's letter and it

will be published in his next issue.
(714 words)


At the close of 1979, the East Caribbean Currency Authority (ECCA)

has EC$115,458,860 in circulation which represented an increase of

16.24,% over currency in circulation at the end of the previous

quarter. This figure is also 22% higher than circulation at 31st

December 1978 and 45% higher than circulation at the same date in

1977. :

Since December 1977, assets held in the form of:Participating Gov-

ernments' ,securities ( including Treasury Bills) have risen by

30.7% from EC$25,659,903 to EC$33,543,063 and unspecified "Other
continued -

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER .: Week Ending 29.3.80

Liabilities", shown as ECs5.,272,998 in December 1977, rose

through BC$7,244,978 in December 1978 to EC$52,498,895 in Decem-

ber 1979.

A comparison of BCCA asset's ahd liabilities at 31st December

1977, 1978 and 1979 is as. follows:,-.


Q 3.1278.~ ,01.12.79.


Notes in
Coin in
SCheques '

''Bankers", '
.Reserve :

Deposits &
Money at Call

$ 72,826,862



" 64,840



7 7493,741,




Currencies 4,373,022
Balances 2,602,903
Securities "
Treasury Bills '25,659,903

Other Assets


$ 87,259,576


.43, 702,309




8,902,435 ;

S ':"i, 546, 560


$117 ,581,968



4 671 439
. :- : r







: 9952,733


52 498_895

65 592,904



.4,060 618


Heads of Grenadian Missions abroad, back in Grenada for the Fes-

tival o the' Revolution, commenced a meeting On March 18th withfi

Ministers of the People's Revolutionary Goverimeni. According

continued -

~se .az ~::.-~

Week Ending 29.3.80, THE GRENADA NEWSLETTE Page 1.3

to the' Government' Information Services (GIS), this is,'the first ,of

annual meetings which are t`obe held between representatives of the

country's foreign missions and members of the PRO and the, Ministry"

of External Affairs.

Ambassadors' present at this meeting were Mrs. Jennifer Hosten Craig

(Canada), Mr. Richard Jacobs (Cuba), Miss Dessima Williams (OAS),

Mr. Jimmy Emmanuel (UK), ,r. W.arib Bullen (EC) and Mr. Matthew

Williams,, ambassador designate to Venezuela:.
( 99 words)


At its Annual General Meeting held on March 25th;, the: members of the

Grenada Civil Service Association agreed to change the name of their

organisation to Grenada Public Workers Union. (PWU).

A release issued by PWd says this "revolutionary move" has been made

because it was felt "it was time to'break completely with the ances-

tral colonial styles and make a bold move forward!'.

At the meeting, Mr...Robert, Robinson "was re-elected President for his

fifth consecutive! term, he left Grenada yesterday (2th) .for Antigua

where he will chair, a: meeting of the Caribbean Public Strvices ;Asso-

ciation of which he is President.

The Grenada Civil Service. Association was founded in 1931 and will

celebrate its Golden Jubilee next year.. f 1' : i: ;
( .122 words .


Geest Industries Ltd., sole buyers of the Windward s lands banana

crop, have 'ordered two-new refrigerated ships added, to their

present fleet.;,: '.' : ..

To be built by the British firm of Messrs Smith's Dock Co. Ltd.,,

these ships will each be of 10,600 deadweight tons and will have,

some 25% greater carrying capacity than the Geest ships now on the
Continued -

Pag 14 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Enin9. 29 ._ 86

Windward Is3lanis/United Kingdom run-. The,new, ships ,whichwill:

.cost each over EC$77 million, will 'have, accommodation ~or 12.

passengers,:and wi.1 have a speed of 24, krots.

Geest's association with the Windward Islands dates back to

195A, whe en the first contract, was signed to, buy the entire ban-

ana crop of, the islands4 In, recent years, the Geest line has

also carried to the United Kingdom the islands, consider.-

able tonnage of coconuts, mangoes, citrus and root crops, new

exports from the Windwards.

In addition, Geest has carried the traditional exports of co-

coa, nutmegs, sea-island cotton and rum, and has provided a

weekly, shipping .service frotA the UK to the islands.

The first of the new ships is due to be deliver in mid 1981
; .. : . -. "** ...* *
and the second at the end of that year.
(195 words)


The Windward Islands Banana Association (WINBAN) has received

an Auto-Analyser which has been made' available through the'

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

This equipment, to be used principally to analyse the nutri-

tional status of plants and soil, can process between 60 to

120 samples per hour and, for :each sample, it can analyse 5:

different nutrients simultaneously. The Analyser can also

process water and volcanic ash.

According to WINBAN news release, the Analyser arrived at St.

Lucia during February and has been installed at the WINBAN

Research Centre in that island. The equipment is manufac

-tured by the US firm of Technicon, and a senior field tech-

nician from this Company was expected to arrive in St.Lucia

towards the end of February to install the Analyser. A

second technician, an expert in the field of auto-analysis

was expected to spend one week training WINBAN laboratory

technicians. continued -

Week Ending 29,3,30 ... THE GRELEtA 'NEWSSITE. R Page. 15

In operation,the equipment passes a sample to manifold where a
photometer measures the concentration of nutrient and plots this on

a graph. The entire process is automatic.
( 174 words )


With effect from January 1st, the Government owned "Free West Ind

-ian" has had Mr. Don Rojas as Editor. Born in St. Vincent, Mr.

Rojas spent several of his boyhood years in Grenada before his fath

-er took up residence in the United States.

Holding a BAdegree with a major in English from the University of

Wisconsin, Mr. Rojas entered journalism in 1970 and has held sever-

al posts in this field before he returned to Grenada late last year.

His most recen4,appointmenti, ir the United was that of Execu-

tive Director of Communications Serving"People In:c, a non-profit

organisation in Brooklyn, New York whose purpose isto develop mass

communication skills among disadvantaged minority youth.

Before taking up his post at the "Free West Indian",'! ,r. Rojas was

attached to the Government Informatiqn Services and to Radio Free

(139 words)


Mr. Curtis Stewart, for many years President of the Techrical &,

Allied Workers Union (TAWU) ias, fled' from'Grenada and is reported

to have taken up residence in the United States.

Early last month, Mr. Stewart is reported to have received death

threats both, y, mail and by anonymous telephone call. He left Gre-

-nada during this period and, when TAWU's Annual General Meeting

was called on Fbruary '23rd, he was riot in the' island.' Inrstead,'

a letter from him tendering his resignation was read to the meeting.

That meeting broke up in disorder, strong sentiments being express-

ed in favour of Mr. Stewart with regrets that he had taken this
step. continued -

Page '16' THE GRENADEA NEWSLETflT Week Ending 29.3.80

The Annual General Meeting was then called'for March 15th,rat..

which time officers for the current yeasiere elected. There

were two nominations to fill the post of President, Mr. Regi-

nald Dowe and Mr. James Wardally.
Mr. Dowe is employed at the Power Station of Grenada Electricity

ServiCes Ltd. and was a Trustee of TAWU in the outgoing slate of

officers. Mr. Wardally, a member of the New Jewel Movement,

returned to Grenada on October 2nd last, having escaped from

the United States while on bail on charges involving traffic in

arms. He is employed at Grenada Telephones Ltd.

Mr.\ Dowe was elected president, having received some 70% of the

votes, and the other officers elected are:-

Carlton Cadore 1st Vice President
Allan'Mathln -2nd Vice Preside~t ''
..Terrence: I.-Joseph .General Secretary.
Marjorie James Assistant General Secretary
Claudia Alexis Treasurer
Wilfied Hayes
Vernon James Trustees
Cuthberi I'oberts
Amedia Bubb .- .. '
Glen Ried )
Joseph Williams ) Floor Members
Franklin Panchoo )
Raymond Lewis )
Beatrice De Coteau )

According to a report issued by the Grenada Information Service
on March 14th, Mr. John Ventour, interim Secretary-Treasurer of
the Grenada Trade Union Council (TUC), wrote a letter to: TUC
requesting a meeting to discuss "disturbing statements" made by
Mr. Stewart. In his letter, GIS said,. Mr. Ventour expressed
shock and puzzlement over a radio report in which Mr. Burns
Bonadie, Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour, spoke'
of complaints from Mr. Stewart that he had had to flee Grenada.
7" : ." : .. .... - Betrayal -- .. .. ,.
GIS said a statement issued by Mr.' James Wardally of TAWU'S
"Workers Democratic Committee" says "Stewart has a history of
betrayal to the workers and has sold them out on several oe-
.Fs.pns 0. According to GIS,,Mr. Wardally sees this as "one
of the reasons, in addition to his fear of being voted out of
office, why Stewart fled the country".
continued -

Week Eniding 29.3.80 .Tg GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 17

A spokesman for TAWU told XEWSLETTER that. the Union does not have
a "Workers Democratic Cqvoittee".

The GIS release says the' Grenada Trade Union Council has condemned
the statements made by Mr. Stewart. Mr. Percival Louison, Presi-
dent of TUC told NEWSLETTER he was present at the meeting at which
Mr. Stewart's departure was discussed but he left before the meet-
ing ended and was not there when a release in this connection wai
drafted." Mr. Louison understands :that this release was read on
Radio Free Grenada but he did. npt hear .it.,

Efforts to reach Mr. John Ventour, TUC Secretary-Treasurer, to
get a copy of the release, have been unsuccessful.

(525 words)


A Grenada delegation, headed by Mrs. Angela Bishop, Depudy Secre-
tary for Tourism,, attended' h@e4International Tourism Exchange in
Berlin from 1'st to 7th March. Other members of the delegation
were Mr. Royston Hopkin, President of 'the Grenada Hotel Associa'
tion. (GHA), Mr.. Julian Marrysbow, Grenada Touri.t Board'"s :Manager
for the UF and Europe, Mrs Caren Otway of Carib Tours and Mr.s.
Edith Leonard of Grenada Tours :& Travel.;

Grenada was one of the participahtS in.the "Ca'ribbean Village"
organised at this exhibition by the Caribbean Tourism Association.
According to a press release from GHA, there were over 1000 ex-
hibitors and the show was -attended by some 75,000 persoiS. Of
these 12,000 were tourism experts from more than 100 countries,
938 were journalists from 41 countries -and approximately. 65,000
were visitors.
( 132 words)


Minister of Communications, Works & Labour, Mr. Selwyn Strachan,
has told NEWSLETTER that the amount he is reported to have said
the new international airport will cost is incorrect. Speaking
at the formal opening of the airport project on March 9th (see
NEWSLETTER for week ending March 22nd, page 10 ), Mr. Strachan is
reported as having said that the estimated cost of the airport is
1$EC180 million. The Minister told NEWSLETTER that the correct
estimated cost is EC$108 million.
( 79 words )




The last statistics given for banana shipments were in NEWS-

LETTER for the week ending December 15th And covere4f shipments

up to the "Geeatstar" of 6th December 1979. .

Following that dape, there were two shipments in December be-

fore the end of -the year. ,And, other .statistics are now avail:,

-able until the shipment by "Geestsari on March 4th.

S,' Boxing
15.12.79 873,139
"Ceesttide" ,
28 .12S.79 -,599 483:

"Geestc rest "
4. 1.80 966,433
"Geeststar" :
12. 1.80 7873,781
"Geest ide"' ..
20. 1.80 702,350
29. 1.80 830,257
6. 2.80 ':794;537
13-. 2.80, ., 717,973
"Gees ttide" .
19.2. 80 531,462
26. 2.880' 671,394
4. 3.80. : n/a

Shipped Geest (BC:
Boxes Wcight 'Price ri
Shipped (lbs) E_ C EC

27,316 838,423 27.309 11

17 ,453: 533,312 .27.547 ,..11

31,523 960,080 .:27.381 11-

27,812,-., ,851 834 28.219 11

22,0260 .67,Q,049 "31.421"' 11

25,427', '173,148 .33.133 ,11

25,347 :774.,429 33.132,. 13

23,226 694,699 33.372 13

17,477 520,711 "33.184 1:3

19,646 :585,979 :.33.146 13

16,775 499,352 33.779 13






* r-591,







*1074 ,


# Geest Industries paid to the Grenada Banana
Cooperative Society on shipped weight of
fruit. .

*" Grenada Banana Cooperative Society paid to,
; .,producers on weight of fruit received at the
boxing plants

n/a = Not Available

i fs :

JI f

Week Ending 29.3.80

Page 1-8

Week Epding.l29.3:80 .:: THB G14NAQA NGEWSLETTER -Page 19


Mrs. Angela Bishop At CTA Meeting_

Mrs. Angeia Bishop, Deputy Secretary forTourism, left Grenada:for

New Ylrk on Macdh'26th t6 attend meetingig of' the Board of.Direct-

ors of the Caribbean Tourist Association.
S* I (29 words )

Japanese Ambassador Presents Credentials

Mr. Akira Makayama, Japanese Ambassador to Grenada, arrived in Gre-

nada on FebriAry 15th and presented his credentials to Governor Sir

Paul Scoon n February 8th'.: Mr. .Makayama, 53, was appointed Am-

bassador Extraordinary to Trinidad 'ATobago in 1979..
S. ( 39 words) ':

Assistance for Rain Damage

Grenada is to get some EC$13 thousand as" assistance' towards razai.n

damage in the island'estimated at EC$40 million. This .information

is given in a news release from -the Government Information Services

which says the money is in the' form of a'loan and wi:ll come from

the Washingtdn bases Inter-American Emergency Aid:Fundd.
S: "( 54 words )

Sawmill in operation

A Government owned sawmill valued at EC$48,000 went into operation

on February 18th, according to the Government Information Services

(GIS). The mill has been set up at the Queens Park Timber Develop-

ment Section but is portable and will be moved to the Grand Etang

forest later.

.ogs for, the sawmill will be taken from the Grand Etang Forest Re-

serve, GIS says, and it is expected that most of the timber now: im-

ported will be provided, and at a cheaper price than imported mater

-ial. To back-up this operation, Government is placing new em-

phasis on afforestation and reafforestation.

Mbre Bquipment From Cuba

The vessel "Playa Larga" arrivedd on March llth with 7 more pieces

of equipment for construction of the international airport at Point
Saline. According to the Government Information Services ( GIS )
continued -

Page 20 THE GRENADA NrWSBTTBR leak Ending 29.3.80

95 pieces of equipment were previously supplied and the latest

arrivals brings the figure to 102 .: Two hundred and fifty Cuu-

ban, workers are-to work. o the-airport project,.some of whom

have already arrived, ad. the "Playa Larga" brought an a -

tional 163.
'. ( 73 words )

Diplomatic Ties With Lao.j, .. : -

It was, announced in New-York on Mkh4b -5th that Grnada has

-established ,diplomatic- relations at ambassadorial level with

the People's Democratic ,Republic of L.os.
( 25 words )

"El Sombrero" Opens ., ,

The'Government owned night club;, "l ,Sombrero", opened to busi-

ness on elMah 1st.: This, night club is located on the compound

of the Goverrnment: owned Hibiscus ..Inn at Grand Anse, one of .the

two Governiient owned hotels altAdy in operation. The other

is the SeasCoape and a third, the Bouganvillea is duegtp be

opened soon. The Bouganvilla is the former "Evening Palace"

owned by deposed Prime Minister Eric Gairy.
( 70 words )

New Fishing.Boat ,. ,

A-fishing boat, constructed in- tlt United States by Messrs

BiuBue & Stillman for the People's Revolutionary Government at

a cost of US$60,000, arrived in Grenada on March 6th.. Named

"The Alister" in honour of one of the heroes of the revolution

Alister Strachan, this boat is to be attached to the Fisheries

Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tourism & Fisheries,

and will be used as a fisheries training boat. The Alister"

will be also used as a rescue ship for fishermen and to as-

sist in coaal patrol.
( 90 words )

Week Ending 29.3.8Q a 2 .'I~ .GRENADA NSLBTER ,.A.' Page 21

Whiteman at Socialist International _Meeting .
A Government Irlformation Service (GIS) release of March 25th advised

that Minister of Agriculture, Tourism & Visheries, Unison Whiteman1.

was then, in 'he Dominican Republic representing thd Iew' Jwel Move-

ment at a meeting of Socialist International in the 0ominicain Repub


GIS said this is the first meeting of Socialist International held

in the Caribbean-Latin American region. I .
S( 56 wokds )

Nigeria Grant

The Government of Nigeria has given the PeO pl Revolutionary Govern

-ment SC$110,000.O0 to be used in Grenada's road reconstruction*4

project. .
.'. ',..:. ('21 words )

Grenada At WISA Meetina :.

Grenada is represented by Minister pf Sducation,George a

meeting of the West Indies Associated States which beginsAi St.

Vincent on Monday (31st):. Accompanying .the Minister .are, Dr. Pat

Emmanuel and Mr. Vernon Simon of -the Ministry of External Affairs

and Mr. Terry Moore 'an economist in the Ministry of Planning.

The meeting is expected to discuss regional air transport with spe-

cial reference to LIAT, the West'Indies Supreme Court and proposals

for establishment of an Eastern Caribbean Development Bank.

The Grenada delegation 'left Grenada on Friday (28th).
( 91 words )

Training Course For Grenada Police
Addressing the Grenada Royal Police Service on March 4th, Prime Min-

ister.Maurice Bishop said beginning April, 40 to 50 policemen are

to receive a Caribbean country. Mr. Bishop did not

spec* .he country.

In his address, the Prime Minister said the days of the colonial

police are over and have been replaced by the days of the revolu-

tionary police. The new type of policeman, he said, has close
continued -

Page 22 THEf GRENADA NBWSI' .n Wek ending 29, 3. 80

links with the masses .. '.......

On behalf of the members of the Police Service, an Inspector
of Police made a pledge of support for the Peoples Revolution-',

ary Government, :fo the consolidation of the revolution and of
allegiance to the people of Grenada..
( 112 words )

PRA Oipslay Regimental Colours
The People's Revolutionary Army (PRA) displayed itsWpegiment-
a& Colours for the first time at a military parade at Queens
Park, St. George's on March 13th/

The f. ,has, a.gxeen, background at the centre of which is, a

red disk on a white background. On the red disk is the figure
of a chicken h'avk and underneath are the Roman Numerals "XIII"
(13) and a net moon. Above is a natmeg.

A spokesman fb9r the PRA told 4WSLETTER that the green bapk-
ground symbolises -he agriculture and verdancy of Grenada,
The red disk on a white background were the colours used byf
the revolutionaries on warch' 13th 1979 and the Roman Numerals
signify that date, the date 6f:!the revolution.. The nutmeg

symbolises one of the island's main export crops which gave
Grenada the name, "Isle of Spice" and the new moon represents
the dawn of a new era for Grenadinanl The Chicken Hawk is
symbolic of the serenity and vigilance of the PRA".
( 163 words )



March, .1980 :

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