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Volume 8 Number 1
SFor the Week Ending 2nd February 1980 1
8th Year of Publication - - 234th IPsue


Algeria, Lybia and Syria are .to.make substantial grants of money to
Grenada. This was disclosed by Prime Minister Maurice Bishop :on
January 28th, the day after he returned from a three-week trip to t e
Middle East and britain.

"We were .able to obtain 'overall commitments .of 10 million American
dollarss*, he said, "which, .in our money, would be about: 27 million
dollars, a very substantiAl:asum:! ."

Mr. Bishop left Grenada on January 4th at the head of an eight-memb r
delegation which included the Minister of Communications, Works & b
-our, Mr. Selwyn Strachan, officials of the Ministry of External af
fairs, and economists from the Ministry of Planning.

The visit to the Middle East countries was undertaken following inv -
tations issued to Grenada during ihe Non-Alligned Confererin in Cub
last September and, originally, Iraq was 'included on the itinirary.
According to a release issued by the Governmentnt information Servic s
however, that country was not visited because it was not possible t
coordinate the timetable.

The Prime Minister told NEWS~tTTER that, in addition to the commit
ments he had received for monetary grants, the trip to the Middle
East had brought other benefits.
.continued -

produced & Printed by Alister & Cynthia Hughes
p 0 Box 65, St.Georges, Grenada, Westindies |

Atllpto g9potiate on the matter of soft loans", he
d t canrt giv you thVi d deti. p~s this

still tiing vnapDtftbl. :

Mr. Bishop siAd joint venture, agreements the, areas of fish-

eries,. aSiq ~l xe and agro-industries had been. ranged and

there had been the "usual w9ie' of scholarships and training
at al .leveXs.... "This includes areas like electricity, refrig-
eration ac-rnt eh like", he said, and thi: again will be very

important in terms ofs our continuing desperate need for train.

ing 'f mord ahdc more .of our people."

The Prime Minister said there are other areas in which there

might be further assistance rendered by Algeria, Lybia and Sy-

ria, but "he is unableto aitsclose details -at this time.

After conrpleting the Middle' :Basts section o his trip, Priaei

Minister Bishop arrived in London, on January 23rd. Follo 4mg.

public meetings and a press interview, the delegation returned

to Grenada on January 27th.

(349 words)


t a press conferencee on January. .28th, Prime Minister Maurice
Bihop said that, concerning the question of Soviet troops in

Afganistan, h4s Government's approach "is not to get so much in-

:tg the question of invasion versus non-invasion".

His Government s view is that "there is still not enough e4i-

.ence to indicate that what. took.j ape i Afganistan can proper-

ly be regarded as r invasion", and "there is enough evidence to
suggest that revolutionary forces in power in Afganistan did make

a request for assistance from the Soviet Union because they were

faced with external aggression and, as a result, the Soviet sent

in tra -' on e
continued -
bauww'O '---*- -' -


Week Endina 2. 2. 99

Page 2

Week ndingq,2.2Q .. THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 3

"We want to make known", the Prime Mihister said, "that it is our

firm view that, in any event, this process of external aggression

against the revolution in Afganistan was not a December 1979 phen-

omenon, but has been going on for all of the 18 months that the

revolution was in power and was greatly stepped up after the revolu-
*1 *
tion in Iran last year."

Mr. Bishop said the combination of Afganistan and Iran "was just

simply too much for imperialism", which had "well made plans of en-

circlement of the Soviet Union, not j t in terms of a passage, not

just in terms of the critical question of energy, ,but also in terms

of nuclear encirclement and containment."

More Difficult

The key military, bases relative to that region had "collapsed over-

night", ;.he Prime Minister. said, and it meant the end of military

bases and "the question of moving troops from America to the Soviet

Union had become that much more difficult".

"This is alo what' explains the stepped up rapproachmenti between

the Americans and the Chinese", he said, "so as to 'put turthr pre-

ssure on the Soviet Union from a different border of that country.-

Mr. Bishop 'sid also there had been increased military spending

among "NATO countries" before 'the Afganistan revolution. "'In Novem-

ber', Arid again in December, the countries of NATO, responding to

pressure from America, had greatly stepped up their military spend

-ing and to get more nuclear warheads to be aimed at the Soviet

Union", he said.

He said also that increased military spending in the Middle East

by the United States had proceeded the Afganistan revolution and

that it had already been agreed t o.:more than double the military

spending in Israel and to'spend considerable sume in, Egypt, Soma-

lia and Morocco. "What happened after Afganistan", he said, "was

a greater rush to try to find new military bases, again in Somalia,

in Pakistan, in Oman and countries like that."

continued -

Page 4 THE GRENAl n- -9 --i t EndinY.-2 --. 8QWaiL.

"This clearly tells us that there has been this contest going

on for some time" Mr. Bishop said, "This great rush on the part

of imperialism to try to secure the Middle East because of its

energy supplies, because of its strategic location and, critical

-ly, because it forms a natural border, an important border with

the Soviet Union".

He said fhis has been going on for some time and "Afganistan

in terms of 1979 is only a ery small part." He thought that

what is more important is "Afganistan in terms of April 1978

and Iran in terms of Early 1979."

Fact Sheet

A "Fact Sheet on Afganistan" published by the Government Infor-

mation Services on January 7th says the'United States CentYal

Intelligence Agency (CIA), together with the Special Services ;

of the British and Chinese, trained, armed and sent thtd"Afgan-'

istan "criminal gangs of terrorists, landlords, money-lenders

and other;,elements .w ,p, after the April Revolution, lost the.

possibility of exploiting the Afgan people."'

"At the time of the request for Soviet assistance", the sheet

s~i ,q; ver 550,000 counter-revolutionary, insurgents armed with

MeGtvy Weapons had been infiltrated into Afganistan.. Cal.s have

repeatedly been .made to Washingtbni and London to stop sending front

Pakistan into Afgan.4etan military units armed with Western Weap-

ons,*and thus end irterferonce in, Afgan affairs and give up the

plans to stifle the Afgan Revolution."

The- "act Sheet" says thatab:, if Britain and the United,,States

%i heeded these calls, the: Government of the young independ-

ent republic would not have had to turn fpr military aid",, and,

peace asind tranquility would have prevailed ;in Afganistan.

"But this did not happen", the sheet says. "Political bandits

sent by the West, in their frenzy and fury, burned entire vj1l-

ages to the ground, massacred whole families, put out eyes and
cut off the hands of patriots of the People's Power without
sparing even old people, women or children. This is well
continued -

Week Ending 2.2.80., THE GREADA WSLETr. Page 5

known, i,; Washington and other Western capitals and there is no

question of this."

Accusations ,
Describing the "character of the Hafizullah Amin regime", the sheet

makes several accusation ns. Among these are that the Amiki regime

made "contracts with Western countries via the CIA- to purchase

Naplam in December 19 9 for use against a tribe in Afganistan."

The sheet says also that the Aqiin regime imprisoned and executed

without trial thousands of the intelligentsia, Muslim clergy, peas-

ants and public figures.

The sheet says that "the US campaign, of, propaganda" is a maneuver

to takethe eyes otheworlf theworl the build-up of military strength

in the Indian Ocean.: According ti the sheet., the US also wants

to take the e''yes :-of- the world'o'ff :the NATO desire to put nuclear

weapons in West Germany, and enhance President, Jimmy Carter,'s,

chances of re-election in the coming November 1980 presidential


The US campaign is also aimed at the re-arming of Pakistan "to the

tune of $100 million in most modern military weapons including

missiles-, and to pressure other countries 'in the ,region tt secure

bases to militarise the Indian Ocean and oil region.'

S,, (133 words)


A writ has been filed in the Registry of the Supreme Count of

Trinidad & Tobago by the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG)

against the Trinidad Publishing Co. Ltd., publishers of the "Guard

,-ian" newspaper.

The writ was filed on January 10th by the legal firm of Roberts,

Primus, Philipps & Co, acting on behalf of the PRG.

This action arises from a story published in the "Guardian" on

January 9th under the headline of "Grenada Training Trinidad Guer-

rillas". The story"alleges that more than 200 Trinidadians
continued -

Page 6 ii- THE GRbi f WeeiijzQ..2. 2-6

teing trained i Gren'.,,:' as guerrillas, an al0egatid which the

RG has btanr d as "ah outrageous and malicious lie".


The "Guardian" story claimed to be reporting information re-

ceived from a senior official of the Trinidad & Tobago Govern-

ment, and a press release issued by the Governmenf information

Services on January 10th said the Grenada Ministry 'of External

Affairs has contacted its counterpart in Trinidad with a view to

having the statement retracted.

"It has been further requested"; the release said, "that appro-

priate steps be taken immediately to ensure that, if a senior

official of Government did in fact support such a publication,

tieshiould be called upon to publicly withdraw the allegations

which are entirely false," to publicly apologise to the Govern-

publicly state the source of this information."

TVe: release said that, in respect, of.,the Caribbean News Agency

canaA.) reprinting the 'Guardian" article, the PRG is contempla-

ting the type of action to be.. taken. It advised other media

that "reprinting of libel is also libel".

(265 words)


The Governmint of Grenada spent a total sum cf EC$64.6 million,

dollars in its operations for the period January 1st 1979;,.

December 31st 1979. This is disclosed by PeopleA.,6 Lw Number.,

100 of 31st December 1979, the "Appropriation Law 1979 which

was gazetted on January 4th 1980.

According to the schedule to this law, the largest "expetditure

was made by the Ministry of Communications. Works &t'Labour.

This-Ministry spent EC$11.6 million. Th .nixt highest expend-,

iture was EC$10.7 million, made by the Ministry of Education
c6 Aued. -


Social Affairs, Youth. Development & Sport. The sum of EC$10.1

million went to charges on account of the public debt.

The Grenada Military Force, which was established by, the Gairy re-

gime and disbanded on March 13th by;the People's Revolutionary Gov-

ernment, absorbed EC$18 6,500.00.

The sum af EC$2.7; millionn was

spent on its'.riejlacement, the Peoplets Revolutionary;Army.

cost of the Police Force was EC$4.7 billion.

(160 wo;ds)

Schedule of Appropriation Law 1979

Vote No.





3i 0


50 )

: .' Recurrent:
Governor General EC$ 128,400
Parliament 117,700
National Secretariat 177',300
Supreme Court 248,800
Magistracy 231,000
Legal 130,800.
Audit 94,300
Public Service Commission 95,900
Prime Minister 1,680,400:
Overseas Representation 947,400 ,
Police 4,384,200
Grenada Military Force 186,500
*Prisons : 98,400
Radio Free Grenada 325,800
People's Revolutionary
Army 2,201,100
*Ministry of Finance,Trade
Industry &y .Planning. 3,557, 700.
Pensions & Gratuities ';,100,000
Charges on Account of
the Public Debt 10,103,600

Ministry of Communica-
tions, Works & Labour
Post Office


Minii'stry of Education,
Social Affairs Youth
Development & Sport !' 0,712,500
Ministry of Health
'& housing 6,901,600




tal Total
300 149,700
95, 900
500 1,908,900
700. 965,100
800 4,714,000
200 i' 641,,600
500 396,300

519,600 2,720,700

1,560,000 5,067,700


4,136,800 11,654,900
"49,006 5 48,900

63,400 10,775,900

463,400 ,7,365,0o0

6Q) .-Minist;y qf Agricul,- .
ture, Forestry, Fish-
& Touriq. 3 236 500 978,100 4.214.600
tT 56,157,900 8,451,300 64,609,200

*The above g e are those publihed'; It should be ;noted
that tahe raCu hAn4 capital figures of votes 12 and 20 do not
balance with T a ended totals being, respectively $201000 and
$50,000 more # he totals. This difference is reflected int
the sum totals "this table. r.

"-- i's i ^ ''rr ~ " """ ~- --- -

.The '

Week E.dina 2.2 .80

Page THE GWR DA NEWSrE TER tjeek rEndin 2;2T. 8-

Informed soUrces close to the agricultural sector of the island

have expressed gave doubt ovet theviability .ofGrenada's Ban-

ana ; Indus txy. >Foreign exchange earnings showed an increase of

some 4% ini1979 above the 1978 figure, but it has been pointed

out that this is insufficient to:compensate for increased prices

forced on, producers by inflation.

Together with St. Vincent,. St. Lucia and Dominica., Grenada sell S

its entire banana crop in Britain through a single buyer, Geest,.

Industries Ltd. F.O.B. prices are calculated on each shipment

based on the "Green Boat Price" in Britain, and these prices are

affected by current freight rates and other factors/

During last year, the highest rate paid to the Grenada Banana

Cooperative Society(GBCS) by Geest was ECC40.013 per pound and

the lowest, ECC26,112 per pound. The average over the year

was EBC31.778 per pound and, according to NEWSLETTER's sources/,

approximately EC417 per. pound goes to the producer after deduct

-ioniof administrative and other expenses.

"The cost of producing a pound of bananas, in. Grenada is close

to (if it does not exceed) seventeen cents", the sources said,

"and it is essential that careful consideration be given now to

the future of the Banana Industry."

Another concern in the industry is the weight of bananas ship-

ped:,annually. In 1977 this weight was 31.9 million pounds

and it fell to 31.3 million pounds in 1978. In 1979, .total

weight-shipped was only 30,9 million pounds.
Several reasons are given fork this drop, one factor being the

difficulty of forecasting the crop in the Windward Islahds ac-

curately.C 'Freight space is provided by the buye a*n'd dach

island is allocated a quota .. the. basis of flT forecast but,

as'has happened when the crop xcceds the st reaped
: .* "L. P ,:
fruit must remain unshipped. '
continued- ,

Week Ending 2~2.8' THE GRENADA NEWSLETTP Page 9

Additionally, drought has hampered production over the last four
years.- :This factor, bver certain periods, has prevented Grenada

from reaching its allowed quota with.a consequent loss in poundage


The forecast for the Industry in 1980 is not encouraging. Since

November last, very heavy rains have been experienced and this re-

sulted in considerable "leaching", the washing away of fertilizer

from the fields Fertiiiser is being replaced but the crop is ex-

pected to be both delayed and reduced.

Another consequence of the rains is that banana plantations are

now being subjected to disease. Reports from the Windward I-landi

Banana Growers Association (WINBAN) say that, in St. Vincent, St.

Lucia,,Dominica and Grenada there is a greater incidence of "leaf-

spot" disease than usual. The heavy tains have provided ideal

conditions for development of this disease and have prevented effi-

-cient aerial spraying.

Concerning costs, NEWSLitTER has been advised that, among other

items, producers will have to ay mdre for fettiliser and the cart-

dns in which .the fruit is packed. The fertilizer increase was

hrt quoted but it is said that, while the cost of the cartons was'

budAoed for at EC6.6 per pound in 1979, this figure will rise

to EC~9 in 1980.

Todal foreign exchange earnings by the Banana Industry in the years

1977, 1978 and 1979 were respectively EC$8.5 million, EC$9.4 mill-

ion and EC$9.8 million.

(537 words)


The heavy rains in Grenada since last November have caused estimate

-ed damage of EC$32 million dollars. This figure was given by

Prime Minister Maurice Bishop in a national broadcast on January

14th, and he divided this loss into EC$20 million don't to communi-

cations and works, and BC$12 million to agriculture.
continuedd -

Week Ending 2.2.80 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 11

The Prime Ministr calle on Grenadians not to.allow this bl to

depress and demoralise them. "The most distinctive quality of a

truly revolutionary people is the ability to keep fighting-back

against all the odds", he said. But he warned that "if the truth

is to be told, things could get worse before they become better."

He felt, however.that "better they must come once we continue to

move forward s- one united determined and conscious-people.,"

S(451 words)'


The Royal Grenada Police Force is to have a new image according to

a news story in the February 2nd issue of the Government owned

"Free West Indian".;

Reporting an interview with.recently appointed Deputy Commissioner

of Police lan St. Bernard, the paper said he hoped to educate the

country about the Police Service and the Police Service about the

country. "Both sides will be geared towards building a Police

Service that is not separated from the people", he said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police St,. Bernard,, -who is ;a former Captain

innthe People's Revolutionary Army, expect's to train some 3Q police

S6 cers eacti'week 'fbr the next six months. Training will in-

clude a historical look at the development of the island's society

and foreign policy, Classes will also Fonsider the, question, What

is destabilization?'

According to Mr. St. Bernard, the Police Service should understand

the ideals of the revolution, be able to defend the people, be able

to work along with other security services for the defence of Gre-

nada, be totally opposed to violent suppression and oppr opsa ,

and understand exploitation of working people.

(186 words)

Page 12 THE GRENADA NE SLEftE Week Endi g 7. 2 .80


Sales of Government bonds for the construction of the island s

international airport passeds'he quarter million dollar (EC)

mark With tWi pUrchase by British American Insurance Co. Ltd.of'


A release from the Government Infotmation Service says this was

the biggest individual purchase to January 21st when the Company

handed the money over to the Minister of Finance, Mr. Bernard


Another large purchase was made by the Directors of Spice Island

Inn Ltd. That purchase was made on January 10th and the money

was handed over to Prime Minister Bishop by a delegation from

the Board of Directors headed by Mr. Peter Otley, Chairman of

the Board.

Government Airport'Bonds were .put on sale last December 1st and

the sales target for these bonds is $EC30 million. The airport,

which will take about three years to build, is estimated to cost

some EC$60 million, towards which the Cuban Government is giving

approximately EC$30 million in equipment, materials and the ser-..

vice 'of:' technicians. ,
( 165 words)

The voluntary school repair programme organized by the Ministry

of Education over the period 4th to 19th January. was an unquali-

fied success. Miss Jacqueline Creft of the Ministry of Educa-

,tion, coordinator of the programme, disclosed this to NEWSLETTER

and said she was very pleased with the "tremendous and impress-

ive" support the programme had had.

"Over 4,000 people were involved, ih this volunteer effort", she

said, "and the value of the services they rendered is estimated

at over EC$2 million."

- continued -

Week Ending 2.2.80 THE GRENADE, NEWSLETTER Page 13

Miss Creft said their are 66 primary schools in the State and Govern
-ment provided EC$20,000,of materials to be used in,:the repair pro-

grale. In addition, the business community donated cash, paint

and building materials valued at some EC$50,000O

(123 words)


The Government Loan Committee has approved'over 40 applications for

loans under the House Repair Programnme announced by Minister of Fin-

ance Bernard Coard early last December.

This programme is part of an EC$7 million overall scheme to build

and repair houses for several categories of worker, the House Repair

programme being for the benefit of low income rural workers.

A release from the Government Information Service (GIS) on January

15th states that, at that date, two of the approved applicants had

already received material to effect repairs. To qualify for a

loan under this scheme, the applicant must not earn more than

EC$150 plmonth and loans will not exceed EC$1000. Only two

thirds of the loan is repayable, the other third being treated as

a grant.

The GIS release says "Workers Committees" have been set up at work

places to process loans under this programme. These Committees

estimate the value of the material needed and ensure that appli-

cants repay the loans.

(163 words)


The People's Revolutionary Government has seized more property .be-

longing to deposed Prime Minister Eric Matthew Gairy, this confis-

cation being in addition to property taken last month.

- continued -

Page 14 t( THE GREN^BAU 'ISLET J8*-Week E Td&f 2'. 2. 80

People's Law number 95 Of Dccemb'er 21st makes provision for the
aonfiscation. of, all property belonging to Gairy on the grounds,.
that. they were acquired by ,iiry "by means pf.,co.crrption and the

blatAnt abuse and misuse of powers of his office". In a sched-

ule published with that law, the seizure of 9 pieces of real

estate was announced and a Zsecond schedule announced seizure of

shares in a'Company held by Peter-Otley for Gairy.

The new confiscation is made under a Statutory Rule & Order

(S R & 0 ) issued under People's Law 95, and also refers to

shares in a company held by Peter Otley for Gairy. Thd Order,

dated 31st December and gazetted on January 4th. covers s iAres

held by Peter Otley in Spice Island Inn Limited'. Details of

these shares are not included in the Order.

( 167, words)


"Prickly Bay" ( orL'ance atc Epines harbour) has, once more,

been given the status of a port of entry for pleasure yac ..

This has been effected by People's Law Number 2 of 1980 which is

both dated and gazetted 4th January

Prickly Bay which is the site of a marina was first made a

port of entry for pleasure yachts in 1972. Late in December

1978, the Prickly Bay (Repeal) Act mas passed and it was report

-ed then.that the staffing and operation of a branch of the

Customs and Immigration Dpa.rtmnits was cr-a-tin -prrolems for ,


L .ds reported that the port of entry status of Prickly Bay was

a great boon to yachtsmen, and the reinstatement of.this facil-

ity will be appreciated'
(124 words)
.-= ^

Week Ending 2. 2 80 .mTHE.GRENAPA NEWSLETTER


Total ,Ponds
Shipped to....
31,956,783 3
29,564,608 2
26,133,837 2
23,926,239 2
21,902,725 2
19,028,328 2
16,434,752 1
13,633,491 1
10,292,476 1

Total Dollars
Earned to....
6,874 ,142


- 1.96%
4 .81%
+ 6.68%
+. 7.01%
+' 8.72%
+ 7.20%
+ 14.08%
+ 12.73%'
+ 21.76%
+ 17.40%
* 18.33%
+ 44.72%

30,909, 92

- 1.34%
- 3.01%
- 6.76%
- 8.03%
- 9.86%
- 7.87%
- 11.73%
- 10.14%
- 11.98%
- 14.07%
- 10.55%
- 9.06%



+ 10.;64%
+ 13.63%
+ 22.85%
+ 25.86%
+ 30.85%
+ 34.31%
+ 34.26%
+ 52.03%
+ 50.59%
+ 57.59%
+ 57.57%
+ 89.72%

9,822,400 + 4.39%, Dece eer.
9,274,319 + 3.42%.: Nvember
8,453,969 + .85% October i.
7,695,367 + .71% September,'
6,995,465 .58% ..Augus
6,301,442 + 1.96% 'T y
5,105,946 4.56% -N June
4,148,878 2'.55%.- .
3,163,850 6.83%: April
2,246,667 11.22% iMarc i
1,627,932 8.20% F!ebru r
922.307 4.12% i anuary

'. ?^ <:^: .* ':~'-'''v':Y . *-
S- ':~ i ::" : ..*... : .

: d ..... . ...
%,_:, . .-
<. ". .. ",. N.:

Page 15,

Page 1: "' THE GREN --A INWSLE '" W eek Endin*. 2. 80


Coard At iMSauAfeeting

Minister of Finance Beirnrd card represented "Grenada at the 15th

Ainisteriai Meeting'of the West. Indies Asociated Council (WISA)

which'opened in.Antigua on January 10th. The meeting was pre-

sided over by St."Lucia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of

Foreign Affairs, George Odlum.
S, ' (44 word s)

Jacobs Presents* Credentials

Grenada's Ambassador to Cuba, Mr. Richard Jacobs, presented his.

credentials 'in Havana -on January 21st to Cuban. Vice-President

Carlos Rafael Rodrilgues. ,
S ((21 words)

Radik Takes Up Duties .

Mr. Kendrick Radix, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Af-

fairs, took up t" e duties of those offices on January. 1st. Mr.

Radix is ;a3o6 Ambassador to the United Nations and, prior 'to

January : iS, has been' in the. United States in that connection.

Mr: Lloyd Noel,, who has been acting Attorney General and Minister

of Legal Affairs, 'is nbw s n in the United Kingdbm on a study course.
Nr. Jimmy Emmanuel Charge d'Affaires, now heads the Grenada .

Permanent:Missjiop to the UN.
(81 words)

Grenada' J4ins *I FAD

Gr ada 's application to join the Inteanational Fund for Agri-

cu$pzral Deve0lopment (-IFAD) was approved on January 16th. Set

up two years Ago by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting.

CountriesL OPEC) 1o .assist third world countries, membership of

IFAD is divided into three categories. Category I is for Devel-

opdd Countries, Category IIfor :lveloping Oil-producing Countries,

and Category .II ( within which Grenada falls) for Non-oil Pro-

ducing Countries.
(65 words)
continued -

Week Ending 2.2.8* THE ORILENADA NEWSLETTER I Page'17

Finance Experts Meet Coard '

A team Of financial experts from the Internation'al IMo ary Fund,..

ithe World Bank and thC Ca ibbean Deveo bntA Bank held e1cus lo d

on January 25th with Minister of Finance Mr. Bernard.Coard. Dis-

cussions centered on the need fo ani emergency rpad repair pr

gramme following the heavy rain experienced since -las't Novembe,

an agricultural programme inclidiing agro-industries, and a list d6f

other projects 'for presentation to the World Bank for possible fund

-ing by -doner countries and organizations.
It (74 words)

Grenada 'foins CCA

Grenada is now a full member of the-Caribbean Conservation Associa-

tion (CCA). Thd document required for membership was signed

recently by Minister of Agrioulture, Tourism and Fisheries, 'Mr.

Unison Whiteman, and Grenada's membership has brought to 8 the

number of Goyernment CCA members. Other members ari. Barbados,

the Bri isVirgin Islands, ,,e French Antilles & Caye ne, Moyits r9

rat,, Guyana, St. (Ltts-Nevis and Venezuela.- ,.
-~ V.
S. .' ' (64 words) Js

Libyans Visit

A four,-man delegation led by Mr. Muftah hgerif, Director opener al .,

of. the. Libyan Economic Department held discussions with 'Prime

Minister,Maurice Bishop last December. These discussions includ-

ed possible pst stance by Libya to construction pf the interna;i'on-

al airport. The Team arrived on-December 17th and left on DeCem-

ber 19th. .
(48 words) ..

Coconut Indust-ry to be Reorganised

According -to a release from the Government I~?ormation Services,

5 thousand Maiay'an Dwarf Coconut plants were expected from St.

Vincent during January for distribution to Grenada s small falnAs.

The Cocohut Industry is .affected by disease and these..plants' are'

expected to help to supplement the dwindling crop. The Ministry
continued -,.
t '** '

.- .. |
SPTHE ORENAA PgIWSLjf Week Endig 2.2.80
Page AB .18*"1- .* TH G .' '* l.

of Agricuilture in process ptre organising the Pest Contirol

.. 4

SNe iv xdel..Links onught .

RV ormain ervic IS announced that the

Pei ee Revolut; nry Gwer t i joking, f.or direct t t7r;ade

io -, .thZ- t owntries which*.Can-

'sl"1mer *,': Gt oc o not Isb.rt 'ie t from t rhe is hp. d.
Fo eah Prime Minister 'said Hql9 tthd b6ugat a lot
-of Grenad"b nutme~ and sld t'he t Spyief ,Onion.wi He
. ., / .. .. .

thought that.y Aot he oIidd lem anoneate enef it

he;C DeeoAgeti r Researeb Deel tituf e
h ,

i e o beeswrn the hip oi sj. the-:

pcted Und

1d catidnf f f adbring r: pacadd
, '* '. ' .
(M D I h k :,, ; ; t.L' , J. ,: 'b od. it :
-; t .' 'I I i .. : -
GrenDa'he sutmegsa.d "seld thnd u t nderstvieinUnxhn." oe '^i

bounda s C agcul r al research o devel Opment. ;, .
i . - .. . ." . I. .. .. .

iEe Cl I nicn .' "
,ye cl ~clie4dd b i n thnd coaound of the General Hosptm-
S St'." Geoes s o ppenedo4Decembd th.
A .. ... . ,

a eCosting rover,.JC$92 Dt construitwqp e was ... t. ,, "n was
Financed ,by f unrds. aise byhe G ena Siaety ,of Friends .
b'tioundanciedsbay funds raisd resbarcy eand SetylofmFriends ii

e Blind And"*ith Governmep 4sS' 'stance,.. Other _donois
P .1A( *, -1, -*^ -^ -^ -

w ere the lic e1 are..Founatio~n wahngton. DC., USA,

h gave US$6,0,,'the, USo thi cond o Iterntirral Hosp

4... . 1 t 0 .- q . . ,, > -

^ ..,,. P ..* . .^
:',r*' r*^ -:' f . ,
' ^ ' .'^ r.\ y .* ^ -.-. . .^ ...

Week Ending 2. .80 THE GRENADA NEWLfrE Page 19

SDeve'looent h ich d6natie US$606 "hd 13arc'4lys B1nk international' *, .

which donat d EC$5o8,Qob. A

4L. ) y -
Cuban ye specialist ,br. Josg Gonzales Daz, is t qxesident sur-.

S* I
geon. (
S' (93 words)'

Import board Exports

Dring the week ending December 1~jh last the'Impt. Mrkat ing BV ar.d

exported WOO lbs of grapeirt-i. t oranges y air o Barbabos,. A "

shipment of 1,000 Ibs of Ogg ,-larit as made 'lso tb he Uniited',

i oh. 10 ii *'i ,' '.i ;' 1 :

T he possibility y poring :pujkns o, ,the- Un ted, K*ngdpm is ,being .

HR' o'. r H ;6usin q N orr s -Bi headed 'a:fac .
X, A 4.
Considered ,. . '; '

l fi ndi d ei'f. a5 ,a Oay 1,%o Cba e" dee'* i O v

t dd ry 1 and t ,- .
f n 1 i s " u a' j, -- '-' ,'
-I s 3. t

s#e low. Hos so sOnguhe as w or6s Ba 'he haded.ilthact /,.
Sin: dlea -inp a y v is- t.ho Ciubas. the';'cu -

sons wt. tho al o 'Dhuba, ini '. i n k", ` 6k ic

Ai*th arid 191eived Ossurands of a.sist.nce im'rain ng..

heALth personnel and further assistAnce in Grenada s

health services.
f .. 5 -.
vstanuary s 58th. IJryl h and itsn t r those watomob- r -

da, there wee, esentatiyes fro:i the Metho'is-rChurc.l /
i St. VincAnt,,Stol Luc a' ii Brbados
(37. w rds )

e ost oungl'itet, Hughels 2,2. .
eIn Cua. Dutin9has' 'pt-ay^jMr 'Baih .held-iscu' -: '4 .*

IsLons with of:icaals or' e Guban M lini"s Fy "t JRubih c* -.

tHeath and received assurancs 'of; assistxnce i' tra',

'* .health personnel and further assistance in Grenada's *

health se'rviyes. -
''- 9 'lt ** '" 77 words") .' 'f

e l

A od- ou was held in4G enara fo

j da, ehere were, 6I r'esentatives froi ther Metihodis 'Churcl* *j '9 #1

iin Trinidad .Tobago, jpt. Vincent.,Stt Lucia* anix Badcbados.

S '; >.- 4 *.. y <* .. if ./
4 4' .'4 .4 I

Full Text

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E299I62SH_CQT0PM INGEST_TIME 2011-07-19T15:21:57Z PACKAGE AA00000053_00222

I ;

Social Affairs, Youth Mbvelopment & Sport.

The sum of EC$10.1

million went to charges on account of the public d@bt.

The Grenada Military Force, which was, the Gairy re-

gime and disbanded on March 13th bythe People's Revojlticnaay Gov-

ernment, absorbed EC$18 6,500.00. The sui off CEC$2.'7 million was

spent on its .replacement, the People6ls Revolutionary Army.

.The '

cost of the Police Force was EC$4.7 million.

- Schedule of Appropriation Law 1979

Vote No. Recurrent,
Governor General EC$ 128,400
2.* Parliament 117,700
2A National Secretariat 177',300
SSupreme Court 248,800
1A Magistracy 231,000
4 : Legal 130,800
5. Audit 94,300
6 Public Service Commission 95,900
10 Prime Minister . 1,680,400:
10A Overseas Representation. 947,400 ,
11 Police 4,384,200
11A Grenada Military Force 186,500
12 *Prisons 598,400 .
13 Radio Free Grenada 325,800
14 People's Revolutionary
Army 2,201,100
20 *Ministry of Finance,Trade
Industry & Planning. 3,557, 700 1
21 Pensions & Gratuities 2,100,000
22i r Charges on Account of
y the Public Debt 10,103,600

(160 wodds)



1 ,700.




Tota 1



- 10,103,600

Ministry of Communica-
tions, Works & Labour
,; i ,, , ,


4,136,800 11,654,900

31 Post Office 499,900 49,000 -48,900
S40 .' iniistry of Education,
Social Affairs Youth
S Development & Sport7' 10,712,500 63,400 10,775,900
50 Ministry of Health
S & Housing 6,901,600 463,400 7,365,0QO
60Q :.Ministry of. Agricul-
ture, Forestcy, Fish-
S; & Touri. 3236,500 978,100 4,214,600
56,157,900 8,451,300 64,609,200

*The above lg er eae those published:. It should be noted
that, the Alu capital figures of votes 12 and 20 do not
balance with e ended total's be'fhg, respectively $20;000 and
' $50,000 more he totals. This difference is reflected in
the sum totals his table. '" -

.t. n-

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Week Endin 2_.2 .80 .