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'- ^oluime 7. fbgeri IS
For The Week Ending May 12th 1979
7th Year of Publicatioji - - 13th issue


The Grenada Government has information that the United States
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has a.three-pronged plan to "turn
back the Grenada revolution".

This was stated last night (8th) ip a national broadcast:by Prime ;
Minister Bishop. The first prongaof the..plan involves .the
planting of false reports in the media about Grenada, and the
encouraging of prominent individuals and organizations and
Governments in the region to attack the revolution, Mr Bishop said.

According to the Prime Minister, the second prong of the CIA plaqai.,
invS Ves the use of violence and arson in Grenad --and, if these two
prongs fail in "de-stabilizing" the. country, the third pronr ; the
assassinating of theoleadership of the country, will be implemented.

"It is clear that the first and second phases of this plan are
already in operation", the Prime Minister said, "(and) it is now up
to us to ensure, not only that the third stage is avoided, but we
must take steps to crush the first and second stages.and move
forward to build our revolution in our own way."

Mr Bishop said the information about the CIA plan came to his
Government five days before when he had a visit from "a leading. _,
economist, an advisor to several Governments who has very close

P3*auced & Printed by Alister & Cynthia Hughes
P 0 Box 65, St.George Grenada, Westin.dies
-- I 1 II Illlil F J-- l" ,, --- M l. M M "

Padg 2 THE GRENADA EBWSLBTTER week Ending 12,5.79

contact with individuals int United Statqs Stat Department."
The Prime Minister did not nAua this inaoidual but- sao the person
had told the Grenada overpan tWgl be had rfceid information of

the CIA plan from his con acts J the State paoptment.

This broadcast of Mr Bishop, with accusations against the CIA, came in

'the wake of two fires last Sunday night 1(6th). The first was a
wooden cottage in the hotel area of Morne Rouge, four miles south of

St.Georges, and the second was a three-storied building in the heart

of St.Georges.

The cottage was occupied by a male student of the St.Georges

University School of Medicine who is alleged to be mentally disturbed.
The two upper floors of the building in town were unoccupied. The

street floor housed the Grenada International Travel Service, a travel
agency managed by Mrs Doreen Donovan, wife of Mr George Donovan who

was deposed Prime Minitter Gairy's Minister of State for Honw Affairs,
Inforikation and Foreign Affairs. Mr Donovan is in preventive

Theacottage fire began shortly after 7.00pm and the fire in St.Georges

was seen about two hours later. Residents near to Church Steet,

where the fire was, told NEWSLETTER that, from before 8.00pm, they
were disturbed by the smell of: burning wood bulioould not locate the

source. Both buildings were completely destroyed.

The Prime Minister related these fires to what he called "a flood

of violence unleased in Jandica" in 1976 to I"try to cause the defeat

of Prime'Minister Michael Mantey,." "Just this week!', he said, "we

have seen the same development in our peaceful country. One fire

was set deliberately, by admission, outside of town and then, a few

minutes later, when the fire trucks rushed to the first one, another
broke out in the heart of town."

Mr Bishop said the second fire was a dangerous one which could have

caused the loss of many lives and much property. HI saio also

that the second fire was "undoubtedly caused by arson" as the firemen

Swho entered the building came out "smelling strongly of kerosene.


Week Ead-iBd 12.5.79 THB GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 3

De-stabilization of Grenada is also being attempted by "false,

distorted and !malicious stories" in the local, regional and foreign

press, the Prime Minister said. He denied these stories, ameng

which, quoted by him, is the story that there are "several hundred'

Cubans living in Grenada and training the comrades of our People'si

Revolutionary Army". Mr Bishop said that his Government had

requested and would be happy to accept assistance from Cuba "in any

field in which we have need", but he said Grenadians living in the

island would know that the press reports were false.

The Prime Minister had special mention for the local "Torchlight"

newspaper which, he said, had "jumped on the band waggon by

attempting to discredit the people's revolution." Mr Bishop

pointed out that "Torchlight" gave front page treatment to what he

called "the diplomatically offensive and unusual cable" sent recently

by the United States Embassy directly to the newspaper, which cablq'.

replied to the Prime Minister's address made on April 13th. "But",

he said, "the same 'Torchlight' failed to carry, in the first place,

any report of the address itself."
Mr~Bishop said also that the issue of 'Torchlight' of Sunday 6th May

carried a number of "malicious and distorted articles", some of

which, he said, were potentially dangerous to national security.
fl r U
He referred specifrally to a front page story in that issue of

'Torchlight' which, he said, repeated the "libellous propaganda

relating to a so-called Communist plot by Brother Kendrick Radix

to overthrow the Government of Antigua."

"It is h-ighly significant", the Prime Minister said, "that, although

this story was some five days old, the 'Torchlight' never chose to

contact Brother Radix or any other member of the Government for a '4

comment or response. It smacks of destabilization that a firC'

days old story,which had been beaten up and down the radio stations

throughout the region,should be put on the front page and take up

almost tbe.hBnt6reapage."

Mr Bishop referred to several pjher stories in that issue of the
'Torchlight' which he found objectionaBle. Some, he rid,

contained "classical CIA planted anti-Communist propaganda" and

Page 4 THE GRENADA .RWSLETTER Week *Ending 12.5.79

others showed "the extent to which Acting Editor of the 'Torchlight',

iNick Joseph, was prepared to go in order to discredit the People's

Revolutionary Government"

Referring to recent statements by Prime Minister Tom Adams of Barbados,

Prime Minister Bishop said one Prime Minister has claimed that no

Chilean arms were discovered in Grenada "despite the fac# that the

world press had actually photographed the arms discovered in Chilean

crates marked 'Medical Supplies' "The same Prime Minister

appears to be ignorant of the fact that Gairy did have soldiers train

in Chile", he said, "and that Gairy's military gang of. 'mongoose men',

secret police, army and the criminal elements in Gairy's Police Force

did, in fact, terrorise and brutalise the people of our country."

:Mr Bishop referred also to a recent statement by Prime Minister John

Compton of St.Lucia that "some US$5 million in arms has been sent to

Grenada by an unnamed country". atr Compton expressed the view,'

the Prime Minister said, that this posed a threat to the security of

the region.

"According to this gentleman (who only a week ago had indicated his

interest in coming to Grenada for an informal visit to hold discussions

with our Government)", Mr Bishop Raid, "the region is too closely

tied together for him to stand like Pontius Pate and say that any

unusual occurances in one State are solely an internal matter and of

no concern to another Caribbean State."
Dumb & Silent
Mr Bishop wondered how Prime Minister Compton could.,stay,"severk

hundred miles away" and know what arms are in Grenada. "We

wonder how come", hO said, "given his professed concern for regional

security and for unusual occurances in particular Caricom countries,

thai he remained so dumb and silent, not only during Gairy's reign of

terror, but particularly with regard to Gairy's Chilean military


Mr Bishop referred also to a statement of MI. ReW HwrMts of the

Antigua Government, which statement was the subject of the 'Communist

Plot' story in the 'Torchaight' r erred to. A'The'Minister of
Education* of a particularly oppressive Caricom regime, with South

Week Ending 12.5.7$. THE GRBNADA NEWSLITER rage 5

,African connections, which takes pleasure in jailing teachers, dock

workers and political activists, and denying them bail", he said,

"has also had the nerve tp claip that Brother Kendrick Radix, our

Attorney General and Minister of Legaa Affairs, and also our

Ambassador to the UN and the USA, was banned from his country,

before the Grenada revolution, because he was involved in a

Communist plot to overthrow his Government."

The Prime Minister said Mr Radix (who is a lawyer) had been detained

in Antigua, made to sit on a chair all night and then deported, and

"his only crime was that he had gone to that island to defend the

leader of the Teachers Union and the leader of the Opposition

Political Party, both of whom had been charged with the ancient and

forgotten offence of 'watching and besetting' while taking part in a

workers demonstration."

The Prime Minister warned Grenadians that destabilization is a more

subtle and deceptive enemy than,"cowardly mercenaries sent by Eric

Gairy", but destabilization has a "fatal flaw". "Destabilization

can work only when people don't know it is happening", he said, "it

is a total failure when it is exposed and when people see it for -

what it is." He called on Qsenadians to learn and understand

what destabilization is.
S,' (1483 words)


Fifemen had a busy time last Sunday evening (6th) when they had to

fight two fires which broke out within a short time of each other.

The first fire occurred in a wooden cottage insthe hotel area of

Morne Rouge within a few hundred yards of the Holiday Inn and

about four miles from St.Georges. This cottage was one of

several known as the "Carifta Cottages" which were erected as

temporary buildings in 1969 to provide accommodation for visitors

to the island fot Grenada's exposition, "Expo 69", but have been

retained and rented out by Government.

At the time of the fire, which is reported to have started shortly

after 7.00pm, the cottage was occupied by a male studenteof e
ma continued?

1age 6 THE GRENAbA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 12.5.79

St.Georges University School of Medicine. This student is alleged
to be mentally disturbed and there are reports that his supply of the

special drug prescribed for him ran out some two weeks ago and, since

then, he has been behaving strangely.

The second fire was in the heart of St.Georges and occurred less than

two hours after the first began. The building, a three-storied

structure on Church Street, near Barclays Bank, housed the Grenada

International Travel Service on the street floor. This travel

agency is managed by Mrs Doreen Donovan, wife of Mr George Donovan

to was Minister for Home Affairs, Information and Foreign Affairs
in the deposed Gairy Government. Mr Donovan is in preventive


The fire was first seen on the second floor about 9.00pm and that floor

and the upper one, both of which were unoccupied, were soon engulfed in

flame. 'Fisemen had difficulty because of low water pressure and the e

was danger that adjoining buildings might catch, thus posing a serious

threat to a large section of the town. By 11.00pm, however, this

danger had been averted. One adjoining building,housing lawyers

offices and a small furniture store, suffered slight fire damage

but there was considerable water damage.

A report that there was an attempt to,set fire to Barclays Bank at the

same time that these fires were taking place is untrue. A blaze

did occur against a back door of the Barclays building, but

residents of the area told NEWFLETTER that this blaze resulted when

sparks fell from the nearby burning building into a box of waste

paper. This small blaze was quickly extinguished by bystanders

and no damage *aS done.

There are strong suspicions in official quarters that the fire in

Church Street was the result of arson. Among circumstances

creating this suspicion is one to which NEWSLETTER can attest. This

circumstance is that persons entering the burning building emerged wit

a strong smell of kerosene on their clothes.

Both the Carifta cottage aad the b Iding on Chtrch street were

Completel'destroyed. (461 words)


Week EHding 12.5.79 THE8- GoRADA NEWSLETTER pag 7


According to the 1978 Report of the Grenada Planned Parenthood

Association (GPPA), more than three out of every four children born

in Grenada last year were illegitimate. The figure quoted is

77.43% and this is an increase of 0.34% over the 1977 figure.

There were 2,521 live births during 1978, and the GPPA Report gives

the birth rate as 24.54 per 1000. However, revised figures given

to NEWSLETTER today (12th) by the Illegitimate Births
Association place the birth rate at 1978
23.23 per 1000. During 1977,

the birth rate was 25.29, and the

revised figure shows a drop of 3.01

per 1000 over the period 1974 to

latit mate
Other figures supplied today (12th) 77.4

by GPPA show that the age 20 group

produced the highest number of live

births in 1978. These figures show also that the youngest

person producing a live child last year was 12 years old, and the

oldest was 48. There were"47 mothers whose age was not recorded.

Live Births

Age Live Births Age

Live Births

107 37 31

There were '47 births in which the age of the
mother waW not stated.

During 1978, GPPAferved 10,10iective acceptors" of contraceptive

methods, and this was an increase of 1,077 or nearly 12%4over the



Live 4 irth Age
t? -"

Page 8 THE GRENADA NEWSLBTTR Week Ending 12.5.79

1977 figure of 9,028. This, however,, is still under the peak year
of 1975 in the 1972-1978 period. In that year, there were 11,066

"active acceptors".

Contraceptive methods offered by GPPA are "Oral", "Inter-Uterine

Devices" (IUD), "Injections", "Condoms", "Other Methods" and, since

1976, "Sterilization". In 1976 and 1977, there were respectively,

186 and 166 acceptors of the sterilization method, but, in 1978, the

figure for this class of acceptor fell to 67. On the other hand,

acceptors of IUD rose dramatically from 362 in 1977 to 1,178 in

Active Acceptors By Method
Other Sterili-
Year Oral IUD Inj Cond Methods nation Total
1972 1781 184 319 .454 347 3085
1973 2034 223 551 4770 572 8150
1974 2289 274 673 5725 750 9711
1975 2721 263 730 6703 649 11066
1976 2581 310 886 6136 694 186 10793
1977 2769 362 750 4222 ..759 166 9028
1978 3167 1178 1496 3302 895 67 10105

The increase in IUD users is due to the trial study
of "multiloads" being conducted. A large
percentage of acceptors who changed their method,
changed to the injection method which accounts for
the increase in acceptors of this method.

This increase results from the tU16i' dy of "multiloads" now being

carried out. The "multiload" is a small plastic rod wound with

copper and fitted with two flexible plastic arms at the top end.

During 1978, 806 of these divices were fitted, the majority being

in the 20 to 24 age group. Of the total fitted, 64:had .to bej;

removed for various reasons (bleeding,. pain etc). and GPPA reports

that only 6 acceptors had to be treated at the clinics for side

effects. Follow up visits to acceptors are to be made during

this year and results of the study will be reported later.

6PPA's programme emphasis during 1978 was on establishment of an

island-wide youth programme. This was an effort to decrease

the number of teenage pregnancies, and the main thrust was the

"Youth Involvement in Family Life Education & Services" project

which was launched on March 1st 19 w
(continue "
-- ------------------.a ____

Week Ending 12.5.79 THE GRENADA NEWSLeTTER Page 9

This project received funding of BC$106,699 from the United Nations

Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), and activities include youth

club meetings, school programmes, film shows, home visits and

informal chats. At years end, some 20-25% of Grenada's 29,750

young people in the age group 14-22 werecontacted, and GPPA

considers this a good start for the programme.

Population, Birth Rate Etc
1974 3978
Infant Mortality
Live Birth- Rate Rate Per 1000 Illegiti-
Year Population Births Per 1000 Live Births macy Rate
1974 106,031 2734 26.24 31.09 75.13
1975 107,779 2890 27.42 23.53 76.54
1976 109,609 2717 25.98 27.65 69.06
1977 111,184 2628 25.29 16.74 77.09
1978 113,121 2521 24.54 28.96 77.43
Revised figures give the birth rate for 1978 as 23.23


The Preventive Detention Tribunal continues its sittings and, this

week, nineteen detainees had their cases heard. Details of 16

were given in NEWSLETTER for the week ending 5.5.79, and the other

three are as follows.

May 11th
Prancis Jones
Dudley Passee
Neville Romain

Romain's connections are not known. Francis Jones was the

Superintendent of Prisons at the time of the revolution on March

13th. He served at one time in the Grenada Pefence Force as a

Commissioned Officer. Dudley Passee is identified by the Duffus

Commissioners as a member of the "mongoose gang". There was

evidence before the Commissioners that, together with other members

of the gang, he took part, on 9th June 1973, in an attack on a

tradeunionist, Mr Clarence Ferguson, and his family. As a result

of the attack, Mr Ferguson was hospitalized and had to receive

over 50 sutules. His wife was chopped on the hand and his 15

year-old daughter was stripped of her clothes and left naked in

the road. (continued)

Page 10 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 12.5.79

Rodney Garraway, another detainee, was due to have his case heard
on May 11th, but NEWSLETTER is advised that he has now been released.

Ma 14th see note on page 11)

Adonis Francis
George Rullow
Terrance Jonesr
D. Coomansingh

Coomansingh's connections are not known. George Rullow is an

auctioneer and small businessman. It is alleged that, after the

revolution had taken place, he:made-aa overseas telephone call which,

in the opinion of the Government, endangered.national security.

Adonis Francis was an Assistant Superintendent of Police. Terrance

Jones is identified by.the Duffus Commissioners as a member of the

"mongoose gang". Jones took part in the attack, on November 18th

1973, on six members of the New Jewel Movement,

May 15th

Godwin Mason
R Fraser
Ian LaCrette
Moslyn Bishop

The connections of Mason and Fraser are not known. Ian LaCrette

was a Sergeant in the Grenada Defence Force and received military

training in Chile during 1977 and 1978. Moslyn Bishop is

identified by the Duffus Commissioners as one of the leaders of

the "mongoose gang". Carrying the aliases of "Pram" and

"Joseph Bishop", Bishop had ?8 convictions between August 1956

and December 1969, including convictions for larceny, assault on

police and wounding.

May 16*

C Neckles
Johnny Madrid
C Whyte
Alston Hood

The connections of Neckles and Whyte are not known. Johnny Madrid

is reported to have been bodyguard to deposed Prime Minister Gairy.

Alston Hood is identified by the Duffus Commissioners as one of the

leaders of the "mongoose gang". Hood, alias '"horne", had eight

convictions between July 1961 and December 1967, including

convictions for assault and disorderly conduct.

(continued) ,


Nothing is known of the

May 17th
Claudius Charles
C Benjamin
connections of these two men.

NOTE The names listed for hearings from 14th to 17th are, of

course, scheduled for next week.

The number of persons in preventive detention as of today (12th)

is 74.
(478 words)


The last statistics given for banana shipments were in NEWSLETTER

for the week ending 21st April and covered shipments up to the

"Geeststar" on March 20th. Statistics are now available on the


Ship & Boxes
Date Shipped W
28.3.79 22636
4.4.79 21502
11.4.79 14283
17.4.79 16247
24.4.79 20254
30.4.79 16472
8.5.79 21683

The boxing plant weights

eight (lbs)












221 31.054



316 23.466

603 43.824 4
a 1,
357 k3.828

803 35.917

on these shipments are not yet available.

On the shipments of 28th March and 4th, 11th and 17th April, the

Grenada Banana Cooperative Society (GBCS) paid producers ECCi3 per

pound on the weight of fruit received at the boxing plants. On the

shipments of 17th, 24th and 30th April, and the shipment of 8th May.,

payment was at the rate of EC( 15 per pound.

Boxing plant weights for the 6th, 13th and 20th March are,

respective 540,122 jbs, 534,656 lbs and 635,356 Ibs.


Week Ending 12.5.79

Page 12 THfk GRBNADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 12.5.79

Prices paid to producers by q$GCS on shipments of 5th,llth and 16th

February, 13th and 20th March, are BC(:12 per pound on each shipment.

The price paid by Geest Industries on the shipment.'of March 20th is

ECo 29.026 per pound.

Statistics still to be obtained are the boxing plant weights on

shipments of March 28th, April 4th, 11th, 17th, 24th and 30th, and

May 8th

(190 words)

Total Pounds
Shipped to ....
1977 1978
31,956,783 31,329,521
29,564,608 29,805,398
26,133,837 27,881,052
23,926,239 25,603,992
21,902,725 23,814,791
19,028,328 21,273,037
16,434,752 18,748,730
13,633,491 15,369,158
10,292,476 12,532,604
8,156,305 9,576,104
5,720,989 6,769,839
2,564,180 3,711,002


- 1.96%
+ .81%
+ 6.68%
+ 7.01%
+ 8.72%
+ 7.20%
+17.40% 8,228,054 -14.07%
+18.33% 6,055,675 -10.55%
+44.72% 3,374,687 9.06%

Total Dollars (BC)
Earned to ....



+22.85% '
+57.59 2,246,67 -1122
+57.57% 1,627,932 8.20%
+89.72% 922,307 4.12%


i August ]

eFe ruary

gs'** --I


Week ending 12.5.79 THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Page 13


Cruise Liner Earnings
Grenada has earned EC$3,785,576Vto May 7th from cruise liner visits

during the current Winter Cruise Season. This is the estimate

of the Grenada Tourist Board. Basis of the estimate is the

assumption that 75% of 77,408 cruise liner passengers landed at

Grenada and spent US$18 each.
(50 words)

Junior Ministers Appointed

People's Law Number 25 of 20th April appoints Mr Caldwell Taylor to

be Secretary in the Department of Information & Culture in the

Prime Minister's Ministry with Mrs Phyllis Coard (wife of Minister

of Finance ir Bernard Coard) as his Deputy. The-same law appoint

Mr Vincent Noel to be Secretary in the Department of Home Affairs

in the Prime Minister's Ministry.

People's Law Number 26 of 27th April appoints Mrs Angela Bishop

(wife of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop) to be Deputy Secretary for

Tourism in the Ministry of Agriculture, Tourism & Fisheries. Miss

Palme'Buxo is the Secretary for Tourism (People's Law Number 13)
(105 words)

Boards Of Agricultural Cooperatives

The Government appointed Management Boards of the Grenada Banana

Cooperative Society, Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association and the

Grenada Cocoa Industry Board (see NEWSLETTER week ending 7.4.79,

page 16) are in effect from Sth April 1,979 according to the

Government Gazette of ..ay 4th.
(43 words)

Income Tax Commissioners Appointed

The Government Gazette of May 4th announces that Elvin St.Bernard,'

Louis Rowley and P C JereQpiah have been appointed Income Tax

Commissioners with effect from 26th April 1979.
(29 words)


GAIDC Appointments

The Government Gazette of May 4th announces the following appointments

to the Grenada Agricultural &.Industrial Development Corporation


David Fletcher
L F Wilson Jr
Robert Lloyd Fesguson
Trevor Morgan
Dennis Noel
Godwin Hosford
Fleeton Hamilton
Geoffrey Thompson

The notice in the Gazette does not state when

effect, but it is presumed that they are with

the date of the notice which is.April 30th.

,. ^

these appointments take

immediate effect from

(71 words)

Tourism Secretary meets GHA

Miss Palme Buxo, Secretary for Tourism, met with the Grenada Hotel

Association (GHA) on April 10th, and assured GHA that Government

will shoulder its responsibilities to the Tourist Industry. .She

said close liason will be established between the Ministry, the

Tourist Board and the Hotel Association. GHA's. President,

Mr Royston Hopkin, told Miss Buxo that 75% of,Grenada's hotels are

owned by nationals, and he hoped the Government would continue to

encourage local investment in the industry.
(78 frds)

Grenada Represented at CEC Meeting

Mrs Angela Smith, President of the Grenada Employers Federation, was

the island's representative at the 19th Annual General Meeting of the

Caribbean Employers Confederation ( BC) held in Kingston, Jamaica

from 25th to 27th1 t il. CBC's Interim Meeting will be held in

Grenada ex. October.
(44 words)

New Director of Public ProsecUtions

Grenada's new Director of Public Prosecutions, Guyanese-bor' .
Mr Desmond Christian, arrived in the Stat 'uon Monday (7th) and

took up his duties on Tuesday (8th). Mr Christian was Director
of Public Prosecutions in the Gaiify regimiuntitf.'e 'w~i dep6ed -

on August 3rd 1976' (42 *ord )

Page 14

Week Bnding 12.5.79




Week Ending 12.5.79 THE.GRENADA NWSTTER Pge 15

SGrenada Represented at Legal Affais Meeting

Mr Lloyd Noel, Grenada's Acting Attorney General & Minister

for Legal Affairs, left the island on Sunday (6th) for a meeting in

Antigua of Caribbean Legal Affairs Ministers. The meeting is

expected to end today (11th) and Mr Noel will return on Sunday (13th
(44 words)


The Windward Islands Banana Association (WINBAN) will receive this

month a Technicon Auto Analyser which will improve greatly the

analystical facilities at the WINBAN research centre in St.Lucia.

Made available through the Canadian International Development

Agency (CIDA), the analyser is said to be capable of processing 60

to 120 samples per hour, and to be able to analyse 5 different

nutrients simultaneously.

Mr D A Perryman and Dr J Edmunds of WINBAN visited Belize in

January of this year to survey banana industry development and

assess future developments in that country.

The Belize Banaha Industry collapsed in 1968 due to problems

associated with disease, transport, shipping and finance, but was

resusitdied in 1972 with Caribbean Development Bank funds. Bananas

are grown in pure stand at 700 mats per acre in holdings from 30 to

over 100 acres. Twenty-eight tenant farmers take up 1,090 acres

and the rest of the acrages is farmed by the Banana Growers

Association and banana growingcompanies. Shipments are to the

United Kingdom and present production is 12,500 tons per annum.
********************** ,' *

WINBAN scientists will present 4 papers at the meeting 'ot

Association for Cooperation in Banana Research in the Caribbe- &

Tropical America (ACOBAT) due to be held in Panama later this

month. ACOBAT Pad its beginnings in St.Lucia in May 1970 when

a group of banana researchers met to share knowledge and experien

It is expected that more than 200 delegates will attend the Panama

meeting. ,

U -/



Week Ending .12.5.79

During the week ending May 5th, four cruise liners called at Grenada.

They were

Ma.: 2nd "Carla C" 805 Passengers

"Sun Princess"

3rd "Britanis"

4th "Sagafjord"

Total :-

There were also four calis during

May 9th "Carla C"

"Sun Princess"

10th "Ivan Franco"

llth "Britanis"

Total :-

697 do

980 do

484 do

2966 Passengers

the week ending May 12th :-

790 Passengers

617 do

510 .do

964 do

2881 Passengers

iste ghes
12Wh"tNy 1979


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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E913NZTZT_HBJA19 INGEST_TIME 2011-06-09T01:29:54Z PACKAGE AA00000053_00201