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~- -

Vo___e Number 6
For The Week Ending March 10th 1979
7th Year of Publication -- 204th Issue


A series of searches at. homes of New Jewel'Movement (NJM) members
was mounted by the Police about 2.OOpm today (10th).

When NBWSLETTER checked between 2.15pm and 2.30pa, there were
squads of plain-clothes policemen at the homes of Mr Maurice
Bishop, Leader of the Opposition, Mr Bernard Coard, Member of.
Parliament for the town of St.George, Mr Unison Whit4 an, Member
for St.Georges North.-ast and Senator Kendrick Radix. '

There were police squads also at the homes of two other
prominent NJM members. These are Mr Hudson Austin and
Mr Vincent Noel, President of the Bank & General Workers Union,
Vice-President of the Commercial & Industrial 9'Wozk~ Union and
Vice-President of the Grenada Trades Union Council.

When the Police arrived at Mr Coard's home, the family was out and
the house closed. As this report is being written, nobody has,
as yet, returned and a police guard is at the house.

Mr and Mrs Whiteman were -'1o out when the police arrived but the
house was open and occupied. However, the police did not enter
as an employee of Mr Whiteman told them they could not come in in
the absence of the residents. A guard hb.a boon posted here
1'] (continued).

Produced & Printed. by AUstesx & Cyptb4 'agher.
P 0 Box 65, St.GeorQes, Grenada, W tindies

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 10.3.79 Page 2

Mr Bishop was not at home when the police arrived but Mrs Bishop

was. The police searched that home and the home of Mr Bishop's
mother, Mrs Alimenta Bishop, which is next-door. Mrs Maurice
Bishop told NEWSLETTER after the searches that the police took

:nothing away.
Fidel Castro
During the search of the Bishop homes,.another NJM member, Mr Lium

!James, arrived and his person and car were searched. He was

!detained and taken away after, it is reported, an autobiography

of Fidel Castro was found in his car.

Mr Austin was at home when the police.Arrived and was present
while the search was conducted. A source close to th'6 family

told NEWSLETTER that nothing was taken away by the police except

tan NJM manifesto.

Mr Vincent Noel.was at home when the police arrived and, after his

home hd. been *We bhed, he was ,arrested and taken away to the
central Police Station. Mrs Noel told NEWSLETTER' that the police

took nothing away after the search. She said also that she was

told by the police that Mr Noel would be charged with smuggling

arms into Grenada.

s this report is being written, i't is reliably reported that no

Charges have been laid against either Mr Noel or Mr James'. It
ts understood that they are being held under the regulation which.

allowss the police to detain a person for 48 hours without laying


Every effort to contact Messrs Bishop, Whiteman, Coard, Radix and

pustin has failed. Mr Austin left his home shortly after the

search was completed and the others have not returned home.

Inquiries made of the families of these men have not resulted in

any information being obtained.
(486 words)


group of leading businessmen and agriculturists have agreed to
nvernment's proposal that they should be the first Directors of

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending, ,.79 Pa. .3

!an "indigenous" bank. ,. ,

The nature of the bank and the method of its funding has not been

disclosed, but it is likely that the. bank, ill offer .full commercial

services, and be located on Halifc Sreet, St .Georges, in premises

now being. compulsarily, acquired .by Government.

According to a notice in the Govefnment Gazette 6of ebruary 16t', :a
lot of land "containing 2,600 square feet by estimation, and

believed to be under the control of the Beneficiarieg of the late

PG Hosten", i.S to be acquired "to provide office space for

Government and for housing a Financial Institution.'"

The Directors of the bank will be 'Mr 'Fred Toppini; 'aadging 'Difealor

of Jonas Browne & Hubbard Ltd, Mr Richard Menezes:e', anaglng Direct

of Geo F Huggins & Co Ltd, Mr Angus Minors', Direttor T Eryden &
Minors Ltd, Mr L A Purcell, agriculturist and owner/mamager of the

firm of L A Purcell, Syrian-born businessman, Mr Moses Nahous and

Sir William Branch, agriculturist. -

Messrs Menezes andr'Minors have banking experience and Mr Toppin,

before joining the firm he now manages, was a senior member of a

firm of auditors. NEWSLETTER is-advised that the !irectors'of
the bank will hold their posts in their own right.,and not:by virtue'

of the position they hold Ah- theit onm'firms.' ". .: 1;
. Speculation. ,*
There is considerable speculation as to the method by which this

bank will be financed, and it is reported that an initial sum of

EC$10'million will be required. 'It is reportedalao:that *r'

consideration is being given to acquiring this sum fk'On the- eservl

of the producer cooperatives which are nbw controlled-by Governuent

These are the Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association (GCNA), the

Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA) and the Grenada Banana Cdcperativk

Society (GBCS);' i '

The financial position of GBCS is not known but, at the end of its

trading year at 30th June 1978, GCNA had EC$7.5 million on fixed

deposit with three foreign banks operating in Grenada. GCA's
accounts for the Cocoa Year ending 30th September have not yet been

published but, at 30th September 1977, the Association had
(continued) '-, i, .

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Wedik 'Eding 10.'.79 Page 4-

EC$826,817 on fixed deposit and in savings accounts."

|At the present time, there is only one active local bank in'Grenada.
This is the Grenada Cooperative Bank which is a savings bank Only.

Full banking services are o4fered by four 'foreign' banks. These

are Barclays Bank Internatxodal', the R69al BSnk of Canada, The
iCanadiap Imperial Bank of Commerce and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

There is, theoretically, another local':bank. this is the
Grenada National Bank & Trust Company which was established by
Government and which opened its doors to the public 6n 11th
August 1969. That'bank, hoWever, has not attracted depositors
and, while it still has an office, it is by all appearances,
defunct. It is not known whether, with the opening of the new

bank, the National Bank & Trust Company will close.
(503 words)


A revision of the Voters List was commenced on Wednesday (7th), but
the way in which this operation is being conducted is causing concern

SIn an exclusive interview today,(9th) with Mr -Maurice Bishop, Leader

of the Opposition and Joint Coordinating Secretary of theNew Jewel
Movement (NJM), NEWSLETTER was told that NJM feels it is highly

irregular that the first public notice of this revision was given
on the afternoon of the day the revision began.

"What Mr Albert Abrahamn the Supervisor of Elections, is conducting",

Mr Bishop said, "is not a revision of the List at all. ."It can be

More properly described as:a fraud, a farce and a fake."

The Leader of the Opposition said the announcement over. Radio
SGrenada of the revision had been "stuck in the middle of .a music

programme" on Wednesday (7th) afternoon. His Party had tried
immediately to get in touch with Mr Abraham, Mr Bishop said, but

the Supervisor had not been located until the following morning.

According to the NJM leader, Mr Abraham's attitude then was such
that it was clear "he did not want to have a revision at all but

oly wished to have the appearance of a revision."
l/ nn@4>4tt.A l\ **

THE GRENADI NEWSLETTER Week Efding 10.3.79 ...Pgi

Mr Bishop saidahis larty had'adde a survey yesterday (8th) and today
(9th) of the Electotial Revision OffiCes and had found that.; thedi ,

vast majority of them have been locked tight when the'agents are

supposed to be in there taking names." He said also that

yesterday (8th) the second day of-'the revision, when his Party

visited "the few Revision Offices that were!open", it was discovered

that, until then, tobddy had yet been registered.

"The reality of the situation is that, after three days of an alleged

revision", Mr Bishop said, "even as Members of Parliament we are

unable to get any Registration Forms, our agents cant get Forms and,

worse still, the people of this country cant go in to be registered

because most of the Revision offices have been closed."

Mr Bishop said a protest was made to Mr Abraham today (9th) and the

Supervisor had charged NJM with 'talking hot air'. "I think this

amply illustrates the way i, Which. e sees the rights of the people

of Grenada to vote in fair and..-ree elections", the NJM leader said.

NE'SLETTER personally checked the St.Georges Town Revision office

yesterday (8th) and found it closed. A further check disclosed

that Mr Roy Rathan, the person in charge of that office, was'at the

Queens Park playing fields assisting as. an official at a sports

meeting. .

Following the interview with Mr Bishop, NEWSLETTER contacted

Mr Abraham and asked for his comments on the fact of Mr Rathan's

absence from the Revision office in the light of Mr Bishop's

complaints. Mr Abraham said nobody had to be "stuck down" and,

while Mr Rathan is in charge of the office, he had an assistant to '

take over if he was away... .. '

Newsletter pointed out that Mr Rathan's assistant had not been present

and, in fact, the office was found to be closed when the checks were

made. Mr Abraham said the key of the office had been lost but the.
., 1,. i L r '
place is open now.

Asked about the NJM charge that they could not get Registration Forms,

the Supervisor said the law does not provide for thbae Forms to be

given to agents. "In the past", he said, "we have let the agents

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 10.3.79 PaRe 6

have Registration Forms as a service, but I have been pushed so hard
iby the New:Jewel Movement that I have decided that every voter must

now come and get his form.hitself,"
(606 words)


If the trend in the Cocoa Industry continues, the 1978/79 Cocoa

Year should be an excellent one for Grenada compared with recent

years. Figures for the first half of the Year, October 1978

to February 1979, are attractive and the Year should bring total

revenue of some EC$14 million.

Figures for the 1977/78 Cpcoa Year are not yet available but,

compared with the 1975/76 and 1976/77 Years, the first half of

I Cocoa Sales

Gross:Sales (BC$)
Year Ending Total lbs Totals 1976.& 1977 Average Price
30th Sept Sold Projected 1978/179 Per lb (EC$)

1976 5,858,000 8,480,453 1.4477
1977 4,673,678- 8,837,940 1.8829

4 Year.:
1978/1979 1,454,000 7,185,441 x 2
= 14,370,882 4.9418

the current Year indicates that gross earnings are up by some

70%. At the same time, projecting the figures for 12 months,

the total weight of cocoa sold this year should be, on average,

over 50% less than the weights sold in the 1975/76 and 1976/77

Cocoa Years.

This improvement in the Industry was anticipated by the Chairman

of the Cocoa Association, Sir William Branch. In a Report for

the Year ending 30th September 1977, published in August 1978,

Sir William noted that there was a serious shortage in the cocoa

crop caused mainly by drought, by an acute outbreak of "Witches

Broom" disease and by a high incidence of Thrips and Beetles.

"Despite all this", Sir William said, "I am pleased to report that

ar surplus payment for this year (1978) will not be less than
IEC 50 per pound as compared with ECj 25 paid last year and the
previous year." (continued)

THE GRENAD; NEWSLETTER Week Ending 10.3.79 P'ge 7

Since 1975, the Cocoa Industry has faced Ediffcu-Ies "aiSTo"-
to disease, considerable loss was sustained when, on July 6th 1976,

the East Caribbean dollars was "pegged" to the United States dollar.

Shortly after, the Pound Sterling fell heavily as against the US

dollar and, as most of the crop was sold on sterling markets at

fixed contract prices, losses resulted..
Cocoa Exports .
By Country i There have been
October 1978 February 1979
% of Total problems too in
Weight(lbs) Value(EC ) Value administration;-
Britain 615,800 3,232,622 44.99
Holland 570,600 2,6661, 49 37.11 the Cocoa Board.
West Germany 222,800 1,052,644 14.65 The Association'
Canada 44,800 233,44 3.25tors report
Auditors report
1,454,000 7,185,441 1i00000 t
that there was
an unaccounted shortage of EC$106,400 in connection with the Year

ended 30th'September 1977. Exporters hold stocks and make

shipments on behalf of the Association, and the Auditors reported

that this shortage occurred in the stocks oftwe exporters.

In his Report, Sir William said one of these exporters has paid for

his shortage While the other was to have a further check with the

Auditors. The final report on this matter has .not, yet been made.

The Auditors said also that they could not reconcile the balance of

the control account for the Fertilizer Scheme with the balances of
the accounts of the individual cocoa producers. The total of the
Cocoa Exports balances of the individual
October 1978 February 1979
producers was approximately

EC$173,233 less than the

. ". ;. total of' the Control Account
I,,T', .,.. ... ,. ,, '. / ,
Britain' ,i", As no physical check was

S' made of the lertilizer'stock

-Y : at either 30th Seitelbler
a,7 1 1976 or 30th September 1977,
?. .'~ _Hollan.dq .- the matter could not be

I t'.4 /,. resolved.

..:'. Reporting on this matter,
S .ir William s~iid, "This
difference has been subsequently investigated and it now appears

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 10o3.79 Page 8

that it was caused by fertilizer orders having heen issued and
recorded in total, but not recorded in tie individual growers

accounts, as the fertilizer has not been actually collected by

the grower."

Sir William said that a physical check of the fertilizer was made

at 30th September 1978 and the Auditors were present for that

stock taking.
(539 words)

For the second time in three months, there has been an increase in

the price of fuel. The last increase took place on December 8th

last, and the present increase came intoeffect on March 1st.

Gasolene has risen by ECC 13 to 0C$2.97 per imperial gallon, kerosene

by BCO 24 to BC$2.78 per imperial gallon, and cooking gas has gone.up

by EC$2.00 to BC$57.12 per 100 Ib cylinder. The price of diesel

oil has not been increased, it remains at BC$2.71 per imperial gallon.

The price of diesel oil is not Government .controlled but. those of

gasolene, kerosene and cooking gas are. NEWSLETTER is advised

that the present increases resulted from an advance in the landed

costs of the fuels, which advance was occasioned by the crisis in

(136 words)


Senator Kendrick Radix was denied entry into Antigua when he arrived

at that island on the evening of March 5th. The. enator, who is

a barrister,.had flown to Antigua at the request of the Caribbean
Human Rights & Legal Aid Company (CHRLAC) to defend Mt Tim Hector

and other teachers in a case brought against them by the Antigua

Government. Senator Radix was, however, put on a plane and flown

out of Antigua on the morning of the 6th.

In an exclusive interview with the Senator on Wednesday (7th) he told

NEWSLETTER that, in Antigua, he had spent a very uncomfortable night

at the Central Police Station. 1 : "I was kept behind a desk on a chair
S' (continued)

THB GR1NADA NBWSLBTER Woek Bndirng 10.3.79 Page 9

for the entire night and hot ever given any, reason for my detentin*',

he said.

Senator Radix, who is a prominent member of the New Jewel Movement, '.
said that, at one time during the night, a sympathetic police officer

had allowed him to lie on a'bed'in the station, but this had'not
lasted for long. He' said senior police officerhad come in and
had started to question him and, when he asked for the officer's

identification, he had been "hustled" out of the bed and back to the

chair behind the desk.

"I am amazed", Senator Radix said, "that the Antigua Government could
hand out such disrespectful treatment to a Senator in the Grenada
Parliament, and a barrister who had come to the island to appear for
a person charged before the Courts."

Senator Radix said protests will be lodged with the Antigua

Government by CHRLAC and NJM.
(266 words)


The Tourist Industry continues to be a big money earner for Grenada.

The record peak of 1972 has not yet been achieved, but figures
SCruise Liner Visitors
released by the Grenada 1976- 1978
reee 000 ----------------
Tourist Board disclose 19.6 1_74,--- -. ---

that the industry earned --'4L

some EC$40 million last

year. 13 --..

The oil crisis of 1973 and 1
civil unrest in the island 10
late in 1973 and early :
1974 caused a severe slump 7

in tourism. S.iace then

however, annual figures ..
have shown a steady 3 0 .
increase. Stay-over 2
visitors, the main source i 1
o l- S- -r- 9 1o 0 12
of revenue, have increased 1 -2 = JaPery to December

THE GRSIAbA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 10,3.79 i.: Paqo 10

by weal over 100% between 1974 abd 1978, while cruise liner.,visitors
have doubled over the same period.

During last year, the United States of America regained its position

as the country from which most stay-over visitors come. Prior to

1974, approximately 35% of the islart 's visitor beds were filled
SStay-Over Visitors by US citizens but, after the 1974
1978 %
U.S.A 9,191 28.42 crisiss', the lead was taken
SWestindies 8,773 27.13
Britain 3,949 12.21 by Westindian visitors. This
Canada 2,977 9.21
Venezuela 498 1.54 position was maintained until 1977
All Other 6,948 21.49 I
32,336 100.00 when Westindians had a mere 1% lead
over US citizens, and, in 1978, while only 1% separated them still,

the United States took over the lead with 28.42% to Westindians

27.13% .

An interesting feature of the tourist industry is the growing peak

in the off-season section of the graph showing both stay-over

visitors and cruise liner visitors. In Stay-Over Visitors
1978, By Month
both these categories, there is 4 heavy January 3,482
January 3,482
fall off in April after the close of the February 3,242
March 4,064
"Winter" Season. Normally, the figures April 2,426
May 2,115
June 1,596
db not begin to climb again until about July 2,479

October when the next "Winter" Season Austber ,87
October 2,070
begins, but, in recent years, there has November 2,527
November 2,527
been a marked rise in the graph during the December 3,118
July-August period. -

A Visitor Expenditure Motivational Survey was launched in Grenada

last October in conjunction with the Organisation of American

States and the Tourism Research Centre. This Survey is due

to be Concluded this month and it is expected that analysis of

the results will lead to improvements in the industry.
(317 words)


A Grenadian will be one of a group of Westindians from the Eastern

Caribbean who will be awarded scholarships by the Federal Republic

of Germany to persue studies at the University of the West Indies
(TJWI) leading to a Diplome or Masters Degree in diplomacy.. continued )

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 10.3.79.. Pe 11

SThis was announced the Embassy of the Federal Republic of
Germany in Trinidad. Eleven students are to take part in this

programme and they will attend the Institute of International

Relations at the UWI campus at St.Agustine, Trinidad, where they will

study economic relations and,structures as well as international law

and economics.

In addition to Grenada, participants will be drawn from St.Kitts,

St.Vincent, St.Lucia, Guyana, Barbados, Dominica and Trinidad &

Tobago. All will be members of staff of Ministries involved in

international relations.

The Acting Director of the Institute, Dr Basil Ince, visited Germany

last year to finalise arrangements and take part in coordinating the

(162 words)


I The Tribunal appointed to arbitrate the industrial dispute existing

between the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU) and the Central

Water Commission (CWC) completed its hearings on Monday (5th).

An informed source said the Tribunal began private sittings on

SWednesday (7th) to assess evidence given by five TAWU witnesses and

the solitary CWC witness, the Commission's Secretary/Manager,
Mr Martin Pierre.

The terms of reference of the Tribunal are to make awards on

proposals made by TAWU for a new industrial agreement. The case

for TAWU was put by Mr Curtis Stewart, President of the Union and

Mr Pierre put the case for CWC.

Members of the Tribunal are Mr Herbert Squires, Chairman, Mr Daniel

Williams nominated by TAWU, and Mr Adrian Date nominated by CWC.
(129 words)


Governor General, Mr Paul Scoon, has Peen made a Knight Grand Cross

of the Most Distinguished Order of St.Michpel and St George (GCMG).

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Endihg 10.3.79 V.Pge 12

Sir Paul, 43, who became Governor General; of Grenada with effect

from 30th September 1978, was a member of the Grenada Civil Service

and became Cabinet Secretary to Mr Gairy's Government in July 1969.

Seconded, in January 1973, to the post of Deputy Director of the

Commonwealth Foundation in London, Sir Paul returned to Grenada on

SOctober 3rd last year and was sworn in as Governor General on the -

next day.

The announcement of the honour conferred on Sir Paul was made in an

Extraordinary Government Gazette on March 8th.
(117 words) r


The East Caribbean Currency Authority has now published statements

for November and December 1978, and these show a marked upward

trend in the amount of money in circulation towards the end of last


The ECCA statement for September 1978 showed BC$73.9 million in

circulation, the lowest figure in six months, but October showed

an increase of EC$2.7 million to BC$76.6 million.

published show there was a further increase in November to EC$80.5

million and, in December, money in circulation increased by over

17% to EC$94.3 million.

Details of the November and December 1978 statements are as



Demand Liabilities

Notes in CirculationBC$ 73,539,497
Coin in Circulation 7,562,529
Bankers Balances 44,498,217
Unpresented cheques 840,460
Organizations 440,058

Bankers Deposits 65,826,761
General Reserve 8,902,435
Special Reserve 1,546,560
Other Liabilities 7,427,702

External Assets

Fixed Deposits
& Money -at
call EC$116,586,737
Securities 52,318,153
Regional Currencies 6,512,831

Bankers Balances 2,783.078

Internal Assets
Participating Govts
Securities including
Treasury Bills 26,714,151
Other Assets 5,169.269
S 210,084,219

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 10.3.79 Page 13

Demand Liabilities External Assets
Notes in Circulation EC$87,259,576 Fixed Deposits &
Coin in Circulation 7,135,951 Money at call EC$117,581,968
Bankers Balances 43,702,309 Securities 56,861,020
Unpresented Cheques 401,702 Regional Currencies 1,710,794
International Organisations 431,591 Bankdrs Balances 786,191

138,931,129 176,939,973
Bankers deposits 53,668,461 Internal Assets
General Reserve 8,902,435 Participating Govt
Special Reserve 1,546,560 Securitie including8,682151
Treasury Bills 28,682,151
Other Liabilities 7,244,978 Other Assets 4.671,439

210,293,563 210,293,563


During the week ending March 3rd, eight cruise liners called at

Grenada. These were :-

February 25th "Stella Oceanis" 275 Passengers

"Stella Maris" 168 do

"Statendam" 791 do

27th "Dalmacija" 253 do

S"Angelina Lauro" 763 do

"Oceanic" 878 do

28th "Sunprincess" 687 do

"Carla C" 731 do



The last statistics given for banana shipments were in NEWSLETTER

for the week ending February 24th. These st-tistics covered

shipments up to February 22nd. NEWSLETTER regrets that no

further figures are yet available.

s Hughes
l March 1979

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