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Volume 7 Number 5
For The Week Ending Match 3rd 1979
7th Year of Publication -.- 203rd Issue


Provisional figure indicate that nutmeg production in the latter
half of 1978 slumped and, because there are insufficient stocks
on hand to meet demand, sales for that period are down by some
45%. The half-yearly Report of the Grenada Cooperative
Nutmeg Association---
has not yet been
has not yet been Green Nuts, Yield In
published, but the Year Ending Pry Nuts & Shelled Nuts
published, but the 30th June Grinders(lbs) (lbs)
earnings from July 1975 10,193,852 S,339,70O

1977 12,943,971 6,719,400
totaled only 1978 8,558,133 4,454,405
EC$4,706,818 as compared with EC$8,635,332 in the corresponding
months of 1977.

This production drop began late in 1977 and followed a dramatic
increase referred to in its Repprt for the Nutmeg Year ended
30th-June 1977. The Board baid at that time that the increase
MACE P=U16ikKN had resulted in the
Nos 1 & 2 Yield In heaviest annual
ear Ending Qualities Cured
30th June & Pickings(lbs) Mace(lbs) production .in the
1975 818,269 369.979 history of the
1976 568,787 234,513
1977 982,444 388,837 Association.Growers
1978 604,404 355',358 delivered 12.9
(conversion to Shelled Nuts and to Cured million pounds of
Mace is based on established conversion
.rates) nutmegs to the

SProduced & Printed by Aliste & CynthLa Wagh s
PO Box 65, St.Georges, Grenada, estidi.t
9 _n

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 3.3.79 Page 2

Association and this produced an estimated yield (by established

conversion rates) of 6.72 million pounds of shelled nuts. Prior

to this, the highest production was in the 1951 to 1955 period

when the annual average was 5 million pounds'.

By December 1977, however, concern was

fall in production. The Board said

expected "in keeping with

the annual cyclical pattern

of recent years", the

recorded production drop in July

the latter six months of August
1977 was "somewhat October

alarming". Poor yields November
continued during the first December

half of 1978 and, at the
1977 Sal
end of the Nutmeg Year on July tc
30th June, production was
found to be down by 34%

from the previous year.

being expressed over the

then that, while a drop was

July to December 1978
Nutmegs Mace Total








104,484 733,663
129,165 634,578
44,086 1,392,073
105,922 682,631
17,396 50,146
246.448 1.213,727

647,501 4,706,818

655,191 8,635,332

7,690 3,928,514
1.17% 45.48%

In its 1978 Report, the Board estimated that production in th# 1978/

1979 Nutmeg Year would be on the same level as that of the 1977/1978

S Ata 1 year. However, it warned that,

July to December
July 260,640
August 212,080
September 449,880
October 228,060
November 12,900
December 386,693

1977 Sales
July to
December 3,386,182

Down t,835,929

The picture with mace is much brighter. In its Report last year,

the Board said sales of this item had fallen off and the Association

while there were heavy stocks on

hand in the 1977/1978 year:to-meet,

the shortfall i3. production, stocks

in the current year are low.

It appears now that the situation

may be worse than anticipated.

Sources close to the Nutmeg

Industry say indications are that

the current crop may fall below

the 1977/1978 figure of 4,454,405

pounds of shelled nuts.


86 760


214 390

Up 14,410

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 3.3.79 Paga3..

held "fairly heavy stocks". While production has followed the

same pattern as nutmegs, the stocks of mace are now available to meet

demand, and sales in th July to December period of last year were up

by nearly 7% over the corresponding period in the year before,

The biggest buyer of nutmegs during the latter six months of 1978 was

West Germany with indents for nearly a quarter of the .total exports
during that period. Poland was NUTMEG EXPORTS
July to December
next, followed by the United 1978

States, Spain and Britain.

Holland, which took one third of 1lnd

the 1977/1978 nutmeg exports and

was the biggest buyer in that USA

Nutmeg Year, took only 2% of the

exports in the first half of the O other

1978/1979 Nutmeg Year and was

the 12th biggest buyer. The S

only Caribbean Community country

purchasing nutmegs during this period was Jamaica. That country

bought 6,400 Ibs which represents .40% of total exports.
JOlY to December
1978 Britain was the biggest buyer of
mace, taking just under 40% of

Total exports.
/ ~ ~ West Germany showed little

' difference in weight from those

SGermn to Britain, and Holland and Canada
. trailed far behind with 9.7% and

/ 7.3% of the exports respectively.
Norway and Belgium were the only

two other countries buyiqngace
during this period, and they each took under 2% of the exports.

(580 words)

See Page 4 For Table Of Exports By Country


West Germany

Shipments by Country
July to December 1978
Nutmegs tibs3) 0Mace (ibs)0 9
376,000 23.51 90,560 39.58

291,2ib 18.21 -
200 000 12.51 -

123,200 7.71
11'7480' 7.35 91,200 39.86
"112,000 7.00
:b00,800r 6.30 3,360 1.47
74,600 4.66 16,920 7.39
40,400: 2.52 -
394573 2.40 -
,35:840 2.25 -
.85,840. 2.25
,349600'. 2.16 22,280 9.74
6,400 .40 -
5,640 .35 -
4,486 .28 4,480 1.96
1,200 .17 -

1,599,253 100.00 228,800 100.00

'9 ..w ,


The impact of "Project Industrialisation & Operation Bootstring" on

Grenada's economy will be felt by the middle of next year. This

Opinion was expressed today(2nd) in an exclusive interview with

NEWSLETTER by Dr Devere Pitt, Chairman of the Committee appointed to

implement the project.

"We have bits and pieces put together already", Dr Pitt said, "and we

are already looking at several industries, but this is a long term

business and I do not think we will see any impact on the island's

economy before mid-1980."

"Project Industrialisation & Employment Bootstring" was proposed

by Prime Minister Gairy last August when he put the project before

the business community and got its support. The Project,

according to the Prime Minister, is designed to lift Grenada's

economy and provide employment for thousands of young people.

The Project is divided into four "priorities", the first covering

basic and non-basic food items based on the island's agricultural




THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week ending 3.3.79 Page

produce. The second plans to exploit the Tourist Industry with
development of such items as handicraft, ceramics, cut flowers and

production of fragrances, while the third includes bag making from
banana straw, curing of lumber, fibreglass products and detergents.

IThe last priority covers paper products, engraving & printing,

manufacture of containers and leather tanning.

Dr Pitt, who is an economist, heads a six-man Project Committee.

With him are Mr George Brizan, also an economist, and Mr Neville Nedd

an officer of the Ministry of Agriculture. These three members of

the Committee are Government appointed and the other three,

representing the business community, are Messrs Fred Toppin, Bill
Renwick and Coswin Courtney.

Dr Pitt told NEWSLETTER that the first task of his Committee is to"

prepart feasibility studies of projects in the first priority,

following which, the Committee will have to interest investors in

those projects.

"We have inquiries from people, both local and foreign, who want to

set up industries", Dr Pitt said, "but those inquiries are not

related to projects in the first priority. When we have completed

our studies on projects in the first priority, a brochure of these

studies will be published and the Committee will then have to promote

interest in them"
Dr Pitt said these studies should be ready by May and he thought that

at that point, several options would be open. "The possibilities

are severalfold", he said. "The first is to give it a hard sell and

hope that entrepreneurs will take it up. Alternatively, Government

could provide the imputs and technology and seek to attract

managerial sills on a share basis or through a public corporation."

The Project Committee Chairman said these possibilities would be open

to both Grenadians and foreigners and would cover both cottage type

industries and those requiring plant and equipment. In the case

of cottage industries, what was envisaged was that Government would

provide the technology and that such operations as grading, packaging1

and marketing would be done through a cooperative.


THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 3.3.79 Page 6

Sources close to the Project Committee advise that it is unlikely

that the feasibility studies on items in the first priority will

be ready by May. In an interview with Dr Pitt last October,

he said these studies would be ready "early in 1979", but those

sources express the opinion that the studies will be delayed

considerably. "There have been no meetings of the Committee

for some time", the sources said, "and there are no known plans

now being worked on."
(573 words)


The Grenada Chamber of Commerce is to draw up suggestions for energy

saving. This move arises from a meeting of the Chamber held on

Wednesday (28th) when information was given that, over the course of

this year, prices of all fuels are likely to increase by 40% on


The Chamber heard that, as a result of a world shortage created by

the crisis in Iran, shipments of all fuels are likely to be restricted

to the 1978 level. This does not take into account the growth

factor of the community and, as a result, there are likely to be

shortages of gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and cooking gas.

SAgainst this background, the Chamber's Council of Management meets

Next week to draw up proposals for energy saving. A source close

Sto the Chamber said these proposals are likely to include suggestions

Covering electricity waste, car pools and a transit system for

St.Georges. Discussions are to be held with Government and the

Chamber will use the media to create public awareness of the

(171 words)


With the establishment of diplomatic relations between Grenada and

the Vatican, efforts may be made to have five Dominican priests

removed from the island.

This is disclosed by the Government owned "West Indian" newspaper

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 3.3.79 Page 7

Sin its issue of February 28th "Prime Minister Gairy and his

Government are disturbed over the revolutionary intervention of at

least five Dominican priests in national and Governmental affairs",

the paper said, "and it is almost certain that the matter will be

taken up with, and their removal sought, when the Papal Nuncio

finally assumes office."

There are now six Dominican priests stationed in Grenada. They

are Fathers Gilbert Coxhead, Dennis Fitzgerald, Peter Clarke, Martin

Simmons, Bernard Kadlec and Francis Coor, and, last December, it was

reported that Prime Minister Gairy had requested the Vatican to

transfer Fathers Coxhead, Bernard and Coor from the island.

Sources close to Government advise that Mr Gairy feels that these

three priests have "interfered in politics". All three have the

reputation of being outspoken and, when Monsignor Paul Tabet, the

Charge d'Affaires of the Roman.Catholic Arch-Diocese of Trinidad &

Tobago arrived in Grenada on January 9th for a three day visit, it

was believed that he had come to the island in connection with the

Prime Minister's request to the Vatican.

NEWSLETTER is reliably informed that, on January 10th, Monsignor

Tabet held discussions with Father Coxhead, the Senior Dominican

priest, but it is not known what these discussions covered.

In its report, the "West Indian" did not disclose which five of the

six Dominicans have fallen under Government's displeasure, but the

paper said that, at a meeting of Farm Supervisors on February 21st,

the Prime Minister had "personally named the five priests who are

known to be actively associated with Communist Opposition groups in

to-date futile but nonetheless violent efforts to overthrow the


"There are priests who are communists ... they want to get me out",|

the 'West Indian' reports Mr Gairy as saying, "but we will see who

goes; whether I go or they go."
(339 words)




The Grenada Conference of Churches (GCC) has protested to Acting

Commissioner of Police Osbert James about "an indiscriminate search

on one of the Clergy by the Police'!

In a letter dated February 21st to the Acting Commissioner, GCC sai(

this was a "shocking display of indiscretion" and said it would be

reassuring to know "that remedial action consistent with the gravit:

of the incident is taken at the earliest possible date."

The search incident referred to involved Vincentian-born Anglican

priest, Reverend Leopold Baynes. On his way home from a church

service on Sunday 27th January, Reverend Baynes was stopped and his

car searched by the Police.


The Chairman of GCC, Anglican Archdeacon Hoskin Huggins, told NEWSLETTER

today (1st) that, to date, the Commissioner of Police had not

acknowledged receipt of GCC's letter. However, in a newsstory in its

issue of 28th February, the Government owned newspaper, the "West

Indian", said the Acting Commissioner "is studying.the validity of

the complaint."
(161 words)


A Writ of Execution was issued and a baliff of the High Court entered

the premises of the Grenada "Torchlight" newspaper on February 22nd

and distrained furniture and equipment.

This action was a sequel to a court, case in which damages were

awarded by the High Court against the "Torchlight" and in favour

of Prime Minister Gairy. Last December, Mr Justice Archibald

Nedd found that the newspaper had libeled Mr Gairy in an article

captioned "Plebs To The Premier" published in 1968. Mr Gairy

was awarded SC$20 thousand plus costs of EC$1,235.68.

Following the baliff's action, a stay of execution was applied for

on February 23rd. This Stay was.granted by Appeal Court Judge,

;Mr Justice Peterkin, on condition that EC$7,500 plus costs is

OJposited within 30 days, failing which, interest at 6% will be

Page 8

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 3.3.79 Pagel-9

payable on the award'.

Under the Newspaper Amendment Act (Number 9 of 1975), any newspapers

published in Grenada must deposit with the Accountant General "a sum

of twenty thousand dollars (BC) in cash to be drawn against in order

to satisfy any judgement in Grenada for libel .';.." The Amendment

provides that the Minister "on being satisfied with the sufficiency

of the security in the form of Govermnent Bonds or a policy of

insurance given by the Caribbean Publishers & Broadcasters

Association from any reputable. insurance Company acceptable to

Government, may, in his discretion, waive the requirements of the

said deposit."

Newspapers printed or published in Grenada must also pay an annual.

licence of EC$500 and must enter into A bond for EC$960.
(252 words)


The stalled sittings of the Tribunal appointed to arbitrate the

dispute between the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU) and the

Central Water Commission got under way again on Monday (26th)

This Tribunal was appointed last December and did not meet until

early in January. No hearings were conducted, however, because

TAWU objected to the fact that Mr T C Payne, a member of the

Commission's Board, was the Commission's appointee to the Tribunal.

This objection was transmitted to'the Minister of Labour by the

Chairman of the Tribunal, Mr Herbert Squires, and Mr Payne has now

been replaced by Mr Adrian Date, an ex Puisne Judge. TAWU's

nominee is Mr Daniel Williams, a barrister.

Whenthe Tribunal sat on Monday (26th), the Secretary/Manager or CWPC,

Mr Martin Pierre, asked for a further adjournment in order that he

might approach CWC for assistance in putting forward the Commission's

case. This was granted but, when the Tribunal sat again on

Tuesday (27th), Mr Pierre reported that he had not been given the

required help and he would have to conduct the case himself.

The terms of reference of the Tribunal are to inquire into, report on

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 3.3.79 Page 10

;and make awards on proposals put forward by TAWU for a new industrial

agreement. These proposals include wages, leave, allowances and
health and pension schemes.

The Tribunal sat on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this

week and will resume on Monday (5th)
(235 words)


The ground breaking ceremony for construction of a cement factory

in Grenada will take place about mid-1979 and the factory will be in

production some 14 months after that event.

This was disclosed to NEWSLETTER in an exclusive interview on Friday

(2nd) with Mr B N Davis, Managing Director of the Grenada Cement Co

Ltd. "I cant say the exact date on which we will begin

construction", Mr Davis said, "but the project is definitely on

Stream and we are just waiting now to finalise a few matters."

Mr Davis said the factory will be located on a three acre lot in the

!Grand Anse area near the entrance to and on the opposite side of the

Road from the True Blue Development. The factory will supply not

only Grenada's needs but an export programme is being arranged and

some 30 people will be employed. The Managing Director said he

expected that his product will cost less than imported cement,.

Grenada Cement Co Ltd was incorporated on September 15th 1978 with

an authorised capital of EC$20 million divided into 200,000 shares

of EC$100 each. According to documents filed at the Registry,

only two shares have been issued, one to Mr Davis and one to his
wife, Dr I M Trimmingham-Davis.

IThe Company's Articles of Association make Mr Davis Managing Director
["until he dies or resigns". He has power to appoint other

!Directors, but "all powers, authorities and discretion" vested in

those Directors are vested in him."
(248 words)

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 3.3.79. Page


Television programmes are now received in Grenada via satellite. A

receiving "dish" antenna located at Fort Frederick,720 feet above

sea level, receives the signals and, after several weeks of testing,

Grenada Television put on its first programme via satellite on

Thursday February 22nd.

Known as "Operation Look Up", these prdiramies Originate in the

United States of America and are sponsored by a group of 17 Christian

denominations. Charges to receiving' stations are nominal and the

Southern Baptists are responsible for arranging for Grenada to have

|this service.

A spokesman for Grenada.Television told NEWSLETTER that the

programmes originate in North Ca;plina and are beamed to a satellite

located 22,300 miles above the equator, due south of Hawaii at a

longtitude of approximately 155 degrees. The spokesman said the

programmes are rebroadcast by the satellite and arrive at Grenada

at an angle of between 2.02 and 2.03 above the horizon.

"This is a very small angle", the spokesman said, "but unless there

are severe storms in the path of the signal, we do not anticipate an

interference. We do have somd fading and distortion, however, an

this is caused by an error originating at the satellite and resulting

in a 'phase shift' in the signal."

Grenada Television receives Trinidad & Tobago Television and

rebroadcasts those programmes on channels 7 and 12 in the St.Georges

area. Through a relay at John Sandy, reception is made possible

on channel 9 on the island's east coast. Most of Grenada

Tevevision's service consists of these rebroadcasts from Trinidad,

but, from Thursday to Sunday, about three hours of local

programming is provided, including the programmes of "Operation Look

(216 words)


The closing date for receiving tenders for the supply of furniture

and equipment for the St.Georges Hospital extension has been
-------------------- -tnnn---------Lcmllnja

THE GRENAbA NEWSLETTER wrek ending 3.3.79 Page 12

During the week ending February 24th, four cruise liners called at

Grenada. These were:-

February 20th "Angelina Lauro" 765 Passengers
21st "Carla C" 746 do
"Sun Princess" 692 do
22nd "Britanis" 1044 do
3247 Passengers

SThis figure brings the total of cruise liner passengers arriving

during February, to date, to 11,353. Cruise liner calls associated

with these passengers totaled 19. /

Fr Hughes
:h 1979

Extended. According to notices appearing in the Government

iGazette of October 27th last, the closing date for tenders was

December 21st 1978, but the Gazette of February 9th extends this

date to March 2nd.

Tenders have been invited for the supply of five lots. These are

(1) Furniture and Sundry Hospital Supplies, (2) Ward Equipment,

(3) Surgical Instruments & Equipment, (4) Radiograph Equipment and

(5) Laboratory Equipment. Purchase of these supplies is being

financed by the European Development Fund.
(100 words)


For the second year in succession, there were no carnival celebrations

on the two days before Ash Wednesday which fell on February 28th this


In 1978, Carnival conflicted with Independence Day celebrations on

February 7th and Government first proposed that Carnival should be

celebrated on Easter Monday and Tuesday. The Churches objected

to this and the celebrations were transferred to May 29th and 30th.

Carnival this year will be celebrated on 28th and 29th May.
(80 words)


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