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Began in 1973.
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Volume 6 iak
For The week Ending Deo i 6th 978
6th bliatto.-a- .497a1h Lacge

producead Printed by Alister & CyStnih a Hughes
P -O. box.: 5, astagea e Aboeat.. We4tindeas

The Les Developed Countries: (1G ) o f,t Os~ ban Go mnnit
(CARICOR) expected to get benefit the industrtialliaton parosess

prheq oconrensace in Gfrenada on Ltho)

I dent think people took the tiee to lo l lo see what is neeeasary
tdkahieve industrialisation", Dr King said, "inauatriallaslon taka;
a .ery long time to. coue' about, and am view is that a lot More'dtta-
atruate .work has. to be done in order to promote the -
indua prodeas in te LDGa." .

Dr King *iwa in Grenada on'the first leg of a familiarisation tour of
S . r. :r 4w i
the Windward Islandi He arrived in the and on saturday (9th
and, in the course of hiavisit, held disou one with Prime Min iter
Gairy, Minister of Rinance George Hoaten, hae Permavent .Beaetarei.
in the ilinistries of Trade and. Health,, and with the OhbmbaWJ JW

Commerce. ... -

Talking to the Press on the subject of industrialization in tVe LOCs
Dr King said he did not want to make excuses about the slow
development of industriea in the smaller islands, but he pointed
that b co CARICOM and the Caribbean Investment Corporation (Gl
oame'to gxistenoe, the world economy has been working against-their

"Bo soon as CIC established", he said, "than the world economic *
crisis a8 It is unfair to blame CARICOM and CIC for th '
probt thinly would have had, even more it ely, if

THE GRHADA NLWSLzTTLH Week Ending 16.12.78

Dr King denied that this guarantee of markets to the LDCB iJ
'ar "old promise" which has not been kept. "Thls is not an

old promise", the Secrothky General said, "the CARICOM Treaty say

that, as soon as it is possible, these arrangements will be made.

ad not had these Institutiones.

Giving an example, Dr thing said that when CIC was established,
it was expected confidently that capital from the More Developed

Counties would have been combined with capital in CIC to

fitfnce establishment of industries in the LDC. "But", he

said, "once the world economic crisis started, the capital from

the private sector in the MDCs practically dried up. They

just could not afford to invest even in their awn countries,

ar less invest in expansion industries in the LDCs"
hc Secretary General felt, however, that the LDCO can play a
part in supplying the demand for goods within the region. He

knew there arc some areas in agrtalture in which MDCs are trying

o make themselves self-sufficient,' but he did not think that any

f the miOs had the objective of making itself self-sufficient

in terms of industry, and he believed the LDCs could supply some

of the regional demand for manufactured goods.

"If an LDC did not have CAtICOM", he said, "the most it could

expect would be its own local market or the market of the East
Caribbean Common Market (ECCM). What CARICOM is dQ4ng is
i arranging for the LDCs to have access to more than that, and

What should be asked is, to what extent are w able to provide

these additional markets for them ?"

)r King said the CARICIOM treaty provides for a regional-wide
Industrial programming scheme, but, though it is a target set

for the regional movement, this scheme has not yet come into

existence. "It is anticipated that, when this scheme comes

into effect", ho said, "certain LDC industrial goods will be

guaranteed markets in the IDCs. This has not happened yet,
ut the opportunities are certainly there for them to get into

these markets."

page 2

THE GR4ADA NEWSihTTER Week Ending 16012.78 .P-age

That is ndt'i promise but an undertaking that, as soon as you can
make arrangements for it to happen, yoUttll make it happen."
Dr King thought that was part of the problem tvth CARICGO. Just
because the people who framd the Treaty said this is pomet~ we

would like to do, this does not mean that, the next year or t a
after the Treaty is signed, it will happen. "As other integration
groupings have found", he said, "these things tdke an extremely long

time. The regional industrialisation programinng- scheme has no

time limit in terms of when it should be implemented, and none of the
CARICOM countries, has shown that it is particularly interested In

implementing the scheme at the present time."

Dr King, who celebrated his 45tt birthday in Grenada on December 10th
is Barbadian born and holds a doctorate in Managerial EconomI'cs from
Columbia University in New York. Prior to November 1st,'when he
took up the appointment of CARICOM Secretary General, he was, for
four years., Director of the Industry Division of the Caribbean

Development Bank. Before that, he was, for six years, Manager of
the Barbados Development Corporation.

Dr King, wo was accompanied by the Acting Chief of Information and
Public Relations, Mr Victor Hinkson, left Grenada on Tuesday (12th)
for St.Vincent. Following discussions with Premier Milton Cato,

Government officials and the Private Sector3 he will move on to
St.Lucia and Dominica, returning from that island to Guyana via
Barbados and Trinidad.
(824 words)


Barclays Bank employees struck on Friday (15th) and picketed the.
Bank's Head Office in St.Georges. Some two dozen people took part
in the strike and picketing which lasted the whole day until tle Bank.
closed to business.

This action'was in support of the workers' demand to have Barclays
recognize the Bank & General Workers Union (BGWU).as their bargaining

agent. On November 27th, the Labour Commissioner conducted a poll!

Sat Barlays. Head Office, which poll showed that oyer 78% (78.575j) of

! GRANAWDA NEWSLhTTR Week Ending 16.12.78 EMIa A

the employees belong to BGWU. On the next day, a similar
poll at the Grenville Branch disclosed that 1006 of those

employed there belonged to BGWU.

There is no Grenada law to force an employer to give recognition

when the Labour Commissioner's poll shows a majority of workers

belong to the union, and Barclays did not grant recognition after

the polls were concluded. In protest, the workers staged a

sick-out on December 6th but, even though considerable customer

congestion was caused, this did not move the Bank to grant

On Tuesday (12th), Mr Edwin Pollard, Barclays' Regional Staff

Manager, held discussions with Mr Vincent Noel, President of

BGWU. Following these discussions, Mr Pollard was. not

available for comment, but Mr Nqel described the meeting as
"unsatisfactory". The BGWU President said Mr Pollard had

told him he was not satisfied that the Union represented a

majority of the workers, and he asked to see a list of names

of Barclays' employees who are BGWU members.

"The Labour Commissioner's poll should be enough proof for

Barclays that we represent a majority of the workers", Mr Noel

said, "and'I refused to submit such a list. Besides, we

already have evidence of victimization of workers since we began

our demands for recognition. Putting a list of Union members

in the Bank's hands is just giving them further opportunity to


There are two different versions of the circumstances behind the

strike and picketing on the 15th. According to Mr Noel,

when the discussions with Mr Pollard were concluded, he was told

there is nothing further to discuss and that the situation remained

unchanged. Mr Noel said that, what he called "thia attitude of

the Bank", convinced the workers that further action was necessary

and this is why they stayed away from work and picketed the Aank'a
Head Office.

'On the other hand, Mr P R DaviearEvans, Barclays' Grenada Kanager,.

MTh NhEADB NEWSL&TThER week Ending 16.*12.78 page 5 i

told NEW8LTTT 2jEyeterday (15th),he was surprised at the action his
employees had taken. "Negotiations are still going on with the
Union on the matter of recognition", he aaid. Mr Daviea-Evana
said he hoped to be able to make a statement next week.


In a release issued today (16th), iMr Herbert Blaize, Political Leader
of the Grenada National Party (GNP), expressed concern over "the
apparent breakdown of the machinery which has been established to
settle industrial disputes in the country."

"Whenever the interests of the public and those of any particular
management and of their employees are in severe conflict", Mr Blaize
said, "it must be the duty of the Ministry of Labour to bring the
parties together for an equitable solution."

The GNP Political Leader said the long drawn out impasse between
Barclays and BGWU represents an "obviously unhappy and potentially
explosive situation" which needs to be brought to an early conclusion
Mr Blaize called, on the Minister of Labour to cause immediate steps
to be taken for settlement of this outstanding issue.
S(586 words)

The Grenada Sugar Factory Ltd has agreed to make an ex gratia
payment of EOC62,509.00 to cane farmers on the recommendation of the
Company's auditors and in order to avoid "political repercussions".

This information was NEWSLATTER today (16th) by Mr D M B
Cromwell, Managing Director of the Company. Mr Cromwell said
cane farmers will now get a "bonus" of EC$9.31 per ton of cane
delivered to the Pactory, instead of EC$3.77 per ton originally

According to an agreement between the Grenada Sugar Factory Ltd and
the Cane Farmera Association, the Company buys canes from the
farmers at ECG40 per ton and the profits of the Company are divided
in such a way as to give a "bonus" to the cane farmer.

That division is that shareholders of the Company get 10% of the

overhead Expenditure

Income Tax.@ 50%
Shareholders 10%
Cane Farmers (60% of
Company retains

78,768 Net Profit EC$78,769



With 11,283 tons of cane delivered by cane farmers to the
Factory, the "bonus" payable was EC03.77 per ton, but this proved
to be totally unacceptable to the cane farmers. For the

1.976/77 crop, they had received 0EC8.63 per ton and, at a meeting
with Prime Minister Geiry on November 20th, they voiced their

dissatisfaction .through the Cane Farmers Association.
Shabbily Treated
At that meeting, according to a report in the Government owned
"West Indian" newspaper, Mr Gairy "lamented the fact. that they
(the Cane farmers) had been so shabbily treated by the management
iof the Grenada Sugar Factory", and he said Government would do

all in its power to ensure that the cane farmers "participate
fully in the management and operations of the factory."

In an interview with NEWSLhTThR on November 21st, Mr Cromwell
said that, with reference to the cane farmers complaints, it had

to be understood that the circumstances in which the "bonus" is

paid this year are different from the circumstances last year.
He said the profit sharing agreement came into operation the day

before the crop started in 1977 and profits were affected by only
four months of overhead expenses. The profits in 1978 cqpried
twelve months of overhead expenses.

On November 25th, a representative of the Company's auditors,
Bessrs Peat, Marwick, mitchell & Co, came to Grenada and held
Discussions with the Permanent secretary in the Ministry of


Th GRINTADA NENSLhTTER Week Ending 16412.78 ge.6.

net profits after tax. The cane farmers then get 60% of the
remainder and the Company retains the balance. On the basis

of the 1977/78 crop, the division worked out as follows

Trading Income
Distillery EC$152,736
Factory 184,700

THE GQRNADA NEWSLLTTiR Wek adding 166.12.79 gge 7

Finance, Mr LaeB ato.aW4Bson Jr. Mr CromwelL said that, after
these discussions, the auditors had recommended to the Company's

Directors that an ex gratis payment of EC$62,509.00 be paid to the

cane farmers in addition to the EC$42,525 due them under, the profit

sharing agreement.

"We had to accept that there must have been justification for this

recommendation", Mr Cromwell told NEWILTTE~IR, "and, in order to avoid

political repercussions, we have agreed. This now makes the

amount payable to cane farmers EC$9.35 per ton, and we started

payment on December 7th".

From November 21st, the"day after the Prime Minister's meeting with

the cane-farmers, police have been'stationed in the yard of the

Grenada Sugar Factory Ltd. Mr Gronwell told NEWSLeTTiR todayy

(16th) that they have been there every day until today,; "I have
no idea why they have been stationed there", he said, "and they do

absolutely nothing. Out of pity for their boredom, I am thinking

of getting them a draught-board for Christmas."
S(622 words)

List (1974) Ltd has added another aircraft to its fleet, and this

plane touched.down at Pearls Airport, Grenada, for the first time on
Wednesday (13th).

In an exclusive interview with NEWSLTTIE on that day, Mr Curil !
Searles, List's Grenada Manager, said the plane is an Avro 48 seater,

the same as the planes already operated by the airline. The new
aircraft carries, the registration VP-LAZ, and its acquisition brings

List's fleet up to six.

List's Winter schedule came into effect on December 10th, and
Mr Searles said, in comparison with last year, provision has been made
for an overall 17%7 increase in passenger capacity. NEWSLbaTTER was

told that, in. addition, Liat is mounting a series of sections and
charters during the Christmas season to meet strong market demAnd.

j"In connection with our overall expansion of capacity", Mr bearloe

THE GRENADA NHWSLMTTER Week Ending 1,6 12.78e 8

said, "it is interesting to note that thdhtA"?1bd44 a
significant expansion in the group travel business and that we

are capitalising on this. Between now and April, LIAT has

sold approximately 10,000 seats to group travel passengers in

the Eastern Caribbean."

Regular all-cargo services are to be operated by the new aircraft

initially, with weekly flights between Barbados and Grenada, each
flight with a capacity of 11,000 lbs. Similar weekly flights

are to be operated from Barbados to St.Vincent.

Mr Searles said the airline hopes to develop all-cargo charters

which will form the basis for expansion of scheduled all-cargo
services. "On these services", he said, "we expect to begable

to offer incentive freight, rates to high volume shippers
concentrating on fresh fruits and vegetables, and goods

manufactured in the CARICOM region,"
(274 words)

The Hardware Department of Messrs iL Ramdhanny & Sons was

destroyed by fire yesterday (15th). Located in the heart of

the shopping centre of Grenville, the island's second town,

(on the east coast near to the airport) the building and stock

were completely burned out and loss is estimated in hundreds of
thousands, of dollars (EC'.

The fire was first aeon shortly after noon when the business was
closed for lunch. No fire appliance is stationed in Grenville

so the tender at nearby Pearls Airport was summoned. However,
this piece of equipment did not arrive until nearly an hour later
as it was on stand-by for planes then using the airport. By
that time, it was too late to save the building and efforts had

to be concentrated on preventing a spread of the fire.

The greatest risks were the wooden Randhanny Lumber Yard shed

separated from the burning building by some 25 feet of open
yard, and the gasoline service station at the front of the

building. On the other side of the burning building from the

THE GRAIADA NEWS 1TTiR Week Ending 16.12.78 "- Se S

Lumber Yard, and only six or eight feet away, Is Barclays Bank, but


fire is 'Ut yet known.
(313 word)


The Jamaica National Export Corporation (JNEC) is tq mount a two-day

trade mission to.Grenada next year. This was disclosed to

representatives of the Grenada Chamber of Commerce by Miss Denise P

Evelyn, Trade Commissioner attached to the Jamaica High Commission in


Miss Evelyn was on a familiarization tour of Grenada during which she

looked into ways of improving trading between Grenada and Jamaica, and

to this end, she held discussions with representatives of the Chamber

of Commerce on December 7th.

iss Evelyn was accompanied by Mrs Leslie-Ann Dos Ramos, Commercial

officer of the Jamaican High Commission in Trinidad, and two JNEC

representatives, Mrs Georgia E ThomisL Technical Services Officer and
SKarl A Simpson, Trade Development :Officer.

n the course of the discussions, Mrs Thomas told the Chamber that the

oasibility existed that Grenada businessmen could be trained by


he delegation returned to Trinidadon friday 8th. 1
(151 words)

this is a concrete building and it suffered only minor damage.

When the airport tender arrived, the Lumber Yard shed was. already
alight in several places, but this was soon extinguished. Less

easily controlled was the risk of explosion of the service station
storage tank which contained thousands of gallons of gasoline. At
one time, there was an ominous hissing from the gasoline service

pump, no doubt as a result of the intense heat to which the storage
tank was subjected. The fire was, brought under control in about

two hours.

Ramdhanny's Hardware Department was housed in a two-story building
and. the fiire wfias seen first on thea top *fon T he cralue of .he

THE _GRNADA NiAWSL2TTR -'Week ]Eding 16.12.78 ae t


A former Minister of State in the Grenada Government has been

appointed Executive Director of the Caribbean Tourism

Association (CTA). She is Mrs Audrey Palmer-H.awks and she .
succeeds Mr Peter Morgan who resigned earlier this year.

Guyana born Mrs Palmer-Hawks resided in Grenada for many years

gndy at one time, held the post.of Minister of State for

Tourism in Prime Minister Gairy's Government. In 1975, she

became CTA's Director of public Relations. NEWSLETTfR is

advised that she is the first native-born Westindian to be

appointed CTA Executive Director.
(94 word)


Grenada was represented at a conference of the Economic System

of Latin America (SELA) held in La Paz, Bolivia, on November

27th. The conference discussed cooperation in Tourism among

Latin American countries, and was attended by delegates from

most countries of the region.

Among matters on the agenda were the need for marketing studies,

training for personnel in the industry and funding for

development of tourism projects. Air transportation and its

problems were also given attention.

Mr Everette Woodroffe, Chairman of the Grenada Toirist Board

and Mrs Gertrude Protain, Executive Secretary of the Board,

comprised Grenada's delegation. Mrs Everette Woodroffe

accompanied the delegation as an observer
(106 words.)


The Finance Campaign launched in August 1977 by the then

Governor General, Sir Leo de Gale, now stands. at EC*99,908.80

This was disclosed by Chief Scout Commissioner Leslie Pierre

as he reported to the Scout Council on December 8th.

ar Pierre said this amount was made up of EC$14,768.80 in cash,

TOE BGRkNADA flWbLETiT -. Week. Ending 16.12.78 page 11

EG$12,240.00 in Covenants over the next four years, and gifts
amounting to EC$72,900.00. The gifts are a sailing dinghy,

"Mirror" class, a 16mm movie projector and a house.

"The boat is proving to be a great boon to Sea Scouting", Mr Pierre

said, "the movie projector is already being used for fund raising,
and one flat of the house is, for the present, being used as a

source of revenue from rental."

Mr Pierre said that, over the last year, the Scout Movement in
Grenada has experienced a growth from 609 all ranks to 756, an

increase of 23.15%. "In a five year development plan, prepared a
year ago, I budgeted for a minimum of 750 or a maximum of 1000 at
the en of September this year, and it will be seen that the minimum

figure was achieved. My .targets for the end of 1982 are a
minimum of 2000 and a maximum of 2500."
A(216 words.)


During the week ending December 9th, 7 cruise liners carrying 3,932
passengers called at Grenada. They were :-

December 4th "Pair Sea" 411 PasSengers
"Fair Wind" 903 do,

5th "Veendam" 624 do.
6th "world Renaissance" 411 do.
i "Flavia" 310 do.

7th "Jupiter" 320 do.
8th "Sagafjord" 476 do.

The S S "Geestcrest'! sailed on December 12th with 19,734 boxes of

bananas weighing 622,580 lbs. There were 1,341 boxes of rejected
fruit. The Grenada Banana Cooperative Society (GBCS) paid

producers ECO 14 per pound on the weight of fruit received at the
boxing plants, but this weight is not yet available.

Also not yet available is the price paid by Geest Industries Ltd to

GBCS on this shipment, and the boxing plant weight on the shipment

TME. GRAADA NEWSLETTeR -' Week Ending 16.12.78.

of Geestland on December 3rd.

On the shipment by "Geestland" on December 3rd, Geest paid GBCS

EC0 30.050 per pound, and on the shipment by "Geeststar" on
November 27th, ECB 30.262 per pound.

The total weight of bananas shipped in 1978, to date, is

30,964,137 Iba.


Total Pounds
Shipped to ...



Total Dollars (EC)
Earned to ...





29,80, 398
25,60~ 992



up .81%
Up 6.68%
Up 7.01
i Up 8.72%
Up 7.20
Up 14.08%
Up 12.7350
Up. 21.76%
Up .7.40%
Up 18.3357
Vu 44.72%

SUp 43.6aji
Up 22.85%o
Up 25.86%,
Up 30.85J6
Up 34.317
up 34.26%
Up 52.03%
Up 50.59
up 57.559
Up 57.57%
UP 89.72%



THE GR4NADA NEhSLATTR Week Ending 16.12.78 Page3


This Christmas Issue is the last publication of NEWaSLTTAR before the

end of the year as the producers and printers will be out of the
island until early January. It is planned, however, to bring out

an issue for Sunday December 31st.

That end-of-year issue will carry a resume' of news during the last
two weeks of December. That issue will also have the eaual

Supplement carrying the chronological list of major events of the


Because of our absence from the island and the volume of work

involved in preparation of the Supplement, it is unlikely that the

end of .Yar issue will be ready for publication before mid-January.
The first issue of NEWSLiTThR for 1979 will probably be for the week

ending January 20th.

The publishers and printers of NEWSLETTeR take this opportunity to
wish subscribers and readers a Christmas filled with the Joy of the

true meaning of this Season. And, may your New Year be crowned

with a full measure of Peace and Love.

All er Hughes
D december 1978

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