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Volume 6 Number 32
For The Week Ending December 9th 1978
6th Year of publication - - 196th Issue
produced & printed by Alister..& Cynthia Hugheas
P 0 Box 65, St.Georges, Grenada, Westindiea


The accounts of the Grenada Cocoa Association for the year ending
September 30th 1977 have been published. The accompanying Report

of the Chairman of the Cocoa Board apologises for the delay which, i

aaid, was occasioned by inadequate office space, under staffing and
frequent breakdpwns of the accounting machines.

The accounts show a deficiency in "retained earnings" of ECO44,356,

Gross sales iareEC$8.8 million and the net income for the year was

EC$1.1 million. Provision, however, has been made to pay cocoa

growers a "surplus" of EC 1.2 million. There hadaTeea a tlnsfr

from the reserve fund, but the proposed "surplua",tosothr with

retroactive salary increases and a transfer to the Cocoa

Rehabilitation Fund, results in the deficiency.

The Cocoa Board controls the industry, but stocks are held.and

shipments made by recognized exporters who act as agents of the Coco

Association. According to the Auditors' Report, two exporters had

shortages in their stock totaling EC#106,400. The Auditors,

Mesers Coqpers & Lybrand, state that they have been unable to satisfy

themselves as to the collectability of this sum.
The Chairman's Report advises that one of these exporters has paid
for his shortage. "The other expressed dissatisfaction", the

Report said, "and indicated that he will have a further chfck with

the Auditors. The matter will be pursued to finality."

The Auditors had comments also about the fertilizer scheme. No

physical check was made of the stock of fertilizer at 30th September

1977, and the stock at that date had to be taken as that shown in

the books of the Association. And, Messrs Coopers & Lybrtnd

observe that the total of the Control Account for the Fertilizer I

Scheme does not balance with the total of the amounts shown to be
(continued) Ij

THE GREIADA NEWSLTTER Week Ending 9.12,78 Page g

due by the individual Fertilizer scheme debtors.

The Control Account stands at EC$708,440 while the total of amounts

shown to be due by the individual Pertilizer Scheme debtors is only

EC$598,440, a difference of EC$110,000. "We are unable to
Grenada Cocoa Association
Statement Of Earnings And Retained Earnings

-Por-.The Year Edd

30th 8eptember 7

Gross Sales
Cost of Sales
of year
Deliveries by

Ibs EC8
4,693,678 8,837,740

118,462 125,570

4,703,430 4,454,829
4,821,892 4,580,399

Deduct Shrinkage
& Waste 43,375

Inventory @ end
6f year

8B&,l') 89.500

selling, General & Administrative Expenses

Other Income (Interest Receivable)
Net Income (before extraneous items)
Fines for late payment of
international dues ECO 8,305
Contract Penalties for late
shipment 32,743
Net Income for Year
Overprovision for Surplus 1976
1970 Unclaimed Surplus written off
Transfer from Reserve Fund

Retroactive Salary Increases EC$36,673
Transfer to Cocoa
Rehabilitation Fund 5,781
provision for Surplus to
Growers 1.200.000
Retained Earnings (deficiency)




1, 242.454

ascertain the reason for the difference", said the Auditors, "and

have, therefore, been unable to satisfy ourselves that these (
debtors are fairly stated."
This difference is referred to in the Chairman's Report which
states that an investigation has been carried out. "It now
\appears. that it (the difference) was caused by fertilizer orders

---- ---= --- -- ------

THh GRENADA NlEWSLTTa &R Week Ending 9.12.78 page 3

having been issue and recorded in total", the Report says, "but not
recorded in the individual growers accounts, as the fertilizer has not

actually been collected by the grower"
Second Year
The year 1977 was the second consecutive year. in which the stock of
fertilizer was. not taken at 30th-September for accounting purposes.

In their Report on the 1976 Accounts, Messrs Coopers & Lybrand said

they were unable to physically verify the quantities of fertilizer on

hand as the method of storage made it impractical to do so.

The Cocoa Association was the first of Grenada'a agricultural

producers cooperatives to be taken over by Government. In 1969,

policemen were sent to
Gross Sales
occupy the offices of the 1975 1977
Cocoa Industry' Board and M9erag
Sales Total Price
the elected Board was Year (Is) Value per lb
replaced by a Government 1975 5,28A9 Ec$7,193,43 ,E9t.3603
1976 5,858,000 8,480,453 1.4477
appointed Board. Stce 1977 4,693,678 8,837,9 1.8829

then, there have been no

general meetings.

Until recently, Mr V 0 Williams was Chairman of the appointed Board,
but he has now been replaced. Last August, Sir Willie Branch was

made Chairman. The Aonounts for 1977 are signed by Mr Williams
while the covering Report is that of Sir Willie.

According to the Chairman's Report, the 1976/77 crop fell short by

1,179,000 Iba, and this was caused mainly by an acute outbreak of
"witches broom" disease, a high incidence of Thrips and beetles, and

a prolonged drought. There was an intensive campaign against

pests and diseases during 1976/77, but, while there has been some
success, some of the problems remain.

Sir Willie is confident, however, that the 1977/78 Accounts will ahow

an improvement. "I am pleased to report that our surplus payment
for this year will not be less than ECO 50 per pound as compared

with EC225 last year and the previous year", his Report aaid.

In an interview with NEWipS TTIR today (8th), Sir Willie said that
the Accounts for the 1977/78 year are now being prepared and that
(continued) '

THE GRENADA NhWSLETTER Week Ending 9.1 2.78 pagge

the surplus for that trading year will be paid out in -arci or

April next. He said the Auditors have now verified the

fertilizer stock and have found it correct.
(727 word)


The Bank & General Workers Union oBGOt) has not yet been

recognized by Barclays Bank. A poll conducted early

last week by the Labour Department indicated that at least 75%

of the Bank's employees belonged to the Union. Following

that poll, it was expected that recognition would have been ,,.
given, but Union sources said today (8th) that the Bank had

not responded to the formal application for recognition.

Resulting from thisa, the Bank's employees staged a "sick-out" on

Wednesday (6th). This caused considerable customer congestion

at the St.Georges Head Office, and the Carencos Agency had to be
closed. It is reported that the Grand.Anse Agency and the
Grenville Ageicy remained open but that both these operations

were affected by the "sick-out".

NLWULT1TaE is reliably informed that, at a staff meeting called

today (8th) by Barclays management, employees ware told of wage

increases which will come into effect on January lat 1979- It

is said that these increases are considerablee" and that it is

unusual that the staff have such early notice of wage increases.

lit is also reported that two representatives of Barclays Regional

Head Office in Barbados will arrive in Grenada on Tuesday (12th)
for discussions with the staff. In preparation for this, a

meeting of BGW. has been scheduled for Sunday (10th).
Government controlled Radio Grenada said in a newscast today (8th)
that prime Minister Gairy made reference in Barbados recently to

the BGWU/Barclays dispute. The station said the Barbados
"Advocate" newspaper reported Mr Gairy as saying that the
opposition New Jewel Movement (NJM) is "communist" and that that

political party is trying to infiltrate the Banking Industry.
According to Radio Grenada, Mr Gairy told the "Advocate" that

THI GAENADA NEWSLITTiR Week Ending 9.12.78 age 5

"Grenada has no room for communists."-

The President of BGWU, Mr Vincent Noel, is an executive of NJMs and

Mr Maurice Bishop, Joint Coordinating Secretary of NJM and Leader of

the Oppositiop, told NLWSIAbTTIR that Mr Gairy's attitude is as a

result of disappointment.

"The bank workers have rejected Gairy's efforts to get them to join

his Union", he said, "and have chosen instead to join BGWU whose
President, Vincent Noel, is an executive of NJM and Vice-President of
both the Commercial & Industrial Workers Union and the Grenada Trade

Union Council."

On the charge of being "communist", Mr Bishop said it is well kaown

that NJM is not communist, and he felt .that Prime Minister Gairy is

trying to whip up anti-communist hysteria "as a cloak for building a

violent facist dictatorship."
-"' (423 Vdbr&&)


The Grenada Government is making its 23rd issue of Treasury

Bills, and applications must be in by 12th december. The

issue is in the amount of EC02 million, it is to be made on

December 18th, and will be payable on 19th March 1979.

Each tender must be for an; amount not less than EC$1,000, and
must specify the amount which will be given for every EC4100
of the amount tendered. Successful applicants will be

notified by letter not later than December 15th.
(82 words)


Fuel prices have been increased again and, according to figures

supplied by the Distributors, the price of gasolene has risen by

1.60.5% over the last five years and kerosene by 209.8% over the
same period. The increase on cooking gas is 78.7% over this

five year period which runs from 5th December 1973 to 8th December


The latest increases taking fuel up to these figures came into effect

THE GREN*ADA NEWL.SLTTiR Week Endi-g 9,I.7 page 6

I at 5.00 am on Friday (8th) when gasoline and kea'oeane were moved

to EC$2.84 and EC$2.54 per

the same date, cooking gas

100 lb cylinder.

The prices of

gasolene, kerosene
and bottled cooking 2 80o

gas is Government 2.70

controlled, and this 60
is the third 2.40

increase for 2.30

gasolene and 2.
kerosene this year.
The former has moved.90

-from EC02.50 per 1.80

imperial gallon. in ,.70

January last, 1.50

through EC$2.7yt in 1.40-

March to the present~.30
figure of EC$2.84., 1.

Kerosene, in January .00

last, was EC$2.15 90
per imperial gallon,

imperial gallon respectively. Prom

has been increased to EC$55.12 per

.Gasolene & Kerosene p4ces
December 1973.- December 1978
EC$ Per Imperial Gallon


moved to EC$2.41 in .

i March, and to EC$2.54 on December 8th.

Bottled cooking gas stood at EC#50.12 per 100 1b cylinder in .ay
last year, and moved to EB453.12 in Iarch last. The increase

on December 8th was EC2.00, taking the price of a 100 lb cylinder

to EC055.12.

In controlling the retail price of gasolene and kerosene,

Svernment specifies the mark up which, service stations may place

on the prices at which they draw supplies from the distributor.

SThis mark up is now ECO 21 per gallon on gasolene and ECO 19
Iper gallon on kerosene. During 1976,, and until March last,

Sit was ECO 16 and ECO 14 per gallon respectively.


Kerosene ..

AA tdo F G ftI J XL MEN 0 b
A" to "P" Refer to "FBuel Pricet"T'able


THh GREbADA irWSLETTE Week Ending 9.12.78 : 7

There were no changes in the mark up on kerosene between December
1.973 and January 1976, during which period the figure remained
constant at ECO 10 per gallon. During that period, the mank up on

gasolene Was ECO 8 per gallon from December 1973 to June 1974, EGO 9
per gallon from then until August of the same year, and ECG 12 per

gallon from September 1974 to July 1975.

Gasolene is distributed in Greaaha by three Oil Companies, Shell,
Texaco and Esso. Shell and Texaco operate through local agents,
Messra McIntyre Brothers Ltd and Geo P Huggins & Co Ltd respectively.
Formerly, Easo operated through local agents, Mesars. R K Milne & Co
Ltd. Since April 1st 1957, however, this Company has maintained
its own distribution offices in the island.

Fuel prices
December 1973 To December 1978
Gasolene EX Kerosene Cooking Gas
Ex Ex Cooking -aa
Date of Ex Service Ix Service 100 Ib Pkge
Increase Distributor Station Dipstibutor Station \ IB
5.12.73 (A) ECO1.01 JEC1 .09 EC .72 VAEC .8-2 A030.85
28.12.73 (B) 1.16 1.24 .83 .93 33.65
1. 2.74 (C) 1.41 .1.49 1.27 1.37
1. 3.74 (D) 1.54 1.62 1.41 1.51
1, 6.74 (E) 1.68 1.77 1.37 1.47 38.50
1. 8.74 (F) 1.70 1.79 1.39 1.49 38.85
3. 9.74 (G) 1.69 1.81
11. 1.75 (H) 1.63 1.75
31. 7.75 (I) 1.66 1.78
9. 1.76 (J) 1.81 1.97 1,54 1.68
29. 1.76 (K) 1.92 2.08 1.65 1.79
1. 6.76 (L) 2.13 2.29 1.77 1.91 46.85
20. 1.77 (M) 2.19 2.35 1.89 2.03 46.85
.4. 5.77 50.12
16. 1.78 (N) 2.34 2.50 2.01 2.15
16. 3.78 (0) 2.53 2.74 2.22 2.41. 53.12
8.12.78 (P) 2.63 2.84 2.35 2.54 55.12
The above prices for gasolene & kerosene
refer to the St.Georges area. Other
areas add ECW 2 per gallon.

(398 words)


TH= GjNADA NEViSLTTE'R eek Endidg 9.12.78 Eg 8


he 6000th automobile was registered in Grenada on October 30th.

It is a Japanise made "Mazda" which cost EC$23,200 on-the-road

without insurance.

The first ear ever to arrive in Grenada was landed at St.Georges
on March 14th 1906. It belonged to a Ar Gordon Bennett who
came to the island with the car on his yacht "Lysistrata". The

"Grenada Handbook" records that, on the next day, the car was

driven to both Grenville and St.Davids.. The time for the

Grenville trip is not given, but it is recorded that the 20 mile

return trip to St.Davids took 40 minutes.

Although the "Handbook" for 1906 carries a photograph of the

car, its make is not given. Old residents state, however,
that it was a "Dideon Bouton" and that it was made in France.

WhefT the "Lysistrata" sailed frr Martinique on March 22nd,
Mr Bennett took his automobile with him and six years were to
elapse before a car was imported into Grenada. This took

place in 191.2, the year motoring had its start in the island.

Neither the make of the first car nor the name of the importer
la. recorded, but the official records state that the vehicle

came from Trinidad and its value for customs purposes was

EC$1,223.80 (254.15.0). In that year also, imports of spare
parts amounted to EC$359.68 (74.18.8.), and these came from

the United Kingdom, the USA and Trinidad. Import duty on

both the car and its spares was at the rate of 10%.

During the next year, Princess Marie Louise visited Grenada and
the "Handbook" for that year records that she "motored across
the Grand Etang", the steep, winding road.which crosses the
range of hills running from north to sotth and connects St.Georges
with Grenville on the other side of the island.

It is only in comparatively recent times that motorists would
consider using this road (preferring the longer, leas precipitous

coast road) and, in 1913, even by horse and carriage, to venture

away from the vicinity of the capital, St.Georges, was an

THE GRENADA. NMESLiT1' R week Ending 9.12 78


Page 9 -



Some idea of what the Princess' drive across the Grand Etang was like
may he had from the "Grenada Handbook" for 1913, the year she visited
Under the heading, "Information for Tourist", the "Handbook" says,
"Roads in the heighbourhood of St.Georges are excellent and drivable',
and buggies and ponies are to he had for hire."

Motor dealer sources estimate that importations of vehicles into
Grenada average some- 250 to 300 per year. This rate will increase
and, while the 6000th vehicle was registered after 66 years of -.
imports., the 12000th vehicle will require considerably less time.
(436 words)

As part of its 10th Anniversary celebrations, the Rotary Club of
Grenada has honoured five Grenadians. The announcement of the
names of these persons was made on Monday (4th), and tsey weae each
presented with suitably inscribed plaques.

Miss Pansy Rowley was honoured for her contribution in the fields of
Culture, Youth Activities and Spcial Work, while Mr Gee. B W Otway
was honoured for his contribution to Sport and, Trade Union Education.
In the field of Social Work and Youth Activities, an honour went to
Mrs Lottie Phillips, and one went to Mr Charles Francis for his
contribution in the fields of Agriculture and Sport. Miss Edna
Evans received her honour for contributions in the fields of Social
Work and Credit Union Education.

Three judges were appointed by Rotary to make the selections from
nominees submitted by the public. The judges were Messrs A 0
Xavier (Chairman) and A 0 Payne, and. dra 0 A Martineau. In
addition to those honoured, the judges named five others who merited
honourable mention. They were Miss Phyllis Osborne, Miss Dorothy
Hopkin, Miss Pearl deLamothe, Mr Hugh Pbertaonand Mr Cuthbert
(186 words)

THE GREADA NEWASL4 TER Week Ending 9.12.78 Page 10


The S S "Geestland" sailed on December 3rd with 17,049 boxes of

bananas weighing 536,159 lbs. There were 1,310 boxes of rejected

fruit. The Grenada Banana Cooperative Society (GBCS) paid

producers ECf 14 per pound on the weight of fruit received at the

boxing plants, but this weight is not yet available.

Also not available is the price paid by Geest Industries to GBCS

on this shipment and on the shipment by "Gecststar" on November

27th. Please note that, in NhWSLaTTER of December 2nd, as

a result of a typographical error, the sabitaat by "Geeststar"

was stated to be on November 7th.

The boxing plant weight on the shipment by "Geeststar" of
November 27th was 562,119 bse.

The total weight of bananas shipped in 1978, to date, is

30,341,557 Ibs.


During the week ending December 2nd, two cruise liners called at

Grenada. They were the "Statendan" on November 28th with 730

passengers and the "World Renaissance" on November 29th with

292 passengers.

The total number of cruise liner visitors (CLV) arriving in

Grenada during November was 11,898, making 115,896 the total

CLV for 1978 until November 30th. In 1977, the figure for

November was 10,290 and the total to 30th November was 95,384.
This makes an increase in November 1978 of 15.6y over the 1977

November figure, and an increase of 21.5% over the tot4( to

30th November.

Daring November 1978, there were 13 cruise liner calls as compared
with 14 during that month last year. The total rugger of calls

to 30th November 1978 was, 171; during 1977, the figure for this

period was 157.

i st 1ghe978
8t ember 1978

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