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Volume 6 Number 28
For The Week Ending November 11th 1978
6th Year of Publication -.- 192nd Issue

produced & Printed by Alister & Cynthia Hughes
P 0 Box 65, St.Georges. Grenada, Weatindies


Prime Minister Gairy decided this week that it would be in the beat

interests of all if he did not address the students of the.St.Georges

University School of Medicine on Wednesday last (8th) as planned.

This was told to the assembled student body on Wednesday (8th) by

the Chancellor of the University, Dr Charles MQdica. Dr Modics

told the students he had had numerous meetings with Mr Gairy over

the past few days, and the University and Government had found that,

in respect of the University, their commona interests and goals and

inspirations are very similar."

"We have found that the international clinical programme has

educational merit", he said, "and Government believes that it must

only look into the question of maintaining high educational

standards." While there is agreement in these areas,'t*ere are

technical legal details that remain to he worked out, he said, but

"no one in the University should be concerned about this" as he

thought everything is going well.

The background to Dr Modica'. statements is that, under date o9

October 25th, a circular letter (over the signature of the Cabinet

Se taxy, Miss Gloria Payne) was sent to the School's students.

Th~ letter said "Government views with great concern the move by

the authorities of the St.Georges School of Medicine to set up a

programme of clinical studies in St.Vincent for 4th semester


A meeting of the Chancellor and Board of Directors was requested
fo .November 8th, the letter said, and Mr Gairy "would like to

address. all students of the St.Georges School of Medicine, in the

presence of Dr Modica and his Board, to clear the air on matters

.relatAng to the University School of Medicine, the Government
... .. %onti nu .)

THE GREPfADA NEWSLETTlt Week Ending 11.11.78

of Grenad1 and the United States Government."

Dr Modica told the students that, although the Prime Minister

would not address them that day (8th), they would hear a few

words from the Minister of Education, Dr Wellington Friday, who

realises the needs of the University and is keenly aware of

Government's interests.
In the course of his short address, Dr Friday said the Government

of Grenada is concerned with standards and "the whole process of

accreditation." "We, as a small country involved in this

institution, must be satisfied that all the interests, and

particularly the interests of the students, are adequately

safeguarded", he said.

Dr Friday said it is absolutely necessary for the current

discussions. to take place between the Government and the

University so that, as a cooperative venture, it can 1e ensured

that all is well ahd that the students have a total programme

"which is so structured as to tell the rest of the world that

we have something here of high quality."

The Minister of Education said he could not go into the details

of the discussions but what he had said would indicate the

concerns which Government has. "I hope that, by Friday when

the Prime Minister addresses you", he said, "most of these matters

will have been resolved."
(507 words)


Financial difficulties have caught up with the Grenada Health 4

Clinic and the project was abandoned at the end of last month.

The Grenada Health Clinic Ltd was incorporated as a private

company on December 2nd 1977 with an authorised capital of-

EGC500,000 divided into 100,000 shares of EC$5 each. Two

Directors are recorded, Mr Peter Capeller and Mr Richard Wild,

and their addresses are both given as 130A Geiaelgarteigstr,

8000, Munchen, West Germany.


THE GRENADA NExSLESTER Week Ending 1t.1i.78 .

Mr Capeller, wh is Grenada's official tourismm representative in

West Germany, is described in the official documents as a "citizen

of Grenada"; Mr Wild's background is not known.

In an exclusive interview with NEWSLETTER last August, Dr Markovica,

the Clinic's Medical Director, said the institution would offer

treatment by the "Niehans Cell Thetapy". This. treatment, he

said, is based on the theory that injections of cell from sheep

"offer new life to the diseased organism". Cells from sheep

liver were to be used to treat liver disease, from sheep kidneys

to treat kidney diseases, from sheep brain to treat brain diseases

etc etc etc.
Minister's Wife
Eight rooms in the East Wing of the Holiday Inn were rented in May

or June last for EC$8 thousand per month, a small local staff

(including Mrs Joyce Preudhomme, the wife of Mr Herbert Preudhomme,

Minister of Health & Housing) was. employed and two ex-patriot staff

were brought in. These were Dr Donald Rooke and Miss Maria Vidal,

a laboratory technician.

NEWSLETTER is, reliably informed that Mr Capeller advanced EC)14

thousand to Dr Markovics, and a further EC$1,00 was to be remitted

to the Clinic from Germany. '!his was to cover "running expenses"

until the first patients arrived and the Clinic be came self-


Treatment at the Clinic was to last one week for all diseases and

the fee per patient was US$2000 including accommodation and return

air fare from New York. Dr Markovios told NEWSLLTTER in an

interview on August 11ith that the Clinic would eater to 80 patients

at a time and, while the opening was delayed because of certain
laboratory/which had been lost by the airlines in transit, he

expected to receive the missing equipment shortly and bookings at

the Clinic for November, December and January were "quite


It'is now reliably reported, however, that only two bookings were

made and these were for December. It is alqo reliably reported

that Mr Capeller did not remit the promised EOC100 thousand, and

THE GRXEADA NEWSLFTJTER Week Ending 11.1.78 age

Dr Markovics was forced to use his own funds to pay rent and


It appears, however, that he was unable to meat all salaries for,

early in September, Dr Rooke, having received no money since his.

arrival here a month or two before, became dissatisfied and left.

Miss Vidal left also. She was owed two months salary and

resorted to having a lawyer press the clinic to pay her.
Dr Markovics agreed to pay but only on condition that she leave

the island. Mis Vidal left Grenada on September 19th.

It appears that the claim that the opening of the Clinic was

delayed because of lost laboratory equipment may not be true.

A source close to the Clinic advised NEWSLETTER that Dr Markovics

has been assuring his creditors for some time that the Clinic was

ready and patients would soon be arriving. And, on August 11th,

Dr Markovica told NEWSLETTER that booking offices had been set up

in New York, Frankfurt and Munich, that Mr Capeller had details

of the bookings at these offices and he would arrive in Grenada

soon to announce the opening of the Clinic.

There is, however, a package of laboratory equipment still to be

delivered by the airlines to the Clinic. Two packages were

shipped originally from Hew York and, allegedly, were flown out

of Antigua to Piarco, Trinidad, by Sea Green Airlines. One

package arrived in Grenada from Trinidad, unmanifested, on

September 14th. The other, weighing about 30 lbs, has not

yet arrived.
Unable To Pay
The decision to abandon the Clinic project was taken last month

when the Holiday Inn demanded payment of two months rent then

in arrears. Mr Capeller has not arrived in Grenada,

Dr Markovics was unable to pay the EC$16 thousand due, and the

premises were, therefore, given up on October 31st.

No information of the folding up of the Clinic had yet leaked

out last Friday (3rd) when NEWLW'LMTER called Dr MarkaviPa and

asked when he would start to receive patients.. "'here are

some important and interesting people we expect to come to

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week ending 11.1-l.78 Paee 5

Grenada next week as our guests", the Medical Director said, "and

I wtLf then be willing to give a press interview and make some
important announcements to NEWSLBTER."

NEWSLETTER called the Clinic on Tuesday (7th) but there was no
answer. The receptionist at the Holiday Inn advised that

TDr Markovice had checked out that morning, that he had gone to the
airport, and that he was not expected back.
(813 words)

The Theophilus Albert Marryshow Memorial Cup has been won this year
by Patricia Bubb, 18, student of the St.Joseph's Convent, St.Georges.

presented by Mrs Beverly Steele, Resident Tutor of the Extra Mural

Department of the University of the West Indies, the Cup is won
annually by the student achieving the highest grades in the

Cambridge 'O' level examinations. It was first presented last

year to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Marryshow'B birth and

was won by Suzanne Smith, 16, of St.Joaeph's Convent, St.Georges.

In an exclusive interview with NEWSLETTER today (7th), Mrs steele
said she had chosen to announce the winner today because November

7th is an important date in the records of T A Marryshow. "This
great Westindian was born on November 7th 1887", she said, "and it

is my hope that this award will remind Grenadiana, and indeed,

Westindians everywhere, of the contributions T A Marryahow made to

the Caribbean."

The results, of the Cambridge '0' level examinations this year
showed an apparent tie between Patricia Bubb and another student.

The matter was referred to the examination authorities who decided

in favour of Mis. Bubb.

Date for presentation of the Cup has not yet been fixed.
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The Grenada Co-operative Bank (known familiarly as "The Penny Bank"),

is to open a branch in the town of Sauteure, at Grenada's northern

THi GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 11.11;.78 pege 6

end, early next year.

The Manager of the Bank, Mr Gordon Steele, disclosed this to
NElSLETTER in an exclusive interview today (10th). "We have

already made arrangements to take over the premises being vacated

at the end of December by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce",

he said, "and we shall have our branch going as soon as possible

after that date."

The Grenada Co-operative Bank was established in 1932 and opened

its doors; to business in 1933. On November 7th 1977, the Bank's

first branch was opened in Grenville on the east coast and, when it

is opened, the Sauteurs branch will be the second. There are

12 employees at the Head Office and 3 at the Grenville branch.

Mr Steele said that as many as 6 persons might be employed

at Sauteurs to take care of the anticipated business..

Earlier this year, without giving any reason, the Canadian Imperial

Bank of Commerce announced that it would close its Sauteura branch
on July 31st. After discussions with Government, it was.

stated that the establishment in Sauteurs will be run on an

"agency basis" twice per week until December 31st.

The Co-operative Bank does not deal with foreign collections but

will offer its Souteurs clients checking accounts, savings

accounts, fixed deposits and a loan service.
(244 words)


Grenadians are to have free education in 1981. This was first

announced by Prime Minister Gairy on September 20th on the

occasion of the opening of the new premises of the Grenada National

Bank & Trust Co Ltd, and it was stated again last Sunday (5th) by

the Minister of Education, Dr Wellington Friday.

Delivering the feature address at the opening of the new building

of the St.Andrews Anglican Secondary School, Dr Friday said that,

from January 1979, school fees will be gradually reduced until,

in 1981, they will be abolished.

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTEr Week Ending 11.11.78 Page 7

Primary education in Grenada is free, but fees at Church run
Government grant assisted schools, which were fixed by Government at

EC$30 per term, were increased this year to EC$50 per term. The

proposal is that, in January 1979, this figure will be dropped to
EC437.50, there will be a further reduction to Ct025 in September

1979, and yet another reduction in September 1980, before being
phased out entirely in 1981.

Earlier this-year, teachers at Government assisted secondary schools

staged a 'sick out' in support of their claim on the School Boards

for increased salaries to equal salaries paid at the Government owned

Grenada Boys Secondary Schools. The Church School Boards were

unable to meet the teachers' demands and Government intervened,

increasing grants to permit increased salaries to be paid for a

limited number of months. It was announced that, following

examination of the schools' books of account, Government would make

further grants from next year.

In the course of his address, Dr Friday said that, with Government's

money heavily involved in secondary education, it was reasonable to

expect that Government would have a share in the management of the

Church schools. What was contemplated, he said, was 'tripartite

management', in which the Churches, Government and the people would

each have a part.

Dr Friday said also that Government would be particular that, among

the teaching staff, there would be no people with "strange and

disturbing ideologies".
(328 words)


For the first time since early September, the Grenada television

station has carried local programming. This was on Saturday

November 4th, the broadcast lasted about three hours, and from the
frequent screening of a 'test pattern' appeared to be a test


Grenada TV usually rebroadcasts the programmes of Trinidad & Tobago

Television with a break for two or three hours of local programming
I-----------------------'* _______W_

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 11.11.78 page 8

in the evening. Mr Joseph Pitt, Managing Director of the
Company, told NpWtSLETTER recently that local programming had had

to be discontinued because of damaged equipment in the studio.

He suspected sabotage.

Following last Saturday's test telecast, Mr Pitt said some local

programming was possible and this would be confined to Saturday

and Sunday evenings.

''he Government of Grenada recently purchased 30% of the shares in

Grenada Television Co Ltd for EC0112,500.
(132 words)

Contrary to reports made last week, no materials have been sent to

Carriacou for the reconstruction of the Hillaborough letty and

the resurfacing of the Lauriston Airport runway.

Sources in Carriacou confirm that the beach-landing craft which

called at Carriacou on October 29th, had no materials for these

projects. The craft landed electric light poles, drums of

colas for road repairs, two vehicles and a spare part for a piece

of Public Works Department equipment.
(75 words)


Grenada Breweries Ltd, brewers of "Carib" beer and "Giant" malt,

will pay a dividend of 20% (less tax) relative to the trading

year which ended on 30th June last.

In his Review, circulated to shareholders this week, Mr C F
Toppin, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors,

said that, since June 1978, sales have been approximately
22,000 cartons per month and the Brewery is operating at present

plant capacity.

"In my last report to you", Mr Toppin's Review aays, "I

estimated that, with the extensions then in progress, plant

capacity would be adequate until the end of 1978 or mid-1979.

Obviously, consumption patterns have been better than we
a (continued)

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 11.11. 78 Pige 9

anticipated, and present capacity was reached in May of this year

We are planning for the future, but I am afraid that all plans take

time and money."

Mr Toppin the Brewery's Aonthly Sales (Cartons)
1975/76 To 1977/78
need for expansion is for
additional cooling. A new

ammonia compressor which would 22-

increase cooling capacity by 21
2a --
100/o will cost approximately 19 77/78

EC$350,000. He thought this 18
equipment should be installed

with the minimum of delay. <5

The Chairman pointed out that, I

because much of the Brewery's -

equipment has been operated at

maximum capacity over the last 9

3 years., there had been
little time for maintenance,

and he felt the existing '
75/76 -
equipment should be overhauled '

and brought up to standard.

"As an example", he said, "the

pasteuriser, which was. .1 2 3 4 5 6 1 9 10 1A112

purchased in 1971 and which To 12 = July To June

should be overhauled annually,--

has, because of circumstances, not had the required maintenance.

A recent estimate of replacement of this. item with second hand

equipment is approximately EC$400000o, and indicates the

magnitude of the Brewery's problem in keeping its equipment up to

Over the next 3 to 5 years, Mr Toppin said, substantial amounts
must be spent on maintenance and repairs, and it is essential that
the Company retain a substantial amount of its profits to meet

this expenditure.

THE GRNWADA NHEWSLETTER- Week Ending 11..11 .78 Page 10

Concerning industrial relations, the Chairman aaid the Union

contract expired on 15th May 1978 and, while no formal contract
has been signed, agreement has been reached for a three year
contract with a 30o wage increase in the first year, 15% in the
second and 105 in the third. The Union recognized by the
Company is the Grenada Manual Maritime & Intelleotual Workers

"Additionally", Mr Toppin said, "provision has been made in the
contract for profit sharing, which seems to be a desirable trend

in recent industrial


The Chpirman said that,
over ,te past few years,
surpl*a funds have accrued

and have..bepa aced 9on
deposit at best olt4inable

rates. "On th* 30th

June 1978 the anpaa t
depoaited was EC 65,900
which was, plasod wAth the
firm of Jones Browue &
ibjbard (Grenaaj)Ltd",

Ir Totpptn said "Of
thia qu,. the Directorf'..

Profit Statement
Gross Profit for year
Ending 30.6.78
Interest Received


Directors' Fees 6,960
Audit Fees 4,600
Depreciation 108.719 EC 120,279


provision for
Income Tax
Dividend @ 20%

138.488 530,834

Less underprovision
for tax last year

Retained earnings at
beginning of year

Balance carried forward



:- EW0293,980

OnawimPusa~ d4~4e to ,
eonvfwt EC50O0,O0 into owity capital, that Co war which *as

iaing publieipaue of.aharp capitnl."t


Sales (Cartons)
1975/76 to 1977/78
121975/76 1976/77 1977/78
5,911 10,598 17,426
5,284 9,645 14,974
ber 5,961 9,401 13,839
r 5,662 11,252 17,676
er 5,945 12,434 18,713
er 11,398 16,417 20,127
y 4,325 11,965 16,240
ry 7,870 11,906 15,478
4,961 16,045 18,940
.8462 140652002

14,065 2

THEI GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 11.11.78 page 11

"Your Brewery can continue to grow and play its tmnortant part in the

industrial sector of our community", the Chairman said. "We have,

in a way, a model industry which is owned by Grenadians (including-

Government) and run by Grenadians, of which we should all be proud.

Let us all, shareholders, workers and Government,'pull together to

ensure that the steps necessary to enlarge and protect the industry

are taken, even though this may mean limited sacrifices for the next.

few years.."

Grenada Breweries Ltd is incorporated with an authorized capital

of EC$2 million divided into two million shares at EC$1 each.
Of these, 1,384,884 have been issued and fully paid up.

A General Meeting has been called for Thursday 23rd November to,
among other things, receive and consider the accounts and the

reports of the Directors and Auditors.
(624 words)


The S S "Geestland" sailed on November 7th with 13,827 boxes of

bananas weighing 448,934 lbs. There were 349 boxes of rejected

fruit. The Grenada Banana Cooperative Society (GBCS) paid

producers EC14 on the weight of fruit received at the boxing plants.,
but this weight is not yet available.

Also not yet available is the price paid by Geest Industries to GBCS
on this shipment.

The boxing plant weight on the shipment by "Geastatar" on October

31st was 397,993 Ibs. On the shipment by "Geesttide" on October
24th, the boxing plant weight was. 1,141,522 lbs.

Geest Industries paid GBCS ECB 33.002 on the shipment by "Geestatar"

on October 31st.

Windward Islands banana production continues to be more than can be
handled by the four ships now being operated by Geest and, this week,
Grenada was limited to a quota of 200 tons. As a result, over

80 tons of fruit remained on the docks.
S(59 word)

i_______^_______, __


Total Pounds
Shipped to ...



Total Dollars. (
Earned to ...

December $ 8
INovember 7
October. 6
September 6
Augurt 5
July 4
June 3
Iljay 3
April 2
:March, 1
February 1






I -_


9 _)

Up 6.68%
Up 7.01o
Up 8.72%
Up 7.20%
Up 14.08%
up 1i2.736
Up 21.76,
up 17.40%
Up 18.3353
Up 44.72%


,874,142 8,382,371 Up
,219,691 7,640,980 T Up
,590,339 7,036,196 Up
,722,874 6,180,346 -_ Up
,983,182 5,349,667 Up
,171,067 4,257,377 Up
.,233,740 3,395,955 -- Up
,680,370 2,530,502 u- Up
,125,411 1,773,422 Up
507,027 961,909 Up



The Bank & General Workers Union (BGWU) has asked Barclaya

Bank to reply to its application for recognition by Friday

November 17th.

The Union wrote the Bank in this connection

on November 10th.

JIn a press release issued yesterday (10th), BGWU said that, prior

Ito its formal application for recognition, "the workers sent

Collectively signed letters to the Bank informing them that the

Page 41-2

THE GAENADA NEWSLETTER Week .Ending 11.11.78 Pane 13

BGWU is now their bargaining agent."

According to the release, "the Union feels that the matter

of recognition, therefore, is non-controversal and has,

accordingly .requested the Bank to respond by Friday 17th

(95 words)


At time of going to press, statistics covering cruise liner calls

are not available. The last statistics given were in NEWSLETTER

of the week ending November 4th and these brought the figures up to

date to the week ending October 28th. NEWSLETTER hopes to have

the outstanding figures for publication in the next issue.



Students of the St.Georges University School of Kedicine are to be

allowed to do their clinical studies in three specific countries

outside of Grenada. There were prolonged cheers and applause when

Prime Minister Gairy announced this to the assembled student body on

Friday (10th)

"You have St.Vincent, the United States and England approved",

Mr Gairy said, "and I can only admonish my dear friend, Dr Modica,

that, if he has any other countries in mind, please let us know in


This approval settles a dispute which arose between the Government

of Grenada and the School of Medicine. It appears that the

Chancellor of the University, Dr Charles. Medic, has been making

arrangements for students to do a clinical programme in St.Vincent,

and there has been official objection to this.

A circular letter (dated October 25th) to students from the Prime

Minister's Office said, in part

"Government views with great concern the move by the

authorities of the St.Georges School of pdicine to aet
up a programme Qf clinical studies inaSt.incent for 4th

THE GRENADA NEWSLEBTER Week Ending 11i.11.78 Page 14

semester students and is aware that these students

are unwilling to go to St.Vincent."

A meeting was arranged, at Mr Gairy's request, for him to address

the students, on Wednesday (8th) but, while "numerous meetings"

were taking place between him and the Chancellor, the Minister

of Education, Dr Wellington Friday, told the students Mr Gairy

thought it was "in the best interests of all" if he did not

address the students on that day. Dr Firiday expressed the

hope that, "by Friday, when the Prime Minister addresses you, most

of these matters will have been resolved."

Introducing the Prima Minister to the student body at the meeting
on Friday (10th), Dr Friday said that his was a "John the Baptiat,"

function. He had once' been politically opposed to Mr Gairy,

he said, but he had always admired him and, .when he joined

Mr Gairy's political party, he knew that he was. "throwing in his

lot with a leader who is second to none in the entire Caribbean."

Addressing the students, the Prime Minister said there had been

a "great impasse" between Government and the School with respect

to 4th semester students going to St.Vincent to do their clinical

studies, an action which was not allowed under the School's

Charter. And, he told the students he understood that somebody

had told them that, a year ago, Government had been aware that

these arrangements were being made.

"This is not so", he said, "About tO months ago I learned

that Dr Modica was going up the islands trying to establish

universities. I never discussed this with him but, this

week, he said he had the impression he had told me about it.

Actually, it was four months ago and he only mentioned it then

in passing. In the context of discussing something about

Dominica, he mentioned St.Vincent. We knew nothing about it

until then."
Mr Gairy said he could not allow Grenada to be used as a

springboard for other countries. And, reading from the

relevant Act, No 17/1976, the "St Georges University School of

THE GREMADA NEWSLETTER -. Week Ending 11.11.78 PaRe 15

Medicine Ltd Act", the Prime Minister pointed out that, from 1979,

the School's clinical 1 programme is to be carried out "at the General

Hospital in Grenada, visiting stations, health centres and any other

health facility in Grenada."
No Problem
"What the University should have done", the Prime Minister aaid, "was

to recognize its obligations under the Charter. We recognize the

inadequacies of the clinical facilities in Grenada. The

University and yourself have recognized these inadequacies and,

therefore, the University should have written us a formal letter

stating that they want to expand, or extend their programme to use

the clinical facilities in another country. They. would have had

no problem."

The permission given by Mr Gairy to the University to conduct

clinical programmes outside of Grenada is modified by two conditions.

First, there must be an intake of students in Grenada at least in as

large a number as students going elsewhere to do clinical programmes.

Secondly, the number of semesters a student may do outside Grenada

is limited. The Prime Minister did not say what this limit will


Ar Gairy assured the students that there are no "bad feelings"

between Government and the University today. There had been just

what he called "this misunderstanding", and that had been cleared up.

In the course of his address to the students, the Prime Minister

referred to "silly statements made, allegedly, by faculty and

administrative staff." These statements, he said, were that

Government was not responding to the needs of the University. He

said this was untrue and he called on the Chancellor to confirm that

Government a cooperation is 100%.

"Besides this", the Prime Minister said, "I, personally, take time

off to bend over to assist the University at all times.. When

there is something wrong in the Customs and certain articles are being

held, I don't go through the line. ^ I pick up the telephone myself,

I call the Head of theCXaetoma Department and I say, "Deliver !".

You cant get another Government to do that. No other Head of

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 11. 1178 Page 15

Government will do thiss"

Highlighting his cooperation with the University, Mr Gairy said he

had. had a "VIP Card" issued to the Chancellor, Dr Modica. "When

he comes through the airport", the Prime Minister said, "he doesn't

have to go through Customs and all the formalitiea. All in the

interest of the University, there is pot delay, he comes straight

down '"

Justifying Government's interest in and concern with the University,

Mr Gairy said Government had had to write letters vouching for the

reputabilityy" of the University. These letters were written on

9th August 1976 and were addressed to the Secretary General of the

United Kations., the United States Department of Health Education and

Welfare, and the Director General of the World Health Organisation.

Mr Gairy said he is not a weakling in politics but he assured the

students that his Government is friendly with all the nations of the

world "except the communist countries." He amid that, when he

addressed the Upited Nations General Asaembly recently, he spoke on

many subjects but only two representatives walked out while he was

talking. They were Russian representatives, he said, and they

left when he started to talk about God."

"I always talk about God in my addresses", Mr Gairy said, "because,

what are we without God ? It is true that my concept of God

might be a little different from those of you who are strictly

religionists. By religion, I am a Roman Catholic, by philosophy,

I am a mystic. I have been a mystic for years and I see God as

being too vast to be contained in any one religion."

MI Gairy told the students that, in moving around Grenada, they
Would find the "odd man or woman" who does not support his.
Government. There had beeu politicall troubAep is the island 4
years ago but they had been "straightened out". "We are not
asoft" he said, I"iut we ttlekLto flwPel i right." -
The Prime Minister said he has been given honorary membership of
"t a Hunbn Rights organisation of Latin America". "1 was
reaogniaed hgin", he said "by the HUDM.- Rights Organisation. W
stick to that, within all the prg~ifet eand atligations, and
routines required."
Al0-ther N tovDe e 9
10th November 1978


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