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Volume 6 Number 26
For The Week Ending October 28th 1978
6th Year of Publication - - 190th Issue

Produced & Printed by Alister & Cynthia Hughes

P 0 Box 65, St.Georges, Grenada, Westindles


Tensions have appeared in the grouping of the three Political

parties. now forming the Opposition in the Grenada House of


These three Parties, the United Peoples' Party (UPP), New Jewel

movementt (NJM) and Grenada National Party (GNP), got together under

the banner of "The people's Alliance" to fight the General Elections

held on December 7th 1976. They put out a joint manifesto,

shared a common platform and captured 6 of the 15 seats in the

House of Representatives with 48% of the vote.

In the House, Mr Maurice Bishop, one of NJM'a Joint Coordinating

Secretaries, was made Leader of the Opposition. Together with

his seat, NJM held two other seats, GNP held two seats and UPP, one.

The UPP seat is held by Mr Winston Whyte who was Political Leader

Sof the Party but who resigned from this position last May. He

was replaced by Mr Simeon Green as Political Leader and there

appeared, about this time, evidence of friction within the "Alliance".

In an interview with NHESLETTER on May 10th, Mr Green said, with

reference to the left-wing NJM, "the ideology preached by a unit of

the Alliance is not going down well with the public."
"We in the UPP don't want a split in the Alliance", he said, "but

a split could come about if the public feels strongly that the

ideology of a unit of the Alliance is unpopular. If that unit

continues to preach that ideology, the public will reject it

eventually and support the Party which has the popular ideology.

Mr Qreen is employed by the nominally independent Grenada newspaper,

"TIe Torchlight Whose Managing Director, Mr D M B Cromwell, and

whose Editor, Mr Albert Xavier, are both prominent member UPP.

Sromwell is also managing g Director of several oth bus es

THE GRENADA NhvVLETT~ri .?- Week Ending 28. 10.78 Page

concerns and his position in the community has given UPP a

pronounced right-wing flavour. Asked about this, Mr Green

told NEWSLETTER that UPP is neither 'right-wing' nor capitalisticc',

Over the last few months, there have been both veiled and open

attacks on NJM in the columns of the "Torchlight", th4 principal

charge being that this Party is 'communistic' and is anti-religion.

NJM does not have an official newspaper, but, an underground

publication, alleged to be an organ of the Party, answered

the charge. It denied that NJM is either 'communistic' or

anti-religion and accused "Torchlight" of being anti-labohr and

of conducting a campaign against NJM in an effort to break up the


The growing strife between the Opposition Parties took on new

dimensions shortly after Prime Minister Gairy announced in August the

launching of "Operation Bootstring", the plan put forward by him

for the- industrialisation of Grenada. Heart of the trouble is

that both Mr Winston Whyte of UPP and Mr Herbert Blaize, GNP's

Political Leader, have held talks with the Prime Minister

relative to "Bootatring", while NJM refuses to-discusa the matter

with Mr Gairy unless an agenda is agreed in advance.
First Item
Further, NJM says that "the lifting of all forms of oppression

off the backs of the people and restrictions on the rights of

the Opposition must be the first item on any agenda for talks

with Gairy."

This difference has led to public statements by the three parties

which indicate that UPP and GNP stand together and are in conflict

with NJM. In a pamphlet published on October 11th, GNP speaks

of "the scurrilous campaign launched by NJM elements in print and

on public platforms against GNP's Blaize and UPP's Whyte." The

pamphlet said that "barely three months after the December 1976

General Elections", NJM had started to attack the other partners

in the Alliance and, in spite of protests, has continued to date.
GiP said that, if the Alliance is to survive, these attacks must.

stop. t said also that "all Parties to the "Alliance" must

categorically declare :-

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 28.10.78 age 3

1. That they are not agents of the CIA nor of any other

outside Power.

.2. That they are not involved with Communism.

3. That they reject Communism.

Reference to CIA is probably a reflection of a dispute between UPP

and NTM in 1976 prior to formation of the Alliance. NJM accused

UPP of being an agrnt of the UnitedStates Central Intelligence

Agency (CIA).

In reply to the GNP pamphlet, NJM issued a release on October 18th

stating that the Party had had discussions with GNP and UPP on the

gro-ing disagreement and, in the interest of healing the breach, had

asked 3 P not to publish its pamphlet. NJM called the

publication "inadvisable and unprincipled" and said G(iP must take

full responsibility for it.

NJM said also that UPP and GNP had left off attacking the Gairy

Government to attack NJM. The Party denied that it is 'communist'

and said UPP and GNP are spreading false rumours that NJM "would

sieze people's business, houses, land, goat and pig." NJM said

its two associates in the Alliance are not pulling their weight,

that they are "jealous of growing support for NJM", that they are

"cooperating" with the Gairy Government, and NJM raises the question

as to whether UPP and GNP want the Alliance to continue.

NEWSLEfTER is reliably informed that a meeting of the Alliance

Executive will be held tomorrow. (27th) and that the dispute will

be discussed then.
(873 words)


The United Nations Committee on Human Rights has been requested

to use its influence to urge Prime Minister Gairy and the Grenada

Government to investigate the disappearance of four young men last


The request came from an organisation in New York called "Citizena

& Friends. of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique."

Representatives of this organisation demonstrated on October 12th

THE GREIADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 28.10.78 page

outside the United Nations building, the snme day Prime Minister

Gadry addressed the General Assembly, and the petition was later

presented to the Director of the UN Committee on Human Rights.

It is alleged that, on Friday March 18th 1977, four young men,

Godwin Matheson 20, Fortune Matheson 20, Alslon Leonard 22, and

Gregory Francis 17, left Grenada's sister island, Carriacou, on

the sloop "Calypso". This boat, captained by Ira Matheson,

was on its way to Grenville on Grenada a east coast, and it called

at a small uninhabited island, "Frigate", off the south coast of

Carriacou, where the four men disembarked.
"Calypso" and "Frigate Island" are both owned by Shedrock

Matheson, and the purpose of the visit to the island was that the

men should catch some of the sheep and goats which are kept there

and which, from time to time, are caught and shipped to market.

The "Calypso" returned two days later, on the morning of Sunday

March 20th 1977, and found no trace of the men. The door of a

small hut on the island was found open and there was cooked food

in the hut. The net for catching the animals, was erected in

position but no caught sheep or goats were seen, and the ropes

the men had taken to tie the caught animals was missing. Also

missing was a small row boat which had been left with the men.

To date, nothing further has been heard of the four men and their

disappearance remains a mystery.
(354 words)


feasibility studies are now being undertaken for those industries

in "Project Industrialisation & Employment Bootatring" which need

little or no development of Grenada's infrastructure.

This was disclosed to NEWSLETTER today (27th) in an exclusive

interview by Dr Devere Pitt, Chairman of the Government appointed

committee responsible for the implementation of the project.
Dr pitt said that, among the industries now having attention

are the production of jams and jellies, condiments, handicrafts,

ceramics, fibre and straw products;, and soft and wooden toys.

TH (GRKEADA NlWVLniTrE Week Enaing 28.10.78

"The industries now being studied are already in existence on

limited scales", Dr Pitt said, "and the aim now is to upgrade and

expand them. Marketing possibilities and the availability of

equipment are also being studied, as well as the problems of

standaedisation, packaging and labelling." Dr Pitt thought

the studies will be complete curly in 1979,"
"What we intend to do", he said, "is to publish a brochure

containing these completed studies and also partial studies of

other industries on which information is lacking. We feel that

publication of the partial studies will attract people who may have

the required technical and other information, and this will benefit

the overall operation of "Bootstring"."

The Chairman of the Committee said that, after the brochure is

published, efforts will be made to interest local entrepreneurs,

and he felt that "Bootstring" will get off the ground about mid-


"In the mean time", he said, "fruit trees and straw producing

plants are being propagated on Government estates. These will

not be producing for a couple of years, but they will ensure that

there are adequate supplies of raw materials."
(269 words)


In conjunction with the Danish International Development Agency,

the Geneva based International Labour Organisation (ILO) is

organising and funding a seminar to be hdld in Grenada next


Theme of the seminar will be "Policies, Structure & Programmes For

Small Enterprise DeveltPment", and 17 representatives from the

Caribbean, the Bahamas and Bermuda will attend.

The seminar is being organized through the Caribbean Employers

Federation and the Grenada Employers Federation (GEB), and an ILO

representative, Mr Paul Bangassar, visited Grenada on 16th and 17th

October collecting information in preparation for the seminar.

Mrs Angela Smith, President of GEF, told NEWSLETTER today (27th),

page 3

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER -. Week Ending 28.10.78 paeG 6

that the seminar will run from 8th to 11th January next.
(112 words)

Shipping tonnage calling at Grenade for the first half of 1978
is the smallest first half-year tonnage in four years and this
carries on the pattern onnaie a M
January to Jun- P
of a downward drift from rn to je
0 1975 1976
the peak of 1975. Tonnage Calls Tonnage Galls,
L January 1.91,993 32 288,542 40 [3
Statistics covering FP bruary 232,563 31, 226,380 42 []
M 'arch 396,327 33 282,347 43
tonnage for the first =April 199,381 29 279,734 48
May 144,784 21 38,580 0to
half-year, however, do UJune 47,157 _15 56,1.88 _1
0 1,182,205 161 1,171,771 196 E
not reflect the pattern
for total tonnage for 1,977
i January 302,853 40 271,895 42 1
each of the last half- February 258,468 36 214,724 36
l- March 239,547 34 229,341 41
years. Prom 1.8 [1 April 180,478 26 107,915 23 Ll
Siy 88,279 20 129,560 25
million tons in 1975, June 67,983 14 85,538 20
total tonnage rose to 1,137,338 170 1,038,973 t87
total tonnage rose to
just over 2 million tons in both 1976 and 1977. Tonnage in
July and Auguat of 1978 is considerably higher than tonnage in
Tonnage & Calls, July & August those two months
9175 to 1978 '-
1 A tou19 7oef 1977 and 1976,
SJuly August
S Tonnage Calls Tonnage Calls Tonnage Callss and it is. likely
10.975 109,054 22 72,741 18 181.,795 40 1
1976 92,399 19 114,150 19 206,549 38 that the total
-1977 99,166 20 94,319 1.7 193,485 37
1,978 151,861 29 175,881 29 327,742 58 f S0awiwltilOlO IICIlDOIIO Ol ci will not fall
below the level of those two years.

In 1975 and 1977, ships of United Kingdom registry topped the
list of tonnage calling at the island. In 1976, the tonnage
of Greek ships was slightly more than that of UK ships. For
the first half-year of 1978, the United Kingdom was responsible
for 34.6%A of the tonnage, Italy was next with 19.2%, Greece
was third with 1.5.8% and, starting with Panama with 8.1%, the
ships of 13 other countries recorded tonnage at Grenada.
Dominica recorded the smallest tonnage with .02%.

It should be noted that these statistics are slightly inaccurate.

THE GRENADA NEWSLETTNT Week ending 28.10.78

In May of 1,978, the S S "Holsatedama", a shi. of Liberian registry,
called at Grenada and, unfortunately, in apite of all possible
efforts by NEWSETTrR, the tonnage of this boat cannot be
ascertained. Lloyds agents do anuay To June
not have a record, the ship's
agents. do not have a record, /* '-.
nor does the Custons 4.
Department have a record. i i 'J

NEW iSLeTTER has been advised Or .; .a
that the "Holstaidarn" has a \. '.
net tonnage of approximately
2 to 3 thousand tons. In
the half-year tonnage of over a million tons, this will not Aake
a significant difference to the statistics. However, in the
interest of accuracy, efforts are still being made to get this

Tonnage & Calls by Country.
January To June 1.978
Tonnage Calls
Kingdom 359,754 61
Itoly 201,662 19
S Greece 165,091 36
Panama 85,109 18
KN otherlands
Antilles 71.,124 16
U.S.S.R 46,251 4
W est Germany 37,033 6
S Liberia 32,962 8
S Holland 14,659 8
Norway 9,733 1
S Singapore 6,1,86 1
S Cyprus 5,552 1
S Cayman Islands 1,652 2
S Guyana 826 1
Dominica 21.6 2
1,038,329 185

i j;EI'^^!S i'^>.\~i<^I,21P^i-E

-N C' -4

Page 7

HIE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 28.10.78 Page 8


The Government of Grenada has bought 30%y of the shares in Grenada

Television Company for EC$112,500. This sum was allocated in

Grenada's Estimates for 1,978 and, in an exclusive interview today

(28th) with Mr Joseph Pitt, Managing Director of the Company, he

confirmed that the transaction has been completed.

For some two months, however, the station has not been operating

satisfactorily. Normally, programmes of Trinidad & Tobago

Television are rebroadcast with a break of about 2 hours for local

programming in the evening, because of technical difficulties

there has been no local programming and the broadcast power of

the station was reduced to 30%.

"We have had a man down from the United States this week to adjust

our transmitter and the relay we have established on the east coast

at John Sandy", Mr Pitt told NEWdLETTE.R, "and this is. now in good

order. What is giving us cause for concern is the equipment

at the studio in St.Georges."
The Managing Director said it had been discovered that certain

pieces of equipment in the studio were damaged. "These are not

parts which usually go bad", he said, "and I suspect stronglE that
we have been subject to sabotage. The parts have been sent to

the States and we have been told that, so rarely do they go bad,

there are no replacements there and they now have to be got from

Japan." The cost of these parts is. EC$6,600.

Mr Pitt said he did not know when the station would resume looal

broadcasting. He said it is possible use the studio before

the damaged parts are replaced and the station would probably put

on some programmes, but it could not be on a regular basis and

there is no guarantee of the quality.

Grenada Television Co was incorporated as a private company on

iay 27th 1974. It has an authorised capital of EC$250,000

divided into 1,000 shares of EC$250 of which Mr Pitt holds 420.

His wife and children hold 268, 80 are held by Mr Ralph Alves of

St.Vincent and 72 by Hr Glyn Evans, former Grenada Government

Electrical Inspector. This was the division of the shares

before Governmeni.'a purchase of 305 and it is not known how they

THE GRENADA NEWSLEThEt Ack -na 2~ -10. 78 Page 9

are divided now.

Earlier this year, the TV station was put under the management of_

Mr Norbert Fletcher. Mr Fletcher, a Civil Servant, was trained

at the British Broadcasting Corporation and served with the now

defunct Windward Islands Broadcasting Service and with Radio

Grenada. Before his transfer to Grenada TV, Mr Fletcher was

private Secretary to the Governor General.
(416 words)


At a. meeting of the. Grenada Cabinet last Monday (23rd),
consideration was given to establishment of a Board "to manage and

ensure a reliable bus service from St.Georges to outlying diatricta.."

This is. reported in the "West Indian", the Government owned

newspaper, and the paper says Cabinet considered hardships. of

school children and adults when cruise liners are in port and

there is a shortage of public transportation.

"It was brought to the attention of Cabinet", the"West Indian"

said, "that the small buses seem to consider the tourist industry

only, forgetting that many school children have to walk."
(102 words)


In its issue of October 25th, the Government owned "West Indian"

newspaper reports that awards were presented to prime Minister

Gairy at a ceremony at the United Nations building in New York on

October 12th. The awards were made, the paper says, by

Mr Daniel Garcia, President of teh International Latin Acadamy

Commenting on this award elsewhere in that issue, the "West Indian"

says, "she latest honour bestowed on this gentleman together with

the spate of recognition heaped upon his shoulders, speak well

for him and for those who have assisted him in the unique

achievement of which Grenada should be proud. The latest

recognition by the Organisation of American Statea is timely

and well merited." (t7 words)

THE GRE.NADA NEWSLETTER week Ending 28.10.78

The Grenada Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAW~ ) and Texaco

(W I) Ltd have signed a new collective Agreement which, in
addition to pay increases, will give employees increased Vacation

leave. In the 10th year of service, an employee will be

entitled to six weeks leave and, after this,, will receive the

same long leave in every fifth year.

Pay increases are divided into three categories, Attendants,

Mechanics and Drivers. Attendants will receive a 30/o increase

in the first year of the Agreement, 18% in tha second and 10% in
the third. Over the same period, increases for Mechanics are

25%, 15% and 10%. '"hose for Drivers are 25%, 121% and 10%.

Texaco employs four persons in Grenada, two Attendants, one
Mechanic and one Driver.

Negotiations were conducted on behalf of the Company by Mr Conrad

Cole, Texaco's Industrial Relations Officer, Mr Raymond Isaac,

Texaco Marketing Manager. in Grenada and Mr Dickson Benjamin,
Texaco Plant Superintendent of the Company's bulk station at

Grand Mal. The Union was represented by Mr Curtis Stewart,

TAWU President and Mr Vernon Alexander, Shop Steward.

The Agreement was signed on October 18th and has effect from

let May 1978.
(1093 words)


The Windward Islands Banana Association (WINBAN) is looking

into the possibility of pest and disease control other than

the polythene sleepingg" of bunches sow in use.

Btach sleeping is effect e against Rust Thrips disease which
is caused by insects and which results in browning and cracking
of the banana skin. It is. essential, however, to sleeve at
the correct stage of fruit development. Too early sleeping

causes distortion of the banana 'fingers', and too .late will

not protect from Rust.

WITBAN is investigating two possible Ia'ernatives to sleeping.

Page 10

..-H GRNADA NEWSLETTER neek Ending 28.10.78

The first is. the direct spraying of the banana bunch and the
second is ground spraying around the tree to break the cycle which
occurs when the thripe fall to the ground from the tree to form

pupa, and from which stage the adults leave the soil to go to the
bunch to feed. It is felt that, if the second method of
spraying is found to be effective, it will be less costly than the
(1,65 words) *S


Between 31,st July last and 31st August, there was a 4% drop in
money put in circulation by the East Caribbean Currency Authority

(ECCA). The drop amounts to EC#3,136,204 and relates entirely
to notes in circulation, coin in circulation having risen at the
nd of August by EC041,425.

Cc'mpaative figures for 31st July and 31ist August are as follows :
July 31st August 311st.
'otes in circulation EGC71,283383 4 1068,bS1,755 -3t3,177,629

Co.- in Circulation
Bankers Balances
Unpresented Cheqges

Bankern' Deposits
General Reserve
Special Reserve
Other Liabilities

External Assets
Fixed Deposits &
1onqy at call

Regional Currencies

29,101 ,220

6,895,586 +
34,157,783 +
1,464,513 +

701,743 372,442 -
E041'07,982,616 EC$110,995,879 -





51,999,702 53,54j;012
4,554,618 4,450,032

Bankers' Balances 2.881,119 3.218.838
BC$167,174,245 0#$168,230,154

Internal Assets.
Participating Govt's
Securities Including
Treasury Bills 26,151,303 26,151,303
Other Assets 4,093539 3,596,537 -

rEoC 9 ONS $97,977,994 +




+ 1,885,310
- 104,586
+ 337,719
+ 1,055,909



Page 11

THE G(REN.ADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 28.10.78 Eage 1-2

B^ngiaA ShiIPhiETS *

The last shipment of bananas from Grenada waa made on October

10th. There was no shipment last week as, according to a

spokesman for the buyers, Geest Industries Ltd, there are

insufficient ships on the run to take the crop from the Windward

Islands and, some weeks, no bananas are taken from one of the


The S S "Geesttide" saileJ on October 24th with 32,406 boxes of

bananas weighing 1,053,362 lbs. There were 500 boxes of

rejected fruit. The Grenada Banana Cooperative Society (GBCS)

paid producers EC$14 on the weight of fruit received at the

boxing plants, but this figure is not yet available.

Also not yet available is the price paid by Geest on the shipped


The boxing plant weight on the shipment by "Geestland" on

October 1Dth was 454,335 Ibs. Geest paid GBCS ECM 33.485

on the shipped weight of this shipment.

The total weight of bananas shipped in 1978, to date, is

27,506,443 lbs.


NEWSLETTER regrets that no statistics relative to cruise liner

calls are available for publication in this issue.

For purposes of record, the following statistics are now

outstanding :-

(1) The passenger complement of the "Angelina Lauro" and
"World Renaissance", both calling on October 1Lth in
the week ending October 14th.

(2) All cruise liner ao4ls for the week ending October 21st.

smmssm :u -

1ti- Hughes
October 1978

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