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Alister Hughes
P 0 Box 65

For The Week Ending May th 1978

The Grenada Government is to buy just under one-third of the

shares of Grenada Television Ltd.

In the 1978 Budget approved by the House of Representatives last
month, a sum is allocated for this purchase, but, up to today

(11th), Mr Joseph Pitt, majority shw holder in the Television

Company, did not know this.

"We have been talking to Government about this purchase", he told

NEBWSLTTER in an exclusive interview, "and I have been in touch

with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, but he

advised me that nothing has been allocated in the 1978 estimates

for the completion of the deal."

NEWSLETTER assured Mr Pitt that, under Capital Estimates of

Expenditure for the Ministry of Finance, Trade & Industry,

EC$112,500 is allocated for "Purchase of Shares Grenada
Television Company."
Half Value
Mr Pitt said Government had been offered 30A of the shares of the
Company but he felt that EC$112,500 represented only 50( of the

value of this shoe offering. "According to our inventory",

he said, "the shares of the Company are worth EC$* million, and

this means that Government will be paying only half of the value

of the shares they'll be getting"

Grenada Television Co Ltd was incorporated as a private company

on May 27th 1974. It has an authorized capital of EC0250,000
divided into 1,000 shares of EC$250 of which Mr Pitt holds 420.

His wife and children hold 268, 80 are held by Mr Ralph Alves of
St.Vincent and 72 by Mr GlynaEvans of Grenada.

In an interview 14 months ago, Mr Pitt told NEWLETTER that by
mid-1977 a relay station would be located at John BSady on the

Island's east coast. This relay was expected to cover most of
Grenada's east coast and a part of the site Jsland of Carriacou,

20 miles north of Grenada. (nB ed)

Alister Hughea
THE GRIBADA NESLhTTER Week ending 13.5.77
PaSS 2
Mr Pitt said today that this expansion has not taken place.

"What has halted the programme", he said, "is the unsuitability

of some electricity generators we obtained locally. "hey

proved to be inadequate and we have since ordered two generators

from R A Lister & Co Ltd of Britain."
These generators have been made to the.'specifications of the
Television Company and Mr Pitt received cabled advices on May

8th that they have been shipped and will be in Grenada on May

23rd. Each generator is 3.5 kilowatts and, with one as a

stand-by, they will both be located at the John Sandy site.
Mr Pitt felt that, by the end of June, they should be installed.

The operation of Grenada Television is principally a rebroadcast

of the programmes of Trinidad & Tobago Television, and Mr Pitt

said that, whatever originates in colour is rebroadcast in colour.
"Most dT the programmes which originate in our studio are in

black and white", he said, "but, apart from the news, not much

originates in the studio". The Company, however, does have
portable colour cameras which are used in the studio sometimes.

The Grenada Television station was recently put under the
management of Mr Norbert 'Bunny' Fletcher who was transferred
to this post from that of Private Secretary to Governor General
Sir Leo De Gale. This appointment followed the dismissal of
most of the company's staff, reportedly because of failure of the

Station to carry a speech by Prime Minister Gairy. A new staff
has been hired.

Mr Fletcher was trained at the British Broadcasting Corporation
and, before being appointed Private Secretary to Sir Leo,

served with the Windward Islands Broadcasting Service and
Radio Grenada.
(481 words)

;Raios and television sets are to be assembled in Grenada and
reported to countries of the Caribbean Community and the world

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEW LETTEt Week ending 13.5.78

Behind the venture is Habib Hadeed who told NEWSnLETTER in an

exclusive interview today (11th) that he has every confidence in

the venture. Towards the end of this month he leaves for

Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong to finalise arrangements for the

supply of knocked-down parts, and he expects to be in production

before the end of this year.

A private Company, Grenada Electronico & Appliances Ltd,

capitalised at EC$I million, has been set up to undertake this

assembly operation, and it is understood that Government has

granted concessions.

The Grenada Television Company now has the monolopy for the

importation of television sets, but Mr Hadeed said his productions

will be sold both locally and in the export market. "I don't

know whether there will be any conflict with the Television

Company in this connection", he said, "we haven't reached to that

stage yet."

Since January this year, Mr Hadeed has been operating another

manufacturing enterprise. Under licence from the Elgin

manufacturingg Company of brazil, another of his Companies,

International enterprises (Grenada) Ltd, has been turning out

refrigerator compressors. "We sent a big shipment to Trinidad

last month", he said, "and we are exporting also to the East

Caribbean Common Market."
On his way back from the Par East, Mr Hadeed will visit Italy with

a view to expanding his compressor assembling business. The

possibility exists, he says, that he might switch from the Elgin

Manufacturing Company if he could make more favourable
arrangements with an Italian Company.

Mr Hadeed is Managing Director of the Hadeed Garment Factory Ltd
which has its plant at Grand Anse, a St.Georgee suburb, and he

also operates a dry good store in St.Georges.
(304 words)

Alister Hughes
Page. 4


An Associated Press report from Aew York on Tuesday (9th) say.

that well-known American financier, Mr Robert Lee Vesco, "is

believed to be in Grenada."

Mr Veaoo, who founded the multi-million dollar United States

International Controls Corporation, .is beat known for his

association with the Swiss-based Investors Overseas Services

Ltd (10S). Established in 1956 by Mr Bernie Cornfield, 108

was the world's largest mutual funds company. With

investments of hundreds of millions of dollars, IOS ran into

financial difficulty in 1940 and Mr Vesco gained control of the

Company when he came to its assistance.

Three years later, IOB collapsed and Mr Vesco is alleged to

have embezzled some US$225 million of the Company's money.

'or some time he has been resident in Costa Rica where the

Government has give him protection against efforts of the

United States to bring him back for trial. However, a recent

change of Government in Costa Rioa threatens Mr Vesco's safety

and he is said to be looking now for another country which will

protect him.

Reports say Mr Vesco left Costa Rica on Sunday April 30th

in his private Lear jet for visits to Panana, Venezuela, the

Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. These reports say he was

in the Bahamas on Friday May 5th and that his wife and child
arrived there on Sunday May 7th.

eyewitnesses told NhiWSLETTEA that a high-ranking iestindian

politician passed through Trinidad's Piarco airport on Thursday

May 4th on his way to Curacao. He returned on Saturday 5th.
Unconfirmed reports say this politician held discussions with

Mr Veeoo in Curacao relative to Mr Vesco receiving asylum in

an East Caribbean country.

.A time of going to press, Mn Veaco. is not registered in his

oan name at any of Grenada's leading hotels. Nor has anything

beea seen of his 137' motor yacht "Zodiac" which, at different

-timi hRa been named "Patricia" and "Lotus VII". A close
(,o ntinued)

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week ending 13.5.78
Page 5
associate of Mr Vesco, Canadian Mr Norman LeBlano, is said to be

travelling with him.
(322 words)


The entire stock-in-trade of fugitive-from-justice Eugene zeek's

Grenada Freeport Ltd (share capital. EC$2 million), will be sold by

public auction on May 16th. The sale will include jewelry,

clothing, footwear, perfumery, cigarettes, liquor and "also 5

cash registers almost brand new."

Zeek, alias John Clancy, arrived in Grenada in 1974 from the
United States after embezzling over US$1 million. Grenada

Preeport Ltd was established in October 1975 and in February 1976

he followed this with Grenada Freeport Distributors Ltd to handle
goods betweenn Grenada and the Caribbean and South American

territories." Another Zeek enterprise is the yacht-charter
brokerage firm of Langley Yachts which was set up in March 1975.

Informed sources say Langley Yacht .still operates and the reason

for closing down Freeport Distributors Ltd is that the Company is

losing money. As far as can be ascertained, Grenada reportt

Distributors Ltd never got off the ground. Zeek operates a

night club, "The Island", in the same compound as Grenada reportt
Ltd, and it is understood that this will remain open.

Efforts by the US Government to get Zeek back to the States for

trial have been unsuccessful, and charges laid against him in 1976

by the then Attorney General of Grenada, Desmond Christian, were

also unsuccessful. Following a rift with the Grenada

Government over these charges, Mr Christian was declared a

prohibited immigrant and took employment elsewhere.

In the House of Representatives in March 1976, Prime Minister

Gairy said the Opposition had implied that the Grenada

Government's handling of the Zeek matter "...might be considered

as establishing a haven for wanted people."

"Grenada will not usurp the position of any American Court",

Mr Gairy said, "we will not allow ourselves to be dictated to by

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week ending 13.5.78

any reporter or Government. If the High Courte in the USA

issued an Extradition Order, then the Government of Grenada will

bow to its international obligations."
(317 words)
-i0i4rMMON. firfir

Dir Ovid Gill, until recently Chairman of the Board of Directors

of the Grenada Telephone Co Ltd, told NEWSLETTER today (10th)

that he had no reasons to give for his resignation from the Board.

Mr Gill confirmed that his resignation was dated 20th March 1978,

"But", he said, "I gave the Company no reasons for my resignation

and I do not think it proper that I should give any reasons publicly


Late in March there were reports of a plan in operation which

defrauded the Telephone Company. Certain telephone operators.

are alleged to have made overseas calls for a group of businessmen

without recording the calls. Overseas calls are handled

through Cable & wireless (W I) Ltd, and the plan is said to

have come to light when a large discrepancy was discovered

between the total number of minutes of overseas calls recorded

by Cable and Wireless and the total munber of minutes for which

bills had been made by the Telephone Company.

It is understood that the persons behind the plan are known
to the authorities, but no action has been taken against

anyone. Reports say they have been given protection

because of their political affiliations. Mr Ivor O'Brien,

Manager of the Telephone Company, had no comment.

Grenada Telephones is owned jointly by the Government of

Grenada and the Continental Telephones Corporation. The

Company was established on March Ist 1969 and the shares are
divided equally between the two shareholders.

Mr Colin McIntyre, husband of Mrs Marie Jo McIntyre, Grenada's
ormerr Ambassador to the United Nations, has replaced Mr Gill as

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grenada Telephones Ltd.
(256 words)

Alister Hughes
THE GREPADA NEWSLETTER Week ending 13.5.78
Page 7


Mr Simeon Green has been elected the new Political Leader o~ the.

United People's Party (UPP). In an exclusive interview today

(10th) with NLKSLLTTLR, Mr Green said the former political

Leader, Mr Winston Whyte, had resigned, but Mr Green declined to

discuss Mr Whyte's resignation.

During the campaign for the last General Elections in 1976, the

UPP, Grenada National Party (GNP) and the New Jewel Movement

formed an "Alliance", but Mr Green thought "the ideology

preached by a unit of the Alliance is not going down well with the


"We in the UPP dent want a split in the Alliance", he said, "but

a split could come about if the public feels strongly that the

ideology of a unit of the Alliance is unpopular. If that unit

continues to preach that ideology, the public will reject it

eventually and support the party which has the popular ideology."

Mr Green rejected the idea that an advertisement published by his

party in the "Torchlight" newspaper this week indicates that UPP

is a 'Right Wing' or 'Capitalistic' Party. The advertisement

was addressed to "investors" and rejected the idea that "...

... certain business concerns, organised and built to a state of

respectability over the years, be confiscated and run by

Governments under the vague term, Socialism."
The advertisement recognized that investors give employment and

"provide a reservoir of ideas and information useful to

government in planning for the better control and promotion of the

overall economic life of the State and its people." Investors

were invited to support UPP.

"That advertisement was only the first of a series", the UPP

political Leader said, "and investors are only one group of many

we are inviting to support us. UPP is not a capitalist party

and our next advertisement will cwrry a message for youth and

workers in Grenada."

Mr Green has a strong trade union background. He was at one

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week ending 13.5.78
Page 8
time Secretary of the Grenada Technical & Allied Workers Union,

and has had trade union training at the Extra Mural Department

of the University of the West Indies in Barbados, at the

Canadian Labour College of the University of Montreal, and at

the American Institute for Free Laour Development in Virginia,

U S A.

i4r Green's election as Political Leader was at a meeting of the

4UPP Executive on Wednesday 12th April 1978.
(379 words)


The rainy season may be welcomed by farmers generally, but it has

severe risks for banana producers.

A recent release of the Windward Islands Banana Association

(WINBAN) says that, between June and October last year, there

was a significant increase in the percentage of fruit suffering

from severe bruising. This bruising appears to be related

to the heavy rainfall during that period, the release said, and

it pointed out that fruit produced during high rainfall periods
have softer skins which are more susceptable to bruising.

But the quality of bananas shipped from the Windward Islands to

the United Kindgom has improved steadily since the start of this.

year. 'his is the finding of Mr P Laonce, WINBAN W'ruit

Technologist. Increased quality of fruit is attributed to

improvement in processing and packing, to rigid selection and

to restricting export of very mature feuit.

Mr Lloyd Benjamin, Manager of the Grenada office of Geest

Industries Ltd, buyers of VIirBAN bananas, told NbWSLL'T)E

today (10th) that his Company is pleased to note the improvement

in the quality of fruit shipped.

"We welcome what we have seen so far", he said, "but there is

still considerable room for improvement. Better processing

and packing and more careful handling have all contributed to
better quality fruit, but the type of trucking and the quality

of our roads need to be upgrade;;4

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week ending 13.5.78
Pago 9

Mr Benjamin sead that, with the "tight marketing arrangements"

with which the Windward Islands are faced, unless there is .

constant improvement in quality, WINBAN bananas will not be able

to compete.
(257 words)


The S S "Geesttide" sailed on May 9th with 21,801 boxes of

bananas weighing 686,711 Ibs. There were 227 boxes of

rejected fruit and the Grenada Banana Cooperative Society

paid producers ECO 14 per pound on the boxing plant weight.

NEWSLETTER regrets that it has become increasingly difficult

to get statistics for banana shipments boxing plant weights,

price paid by Geest Industries etc but it is hoped that this

situation will improve.


Figures are now available from the Grenada Tourist Board for

Cruise Liner calls during the weeks ending April 15th and 22nd.

Date Ship Passenier Week Eding /

llth April "Veendam" 629 I
"Cunard Countess" 746 15.4.78

18th April "Cunard Countess" 690 22.

21st do. "Britanis" 0 952

May 1978

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