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Alister Hlughes
P 0 Box 65
St Gcorges
Grenada 1 I
THL OC..- .. "W8dLTT.LK
For The Week Ending 29th A-ril 1978

The Senior Editorial Course attended by the Editor was a worth-

while experience. Attendance at the Thomson Foundation

editorial Study Centre in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom was made

possible by a scholarship given by the Foundation and a monetary

grant from Christian Action for Development in The Caribbean

Thse jKiiol tales this opportunity to record his.indebtedness to

both tlh. Thomson Foundation and CADEC.

The course, which began on January 9th, was completed on March

21st. A Diploma was awarded.

During the Editor's absence until April 16th, NEWSLATTER was not

published. The last issue was for the week ending 31st

Deuejabor 1977 and this leaves a gap in the records of subscribers

'who wish to keep close touch with events in Grenada. To meet

this ne'iG ik,'in BLETTR will carry a resume of the more important

hs ipcniigs since January 1st.

It had been hoped that the resume would have been completed in

this first issue for 1978. However, the need to find facts

relative to "cold" news stories calls for much time and effort

and, as this issue goes, to press, research on some stories has not

yet been completed. As the facts of these stories are

establishc, Ntwo-ITTtt will report them in future issues.

T~i it!J # i/ii 7iIt 7 tr/thtf

The lIonourable Innocent Belmar was assassinated on Wednesday 4th

January 1978. He was shot outside the 'Bamboo Bar' restaurant

at Adelphi (near Birch Grove about 10 miles from St.Georges.) and

died during the early hours of Thursday January 5th 1978.

Alioter Hughes
THE GRENBASA KNh.aLjLTTI Week Fni np 2. 3,-7C

Belmar, aged 42, came to prominence in 1975 wth the publication

of the Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into "The

Breakdown of Law & Order and Police Brutality in Grenada". He

was then a member of the Grenada Police Force and commanded the

"Mongoose Gang" or "Police Aids" which, according to the Duffua

Commissioners, was "an unlawfully constituted body of men ....

,, whose qualification for service in many oases, particularly

asong the leaders, was their known disposition for violence and

R.cvie ing lsliar's behaviour and general conduct, the Duffas

Gomriaasionoer concluded he was a megalomaniac. They considered

him "totally unfitted for any position of authority" and

comramended that "he be removed from office in the Police Force

And be precluded from holding any office in the Public Service ...."
"Best Policeman"
.-wever9 in a national Broadcast on Monday March 31st 1975,

Prime aninister Gairy said Belmar was "... the best policeman

*: 'nada had seen and known for a long time ..." Mr Gairy

sa-id olaer would be retired from the Police Force and he (Belmar)

nad indicated that "he might get involved in service to the people

through the Trade Union Movement and, possibly, in politics."

1;. Prime Minister was sure Belmar would be "most welcomed in

these fields."

o-llowing his retirement, Belmar became involved in the affairs

cf Air Gairy'a trade union, the Grenada manual, Maritime &

Intellectual Workers Union. Then, contesting the General

Elections of December 7th 1976 on the ticket of Mr Gairy's

United Labour Party, Belmar won the St.Andrews North-East

constituency seat. Originally appointed a Minister of State,

Belmar was made, just a few hours before his death, Acting

Minister for Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries.

Tioree arrests have been made in connection with Belmer's murder.

aennedy Budblall, 24, on January 5th, Lauriston Wilson and

Lloyd John, both on January 12th. The Preliminary Inquiry

~-s set down to be heard in the Grenville Magistrate's Court on

January 17th before Magistrate I I Dunoan, but the Police did

Alister Hughes
THE GR.E-ADA NEvvSLETTER Week ~Eding 29.4.78
Page 3

not bring the three accused to Court and the Inguiry did not

begin until Thesday March 7th. The presiding Magistrate

was Mr Nolan Jacobs.

Legal appearances for the accused were Mr Maurice Bishop for

Budhlall, Mr Lloyd Noel for John and Mr Kenrick Radix for Wilson.

Mr Nathaniel King of Trinidad appeared for the Crown.

were refused
Applications for separate trials for the accused/by Makistrate

Jacobs and submissions relative to the Magistrate's possible

bias were not accepted. (The Duffua Commissioners said of

Mr Jacobs, then the Solicitor General, that he had "......

... demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the duties of a law

officer of the Crown and acted with gross impropriety ...")

The Inquiry before Magistrate Jacobs ended on Friday March 17th

after 26 witnesses had testified. At the conclusion, Lloyd

John was freed and Budhlall and Wilson were remanded in custody to

appear at the June assizes.
In an interview reported in the Urenada "Torchlight" newspaper of

February 12th, Kenny Budhlall, brother of Kennedy Budhlall, said

when his brother was arrested on January 5th, he was "severely

beaten in public by policemen, members of the Defence Burce and

supporters of the Gairy regime."

Budhlall said his brother was taken unconscious to the Grenville

Police Station and was beaten there again when he regained

consciousness. 'he arrested man is alleged to have suffered

cuts in the head, body bruises, strained ankles and a suspected

broken rib. S

In his Independence Day speech on February 7th, Prime Minister

Gairy described Belmar as "a good parliamentarian, a good

policeman, a good tradeunionist, a good man." Mr Gairy said

Belmar's death was "unquestionably a direct outcome of the

introduction to our country of new and disruptive ideologies,

and the sale and distribution of Communist literature."


Alister Hughes.
THE GRhEADA NEWSLITTEI Week Ending 29.',.78
Pmge U

The Prime minister said Belmar's ussaaination resulted fXm a

"new breed of crime" introduced into Grenada. "This new

breed of crime", he said, "necessarily warrants hard measures

and greater security."

The alleged scene of the murder, the "Bamboo Bar" restaurant,

was demolished during the week ending January 28th 1978 and has

been replaced by a new building.

i: -i.nent Belmar was buried at Birch Grove on Sunday 8th January

1~8S according to Roman Catholio rites.
(754 words)


Government monthly paid employees have accepted pay increases far

ealow those recommended by the Salaries Revision Commission. At

a meeting with Prime Minister Gairy on Thursday 2nd February, the

-.hee trade unions representing the workers agreed to a

.oja-romise of 554 increase for salary earners drawing less than

** per yecr, 30% for those receiving less than EC58628,

?- '20% for the top grades over CD$8628.

confrontation arose late last year when Government refused to

.aiplement the Report of the Government appointed Salary Revision

Coanidssion. That Report, which recommended increases from

.14*3 for the lowest grades to between 60% and 70% for the top

grades, was handed to Government on November 8th 1977.

The Prime Minister announced publicly then that the Report was

"wicked and malicious". The three unions representing the

workers, the *vil Service Association, the Grenada Union of

Teachers and the Technical & Allied Workers Union, were told

that Government rejected the Report and the Minister of Finance,

Mr George Hosten, invited the unions to discuss the Report with

him "as a basis for negotiation."

At a meeting on January 4th with representatives of the

business community, Prime Minister Gairy said the Government's

financial position would not allow implementation of the Salaries

o.ievision Report. "Over the last 10 years even more so

Alister Hughes
THI CRElADA NhWSTMLTTER We>4F .ndfl.g- 29.4.78

since 1974'-" he said, "we have never been able to collect

sufficient revenue at the end of one month to meet our inescapable

commitments of salaries and wages."

Mr Gairy disclosed that, at the most, GovernMuent had been able to

collect between EC$800,000 and LC$900,000 only each month while

the wage bill was approximately tC0i .3 million,
Two days later (6th) the Prime Minister met with the uniona'

iHegotia~ing Teae and offered increases of. 25%, 15% and 10% 2or

the three categories of monthly paid employees. At a meetingg

c the unions or 7th, this offer was rejected as "unjust,

unacceptable and insulting", and a decision was taken to hold

meetings throughout the State to explain the unions' position to

the public. A further general meeting was fixed for January

21 at.

Government issued a release on January 11th saying that separate

meetings had been held with the Police and Nurses and that these

bodies had accepted Government's offer. This was denied by

-le. .ncans and, when the General Meeting was held on Janury 21st,

a Resolution was passed fixing February 3rd as the deadline for

Government's agreement to implement the Salaries Revision Report.

February 6th was fixed as the date for strike action.

At this stage, the Grenada Christian Council, headed by Bishop

Sydney Charles of the Roman Catholic Church, came into the

picture. The Council met Prime Minister Gairy and had

discussions with the unions on Wednesday 25th January.

No agreement was reached, however, and, in a national broadcast

on January 27th, Mr Gairy warned Civil Servants that, if they

went on strike, there would be no guarantee of re-employment.

The Prime Minister said Government's final offer was 50T, 30% and

20. Pay sheets for January had been made up on this basis

and "those who do not want it can leave it."

At a public meeting at St.Georges market square on Sunday 29th

January, Mr Galry restated Government's stand in the matter.

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA N"WSLlTTPR VWyek Tndinr ?9.4.78
Page 6
Dceth Threats

On the following day (30th), five senior Civil Se-rvants received

death threats through the mail. The letters were identical

and said, "If you strike you dead." They were written in red

and they all carried the drawing of a star, the symbol of Mr Gairy's

Grenada United Labour Party.

The editor of the Grenada "Torchlight" newspaper, Mr Albert Xavier,

,lso received a death threat. Shortly after 1.00 am on January

:test, Mr Xavier's wife answered the telephone to hear a male voice

cay, "Tell Xnvies we're coming with guns for his arse."

At a eating on Thursday February 2nd under the chairmanship of

Dishop Sydney Charles, the unions accepted the compromise of 55%,
5:'% ain: 20o for the low, middle and upper income brackets

respectively These increases are effective from ist January

.977. They also accepted an increase of 20% in travelling

allowances for 1977 and 50% for 1978.

S-i salaries of Government monthly paid employees are to be

oev-lwed in 1981.
(693 words)


Mr Holan Jacobs has been made Senior Magistrate in Grenada with

effect from January lst 1978.

C-icr to this appointment, Mr Jacobs held the post of Permanent

Secretoay, Mijistry of Social Affairs, Community Development &

Cooperatives. At the time of the Duffus Commission of

liaquirY into the Breakdown of Law & Order and Police Brutality

i CGrenada, during 1973/74, he was Solicitor General.

In their Report, the Duffus Commissioners said Mr Jacobs was

"luite unfitted" for the responsible past of E.licitor General.
They said he pad "demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the duties

of a law officer of the Crown and acted with gross impropriety .."

',he Commissioners suggested that the Judicial & Legal Services

commissionn enquire into Mr Jacobs' conduct with a view to

-.tominining whether the Governor General should be advised to

Alister Hughes
Page 7

remove him from his office as Solicitor General.

The Duffus Report was published in Grenada on Friday March 7th

1975 and Mr Jacobs spoke to NEWSnETTER the following day. "The
Commissioners in their wisdom have recommended an inquiry into

my conduct", he said, "and I look forward to this investigation

which, I feel sure, will clear my name."

This investigation has not taken place. In a White Paper

on the Duffus Report produced by the Government of Grenada, it

was stated that "Mr Nolan Jacobs, Solicitor General, has been

transferred from his post as Solicitor General to the Prime

Minlstar's office, and the Commissioner's recommendation in this

?'s;Bect is no longer relevant."

Mr Jacoba' appointment as Senior Magistrate was made by Governor

General Sir Leo deGale acting on the advice of the Judibial and

Legal Services Commission.
(266 words)


Jonaa; Crowne & Hubbard Ltd were winners in their dispute with

the Commercial & Industrial Workers Union (CIWU).

In a decision dated 26th January 1978, Mr Justice Elwin L

St.Bernard, sitting as a one-man tribunal,-said the Company was

justified in sacking seven workers during a go-slow last year.

) ress workers' claims for a cost-of-living allowance, CIWU

launched a go-slow against Hubberds on October 21st 1977. On

Octoberr 28th, agreement was reached on the issue of the cost-of-

living allowance but, during the go-slow, seven workers had been

dismissed and CIWU refused to call off the go-slow until they .

wwere reinstated. The Company, on the other hand, refused to

discuss the dismissals until the go-slow was called off.

Efforts by the Grenada Employers Federation, the Trad6 Union

Council, the labour Commissioner and the Minister for Labour were

unsuccessful in breaking the deadlock and it was mutually agreed

to put the matter to arbitration.

Alister Hughes
page 8

Contract Broken

In his decision, Mr Justice St.Bernard said the union's call for

a go-slow amounted to an instruction to the workers to break their

contract of service with the Company. "The PreSident of the

union stated that the go-slow was a deliberate slowing down of

work whereby the output was reduced"',,the Arbitrator said. "I

asked about the wages and he said it would be the same. The

dismissals, were a direct result of the union's instructions to

ga-slow and the union was aware of this. It appears that the

thinking was, in fact the submission was made, that the workers

cannot be dismissed during industrial action."

"' ere is no such provision in the Agreement", the Arbitrator

tonhti. 'ed, "and it is a fundamental principle of law that a

person cannot both approbatee and reprobate', that is, claim to

take the benefit of a transaction or relation whilst at the same

time refusing to perform obligations imposed upon him. The

workers' behaviour amounted to wilful neglect and disobedience

and this is a repudiation of their contract of service under the


The Arbitrator found that the Company was justified in dismissing

tho seven persons and that the dismissals was "in accordance with

the terms of the Agreement during an industrial dispute."
(370 words)


Grenada's proposed Cancer Cure Clinic may turn out to be no

more than a keep-fit club.

In an interview with the Grenada "Torchlight" newspaper in

January, Mr Peter Capella, Grenada's Tourism Representative

in Germany, said plans were well under way for a Cancer Cure

Clinic to be opened at the Grenada Holiday Inn.

But Senator Paul Slinger, Minister for Tourism, told NEWSLETTIE

today (24th) that there were many things about the project which

had to be clarified. "There was some talk about cancer", he

said, "but the clinic will not have anything to do with that. I

Alister Hughes
TnH GRAKADA NhAtSLZTT]R Week Laning 29.4.7&

believe it will have to do with fitness." The alinister

thought Mr Capella's imperfect English had brought dbout some

misunderstandings and 'it's just not clear enough at this stage."

In its January 15th issue, "Torchlight" reported that the Clinic

would offer the "new secret Russian cures" for cancer, and the

paper saidthat, on January 14th, 'Mr Capella had held discussions

on this matter with Dr Barry Rapier, Medical Superintendent at

St.Georges General Hospital.

In an exclusive interview with NLWSLETTER today (24th), Dr Rapier

denied discussing the Cancer Clinic with Br Oapella. "It is

entirely false that I had discussions with Mr Oapella about the

-reatment of cancer", he said. "He came to my office and

introduced me to two American gentlemen who, he told me, were to

start a clinic in Grenada for the treatment of cancer, but I had

no discussion with them on the matter."

Dr Rapier said Mr Capella and the two American gentlemen had come

to talk to him about Mr George Hosten, Minister of Finance, who

ws ~ni,.n under his professional care. ,'hey came to see me

aboalb taking Mr Hosten to the States and that's how I was

introduced to them."

Senator Slinger said sr Capella phoned him from Munich, Germany,

today (24th) and had said work is going ahead on the project.

Senator Slinger did not think the clinic would be at Holiday Inn,

but Mr Capella will be in Grenada shortly and will clarify the

(288 words)


The Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) has retained the

St.Andrews North-West constituency seat. In a bye-election

to fill the vacancy resulting from the death of Innocent Belmar,

GULP, Mr Herbert Basanta Fletcher, GULP, was returned unopposed.

Nomination Day was fixed for February 8th and, in the event of a

contest, an election was to have taken place on March st.

There was no election as Mr Fletcher only was nominated.

Alister Hughes
?age 10.
According to the Government Gazette of February 24th,

Mr Fletcher was appointed a Minister of State in the Ministr%

of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries with effect from February

21st 1978.
(102 words)


Telephone rates in Grenada are up with effect from Jamuary 1st

i978. Private lines moved from EC$27 to EC$32 per month,
business lines from EC$60 to EC$72 and private box exchanges

(PBX) from EC$84 to ECO100.

In an interview with the Grenada "Torchlight" newspaper in
.,Enuary, the Manager of the Grenada Telephone Company,

'ar Ivor O'Brien, said the increase in rates was made to show

"a little more viability" to the Caribbean Development Bank
'CDB) from whom a loan would be sought.

Interviewed today (24th), Mr O'Brien told NEWSLEaTER the loan

ha not yet been applied for. "We are working out the details

of wh.E ':- will need", he said, and, hopefully, we will be in
touch with ODB this year."

Ir O'Brien said the proposed loan would be for expansion of
tlhe telephone service.
(132 words)

The existing Tourism Division of the Government of Grenada is

to be reorganised into a modern institution.

This is one of the goals of the Organisation of American States

(OAS) planning system project which, according to a Government
release issued in January, was due to start in February.

By the endpf this year, the project will establish the basic
institutional framework for the planning system. By June

1979, a 10 year development strategy for the island will be
drawn up and, during 1978, some 25 Government officials should
b= trained in project evaluation.

Alister Hughes
THE GRQEADA NEWSLhETER Week Ending 29.4.78
Page 11
A number of projects are to be prepared for external financing.
(107 words)


A World Bank team is preparing "project lists" based on a review

of Grenada's economic development prospects. this team

visited Greada from 23rd to 26th February and held discussions

with Government officers and representatives of the nutmeg,

cocoa and banana industries.

The team comprised Mr George Papadopholeus, Mr J Sokel and Miss

C Bernard, and they were accompanied by Ar Eric Armstrong of the

Caribbean Development Bank.

Ths a visit was part of a regional economic mission and resulted

from a meeting held in Washington last December in connection
with Caribbean economic development. The team's report will

be submitted to a group set up for Economic Cooperation and

Development in the Caribbean.
(111 words)


Electricity rates are likely to be increased soon to meet wage

increases of employees at Grenada Electricity Services Ltd.(GES).

Negotiations between GES and the Technical & Allied Workers Union

(TAWU) became deadlocked in January this year but were resolved
after a meeting with Prime Minister Gairy, GES and TAWU on 14th

January. At that meeting it was agreed that workers earning
less than EC$450 a month would get an increase of 335$ in 1978

and a further 25% in 1979. 'hose earning over EC$450 would
receive 30% in 1978 and 20% in 1979.

The Company said, however, that electricity rates would have to

be raised to meet these increases and, as required by law, GES
has submitted details of the new rates required to th# Ministry

of Communications & Works for approval.

ir W R Lord, manager of GES, told NhWSLETTER today (24th) that
these details were submitted in February but have not yet been .

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEdSLtITER Week Ending 29.!4.78
Page 12

approved. In the mean time, the Auditor General and the

Accountant General have inspected the Company's accounts for

1977 and have submitted a report to the Minister of Finance.
(183 words)


Grenada's businessmen view the island's deteriorating economy

with a laisse faire attitude and have shown little inclination

to do anything about the situation.

ITHEWSLLTTER was told this today (24th) by Mr Albert Xavier,

President of the Grenada Chamber of Commerce. "Businessmen

seem to accept the state of the economy as an accomplished fact

about which they can do nothing", he said.

Mr Xavier told an Extraordinary General Meeting on January 12th

that the time was opportune for the Chamber to see how it could

help to put some life into the economy. That meeting decided

to renew the Chamber's call to Government for a National

Development Committee but Mr Xavier told NEWBLETTER that, to

date, not even an acknowledgement of the Chamber's letter to

the Prime Minister had been received.

In the mean time, vlr Xavier said, the Chamber's Development

Committee is studying the situation and will make proposals.

An interim report was submitted last week and, when the final

report is ready, giother attempt will be made to discuss the

matter with Government.

The President thought the reason for the lack of action by

the business community might be a fear of Government reprisals

if protests and criticisms were made about the economy.

However, Mr Xavier thought it more likely that, as the adverse

effect of the situation were being passed on to the consumer,

businessmen had not yet feltthe pressure to do something about it.
(238 words)
Mmmm^WM#~~jtt~ ~~wm~i

Alister Hughes
Page 13


Grenada's sugar crop is expected to be considerably bigger this-

year. Up to April 14th, the Grenada Sugar Factory Ltd ground

6,220 tons of canes and this produced 313.3 tone of sugar. This

was considered the half-way mark in the crop and was about 66% of

the total of 9,000 tons ground last year.

In an exclusive interview with NtWSLETTER today (24th), Mr D M B

Cromwell, Managing Director of the company, said the return of

sugar to raw cane might seem small but only "A" grade sugar ie.

being produced and most of the molasses is being made into rum.

"Rum is more profitable to make than sugar", he said, "and the

company is now actively engaged in looking for an export market

for rum.

Mr Cromwell said negotiations are well under war with a rum

distributor in the United States of America. Discussions hame

been "encouraging" and it was not unlikely that initial orders

would be placed soon.

The company has spent EC$150,000 on modernizing the factory as

much as possible but Mr Cromwell didn't think much more could be

done. "The mnahinery in the factory is old", he said, "and it

has almost lived out its usefulness. With replacements and

careful handling we may get another 10 years service out of the

plant, but one has to remember that, no matter how many nice

patches one puts on an old pair of pants, it still remains an old

pair of pants.

Harvesting of canes began on February 17th.
(251 words)


The Minister of Finance has made Regulations under which the

Grenada Agricultural & Industrial Development Corpori ion (GAIDC)

may make loans.

Three types of loans have been authorized. "Long term",

repayable within 10 years, "Medium term", repayable within 5

years, and "Short term", repayable within 18 months from date

Allster Hughes
Pare Il
of issue.

The Corporation may grant loans "for the promotion, establishment,

carrying on and expansion of development enterprises as defined in

the Act, and to persons pursuing courses of higher, technical and

vocational education approved by the Board. Authority is also

given for loans in connection with a range of purposes including

agricultural, industrial and tourism.

These Regulations were made under the GAIDC Act and were published

in the Government Gazette of March 10th 1978.
(123 words)


His Excellency Guglielmo Folchi, Italian Ambassador to Grenada,

presented his credentials to Governor General Sir Leo deGale on

Wednesday 18th January.
(21 words)
#######fH fflfff#*#

Mr Carlyle Burton, Barbados' High Commissioner to Grenada,
presented his credentials to Governor General Sir Leo deGale

on Wednesday January 18th. Mr Burton also called on Prime

Minister Gadry on January 19th, and had discussions with Miss

Gloria Payne, Acting Cabinet Secretary, and Miss F A I Rapier,

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs.

Mr Burton left Grenada on January 21st.
(62 words);


A three-man delegation from the Government of Banama arrived
in Grenada on January 25th. Headed by Dr Jose Esqgivel,

the other two members were Mr Everardo Gonzales and Mr Lie
Pedro Erin Martinez.

The delegation held discussions with Hon. Herbert Preudhomme,

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health & Housing, and

with Senator Henry Bullen, Minister of State in the Prime

Minister's Ministry with responsibility for Home & Foreign


Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLtTTER Week ending 29.4.78
PaZOe 1

A courtesy call was paid on the Governor General.
(78 words)

Mr Peter Morgan, Executive Directpr/ of the Caribbean Tourism
Association (CTA), paid an official visit to Grenada from 26th
February to March 1st. Mr Morgan had discussions with Prime

Minister Gairy, Senator Paul Slinger, Minister of Tourism, and
representatives of the hotel industry.
(41 words)

The Grenada Tourist Board and Holiday Inn were hosts to Gall
Eastmond, 18, Miss Montreal Carnival Queen 1977, during her stay
in Grenada in January.

Gall, a graduate of Rosemount High School, Montreal, is studying
dietetics at Dawson College, Montreal, and she won her title in a
field of 10 at the Verdun Auditorium on July 1st 1977. Her L
visit to Grenada from 24th at 27th January was part of her prize
trip to the Westindies.
(76 words)

Miss Marcello Gairy, L L B, daughter of Prime Miniater Eric Gairy,
was appointed to act as Assistant Secretary in the fEternal
Affairs Division of the Prime Minister's Ministry, with effect
from March 15th 1978.
(46 words)

Jameson Green Gittens and Cuthbert John, accused of the murder of
a visiting French seaman, have been acquitted.

Bertrand Joseph Mari% Homo, a sailor on the cruise liner "Menmoz",
waa shot on February 9th last year as he walked in a secluded area
of one of St.Georges' suburbs with a friend, Serge Commenoez. It
is alleged that the men were trying to buy marijuana at the time.

Alister Hughes
Page 16

''e principal eyewitness, Serge Commenoez, wai not available

at the trial, but his deposition was allowed by the Trial Judge

to be put into evidence. Gittens and John were freed on

February 17th.
(102 words)

ihe first International Congress on the study and research of

acupuncture and auricular (relating to the ear) medicine was

opened in the geodesic dome in the grounds of the Grenada Holiday
,':nn on March 8tho

The opening ceremony was performed by Minister of Health, Herbert

griudhomme, and the Congress was under the chairmanship of

Dr F M Worley, President of the North American Academy of

Auricular Medicine & Acupuncture Research.

''he Congress lasted three days.

(73 words)
##1-111f#t ft## if
iie Round Grenada Yacht Race record has been smashed.

Completing the course in 6 hours, 2 minutes on January 8th, the

735 yacht "Black Fin" bettered by 18 minutes the time of "Bolero"

in the 1970 race.

This is the second successive year "Black Fin" was first around

the 70 mile course, but, as happened last year, she was beaten

out of first place on corrected time. The winner was the

Finnish entry "Mayumi" with the Trinidad yacht "Carnival" second.

Winning in her own class, "Black Fin" was third in the overall


A feature of this year's yachting was the introduction of the

Carl Schuster Memorial Race on January 7th. Schuster, a

popular Aoerican yachtsman resident in Grenada,for many years,

;sa, murdered on his yacht in St.Vincent last year.

(131 worda)

Alister Hughee
Statements of the East Caribbean Currency Authority' published i:
the Grenada Government Gazette, show the following figures :-
Llab@ilitiles "
Q 30.9.77 -3Mt10.77 @ 30.114.77 Q 31.12.77

Notes in
Circulation $55,777,965
Coin in
Circulation 6,454,277
Balances 30,780,569
Cheques i1,932
Or'nisations 522.890

Deposits 73,889,691
Reserve 7,193,741
Reserve 3,093,120
Liabilities 5.272.998


Deposits &
Money at
Call $1.33,562,353
Securities 15,083,237
Currencies 2,584,542
Balances 1.3 54364

Bills 25,512,063
Assets 4.920.624


$56,861,935 $61,466,934

6,484,210 6,498,322

17,460,807 21,069,676

32,319 57,997

527.471 373,533

$81,366,742 $89,466,462.

66,944,330 58,479,910

7,193,741 7,193,741

3,093,120 3,093,120

2.884,214 1, 08.605
$161,482,147 *161,317,838






$1,61 ,482,147

















25,509,903 25,659,903

3.655.506 5.498.034

$161,317,838 $175,927,091

Alister Hughes
THE GRL ADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 29.4.78
Page 18

Grenada's 1977 Budget fell short of estimated revenue by 42 cents

in every dollar. This was disclosed by figures presented to

the House of Representatives on Wednesday (26th).

The occasion was the presentation of the 1978 Budget. The
Minister of Finance, Mr George Hostefi, was in the House but has

not yet recovered from recent illness. The Budget speech was

read by the Acting Minister of Finance, Mr Oliver Raeburn.

Reading Mr Hosten's speech and reviewing 1977, Mr Raeburn said

the continued surge in economic activity is manifested in the

public finances. "Preliminary data indicates that current
revenue rose by approximately 15 o during 1977 to a level of

EC431.8 million", he said.

This figure fell short of the budget estimate, the Acting

Minister said, mainly because of the collapse of The Grenadian
Conrpany, operators of an international lottery.
1977 Budaet

The 1977 Budget totalled EC$58.1
million of which EC$38 million was
estimated to come from local
revenue and EC020.1 million from

External Aid. Figures before

the House of Representatives show

that local revenue realized only

EC$31.8 million. External Aid
was down to ZC$1.6 million and the

overall drop in revenue from local

and external sources was 42%o.

Expenditure for 1977 was EC$36.8

million, resulting in a deficit of

(million $)

"A" !CW20.1 11

"BA" 38 A

"D" /0$.31.R

i //

"A" Estimated :"C" Actual
External: External
Aid. Aid.
"B" Estimated :"D" Actual
Local Local
Revenue Revenue

EC$3.4 million.


Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER week Ending 29.1.78
Page 19
Figures for the 1977 outturn are :-

Estimate Actual
Local Revenue EC$35,707,750
Special Reimbursements 1.570.000O

EC$37,275,750 EC$31,800,000
Capital .
Local Revenue EC$ 718,000
External Aid 2.1A20 1.600.000

Total:- EC058,136,950 EC033,400,000

Deficit 3.4000.00

Actual expenditure 1.977 EC$36,800,000

(Note Government's figures presented for 1977 are
termed "Revised Estimated" and will show some
change when Government's accounts for 1977 are
completed. It is not expected that these
changes will be significant.)

Reviewing the 1977 Capital Budget, Mr Raeburn said progress was

made on the British Aid Development Project but the rate of
spending was not as fast as Government wished. However,

negotiations are under way for a further UK aid programme which

should begin in April 1979.

"The European Development Fund Programme which was approved for

Grenada has progressed satisfactorily", the Acting Minister of
Finance said. "The financing of the major east coast road is

in the final stages of negotiation." Also in connection with

this programme, Mr Raeburn said work has already begun on

improvements at the General Hospital.

Concerning the World Bank Project, which includes provision for a
new airport, there was some delay in 1977.. The Canadian

International Development Agency (CIDA) has agreed, in principle,
to finance the physical planning and costing survey, and

Mr Raeburn said Government hoped to begin construction in 1980.

"It will be observed", said the Acting Minister of Finance, "that

progress on aid schemes has not been all that could be desired,
but we have taken measures to rectify this through the initiative

Alister Hughes
Page 20

of the Right Honourable Prime Minister."

Reviewing prospects for 1978, Mr Raeburn said the international

economic outlook is not as prosperous as 1977, but it was not

expected that Grenada's economy will be seriously affected by
the unfavourable forecasts. "My judgement is", he said,

that for this year the market for our ifain crops will remain

firm and that the rate of increase of import prices will decline."

iMr Raeburn estimated that the growth in real Gross Domestic
Product for 1978 will be approximately 5%. "It is with the

greatest confidence that I invite the people of this country to
expect that 1978 will be a better year than 1977 for all of

us", he said.

The Budget for 1978,

Local Capital**
Local Revenue
External Aid ##

EC$75.4 million, is made up as follows :-
EC .5,589,584 Recurrent EC049,467,377
46,451,810 Capital 25,918,614
25. 89.005 Surplus 44,408

EC$75,430,399 hC$75,430,399

*' Local Capital
Sale of Government Lands

E0$ 10,000

International Monetary Fund
Trust Fund 800,000
Sale of Grenada's share of Restituted Gold 412,000
Profit distribution 220,000
Special Deposits Increase 4.139.584

EC$ 5,589,584
## Eternal Aid
British Development Aid EC$ 6,533,036
Canadian International Development Agency 4,740,847
Luropean Development Fund 4,982,000
Caribbean Development Bank 4,577,950
Other 2442.222
Error in published figures 11 2.950


Mr Raeburn said estimated increases in local revenue ever the

1977 figure were due, among.other factors, to higher customs
-evenue based on current trends. More income tax was

Aliater Hughee

anticipated because of estimated higher profits of businessmen
and tax revenue would be increased also because of increased
stamp duty and foreign exchange tax.

Highlighting what he called the "major spending'departments", the
Acting Minister of Finance said a sum of about E0K5.6 million had
been earmarked for Charges on AcCdnt of the Public Debt. This
was made up of some ECj4.6 million to cover liabilities arising in

1978 and a further EC$l million for arrears.

'he estimates show provision for increased salaries and allowances

for parliamentarians and agreed salary increases for Civil
Servants. Referring to the latter, Mr Raeburn said, "I need
not go back over the details of this negotiation; the measure of
the financial burden it has imposed on the taxpayers of the
country is obvious."

Some details of expenditure are :-
Prime Minister's Office 0C$2,236,409
Police 3,746,160
Ministry of Finance Trade & Industry 3,116,039
Ministry Communications & Works 4,692,606
Ministry of Education 8,865,086
Ministry of Health & Housing 7,302,422
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries 2,115,899
Ministry of Labour, Youth Development & Sport 420,t78
Ministry of Social Affairs, Community
Development & Cooperatives 689,172
Salaries Revision 4,630,000

Mr Raeburn said that, in round terms, EC01.8 million of the
estimated external A~. would be -pent on roads, schools and other
infrastructure, ECt5 milal on agPiouLtture and EC$2 million for
port development and other smaller items. "1his is a realistic
and well balanced programme", he said, "and it will transform
Grenada' economy."

The Acting Minister of Finance thought it easy to anpipate the
Opposition's criticisms of the budget. "Unless their views
have changed since last year"$ he said, "they will say our
planning is insufficiently precise, that guidelines are ot .
clearly laid down, that the role of Government is ill defined and

.- t e . "..? ".

TL-s"r. ,' *. EN .

T b .* :*. ANU 1

inadequate and the! 'Im uar gremt brgqJots r iStaete Inrst e."*

His head was unbo*ed by these critioire, he said. Tjie polidy.

M--r ,eaeburn thought the Opp"ottion's development poltciisa at

si v te Irndstria ins ivsed onwhich, otefprie witha necesaai 6
m iniiu, of Go.eirnmet initerfereCe. "i, belev' this i t wht
. . . '. ... '..... ,' "

thae country wants ua needs", be si, "te a surest tay to'ell man

S"o wa neve.a grow than polteial f a crude pitial ra
Tr haeburn thought the Oppoaltion'l development pothActiA tr Mi
i.itdated, "1'be Idea that aOvelupijment can come only by

f massive industrial investment atieon of townasiy has dountr t
Gt u aided, cby urbaniation, by the attnanpt toan sel b etter btued

,. aho-pogucth instead ff oi moedities is now agriculted" ral
idevelot a never ineh rmeore than a rude political roion an

rd proto- volonialivemeno ty l

S"The speha r is no onfter thul velopent", tier of ing Mia.tes
of Pinice continued, "the intefaton ofce toh andi coat tr a

S he pndaue eoeon mioand e ocilOl eiaanaion-.aml bettwj t." He
thought this pattern fitted Gxenada with agricultural
*development increaeing farmers' wealth, and Sooial prcjectm and
I rodLnitro oveini enricIbng 40nDilty life. i-l *

"rMa ^t'iI j06at amtt, Mr tRabura maid, "we the atur sly
anI' gt *s n the part of daenadianns nbo live s o _'
Sfly exasplflj8, by our Prime MI~iintn.'" -* .

;- *ira.ilrst speaker after lthe Acting Minister of Finance ras *
Mr. Br'fturice Bishop, Leader O$ tlE Opposition, end it is eXpeotl ''.
that all hiaibab' on the Opposition side will contribute. .
nir Geozs "stj~n, the minister of ?intaoe, has Indioated. thBet IV
4- i d ]a. reply. .. I

Thes. dbatb o .

.~r ~I -

SAlister'Hughea. s 1

31 956,- t- anans o BrIlain. ThLi i s eqat to -
'- .' -* t i t i I ".

Sjust over halft pound or banana and a halt torevery person

.. .. '. "-! 1 1 l a p .. i
"in the uited'Udo. .

SoatA grtpioalely monthly Shipfents during 1977. n.millions of
poanawere -

4-, K --p _ -a^- -.^ -- 4-

4 t
~a g~pzollimot~ e-~a~8 drn ~~7tnnl;JNtr i

7": ,

Nk prnb aei;

w. re re 5 weeklI shipments iBnlaruary, Wey, Augst' and
:-Sinbt e lst,4 weekly shipmentosia i 1 other months.
. '
Totaes U t2on 4tpinpaents in 1977 w beres-
; 4 -Jary 2,564,,80- lb July 2,594,978 lb(
'eb 3,156,8094 August 2,874.397 "
aroh 2,435,316 september 2,093,514 0
;-Aprit' 2,136,13671 btober 2,207,598
a, A.* 3,341t,015 November 3i3p,771 "
SJune 2 801,261 December 2039j,473 n

In te fo iowing fisguir relative to batana atlpgoga in 1'
d .gate, Column "A" rOZseo Shipped
S-" "* "B" weightt Shipped

-" ; *D" = PrFAe we poOfd paid byeegat Industrie



978 t

a to.




F ^

ps dienada dooperativeE a nana Soietr C(1
" "E" l= Lit paid by GqBS to banana producer" ;
r n Woiht if.banapas at boxing -I`an ,
-"' (continued .
& ~ ~~~~~~~ ~ ~ .. '*' '.-?^.* *-'*Lu~


-/*--i : IFc w



TG aBIm WaT'SER Week ...W F*

December '


a dwasry it all
* Week "Vo

.1 :Ar. 't Mr Y: 14" ? "

1 C

bML ;
isew .* >; '-3


-and, ak _

- I"




1- .Vi

* .- .*


y ,

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