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Alister Hughes
P 0 Box 65
or- The Week Ending December 3rd 1977

In its 75 page long Report, the Commission appointed by Gvowrnment

to "review the salaries of all monthly paid Government employees"

states that its "examination of the situation indicated that any
reasonable adjustment in pay in the ranks of the Public Service

..... would most likely put the Government in even greater

difficulty to find the necessary resources to, satisfy the

The Commission feels, however, that the icreasee it has

recommended "...are the barest minimum which are necessary to

restore some semblance of value to the pay of Public'Ber vant

...", and it is convinced that "...if the country hopes to have

any chance of attracting and retaining within the ranks of the

Public Service persons who are sufficiently capable, competent and
dedicated so as to sustain'.and maintain it in the difficult period

RECOMMENDED." (capitals are the Commissioners')

Referring to the Audit Department, the Commissioners express
concern that the last Auditor's Report was published in 1970.

Firm reasons were not established for this delay but there are

several contributory factors, "... not the least of these factors

is the shortage of capable staff ...". It has been recommended

that a determined effort be made to place the right calibre of

staff in this department.
In the Police Porce, the Commissioners found a total Establishment

of 503 which does not include the Grenada Voluntary Constabulary.
Of the 503, the Pire Services account for 25, the Police Band for

21, and the Coast Guard 7, and the Commissioners were advised that'
there are a large number of untrained recruits.

"We are also advised", said the Commissioners, "that such recruits

are permitted to progress on to the salary scales for constables,

even receiving promotion to NCO ranks without the benefit of
training. We are of the opinion that such a state of affairs
-. (continued)

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEIMlliTER Week Ending 3512.77

can constitute a real danger and that untrained recruia should

not be permitted to perform public police anaesaor .handle arms
etc, without a minimum of training."'

According tor the. 1977 EBtimates, the Police Establisiment is :-

1 Commissioner
1 Deputy Commissioder
Supperintehdent of Police
6 Assistant Superintendents of Police
1.2 Inspectors of Police
35 Sargeants
99 Corporals
295 Constables
Evidence brought before the Commissioners, however, was that.there

are 9 Acting Inspectors of Police, 40 Acting Sargeants and 29
Acting Corporals in addition to the posts substantively provided

"Quite apart from the fact that we were unable to discover the
assis for such a large numbei of people acting in posts which

ore apparently not provided for in the approved Establishment",

said the Commissioners, "it is clear that, if these additional.
posts are necessary for the Force to function, .then the figures
appearing in the Estimates and not only-unrealstiAi but meaninglee,

and it seems that a complete overhaul of the establishment,
deployment and Officer/NCO/Constable ratio is urgently needed."

Also referring to the Police, the Commiassoner~ deplore the
practice of leaving important arms of ethe Publip Service without
substantive leadership for 'extended periods of time. "The
Police Force has, for some time, been without a substantive
Commissioner and is currently without & Deputy..OCpiaissioner",
they point out, and they go on to urge "...that expeditious

action be taken to strengthen the tbp ranks of the Force, with
a view to providing the necessary leadership and capability for
its development.*
Board Of Management
Under the Head of "Radio Grenada'", the CommiisiQlers pay that
revenue from the Station in 1976 was ECt025,833.00 while
e~conditure for that year was EC$251,000.00. The report
recommends that Radio Grenada be constituted a Stattbory Body
wV-t a Board of Management, and the Commissioners feel "...that
&ith .proper, established fees and the necessary machinery in place,.

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NLWSL-taEt Week Ending 3.12*77
Page 3

there is no reason why the t tation should not be e source of net

revenue to Government within a reasonably abort period."

Concerning the Inland Revenue Department, the Commissioners say

that the days when taxation was used only as a means of collecting

revenue have long departed, and "... it is now well-reoognised

as an important instrument of socio-economic policy" "The

options before Government, however", say the Commissioners, "as

far as the use of taxation as such an instrument is concerned,

are severely limited by the lacd of administrative capacity in

that division." The Commissioners recommend that an urgent

"rescue operation" be undertaken in this department, and suggest

that "... urgent technical assistance at an operational, not

adtiriy level, eW AsightYi2.'c>; *

Various other Government departments are referred to in the

Report and, under the Hea, of "Supplementary Proposalsa other

matters are dealt with including the agricultural estates which

have been acquired by Government.

"The information which we elicited indicated that there were some

15 Government owned estates covering an area of some 3,000 acres
principally planted in nutmeg, cocoa and bananas", says the

Report, "and that a Food Production Programme was now in process

using the unutilised land on these estates; we were, however,

advised that the revenue realized from those estates amounted to

an estimated EC4100,000.00. Obviously, this is far from

satisfactory, even when it is considered that some of the

Institutions receive food from these estates. We therefore

suggest that consideration be given to the creation of a

Corporation to manage all Government owned estates on a commercial

Basia Principle
In considering the question of the revision of salaries, the

Commissioners say their first and basic principle was that of

"fair comparison". Explaining this term, they say that

"...Public Service posts should be compared with posts outside the

Public Service and, in addition, that the comparison should be

fair in that those posts which are compared with the private

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Endig .3.12.77 -

sector should be broadly comparable in term 6 duti4a and
responsibilities, taking,lpto ,ap

The cost-of-living was also taken into account in dealing with
the qUestion of revised salaries, and consideration was.given to
"... the rapid and steep escalation in prices of the cost of
goods and services in this country since the last pay increases
were granted in 1970 .*, .. The Commissioners feel that,

against these considerations, the proposals they have made,
especially, i relation to.the lower salary grades, "are more
than reasonable."

It has been reommend'ed that the proposed salaries in the Report

cover the period January 1st 1977 to December 31st 1980. It
is also recommended that, from 1st: Jaguay 1979, a-coat-of-
..iving allowance should be paid on :the baalsi0of EC$7.00 for,..
very 10-point rise in the Retail Prices Index from that date.

To implement this cost-of-living provision of the Meport, the

Commissioners recommend that Government take immediate steps to
ensure that a Retail Prices Index be published regularly.

For purposes of implementing the new salary scales recommended,
the Commipsioners have provided an appendix to their Report with

17 "Conversion Tables' covering as many different salary scales.
In addition, the appendix sets out 10 new salary scales.
As examples of the effect of some of these Conversion Tables, in
the very lowest salary scale where a Cleaner would have had a
starting salary of EC$115.00 per month under the "old scale",
the "new scale" provides that the starting salary will be

0C2806.00, an increase of over 143-. A Janitor, Watchman,
Telephone Operator and Dental Orderly, all starting before at
EC$150.00 per month, move 1I13 to a starting salary of

E0$320.00 per.month.

T igher up the range, a Heavy Equipment Operator moves from a
Starting figure of EC$180.00 to EC 360.00 per month (100%),

a, trade B Nurse Attendant from EC$246.00 to EC$430.00 (79Y,),
a Water Pump'Operator, AEsistant Wirbless Operator, Carpenter,

Alister Hughea.
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER -. eek Biding 3.12,77
Page 5
Printer and Forest Rangerfrom EC$272.00 to EO$430.00 (74.6y),
and a District Nurse from EC#322.00 to E0#560.00 (73.9,), all
these being the starting salaries at the -botton of the salary

In the top brackets, a Deputy Postmaster and as Assistant
Superintendent of Police, who started previously at EC$553.00 per
month have been recommended to starttat E~p920.00 per month

(66.36%). This recommendation applies also to Tutors at the
Teachers' College, the Personal Aesistant to the Governor
General, Senior Laboratory Technicias., .the Government Printer
and Senior Labour Inspectors.

Magistrates move from EC$699.00.per month .tartir g salary to
ECG$190,00 per month (706)., as dog the Vetericary Officer,
District Medical Officera, Pathologist qn< Psychologia..

Among the new salary Bcsdle recommended are those referring to
the Chief .Education Officer, Commissioner of Police, Senior
Economist and Senior Magistrate, all of whom will have starting
salaries of Ec$1580.00 per month. The Director of Audit, the
Chief Personnel Officer and the Clerk of Parliament will start at
EC$1650.00 per month, while the Cabinet Secretary, the Attorney
General (when a Public Officer), and the,Permanent Secretary in
the Ministry of Fins ce will have starting salaries of EC#1850.00
per month,

A source close to the Civil Service Association told NLWSLETTER
that the backpay due to Government monthly paid employees at

31st 'ecember 1977, as a result of these recommended salary
increases, will approximate EC#8 million. Of this figure,
the source estimated that 30% would be repayable to Government as
Income Tax.-

On November t7th the Report was made available to the three

trade unions representing Government.monthly paid employees.
Since than, these union, the Civil Service Association (qSA),
Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT) and the Technical & Allied
workers Union (TAWU), have been studying the deport and, in a

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER 'Week E'E tdirg 3.1.77:
Pae 6
joint letter e8ant today (1'st) -tb 'he MiNiater of; Hib~aaoe, the
unions tave 'adYised that they 'are''-teady to dLeouse its
implemidntdtiof -with Govdinmetit. *- s ljOniT ?ettle?; signed by
Mr R McI Robinson, President of CSA, Mr Julius Porsyth, President
of GUT and Mr Curtis Stewart, President of TAWUT says the unions
would like to start discussions on the subject within a week.

The Conmiasion'was comprised-of: Mr 0 Mathurin, Director. General.
Servit.'ea"'& Administration (Ag-) Of tlhe 'Caribbean Community ,
Secretariat, Mr 0 Edwy Talma, AttoEney At-.Law, former Deputy
Prime' Minister- and"Leader of-the Barbados House of Assembly, and .
Senator James A Manswell, General Secretary of the Public Services
Association of Trinidad & Tobago and General Secretary of the
Caribbean PIblia Services Association.

The Commissoon' Was p pointed in Noyamber 34976 and its terms of
.ferespe were "to review the salaries of all monthly paid
Government. employees and other working conditions of service,
and to. make recommendations with a view to promoting a better
Servi.ce.." The. Report was handed to Government on November
. ... .
(1723 words')

On Weidnaddy of'thisaweek (30th), the Grenada Cooperative- utmeg
associationn began a record "bonus" payout of EC$4 million-repreeenting

the surplus due tq growers for the trading year ending 30th June 1977.
This figure is EC#' million in excess of the previous record surplus
:or the ,trading year ending 30th June 1976.

According to the audited StatStent of TrPdig' & Surplus Distribution,
this surplu' resulted from a Grobs 'Income-'ofl EC$15,304,760.00 which
was Ect534,149.00 higher than the Gross Income for the previous year.
The Gross Income for 1977 was derived from the following sales :-
lbs lbs a9
Selected Nutmegs. 699,963 1,885647.00-
Unassorted Nutmegs.. 3,371,44 7,957,233.00
Defectives 1, 748,310 3', 28,684,0O
Mace No 1 383 910 1,37950
Mace No 2 ____ 152L3..00'
5,8t9,417 740, 79o0 t15,304o,760.o0

Alister Hughes
Pageg 7
The following tEble gives ,a breakdown, f quantitite exported to
individual daetinationd during the 1977. trading year -

Deatination. Nutmege (lbu)
West Germany 1,425,780
Holland.. 1,364,800
United. Kingdom 509,528
Argenpina 394,618
Poland 358,400
,U.S.A. 357,833
China 328,000
Spain 281,800
Belgium 221 ,400
Italy 178,800
Canada 146,000
France 140,8b0
Libya 44,800
Jordan m14,899
Dominican Republic 13,200
Jamaica 10,800
Guyana 10,467
Trinidad 5,200
Norway 4,400
Venezuela 4,000
Greede 3,360
Barbados 532
St.Vincent -

2 3.45:

6. 7


The price ranges on the principal makets during the year were as

follows :-

Sound Unassorted Nutmegs,
Sound Unaesorted Nutmegs
No. 1 Mace
No. 2 Mace
Sound Selected Nutmegs
Sound Unassorted Nutmegs
Defective Nutmegs
No. 1 Mace
No. 2 Mace
Mace Pickings


2.45 2.60






Mace i1baa 2
'394,5Q0 `'.535. 7
S55,730- .: 7.52
a?,04.6 -32.94
2,240 .30

11,170 1.51

27,440 3.71
2,200 .30


2,240 .30

12 .15

Alister Hughes

For compari"r, the following summary shows the quad~ities sold,
the average market prices and the gross value of ek pbrts between
1977 and the previous four years :
Year Ended Sales AVg. Mkt. Sales Avg.Mkt. Total
30th June Nutmea~d(bsT Price(ner Ib Magcelbs) Price(lb Value
1973 2,888,128 40.9645 .' 629,397 $1.6176 $3,803,995
1974 3,015,366 A 9048 .. 452,546 3.9825 7,546,173
1.975 2,644,720 2.6474 221,960 5.2641 8,170,088
1976 6,528,719- 1.8899 763,750 3.1838 14,770,613
1977 5,819,417 2,2461 740,790 ".0146 15,304,760

From the Gross Income of EC$15,304,760.00 fob 1977, E064,264,484.00
i -'. was paid as advances to growers, leaving
a Gross Profit for the year of ECO11,040,276.00. Direct
2rpenses for the year were EC)4,037,083.00, and General &
Administrative Expenses totalled ECC765,948.00, these two
figures being equal to ECB4,803,031.00,

Scme of the large figures for General & Administrative
Expenses are for Salaries Wages EC$314,200.00 (1976 -
3X-282,492.00), -provident Fund Contributions E023,A28.00
(1976 -EC#25,000.00), Union Dues EC#23,315.00 (1976 -
E4C15,113.00), Insurances EO$30,260.00 (1976 EG432,265.00),
and Nutmeg Research Programme EC07,055.00 (1976 -

Export Duty payable to Government is charged under Direct
-apenses and amounts to LC$2,667,541.00 in 1977. Export
Duty for 1976 was EC$2,484,927.00. Some of the other charges
wander Direct Expenses are Agents Fees EC$25,044.00 (1976-
EC$14,415.00), Pest Control EC$21,435.00 (1976 -EC$13,280.00)
and 7Yages on the Processing Stations ECS944,813.00 (1976 -

Each year the Association levies a cess on its exports, the
amount of which is kept in reserve to bolster lean years.
The cess for 1976 was EC$2,829,204.00 and for 1977 it was
0CS2,495,259.00, this figure being deducted from the Gross
pro it. There is a separate Reserve Fund which stood at
'-$638,642.00 on 30th June 1,977, and the cess of the
Association plus the separate Reserve Fund totalled
conti n.ed)

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER -:Week, 6ding31.4 2.-it
page 9
EC$8,181i,511.00 at -30th Jnea 1977,

The 'Statement of Trading & Surplus Distribution shows other
income in the form of Interest EG4300,394.00, Profit On Nutnag
Oil tading F3.9,-i8.2.0A. and Mieoellaneous .-C65.60 Whioh, when
taken account of, ppakest a total Trading Sdrplua for the year of
EC$4,051,627.00. AdJatmenatr4,pf EC$51,627.00 relative to
"prior years", leaves a finai surplus of EC$4 million due to
growers, EC*i million more than for the year ending 30th
June 1976.; .. '

The Report .o the Interim Board, attachedd to the Accounts, refers
to the peddiing legal matter wh'ic "arose from the dissolution .by
the Governor. General o0 tle elected Nutmeg Board on 4th July 1975.
The dissolved elected Board applied to the High Court for ah Order
declaring the Dissolution Order to'be null and void and that the
appointment of the Interim Board was unconstitutional,

In July of this year, the High Court granted the application of
the dissolved elected Board but an appeal against the Judge's
decision was filed by the Attorney General and a Stay of Execution,
of the Judge's Order was granted. The appeal was heard in
October 1977 and the decision is still being awaited.

The Report of the Interim Board is dated November 14th and is
signed by its Chairman, Mr Claude W Morrison,
(916 words)

The St.Gedrges University school of Medicine, which opened the
doors of its campus at True Blue in Grenada on January 17th of
this year, has expanded its faculty from the original figure of
five to the present figure of twelve. In addition, the School
has some 30 visiting professors .and 3.guest speakers listed for
its first and second semesters.

This was disclosed to 'NEWSLETTR by the Chancellor of the
University, Dr Charles uMolcla,' in an exclusive interview on
Tuesday of this week (29th). "Soie of our original professors
were not everything we expected", said Dr Modic'a, "and I realized

Alister Hughes.
Page 10

we had some changes tb be made in our faculty." Of the five

original professors, the names of two only appear oh the current

Faculty List of full time professors.

These two original professors

and the complete list of full

Robert McCellan George
Philip Glsser
M Nelly Golarz
Kenneth Harris
Jerry R Hersey
Hal Nienatadt: : .
David Louis Brown
Joseph M Butros
C. V. Rao
Ishak I. Shahied
Geoffrey H Bourne

Arthur Lawrence Doenecke

are David Brown and Hal Nienstadt,

time professors is :-

Ph. D. University of Washington
Ph. D. Brown University
Ph. D. Emory University
Ph. D. Harvard University
Ph. D. University of Missouri
Ph. D. Yeshiva University
Ph. D. Princeton University
Ph. D. Emory University
i.. D. Banaras Hindu University
Ph. D. Colorado State University
D. Sc. University of Western
D. Phil. University of Oxford
L.R.C.P. & 8.1., Royal College
of physicians & Surgeons,

Dr Modica said that the School's enrollment is now 320, of which

150 are upper class students and 170 are freshmen. The

School's programme calls for 5 pre-clinical semesters which

take 21 years, following which there are 4 clinical semesters.

"The upper class has now completed one semester and are in their

second", said the Chancellor, "so that they have three more pre-

clinical semesters to complete. The first of their clinical

semesters will be done in Grenada and what we are attempting to

do is to negotiate with other countries all over the world to let

our students go to hospitals in other countries to do the last

three semesters and so get exposure to different types of

medical systems."

In preparation for the clinical semester which will be spent in

Grenada's hospitals, the Management of the School of Medicine

has undertaken to upgrade the hospitals and Dr Modica said that,

to this end, equipment has already been sent in. Dr Modica

aaid an X-ray unit for the St.Georges General Hospital arrived

In Grenada five months ago but has not been installed because

6vpae provision has not been made at the hospital for the unit.

Alister Hughes
Pate 11

In addition, other supplies have been brought in. "We've gust

sent down about US825,000.00 worth of general hospital equipment-

which the Hospital Authorities felt they needed right away", said

the Chancellor, "and this included 5,000 syringes, bandages and

things of that kind. These things are not really necessary

for upgrading the hospital, and they should have been there to

begin with, but they haven't been there to begin with and so we

have to start at the basic foundations."

Dr Modica said the upgrading programme was being handled by

the School's Hospital Administrator, Mr John DiGilio, and

shipments are already being made to Grenada of sterilisera,

autoclaves, microscopes and other laboratory equipment. In

addition, there are over 200 hospital beds, end-tables and other

general hospital equipment in storage in New York awaiting

shipment, but these are being held back awaiting a decision on

the method of shipment to be adopted.

"We have estimated", said the Chancellor, "that to ship all these

things down will cost well over a quarter of a million dollars,

and, before we spend that money, we are seriously contemplating

buying our own small ship."

Referring to the American Medical Association (AMA), Dr Modica was

critical of what he called the "negative attitude" of that Body.

towards the St.Georges School of Medicine. He said a

prospective student had contacted Dr Geoffrey Bourne, one of the

School's faculty members, and had told Dr Bourne that an official

of AMA had said "bad things" about the School.

"This student told Dr Bourne that Dr Ira Singer, the AMA official

in charge of medical education, has said that AMA had no

information about the School", said the Chancellor, "but that AMA

had heard that all that the students did was to go scuba-diving

and sit on the beach." The Chancellor said Dr Bourne had

called Dr Singer and "raised holy heck."
Dr Modica felt it was wrong of Dr Singer to make these statements

"when he hasn't been to Grenada and when he knows nothing about
the School." "I know Dr Singer", said the Chancellor, "and

Alister Hughea
Page 12.

his philosophy is that foreign medloal schools are ,infe'or and

no American should be going to them. What Dr Singer has failed

to tell me, however, is why half of our newly licenced physicians

have graduated in foreign medical schools."

The Chancellor was critical also of Dr James R Schofield, the

Director of the Accreditation Division of the American Association

of Medical Colleges. Dr Modica said that, during last month,

Dr Schofield, in making adverse public statements about a School

of Medicine in Puerto Rico which he had inspected, had taken the

opportunity to make adverse public statements about the St.Georges

School of Medicine "about which he had no information."

"In a newspaper article which came out about two weeks ago", said

Dr Modica, "Dr Schofield criticised the School of Medicine in

ruerto Rico and went on to say that new Medical Schools in

'Tienada, Antigua and Barbados are cited as questionable."

r, Modica said that the accuracy of Dr Schofield's information

can be guaged by the fact that there are no new Medical Schools

in either Antigua or Barbados.

The St.Georges University School of Medicine now employs some

50 persons ranging in employment from cleaners to clerical staff,

and Dr Modica said that, with the present pay-roll plus local

expenses of the School and money spent by the students, the

money imput to Grenade a economy is considerable. "In

addition to the money pumped into the economy by our own employees",

he said, "there is the food service plus the fact that each

student spends at least a thousand United States dollars each

semester. At that rate, with the new students coming in,

the School's annual imput to Grenada's economy will be well

over a million dollars by next year."

Referring to the role of the StGeorges University School of

Medicine in the Commonwealth Caribbean, Dr Modioa said he did

not see any conflict with the School of Medicine of the University

of the West Indies (UWI). "we are primerally concerned with

educating foreign students", he said, "and, as an international

u-iversity, we are able to bring in to the Caribbean a diversified

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA hEWSLETTER Week Ending 3...177
Page 13
student body as well as faculty, and we are not, therefore,

drawing on the manpower of the University of the West Indies

or interfering with their own faculty that exists now."

The Chancellor hoped soon to be exchanging professors with UWI

and he felt that when the St.Georges School of Medicine improved

the clinical facilities in Grenad'a and other possible Westindian

countries, these improved facilities would be available to

UWI students.

"I think we are a natural team", Dr Modica said, "because UWf

is primarily concerned with educating Caribbean medical students.

and, while we will be educating some here, we are primarily

concerned with educating foreign medical students and building up

the hospital and health facilities that are of mutual interest to

both institutions."
(1247 words)

The Secretary of the London based organisation, "End Loans To

Southern Africa" (ELTSA), the Reverend David Haslam, visited

Grenada on Wednesday (30th) and, in an exclusive interview with

NLWSLETETR, disclosed that he is now on a tour of the Caribbean

sponsored by the World Council of Churches.

Reverend Haslam, who is of the Methodist Church, was a fraternal

delegate to the recent meeting of the Caribbean Conference of

Churches (CCC) in Guyana, and he said he welcomed the opportunity

to visit the region because it gave him the opportunity to share

with Weetindians some of the problems of people in other parts of

the world.

"For example", he said, "I was able to speak to the CCC assembly

about the situation of Barclays Bank and the fact that we in

Britain are campaigning against Barclays Bank for its involvement

in South Africa."

Reverend Haslam said the specific issue now being raised is the

fact that Barclays Bank bought 10 million dollars (US) worth of

defence bonds from the South African Government last December.

Alister Hughes
Page 14
ELTSA is asking Barclays to sell these bonds at the earliest

possible date because the organisation feels that they are

direct support for the South African military.

'"W are asking people in the Caribbean, Churches and individuals",

he said, "to raise this matter with Barclays Bank, especially if

,hey have an account there, and see iT they cant put some

pressure on Barolays International in London to get these

cdefence bonds sold, direct support of the apartheid regime

that they are."

Peverend HIslan left for Barbados on Thursday I t where he

expected to spend a few days before flying to Jamaica.
(274 words)


'.lie recent meeting of the Caribbean Conference of Churches in

7yana was a most rewarding experience and augers well for the

future of the Christian Churches in the Caribbean.

This opinion was expressed today (3rd) to NEWSLETTER by His

Lordship Bishop Sydney Charles, Roman Catholic Bishop of Grenada

who attended the CCC meeting, and Bishop Charles said he had

cbnefited immensely from his participation.

One of the Resolutions passed by the meeting referred to Grenada's

.-rowing links with the Government of Chile. This Resolution

reads as follows :-
WiEREAS the Grenadian Government led by Prime Minister Erio M

,airy has been speedily increasing military ties with the brutal

regime of Chile led by General Pinochet, and

VggREAS many statements have been made both in Parliament and

on Radio Grenada (exclusively controlled by the Government) to

the effect that Chile is a democracy and that theru is total

freedom in Chile under the Pinochet Government which saved

the people of Chile from destruction when taking power by

ousting the 'minority' in power (Allende), and
f'IEES the International Commission of Jurists and the Caribbean

Human Rights Company have passed resolutions condemning the
Ch0ile-ar. pnetration in the Caribbean, and

Alister Hughes
'HE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 3.12.77
W YtEAS the United Nations, the International Court of Justice,

AAnnety International, the World Peace Council, the OAS Human

Rigata Commission, the International Labour Organisation (ILO),

the World Health Organisation (WHO), the UN Economic & Social

Council, the World Council of Churches, the Commonwealth

Secretariat and other international Bodies have all denounced the

Chilean faciat regime of terror in Chile, and
'HIEES the Grenada People's Alliance, the Grenada Assembly of

Youth, the Grenada Human Rights Council, the New Jewel Movement

(NJM), the Commercial & Industrial Workers Union and other
organizations in Grenada have strongly condemned the diplomatic

and military ties between Grenada and Chile, and

WHEREAS such ties are dangerous to the democracy and integrity of

Grenada and the Caribbean, and

WHEREAS the Chilean regime has murdered thousands of Christians

and other people of Chile protesting against its cruel acts and

has no regard for peace, freedom and justice for anyone who
opposes it,
BE IT RESOLVED that this Second Assembly of the CCO unequivocally

condemn the military connection between the Grenadian and Chile

regimes and appeals to Governments inside and outside the region

to bring pressure on Grenada to end this connection, and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all concerned with human rights in the

region stress the need to be vigilant in resisting any attempts

to spread the system of violent repression or the influence of

Chile in the Caribbean.

Bishop Charles, who returned to Grenada on Monday 28th, said that,

including the fraternal delegates who attended, 57 countries had
been represented at the meeting.
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At the last meeting of the House of Representatives on November

25th, Prime Minister Gairy announced that Grenada has been chosen

as the location for the 20th Conference of the Pan American

World Health Organisation (PAHO).

Vhits announcement follows t .h visit to Grenada on November 16th of

Alister Hughes
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Dr Acuna, PAHO's Director. Prime Minister Gairy said some
300 delegates will attend the conference.
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The S.S. "Geestland" sailed on November 29th with 22,172 boxes
of bananas weighing 660,967 lbs. Neither the price paid by
Geest Industries to the Grenada Banana Cooperative Society (GBOC)
nor the price paid by the Society to growers is yet available.
There were 444 boxes of rejected fruit.

NEWSLETTER for the week ending November 26th was unable to report
the statistics relative to the banana shipment of that week.
Boae of these statistics are now available and are as follows.

The S S "Geeststar" sailed on November 22nd with 21,463 boxes
-f bananas weighing 639,952 Ibs. The price paid by Geest to
a3CS was ECO 29.885, making a total value of E0$191,249.65. The
price paid by GBCS to the growers is not yet available. There
were 262 boxes of rejected fruit.

Information not given in previous NEWSLETTERS is that, on the
shipment by "Geesttide" of 16.11.77, the price paid by Geest to
-BCS was ECO 29.943 per Ib which, on the shipment weight nf
805,709 lbs would make a total value of EC 4 6 8.5. The
boxing plant weight on this shipment was 823,406, which was

17,697 lbs more than the shipped weight.
The price paid by Geest to GBCS on the shipment by "Geestlend"
on 1.11.77 was EC030.503 which, on the shipment weight of
509,202 Ibs would make a total value of EC$185,824.88.

The boxing plant weight on shipment by "Geestorest" on 8.11.77
was 734,083 lbs, which is 19,142 Ibs more than the shipped weight
of 714,941 Ibs.
For purposes of record, banana statistics still to be reported
are (1) the boxing plant weights on shipments of 22nd and 29th
November, (2) the price paid by Geest on shipment of 29th
November and (3) the price paid by GBCS on shipments of November
2ath and 29th.
#i*tl#sa s#ffi ## t \~f>
During the week ending November 2th, three cruise liners called at
Grenada. These were the "Cunard Countess" on 22nd with 713 passengers,
9he "Angelina Lauro" on 23rd with 439 passengers and the "Sun Viking"
on 26th with 707 passengers. r> Alister Hughes
3rd December 1977

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