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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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Aliater Hughes
P 0 witX 65
Grenada ~

Ra: GREKADA NEwai8ii~TfC
P~r..~he, Week Edd inga toemb' -26th I'77
Mr Eric Pierre, President of the COmmeroial & InuaBtrial workers
Union (CIWU),, told NEWSLETTER todar (23rd) that the go-slowl t
Jonas Browne & Hubbard Ltd was being called off with immediate

Mr Pirpte said representatives of CIWU jand; the' Company had met on
Monday (21 at) under the chir.manmhip of the Labour Commissioner,
Mr Robert Robinson, and had discussed the reinstatement of the
seven workers who had been disniesaed by the Company since the
go-slow was instituted on Or'toberq 2tst in support of the Union' a
claim for a ocat- i'-i ine ailovdri'oe.

Agreement was reached on October 27th in connection with the
matter of the cost-of-living allowance, but CIWU refused to call
off the go-slow before the diiaissed -workers werdereinsteted and
the Company refused'to dis(esB a iriet etment of the dismissed
workers before the go:-elow was called off.

Through thp good offices of the Grenada Employers Federation and
the Trade Union Council, this deadlock was resolved and the
Company and the Union agreed to meet for discuasions under the
chairmanship of the Labour Commaisioner. However,. the Oeting
on Monday (21st) made no headway towards'nesolving the dispute
over the dismissed workers and a further meeting was held on
Tuesday (22nd), this time under the chairmanship of Senator Roy,
St.John,. Minister for Labour.

'r Pierre told NEAWSLMTER that this meeting made no progress
either and the Union and the Company have now agreed to pui the
matter to arbitration Mr Pierre said a one-man arbitration
tribunal is to be set up and 'efforts are being made td. secure the
services of either br Zin Henry, International Labour Organisation
representative in the region, or Mr'Justice Elwin St.Bernard of'"
the Associated States and Grenada Appeal Co~Jrt. Pending
hearing before the tribunal, CIWU has called off the go-slow.

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NINSLETTER week Ending 26.11.77

It has been agi'eed that the award of the tribunal wli 'be binding
on both parties to the -P )
*. *' ,).*^. wop )

#ffm#r*# -
fglijsoN MOTION XitIIH coute: POstaPmO D
On Monday (1 it) of this week, the'High Court postponed hewaing
of the 'otion filed by My Lloyd odib, Legal Counsel for Charles:
Ferguoen, convicted of the murder on April 6th 1974 of Roy Donald.

Ferguedn was first appointed tb be executed on September 29th
last' together' with four ,other men_.-i _. dorvictel of a murder
on september 12th1'976 of a young girl, Bernadette: JeOhf. The
executions were stayed, however, when news.:was reoetved, -tw .
days before the men were due hanged, that an appeal had..
been lodged on Ferguson's behalf with the Privy Couioil- in London.

It is understood that the Registrar of the High Court was, .
subsequently advised from. London- that there was a d eo t in. the
documents filed with the Privy Council.on Ferguson's behalf,
and Ferguson and the other -our condemned men were then appointed
to be hanged on November 17th.

Mr Lloyd Noel told NEWSLETTER"tha l;t ,was only, by chance that he
had learned of the new date set for hs, client! to be executed, .
and that he'had immediately filed a Motion in. the 'High Court on
behalf of Feiguotni' claiming that hanging ise .ruel and unraual .
punishmenit- ,nd- against the Constitution, of Grenada.

As a result of this Motion, Ferguson's execution was stayed but
the other four men were hanged during the early hours of
Thursday November 17th.

The hearing of Ferguson's Motion, originally set down for
Monday 21st, was postponed to Friday 25th, and Mr Noel told
NEWSTLETER yesterday (23rd) that he has now received information

that the defect in the, documents before the Privy Council has
been corrected. Mr Noel said hae was awaiting further
information from the Solicitors in London, Messrs Siefert,
Sehley & Company.
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Alister Hughee
THE GRENADA NEWSLETT~ -,We Ending a6.t11.77
Page ^
In an exclusive interview with NEWSLETTER following the meeting of
the House of Representatives onNovember 18th, the Leader of the
Opposition, Mr Maurice Bishop, said that, at-' 7ht meeting, Prime
Minister Gairy had maae several references to the .connections
between the Grenada Government 'and the Government of Chile.

"Prime Miniater Gairy emphasized his belief that the Chilean
regime of General Pinochet is 6 democratic one", said Mr Bishop,
"arid MI'"Giry praised the military ouster of the popular elected
Aliaihde governmentt as being an act of the people." Mr Bishop
said the prime Minister had btai&ed. thie numerous reports on the
systematic pattern of gross violations of human rights in Chile
as complete lies, and had made it .clear that the Government of
Grenada would maintain the ties which have baen established with
the'Goverqment of Chile.

Referring to the shipment of 10 cases of undisclosed contents
which was landed in Grenada by.a Chilean,Army Plane ah-October
2nd, the Leader of'tlhe Opposition said the Prime Minister had.
admitted that he was aware that these cases had come to 'renada
from Chile. "By way, of aa threat", said Mr Bishop, "the Prime
Minister told us that, if ,we .eqw what was in the cases,.then we
should behave outra,.qs."

Mr Bishop said this threat reminded hita'of the 1973/7. period
when similar threats were" made by theiPrime Minister to members of
the New Jewel Movement. 'The Leader of' he Opposition said those
threats were followed by the onslaught of thd secret Police, and
the Opposition saw the Prime Ministerts threat in'parliament as
being similar.

"We continue to be seriously concerned about the relationship of
the Grena6a Government with the Chilean regime", said.Mr Bishop,
"particularly as the Governmtnt obviously intends to maintain that
relationship. We in the Opposition maintain that it is a
highly dangerous, highly concrete end highly military relationship
which has been built."
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Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week Leading 26.14.77
Page IL

Today (24th) is a bpliday in Grenada and, led by Prime Minister

Gairy, a pilgrimagee" has teen undertaken by the Churches, in the
alsand in implementation of a Government decreed National'Day of
Thanksgiving and Prayer.

In preparation for this "pilgrimage", Mr Gairy called a meeting

of Church Leaders and proposed that the "pilgrimage" should start
with an open air service at Point Saline at the 'south end of the
island. The "pilgrims" would then proceed by vehicles,to the
Roman Catholic Church in Gouyave an the western coast, then to-
a service at the Anglican Church at Victoria, also on the western
coast, and then to a service at the Roman Catholic Church in
Snuteure at the north point of the island.

The "pilgrims" would then go to the Grenville Government Junior
Secondary School on the east dbast where another service would
be held. A service at the Pomme Rose Roman Catholic Church

in St.Davids would be next, and the "pilgrimage" would end with
an ecumenical open air service in St.Georges Market Squae.

Sources close to the meeting of the Church Leaders with the
Prime Minister told NESSLETTER that, in making arrangements for
the "pilgrimage", Mr Gairy asked the Anglican Archdeacon of
Grenada, the Right Reverend Hoskine Huggina, to make the Anglican

Church at Victoria available for the holding of a service. The
Archdeacon replied that permission for the use of the Church
would have to be got from the Parish Priest, and this reply

annoyed the Prime Minister.

Mr Gairy told Atchdeaoon Huggins that he was not satisfied with
the cooperation Government received from the Churches. He said
that the Churchdi were quick to give their help when "criminals"
wanted it but that obstacles were put in the way of Government.
He reminded the Archdeacon, a non-~enadian, that when priests
want to work in Grenada they "have to talk to the Prime Minister",
and Mr Gairy instructed that His Lordship the Anglican Bishop of
the Windward Islands, Bishop Cuthbert Woodroffe, who was then in

G:enada, be contacted on the telephone immediately. The prime

Alister Hughes',

Minister said that, it he did not fteeive better cooperation from
-Bishop Woodroff~ than he had from Archdeacon Huggins, he was
prepared to take the matter to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

After both Prime Minister Gairy and Archeoaaon Huggins had spoken
to Bishop Woodroffe on the telephone the matter was resolved and
Mr Gairy. pressed his satisfaction.

The "pilgrimage" began at Point Saline at about 7.00am tbdayi(24*d);
and there was a live broaddasaef the service which was, conducted
by the Roman Catholic Vt`ia Ger'fr4l, t ier .Qyig Lamr ntagne-
representing Bishop Sydney liharies wh is no'oweut of the State.
Several other Heads of churchess took part if this s;rByie,

offering speatal prayjors for Prime Minister GeiyAind the
Government of'-Grenada.

At about 8.30am, conveyed y. a,fleet of soe 4'`1lini-ba-uSsa, 17
regular busses, 4 school busses and newly 80 cars, the
"pilgrimage" passed though St.Georgas pnlts way to Gouyaves It
is estimated that, at that time, .about 1,800S ipilgrlmna" were

The services in the cut-parishes were not broadcast, but there was.
a live broadcast over Radio Grenada of the ecumenical service in
St.Geprgea Market Siidre at the csbee of the "'ilgrimiage",.
Winding up this broadcast, the Manager of the Station, Mr Jerry
Romain, said that the Reverend Michael Chandoo, Head of the
Presbyterian Church in GrenaSa, had been the preacher at the
service at the Anglican Church in Victoria.

Mr Romain said that, at the Roman Catholic Church in Sauteurs, the
service had been conducted jointly by the Reverend Peter Clarke of
the Anglican Church and Father Xavier Desiree of the Roman
Catholic Church. In what Mr Romain described as an "unusual
aspect", prayers were offered at this service for the Leader of
the Opposition, Mr Maurice Bishop.

The "pilgrimage" came to an end shortly before 8.00pm with the
recitation of what was called- the nationall prayer". This
prayer offers praisee and thanks for all Your blessings given to

Alister Hughes,
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER t..elekLEdirng 26,11.77
Pease 6
our Prime Minhiter 2rio Matthew Gairy aend t our Government."

It also prays "that you may stay the heats' and hands of th6se
who intend to.,destroy us by arms, fire, explosives, by speech

or writings ,..."

The prayer asks to be saved "from those who are engaged in

libelling and slandering our namess, gad God' is asked to "'deal
with the enemies accordingly, as Thou seest best fit ...."

The finl blessing was pronounced by the .Reverend Maxwell

Thomas, Head'of the Methodist Church in Grenada.
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TEVNSLETTER regrets that it has not yei~been possible to obtain, a
copy of the Report of the Commission appoi-nted to' mke ..
recommendations for a revision of the salaries of all monthly
paid Government employees. IPitially, Very few 'opies were
Oade of the Report and, while steps are being taken to .make more
copies, these are not yet available.
Unofficial reports say'that salary increases recommended range
f-rom 1435o for the lowest alaryy scales to 70% for the top bracket,
and that with these increases to be effective from January let
1977, the estimated back-pay to be distributed now is approximately
B0E8.3 million.
NEWSLETTER hopes to be able to report more precise information
in next week's issue.'. .

LATEL NEWS !! Mr Justice Nedd has reserved until December 2nd his
decision on the Motion argued before him today (25th) by Mr Lloyd
Noel on behalf of Charles Ferguson.
NEWSLETTER regrets that due to a change of responsibilities at
the offices of the Grenada Cooperative Banana Soaiety, the flow
of information relative to banana shipments has been disrupted.
It is hopqd that this situation will soon be corrected.

During the week ending November 19th, three cruise liners called
at Grenada. ..These were the "Pairsea" on the 14th with 897
passengers, the "Cunard Countess" on thle 15th with 711
passengers, and the "Angelina Lauro" on the 16th with 695
Z7 (41 words)

Alister Hughes
25th November 1,977

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