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Alister Hughes
P O Box 65 t4
For The Week Ending November 5th 19, 2


According to a news broadcast from Radio Grenada monitnod on

Tuesday (1st), Prime Minister Gairy has reshuffled his Cabinet

with effect from October 31st. In making this change, two new

Senators have been appointed, two Ministries have changed hands

and a new Minister of State has taken office.

In the Senate, Mr David Sylvester and Ur Charles Cayenne have been

replaced by Dr Wellington Friday and Mr Henry Bullen. Dr Friday

has been sworn in as Minister for Lducation, a post formerly held

by the Honourable Oliver Raeburn, and Mr Raeburn has taken over

the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries which has now

been vacated by Mr Sylvester. Mr Bullen, who was formerly

Permanent Secretary for External & Home Affairs in the Prime

Minister's office, has been sworn in as minister of State in the

Prime Minister's office, responsible for Home Affairs, Information

and Public Relations.

Dr Friday contested the 1972 General Elections on the ticket of

the opposition Grenada National Party and won the seat for

Gt.Patrick's West by a narrow margin. A few months after the

elections, he obtained leave from the Speaker of the House to

proceed to the United States on leave, but only a part of the

required two years leave was granted in the first place. The

understanding was that the additional leave would be granted on

expiry of the first portion, but this additional leave was not

granted and Dr (then Mr) Friday resigned from the House.

Dr Friday returned to Grenada last year and joined the ruling

Grenada United Labour Party of Prime Minister Gairy. Dr Friday

has founded the University of the Eastern Caribbean (a "university-

without-walls") and this institution was launched at a press

conference on December 18th 1976 with the assistance of Trinidad-

born Mr Mervin Dymally, Lieutenant Governor of California.

Until his appointment as Minister of Education, Dr Priday held

the post of Ambassador-at-large in the Government of Prime Minister

Alister Hughes
page 2

Gairy, and he was Vice-Chairman of the Grenada delegation to the

32nd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

ir Bullen first joined the Civil Service on contract when he was

appointed by the Public Service Commission to be the Personal
Assistant to the Prime Minister for a period of one year with

effect from 16th June 1975. It has not been announced

whether Mr Bullen has resigned from the Civil Service.
(400 words)

Grenada Breweries Ltd, brewers of "Carib" beer and "Giant" malt,

plan to double the capacity of their plant and, to this end,
will appoint a British firm as consultants.

This information is given in the Chairman's 'Review' which was

circulated to shareholders dated October 14th and which is

attached to the notice for the holding of the Company's 17th

Ordinary General Meeting to be held on November 17th.

In his 'Review', the Chairman, Mr C F Toppin, said that the year
under review has been a new one in the history of the Brewery as,

for the first time, the demand for the Company's products was

equal to and sometimes exceeded production capacity. Quoting
the following monthly sales figures (in cartons) for the years

1975/76 and 1976/77, the Chairman said it was clear that the

Company had done well to reach and maintain the production level

of the final nine months, bearing in mind that the present annual

capacity of the plant is 180,000 cartons.

The sales figures quoted by Mr Toppin are :-
1975/76 1976/77
July 5,911 10,598
August 5,284 9,645
September 5,961 9,401
October 5,662 11,252
November 5,945 12,434
December 11,398 16,417
January 4,325 11,965
February 7,870 11,906
March 4,961 16,045
April 8,462 14,065
May 6,551 14,521
June 6.749 79,079 15.374 153,623

a consultants to be appointed are Messrs Allied Breweries Ltd of

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NLWSLaTTE1R Week l,,ndine 5.44.77
Pae 3

Burton-on-Trent in the United Kingdom, and this firm is to be

asked to carry out a survey of the plant and equLpment neceaaa-y

to double the capacity of the brewery. Allied Breweries are

also to prepare an estimate of cost.

Consultative services have previously been supplied by Mesers The

Caribbean Development Company Ltd of Trinidad who were founders

of Grenada Breweries Ltd, but, according to the Chairman's

'Review', the envisaged plant maintenance and expansion programme

cannot be undertaken by C.D.C. and this Company's services have

been terminated.

While the expansion to be advised on by Allied Breweries is for

the future and still to have final approval, the Company has

undertaken certain developments which, when completed and

operative, will permit the Brewery to attain its optimum capacity

of 288,000 caftona per year. These developments are the

construction of a new 50,000 gallon water tank at a cost of

approximately EC$35,000.00, and a cold room to house four

additional storage tanks for beer. The cold room is expected
to be completed in February 1978 at an estimated cost of


According to the Accounts and the Report Of The Directors
circulated to shareholders, Grenada Breweries made a net profit

of EC0579,797.00 for the year ending 30th June 1977, from which

it is proposed to pay a 206 dividend amounting to EC$152,288.00.

The Report Of The Directors says, "The Income Tax Ordinance was

amended in August 1977 and accumulated losses can only be claimed

for up to three years. This unfortunately has meant that

losses carried forward for tax purposes for 1972 and 1973 are

time-barred and not deductible."

Grenada Breweries Limited has an authorized share capital of

2,000,000 shares of ECt1 each, of which 1,384,433 shares have

been issued and fully paid up.
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Alister Hughes

The Government Gazette of October 28th publishes a statement
of Assets and Liabilities of the East Caribbean Currency Autlhrity
(ECCA) showing total notes in circulation at 31st August 1977 as
E0#57,494,889.00 and total coin in circulation as Eb$6,440,539.00.

Together with this statement is published a breakdown of the
circulation, but, in checking the figures given, NEWSLTTER
discovered that there is an error relative to the figure given
for the circulation of notes. A check was made today (3rd)
wit the Government Printing Office and it would appear that the
error is in the original figures supplied to the Grenada Government
by the EDCA.

The following are the figures published in the Gazette and
corrections by 1NtWSLETTER of the addition and following figures
are shown in brackets. It should be pointed out, however,
that the figure published as the total may be correct and the
error may be in the figures given for the individual islands.
It should also a2co be pointed out that the figure given for
StVincent must be wrong as no total of ECCA notes can give a
figure with a reading of cents.

Antigua EC$19,004,412.00
Dominica 6,555,269.00
G:enada 26,233,701.00
Montserrat 3,561,283.00
St.Kitta Nevia Anguilla 135,461.00
St.Lucia 21,677,607.00
St.Vnncent 15.046.984.50
Trinidad & Tobago
Coins issued outside of the
Participating Territories

"Proof Sets"
Less Notes returned to the
Authority from other
Currency Areas 34,448.897.00
!4 Commemorative Coin
Issued to 31.8.77



( 5,764,766.61)

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEMSLELTTER ,'eek Ending 5.11.77
Rage 5

Before the establishment of the East Garibbean Curronoy Board for
the territories of Antigura, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat,

St.Kitts Nevia Anguilla, St Lucia and St Vincent, there existed
the British Caribbean Currency Board (BCGB) which handled a

common currency for these 7 territories plus Barbados, Trinidad

& Tobago and Guyana which was than British Guiana*

Together with the above mentioned figures, the Government

Gazette of October 28th published the following relative to BCCB
notes redeemed as at 31st August 1977 :-
Antigua WI$2,491,215.00
Dominica 2,474,881.00
Grenada 278,229.00
Montserrat 532,828.00
St Kitts Nevis Anguilla 3,059,501.00
St Lucia 3,412,272.00
St.Vincent 2.230.996.00
Barbados 13,075,253.50
Attention is drawn to the Barbados figure which shows a reading

of .500 which must be wrong. Attention is also drawn to two
facts concerning these figures. The first is that the figure
for the notes in circulation in St.Kitte Nevis Anguilla is shown
in brackets, and the second is that, in the Gazette, the breakdown
of the circulation figures is published under a headline of
"CONFIDENTIAL". NEWSLETTER has been unable to get explanations.
(428 words)


The go-slow instituted at Jonas Browne & Hubbard Ltd by the

Commercial and Industrial Workers Union (CIWU) continues, and the
confrontation between this union and the Company has entered a
'grey area' where communications appear to be less than perfect.

The industrial dispute between CIWU and the Company stems from a
claim made by the Union for a cost of living allowance.
Negotiations have been going on since August 1976 and, on October

21st, CIWU instituted a go-slow after the negotiations became
deadlocked. This go-slow affected all departments of the
Company including the two supermarkets, shipping agency, hardware

Alister Hughes
THE GREADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 5.11. 77
Page 6
and lumber departments and dress abop, but its effects were felt

most in the supermarkets.

As a result of the mediation of the Labour Commissioner, Mr Robert
Robinson, agreement on the cost of living allowance was reached on

October 27th, but, by that time, another factor had arisen.

Since the go-slow began, the Company has dismissed five workers

and the union regards these dismissals as part of the original

dispute which must be settled before the go-slow is called off.

The Company, on the other hand, regards the dismissals as a

separate matter which it will not discuss until the go-slow has

been called off.

Supporting this stand, a spokesman for the Company quoted to
NLWSLETTER the following extract from the Agreement between OIWU

and Jonas Brown & Hubbard Ltd under the heading of "Discharge and

Discrimination." The extract reads, "The union shall have the

right to invoke the grievance procedure in this Agreement in all

cases of discharge." The spokesman said that if the union wished

to question the dismissals, it should invoke the grievance

procedure and not try to settle the matter of dismissals through

the pressure of the go-slow which had been instituted in

connection with the demand for a cost of living allowance.

A spokesman for the union told NEMLETTER that the dismissals are
seen by CIWU as a part of the original dispute, and this view is
shared by the Seamen & Waterfront Workers Union (SWWU). As a

result, SWWU stopped handling all cargo for the Company with
effect from Saturday October 29th.

Reaction to this is that the Grenada Shipping Agents (GSA), with

whom SWWU have an Agreement, regard this Agreement as having

been broken. In a Press Release issued on Tuesday (1st),

GSA said, "The Shipping Agents have no dispute with the union and
this action, of which no notice whatsoever was given, is contrary
to the terms of our Industrial Agreement which does not give the

.niicn the right to choose which cargo they should handle, and in

the opinion of the Grenada Shipping Agents constitutes an
abrogaton o of o'r Agreement." (continued)

Alister Hughes
Page 7

GSA said it had no alternative but to advise lta Principals of the

situation "so that they may take appropriate action to protect

their interests." What this "appropriate action" is has not

been made clear, but it may mean the diversion of ships from

Grenada and/or the refusal of cargo for Grenada.

In an effort to break the deadlock, the Grenada Employers

Federation (GEF) approaded the Trade Union Council (TUC) and, on

the suggestion of TUC, these two bodies met yesterday (2nd) to

discuss the situation. In the mean time, TUG had written the

Company on Tuesday (1st) expressing the opinion that "it is

unreasonable to expect workers to perform with the usual

enthusiasm (during a go-slow) and dismissals in this context can

be construed as victimisation." Nevertheless, TUC offered its

services as a mediator.

At the meeting yesterday (2nd), TUC suggested to GEF that a joint

committee under the chairmanship of the Labour Commissioner be set

up to investigate the issues in this dispute. Mr Osbert

Benjamin, Chairman of TUC, told NEWSLETTER today (3rd) that GE~
had nat accepted the proposal of a joint committee and TUC was now

awaiting the Company's reaction to TUC's offer to act as a


Officials of GEF could not be contacted today for comment, but the

General Manager of Jonas Browne & Hubbard Ltd, Mr Fred Toppin, told

NEWSLETTER that the situation was unchanged and he had not heard

the outcome of the meeting between TUC and GEF. Concerning the

offer made by TUC to be a mediator, Mr Toppin said he had replied

yesterday (2nd) tellin, TUC he understood TUC was meeting with GEF

and he had asked TUC to use its good offices to get a solution to

the dispute.

Following the interview with Mr Toppin, NEWSLETTER contacted

Mr Benjamin again and told him of the Company's position.

Mr Benjamin said TUC had not yet received the letter from Jonas

Browne & Iiubbard Ltd but, as soon as it was received, TUC would

again offer its services as a mediator.

"rn the mean time, the go-4low continuesa,
-*--.--5~=1T- .,_,l; .-r

(806 words)

Alister Hughes
PaRe 8

A disagreement exists between the Commercial & Industrial Workers
Union (CIWU) and the firms of Central Sales Ltd and Distributors

Ltd. These Companies, which have a common management, have
been applied to by CIWU for recognition, and the union charges

that four workers have been dismissed from Central Sales and two

from Distributors Ltd because these workers joined the union.

There has been some picketing by the union and, last Saturday

(29th) the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Union (S WU) boycotted
cargo for these two firms in support of CIWU. Mr D Williams,

Legal Counsel for the Companies, has written S~WU charging that
this industrial action, undertaken before SWWU had heard the
Companies' side of the disagreement, was a breach of natural

justice. Mr Willliams suggested that the industrial action
be called off and discussions held.

It is not known whether there has been any reaction from 8WWU,
but a meeting was held today between the Companies and CIWU,

Following that meeting, Mr Eric Pierre, President of CIWU, told
A-BSLETThR that it had be.n very disappointing because the only
person representing the Companies at the meeting was Mr Williams
the Companies' Legal Counsel.

"We told Mr Williams that he could not discuss with us what we
wanted to discuss", said Mr Pierre, "and we told him that we want
to talk to Mr Wilber Douglas, the Managing Director of the Companies."

Mr Pierre said Mr Williams had told the union that the Companies
were willing to pay compensation to the dismissed workers but
were not willing to reemploy them. On the matter of
recognition, Mr Pierre said he understood that the Companies
had referred the matter to the Labour Commission for action.

No meeting has yet been fixed foruthe union to meet with the

management of the Companies.
S(5#4 words)


A source close to the Seamen & Waterfront Workers Union (SNW U)
toal NHW3SLITTER today (3rd) that the union has accepted the

Alister Hughes
Page 9
counter offeD of cost of living allowance of 13% made by Geest

Industries Ltd under the Agreement between SWWU and Geest for the

loading of bananas. The union had originally demanded 15%.

The source said the agreement was signed on October 27th and that

the cost of living allowance will be paid with effect from
October Ist.

The Industrial Agreement between Geest and SWWU was signed on

June 24th 1976 and has effect from February 22nd 1976. It

expires next year.
(98 words)


The S 3 "Geestland" sailed on November 1st with 20,506 boxes of

bananas weighing 609,202 Ibs. The price paid by Geest
Industries to the Grenada Banana Cooperative Society (GBCS)
is not yet available, but the price paid to growers by GBCS was

14 EC! per pound. This was on the weight of bananas received
at the boxing plants but this figure is not yet available.

The weight shipped by "Geeststar" on October 25th was 601,137 Ibs
and the weight at the boxing plants was 615,969 Ibs, making a

difference of 14,832 Ibs between the boxing plant weight and the
shipped weight.

The price paid to growers by GBCS on the shipment by "GeestBtar"

was 15 ECO per pound on the boxing plant weight of 615,969 lbs,
making a total payment of EC$92,395.35. Payment by Geest to
GBCS was at 29.246 EC0 per pound on the shipped weight of

601 ,t37 Ibs, making a total payment of EC4175,808.52.
(251 words)


During the week ending October 29th, there were two oruiseliner

calls at Grenada. These were the "Cunard Countess" on
October 25th with 698 passengers, and the "Sun Viking" on October
29th with 734 passengers.
(35 words)

- Alister Hughes
3rd November 1977

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