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Alister Hughes
P o BoI 65
or. The Week, hadina ftotober 29th 1977.
The report of the Commission appointed to review ,the salaria of all
Government monthly paid employees is expected to be submitted to
Government shortly. In an exclusive interview in Grenada with
NEWSLETTER on Tuesday (25th), this was disclosed by Mr Eldon Maturin,
Alternate Chairman of the Commission and Tax Administration Advisor
attached to the CARICOM Secretariat.

The matter of the revision of salaries of Government monthly paid
employees dates back to November 1975. At that time, Mr George
Hosten, Minister of Finance, promised the Civil Service Aseociation
(CSA), the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT) and the Technical & Allied
Workers Union (TAWJ) (the three trade unions representing Government
monthly Baid workers), that he would deal with the revision of
salaries "as soon as possible".

Commencing in January 1976, increasing pressure was put on Government
to commence negotiations and, when Government failed to act, strike
action was decided upon at a meeting of the unions on February 14th.
Two days later, however, Government advised the unions that a
negotiating team had been appointed and discussions began on February

The demand made by the unions was divided into three sections. For
the salary range up to ECB4,884.00 per annum, an increase of 65% was
asked. The salary range above BCD4,881.00 and under EC#8,628.00
should be increased by 50 and the salary range above EC#8,628.00
by 409, these increases to be effective from January stt 1974.
Counter .Offer
Government counter offered with increases spread over three years
commencing January 1st 1975. For the lowest category specified
by the unions,.121 was offered for the first year, 12j% for the
second and 15 for the third. In the middle income group, the
offer was 10%, 10o and 15%, while the top income bracket was offered

7-%, 7J% and 10%.

"he unions rejected Government's offer and, after several meetings,

Alister Hughes
paga ..
Government proposed that the whole matter of salaries revision
should be referred to a Salaries Commission. 'here were further

discussions and the unions finally agreed to the appointment of the
Commission when Government agreed to pay an interim salary increase.

.Ahis increase was at the rate of 25%6 for the lowest salary earners,

15% for the middle bracket and 10% for the top bracket. It was
agreed that these interim increases would take effect from

January 1st 1975, and the findings of the Salaries Commission
Would be implemented from January 1st 1977.

The salaries of Government monthly paid employees first reflected

the interim increases at the end of April 1976, and it was

reported that these increases amounted to over EC1200,000.00
per month. Back pay due over the 15 months from January

1975 to March 1976 was paid in two installments. The first,
covering the period January to December 1975, was paid in ,

June 1976 and is reported to have amounted to about E0$2 million.

The balance was paid four months later.

On October 26th 1976, CSA, GUT and TAWU wrote the Minister of
Finance, Mr George Hosten, expressing concern over the delay

in the commencement of sittings of the Salaries Revision
Commission which had been set up by Government. This
Commission was headed by Mr John Tyndall of the CARICOM Secretariat,
the other members being Senator James Manswell, Executive

Secretary of the Trinidad & Tobago Publio Services Association,
and Mr Edwy Talma, former Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados.
In their letter to Mr Hosten, the unions demanded that the

Commission commence sittings no later than November 12th 1976.
However, the Commission did not begin its sittings until 1nth

December 1976 and, at that time, Mr Eldon Mat rin, the
Alternate Chairman of the Commission, said it would be unwise
to promise the Commission's Report in time for implementation
on April 1st 1977. With the volume of work which had to

be done, Mr Maturin thought July 1st 1977 was a more realistic
date. The 'volume of work' referred to by the Alternate
Chairman was under the teras of reference of the Commission,
*'** n~brmisaion of recommendations for the revision of salaries of

Alister H ghea.
THL GRE~ADA NEWSLETTER Week Ending 29.10.77
Pae 31
Government monthly paid employees and recommendations for the

restructuring of the Civil Service.

Speaking to NEWSLETTER on Tuesday (25th), Mr Maturin said the

Commission's Report is "more or less complete". "What I am

doing at the moment", he said, "is straightening out some figures
in the hope that, when my colleagues arrive, we can all agree and

then hand in the Report."

With reference to the restructuring of the Civil Service, the
Alternate Chairman said no attempt had been made to undertake a
complete restructuring. "What we have done", he said, "is to

recommend the removal of anomalies and the modernisation of the

Civil Service."

Mr Maturin, who is now a guest at the Holiday Inn, said this is
his last visit to Grenada in connection with the Salaries Revision
Commission. "The finishing touches are now being put to the

Report", he said, "and it will definitely be handed in to
Government before I leave."
NEIWSLETTE checked with Mr Laturin today/and learned that Senator
James ian-ell is expected to arrive in Grenada tomorrow.

Mr Maturin said the third member of the Commission, Mr Talma, is
expected at a later date, but he did not know exeotly when.
(849 words)


As this copy is being prepared for press (am 28th), the signs are
that the industrial action taken by the Commercial & Industrial
Workers Union (CIWU) against the firm of Jonas Browne & Hubbard

Ltd may soon be called off.

This industrial action took the form of a go-slow and it has been

in effect since October 21st and affected all departments of the
Company including two supermarkets, shipping agency, hardware and
lumber departments and dress shop. After negotiations became

deadlocked, CIWU took this action to support its claim for a cost
of living allowance.

Alister Hughes

This dispute appeared to be about to be resolved late last week
when both the Labour Commissioner, Mr Robert Robinson, and the
Company's negotiating team gained the impression that the union
had accepted an offer put forward by the Company at a meeting
held under the chairmanship of Mr Robinson.

This offer was that salary grades up to EC$250.00 per month should

have a cost of living allowance of 15, those between EC$251.00
and EC#550.00 would have an allowance of 10S, and those above

EC$350.00, 7j6. These allowances would be paid with effect
from let October 1976.

According to both the Labour Commissioner and Mr Fred Toppin,
Managing Director of Jonas Browne & Hubbard Ltd, this offer
was accepted by CIWU's negotiating team and the only matter in
dispute was the date at which a further 2s would be added to

,he allowance in the three salary grades. The Company was
willing to pay this additional percentage from November 1st

1977 while the union wanted it introduced from October ist 1977.

In an interview on Monday (24th), Mr Eric Pierre, President of
CIWU, told NEWSLETTER that his negotiating tean had never
accepted this offer from the Company and he had informed both
the Company and the Labour Commissioner of this. Mr Pierre
said the Company's offer for the lowest and the highest salary
grades was acceptable, but in the middle grade, where the Company
had offered 10%, the union insisted on 12%. Further, the
union was not prepared to accept the additional 21*A from lst
November; it remained firm on its stand that the additional
percentage should be paid from October let.

The go-slow continued throughout this week and, as a result of
the efforts of the Labour Commissioner, the following compromise
was agreed to yesterday (27th) by both CIWU and the Company.
Effective October 1st 1976, salary grades up to EC*250.00 a
month will receive a cost of living allowance of 15%, and the
allowance for salary grades from EC0251.00 to EC4350.00 will be
at the fate of 12JY. A new salary grade of B04351.00 to
?xs600o00 has been added, and the allowance for this grade will

Alister Hughes
Page 5
be at 71, while those over EC#60Q.00 will receive an allowance
at the rate of 5fb. An additional increase of 2/o will be paid
to all grades with effect from November let 1977.

The dispute has not yet come to an end, however, because three
employees were dismissed since the go-slow began and CIWJ demands
that they be reinstated before the industrial action is called

off. Mr tric Pierre, President of OIWU, told NEWbaLTTiE
yesterday (27th) that the union's stand is that the workers must
be reinstated first and then justification for the dismissals can
be discussed.

Contacted today (28th), Mr 'red Toppin, Manging Director of the
Company, said he was meeting with his Directors today abd that
the Company's position will be conveyed to the Labour Commissioner.
(589 words)


In an interview on Trinidad & Tobago Television (TTT), seen in
Grenada on Tuesday (25th), Senator Derek Knight, Minister without
Portfolio in the Grenada Government, denied that officers of the
Grenada Defence Force have been sent to Chile for training.
"This is absolutely untrue", he said.

Senator Knight was replying to charges made by Mr Maurice Bishop,
Leader of the Opposition in the Grenada House of Representatives,
in an interview on TTT, and Senator Knight said that, contrary to
what Mr Bishop has said, there is no widespread concern in
Grenada over the Grenada Government's connection with the Chile
Government. Senator Knight said that Chile was merely one of
several countries with which Grenada is arranging aid and the
arrangements with Chile happened to be the first to be finalized.

Reference wae made to a shipment of "unspecified cargo" which
arrived in Grenada on a Chilean Army plane on October 2nd.
Senator Knight said that if the Grenada Government wished to
import anything it didn't have to hide to do so, and he hinted
that what had been received was a shipment of life-jackets from
Chile for Grenadian fishermen.

Alister Hughes
Page 6
Senator Knight was also asked about the charge that the Grenada

Government is harbouring a criminal wanted by the United States

Government. The Senator said he Knew the person to whom

reference was being made, but he said he had seen no court

authority to prove that this person is wanted in the USA.

Senator Knight said also that this matter is being handled at

diplomatic level.

In this interview on TTT, Senator Knight was also asked about

reports of violations of human rights in Grenada. Senator

Knight said there were no violations of human rights in Grenada

and he said the records of the Grenada Courts prove this.

The Senator said that people made allegations about violations

of human rights but, when it came to providing proof, they were

unable to do so. In this connection he referred to the recent

Election Petition brought by a member of one of the Opposition

Parties against a member of the political party to which Senator

Knight belongs. The Senator said that the charge of bribery

had been made initially but that no evidence had been brought to

prove this and the Election Petition had failed.

Senator Knight said there is not always a full appreciation of

what is meant by 'human rights', and he felt that this term

included the provision of shelter, clothing and hospital


In an exclusive interviewed with Mr Maurice Bishop today (27th),

the Leader of the Opposition expressed surprise to NEWSLETTER

that Senator Knight had denied that officers of the Grenada

Defence Force have been sent to Chile for training. "Even

the Commander of the Defence Force has not denied this", he

said, "and if Senator Knight does not know this fact, then he

must be the only person who is ignorant of it."

On the subject of cargo received by the Chilean Army plane,

Mr Bishop said photographs had been taken of the shipment and

the cases had been clearly marked 'Medical Supplies'. Checks

with the Medical Authorities disclosed that no supplies had been

? ived, said Mr Bishop, and he thought it strange that, while

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER Week .bding 29,10.77
Page 7
nobody in authority could say what was in the boxes, Senator

Knight was implying that it was life-jackets.

The Leader of the Opposition said the person being harbouredd

by the Grenada Government" is Eugene Zeek who now goes under

the name of John Clancy. "zeek is wanted by the FBI under a

charge of Fraud by Wire", said Mr BAisop, "and Senator Khight
has seen the 'wantI notice' which the FBI put out on March

5th 1974. Senator Knight also knows that Attorney General
Desmond Christian lost his job because he wished to take action
against Zeek, and it would be interesting to know how Senator

Knight would explain away the unconstitutional interference
of his Government with the duties of Grenada's highest ranking
Law Officer."

Concerning the violations of human rights in Grenada, Mr Bishop

said these had been too well documented by the Duffua Commissioners

and otherwise to need further comment. He described Senator

Knight's reference to the Election Petition as "a red herring."

"After all", said Mr Bishop, "there was nothing in the pleadings
of the Election Petition which had anything to do with human rights."

Reverting to the matter of Grenada's connections with Chile,

Mr Bishop said it was significant that Senator Knight had not
denied that the Grenada Government is forging links with the
Chilean Government of General Pinochet. "In the face of
the world-wide condemnation of the oppressively criminal

nature of the Pinochet Government", said the Leader of the

Opposition, "what cdnoerne right thinking people is that the
close, concrete and military links of the Gairy Government with

the Pinochet regime must hold sinister consequences for Grenada

and the Caribbean."
(807 words)

According to a notice dated October 17th and appearing in the
Covarnment Gazette of October 21st, allowances made for currency
for travel and for gifts have been increased with immediate

Sct. (continued)

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLE'i'TR Week Ending 29.10.77

For business travel, the allowanoe,which used to be EO44,000.00
per person per year,has been increased to EC#7,00OO00 or the .0
foreign exchange equivalent. The allowance for vacation
travel is up from EC$1,500.00 to EC03,000.00 or the foreign
exchange equivalent per person per year, and the allowance for

gifts has been doubled from EC*250.00 to EC$500.00 or the
foreign exchange equivalent per person per year.
(105 word)


The Grenada Employers Federation (GEF) was represented by its

President, Mrs Angela Smith, at the 12th Interim Meeting of the
Caribbean Enployers Confederation (CEC) which took place in

Barbados from 19th to 21st October.

Presenting a Report to the meeting on behalf of her organisation,

Mrs Smith gave details of the industrial dispute between the
Grenada Shipping Agents and the seamen & Waterfront Workers

Union over the award of a cost of living allowance.

dMs Smith also advised the meeting that there is now draft

legislation for the establishment of a Port Authority in Grenada.
The GEF expressed the view that a Port Authority will have an

effect on industrial relationships on the docks, but she said
the details of the legislation will have to be published before
the extent of the effect can be known.

In an exclusive interview with NWTdLETTER today (27th), Mrs Smith

said she had also reported to CEC that, in Grenada, there was an

increase in activity in the industrial field.

Referring to discussions at the CEC meeting, Mrs Smith said
members had deplored the lack of some Governments' interest
in consulting employer organizations and trade unions when
considering labour legislation. She said the opinion was

expressed that this action runs contrary to the International

Labour Organisation's (ILO) philosophy of tripartism which the
CEC supports.

"The Grenada Government has now accepted in principle that

Alister Hughes
Page 0.
A policeman fom the Hendon Police Training School in England

is now in Grenada on a travel bursary given by the Commission
for Racial Equality. This policeman is Inspector Geoff b

Badworth and the travel bursary is one given to people who deal
with immigrants and who could benefit by having a personal
understanding of the Westindian way of life.

Inspector Budworth, who commands a section of the Bandom Training

School, spent 17 days in Trinidad and arrived in Grenada on

Monday (24th). He leaves for St.Vincent on Tuesday (let).
(88 words)
#vfvvHt t#I*nmrffif5-iri#^

There has been no solution today to the dispute between the

Commercial & Industrial Workers Union (CIWU) and Messrs Jonas

Crown & Hubbard Ltd over the reinstatement of workers dismissed

during the go-slow.

Interviewed by telephone this morning, Mr fred Toppin, Managing
Director of the Company, said there had been no agreement on the
question of reinstatement of workers. "The Company's position

is that this is a separate issue", he said, "and the main issue
must be settled first."

Mr Toppin said that, if the Company were to enter into discussion
with the union now on the question of reinstatement of workers
and while the go-slow is still in effect, the Company would be

negotiating under duress. The Managing Director said the

Company's position had been set out in a letter to the union
today (28th), and a copy of that letter has been sent to the

Labour Commissioner.

At a General Meeting of the Seamen & Waterfront Workers Union
(SWWU), the position taken by Jonas Browne & Hubbard Ltd was
condemned, and a letter calling for the immediate reinstatement

of the dismissed workers has been sent to the Company. A
spokesman for SWWU told NMSLITTER that the Executive of SWWU
will meet this afternoon to discuss the matter further.

Alister Hughes
THE GRE&ADA NEWiSETTER Week Ending 29.10.77
Pmae 9
Grenada should become a member of ILO", said Mrs Smith, "and we

look forward to this as it will ensure support for tripartiam in-
(255 words)


Grenada will be represented at a eOaibbean Semina on the
Abolition of thb Death Penalty, which seminar will be held in

Trinidad ont, and .8th November.

This seminar is sponsored by the Caribbean Human Rights and Legal

Aid Company in conjunction with Amnesty International and the
National Committee for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, and
delegates will meet at Pax Guest nouse at Mount St.Benedict in

Trinidad. This seminar will report to a Global Conference on
%he same subject to be held in Stockholm on December 10th and 11th


Delegates representing Grenada at the seminar in Trinidad will
be Messrs Lloyd Noel and Alister Hughes.
(108 words)

According to a release from the University Centre of the
University of the West Indies (UWI) in St.Georges, Miss Margaret
Spencer Blundell BA (Oxon) MA (Cantab), former Extra Mural Tutor
of the UWI for Grenada, died suddenly in the United Kingdom. It

is reported that the death took place on October 5th and the body

was cremated on October 15th.

Miss Blundell was UWI Resident Tutor in Grenada from 1960 to 1970
and the UWI release says it was through her "instrumentality that

T A Marryshow's home, 'The Rosary', was purchased by the
University of the West Indies to be maintained as a memorial to
this great statesman, and the headquarters of the UWI in Grenada."

Miss Blundell was active in the field of the Fine and Creative
Arts, and one of her 'discoveries' was Mr Fitzroy Harraoh who,
through her efforts, obtained financial support to study at the
Jamaica School of Art. Mr Harrack is now a tutor at that
institution. (continued)

Alister Hughes
THE GRMIADA NEWSLETTER Week lading 29.10.77
Pane 11
Mr Eric Pierre, president of CIWU, told NIbILaTER this afternoon

that two more workers were dismissed by the Company today.
"ThI rdkes a total of five dismissed workers since the go-
slow lt*i "s he said, "four from the Food Fair Supermarket and one
flxm the Motor Department, and my union is firm that, unless these
workers* Mf pfthtated, the industrial action against the Company

will contateto, .,
(266 words)


In the suburbs and outskirts of St.Georges a great number of anti-
Chile signs appeared this morning (28th) painted up on walls and
on the surface of streets.

It would appear that these signs were painted up during last night
and some of them, seen by NEWSLETTER, need "Break With Chile",
"Grenada Yes! Chile No i", "Chileans Get out I" and "Butchers
from Chile Get Out Now !"

During this morning, a team of plain clothes policemen was
employed painting out these signs. Photographing these signs

and the painting out operation, NEBSLETTER was suabect to abuse
and threats from these policemen; there was no violence.
(102 words)


During the week ending October 22nd, only one cruise liner called
at Grenada. This was the "Cunard Countess" which berthed on

Tuesday 18th with 681 passengers.
(26 words)


The S S "Geeststar" sailed on October 25th with 20,332 boxes of
bananas weighing 601,137 Ibs. The price paid by Geest

Industries to the Grenada Banana Cooperative Society (GBCS) is not
yet available but the price paid to growers by GBCS was 15 EC%
per pound. This was on the weight of bananas received at the
boxing plants but this figure is not yet available.

The weight shipped by "Geesttide" on October 18 was 623,803 Ibs,

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEVWaLETTER eel Ending 29.10.77
page 12
and the weight at the boxing plants was 643,623 Iba, making

a difference of 19,820 Ibs between the boxing plant weight

and the shipped weight.

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