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Alister Hughes.
P 0 Box 65
Grenada ,
For The Week Ending A&ril 23rd 1977

In a strongly worded press release issued yesterday (2Aet), the

Grenada Chamber of Commerce expressed its deep concern over the 2~9

Foreign Exchange Tax proposed by the Minister of Finance in his

presentation of the 1977 Budget to the House of Representatives on

April 6th.

According to the Chamber, the imposition of this tax is "abbrtaighted

at a time when the limited purchasing power of Grenadians restricts

any approach to economic bouyancy, and this additional tax will add a

further burden which could have adverse effects on revenue expected tc

he collected through other taxes imposed by Government."

In an exclusive interview with NEWSLETTER, Mr Lyden Raddhanny,

President of the Chamber, said the Foreign Sxchange Tax "will almost

completely remove any benefit which may have come as a result of the

so-called removal of import duty from flour, rice, sugar, saltfish,

milk and drugs." In his Budget proposals, Mr George Hosten, the

Minister of Finance, said import duty is to be removed from these

items, but, according to Mr Ramdhanny, this will have "negligible

effect" on the cost-of-living.

"Most of these items are already duty-free", said the Chamber's

President, "as large percentages of them come from the CARICOM area

and so qualify to be exempt from import duty." Mr Remdhanny said

that, in fact, some of these items will now cost more as they will be

affected by the Foreign Exchange Tax. "In effect", he said, it is

further taxation on all imports ands bearing in mind that the consumer

is already burdened with the %b Stamp Duty Tax uhich was introduced

in the 1976 Budget, we cannot see how the Grenadian consumer can

afford this."

The full implications of the Foreign Exchange Tax are now being

studied by the Chamber and an interview is to be sought with the

Minister of Finance.
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Alister Hughes
Page 2

Objections have been raised to the "unconstitutional manner" in

which the Grenada 'rade Union Council (TUC) conducted election of

its officers at the Annual Conference held on April ind, and both

the Registrar of Trade Unions and the Labour Commissioner have

been advised of this complaint.

The objections cane from a TUC affiliate, the Grenada Manual,

Maritime & Intellectual Workers Union (GMMIWU) (which is headed

by Prime iMinister irio Gairy) and, while the exact nature of the

complaints is not known, it is understood that they relate to the

procedure adopted in the election of the TUC President, Mr Osbert

Benjamin of the Grenada Civil Service Association.

In a letter dated April 7th, the GMMIWU stated its complaint to

the TUC Secretary, Mr Curtis Stewart, and sources close to TUC

told NEWSLETTER on Wednesday (20th) that a Convention is to be

called shortly to clear up a "technicality".
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In St.Georges Market Square on Sunday 17th, an angry crowd intervened
and stopped police when the law officers attempted to stop a public

meeting being held by The People's Alliance, the opposition political

grouping of The New Jewel Movement, the Grenada National Party and

The United People's Party.

This incident resulted from the decision of Commissioner of Police

Osbert James to limit the use by The People's Alliance of a

public address system at the meeting, and also to refuse the
Alliance's request for two 2-hour periods on Friday 15th and

Saturday 16th during which to advertise the meeting with the use

of a public address system.

Commissioner James allowed only two one-hour periods for advertising,

and said the public address system could be used at the public

meeting only from 4.00pm to 6.00pm or from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

In a letter dated April 15th signed by Mr Maurice Bishop, Leader
of the Opposition in the House of Representatives, The People's

Alister Hughes
Pasge 3

Alliance protested to Mr James "in the strongest possible terms" his

decisions "to allow us such a limited period for advertising and,

moreso, the totally inadequate time you have proposed for the actual

holding of the meeting."

The letter pointed out that the Alliance won 485/o of the votes polled

in the last elections and holds 6 of the 9 seats in the House, that

"this is only the second public meeting being held by the People's

Alliance since the last elections", and "the major issue for

discussion at Sunday's meeting is to be the Budget, a matter of the

greatest national importance which must require prolonged diseuasion

and analysis.

The letter said also that "the 16 speakers for whom permission to use

a loudspeaker was applied are made up of 6 elected members, 3 Senators

and 8 candidates in the last elections, and also that "the discretion

which you are called upon to exercise under the Public Order

(Amendment) Act 1974 requires you to act fairly, impartially and in a

quasi-judicial manner."

Commissioner James was asked to reconsider his decision but

NEWSLETTER was told that no further communication had been received

from him when the meeting began shortly after 4.00pm on Sunday 17th.
The crowd which, at the start, was dout 200 persons had grown to

between 500 and 600 persons when, at 6.00pm, a party of some 6

policemen approached the speakers' platform and attempted to stop the


At that stage, about 50 protesting members of the crowd surrounded
the policemen who were forced to withdraw and the meeting continued

for another 45 minutes without interuption before being brought to a

close by the organizers.

To date (22nd), there has been no report of further action in the

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A seven-man team from Brazil visited Grenada this week to make final

arrangements for that country's participation in the 7th Regular
Session of the OAS Assembly due to open in Grenada on April 14th.

Alister Hughes
Page 4

This was disclosed on Wednesday (20th) in a Government Inu-wmantion

Service Release which said that the team, which included minister

Adolpho Benevides, expressed satisfaction with arrangements being

made for the General Assembly.

The team held talks with diss Gloria Payne, Permanent Secretary in

the ministry of Planning & Development (who is co-ordinator of the

OAS Conference), Dr Samuel Lujan of the OAS, Mr Franklyn Cherman,
Acting Cabinet Secretary, Mr Ian Gale, Director of Information and

Mr Frank Smith of Cable & wireless (W I) Ltd.
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The Government Information Service announced on Monday (18th) that

Prime Minister Gairy is attending "a high level conference of

world scientists studying the phenomena of Unidentified Flying

Objects in Acapulco, Mexico."

This conference, which opened on April 18th and will last until

April 23rd, has been organised by the "Centre for the Investigation

of UFOs and Paranormal Phenomena" and, according to the Government

release, Mr Gairy was invited to be guest speaker because of "the

tremendous leadership he has exerted in the study of the subject".

Addressing the House of Representatives earlier this month, the

Prime Minister referred to the call he had made to the United

Nations for an international exchange of information on UFOs and

said world reaction to his call had been "immediate, abundant and

certainly gratifying."

"The matters I raised aroused considerable interest among scientists

in every part of the world", he said, "as a consequence of which

I was given the signal honour of being the only Head of Government

in the world to attend and to address an international conference

of world scientists in Mexico later this month when the phenomena

of UFOs and other phenomena will be discussed."

Mr Gairy said that, at the conference he would not pretend td be

a scientist but that he would grasp the opportunity "to give

assurance that I shall continue to lead the scientists of the

Alister Hughes
Pate 5

world in the global forum of the United Nations."

Accompanying the Prime minister to Acapulco are Dr Wellington Friday,

Educational Advisor to the Government of Grenada and Mr Fabian Redhea.

of External Affairs. From Mexico, Mr Ga ry will go to Wachington

for talks with the State Department on matters affecting Grenada's

economy. He is also expected to have discussions concerning the

OAS General Assembly to be held in Grenada in June
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At a press conference on Monday (18th), the Right Reverend Cuthbert

Woodroffe, Anglican Bishop of the Windward Islands, announced the

launching of a Diocesan Apptol Fund to mark the 100th Anniversary of

the establishment of the Diocese of the Windward Islands which takes

place on Tuesday November 8th 1977.

His Lordship said the target of the Appeal is EC$300,000.00 and this

sum is to be used on three projects, each of which will be allocated

EC$100,000.00. The first ECB00,000.00 will go to partially endow

the See of the Windward Islands, the second will be utilized in a

"programme of social out-reach" throughout the Diocese, and the third

E0I100,000.00 will be used to provide a home for retired clergymen of

the Diocese.

"In 1877 when the Diocese was born", said Bishop Woodroffe, a

similar Appeal was launched and, at the moment, we have a small

endowment from which the Bishop is paid. Today, the Bishop of the

Windward Islands is guaranteed a monthly wage of EC5352.00 and all

other of his living expenses comes from pickings and beggings"

His Lordship said this situation is not considered fair to the holder

of the office and it should be remedied, but he did not favour

complete security for the Bishop. "Complete security can be just

as dangerous as under-security", he said, "because while under-

security can lead to anxiety and fears, over-security can lead to


In connection with the allocation for "social-outreach", Bishop
1;voodroffe said this would be "something to do with development of

Alister Hughes
page 6

our people in these islands, and he mentioned, as an example,

the building and extension of schools. "The Church has always

been engaged in education", he said, "and, up to now, the various

Governments are not able to carry out in full the education of

our people and, wherever we find there is need for educating our

young, we step into the breach." Hid Lordship, emphasized,

however, that in the matter of education, the Church is not in

competition but is complementary to the Government.

Referring to the provision of a home for retired clergymen, Bishop

Woodroffe said that, up to 10 years ago, the Diosese had been served

mainly by foreign priests who, on retirement, returned to their

native land where there were homes for retired clergy. "Now

the emphasis is on our local men", said His Lordship, "and my

concern is that, on retirement, they have no where to go where

they can be taken care of in their old age."

Following the press conference and in an exclusive interview with

NLWSLETTER, Bishop Woodroffe cleared up a popular misconception

that the Diocese of the Windward Islands was established in 1927.

"The first Bishop of the Windward Islands was enthroned in

St.Vincent in 1877", he said, "and he was Bishop Mitchinson.
Between 1977 and 1927 we shared a Bishop with Barbados but, in

1927, the Diocese of the Windward Islands decided it would no
longer share and elected Bishop Barclay after his retirement

from Barbados. Bishop Barclay was the first un-shared

Bishop of the Windward Islands, and this has given rise to the

mistaken belief that the Diocese was established only with bishop

Barclay's enthronement in 1927."

Bishop Woodroffe said the Centenary Celebrations will commence

in November and will continue until Easter 1978.
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In its issue of April 20th, the Grenada "Torchlight" newspaper
reported that, at a press conference called for Saturday April

16th, Prime Minister Gairy "decided that he would only answer

questions put to him by the Grenada Television representatives
(conti nued)

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NhWSLETTER Week Ending 93.4.77
Eage 7
after keeping his questioners waiting on the veranda of his Mount

Royal residence for some eighty minutes."

NBWSLLTTER was invited to attend a press conference called by Prime

Minister Gairy for Friday April 15th, but was later told that this

conference had been postponed to Saturday 16th and that the time

would be advised later. This advice was never received but,

according to the "Torchlight" report, "waiting to interview the Prime

Minister that morning were representatives from one foreign paper,

Radio Grenada, Grenada Television and the twice-weekly Torchlight."

The paper said "Mr Gairy only answered questions from Mr Leslie deon

the representative for Associated Press, who is also attached to the

local television house", and "it was reported that the Prime Minister

offered an apology to the effect that he had to attmid a luncheon for

the aged that day and so was not available for any lengthy discussion

According to the "Torchlight", the reason for the interview was

learned only when, an hour behind schedule, the Director of

Information Services, Mr Ian Gale, told reporters that "the Prime

Minister would like to discuss the Easter Water Parade with emphasis

on areas such as the participation of Carriacou for the first time,

the benefit to the Business Community, the Agricultural Booth and

other minor aspects of the show."

Mr Gale said Prime Minister Gairy had not mentioned his willingness

to reply to questions relative to the scheduled OAS Conference in

Grenada and that this would have to be inquired into after the

televised interview. NEWSLETTLE has been told, however, that

after the tevelised interview, there was no press conference.

(308 words)


Sources close to the negotiations between the Seamen & Waterfront

Workers Union (SWWU) and the Grenada Shipping Agents (GSA) advised

NEWSLETTER today (22nd) that a date has not yet been fixed for a

meeting at which the negotiations will be resumed.

These negotiations are relative to a demand by SWWU for a cost of

Alister Hughes
THE GRENADA NEWSLETTER dteek Ending 23.4.77
Page 8

living allowance, and there has been an exchange of documents
between SWWU and GSA relative to the economic justification of
the demand.

SWWIU is now studying the GSA document and a meeting may have
been fixed before if Mr Eric Pierre, secretary of SWWU, had

not been called away from the island on urgent personal business
earlier this month. Mr Pierre is now again in Grenada but

it is understood that SWWU has not yet completed its study of
the GSA document.

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The S S 'Geestcrest' sailed on April 19th with 32,522 boxes

of bananas weighing 970,205 Ibs and valued at EC111,573.00.
There were 673 boxes of reaeoted fruit.
(26 words)
mr. -?rf il:-~f .rfrii#r-rTir

During the week ending April 16th, the following cruise liners
called at trenada :-
April 10th Sagafjord 404 Passengers
11th Monarch dtar 552 do.

12th Cunard Countess 591 do.
14th Brittanis 1,085 do.

NEWSLETTER has been advised by the tourist Authorities that

the "Angelino Laura", reported in the issue for the week

ending April 4th as having arrived in Grenada on March 26th,
did not call at the island that week.

(67 words)

April 1977

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