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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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Alister Hughes
P 0 Box 65 I
St. Georges
For the week ending 29th January 1977

According to advertisements of The Grenadian Company Ltd, the first
"draw" of the Company's international lottery will take place on

Tuesday February 1st.

Tickets for this lottery, run under an exclusive 99-year franchise

granted by the Government of Grenada, went on sale last November let

at US$500 per ticket, with ticket-holders entitled to participate in

12 monthly drawings..

The Company's advertisements offer membership in the "Grenada Overseas
Lottery Club" whose membership is "absolutely limited to 99,999, and

"each month a member wins a million in one of the world's three most

valued currencies. US$1,000,000, Deutschemarka 1,000,000, Swiss
francs 1,000,000." "Of course", says the advertisement, "we will

pay the equivalent in any currency you want and where you want.. Tax
free and totally confidential."
Wall Street Journal
The "draw" for this lottery is unusual in that it does not involve the

chance selection of numbers by the operators of the lottery. According
to advertisements of the Company, tickets issued are in five digit

numbers. "On the last Friday of each month", says the advertisement,

"the Wall Street Journal publishes the total shares traded on the New

York Stock Exchange since January 1st of the current year. The last

five digits of the total number will match one of our ticket numbers

and the owner-membei of that ticket wins 100,000 US Dollars, Swiss

francs or Deutschemarks"

"Similarly", continues the advertisement, "on the first day of each

month, The Times and other leading British newspapers publish the
winning number of the Grand Prize in the monthly English premium Bond

dr y. (This number is drawn randomly by computer). The last five
digits of that number will match another Grenada Overseas Lottery

ticket, and the owner-member wins 100,000 US Dollars, Swiss francs or

Grand prize
The advertisement says that "when these two numbers are added together,

the last five digits of the total become the winning number of the

Alister Hughes
Page 2
Grand Prize ticket, worth one million US Doflare, Swiss francs
or Deutschemarks."

Inquiries made at The Grenada Company Ltd offices on Thursday (27th)
disclosed that neither Mr Robert Hunt, Manager of the' Company, nor
his assistant, Mr Francis Kett, are at present in Grenada. A
secretary advised that both gentlemen are away from the island in
connection with business related to the first lottery "draw".
(371 words)


Police executed a dawn search for arms and ammunition on Wednesday.
26th January at the home of Mr Unison Whiteman, Member of the Houai
of Representatives for the constituency of St.George North hast and
Joint Coordinating Secretary of the New Jewel Movement.

In a telephone interview with NEWBLETTER while the search was in
progress, Mr Whitemen said he had counted at least 13 policemen
under the command of Assistant Superintendent of Police Raymond

De Sousa, and "they are searching all my private papers and letters,
all my books, in a quite hostile and aggressive way."

Mr Whiteman said that, in the past, his home had been searched
five or six times and nothing had been found. "Since my election
to Parliament on December 7th", he said, "I had assumed this
harassment would have stopped. In fact, what has happened is
that no session of Parliament has been called and it seems that
this harassment is continuing."

It is understood that the police found nothing in this search.
(168 word)


In a press release issued today (28th), the Grenada Medical
Association (G;AA) said it cannot state too. strongly its concern
over the circumstances surrounding the establishment of the St Georget
University School of Medicine which opened its doors in Grenada
on January 17th.

The release said that, at a meeting held with the academic staff
of the School on January 26th, it had been revealed that, prior to

Alister Hughes

establishment of the School, no consultation were held with the

Grenada Medical ASQooiation, the Windward & Lemward Islands Medical

Association, the Commonwealth Caribbean Medical Association, the

British Medical Association or the University of the West Indies,

"the Bodies concerned with the practice of the Medical Prafession in

this region, and the training of persons for this profession."

In the absence of what the GMA calls "the necessary consultations"

with these Bodies, concern is expressed that "the standards of the

St.Georges University School of Medicine have not been subjected to

scrutiny and may not conform to acceptable levels."
Theipress release says also that GMA is concerned that, with the

authority given by the Government of Grenada to the School of Medicine

to issue Medical Diplomas, this institution may be qualifying medical

practicioners, both Grenadians and foreigners, under standards

unacceptable to the British Medical Association, and these persona

will be entitled to practice medicine in Grenada.
In an exclusive interview with NEWSLETTER today (28th), Dr Michael

Radix, President of GMA, said his Association must be concerned with

the standards under which doctors are trained before they can practice

medicine in Grenada. "The fact that there have been no

consultations whatsoever with us or with any other Body concerned with

the Medical Profession in this region", he said, "has placed us in a

position where we do not know the standards under which this, School

of Medicine has bet established and will be operated." Dr Radix

said GMA has appointed a committee to look further into the situation.
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Assording to a Proclamation dated January 24th and circulated with

the Government Gazette of January 21st distributed today (28th),

fernor General Sir Leo deGale has summoned Parliament to meet at

1 '00 am on Wednesday February 16th.
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The Grenada Chamber of Commerce has been asked to encourage its

members to make use of facilities offered by the Caribbean Investment

Alister Hughes

Corporation (CIC). This was brought out at a meeting held by

the General Manager of CIC, Mr G R E Blllen, with representatives
of the Chamber on January 24th.

Accompanying Mr Bullen on his visit to Grenada were two specialists
who, are on assignment to CIC. These are Mr C N L Minister,
Managing Director of Minister (Industrial Consultants) Ltd of
Leisester, England, and Mr Andrew J Burey, a Project Analyst.

Mr Minister's attachment to CIC is sponsored by the Commonwealth
Fund for Technical Cooperation while Mr Burey is Team Leader of
a United Nations Industrial Development Organisation team working' ,
with CIC. Both gentlemen have been assigned to CIC for a two *
year period.

The meeting with the Chamber gave an up-to-date report on progress
made by CIC Aver the last two years, and set out the Corporation's
plans for assisting and promoting industrial development in the
Less Developed Countries of the Caribbean Community.
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In a letter dated January 14th addressed to Prime Minister Gairy,
the Grenada Chamber of Commerce has recorded its "disappointment that

you had not consulted the Chamber in connection with the selection of
a Senator under the provisions of paragraph 24 (2) (c) of the
Grenada Constitution."

The section of the Constitution referred to states'that, in
connection with appointments to the Senate, "three shall be

appointed by the Governor General, acting in accordance with the

advice of the Prime Minister after the prime Minister has consulted
the organizations or interests which the Prime iimniater considers
the Senators should be selected to represent."

The Chamber's letter states that the Western Democracies have
always recognized the need for maintaining channels through which

industry, trade and commerce can exert some influence on the law-
making, policy and detailed administration of the country, and
"there can be no doubt that it was the intention that business
interestss should be consulted under paragraph 24 (2) (c) of the

Alister Hughes
page 5

Referring to another organisation of businessmen in Grene a, the
letter says, "Notwithstanding the fact that, subsequent to the 1972
General Elections, the Grenada Businessmen's Association waa
established and represents certain business interests, it is important
to note that, in addition to being the only organisation which
represents a complete cross section of local business interests, the
Chamber is the only organisation which represents Grenada's business
interests at the regional level, and is the only one in touch with
.similar organizations all over the free world.".

In this letter, which was signed by the President, Mr Lydon Ramdhanny,
the Chamber expressed the wish that Prime Minister Gairy "should take
thq necessary steps to repair this serious omission on the occurrence
of a suitable vacancy in the Senate."
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In a press release issued yesterday (27th), it was announced that the
University of The Eastern Caribbean will, from February 1st, begin
to offer the Grenada public "a wide range of innovative educational

The intention to establish this University was disclosed at a press
conference in Grenada last December 18th when Grenada-born
Dr Wellington Friday said the institution would be one "without walls"
and that it would cater to adults who had not had the opportunity to
get a university education.

Among services listed in yesterday's press release are "academic
consultation and guidance", "evaluation of past training and
experiences", "preparation and issuance of narrative transcripts for
use locally and overseas" and "tutorial preparation of students for
degrees, certificates and diplomas of the university and other
cooperating institutions." These services, it is stated, will be
on an individual basis and apply equally to mature highly-motivated
and self-directed persons resident locally as well as to persons
seeking educational opportunity abroad.

In an exclusive interview with NEWSLETTER, Dr Friday said one problem
facing many Westindians is that they are forced to move away from their
environment and society and become very disoriented. "We are
gearing our programme to having these people perform a more meaningful
task within their country", he said, "and the services we offer will
all' culminate in different levels of achievement."

Dr Friday said the establishment of the University "had the blessing
of the Government of Grenada", and he expected that the institution's
official Charter will soon be conferred.
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In an overseas telephone interview with NWSIETTERs, Mr Rosie Douglas

Alister Hughes

of Dominica, Executive Member of the Domi nlco-Ouiba Friendshit
Association, disclosed that a 14 member delegation left Dominica
on January 26th for a one week visit to Cuba.
The delegation, which is under the auspices of the Dominica-Cuba
Friendship Association, includes Mr Alwyn Bully, Dominican playwright
and Mrs Deasery John, wife of Premier Patrick John, and Mr Douglas
said the purpose of the visit was to allow Dominicans of various walk
of life to get a first-hand on-the-spot inspection of Cuba.
"Such a visit will enable Dominicans to learn the truth about life in
Cuba", he said, "with a view to encouraging more normal and mutually
beneficial relations between the two countries."
Mr Douglas said Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago are
already benefiting tremendously from those types of mutual exchanges
between their countries and Cuba, and it was hoped that, in the future,
Dorminica con do the seme.
(163 words)
The following are figures supplied by Meeesrs Leeward Islands Air Transport
Ltd relative to passenger movements and freight and mail handled in 1976.
Passengers Passengers Freight In Freight Out Mail In Mail Out
Month In out (kiloa (kilos) _(kilo) -_f .\1
January 3,236 4,083 35,921.4 6,251.8 2,618.4 1,177.9
February 3,445 3,641 3,320.2 5,507.4 13,438.1 6,140.5
March 7,166 5,777 18,821.6 2,902.6 -6,987.5 6,995.9
April Not Available
May 2,125 2,306 9,175.6 4,231.0 2,499.0 1,230.5
June 2,334 2,571 13,042.0 4,319.5 2,613.1 1,099.2
July 4,531 3,598 35,094.3 26,132.6 2,112.2 1,158.2
August Not Available
September 3,319 3,683 18,825.9 5,937.0 1,917.5 1,296.
October 2,912 3,003 15,337.5 3,627.5 562.2 2,717.:
November 2,134 3,208 15,918.6 9,597.9 4,181.4 1,315.-
December 4,376 3,439 19,830.5 9,055.5 6,224.2 1,452.r .

On January 25th, the S S "Geestorest" sailed with 22,523 boxes of
bananas weighing 677,240 lbs and valued at 0$47,406.00. There
were 440 boxes of rejected fruit.
(30 wods)

During the week ending January 22nd, the following cruise liners
called at Grenada :-
Date Boat Passengers
January 16th Stella Maris 155
17th Monarch Star 615
18th Cunard Countess (, 669 0n
19th Amerikanis L 536 ij .a
21st Stella Oceania 270 a '
22nd Statendam 817 V
With reference to statistics of cruise liner calls given in NEiWLETTER
of week ending January 22nd, information is now available relative to
the number of passengers carried by the "Atlas" and "Angelino Lauro".
These statistics are, respectively, 371 and 363. A" ,
..-- _.---,-- ...(80 words)
lister Hughes
6 ^/^ 28th January 1977

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