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Alister Hughes
P o Box 65
For the week ending January 15tih 191


The last issue of NEWSLETTLR was for the week ending noc mber 18th

1976. For the information of subscribers, the following is an

up-date of events which took place in Grenada during late December

and early January.


The Government Gazette of December 24th assigns the following

ministerial responsibilities given under the hand of Governor General

Sir Leo .deale under date of December 16th 1976:-

Honourable Eric Matthew Gairy. Prime Minister
Foreign Affairs:
Planning Development & Training
Information Service
Public Relations.
Home Affairs including State
Security, Police, Prisons & Immigration
National Trusts
Lands & Surveys.
National Resources
Research (other than Social Science Reseroe)
Carriacou Affairs.

Honourable George Frederick Hosten. Ministry of Finance. Trade &
Finance & Fiscal Policy
Government Accounts
Taxation & Tax Policy
Inland Revenue
Customs & Excise
Port & Harbour
Government printing Office
Stationery Stores
Supply & Price Control
Trade & Commerce

Honourable Herbert John Preudhomme. Ministry of Health & Housing
Public Health
Visiting Stations
Medical Service
Nursing Service

Honourable Cynthia Bernadette Gairy. Ministry of Social Affairs,
community Development & Go-operatives
Community Development
Public Assistance
Social Welfare
Friendly Societies

Alister Hughes

Honourable Oliver Abraham Terrence Raeburn, inia.try of Education

Honourable David Theophilue Sylvester. Ministry of Agriculture,
Forestry & Fisheries
National Zoo
Certain aspects of Meteorology
Timber Development

Honourable Franklin O'Brien Dolland. Ministry of Labour. Youth
Development & Capital Funding
ILO Conventions
Trade Unions
Work Permits
Youth Development
Capital Funding
Honourable Roy Edward St John. Ministry of Environmental
Development. works & Soort
Environmental Development
Roads & Bridges
Post Office & Postal Services

The Government Gazette of January let lists the following honours
conferred by Queen Elizabeth of England :-
William A P Branch Knight Bachelor Et.
Andrew W A Redhead Commander of the Order of the British
Empire. C B E
Godwin Brathwaite Officer of the Most Excellent Order of
the British Empire. 0 B E
Samuel P A Abraham Member of the Most Excellent Order of
the British Empire. M B E
Winston E E Thomas Imperial Service Order. I S 0
Clunia T Cyrus British Empire Medal. B E M
Norbery B Paterson British Empire Medal B E M
Clement Griffith British Empire Medal B E M
Lionel St Paul jiritish Empire Medal B E M

In addition to these awards, Prime Minister Gairy has been made
a member of the Privy Council. This honour has not been
published in the Government Gazette.
(125 words)


In the St.Georges suburb of St.Pauls, there were scenes on

January 3rd which were reminiscent of the crisis which struck

Grenadea three years ago.

Alister Hughes

The background to the situation is that, on New Year'a Day, Inspector

of Police Raymond DeSousa is alleged to heve assaulted four persons id
the St.Pauls area and, the next day, there was a small protect


On the following day (3rd), there was another demonstration, this time

of some 300 people, and eyewitnesses allege that Inspector DeSouae

tried to break up the crowd by driving vehicles through it. This

did not break up the demonstration and, according to an announcement

over Radio Grenada, 150 policemen and 50 members of the Defence Porce

were sent to the scene.

At this stage, the demonstrator& were called upon to disperse, and,

when this order was ignored, the demonstrators were searched. No

attempt was made, however, to use force. The demonstrators then

proceeded to the home of Mr Maurice Bishop, Leader of the Oppoiltion

in the House of Representatives (who, with other members of the New

Jewel Movement was in the demonstration) where a meeting was held.

In an exclusive interview with NIWSLETTER after the meeting, Mr Bishop

said, "Our particular concern at the momenS relates to the behaviour

of one particular policeman, Inspector Aaymond DeSousa. Mr Bishop

pointed out that Inspector DeSousa is the brother of Mr Norman DeSouse

who was defeated in the General Elections. by Mr Bishop and, according

to Mr Bishop, Inspector DeSousa "has been behaving in a most atrocious


"We intend to take steps against him", said Mr Bishop, "we are writing

to the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security.

Our concern is to try to ge t very definite curbs put on this form of

behaviour by the Police and, particularly, on the uncontrolled use of

firearms by Police Officers when they are off duty."
(317 words)


Late in December, the Grenada Telephone Company announced that,
with effect from January 1at, telephone rents would be increased.

Private phones would move from EC$22.50 per month to E0C27.00 per

month, business lines would move from ECt50.00 to EB060.00 per

Alister Hughes
Page 4
month and the increase on Private Box kxohnnges (PBX) would be

from EC$70.00 to EC$84.00 per month.

These increases come hard on the heels of a new wage agreement
reached between the Telephone Company and the bargaining union

for its workers, the Technical & Allied Workers Unjon, in which

Agreement the workers will receive 3596 wage increases over the next

two years.

In an exclusive interview with NEWSLETTER, Mr Ivor O'Brien, Manager

of the Telephone Company, said the increased phone rents are as a
direct result of the new wage agreement. "The desirable solution

to the problem would have been an expansion of the Company's plant",

said Mr O'Brien, "but, unfortunately, the Company cannot raise the

necessary capital".

Mr O'Brien thought that, if the plant could be expanded, there were

many more subscribers who could be added to those now existing, but,

since it was not possible to take this course, the Company had no

alternative but to raise rates to meet increased expenses faced as

a result of the new wage agreement.
(209 words)

In a letter dated January 5th, four Opposition Members ot the House

of Representatives have called 4pon a number of organizations to-

meetand discuss what the letter called "the rising spate of

transfers, suspensions and dismissnla. of workers in the Public

Sector Nurses, Police, Teachers, Civil Servants and other

categories of Government Employees."

This letter, signed by Messrs Maurice Bishop, Bernard Coard,

Unison Whiteman and Winston Whyte, was sent to the Civil Service

Association, the Technical & Allied Workers Union, the Seamen &

Waterfront Workers Union, the Grenada Union of Teachers, the Chamber
of Commerce, the Commercial & Industrial Workers Union, the

General Agricultural, Commercial & Factory Workers Union, the

Grenada Assembly of Youth and the Grenada Medical Association.


Alister Hughes

To date, it is not known what plans have been mrnAe for tho holding

of the proposed meeting, but it is understood that the Grenada *

Medical Association has indicated its willingness to take part and

the Chamber of Commerce has declined.
(151 words)


Three election petitions have been filed in the High Court on behalf

of candidates who were defeated in the General elections of December


These petitions were filed on Monday January 10th and the petitioners

are Mr Kenrick Radix, the people's Alliance candidate who lost to Mrs

Cynthia Gairy, the Grenada United Labour party Candidate by 263 votes

in the St David constituency, Alliance candidate Dr Rupert Japal who

lost to GULP candidate Mr Albert Porsythe in the St Mark constituency

by 218 votes, and Alliance candidate Mr Wilberforce Nyack who lost to

GULP candidate Mr Oliver Raeburn in the St r triok-Yast unn titiency

by 60 votes.

Among other things, the petitions allege that there was bribery before

and during the elections, that names were omitted from the Electase

List and that, on Election Day, Radio Grenada carried voicecasts

advertising candidates of the Grenada United Labour Party.

These election petitions are significant in the light of the close

result of the General Elections in which GULP won 9 seats and the

Alliance 6. Should these petitions succeed, by-elections may

result which will, once more, place into the hands of the electorate

the decision as to who will control the Government of Grenada.

According to Grenada law, the decision of g judge of the High Court

shall be final in these petitions, and the judge has the power to

confirm the result of the election or alter the Election Return

put in by the Supervisor of Elections. According to his findings,

the judge may also order the holding of new elections in the

particular constituency.
(261 words)

Alister Hughea

Addressing a gathering of invitees to the ground breaking ceremony a

for the construction of a conference hall for the General Assembly

of the Organisation of American States due to meet'in Grenada in May,

Prime Minister Gairy disclosed that he has been invited to attend a

conference in Aeapulco, Mexico, to discuss the subject of Unidentified

Flying Objecta.

The ground breaking ceremony tbok place on Friday (15th), and the

Prime Minister said that, just a few days ago, he had received word

from Mexico that he is invited to attend this conference which, he

said, would be attended by w world scientists of the highest levels.

and where "flying saucers" will be discussed.

"This is one of the points I raised in the United Nations last year",

said Mr Gairy, "asking those who have the information and the data

on flying saucers lying down in their archives to make those

information and data available to the peoples of the world because

we are quite ready, willing and able to accept the phenomenon that

there are flying saucers, there are people in other planets and they

have been visiting our globe."

The Prime Minister said that subjects brought up by Grenada in the
UN and other -international organizations had stirred, ignited and

inspired the hearts and minds of world leaders in the political,

philosophical, scientific, religious, mystical, spiritual and other

fields. "Dont think that because Grenada is physically small

and with limited population that Grenada is not making an impactive

and effectual thrust in international affairs", he said.
(256 words)


At a ground breaking ceremony yesterday (14th), Prime Minister

Gairy officially "turned the sod" to mark the commencement of

construction of a circular air-conditioned building which is to

serve as the conference hall for the 7th General Assembly of the

Qrganisation of American States due to be held in Grenada in May.

This building is to be located in the Grand Anse area on what it
now an open tract of land between the East Wing of Holiday Inn and

Aliater Hughes
page 7 9 *
the se.@ It is to be circular iAiapo with a A ameter of t ', a
heght of 30' and sonrcea olosp to the coantebtors say it will .
cover an area of 8,800 square feet. Its construction haa been

described as "geodesic frame" and prtists.ccnceptoUs of thp building

show a lattice-tfte steel framework within which is hunj a heavy
nylon fabric.

In an exclusive interlw wit kLWSLETTER after the ground breaking
ceremony, Prime Minister Gairy said tt tet vision of the OAS
to hold its meeting in Grenada puts the island "in a politio& that
equates any or all of the other countries within that great
organisation". "I think Grenada should be pruud of this
conference being held here", he said.
# (i93 words)


At a ceremony at Holiday Inn yesterday (14th), Lieutenent Colonial

Jaime Garcia of the Chilean Ministry of Defence presented Prime
Minister Gairy with a copper platter on behalf of the President and
people of Chile.
In accepting the gift, Mr Gairiz said that, during his visit to Chile
last year, he had had very cordial diacussionuawith the Weniddat of
that country, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs andr.d4. the
Minister for Finance & Economic Development" *

Prime Minister Gairy said he had had firm oommittments at .that time

from the Government of Chile for economic and military cooperation

with Grenada and, a day or two ago, the Chilean AmbEhdor had *visited
Grenada and confirmed those commitments. Mr Gairy thought the

visit of Lt Col Garcia and the gift he had brought were further *oof
that Grenada could depend on Chile for the cooperation she had Aedged,,
(145 words)


Eyewitness reports state that, on Thursday (13th), Mr Bernard Coard,
Member of the House of Representatives for the Town of St George, was
seated in a parked car on Halifax Street in St.Georges when he was
approached by two plain-clothea policemen. It is reported that
one of the policemen snatched a document from Mr CCard's hands whiae
.., < a

Alister SuO

thpther policeman grabbOed'*1kbel from the seat "o' thof Ar,
and both policemen LMn off in the direction of Police Headquartera
about three hundyd yards away.

Some 15 minutes later, Mr C )iK- r! Maurice Bighop, ;leader of
the Opposilton in the House of Representatives, were heated in ..,
Mr Bishop's car near to the Post Office on thp Carenage when they
were approached by a squad of policemen uC *he command of
Mr Raymond De gg believed to have been promoted
from I'pc6Tor to Assistant Superintendent of Police. Reporta
sa Mr DeSousa'S demand to search the car for arms and ammunition
was consented to by Mr Bishop but it is understood that nothing was
found. ** *

Later that day, NEWSLETTER telephoned Comnissioner of Police Osbert
Jmea. and asked to be given the official details of the incident.
Mr James declined to do this and, in reply to iEWAjLETTR's question
as to whether he knew of the incident, Commissioner James said he
Swas not prepared to say anything. Mr Coard nor Mr Bishop were available for comment.
(229 words)


In an exo lfve interview with NLWSLETTER today (15th), Mr Stephen
B. Vejvoda, Special Assistant to the chancellor, baid*the St Georgon
UniyApsitt ohool of Medoicine 1o h comnmence classes on Monday
Janu 17th.

Ir Vejvoda sa he University School of Medicine has leaed the
Grand AnasaeHotel for use as a student dormitary, and the 195 students
enroled fot.*the igxst 'semester were already in residence. This
first aemfeter, said Sr'Vejvoda, o*ftd cover five courses, each
leading to a doctorate.

According to a "Foreign Student Bulletin" put out by the St.Ge rBge
Univerlit ,School of iMedtcine, the School is recognized by the
United States Department of HEW and the World Headth Organisat ion.
Tuition fee per sempSter is USt2,250.06%and the dormitory fee per '
eamister, is US100f.00. Thie curriculum is comprised of ve
. .U T

AliLter Hughes a5
THB GRENHAIA NEWSLETTER 7eek 7tod 15.1.77 '

'. aaeeters which shou be completed in 4( yoare and, upon oompletien,
the degree of Doctor of Meicine will be awarded "since no further
intrpship or social service- ais M et."

Mr E A Welch, Sec1qpvy ( the Grenada Civil Service Association,
confirmed today (15th) that 'te ComliaisQn appointed by Oovernment *
t Osake 'dficrs4%aaations for the visaton of salaries of all
*. _~owA*inmen% monthly paid employees will meet inr-Granada from 9th. 4o ;_

l -F1ebruary. 1. .. .

tseadd by Mr Eldon Maturin, Tax Administratiet Adfisor attached to
)iw I COM Secretariat, other members of the Commission are Senator
Manswell, Executive Secretary of the Trinidad & Tobagu Pabllo
ces Association, and Mr Edwy Talma, former Dguty prime Miniater
(83 words)

The winner of the annual Round Grenada Yacht Radceo ich to place on
January 9th) nearly did not get to Grenada in time, ,enter. aiet,
Shamrock" was in Antigua on the 6th when the skipper, 1 i nt,
:was encouraged to go to Grenada for the race. He.
;d Mre iy and arrived with little time left t face thAastarter'a
;gun.,' 13" .. .' '
The race, whjobwas divided into two classes, started in esc w
outer harbouiS the smaller boats, %sa B, getting ptf one hoqe p.
the lasa A boats. Tht course takes the boats up the island *
a ..,osst, around the northern point, down the east coast,.-,round irt
'~allen at the southern tip and then back to St.Georgios arbir, =."
covering, al of some 70 miles.
\,'r'here were three starters in Class A and suix'in.Ie& S O it tk 4
came obvious that, in Class A, it was gojng tqbe'.a fight beSwe
the 90' "Gitana IV" sailed by Stevet Carsn and the 73' "slacO "t '
skippered by John Kemish. By agreement, there were no time
allowances in Class A, which meant that which ever bdat was over e .
'line sJsrt would be the winner. "
In cla '3, the race developed into a close tuasel betweew4' "ig
zag" with Carl Schuster at the helm, and 30' "Scarlet Sha*4re" e
sailed by Pay talent '' '
Unforvanately, "Gitana tytALost'i Vinnakergoing up. the we at o **s
the top of the was rounaed4 b was Y, S a41wa

Alistw Hughes
' THEI ESlD.i NEiD LETELlR w* an I ~g..1 .77
RPg 10 Q I
the Class B boats which had started an hour lmLf. "
S t Point Saliner facing theata.t beat Wk to the fittehin Uine,
S Black Pin" was 5the le9 ,a pulling away steadily. "zig ag .
was next, folloV by "Soarl 4shrock", and they. finished in that
or-r ithGlana 1V" oaedAsiderubly behind. On treated Pine,
"Soarlet ShimrookI was adjudged winner in- boti her lass and in *"
the overall race,
.%The following Sae the statittise of' the Irsme s ... ne.te P iA',
*S 0' rg L O.L.* W.L.* ating TimO(mnae)Time(Zine)glaasa
OGitena IV U .SA 90' 74' 1.00r 515.*10,.. 515,10 2'o k-
Block Fin UK 73' 65' 1.000 497.3.. i497230 1 3
_1.Ragga Panan 73' 64' 1.000 Did nC qnlsh
c Sa le teadi 30' 25' .767 564.72 t 433.14 1 .
zigzag end 43' 31' .822 556.75 457.65 2 2
S -lice Canada ,31' 23' .748 Did not fini ,
pU m fort A 30' .690 Did not -f
S vtura '" 28' .Q Did not f
M tV 5H:al ie U3K 8 n5' u .730 Did not fI t .,
S-,. O.-' t OVerall Length 4. .

'' the 1co0 A1 6IOhmFe 20 minutes, established in 1970 and b p

S fhe z lbst at tlgive 1N, NW ,L7Ia ,ov0.
in the ssue ber uath Aid rotf sf hipmenr ado a*
a*S 8 W aete.t 1&nb 4-. 146. *-
Sto 'nand to date .ao an follows : 1
Shi o'es wei (tlAt ) Y "l
1 et otland 19,120. 590',309 #51 ,320 *0 '
ber Cth G ei' at 15,189 492,787 40,750.
y 4th G ea 18,390. 548,510 38,395.0 458
y 11th Gee o tar '23 ,715, 0,076.00 1,183

act ste a e given ETTER ;or cruise liner calls w ere t
wrof Deceaber 18th and covered the k ending December 4, .
liner call, prince thep and until the week ending January 8th e -oa* o
te* ise Liner pasaengers
R aceber un ea )e
17th 3 ,OdeBesey 353 ). thi
oembeiL et, Countee*- 6W2
eraB eS 1,186 We Enk ading
25t 92 Dece*mber 25th
a th 'Vi 0 775
er 26th stlLa Odbania 340 1
26th atla 497
26th' Carla.C 497 .
28th Royal Viking 0 478
SMonarch Star 600 k lndi
g axim Goaki 613 Jautv I
NtAngelina Lauro 618 ,
-m-rmoz 561 J V1
OL -uard Countess 805


* "+JJ

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