The Grenada newsletter


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The Grenada newsletter
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.
A. & C. Hughes
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
Creation Date:
February 12, 1994
twenty no. a year
completely irregular


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Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
Economic conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
Social conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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Time adafvkr ', Sahay

Tebsadors tniavelm mae at a
Si]werocewoimyosix Aei Mdel
farinilwveloped on G m nt lands owr
fha ast 16 unlhs .by th Fech Co-
R1opic Mision at cOt^ I,6008000

in iMr lsolr e
.I n.E*p .i*

(II O i

toughoa t vaStise. n muistryis atiilng
"crten of agnculturl e aellence" ve
cm be seen demonstrates of ecellence of
effort, f esult, of aid vo, of self
reliance a the practi of ift

Thle ae two mole umpolIta~ ctrlstc

Mai Lee of the Caribbea Tobis
Organisaton an Profess r Mar Ca-
agle ofi Umrn sty of tie West Ind

Other speaker at the cow ultaton m-
duded Senator Tilnan Thons, Minster
of Tourism Mr Paul Simer, Cha.nna
of the Bood of Tounsma and Mr G R
Builen, Dirdcorof the Boar of Tounsam

According to Mr BulleT tie purpose of
Ihe coEultaon ws to onside the
qustionof cnerparticparyasitelales
to vitors to Greada.

"At the end of te day," h said, "we
should coe up with implemntal'a
Iecomndation vich vdl deal vwlh
t bil ne ce


The rationl ef stablim t o'te
cateri, te Mi er sl, is to dem-
state that a person vho apple hins
or h~relf aw ictue can nae a
decmt liing ith "gvo d stanilig in
btt aceouxl

Eamer in ~ day, MrBazn tamed lti sd
for cownsrlcxon of a Spce Processa
Factoy t o be constmrted on Gonmn
lods hnd ed oer to the Grenada Mi-
Spies C c ealT
WMal lBe Celbrated
Before pefo ng e ceremony, MrBnzan
said eablslui of Ue FacIoy is symbo
of Glenada's ii epeence, the
Amnaveray of vch would be cebbted
on February 7t

IdepedseO he saud, is nt just the
symbols oft flagard anthem, but fit ability
of a pale t stan on its own to ft,
delop self reane a l self p by
its bootvstrap

The call for good planug pbper&
Me.rt at m rlv Tlr.-miFa I twm A
Th 8ua~,pdo~

hlwbi ba am

theRepubhofC nma(OROC)on
TaIa, on Fetbrty 4t, pe-
sened the Graa ad Govemntstf
h saeen Y~ a aha 200 c motor cycles
foruswof e olice-a0a ofe Nisson
au d forrusa odtha bVy ofhsfemrnal

tZaIr.LgHt7F -m PMT 7
ao he Spies Pocsmg Factoy Vil te
on of the t poveful sy ols of

The Mmor pces Coperative s made 4u
ofsons 3000 produces ofrnnamon, cloves
aor all tm ot*hr spes GrauG da pim s,
oauside of te nuteg, he said, and, imtl
noi um,4tlhes spics, ntudgnutregs, aje
exported m ther v-rtjanal sala

fI st odert vid p ist do beter
than diet, he sai, "became, en ve
Baipartherspi.enijhlirirax state, other

all OTCr te vworid mctdl to I -E

Addmg vaht to rai ndaler neans dollars,

The ROC also donned t> Lh Gmrena
Goveurnntian assortmentc filev*s for
me dun~ a celotlrotmo of the is s 20T
AnmlveIayofhleNda TaThfelU o
Febimq 7th

fM &;e gOC B2a ,t

a M wster said, and, hecas
mGrada's spwee, Ie stirmd tat Hte
foeign arocessois are Tnk Five tms F i

Te Spice ProEssng Fac oill do a
the gri a b1in ardA ezpflrtng of
the sad'e s pieces in th- flisitd hri
Mr Ban said, to the eta of G
nad4 mm or spics rov

The project, he said, is tg finaced by
EC$500,000fronmt STABEXFwudoftf
Euopean Union au8igntie y a furt
EC$250,00 provded i Gzeida's 199
buijdget- -

-Waffip t

Thbae Gramnda ter Satday 2t Fpebr 1994 Pagie9

relaboaEs tWveoa Voe people and Gov
emment of Taivam al ft people amid
Gowmm~en of Gnmila ill colime W

Adpting tI fts, Mr Brathfie told D
Htunglah Chiu tht, viens diplomatic r-
14ation btneteen tvo cmues, at
is 9pecd thai tef stoger mn economic
term Vill NIp tl vealtar

"Bul he said, you a, m a specific vay,
miade a signficamt cotnbutta to our

Tai n a ficanc is thatmeir Ta anom r
Greamla was sadfisd tinandl e'ase'id

Nicholas Batwait by Dr Huigdah Clui,
the Special Enny tha in Greada repe-
sening iOe ROC President at 1tn Atm-
rsaiy eleraton

Speaking on ti occasun, the nely ap-
pointle ROC Ambassar b Grenada Mr
HItCinhM i sid &t fact at th Special
E~voyYm mae a ipof vel over 10,000
mrls from Taslvan to Grendaem aary
strong, clear vesagp.

'That minos w, e said, "is tat my
GornmenLt attaes great mporta to
its rblakoasp vith Grada "

Gremda can depd l on Tavan s e a

faiithfl, tiabsole I ... s kliel a te
partner Otn b I+f f hd-
ulardst ec U N A sabut

nt ROC A% IniAnthat it
= or.w shidalEH ic idM isRaOLiEIortn vindl

anr dsu Cl r sd th prseme of Il he t Is ~ th halp

special Eoy sos als thet ROC Otandard of li at ram
/Wer Hsu-Ming od U presn o L ea m ir r e fto change wt ig O P cl t soieig s
Special Biwwy slovs also Unit f ROC 31a1dard OF hVMsdf ofGr

RWs nf rotean Mo in one mTN ft of de mr cyls, Nc sad, by
comauouly niadaig tho Pole more ab to spod
rsplfy to lsb forasstace, V asm
"We Npe ymn wvllna to lmum Usuppor tN lfinl aMasImaVISCA msin nounvaYS,
B,hesid,"andetitry,tohrto thatens the Tousm Icdutry, now the
mmiftn omace stsbsjhtv. roepss anii mijneagm ofGrlenda's ezonsomeic

enjoy a lvey happy lif together."

Maknigltepresetaloo,1 Special Enoy,
Dr Hwdah Chlu said, despite th fict ti
GreMida d Tai anare geographiclly vEy
far apat, the wo counane share basis
uttman vales such as democracy, mano
ngatt, qaty and notd- tsmaton

Ambrassl to GO da, MrHisut CbA-Lug,
vas desigatd Deputy Special Envoy on

aI additson o th Spel Envoy, r
Hungah Ct o i other mmbeis of ft
Delegaloan wMle Mr Lag Ash, Deputy
Chairm, Researclh S R anmng Boa,
Pe Ema 5 are 1

1e GrealaNewtter Saturdia 12th Februay I99M Pap

Mostly of Foreign Affs, Mr
Mr Chain Humgm-hi Semor
Officer, Departme n of Cenral
Fomegn Affair,

Cman wen-tung Secon Chief, Om ce of the Pesden
Adsor, Adranmosatin Yuan an Mr Yu Chu, D
& South Amrencan arn Canbbea Affais, Mristry of


Mr Alan Drny, Reident Actig Bntnsh
High Conmn sioer, vwh tool u the post
mi Nowveaber 199, will leave Glrada on
February 27t, having comtleand his
assignment i Gmemda

MrDn' scessoar, Mr Malcon (4ac')
F Stbtli vultaianvemO Gm onFebrumy

a foiunyear s monnt at e,
Comnmssion m Canerna,

Aftera brief spell m he Umtied Kidom
Mr Dmry is expectd to late p an
nsgmtat Bish Comsuate Ceral
in Bateloria, Spain

On lt an thd Fi bruary, some 50
Prnipals of PnPaa and Pre-Pnrary

plan for stslatti the School Feeding
Project after lit Wor Food ProgIranm
(WFP) as*sstarr ends it 1995.

T rnt assistance stad 1991 ant approx-
imately 9,7.ctdmn at n gin a ih meal

'fe pnoect is filmed by EC$6 m0ilon
doisaed annually by e WFP, Gownnm nt

provides ECIS 8 million and sore as-
tace cones also from th Oinisaton of
American States, tte Fines DMiviion,
Maetihg Natonal So iroWrtg Boa aMn
te Pnvale Sector

Agricuml Scienc( Cc.ntren

Tvo aieas of ld, rne of 10 ar tl other
of 4 acn are bein develop as am e-
ultual scer e centres at two secondary

A rleas~ from the Gorent Informaton
Serce says the Ce rts vil e available to

Of Sittt, SIx~fl eje~c W


The G

- '

Volune 22 Satrday .2h Fetruary 194m Numbr 3


Tft oRmmOEM rbmmlill
-^ -
3EMMMrn9~a C6325D GmaanN3 ffmug

|caonietr ulyattl, t3e
ramversary of l-
pemnesc Prine Mihstaer
i =OBlas Bmhvta aid, 8as
hs erA of Ite 20th tentlry
approales, development stra-
s hi dpe on kin ad
id jipeeWential irme im !ougervidl
bev rabt or< pas
"As vsot trwItearagi04 -
vwimitnmeot of onucr PRi
economies of Easter Europe
romstar e conntto riteconomies,
he sa, "itmnst be deartowustbat ths
dew opiaentepo.e.tlb -estIaliegs
to our eoXr itss Xsu l skif Ini-

To smi~v, fr Prim Mister said,
rea.a a-d otier Canbbean coimtnes yth
open, depernet ard vuerable econolass
vill have to contkt vitf ,ceased com-
petitveUssinmarntatiotal tade forprvts,
fomleign investment fvs to generate

aconomne growth =eded for
Lsustaned deveopment

Ssiaton calls for good
ovenmance, expert plamng
ant ompert, ecomnuc an-
agrmntatt ntiofallkwI, h
aid ,be t nmerared font
co Goermenmltc achiye-
rnhs is rfllor' GCr-
fa's cmdft wo1tkaess
antd building Its ornfi-
N dance of the intesnboml
:ommumy m ne count y

@Grenada'i Econou*ic Sur4val
FaesClei-w -io
*Hightay Named For Maarice
| Bldp -^_w... ........ .... .. 4
Scinsa Holds Coau.atina on
Crime Apaist Visitors._ 5
SGna P "Cenl r Of
IE:Iele .. 6
ROC Mat i-e To Ga 8
I^Hews Shorts.,.,- 10



The Gla a e ttS Sarday 1h February 19 Pag2

t rlude the ntingoff by the Gean
Goverment of EC$11 millio from an
EC$14 mllhon debt Te Batish
Govenmtbnt Ias scheduled an EC$50
nmtiln debt a r i a t o chaore, el
OPEC Fund has recheduled an EC$55
Inll.indebtandutaeFench Gowomnenthas
provided over EC$11 mlbon for mfia-
strtural deveok ment

Additonally, Mr Bfthfiat itomised
development assistan bnem giv n by
Kvai, tihe
Car ib obean'

Mp n of C i

J Ypn, t He Can-
abian In ite-A-. ^ff^ %
Iona D'evelop

ta Aercry tor IWnr-
naionatuDeelopmentaz Tn -
the Europea Unon.
The Pnta Mmer quoted fm a nuary
1994 IMF appllmsal of his Govemnt's
perfomarce viich says that, afatr deteno
abejig markedly in 1986-199, Grnada's
Pubhc fiances impiroed v 19in I-I ,
smarmy eflecting tbhe numa n~
Gowvmnment's perfonnare

"The public sector's oterali balance
shtliedfromadeoit omirahentto 9% of
the Gros Domesti Product (GDP) in
I99M t a smplu ofabout 3.5% of GDP
in I993," the appraisal say, "as the
Gotofe r s balance turnal from a
deittifit ofGDPI in l990oasrplus
ofabout 1% of GPi m 199.
AbteTo Celebrat
Refmng respectvely to the Adnarnst-
ratios of Sir E ry's Gimy' ua Unied
LabovrPartyad the late Mace Bishop's
N v level MoveMeni, MrBrathtivt said,
tefon Gmreadians veeM able o celebrate
lOMt Anmuraay of hdependence m 1984,

the couty suffered vwc y nder a right
wmgdictatonhip and a eistRevolutomy

'0r people firstly endured letitationa
brtalty,h he sad, "then Gramda's
Constilttion a suspemed, replaced by
Peoples' Laws and Goernent by th
gun wki wmnuall etaly d slth a
popular tree sday war *
The Pnm M l nstr sad, th ough ll this,
Ors.1i' amdisplaoydan

,^e 4 s nce
71 Thnaseven
have left Ma

pr hthive stood uprac-
y>And liave survbvd
t M s rlp

nCHreMiam otef t tim e T 4s
ParjeImutary Denoccy vas rhored
194 sma Mtr Bratil soed avmg Aregrd
for the fact s M ir coty had been
plagued for decade, fe ies should b
proud of ar$ g achied a stable democ-

The Prnme master poied to exiarsion of
thameda the reepnfthi pret be

"Grenadians no enoiy all the fn da-
mental rights a d rdE and should

other hafd, we mst mundmstand that
wher thore ar righs there must be
rswpmibiltis and, for ihose igs to
eudure, the srpenspibirties must he

Pleas e CHAlflfc CfPw 3

brlta~~U QSlb~l~sl Neae SfrdjI Fmz 99 a

Mr Brahwvaie sad t buldmng of
frugalnty arn wrift a another important
mgedient of inmpdenr ThI
has three levels, he al, the dividua
an fannty, cooratiop ani busmess s
ad tle Siate

Thnft and savings oe e engne of in-
vestrent Tbch create employment aki
come, said, and Govement mst
set hie example

Gommamnt ba len hioig above its
mea-s e oW tiuad, fht recurrmnt
ddic of Ue 190 ad th m bmi u
of auar by preiou adminraions
irtnaly patatsed the State ma-cin-
ery by 1990 ad pm enada an un-
edt rthy atig
"After renurra deit from 19S to
1992, he lmsa, a Gomrnment Oas at
last achitn ad am oTral smnri in

The Pm Minuster hkered mpndent
Grerdaa b a ftdiateaini ae It is
be dty of evea y cate togtbhr vith
tie Gov ment to attem to e wts,
pnovie good tisbonsy. eosur e ti I
Sfteriised, vell pnale ad vared,
e sld, only hen wilt i ree tea far it

'We ha co ~trough 20 yars of
tsiorn poan and temsl Mr Bmrahwate
said, ov let u At to bumi on te
furlmdatoEs ve ave cast so iat
t herU cas n 0aexpence umty, prnde
aid pleaw.'"

Pne Mater Brathwamt as epect
lo debvr an edi y d veion of 'is
speech n Febray 7 at an lapled-
en Day parade of Mihlay Pensonl
anm oier Disciplined Voluntary Gra
at Quees Part playing fields on tfa
ouari of St Geog's.

Honar, his did nt take place as, due
to a reatown of te p c address
(PA) system dium aT oecommg
address by the Chairman of te National
Celebamton Cormmitte, the Rigit Rev-
rend Cl meit Fam s, Anglian Aich-
deacon of CGnda The ceremony at
Queen's Par ad to be cut short.

After a macbh tgh St Gtrge's by fr
Mhutary, ttbe7 a ma rpabstat Queen's
Pav with Covgemr GeCnra Sir Remiald
Pair takng gla snlie, ae tmes vas a
21 gi Naltonasi Salub aA -h eea for
the tion by te Mlitary

Became of te lack of the PA system,
tradition "Prayerof Dedicaio ad p'blc
recital of the "mfde to t aon" erte
ormtud, but paioic songs vaerms leAded
by school chois

The Queen's Par pavilon was croded to
ovemrflo gvn thsor 1000 to 1200 parso
includin vsilors to th island

The bdependxre DapIQmamirm ltled
a mrid-day ception at GOovemr n;asmis
House and a tevos display a eight,
cotlesy tIe Republic of Ch on Taiwan

The &wnact____
Fomuded 17th August 1973
473d fsl
c"2rs mnum
aFamBas at Amace

0lqmMs ;alloS $4910
If' $IISaO $ MOO

l27Jllt s w7
UNWiO 111mbu

Abot 3

The GzuDatletter Sardqay I2khFebra"y 1991 Pane i


R2encaminq of saeiss was dose as pMr of
actuvidre of irenada's 26th anntenrsaiy of

i At Leeder f oie GCn a
S Unied lAbo t Party ad Ge-
m ad's foint Pn Minster, has
decided fe homur of having a street
mwald a erhin

Tos v d sdosd by Mrs Glona P
Baiield, Cab it Sec at a rss
confeden on fbny 2nd, and sb h sail,
viih e e ception of 4ve ctent holder of
fth office, Mr Nichola Bathae, Sir
s one of four Pnme Mistes vho have
sened GrOanda smie rndepenleC m 1974
ad on iflm itwasintendedtoconmy lus

When conta Mrs Bateim Sai,
S rc W d nataW on ts

alteadim to usphingianrial NamaBPiwStreet
Te oter Pnme Minslrs are the ae
HerbeitA Siae, the late Maance B'sp
ad Mr Ben nes, and Mr Banfie said
Mr Jkns ai f relatives of Bize aZnA
Bishop o vei asked name five stzets m
oder of their prnfarnca

AsarasnltofthetenpomSes,sBesaAd, tte
approach to the Point lines Inter-
naot Arport, some three mles a- d

Bisp Htwa. Tyiui. Stree in
StGeworfs wvi t renamed .A.Blai
SS, Abrbt Srmet it. Qetif
'thele lnrs emutovanii toe r.ameld
-Bn -B Sr

Te renaamg of s irets vas lom as
pa of actis of renadas 20h am-
Vweary of :nepMdee vwich as tle-

sBrita Bnr !:

Ntoeni Cahea .
Ade for t'

a n, anh died
!hahT AM

mpUnhcs Ed o isn

cbiemon iar be ld at h eetam
sontmg for t pi:n is

nouan cddrn f of r 1, ons n
dI Wi

A~nhn Am *hlcen of fetnA C iate
Fd5eu, p omsena the co MA a
cemmo ny al be d at l h certain
lltsrus peron of U mon vl tW

Twe p wson teq bomud me o
phtcmo, be AM, bw ftm "W to be
sommn g ft the politciam W". It
nouw clken af m nation", mw a


flis~ ~ ~~~~~~~~ CitIi~e aila a eray1


hiw crime pro.htm cannot be teft to be solved
soiy 6b fiGovernment and the Police

PCs:de:t of te Grenda
Hctel Assotathn (HA)
iJ Man-
aser of te Spce Riari o
la, said m GrOnda on
January 31st tat Gm-
ra's cn rae is n a lot
lover tan im om of tahe
other Canbbean i lands

This is not a casotion to

e haw to eom npare our- u
mi o vih tie vest -
but erth t bst, and

Mr Cnicks anks roars eee made at a
oe-day consultation organsed by ti
Greiia Boanr of TorTssm OD T'nne ard
Tounsm In cGrnada" and he said, wt
unerstaod problem, ore =mt look at
vhat Tourism va ene then half a ceny
IgGHWAY Frim Ppan 4
AnI it is for that reason h exlad,
that the Prime Mastes were to be

The Arcdeacon said t fact tat a d-a
ay is to be narmed after Bishop does not
meanrtatBirhop sconsiolediaNatuoml
Her, "but hl served the coity, you
cannot deny Stha

ago am vhat t s today

In the eay 1960s, te Pesident said, t
me ustafevguesthouses
and only mapr hotels
accmtung oratoalof 500
zo~uoms Th va nodrug
mprobIe, te Polihe kmw
almst neeryore a d cnn
va oaser to control

Today, he said the siuion
as diffemnL Te isa

csAIK still otherarevewyrebelhousald

Mr Cruicktsnk sntd tdhe cui problem
cannotlle ae to be solwd ely by 0v-
ernmnent aml the P- indi als and
gnis~as also must r &
contzibl~a son to e ight.
ACarenar Chart
To thit uAs de th institute ha e
called a "skp ham system whih
vorlng vel, t~ sad Eryhoel has a
cuiulardrtex tlaitemmes ofallteloells

on the cht ad reports it The hotel
Phmfm b wRn i- u

" nlumll


Satriay iFebParw l9m



Estca&ifshnent of tlhse cnnres
wilt demonstrate that a
person who applies Ihmscf
or hersj to
lgriSuEUre can tna"e an
deantu lM9 .Mg with "quo stmz ing
In fIU banfo aocutar"

e, president Frenc
Ambandor GOrecdla,

4th lat, mee Greni and F e si
aCo-opraionAemenient 1987,thfields

anl so on"

Anarnmofernon mtonoblotokeifn 5
omina libytlbetiar, MrCn,3
ad. Ihw1 1e eprom whof v s
iao Erl in -h trldy to -a w

Other Ar of vitor crine, he smi, are
edit card fu, counterseit maney and

Taf n pat iv the cisulaion V
resen tt e osf PoinSer ceA Mimre
of Legal Affars, NatonmiSacTunmtyTounsm
and Ediation, Csorfs an Ianugration
Depaitmenis, Poit Sahies Inernational
Ar poradi Utpe Pot Auht y

Fom Use Eris*e Sector Utee vete sepm-
sentaGsftle GHCA, ihemeia, Camter
of Comkere, Slpming Agen, Tour

read priority aeas b ently, the
s been acity another ftld

"A special effort a inita about t
r r ag in cI a fot ld" she sfd- aid
parti rlyin tt uio sector, i
t teac otFrretaId -thl Or f ti
of ci.mail ahie."

This acisty, ita Ambassador and,
Smaeposib &ugss aeftof
SA tanc Fincage of e She
thanked the anadian Ailhojiiesforth
interest mthe Altia fo their spt
co-opsation, said, m eopng vh t
spent, Franm e ill drtaeo losty
boran s"th as ireang 1 tme To.isns

Operars, Tan Associawton, Water Taa
Associatho, Veiels AsCaton a
Pdva Secunty SesvIce

Also praet veie reprsentaiWs of St
Georges Umravely Scool of aMedine
whose can es are n he hotel devel-
opnit aen a, ite St A21vs Developnent
Associaon ami tA St Patacbs De-
wlopiimet Counnl

In Gmna for ft cattltion .ee Mr

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