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Translating Jaqaru: Interstices and Intersections in Spanish and English
The Development and Spread of Gender Quotas in Western Europe
An Examination of US State Building Attempts on Human Security in Developing Nations
A Global Analysis of Infant Mortality
Dehydration Rate of Silicone Hydrogel Based Contact Lenses
An Existentialist Solution to the Cuban Republic
Relationship between risky decision making and ethanol self-administration in a rodent model
The Effect of Early Voting and the Length of Early Voting on Votor Turnout
Portugal’s Evolving Identity
The Effect of Context on Productivity, Perceived Task Importance, Urgency and Difficulty
Analysis of the Potential for Material Recycling in the Florida Department of Transportation Work Program
Do Rejected Takeover Offers Maximize Shareholder Value? Jeff Masse Supervised by Dr. James Parrino Abstract
La différence dans la crise identitaire dans quelques récits féminins et masculins de la colonisation et de la décolonisation du Maghreb
The National Football League: Adjusting to a New Era
The Effectiveness of The U.S. Government’s Response to Accounting Scandals
Evaluation of Cellular Proliferation in Vein Grafts
A Comparative Case Study Analysis on the Twitter Attack Strategies of Candidates in the 2012 United States General Senatorial Election
Prostitution Policies Used as a Tool to Combat Human Sex Trafficking
An Assessment of Research on Sexual Risk Taking Among Adolescents and Homosexual Men
The Influence of Race, Culture and Gender of Storybook Characters on Students’ Picture Book Choices and Interest and Engagement During Read-Alouds
The Taming of the (True) Shrew
The Questionable Progression from Modernism to Postmodernism
Trigeminal neuralgia: the role of peripheral receptors in nociception and emerging therapies
Sustainable Sites: The High Line and The Bloomingdale Trail
Altered Perceptions, The Origin of Mirror Vision
Chemistry and Cultural Heritage: Spectroscopic Identification of the Binding Media of Arthur Dove’s Works on Paper
Canine Domestication and Human Sensitivity to Canine Cuteness
An Analysis of the Primary Care Physician Shortage and the Effects of the Affordable Care Act
Comparing Intervention Effectiveness on Reading Comprehension: Read-Alouds from Interactive E-Books versus Traditional Print Books
Guns, Genders, and Sex
An Analysis of the Prevalence and Viral Load of the Tacaribe Virus in Florida State Park Ticks
Authenticity in Indigenous Cinema: Colonial Inscriptions and Native Revisions
Is Precipitation Driven by the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation Influencing Land Use and Land Cover in Florida
Turkey Creek: A "Golf Course" Community : Developing an Approach to the Conversion of Defunct Golf Courses
The Fiddler Festival Park & River of Man RV Resort: Bringing Tourism Back to the Big Bend
Life Amidst the Pines: A Developer’s Guide for Designing within the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem
Rediscovering the Fucha River: Creating a new relationship between the people and the Fucha River in Bogotá, Colombia
Adapting Arlington: Connecting a Community through Roadway Redesign
Expanding Education
Silver Springs Native Wildlife Park: promoting animal welfare through design
Isolation and characterization of taxanes and other compounds from various species of Taxus
The Anticompetitive Effects of The Apple E-book Price Fixing Conspiracy
Creating An Integrated Omni-Channel Retail Experience
Role of Gap Junctions in Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Tumors
Approaching Abstraction: emergence of honest and mutable design through process of discovery
The Benefits of Walkable, Mixed-Use Neighborhood Planning in Revitalizing American Downtowns
A novel approach to the synthesis of biologically active peptides
The Chauvinistic Nation: A Critique of U.S. Exclusionary Politics through Audre Lorde’s Biomythography
The effects of outpatient physical therapy versus home care therapy in regards to recovery
Bioaccumulation of atrazine: effects on population growth and reproduction of the rotiferBrachionus calyciflorus fed atrazine-exposed microalgae
The Functional and Phylogenetic Impacts on Elastic Modulus in the Mandibular Corpus of Procolobus verus
Validation of technique to estimate logistic model parameters from linear-plateau