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Teaching Guide: It’s fun to dance : theory of the Haitian Meringue
Exploration and Colonization
European Colonization: Comparing Colonies
Menéndez comes ashore at the newly founded site of St. Augustine
Examining the effects of colonization on Native American tribes, The Timucua and the Wampanoag
Francisco Menéndez, free man of color and leader of the town of Mose
Child in St. Augustine in 1740
It's a Special Place
Florida: A Slave Sanctuary
Studying Explorers
Early Florida and the Florida Missions
Here's to the Fort That Never Fell! A Song and skit for the Castillo
Settling in Spanish America
Overview of Colonial Development: France, Spain, and Britain
Pedro Menéndez de Avilés
St. Augustine- The British Perios and the Minorcans, 1768-1777, Lesson Plans
School Rules, Old and New
A Slave is a Dead Soul: Examining the psychological impact of slavery through the writings of Juan Francisco Manzano
Homes of Historic St. Augustine (from the early period of statehood)
La Gente de San Agustin/ The people of Saint Augustine
The "New" World: What you should know before you go (A Guide to Native America)
Point of View
African Americans at Fort Mose
Points of Collision
A Timucua warrior speaks with Spanish explorers
Spaniards hold a thanksgiving feast with Timucuan villagers (1565)
The founding of St. Augustine as seen through a primary source
How do we know about people from the past? (Powerpoint)
Sir Francis Drake's Attack on St. Augustine, 1586
A Snapshot of Colonial St. Augustine
The Role and Status of Africans in Spanish St. Augustine (presentation)
Ghosts of Saint Augustine
Spanish Colonial Architecture, A History Alive!, social studies skill builder style exercise
Architecture of Saint Augustine
Justice and Conflict Resolution in Colonial St. Augustine
Strife: Lie in Spanish St. Augustine, an interactive thinking game
The town of Moundville, Mississippi (1200 A.D.) showing pyramid mounds
The Spanish colonists celebrate their first mass (1565)
Spanish St. Augustine: 1500s to 1700s, Houses of the colonial Spanish period, with a science based theme.
Spanish forces charge the gate of Fort Mose in 1740to retake the fort from British occupiers.
Strife Cards
The Role of Status of Africans in Spanish St. Augustine
Pre-Colonial and Colonial Architecture of St. Augustine
It's a Kid's Life.... and you're welcome to it!
Daily Life in Spanish St. Augustine 1565-1763
The Castillo de San Marco and the Fortification System in the Spanish Empire
Spanish I through V (A.P.)
Spanish I through V (A.P.)
Spanish I through V (A.P.)
Spanish I through V (A.P.)
Spanish I through V (A.P.)
Spanish I through V (A.P.)
Spanish I through V (A.P.)
Spanish I through V (A.P.)
Spanish I through V (A.P.)
Teaching Guide: Public Haitian Creole : graffiti, advertising and other messages
Teaching Guide: Reading Migration, Sexuality, and the Urban Folk: Discussion Questions for Claude McKay’s Home to Harlem
The folk in Haitian Literature : lenses for teaching
Teaching Guide: In teaching C.L.R. James’ “Minty Alley”: Tricksters, Intellectuals and the Folk
Mission San Luis de Apalachee : a visitor guide
Teaching Guide: Caribbean Culture & U.S. Imperialism, Course Syllabus for Graduate Literature Course (LIT 6236)
Teaching Guide: Teaching Derek Walcott's "The Spoiler's Return"
Teaching Guide for Alejo Carpentier’s The Kingdom of This World
Teaching Guide: Teaching Robert Rossen's 1957 Island in the Sun
Carifesta Murals ( lesson plan for grade 5 )
Folklore and Oral Traditions ( lesson plan )
Teaching Genocide: Caribbean Dictatorships Compared to the Holocaust ( lesson plan for )
The American Occupation of Haiti in 1915
Mapping the Caribbean Lesson Plan
Cultural Influences During the Spanish-American War Teaching Guide ( SS : 11-12th grade students ; LA : 11-12th grade students ; WL : 9-11th grade students )
Foods that Came to the New World from the Old World Teaching Guide ( SS 7th grade World Cultures ; WL : Spanish I )
Morning Girl and the Early Explorers Teaching Guide (SS : 8th Grade U.S. History ; LA : 8th and 9th Grade Language Arts ; WL : Spanish I and II ; Fine Arts : Middle and Senior Art Students )
The Music of Poetry in the Caribbean Teaching Guide ( LA : 11th grade ; WL : Spanish 1, 2 )
The Myth of Discovery Teaching Guide ( SS : World History 9th grade ; LA : 9th Grade English ; WL : Spanish II includes 9th grade)
Touring the Caribbean : The Dominican Republic Teaching Guide ( SS : Grade 7 ; LA : Grade 7 ; WL : Grade 7/ 8)
Sailing to St. Augustine ( 2010 version )
Tracking Miami’s growth using aerial photography ( 2010 version )
Teaching Merle Hodge’s Crick Crack, Monkey: A Lesson Plan
Teaching Folk Culture: Images of the Nine Night Traditional Ritual in Zee Edgell’s Beka Lamb and Michelle Cliff’s Abeng
Spanish Explorers
Improving Access to Historical Resources Using Wikipedia
May Mann Jennings and the Everglades
Activism and Conservation: Historical and Contemporary Attitudes
A Teaching and Research Guide to Stephen N. Cobham’s Rupert Gray
UFDC Teacher Resources Collection Lesson Plan Template
UFDC Teacher Resources Collection Scale for Student Reflection and Teacher Evaluation Template
UFDC Teacher Resources Collection Scale for Evaluating Primary and Secondary Sources Template
Fair Use Checklist
Copyright and University of Florida Digital Collections: A Teacher's Perspective
Style Guide : Guidelines for Transcribing and Editing Oral Histories
Searching the University of Florida Digital Collections
The Everglades: Verdant Farmland, Tropical Vacation Land, or Natural Resource to Protect?
Holidays: Past and Present
Holidays: Here, there, and everywhere!
A Branded Abolitionist
Florida: Rich in Resources
Draw Something! Maps Old and New
Exploring the ‘Adventure’ literary genre through Treasure Island
Exploring the ‘Fiction’ literary genre through Swiss Family Robinson
Exploring the ‘Biography’ literary genre through Cleopatra
Exploring the ‘Fantasy’ literary genre through Alice in Wonderland
Seminole Indians and other North American Tribes: Migration (Lesson 1 of 5)
Seminole Indians and other North American Tribes: Tools and Living Adaptations (Lesson 2 of 5)
Seminole Indians and other North American Tribes: Food and Sustenance (Lesson 3 of 5)
Teaching with Primary Sources
Evaluator Checklist for Lesson Plans
UFDC Teacher Resources Collection Bookmark
Teacher Resource Collection Lesson Plan Tutorial
Timeline Assignment for the Panama Canal
Organizing Resistance for Change
Developing Democracies
Sharing Place & Space: Mapping Hispañola
The Art of Persuasion: Using Political Cartoons for Political Expression
Leaders of the Caribbean
Teaching with Primary Sources : Video with open captions