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May Mann Jennings was a leading member of the women's club movement and an influential advocate for social reform and civic causes in Florida and nationwide. As president of the Florida Federation of Women's Clubs from 1914-1917, she spearheaded the effort to have the Royal Palm State Park established in 1915, thereby preserving a portion of the Everglades for public use. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s she continued to oversee the Royal Palm Park on behalf of the Federation, and was a leading advocate for the creation of the Everglades National Park. The May Mann Jennings Papers (1889-1963) document her activities related to the women’s clubs, the Royal Palm State Park, and the Everglades, as well as her strong personal and political relationship with her husband, Governor William Sherman Jennings. Like her husband she was a longtime proponent for drainage or flood control efforts in the Everglades, and the collection includes materials that demonstrate the manner in which she reconciled this stance with her conservation activities.

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