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SobekCM METS Editor
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      Using the METS Editor
            Creating a new METS
            Editing an existing METS
            Creating structure map
            Saving in different formats
      Batch Processes
            Spreadsheet or CSV File
            Marc21 Data File
            OAI-PMH Harvesting
            Directory/Metadata Update
      Image Derivative Creation
      Preferences and Settings
            First Launch Configuration
            Changing your preferences
            Release History

SobekCM METS Editor Downloads

Downloads and Options

Version 1.1.0 - July 7, 2013

This tool is free-standing and allows the creation of METS from a folder of items. It additionally allows the user to enter all of the bibliographic information, and assign page names and divisions to the structure map.

This windows application can be downloaded in the following formats:

Installation Requirements and Permissions

The download will be a MSI windows installer file. Run this application to install the METS Editor application on your local computer.

This windows application will run on any machine running a Microsoft operating system from Windows XP up to Windows 7 or Server 2008. This application requires that .NET framework version 4.0 is also installed on the machine. This can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center if it is missing on your machine.

It is recommended that after installation you navigate to the application's folder ( by default this is C:\Program Files (x86)\SobekCM or C:\Program Files\SobekCM ). Selecting the main application folder ( SobekCM METS Editor ), use the right button on the mouse to pull up the context menu and then select Properties. On the properties menu, select Security. Then edit the security to give either yourself or everyone read/write access to the directory, subdirectories, and files. To use some features of the METS Editor, in particular the ability to create default project files, the editor will need access to write into the subfolder.

Initialization will continue the first time you launch the application.

Changes in this Version

  • Corrected issue with the slash being the wrong way for files which appear in subfolders in the fileSec ( i.e., "xlink:href="106_105\01\105_01-01.tif" is now correctly "xlink:href="106_105/01/105_01-01.tif" )
  • Corrected the mapping of genre when importing from spreadsheets. Was a genre SUBJECT term, rather than a top-level genre element
  • Corrected issue which prevented saving to Microsoft Excel files after batch METS file creation
  • Updated MARC21 reading/writing libraries to latest code, which is much more resilient when something unexpected occurs
  • Added the following new mappings to the spreadsheet importer
    • Alternate Title (Language)
    • Classification
    • Classification (Authority)
    • Creator (Dates)
    • Creator (Family Name)
    • Creator (Given Name)
    • Creator (Role)
    • Genre (Authority)
    • Identifier (Type)
    • Related URL (Label)
    • Related URL (Link)
    • Related URL (Note)
    • Subject Keyword (Authority)
    • Title (Language)
    • Viewer (for use with SobekCM repositories only)
    • Webskin (for use with SobekCM repositories only)
  • Updated the code surrounding projects (.pmets) as default metadata so it now works correctly.
  • Updated the SobekCM Resource Object at the core of this application to include all the recent enhancements and modifications for the SobekCM web repository

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