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Panama Canal Related Stereographs

The Panama Canal Related Stereographs Collection includes 200 stereographs of the Panama Canal from the Keystone View Company, Underwood and Underwood, and E. and H.T. Anthony Company. The Panama Canal Related Stereograph Collection is a pilot project for creating a model for digitizing resources from the Panama Canal Museum while leveraging the talents of an eager group of knowledgable volunteers for record creation. The 200 stereographs selected for the project meet teaching and research needs of various faculty and 2014 exhibit requirements. This project also builds on previous educational initiatives undertaken by the Education Library in order to publicize and encourage wider use of this collection.

Specific goals of this project are as follows:

  • To digitize 200 stereograph cards, front and back, so that they are widely available via the Panama and the Canal digital library for use by people interested in the study of Panama, including researchers, students, professors, K-12 teachers, and the general public.
  • To process the stereograph scans into animated gif files so users can view the images, without the aid of a stereoscopic viewer, in a manner that simulates the originally intended 3-D effect.
  • To engage a geographically diverse population of volunteers from the previous Panama Canal Museum who are eager to continue actively working with the collection.
  • To promote use and interest in the collection by various UF departments through the construction of a variety of resources-educational Smart Board training module, lesson plans, additions to the Panama and the Canal digital library, and associated exhibits of stereographic materials online and in displays around the UF campus.