Lesson Plans for Pioneer Days in Florida: Diaries and Letters from Settling the Sunshine State, 1800-1900

Lesson plans are in development. The Pioneer Days project will result in several products, including:

  • Create an educational module with 3 lesson plans and a guide to related archival collections and secondary sources.
  • Promote use of these materials through conferences, teacher workshops, and other outreach

As the project narrative explains, some consistent themes may be selected for the lesson plans:

  • Manifest Destiny, Native Americans, Florida’s transition to settled and developed state; the frontier
  • Specific items with transcriptions will be highlighted in K-12 educational modules keyed to “large themes” in American history, in particular to Manifest Destiny and Native Americans.
  • The main goals of this project are to create online “reading room” access to the project materials and to promote greater use of materials as teaching tools and resources for the study of Florida and the United States in the 1800s.

Outreach and Promotion

Promotion of “Pioneer Days in Florida: In Summer 2013, the project team will notify various audiences of the status of the project, seeking input from teacher workshops and local K-12 classes, with presentations to the Gulf South History and Humanities Conference (October 2013 and 2014), the annual conference of the Florida Historical Society (May 2014), the Florida Humanities Council, the educational unit of the Museum of Florida History, and other avenues of outreach. Classroom outreach will continue in Fall and Spring semester classes at UF (2013-2014) and in 2014 summer workshops for K-12 teachers. The project will be featured on Florida Frontiers, a PBS-radio program produced by the Florida Historical Society, in the Florida Historical Quarterly and the Florida Humanities Council’s Forum Magazine, and other venues. Usage of the website will be monitored as a measure of outreach.