Digitized Newspapers

Currently Digitized Florida Newspapers

The following newspapers were digitized during UF's participation in the NDNP in 2005.

Bradford County Telegraph  The Florida Star The Ocala Banner The Weekly Tallahasseean
The Chipley Banner  Fort Pierce News The Ocala Evening Star The Champion
The Daytona Daily News  Gainesville Daily Sun Panama City Pilot The Daily News
The Daytona Gazette=News The Gainesville Star The Pensacola Journal  The Gazette=News
The De Soto County News Gulf Coast Breeze The Punta Gorda Herald The New Enterprise
DeLand News Live Oak Daily Democrat The San Mateo Item The Sun
The DeLand Weekly News The Morning Sun The St. Lucie County Tribune The University News
The Florida Agriculturist Nassau County Leader  Suwannee Democrat The Weekly True Democrat

The following newspapers have been digitized as part of UF & UPR-RP's participation in the NDNP for 2013.

The Ocala Evening Star (1910-1922)

Gazeta de Puerto-Rico (1837-1881)

To be Digitized

The following are titles of the newspapers to be digitized during UF and UPR-RP's participation in the 2013 NDNP. 

 Florida Newspapers:

  1. Ocala Evening Star
  2. Punta Gorda Herald
  3. Palatka Daily News
  4. The Palatka Daily News
  5. Palatka News
  6. Palatka News and Advertiser
  7. Pensacola Journal
  8. Daytona Daily News
  9. Lakeland Evening Telegram
  10. Palatka Morning Post
  11. Ocala Banner
  12. Fort Pierce News/ Fort Pierce News-Tribune
  13. Florida Star

 We will begin the digitization process for the first seven titles and will continue down the list as we make our way to the 50,000 page goal for the first round of the program.  


Puerto Rico Newspapers :

  1. Gazeta de Puerto-Rico


Historic Newspaper Resources: