SobekCM Technical Aspects
SobekCM METS Editor
      Download and Install
      Concepts and Preparation
      Using the METS Editor
            Creating a new METS
            Editing an existing METS
            Creating structure map
            Saving in different formats
      Batch Processes
            Spreadsheet or CSV File
            Marc21 Data File
            OAI-PMH Harvesting
            Directory/Metadata Update
      Image Derivative Creation
      Preferences and Settings
            First Launch Configuration
            Changing your preferences
            Release History

First Launch Configuration

Initial Settings Screens

Figure 1: Initial Welcome Screen

Figure 2: Initialization: General Use

Figure 3: Initialization: Primary Bibliographic Metadata Scheme

Figure 4: Initialization: Primary Metadata Template

Figure 5: Initialization: Select Template Add-Ons

Figure 6: Initialization: SobekCM Add-On Settings

Figure 7: Initialization: FCLA Add-On Settings

Figure 8: Initialization: Resource Files

Figure 9: Initialization: Localization and Defaults