SobekCM Technical Aspects
SobekCM METS Editor
      Download and Install
      Concepts and Preparation
      Using the METS Editor
            Creating a new METS
            Editing an existing METS
            Creating structure map
            Saving in different formats
      Batch Processes
            Spreadsheet or CSV File
            Marc21 Data File
            OAI-PMH Harvesting
            Directory/Metadata Update
      Image Derivative Creation
      Preferences and Settings
            First Launch Configuration
            Changing your preferences
            Release History

Preferences and Settings


The settings determine many aspects of the application, from metadata template forms to the resulting metadata formats. You can also define many default values which will be applied when you create a new METS file through the application.

Scope of Preferences

All of the application and metadata preferences are user-specific; if you have multiple users using the same application on the same machine, they can all have different defaults. The settings are stored in the user's Isolated Storage application settings location in XML format.

Setting Your Preferences

Your preferences are set in two ways:

Figure 1: Launching the preferences forms

These two methods are very analogous and often present a very similar looking interface, although the look and feel may vary slightly.

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